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Monday, February 26, 2007

   …I pledge myself to conquer all the FOOLS who stand…
Hercule: That was an amazing championship fight you all just witnessed! Of course neither of those two could compare with my awesome strength! *forced laughter* AHHAHAHA! A bunch of what you saw last post were fancy tricks, I just don’t need those kinds of tricks to show off my spectacular POWER!!!

Refi: Hey Hercule, you better run get ready for your fan-match of you against Lina!

Hercule: What?!??! You mean I gotta stand in the ring while she casts her Dragon Slave?

Refi: Is there a problem with that?

Hercule: No…eh…it’s just…that…she’s a girl…yeah. And it’s against my code of honor to hit women! *heroic pose*

Refi: Aw how noble…so now…Lina’s happy for her victory, Hiei is happy for the challenge, and I am happy because I had an all-nighter of anime (mostly Full Metal Alchamist, I never really got into watching it before) and got my hands on all of Slayers again! ^o^ I love the theme songs from the series…I had ordered a CD last may w/ all the Slayer songs, but it’s still on backorder >.> So um well, I gave up waiting last September or so and switched my order to another CD and some pocky ^^ but yeah, so you all are probably expecting some big huge entertaining post for today…and I do have lots of ideas…but I don’t feel like writing them…

Everyone: ToT

Refi: awwww, ok, you convinced me, I’ll let you in the castle today, you can see what we are all working on. *walking through castle towards section with tons of conference rooms as you follow* You see all the animes are getting together with their own casts to do “class” plays as it were for a pagent. For those who are up on the manga, you know how much fun Fruits Basket had with Tohru’s class putting on Cinderella, or ‘sorta Cinderella’ and with me watching multiple different things thought it would be fun for the other animes to do stuff as well *entering Conference Room section of castle* like watching LotR while doing YYH research. So right now were holding auditions so we can have sublime casts. *opens first door on the right w/ all the YYH cast pressent and Kurama Clone #2 sitting at a desk* Hey, you could help with the selection process! Right now we just have my Kurama Clone and me making the decisions, and Hiei is really picky ^^; so if he doesn’t like his part we can just say it was your idea so he’ll come after you instead of us ^^;;;;;

Kurama Clone #2: >.> Refi, that’s not very reassuring for recruiting judges.

Refi: ^^; It was only a joke, really!

Kurama Clone #2: Pay Refi no mind, if Hiei is displeased, he will simply not participate. He really is more mature than Refi treats our clone of him. *to the YYH cast* Lets start with auditions for the main characters, the 9 in the Fellowship. We have the Hobbits, Frodo,Sam, Merry, and Pippin, the Wizard Gandalf the Grey, two humans, Aragorn and Boromir, then Legolas the elf and Gimli the dwarf.

Refi: Right, let’s start with the 4 bishies of YYH as the 4 Hobbits. Yusuke, my main man, take Frodo the main man, Best friend Kuwabara and support and anchor Sam, Kurama, you can try out Merry, he has his brilliant moment, and Hiei…you read Pippin’s part.

Yusuke: Why am I complaining about some dumb ring? It can’t be that heavy!

Kuwabara: Um…aren’t I a bit big for being a Halfling ‘mister’ Urameshi?

Kurama: Are we going by the book where I don’t say much or the movie where I get to play it up?

Hiei: Why do I have to play the fool? I refuse to read this line!

Refi: ~.~ Something tells me they can’t recreate the union

Kurama Clone #2: Genkai, take Yusuke’s place, Koenma, switch with Kuwabara, and Rinku fill in for Kurama.

Refi: Aw, all the short ones together…

Hiei: >.> Who you calling Short!!!

Refi: um… ^^ Take it from where the fellowship is forming.

Genkai: I will take it, although I do not know the way…even though I do because I read the book.

Koenma: Indeed. Mister Frodo/Miss Genkai isn’t going anywhere without me… Now why should I put MY life on the line, especially when they tell me not to?

Rinku: Hey wait up! We’re coming too!

Hiei: Yes, you need intelligence on this quest.

Rinku: Hehheh! Well that rules you out!

Hiei: >.> Fool! I’m the only intelligence in this whole room!

Refi: lol now that’s funny! Let’s switch gears from the hobbits to the trio in Two Towers, Kurama-sama, take the King of Gondor Aragorn, big Kuwabara, take the tall and fair elf Legolas, and Hiei grow a beard and play Gimli. Start at your entrance scene for the second movie.

Kurama: They have increased velocity, probably due to smelling our aroma.

Kuwabara: Let’s Get ‘em! Come Gimli!

Hiei: Days without food or sleep…What kind of fool am I now? I don’t need these things.

Kuwabara: Don’t be too hard on yourself shorty!

Hiei: I should be the elf, I can run quicker and have better vision!

Kuwabara: That doesn’t matter it’s called ACTING! What counts are the appearances, see I’m tall like and elf and you’re short like a dwarf!

Hiei: >.> I’ll dwarf you!

Kurama: ^^;;;

Refi: At this point you all lunge on the orcs while singing your trio, Eye to Eye!

Kurama: Let us see Hiei and Kuwabara switched, while waiting to enter Moria.

Refi: Fine, Kuwabara hunch over and someone get the short man some stilts!

Kuwabara: Soon master “ELF” you will enjoy the famed hospitality of my cousin…

Hiei: You know, in that position I think you really could fit man armor like a dwarf!

Kuwabara: *standing up* How bout you say it to my face pipsqueak!

Kurama Clone #2: Koenma, How about you take Hiei’s place as Legolas?

Refi: In Stud Muffin Form!

Koenma: I am very cool!

Refi: Hold it! Switch with Kurama, and Kurama, turn Yoko so you’re tall and skinny with long straight hair and pointy ears! ^o^

Kurama Clone #2: And let’s see Genbu as Gimli. Do the scene after Borimir’s death.

Yoko Kurama: We must hurry, Frodo has reached the other shore…You don’t intend to follow them do you?

Koenma: The ring is beyond us now. Aw, that’s the kind of sense I’m talking about! That’s why we hire hobbits, to do all the grunt work. They’re very efficient!

Genbu: Then our quest has been in vain. What? I would rather go on and DESROY THEM!

Koenma: Our concern should be for Merry and Pippin, as long as there is..breath..in…us…WHAT??? So now I have to run cross-country???

Yoko Kurama: We’ll be on their tail, so if they don’t watch out BANG!


Refi: Hey Karasu, can you play Boromir?

Karasu: When I like something I like to take it away, like taking that ring from you!


Kurama Clone #2: Hiei. Let’s try you as a Hobbit again, but this time as Frodo. Yukina, I want you to play Sam. Read the scene on page 324 where you are about to cross into Mordor and taking a rest.

Hiei: You better get some rest.

Yukina: You should too Mister Hiei.

Hiei: I’ll take the first watch.

Yukina: Well…if the script says to do so…*snuggles up against Hiei*

Hiei: 0///0 This is an akward situation…

Genkai: You need Golum to complete the picture… *crawls up to them and looks at them longingly, almost hobbit-like*

Elder Toguro: No, it should be more like this… *hunches then extends spaghetti fingers towards the couple*

Refi: o.O EEK!!! SIT!!!

*Elder Toguro crashes into the ground*

Kurama Clone #2: O.O Impressive, Refi…

Kuwabara: I have a request.

Refi: Yes?

Kuwabara: Can I be Faromir? Who withstands temptations of the ring and in the end wins the love of the fair and brave maiden Eowyn? Which of course can be played wonderfully by Yukina!

Yukina: *blushing* *thinking: He’s being so thoughtful for others*

Yusuke: Hey that’s the couple that hooks up? I think me and Kayko should have dibs on those parts! *looking at Kayko w/ bad look on his face*

Kayko: grrr *infuriated at Yusuke’s jerk-ness* “Kayko and I” is the proper speech.

Kurama Clone #2: Right now we are focusing on the main 9, but we can let all of you try those parts later. Right now, Raizen, can you stand in for a moment as a Balrog? Hiei, fight him as Gandalf.

Hiei: *after bridge fight scene* Fly you fools! Hm, I finally found a character I like!

Kuwabara: (intercepting) But you’re too short to be a wizard!

Hiei: Fool of a Took! *smirk*

Lloyd: *enters* Oh hey! Can I try where the Rohan guys asks Gimli his name? Give me your name and I’ll give you mine! ^^ Or if you need a Gimli, maybe my Dad Dirk could help out? He’s a dwarf!

Refi: Oh yeah…hey, why didn’t I give LotR to ToS? Hmm >.> I should think things through next time…Lloyd, Collette, Genis, and Presea are nicely Hobbit-sized, Kratos would be the kingly Aragorn and Zelos would make a nice Borimir since there’s a chance in the game for *Spoiler Opted Out*…and Rain is an elf but would make a good wise Gandalf so maybe Sheena as Legolas and Regal as Gimli…but Presea has an ax so maybe Sheena as a hobbit, Presea as Gimli and Regal as Legolas…and Mithos can be Gollum/the poor Smeagol…

Kurama Clone #2: Refi, you already assigned them Cinderella III.

Refi: ^o^;;; So many ideas…so little typing time…

Kurama Clone #2: Lloyd, may I ask what you are doing here?

Lloyd: Well Kratos sent me to get mo…

Refi: He’s ready already? LUNCH BREAK!

Kurama Clone #2: Huh?

Refi: I’m have a special lunch date with Kratos, see ya! *leaves with Lloyd* So we have some girl parts we’ll be trying out later like Arwen and Galadriel, Roko, Koto, and Juri were very adamant for trying out for their parts…and we’re also thinking of keeping in Tom Bombidil even though the movies took him out. Manphor from the Beyond series would be perfect fot that ^o~ …and we're thinking of getting Suzaku to tweak his effect and form 9 instead of 7 of him for the Ring Wraiths...or take out two of the fellowship so its 7 for 7, either no Merry and Pippin or take out Legolas and Gimli like the Cartoon Return of the King did... *continue explaining auds to Lloyd as voice dies out*

Kurama Clone #2: @~@ I am not believing this…

Something to Ponder: Pity that society today does not give more respect to wisdom received from our elders. Stupid pride of ours! I really liked the first line of this quote; it can be applied to multiple aspects of life.

