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Monday, September 8, 2008

   I'm greatful for my possie(s)
Yes yes, you're all wondering right? Ok maybe not...but I'll tell ya anyway! Yay I got the rest of my edits for Saga I of YYHB! so that will be released as a 'box set' soon on TheO in FanWords, so YYH will finally have some!

Other release notes~ My Cartoon Cops Dating Service passed as a fanword! ^^ I had to be patient for it to go through. And even though it has about 200 views, there are no new comments ToT so I don't know if people are reading it slowly through or look and decide not to read it. ALSO, SLAYERS~This is Your ANIME Life is almost done! :D I just need a few retakes from my VA's and we'll be set to go!!! AND since we have a set date for the release of YYHB! Saga I, my ART CONTEST now has a set date!

NOW FOR EXCITING STUFF YES??? So AnimeFest rocked my world even though I couldn't go...why? Because I have some wicked awesome friends who did go! One of them was able to hunt down Chuck Huber and give him my picture of Hiei In RainbowLand and also have him sign another copy for me! So when he first saw the picture (acording to the report) he let out a HUGE laugh!!! ^_^ *score, I left a mark on another VA!* For my copy he signed it "Refi-chan is a genius" and added a talk bubble by Hiei saying "Help me!" I got the picture in the mail today...sad thing is he just had to sign right over Kurama ToT...BUT STILL!!! This is total awesome-ness and yay-ness and I fell so special-ness and cool I made someone happy ^_^

YYH Beyond: Episode 13 : ZERK’S PLOY
{Previously: Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama were battling Kurama’s demon siblings. It took all their strength, but they managed to pull through. Proceeding to the heart of the Crystal Caverns, they found the legendary Ziberian Crystals embedded in a piano. Sensing their legendary power to be real they were faced with the choice to take them or leave them. Not wanting to upset the balance of Demon World, they left the crystals safeguarded in the caverns and went on their way back to Zerka. But will coming back empty-handed be the most beneficial move for them to discover what they want to know?}

[Yusuke and Hiei are back in their Sukeyuay and Ehay forms in a scientific looking room. A scientist stands by a noisy dome-shaped machine. Kurama walks up to Sukeyuay and wraps a vine around his left wrist.]

Sukeyuay: Hey. What’s that for?

Kurama: Just making an imprint of the insignia.

Sukeyuay: So you think you can just miss out on all that initiation fun?

Ehay: We don’t have time to wait for Kurama to go through that.

[Kurama wraps the vine on his left wrists and walks into the dome-shaped machine. The Scientist pushes a few buttons and the machine makes more noises.]

Sukeyuay: And what about their computer system.

Ehay: Modaruk fixed it to include him.

Sukeyuay: Oh yeah, now he lends a hand.

[The machine beeps and stops all noise. Smoke filters out the door. Out walks a plump, warty green demon with four bulging eyes. He tears a vine off of his wrist to reveal the symbol of Zerka.]

Sukeyuay: So how is it, Rumakay?

Rumakay: Ready to take care of things.

* * *

[Zerk is speaking to the members of Zerka in the meeting hall. Close ups on familiar faces such as Modaruk, Gavarian, the Mermaid, and Rumakay.]

Zerk: We must prepare ourselves now so we can realize our dreams. To get what we want, we must train so that we are able to rid ourselves of life unworthy of life. We will weed out the weak as we comb through Demon World. The rest will be forced to become stronger to survive. The population as a whole will become stronger; and with our strengths united, we will be able to progress further than any other previous populace.

[Sukeyuay and Ehay slip in through the back as if they had just come from the caverns. Modaruk looks over to them. Zerk also spots their entrance.]

Zerk: Now go out and become stronger so you may withstand the blitz the future holds.

[Demons rise and filter out. The Initiatory Demon approaches Sukeyuay and Ehay and motions for them to follow. They go up to the front of the room. The Initiatory Demon leads them into a room where Zerk, Modaruk, and the other prominent figures have exited. The door is closed and they face the heads of the organization.]

Zerk: Welcome back, my boys. Did your journey fair well?

Sukeyuay: Barely.

Zerk: I trust you brought back the necessary proof of your travels?

Sukeyuay: No dice.

Zerk: Pardon?

Sukeyuay: There was nothing out there but wild wasteland. Your “legendary Crystal Caverns” were just that, a myth.

Zerk: Surely you must have found something.

Prominent Figure #1: Or did you waste our time and not even go?

Sukeyuay: Past all that miasma was just a regular cave. I could give you a rock from there if you would like.

[Sukeyuay reaches into a pocket and tosses a rock from the caverns. Zerk catches it between two fingers and examines it.]

Sukeyuay: That’s pretty strong stuff there. I don’t know, maybe if you put enough pressure on it, you can compress it into that fancy gem you were looking forward to. After all a diamond is just pencil lead.

Zerk: Hm…I’ll look into that. If this truly was past the miasma then I suppose you two did prove yourselves. You must be exhausted after all that. Please, allow us to provide comfortable living quarters while we look into this matter to decide if you are better suited higher up.

[Sukeyuay and Ehay turn around and leave the room.]

Modaruk: It wasn’t a complete waste. I have word that they did take care of our fox problem