“No one man, however brilliant or well informed, can come in one lifetime to such fullness of understanding as to safely judge and dismiss the customs or institutions of his society, for these are the wisdom of generations after centuries of experiment in the laboratory of history. A youth boiling with hormones will wonder why he should not give full freedome to his sexual desires, and if he is unchecked by custom, morals , or laws, he may ruin his life before he matures sufficiently to understand that sex is a river of fire that must be banked and cooled by a hundred restraints if it is not to consume in chaos both the individual and the group.” (The Lessons of History, by Will and Ariel Durrant, pp. 35-36)
You know…Its been 2 weeks since I’ve quit work and I’m STILL BUSY!!!

Yusuke shots you don’t want to miss!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Fan Trivia: Justin Cook, the VA for Yusuke, is only ONE YEAR older than me! That means when I was graduating and starting college, he was debuting as the lead role of YuYu Hakusho! So I guess I’m not too young to go into voice acting! lol

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Monday, February 19, 2007

   Dragon Flame vs. Dragon Slave
Refi: Come one come all! This is the fight of the century you have all been waiting for!

Kyo Clone #4: Well that’s rather depressing. The century is still young, if this is the best fight they’ll see in it, what is there to look forward to for the next 93 years?

Refi: >.> There’s more to life than fighting you know.

Megumi: Oh don’t I know! I can’t believe I have to attend something so vulgar!

Hatori: Well, you are the one who requested three dates to be provided, I suppose this was the best that the Cartoon Cops could come up with.

Refi: Oh, and do tell you two, how did you enjoy dinner beforehand at Tohru’s Kitchen?

Hatori: *shocked*

Megumi: It was fabulous! *laughs*

Kurama Clone #2: O.O Should we be worried?

Refi: Nonsense! You know the Sohma boys are shy when it comes to Tohru, and Megumi probably liked her cooking almost as much as Kenshins. Now, lets all get our seats in the arena (which is on the other side of the planet from my Castle so hopefully it will be safe from any uncontrollable explosions) so the fight can start! While Megumi and Hatori have front row tickets, KC#2 and I have a royalty box with blast-proof windows ^^;

World Boudukai Announcer Dude: Welcome one and all to this FAAAAABULOUS fight that we have in store for today! For the Championship, we have Hiei wielding the DrAgOn of the DaRkNeSs FlAAAAAAAAMe against Lina Inverse and her DrAgOnnnn SlAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*croud cheers*

*young girl walks out into the arena and falls with a scream*

World Boudukai Announcer Dude: Aw…What a Picture of Sweet Innocence!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Young Girl: *sob* …cockroach…

Hiei: Are you supposed to be the powerful sorceress that I am to face off?

Young Girl: Ahem *stands up proudly* If you are referring to the amazing, talented, and not to mention beautiful Lina Inverse…that’s me!

Hiei: How pathetic.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lina: *chibifies in anger* Why I oughta…

World Boudukai Announcer Dude: Let the Game BEGIN!!!

Hiei: *throws off top as it flutters in the wind until hovering over a group of fangirls that start to jump in attempt to grab it*

Lina: My Turn! *pause* I CAN’T DO THAT!

Hiei: Hn. *smirks* You are an amusing FOOL, I’ll give you that.

Lina: Watch who you’re callin’ a FOOL! HI-YA! *swings kick*

Hiei: HA! *draws katana and blocks with flat edge* Nice try but pointless
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lina: Then how about we get to the point? Give me what ya got!

Hiei: AGH!!! *attacks*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hiei: Hm?

Lina: Tut tut! You shouldn’t underestimate your opponent! ACK!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hiei: Take your own advice! *Dragon Fist attack* Now TAKE THIS!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lina: Flare Arrow!

Hiei: *dodges* Is that the BEST you can do?

Lina: Almekia Flame!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hiei: Can you handle two Dark Dragon Fists?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: Wow! Did you see that? He made his shirt appear all of a sudden!

Kurama Clone #2: Or perhaps it’s an animators mistake?

Lina: Aqua Create!

World Boudukai Announcer Dude: SPECTACULAR! Lina has engulfed herself with a WATER BARRIER! Hiei strikes but the barrier reflects his attack and ricochets off towards the audience! OH NOOOOO! Impact was made right next to our guest couple of Megumi and Hatori! But don’t worry, those two seem to have survived!

Innocent By-stander: AH! OUCH HELP ME!!!

Megumi: *tying hair back* Calm down, I can take care of this.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hatori: This must have been why we received front row seats and they were so insistent on us coming…

Megumi: Please go boil some water for me…HURRY!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hiei: *dodges then stands up* I think it’s about time we got serious…my ultimate attack against yours…*starts unraveling bandages*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lina: Well if you insist…*starts Dragon Slave Chant*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hiei: How weak that you have to cast a spell to unleash your power, my Jagan allows me to summon the Dragon by merely willing it.

Lina: >.> *clenched teeth* You know you are really starting to get on my nerves!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hiei: Still I won’t be able to control it completely…let’s see how you handle it! *Dragon of the Darkness Flame emerges*

World Boudukai Announcer Dude: Hiei’s Dragon has come forth and now it rampaging around the stadium! Still Lina remains calm in the center of the arena as she is incanting her Dragon Slave spell! The audience is reacting in either excitement since this was their anticipation or fear for their lives…like me! AAAAHHHH!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lina: …in my unworthy hand; DRAGON SLAVE!

World Boudukai Announcer Dude: *peeking out from a hidden corner* Lina’s EMENCE ATTACK races towards the DARK DRAGON, but it’s opening its mouth! WHAT’S THIS?!?!? The DRAGON OF THE DARKNESS FLAME SWALLOWED LINA’S DRAGON SLAVE WHOLE!!!

Hiei: Ha! I knew you wouldn’t be able to defeat me!

Lina: But…? How could that have happened? Hm. Well, I shouldn’t use this spell…but I need to kick it up a notch if I’m to win this!

World Boudukai Announcer Dude: Lina NOW is reciting…what’s this? Oh MY RUN FOR COVER FANS! She is preparing the GIGA SLAVE!!! That’s some POWERFUL STUFF! But still, will it be enough to stop the Dark Dragon as it terrorizes the stadium? She has finished her spell and it is beginning to cast! KNOCKOUT! The Giga Slave has backfired and engulfed Lina in blazing yellow light!

Hiei: The fool, defeated by her own attack!

World Boudukai Announcer Dude: IT’S NOT OVER YET!!! From the blazing yellow light that swallowed up Lina, a golden form of her is materializing!!!

Lina: I have fused with the ultimate power and now will put an end to your meager dragon!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

World Boudukai Announcer Dude: YOWZERS! Just extending her arm towards the Dragon, the Golden Lina wards it off as it screeches in agony!

Hiei: That does give you a boost. But you are not the only one who can merge with your own attack…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lina: You cannot defeat me.

Hiei: That’s what you think *snickers*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

World Boudukai Announcer Dude: Wow! This extraordinary power is AMAZING! Both contestants are giving it their all! What’s this? It looks like they have engaged with an arm wrestling match! And Hiei has the UPPER HAND!

Goury: NO! I don’t wan’t to loose Lina to that golden glow-ey person again!

Zelgadis: This brings back painful memories to say this…but it may help… *shouts* LINA! Remember DRAGON CUISINE!!!

Lina: *snaps out of ultimate power phase* huh? *looks at the Dragon in Hiei and remembers past efforts to have the ultimate feast and starts drooling* IT LOOKS DELICIOUS!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hiei: What the-??? HEY! Get off me you crazy woman!

Lina: NO WAY! I’m not passing up this chance again!

World Boudukai Announcer Dude: And with AMAZING APPETITE SKILLS it looks as though Lina has ingested all traces of the absorbed Dragon of the Darkness Flame and is standing triumphant over the Hibernating Hiei waving her fork! And THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS! THE NEW CHAMPION…LINA INVERSE!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: And that’s that! I hope you enjoyed the fight and the pics speaking of pics, if you haven’t checked out my O.S.M. page recently, you should! Last week I finished posting all my YYH Dark Tournament screenshots and then added some Redwall, PoohBear, and started on Princess Mononoke! Back to YYH, today I’d like to share the fact that Hiei HAS emotions!!!

To Neko-san and any other fangirl who loves Hiei and all forms of him (just as I like Kurama and any form I find him in lol): Have you seen Trinity Blood yet? Chuck Huber does the voice of Havel (come episode 9) in it. Seeing his name in the credits I had to go back and listen again…it really is him! It made me laugh seeing “Hiei” as a subordinate and whats more…talking about friendship and being friendly! LOL And don’t worry, I found my Kurama-sama in Hugh/Sword Dancer…he appeared in one episode (Ep 6) and I’m like, where’s Nightroad? Hugh hasn’t come back yet, but I recognized John Burgmeier first line his character spoke (yay I’m getting good at this)! This time he’s got long blonde hair and torso scars to compete with Sensui!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

   And the Date goes on…
Refi: Thank you all for voting! I was surprised at how close the call came for Hiei vs. Lina! I figured since I have Hiei fans who visit and then most my readers are familiar with YYH and not so many know of Slayers that the polls would vote Hiei 100% but nope it was real close and the poll even fluctuated like a battle would! Since their fight was the second most popular posting option, you can tune in next week to find out who will really win (although the poll is still up even if voting is closed lol) when Lina comes to visit!

Hiei Clone #3: Hn. Bring it on, I can take anything that fool dishes out!

Kurama Clone #2: Shouldn’t you be taking this preparation time to improve your skills for the fight, I am sure Lina is doing so.

Hiei Clone #3: Is her Slayer attack really that much of a challenge?

*all other clones nod heads*

Hiei Clone #3: Hn *smiles* I can hardly wait then!

Refi: With that being said and done, we do have an action-packed post here! Most votes on the poll enjoyed the anime dating game, so after the hiatus for Anime Christmas we now will return to the Date!


Equus: *highly embarrassed* Come on Sano, let’s continue searching for chibi wings.

Sano: Aw, I told you, they couldn’t possibly be here in the castle…

Kurama Clone #2: As Refi was explaining…our four lovely couples are still playing to conquer the world. *spotlight on Risk table* Their game has been intense and indeed long. Surprisingly no one is out yet. Whenever one couple would secure half the board, Xellos would pull a demonic trick to turn the tables, but whenever he gets ahead, Hiyono starts singing for joy which breaks his concentration and they recede. Miroku sits and mopes over having a demone for his date and is not paying much attention to the game, so Ryoko is holding off all of their borders. Zelos sweet-talking strategy into any invasion that he plans is cut short to Kagura’s mood swings of showing her undying devotion to him. And then our star couple of crafty foxes seem to be keeping something up their sleeve. I am as of yet unsure if secretive nature between Megumi and the original Kurama are strategies or simply whisperings of sweet nothings.

Sally Sue: *bawling* NOoooO! Kurama is supposed to like Raven! ToT I worked so hard trying to set those two up! {flashback to Cartoon Cop’s Dating Service}

Kurama Clone #2: >.> *ahem* The tension has escalated as armies have grown and the next couple to turn in their Risk Cards will receive 2,552 armies!

Kurama: My theory is anyone can conquer the world with 3, 671 and a half armies, no matter the circumstances around the board.

Zelos: Oh? And how are you to get only half an army?

Xellos: Hmmm…I could think of some devastating ways…

Zelos: Do tell!

Xellos: That…is a secret! ^.~

Refi: Hmmm…you know what I have learned from observing them?

Kurama Clone #2: What’s that?

Refi: History really does repeat itself! Even though the armies grow and countries become more powerful…it’s the same thing over and over and over. You were able to sum up the past 3½ months into a quarter of a page description! And the audience hasn’t missed a thing! They’re insane to think the same tactics will work differently.

Megumi: Perhaps we want things to keep going the same way, that is why we’re doing the same thing…Sir Ku-sama and I are bidding our time until we have our army.

Zelos: But our armies grow along with yours so that doesn’t really put you at an advantage!

Xellos: Here’s a plan you attack them from Alaska, Miroku and Ryoko will bombard their Middle East, then I can swoop in from Ukraine!

Megumi: You DARE all gang up on us?

Zelos: Not likely, then Xellos will get your RISK cards which will total up to 7 cards to they will be able to trade in perhaps 2 set which would give them the edge to wipe the rest of us out!

Kagura: *timid* Oh no! That’s so terrible…but… *aggressive* I WON’T LET THEM HURT YOU MY LOVE!!!

Zelos: WAH! Something tells me you’ll do the honors for them! o.O

Ryoko: Oh! I’ve just come up with a new strategy to take you all out!

Hiyono: Oh yeah? Learning from Ayumu’s deductive reasoning skills, you have tried everything you can think of in action so now it is time to attack the minds of your opponents…in other words…YOU’RE BLUFFING!

Ryoko: Oh yeah? BLUFF THIS!!! *stands up and flips the board over sending armies everywhere*

Everyone: O_O *blink in silence*

Xellos: Hm…I should have thought of that sooner…

Megumi: *sigh* Well at least that is all over with. I had a wonderful time with you, Sir Ku-sama ^_~ We both know we would have won had the game continued. I hope we can see more of each other soon.

Kurama: Oro? ^-^;;;

Hiyono: NOOOO!!! *frantically pickingup armies and putting them back on the board* We have to finish the game…letssee there were 436 armies occupying the Congo and 478 on Madagascar…or was it 477? WAH!

Megumi: I’m ready for my third date now! What number was left? Oh yes ^o^ I now get to meet Bachelor #2!

Hatori: *sigh* Time to face the music…

Refi: Go on CC! Tell them where they get to go!

Sally Sue and Andy AoiOkami: Ehh…

Refi: Come now, you have had 3 months to come up with an idea!

Andy AoiOkami: We had a Date planned…

Sally Sue: We just forgot what it was since it has been so long…

Hiei Clone #3: *smirk* They can have front row seats to my fight next week.

Megumi and Hatori: -_- Oh joy…

Refi: o.O Sounds dangerous!

Kurama Clone #2: Well, this week is Valentine’s Day…so perhaps…

Refi: Oh like the dance on Friday? Going as famous couples…remember you’re the Rose and I’m the Whip! lol Maybe they could go as Salt and Pepper or Sonny and Chere or

Hatori: A dance would be a bad idea. I refuse.

Refi: … >.> Or Abbot and Costello.

Megumi: What’s so bad about a dance?

Refi: …Or Lucy and Ricky.

Sally Sue: Sailor Moon fights for love! We can send them to the Moon for V-Day!

Everyone: WHAT?!?!? O.o

Refi: Kurama, you wanna go with me as Tuxedo Mask?

*everyone anime falls*

Hatori: Just a simple dinner would suffice for a date.

Sally Sue: Does a $5 gift card for McD’s work?

Megumi: Oh that’s cheap!

Andy AoiOkami: Well who wanted 3 dates when it was supposed to only be one?

Refi: It’s Valentines/Single Awareness Day! Send them somewhere special!

Kurama Clone #2: I wouldn’t recommend Hiei’s Café then…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sally Sue: How about Tohru’s kitchen?

Megumi and Hatori: AGREED!

Sally Sue: Followed by front row seats at Hiei’s fight!

*everyone groans*

Hiei Clone #3: >.> Why would anyone want to miss it? Everyone keeps telling me that this will be the ultimate contest!

Refi: Actually 3, you had a wonderful idea, that way next week we can observe their date while watching you against Lina so I can combine 2 post in 1 ^^

Hiei Clone #3: You better believe it. *turns and walks away* hn. Even here in the castle I end up doing all the babysitting -_-

Refi: Well there you have it for now folks! I was going to have someone run in with their new Anime-version RISK and have her end up being the next contestant to question 3 Bishies…but that would add to the length of the post, and I know how busy you all are…so we will save that for later! In the meantime for a treat, here are some nummy-licious Kurama pics I put up on my O.S.M. page to entice your salivary glands!

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Monday, February 5, 2007

   As promised...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: Hey everyone sorry for the absence but thank you all for reading my stories and commenting and most importantly enjoying them! ^_^ I’ve come in with quite a number of anime freaks to go crazy with this past week, so it’s exciting to tell them of my plans of breaking into Funi and all. In other brief news, I made it into H.O.P.E. choir (the show choir at our institute-the acronym stands for Hear Our Praise Extend) and I’m so excited for this opportunity! Then because of lots of details going on at work I put my two weeks notice in, so I’m excited with what I’ll be able to do with the extra time I’ll have after I quit (ie writing, research, temple visits, and family time)! So now with the brief update, I’ll reward you with an interesting treat!!! ^o^

*Clones enter*

Kyo Clone #4: That’s it Demon Shrimp! Wanna take this outside?

Hiei Clone #3: Hn. You’re not even worth my time Foolish Cat. You would be instantly incenerated with my master Dragon of the Darkness Flame technique.

Kyo Clone #4: I’ll incen-a-whatever you! *throws punch*

Hiei Clone #3: *dodges then swoops behind and backhands the back of Kyo Clone #4’s head since it’s low enough to reach seeing as he had to stoop in attempt to hit Hiei Clone #3 in previous move* See…pitiful.

Kyo Clone #4: *sprawled out on floor* Just…try…that…again…

Kurama Clone #2: Now boys…you know how Refi feels about fighting, especially in her castle…

Hiei Clone #3: >.> I warned that Foolish Cat. I’m completely unbeatable.

Refi: unbeatable…hmmm *thoughtful pose*

Sesshomaru Clone #11: If you’re so unbeatable, tell me why your original didn’t even make it to the final round of the pseudo tournament?

Refi: Hmmm *thoughtful pose* the tournament…

Hiei Clone #3: Because the original is a fool, I far surpass him, you, and your original!

Refi: Hmmm *thoughtful pose* clones that surpass the originals…

Hatori Clone #6: We cannot really compare ourselves to our originals since we have had different opportunities than them and have grown in separate ways.

Refi: comparing clones…hmmm *thoughtful pose*

Yami Yugi Clone #7: Still is it possible for a copy to outdo the real McCoy?

Refi: Hmmm *thoughtful pose* challenge a copy…

Yukina Clone #3: I remember in Slayers that the copy Rezo outdid the real Red Priest.

Refi: Oh yes, Rezo…Hmmm *thoughtful pose*

Kurama Clone #2: That’s enough about fighting for one day, *whispers* besides it’s made Refi extremely introspective in attempt to ignore it, *out loud* SOOOOO, how are you boys keeping up on your reading

Refi: I GOT IT!!!

*Everyone rolls back Charlie Brown style*

Refi: *slaps fist in hand* Yes, I have the perfect challenge to keep our Hiei clone preoccupied so he stays out of trouble!

Hiei Clone #3: *rubbing head* What are you mumbling about?

Refi: An attack from Slayers that could counter your move! We can make big off of tickets and concessions! I see the publicity campaign running now! “Hiei’s Dragon of the Darkness Flame vs. Lina’s Dragon Slave!”

Yami Yugi Clone#7: Now that would be interesting.

Kurama Clone #2: Um, are you feeling alright dear?

Hatori Clone #6: She is displaying symptoms of over stress at work commonly known as the overworked, underpaid situation.

Refi: Someone get Lina Inverse on the phone so we can invite her over!

Sesshomaru Clone #11: I presume she would tear up this egotist.

Kyo Clone #4: I’ll bet on this Lina lady too!

Yukina Clone #3: Good luck mister Hiei Clone ^^

Hiei Clone #3: >.> What a waste of time.-_-

1. Which one will succeed?

Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness Flame
Lina Inverse's Dragon Slave
2. What would you like for next week?

See Hiei vs Lina
Anime Bachelor Dates progress
more YuYu Hakusho Beyond!

P.S. ^o^ I just remembered, this Friday is the two year aniversary of when Kurama Clone #2 and I eloped! ^o~ O.O Hard to believe I've been obsessed about a fictional character for so long!

Kurama Clone #2: >.> Geeze, you don't have to put it that way...

Refi: *glomps clone* And you're still my fav of all Bishies!

Kurama Clone #2: awww... ^///^

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Monday, January 29, 2007

   Thanks for your support! I'll have news next week!
YYH Beyond: Episode 6 {second half}: ENDURING ELEMENTS
{Previously: In the first half of the episode, Hiei and Yusuke have gone under cover to find out more about the secret order of Zerka. They just got separated during initiation with Risho lurking about as well!}

[Ehay reaches the volcanic underground center of the maze. Walking along the edge of the cavern, he comes across a gap in the wall and bends down to look in it.]

Hiei’s Voiceover: So this is Hot Coal Burrow. What those fools don’t realize is that I am right at home here. [smirk]

[Ehay crawls into the burrow.]

* * *

[Sukeyuay sits thinking in a dead end. He hears humming and stands to face the approaching figure. A short, fat dwarf with yellow boots hops up to Sukeyuay.]

Dwarf: Hello there, are you lost?

Sukeyuay: I suppose you could put it that way…

Dwarf: Oh me, oh my! What a dilemma for you! [hops around Sukeyuay, humming]

Sukeyuay: Who are you?

Dwarf: The name is Manphor! And this is my home you have intruded upon!

Sukeyuay: So you’re Manphor…a little humming creature with big yellow boots…

Manphor: You probably want to get out of this maze, that is, if you have half a brain. [continues hopping around Sukeyuay]

Sukeyuay: [disdainfully] I dunno…it is pretty comfy in here…

Manphor: In that case stay. I enjoy company. [hops around]

Sukeyuay: Oh do you? With all the tunnels and traps I never would have guessed.

Manphor: They’re a lot of fun aren’t they? [smiles innocently]

Sukeyuay: Why do you keep hopping around me? Are you trying to make me dizzy?!

Manphor: Hmmm…

[Sukeyuay blinks and starts to see Manphor multiply, still hopping around him. Manphor continues humming while hopping.]

Sukeyuay: What are you doing?

Manphor: [singing] I like to mine for pretty gem, the precious most from you will stem.

[Four hopping Manphors solidify and surround Sukeyuay. They stop to face him. Each one in unison pulls out a pick.]

Manphors: [singing] We dig a hole; to steal your soul; and then we laugh all day!

Sukeyuay: Wait a minute! My soul?

Manphors: [singing] We treat it well; the sphere will tell; and jingle all the way!

[The Head Manphor pulls out a small clear ball with an open lid. It levitates in the air while the Manphors hold their picks back. Sukeyuay steps back as the Manphors swing at him. Three miss, but the Manphor behind Sukeyuay hits the back of his calf. Sukeyuay screams in pain while the Manphors look at him quizzically.]

Head Manphor: You weren’t supposed to move.

Sukeyuay: [reaches down and pulls pick out of leg] What? Did you expect I’d just let you dig away at me? Not a chance! I like my soul in me, thank you very much!

Back Manphor: [jumps, reaching for pick] Gimme! That’s mine!

Sukeyuay: Sorry, I think you guys are too little to be hopping around with sharp objects; you could poke an eye out! [swings pick in a low arc in front of other three Manphors, knocking their picks out of hand then swings overhand to smash the floating ball]

Head Manphor: So you prefer to invoke our wrath! Get him!

[The Manphors tackle Sukeyuay at his feet. They bite his legs. Sukeyuay crouches, then springs into a back flip which sends the Manphors flying to the wall. He lands, looks at them for a moment, then turns and starts running.]

Head Manphor: [shouting after him] You won’t get away!

* * *

[Again Risho is busting through the walls and this time reaches the volcanic underground center and Hot Coal Burrow.]

Risho: Aw, now this is what I’m talking about. [places a hand in the Burrow] Ow, it’s hot in there. [backs up] Better get some protection… [roles in the earth] ARMOR OF CLAY! [armors up then crawls over hot coals] I’ll show them all! They can’t beat me! [lava worms pop out from above and below and fasten themselves around his limbs] Hey! What? GET OFF!

[Risho struggles with the lava worms, but they latch on to him.]

* * *

[Sukeyuay runs down a hall, then slips into a hole and slides down and falls out in the volcanic underground center of the maze. The sound of Manphors voices are heard above him and grow quiet.]

Sukeyuay: [wincing] Ow, they really should put up warning signs. At least I gave them the slip. [stands up and brushes off bottom] Oh hey, it looks like I finally finished the first task. [walks over to wall and bends to look inside the gap] Hello Hot Coal Burrow!

Yusuke Voiceover: If it isn’t the classic hot coals routine… [sarcastic] my favorite. I think this rugged body can stand up to the heat. [crawls over hot coals] It appears to be sealing up the wound in my leg, but crawling along this intense heat is going to leave some scars. I’d like to see Pretty-Boy, Zerk the jerk doing all this.

Sukeyuay: [spots Risho up ahead] Well, well, what do you know?

[Lava worms continue to hold Risho captive. Sukeyuay crawls into his view.]

Risho: GET OFF OF ME YOU PEST! [spots Sukeyuay] Hey!

Sukeyuay: Oh? Do you have time now for that word I wanted with you?

Risho: No way!

Sukeyuay: That’s too bad; I was going to offer to help you out before that clay armor baked you like a cake in an oven.

Risho: Like I need you’re help! I’ll get out of this and still beat you!

Sukeyuay: Yeah right, loser! Hahaha [worm pops out of coals, tying right fist to ground] Hey! What the? [another worm grips on] Aw man! I don’t have time for this!

Risho: Who’s the loser now?

Sukeyuay: I’d say you! [blasts worms as they emerge]

* * *

[On a shore close to the mountain base, Ehay emerges from water with a string of doubloons in hand then jumps up surrounding crags.]

* * *

[Sukeyuay crawls out of Hot Coal Burrow into an underground grotto. A pool is nearby.]

Sukeyuay: That was a tight squeeze. [looks back at the Burrow] Well two tasks down, I better pick up speed for the third. [runs to the water] CANONBALL! [splashes into pool]

* * *

Initiatory Demon: They all have passed the fire test or died. A few have fallen victim to the Sea Creatures, barely as many as we have assumed would drop here.

Modaruk: I still see one in the Fire Element that is still hanging on.

Initiatory Demon: He is as good as worm food. Besides, there won’t be enough doubloon strings for everyone if he does survive.

Zerk: Then the slowest will be weeded out. No loss there.

* * *

[Sukeyuay swims up with a string of doubloons in hand. A mer-octopus swims up to him but he blasts it. It sinks, leaving a black ink cloud for him to dodge. A demon with gills shoots by him, towards the treasure cove.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Stupid ogre of a body…it’s so slow! [resumes swimming up]

* * *

[A griffin bites the berry twig held in front of its mouth. Ehay tosses the twig aside then walks away from the peaceful griffin.]

* * *

[Risho crawls, scorched, out of the Burrow. After a few pants, he crawls up to the pool and falls in. Still wearing his Armor of Clay, he is now sinking down towards the treasure cove. About to cross his path is Sukeyuay and the demon with gills.]

Gilly Demon: [to Risho] You’re a bit slow buddy! I just got the last one! [waves his string of doubloons then shoots towards the surface]

Risho: [voiceover] WHAT?!?! They can’t do this to me! [notices Sukeyuay and glares] Are you still planning to beat me? [grabs Sukeyuay’s string of doubloons]

[Sukeyuay and Risho struggle over the doubloons]

Yusuke Voiceover: Hey! What’s the big idea? I got this first!

[Risho makes his armor shoot off. Sukeyuay shields his eyes from the blast, but then finds Risho swimming off with the doubloons. He follows but is slower than Risho, who escapes from view.]

Yusuke voiceover: Oh just my luck! [swims back to the trove and looks around in hope to find another string of doubloons] Come on…there’s got to be another somewhere. [inspects behind all surrounding rocks.] Oh drat… [in desperation scans the barren room again] WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!

“Yo! It’s Yusuke here to tell you…WHAT SORT OF STUPID ORGANIZATION IS THIS!? The people in charge muse over how promising we all are, but then when it comes down to it, they don’t care if we die! I mean, how hard would it have been for them to have more doubloon strings stored? But no, I’m stuck underwater and running out of oxygen fast! And the worst is yet to come, as Hiei will find out for the final part of this stupid, immature, high school initiation junk. Brush up on your dragon legends, next time on YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

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Monday, January 22, 2007

   Story Time Returns

YYH Beyond: Episode 6 {first half}: ENDURING ELEMENTS
{Previously on YuYu Hakusho Beyond, Yusuke and Hiei have gone undercover to find out more about the Order of Zerka. Changing their appearances, they were able to sneak in. Already they have made some edgy relationships as well as spotting some familiar unfriendly faces. Being new to the group they, with the other new members, must undergo a series of trials. With Hiei and Yusuke handicapped in foreign bodies, will they still be able to pass them as well as if they were still in their own?}

[Wind blows across the cliff with a group of around 30 demons gathered on top. Close up on Sukeyuay and then Ehay, as all eyes are fixated on the Initiatory Demon.]

Initiatory Demon: The first three challenges will be to test your physical endurance, then one to show your discernment and one to demonstrate your ingenuity. Timing and precision are important factors in your completion of the tasks as well. Providing you survive these five tasks, there will be a final challenge to tie them all together. [lifts left hand, revealing mark on wrist] Earth. [points to mountain symbol and dissolves to show Manphor’s Mountain Maze] Fire. [points to fire symbol and dissolves to show Hot Coal Burrow] Water. [points to water symbol and dissolves to show treasure in underwater cavern] Air. [points to air symbol and dissolves to show Floating Meditation Space] And Life. [touches the dividing marks then dissolves to show a griffin next to a berry bush] The elements are the key [points to key symbol] to power. [traces down to base of the mark, which holds the same shape of the mound in the distance behind] Now line up to start.

Sukeyuay: Eady-ray?

Ehay: Hn. Ush-hay

[Risho smirks to himself.]

Initiatory Demon: AND GO!!!

[The group of demons take off running towards the mountain. The first to reach the base look around for the next step then start climbing. The other demons follow, scaling the mountain side.]

Sukeyuay: [climbing, panting] Ah man! I didn’t know demons were in love with stupid nature so much!

Risho: [comes up from the side] What’s wrong? Can’t handle it? Heh.

Sukeyuay: [looks at Risho] Well, well, thanks for taking the time to see me. I’d like a word with you!

Risho: It will have to wait; I’m going to impress the Order by being the first to complete the task!

Sukeyuay: Well don’t be too disappointed when…

Risho: Hey! [points] I think they found something over there!

[Sukeyuay turns his head where Risho pointed while Risho crawls under a shrub. Sukeyuay looks back to find Risho gone.]

Sukeyuay: Hey! Where did that creep disappear to in such a short time?

Ehay: You really shouldn’t fall for such simple tricks. [scales over to the shrub Risho was last seen by] Remember he is a ninja of earth; he has the advantage in Manphor’s Mountain Maze. We would do well to follow him closely here. [pushes limbs aside and points to a hole] I presume the “maze” is on the inside where this passage leads.

[Sukeyuay follows Ehay into the passage where they find themselves in a well-lit tunnel connected to various hallways. Ehay is crouched on the ground with a hand stroking the dirt.]

Ehay: That fool left a trail that a monkey could follow. [stands and tilts head] That way.

[Ehay and Sukeyuay rush down a passage. A wall starts to emerge from above, cutting them off from their passage of choice. They put on some extra speed and slide under the wall before it reaches the floor.]

Sukeyuay: That was close!

[They continue through the maze, after a turn the hallway shakes and wriggles back and forth. Sukeyuay and Ehay are bumped around then notice the space around them is growing smaller and smaller.]

Ehay: Quick! To the end of the hallway!

Sukeyuay: Yeah, before we’re crushed, [tossed] ugh, but easier said than done.

Ehay: Use your claws!

[Ehay leaps onto a wall and latches on. Digging into the sides, he appears to sprint along the wall like an ape. Sukeyuay jumps onto a wall, but its movements shake all of him except one hand off. He pulls his other hand onto the wall and secures his feet. He crawls sideways to the end of the passage. The opposing wall hits him on his back. He drops the short distance to the ground. In attempt to get up, he cannot even stand due to the caving ceiling. He crawls towards the end midst bashes and bruises. Finally he reaches the end of the passage and pulls himself out as it narrows and pinches his torso, trapping him. Ehay stands surveying the routes, while Sukeyuay pushes and scrapes at the tunnel until he finally twists himself out and plops on the ground.]

Sukeyuay: [dusting self off] You know, they call this Manphor’s Mountain Maze…it makes you wonder who this Manphor really is…

Ehay: Can’t you go for even five minutes without jabbering?

Sukeyuay: Sure, if you want to do this without me.

[Ehay continues to lead the way through the maze with Sukeyuay following.]

* * *

[Back on the cliff where the demons started the initiation, Zerk overlooks the course with Initiatory Demon, Modaruk, and other important looking Zerka Members.]

Zerk: I’m impressed at how resourceful some of our potential members are.

Initiatory Demon: This is a good bunch…only two have died so far.

Zerk: How many were planned to pass the maze?

Initiatory Demon: 20, and we estimate that 6 of them will not make it past the Hot Coal Burrow. At first we planned that only 5, maybe 7 tops would pass initiation, but already they have exceeded our expectations.

Zerk: Good.

Initiatory Demon: Pardon my intrusion, Lord Zerk, but do you think any of these new members will have the ability to rid us of our fox problem?

Zerk: Master Modaruk, what say you on the matter?

Modaruk: Hm. Possibly one or two of those rouges look promising enough to complete the whole operation single-handedly.

Initiatory Demon: Oh! Looks like Manphor got another one! Too bad for that one.

* * *

[Inside the maze Ehay and Sukeyuay make their way through a narrow yet tall corridor with enough holes in the wall to resemble Swiss cheese. Above them, Risho is watching them from one of holes next to a ledge that leads to another hole.]

Risho: [glare] Those two are close on my trail…I can’t let them show me up! [sticks hand in wall] GRAVEL SPRAY!

[A mass of rocks and debris fall down the corridor towards Sukeyuay and Ehay. They turn at the sound.]

Sukeyuay: Oh give me a break already!

Ehay: [sends out energy blast to dissolve rocks] Stay focused or those rocks will break you!

Sukeyuay: Right.

[Sukeyuay joins Ehay in blasting the onslaught of debris. After the rocks have stopped they continue along the way and turn up one of the side passages. Ehay stops suddenly.]

Sukeyuay: What gives?

Ehay: [eyes roam between few selective passageways] There are multiple routes through here. Our friend Risho took a longer one.

Sukeyuay: Oh, so you detected a shortcut that we could take to get the better of him?

Ehay: We are almost near the end. [starts walking down detour]

* * *

[Risho walks on as rocks are flown at him. He brushes every obstacle aside. He follows a passage while the walls shift around him and stop after enclosing him in a small room with no exits.]

Risho: [pulls at hair] How did this happen? AHHHH!!! [collapses] Oh wait, [stands up] This shouldn’t be a problem! Haha! [backs up, points hands towards the wall causing it to open then shoots through with a boost from behind]

* * *

[Ehay and Sukeyuay walk along. Ehay senses something and turns. A boulder is rushing towards them; up ahead another one races towards them. With a growl, Ehay pushes Sukeyuay down an alternate route, but in turn falls down another. Just as they hit the ground two boulders crash into one another. Ehay stands, brushes himself off, and continues down his new path.]

Hiei Voiceover: Separating is unfortunate, but I gave you the shorter route.

Sukeyuay: Oh great, it looks like I fly this solo from now on. [walks down tunnel]

* * *

[Risho is speeding through walls laughing manically. Outside the mountain a small explosion from the side indicates Risho busting out. Close up on Risho as the dust clears and he looks around.]

Risho: What? No! [zoom out; despaired scream] I’m back where I started!

Next time meet Manphor as well as see Yusuke and Risho show steep competition while they and Hiei go through thier initiation!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

   From the Writer’s Desk

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Reflections of my MyO site in 2006
Best thing that’s happened on the site: Interaction with readers during the tournament
Worst thing that’s happened on the site: When Miroku visited *shivers*
Post with most response: MyO Satire (from all post) (this year consistently averaged 10-15 comments per post)
Highest rank: Site 7 out of ~100,000+ active sites
Stories Completed: Hiei in RainbowLand; A Christmas Carol section of An Anime Christmas
Most informative post: How you can get started with Voice Acting.
Greatest Message: Building your house out of PlayDough infomercial.
Slumber Party Highlight: Bishie Sardines was fun,but I still love Eye’s makeover!
Favorite Crossover Moment: Red head-cool eyes-pink garmented body guards!
Favorite Clone interaction: Any time Kuwabara and Yami Yugi Clone #7 are fighting over Yukina Clone #3…possibly during the Spring Cleaning post.
Favorite E-card submitted: Sam-I-Am asking Kurama if he would eat Green Eggs and Ham with a fox…oh wait, was that still in 2005? Hmm…Kung Foo Puu was cute too…no wait, Kurama, Kenshin, and Zelos has to be my fav, the one with the green bg before being attacked by an army of Karou clones! Wait, they’re part of my fav crossover, fine Oh wait, I did the Plushi pic this year, I love that one, “My Plushie can beat up your Plushie” With Kurama plushie rose-whipping Sesshy plushie!
Most popular E-card to date: Beware of Fangirls!
Walpapers Submitted:<.i> One, for Spiral
Even though with all your friends and sites you visit, do you remember any favs or not so favs from my site? (I’m open to criticism as long as it’s constructive)

2007 Goals for my MyO site Anything in particular you wish to see?
Finish the first Saga for YYH Beyond, and hopefully SagaII as well {the outlines are completed all the way to SagaV}
Write the second part of An Anime Christmas.
Progress on the YYH Beyond RadioPlay.
Share more projects I have Voice Acted for.
Present the site and all its inspirational goodness to Funimation!
Improved quality of and more graphics for post.
Reach popularity rank of top 5.

Next week: Continued anime dating panel ~or~ YYH Beyond Episode 6 pt 1
Do you have a preference?

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Monday, January 8, 2007

   IT’S 2007!!!
Thanks Koki, Kyo Krazy, and Yotama for giving me sites to check out for hosting audio things ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I wanted to share for the New Years a New Years Hymn and a scripture that goes with the hymn. I wish you could hear the music for it, not many people are familiar with this song, but it is in minor and since most music is in major I’m drawn to songs in minor ^^ And it is in 6/8 I love that meter too ^^ Happy New Years to everyone!
Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying coud, the frosty light.
The year is dying in the night;
Ring, wild bells, and let him die.
The year is dying in the night;
Ring, wild bells, and let him die.

Ring out the old; ring in the new.
Ring, happy bells, across the snow.
The year is going; let him go.
Ring out the false; ring in the true.
The year is going; let him go.
Ring out the false; ring in the true.

Ring in the valiant men and free,
The larfter heart, the kindlier hand.
Ring out the darkness of the land;
Ring in the Christ that is to be.
Ring out the darkness of the land;
Ring in the Christ that is to be.

~Text: Alfred Tennyson, 1809-1892
~Music: Crawford Gates, b. 1921
Doctrine and Covenants 50:24: That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light , and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light growth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

While the clones are away…
I have a bf for the first time in my life! Yes I’m at the ripe old age of 23&7/12ths and guys have never asked me out before and reject me when I ask them out. So over the course of a weekend {over a week ago} I find myself holding hands and I’m still getting used to the fact that someone likes me. I just wanted to share that, and I suppose it would explain any future absences I may have in upcoming weeks on MyO ^^ I’m sure you guys can forgive me for not working on updates, you all have been so understanding in the past! Right now I’ll leave you with the conclusion of an Anime Christmas and it will be wrapped up until next Christmas season…oh yes, there is more after Hiei Scrooge has a change of heart…there is even rumor of Inuyasha showing up as Santa in the sequel…but the holidays are over so I’ll move back to working on YYH Beyond again with the occasional fun post of clone interactions and wacky crossovers.

Anime has survived it’s first Christmas Disaster

Hiei: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Hiei sat up from his tree branch as if waking from a terrible nightmare, drenched in a terrible sweat. The chill morning breeze called him back to reality, saving him from a fate he considered worse than death.

Hiei: The colors the feelings the touching >.< How disgusting! Wait a moment. I’m home. I’m here, and my tree is here, and *arm searches behind and pulls out a little teddy bear* yes, even little Wuffy-kins is here *stows the teddy bear back in its hiding place* But…but… *looks around and sees someone walking by* Hey you! What day is it?

Jakken: What are you talking to me?

Hiei: Do you see any other fools that I could be referring to?

Jakken: How dare you insult me so!

Hiei: Tell me what day it is or I will unleash the dark dragon on you! *hand starts glowing*

Jakken: ACK! Well *ahem* we shall see who the fool is here, as if you didn’t know the day today, HA! Well for seeing as the night before last was the moon waxed at its full, and being in the third era since the dawning of …

Hiei: >-> … >.< Just tell the stupid day!

Jakken: Allright allright *bows apologetically* Christmas day! Today is Christmas!

Hiei: *to self* So it is then…I haven’t missed it, I still have a chance to change, I’ll have to start by obliterating all donation buckets *Care Bear flashback and shivers* Ew! *to Jakken* Hey toad! You know the turkey about 10 times your size in the poultry shop? Go buy it for me!

Jakken: *sly look* I’m afraid that’s rather impossible.

Hiei: Why you fool?

Jakken: Because being the blessed day of Christmas all the stores are closed; no one is open for business like that. And even if they were open, the turkey has already been bought and devoured!

Hiei: WHAT? By who?

Jakken: By one of the only two people who could afford it! My dear master, Lord Sesshomaru!

Hiei: >o< OUT OF MY SIGHT FOOL!!! *emanating fire*

Jakken: ACK! *scurries away* LORD SESSHOMARU!!!

Hiei: That certainly poses a problem. I suppose buying presents is out of the question.

And so it went that Hiei walked the snowy streets while pondering how to make use of the opportunity given him. When while not looking he ran smack into a donation bucket held in the hand of Goku, talking with a hand-holding couple.

Hiei: *rubbing head* Why don’t you watch where I’m going?

Mukuro: Perhaps you should watch where we’re going >.>

Hiei: O.O Mu…Mukuro? Why are you here?

Mukuro: Visiting family, now out of my site! *to Goku* It was a pleasure grandpa, see you later *to man holding her hand* Let’s go dear.

Yomi: Lead the way my precious.

Hiei: o.O??? *watches them go in a daze*

Goku: *swings bucket to hit back of Hiei’s head* Fancy meeting the old scrooge out here!

Hiei: Will you can it with the bucket? How much would it cost to get rid of those things?

Goku: Only about enough to support all the poor and homeless…about $934,352,264,602 yen plus taxes, but still are tax deductible only if you live in the state of Utah.

Hiei: Whatever here! *pulls huge sum of gold from small pocket and crams it in the bucket* Just demolish all those buckets! I don’t want to see another one again!

Goku: $o$ Oh wow! HEEHEE ^o^ This is enough to buy me breakfast!

Hiei: I don’t care what you do with the money, just get rid of those buckets!

Goku walked off in a happy daze while Hiei pondered what step to take next. Suddenly recognizing the neighborhood, he approached a shabby trailer and knocked on the door.

Hiei: Well, I solved the problem of the buckets at least, now there are none to kick. We’ll see how my idiot nephew is doing…

Joey: *opens door* WOAH UNCLE! I didn’t expect ta see youse here!

Hiei: Didn’t you invite me, of course I came!

Joey: Ha-ah…well, come on in, your just in time for a game o’ Duel Monstas! *calling behind* Hey look who’s come ta join us guys!

Little Yugi: Welcome, it’s always nice to have more friends to play with!

Mai: Want to go against me shorty? Or are you not man enough to handle me?

Hiei: Heh. I can take whatever you dish out blondie!

So the festivities started off with Hiei facing Mai in a Duel Monsters battle. She totally mopped the floor with him. Still good sportsmanship was displayed and then the time came to where everyone broke out their Christmas Special Decks. Mai played against Little Yugi and the game followed as Hiei had afore seen with the ghost of Christmas present, up to the point where he had left…

Mai: *draws a card* Ha! Now you boys are in for it! I play my card of ultimate destruction! Curse of the Jagan! *lays down a card with Hiei’s picture on it* This will steal all your Christmas cheer and reduce your life points to zero!

Little Yugi: Oh no! Where did you get that ultra-rare card? It’s tough to beat!

Tristan: Yeah, looks like Mai has this one in the bag!

Joey: Eh… ^^;;; Sorry about dat uncle it may seem like you dressed like an elf, but its not!

Hiei: Hn. It looks nothing like me. *smug smile*

Little Yugi: Hold on Mai, I do have a way to beat it, because with Curse of the Jagan, you just triggered my trap card: Depolymerization! With all my monsters in defense mode *flips over an upside-down monster card from each side revealing the Ghost of Christmas Present (Sasami) and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (George)* I can use this trap card on… *flips over middle card revealing a picture of Shigure* my Ghost of Christmas Present. Since the Spirit of Christmas is strengthened by friendship this allows me to turn the Present into the Mabudachi Trio! *Pulls out Ayame, and Hatori to join Shigure* Now with more than 3 monsters on the field, my Christmas Cheer is safe from your Curse of Jagan! Plus the special effect of the Mabudachi Trio has been activated so all my Christmas Ghost combine to attack you which will take out your Curse of Jagan and drain the rest of your life points!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Hiei: *to self* Well I’ll be beat…

Mai: We’ll I’ll be beat! Good game Yugi!

Joey: *giving Little Yugi noogies* Dat’s my Yuge!

Hiei: Very cheery. But you fools have no idea what a real battle is like. *captures everyone’s attention* Yes…in my day and age we didn’t have these painted cards, we fought real battles with real demons and real monsters. I should tell you of the time…

So with a captivated audience Hiei told of his past adventures with the thrill of fighing a worthy opponent and of his sweet victories and bitter defeats. When the day grew late and Joey was ready to pull out the egg nog, Hiei headed on his way. He had one final bit of business to take care of and one last stop that led him to Trunk’s home.

Hiei: *to self* I need to take care of that little fox demon…under the right training, I could teach him to be as powerful as me…and would respect me enough to save me from the Care Bears in case they ever do come and get me *shivers* Ew! *knocks on door* TRUNKS!!! OPEN THIS DOOR AT ONCE YOU FOOL!!!

Trunks: *opens in a rush* Boss! What are you doing here?

Hiei: What do you think you fool! YOU were not at work this morning.

Trunks: That’s because today is Christmas, you gave me it off.

Hiei: Oh humbug, you think I’d do such a thing?

Arisa: *pushing Trunks out of the way causing him to collide with the side wall* That’s it shrimp! You’ve crossed me for the last time! *rolls up sleeve* You’ve come and ruined Christmas, now I challenge you…

Hiei: >.> Cool it lady. I’ve only come to extend a business partnership.

Trunks: Oro?

Arisa: What?!?!? Well come on in and join us, you brought something for pot luck I hope, and if not, then I will challenge you…to a game of Rich Man Poor Man! Loser scrubs out the turkey pot!

Hiei: Hn. I know a few things about cards, your on!

Trunks: *getting up and dusting self off* You mean it? You’ll let me take my dad’s place as your partner?

Hiei: >.> No fool. But I’ll promote you and give you a raise if you’re up to more responsibility. It’s your son I’m interested in.

Momiji: *sucker in mouth* Me? o.O

Hiei: No Bunny Boy >.> I was referring to the other one, *pointing to Shippo* the fox demon.

Shippo: *pointing to self* Wow, me really?

Hiei: First we’ll get that leg of yours fixed in no time, then we’ll talk business.

Shippo: COOL! *hops on good leg* You hear that everyone? I’m going to get better!

And so Hiei and Trunks’ family sat at the table with Shippo on Hiei’s lap as they enjoyed…or watched the saiyan and girls enjoy…the humble feast.

Hiyono: That was mine Momiji! HIYONO PUNCH!

Momiji: Wah! Somebody, Hiyono’s picking on me!

Shippo: God bless us! Every one!

Shippo’s prayer was spoken truly enough even to melt the heart of a bloodless tearless demon. Hiei was able to change after all. He became a better uncle, a better friend, and a better demon than anyone had ever known. Indeed it was said around town that he knew how to keep the Spirit of Christmas in a way that…

Hiei: >.< Stop the incessant monologuing! The ending was fine without you!

Amelia: *whispering* Daddy, who is Mister Hiei talking to?

Trunks: *whispering back* I think he’s snapped; he’s been talking back to the voices inside his head since yesterday.

*Christmas bells ring on with wild cheer!*

To Be continued next Christmas Season with more exciting adventures!


After the pleasant home cooked meal, it was time to play Rich Man Poor Man with a stiff competition between Arisa and Hiei. Trunks and the children were dealt in as well but the tension mounted between the old Scrooge and the independent-minded woman.


Arisa: What do you mean? What kind of cheap tricks are you trying to pull?

Hiei: Fool, those are the rules! That’s how you said the games played!

Shippo: Wait! I have a REVERSE REVOLUTION!!!

Arisa: That-a-boy!

Amelia; ToT How unjust! I didn’t even get a chance to play my 2’s!

*doorbell rings*

Tunks: Wow is it that time already? It must be the cousins… *goes to answer the door* Oh hey guys, come on in, we’re were almost fixen’ to open presents!

Arisa: *nudges and winks at Hiei* Have you met my cousin Yoshimi yet? She competed in that Pseudo Demon World Tournament thingey a while back, I believe you were there competing too.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
{Sorry Fear-Me, I got the banner
done finally and think I forgot to
send it to you ^^;;;;;}

Hiei: *sees Yoshimi come in with others and sits dumbstruck* M-Merry Christmas.

Yoshimi: ^///^ Oh same to you, you’re not part of the family are you?

Trunks: No, this is my boss, he doesn’t have any family so we invited him to join us for the evening.

Yoshimi: Oh really? That’s great, then I have present for you?

Hiei: A present…for me?

Yoshimi: Yep, never leave home without one, here!

Hiei: *accepts present and opens it up and pulls out some mistletoe* A plant? What am I supposed to do with this?

Yoshimi: *holds it over Hiei’s head* This *kisses his cheek*

Hiei: O/////////////////O

p.s. Thanks Destinyssweetman for jokingly volunteering to be a fangirl! Lol

I wanted to end with this part to show that even though Hiei and Mukuro dated and broke up, life goes on and both of the members can find others that they are better suited for or more happy with, plus the hero always has to end with a girl the way the media has messed up storytelling for now-a-days. But since I couldn’t think of a anime girl suited for him, I brought in a character from a real person {which is why the extended ending is exclusively for MyO since most of you may know the added character}, which can also show you don’t know when meeting someone special will turn up…but if you’re doing the right things, you have a better chance of meeting someone right for you ^_~ {and I had this ending planned before finding a bf as you will note I was accepting applications for the role before knowing my now bf was interested in me. It is just a coincidence that this post has a double-shot of matches being made so I guess real life supports what I write} I hope you all enjoyed the “A Christmas Carol” section of “An Anime Christmas” next winter (time and situation permitting) will be the “Nutcracker” portion where Hiei gives a special present to his favorite niece, Kagome!

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

   Outside the Window Kira, kira, kira ki…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

How does one go about getting their music hosted online? Is there like an imageshack for WMAs and MP3s and such?

If you didn’t get a chance, please read my last post ^^ Thank you
Refi: I really outdid my self on Hiei going about with the Ghost of Christmas Present. I figured not as many people commented {although there was still a decent amount ^^} because most people visit sites highlighted as being updated that day on Friend’s Lists and not many people were on on Christmas Day because they had wonderful times to spend with their families, unlike myself who actually got a chance to pick up a good wireless connection and post and visit. But I promise the chapter is really funny (especially if you are familiar with all the animes I am)! And even if you don’t have time to read them, please at least look at the pics I made to enhance the story. I worked really hard on them and they took longer than the writing. Thanks ^^

For those familiar with Full Moon wo Sagashite and Fruits Basket:
Upon watching Episode 23 of Full Moon on YouTube and reading the comments, someone made an interesting comparison: that Ooshige-san looks like Kana from Fruits Basket! lol well with the same hairstyle, I have to agree with that; and when she’s frantic, she does remind me of Kana’s reaction to Hatori changing into a sea horse! lol. Another comment stated that she and the doctor, Wakaouji-sensei make a cute couple, which I agree with as well. Ok so I read the comments first before watching the episode, and the wheels in my head were turning the whole way through. I thought Kana was in the whole doctor practice, not music field, but she must have had a career change and uses Ooshige as a code name like Mitsuki is “Full Moon” while performing. Eh, maybe she decided to disown the whole Sohma family or something who knows? But anyway, so she’s a manager (who had a childhood dream of being a famous star herself but tried something practical like being a doctor for a while) and manages Full Moon’s career and meets Mitsuki’s doctor and they fall in love and that’s when Kana gets married…POOR HATORI!!! TOT …but then again…seeing how Ooshige faired in the battle of cooking and stuff against Mitsuki’s housekeeper, Hatori’s better off w/o her ^^;;;
I don’t remember the brief scene of Kana’s wedding (Ayame picturing Hatori breaking it up) but I think her groom did kinda look like the doc as well…and isn’t that scary? She ended up marrying a doctor after all? >.> Guess some things are fate…

Hiei Scrooge meets the final Ghost and goes Back to the Future!

The colors swirled and the laughter rang on. The miffed merriment was only ended when the Christmas Bells brought it to a screeching halt. Hiei sat up in his tree again, as if his party with the Mabudachi Trio {Shigure, Ayame, and Hatori from Fruits Basket} was nothing more than a dream. A spirited dream…no pun intended.

Hiei: >.> You know, after I eliminate the bells’ source, I’m coming after you!

Well excuse me for doing my job! I suppose you wouldn’t want me to elaborate your little escapade with the boys last night…

Hatori: One more word and the entire Narrating Industry will know of every embarrassing thing you have done since the day you were born.

*meep* Say no more.

Hiei: >.> What are you doing here? Are you to show me the future now?

Hatori: No. Shigure didn’t do his job properly so I came to warn you of something he forgot to tell you.

Hiei: Very well -_-

Hatori: Two children *opens doctor jacket {never fear, he’s still wearing a stiff suit underneath} revealing Hiro and Kisa Sohma curled up underneath* Ignorance and Want.

Hiei: What about them.

Hatori: I’m not one to go into details. But now that you are warned, you are ready to meet the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, farewell.

With that Hatori and the children vanished leaving Hiei in a dark and dreary alley that he had never seen before. At first he pondered about Hatori really trying to keep him from later harm and was relieved that he was not as long winded as Shigure had been, then he noticed his tree was no where around.

Hiei: I’m really getting sick of all these sudden scene changes. -_-

*Eerie music starts playing in the background*

Hiei: *assumes fighting stance, ready to draw katana* Show yourself!

From around the corner appeared a dark figure in a brown trench coat with the breathing pattern of Darth Vader.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hiei: Am I supposed to be scared? Are you supposed to be the most intimidating specter of the night?

Future: *Darth Vader Breathing*

Hiei: You’re wide vocabulary astounds me =-=

Future: *Dart Vader Breathing* *lifts arm and extends a boney pointing finger*

Hiei: Fool. *looks in direction of point*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sano: So I hear the old fleabag finally kicked the bucket.

Eyes Rutherford: It would appear that way, yes.

Zelgadis: I heard even his only living relative isn’t in the will.

Sano: Well what do you suppose he’s going to do with his riches? It’s not like he needs it where he’s going.

Hiei: Well, they’re a cheery bunch.

Future: *Darth Vader Breathing* *points further*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Martina: Master Zelos! I brought back his top hat and cane!

Zelos: Oh well, well, well! Very good my sweet voluptuous honey!

Ryoko: Oh that’s nothing! I uprooted his tree and brought it, this will be worth a pretty penny won’t it? *swings it over shoulder*

Zelos: Woah! Heh, heh. Watch out there my beauty! And my dear little ninja-girl, what have you brought me Sheena?

Sheena: Ugh! Hands of you perv! I was able to snatch something that could have been used for blackmail, if he were still around.

Zelos: Well let us see, too bad you didn’t go searching for it sooner.

Sheena: *pulls out from behind* I brought his little Teddy Bear!

*They all laugh*

Hiei: o.O How’d she get that? >.> hn It must be a look-a-like, nothing more…

Future: *Darth Vader Breathing*

Hiei: What now?

Future: *Darth Vader Breathing* *grabs Hiei’s shoulder and the scene changes*

Hiei: At least you don’t make speeches about how everyone hates me, I don’t care if they rejoice even if I was gone. Back at Trunk’s shack now? I’ve already been here.

Future: *Darth Vader Breathing* *points to window; Hiei looks in*

Hiei: They all look so sad. Don’t tell me that they actually are crying for me.

Future: *Darth Vader Breathing* *shakes head*

Trunks: Come now children, its time for our Christmas Feast.

Amelia: How can we feast when Shippo is…is… *bursts into tears*

Hiei: Where is the little demon runt?

Future: *Darth Vader Breathing* *leads Hiei into a turn and they are now in a graveyard, right in front of Shippo’s gravestone*

Hiei: This can’t be true…then the Present Ghost was right even though he covered it up.

Future: *Darth Vader Breathing*

Hiei: Well, if this is death is the talk around town, then where am I?

Future: *Darth Vader Breathing* *points*

Hiei: Buried over there? So I do get to go on and take over Spirit World. But tell me…What killed me! I want to details man!

Future: *Darth Vader Breathing* *shakes head then points further*

Hana: *appears from behind* He wants you to look beyond what you see.

Future and Hiei: ACK! *assume startled poses while Future’s hand knocks off hat and sunglasses from face revealing George*

George: Where did you come from?

Hiei: More importantly, where did you get that cloak?

Hana: End of commentary *turns and disappears in fog that just appeared*

Hiei: o.O *recovers from shock then notices the Ghost of Chritsmas Yet to Come is really George, the ogre lackey of Koenma from Spirit World* What are you doing here?

George: *chuckles* Puu?

Hiei: Is all that you can say, fool?

George: Aw, now don’t scold me. I needed a new job to get me away from my heartless boss, and the tournaments didn’t like my announcing voice ToT Instead they put me in this silent gig.

So as far as this goes in English…Hatori really is the Future! {Hatori and George have the same VA in English}

Hiei: >.> What are you mumbling about now?

George: *shakes fist in the air* Watch out! I’m going for your position next!

ToT Everyone is picking on me today! Aren’t you concerned about your future any more Hiei?

Hiei: You should be the one who is concerned about your future… *draws katana*

>.> Oh scary, you think I can be cut with a butter knife like that?

Hiei: No more games! Show yourself!

But I’m omnipresent! So you can’t hurt me in any way, but I can still annoy everyone!

Hiei: >.> You’re right ogre, you’d do better in his position.

George: ^o^; aw that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!

Hiei: So where on earth were you pointing?

George: Oh yeah, I was pointing to that cloud over there. I’m sure Koenma wouldn’t mind us using his nimbus to get over there.

*whispering out of earshot of Hiei and George* And so the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come flew Hiei off to the cloud in the distance. On top of the cloud they found colors, hearts, and ribbons.

Hiei: Where is this?

George: Welcome to Care-a-Lot! This will be your fate if you don’t change your ways.

Tender Heart Bear: Would you like to play another game?

Cheer Bear: Or would you like a great big hug?

George: When a bucket was left outside your office asking for a kind donation, you kicked it as far as you could then someone filed a report saying you needed a visit from the Care Bears…so they came and took you away.

Old Hiei: My Jagan…my katana…all gone…no defence…must…not…give…in…

*colorful bears continuously glomp Old Hiei*

Hiei: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, December 25, 2006

   For the first day of Christmas my True Love gave to me…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: Well, lets try and see if I can get to everyone today ^^;;; this past week has been hectic…well, work has been, and then all I’ve done besides work is sleep o.O I get home late from work then wake up when its time to go to work the next day, it stinks! I don’t know why my body won’t let me get up any sooner ToT Well, I’m updating and will visit as many of you as I can, if I can pick up a wireless connection {which if you are hearing from me, then I did, but it may cut out at any time}. I’m sorry I can’t do more than that, I’m only human v.v So anyways, I posted last Monday while I was out of town and didn’t have time to visit people then since I was visiting relatives. I can at least share a bit of good news, Remember last year I was interning with the Duttons in Branson Missouri and working 50 hours a week more or less. And because they had a few different businesses they were considered as working at different jobs, so I didn’t get any overtime pay. Well an auditor person just came along and told them they couldn’t do that, when I got home late LATE Monday night, I found a letter for me from them and inside with a check of about $500 for my overtime! (Well it was more than $700 before taxes >.> stupid taxes, and I suppose this means I need to file tax returns for 2 states this next year >.< but I suppose any one can find something to complain about anything if they try hard enough, Still) it was a pleasant surpise since I had spent a considerable amount of money that day on things I told myself I shouldn’t be getting because I’m saving to move to Texas and get a home and all that. If I knew I was going to come home to that, I would have bought-en a lot more anime while I had a chance (this town has a major need for anime that no one is providing) but what I did get was good for research materials, a book on myths (not just Greek, but many different cultures!) and a 356 day calendar filled with Egyptian knowledge, music for Star of Bethlehem (real good Christmas song that no one ever sings-probably while I like it is because if anything it’s not overplayed lol) and a collection of MoTown hits ^^ and then a Fruits Basket CD. So I was wondering, how does one go about hosting music online? Is there like an Imageshack type of site for music that I can go to to upload it so I can play it on my site? Also, it’s good to know for when my RadioPlay is done so I know how to share it with everyone. Well, this turned out longer than I imagined it should; time to migrate to the Official Story Telling Room to hear about how Hiei Scrooge deals with the ghost of Christmas Present!!! ^o^ {and trust me it’s worth the wait, I made lots of goodie images to go with it!}

*p.s. Sign up now to cameo as a Hiei Fangirl!~In comments leave desired name for appearance and the first thing you would say if you met Hiei, what you would say if you did not know who he was beforehand, and how you would react if he wished you a Merry Christmas~This will be for a privileged scene exclusively for MyO!*

Believing that he had just awoken from a bad dream, Hiei shrugged the visit off of his shoulder and went on with his night. His sleep was uneasy and he tossed and turned as he heard the bell chime the second hour of the morning. He tossed enough that simultaneously with the sound he rolled right out of his tree.

Hiei: *rubbing head* This is getting ridiculous, I must find the source of that noise and eliminate it!

Shigure: HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! *pops New Years Streamers*

Hiei: >.> Oh great, another freak has come to bother me.

Shigure: Oh you certainly can’t mean that.

Hiei: I do.

Shigure: *overly-dramatic* ToT Oh, that hurts!

Hiei: Who are you supposed to be anyway?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Shigure: So glad you asked! *Ahem* Being the year of the Dog this year in the Chinese Zodiac, which is a year partially to my liking, *moves arms expressively* I have come to you as the Ghost of Christmas Present! This Christmas day we will spend together to show you the joy and happiness that can be found by putting other’s needs before your own! Come and I will show you!

Hiei: I have no interest.

Shigure: Sure you do! Currently your sword skills may rank that of a black belt but your social skills are at best a white, all you lack is practice! Now come!

So Shigure grabbed Hiei by the wrist as they flew through the streets of town. Every humble window that Hiei peered through was filled with smiling faces and laughter, even though the homes were run down and the food was meager. Finally they landed in front of a rundown trailer park.

Hiei: *sarcastic* Oh yes, I can see how this dingy trash yard is overflowing with joy. So tell me, what is it like to be in a constant state of stupidity?

Shigure: It’s Christmas here too you know! Just look inside that trailer right there. *points to a run down shack*

Hiei: Hn. *walks over and looks inside* It’s that idiot nephew of mine, Joey.

Shigure: With his blooming young wife, Mai, don’t you forget! Come, let us go in.

With that Shigure pushed Hiei through the wall so they found themselves inside where they could hear the conversation between Joey, Mai, and their guest.

Joey: …and then I pulled my scapegoat an’ all my life points were saved!

Little Yugi: Wow, that was an excellent strategy, Joey!

Tea: Great going!

Tristan: Heh, sounds like it was dumb luck, you’re the real scapegoat.

Joey: Why…I’ll scapegoat you! *pulls Tristan in a headlock*

Mai: Boys! Settle down, you’ll knock the egg nog over!

Joey: Oh boy! Egg nog!

Little Yugi: So are you ready for a little friendly game of duel monsters?

Joey: Ya betcha! Mai and I just got special Christmas Editions that we’re eager to try out! Haha!

Hiei: >.> Stupid boy, wasting his life away on games that produce nothing.

Shigure: Don’t be so hasty in judgment. You see that quiet girl in the corner? Serenity there is like a sister to him since neither had decent parental figures to look towards. He entered a tournament and won all in order to pay for a much needed surgery for her health. In her precious frail eyes, your nephew is a hero that she can look up to and be inspired! *shakes finger* If you think about it he has done a lot with his life, but try as he might, he never seems to earn the much desired acceptance of his uncle!

Hiei: Hn. Sentimental fool!

Mai: *draws a card* Ha! Now you boys are in for it! I play my card of ultimate destruction! Curse of the Jagan! *lays down a card with Hiei’s picture on it* This will steal all your Christmas cheer and reduce your life points to zero!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Little Yugi: Oh no! Where did you get that ultra-rare card? It’s tough to beat!

Tristan: Yeah, looks like Mai has this one in the bag!

Mai: Yes; it’s good to know Joey’s uncle is good for something!

*Everyone laughs*

Hiei: This is repulsive. Take me away from here.

Shigure: Very well… *grabs Hiei’s wrist and they start to leave*

Little Yugi: Hold on Mai, I do have a way to beat it, because with Curse of the Jagan, you just triggered my trap card: …

Shigure: Too bad, I really wanted to see the games conclusion; I could have turned that into a great novel!

Hiei: >.> I have little concern of your writing career.

Shigure took Hiei across the city to a more rural area and they landed in front of a dome-shaped home.

Hiei: Why have you brought me to this upturned salad bowl?

Shigure: Don’t you know? This is the home of your faithful employee! Look inside; there is not much to see since he can only afford a one roomed shack and has a wife and four children to take care of in that cold and crammed space!

Hiei: I pay him better than this, what does that fool spend his money on?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Shigure: Well we can’t all live in trees now can we? Being human…well half human, and a family of humans….well some of them are…they need shelter, warmth, food, clothes, electricity and phone for you to disturb him at home with, water to wash your laundry, and a television with 500+ channel cable so he can audit all the commercials you put out so you can sue the stations when they don’t play them. And these things don’t come cheap, ho no! And then the little essentials such as toilet paper and pencils do amount to a considerable sum as well! This dingy house has one of the lowest monthly payments around, which is still more than half of his paycheck! That doesn’t even consider that the other half of him is saiyan which requires a lot more food than normal to give him the strength to meet your exceptionally high demands!

Hiei: >.> You just like to hear yourself talk don’t you?

Shigure: *proudly* I haven’t even started on the tax rates!

Hiei: Lets just get this over with!

Shigure: All right, then come on in and observe this charming little family! *pulls Hiei in through the wall*

Amelia: Oh daddy! It’s so good to see you home for Christmas! *glomps Trunks*

Trunks: Yes dear, it’s good to be able to see all of your bright shining faces.

Arisa: Hey there, come to the table NOW before your dinner gets cold!

Momiji: Yay! Time for our Christmas feast! Come on Shippo! I’ll race you!
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Shippo: Hey! That’s no fair, you know I can’t run!

Momiji: Then I’ll piggy back you to the table! *pulls Shippo on to back*

Shippo: Yay! Ride ‘em cowboy!

Hiyono: *tying napkin around neck* Hungry Hungry Hiyono!

Amelia: *attacks table* FOOD!!!

*everyone seated at the table*

Trunks: First children, we must bless the food and give thanks to Hiei, the founder of this feast… *starts to bow head*

Arisa: Ha! The founder of this feast! If that little cheapskate were here right now, *shakes fist* then I’d give him something to feast on!

Trunks: Calm yourself dear. Small as our meal is, it is better than nothing.

Arisa: While we sit and starve, he has more money to swim in than that Scrooge McDucky character!

Hiyono: He’s no better than a bloodless tearless demon!

Shippo: We don’t know what it is like for him though. He’s probably all alone right now. Money can’t buy love. We should ask God to bless him!

Hiei: What’s with the runt who can’t walk?

Shigure: He seems to actually care for you, as for why that’s beyond me…after all this holiday is to remember He who made the blind walk and lame see {Shigure means made the lame walk and the blind man see, but he never could get this line right}, or so quoted little Shippo there before we arrived, not to mention healing the wounded heart or melting the frozen soul of a heartless…

Hiei: >.< I meant why can’t he run!

Shigure: Oh, well that is because he is a fox demon and ever since his foot got caught in a fox demon trap, he is unable to use his one foot.

Hiei: How did he get to be a demon.

Shigure: Don’t you do your genealogy? With the saiyan genes from his father and his mother’s personality, of course you would get a demon, you know you are from saiyan descent as well.

Hiei: So all those kids are demons? Then these furnishings are meaningless!

Shigure: No, only Shippo is a demon. The other boy, Momiji, is a cursed rabbit and the girls ended up with their mother’s strong spirit and just father’s appetite.

Trunks: CHEW ATTACK!!!

Hiyono and Amelia: ^o^ CHEW ATTACK!!!

*Trunks and the girls dig in the meager meal while Momiji grabs a baby bird thigh right from under Hiyono’s nose right before she gets to it*

Hiyono: That was mine! HIYONO PUNCH! *starts hitting Momiji with puppets*

Momiji: Waah!!! Somebody, Hiyono’s picking on me!

Hiyono: It’s called “Tough love!”

Trunks: o.O Please kids, don’t fight.

Arisa: That’s my girl! Take abuse from no one!

Amelia: Stand back parental units! Swiping food is the exact opposite of JUSTICE!

Shippo: Lay off of him already Hiyono!!! *coughcough*
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Hiei: That fox is pretty weak and pale for a demon.

Shigure: *forlorn sigh* The future I see isn’t too bright. I fear that come next Christmas his spot at the table may be empty.

Hiei: You…mean he’s going to die?

Shigure: *sing-song* ^.^ Well I suppose that is a possibility. I am only the ghost for the Present, I don’t know the future. Que cera cera! Just let him die and stop crowding up this miserable world, right?

Hiei: I can’t believe a blissful person such as yourself can say that so light-heartedly.

Shigure: Oh I’m sorry *puts sigh mark by face but still smiles* Now I’m depressed!

Hiei: -_-; Fool…

Shigure: What I meant before is that I have no idea what the future holds, you’ll have to ask the next ghost about that.

Hiei: I’m sick of visit’s from ghosts.

Shigure: Tut! Tut! You’re not listening! Please, for all our sakes, take the moment before Future arrives to ponder on what you have seen and heard this evening. After all, once future comes, there is no turning back!

Hiei: >.> You just never stop, do you!

Shigure: ^o^ On the other hand, you are always welcomed to spend some Christmas time with me and my friends!

Instantly the scene dissolved from the cruddy love-filled home to a place of strange nature. Nothing about it seemed real and for the first time surrounding folk, of which there were only two, were able to interact with Hiei and his Host.

Ayame: Ah! Shigure! How long I have waited for your blessed arrival! The night is long and I am in no mood for sleep!

Shigure: Aya! You read my mind, tonight it seems we will be sharing the same dream!

Ayame and Shigure: *Thumbs up* YES!!!

Hatori: -.- Idiots.

Hiei: -.- Agreed…
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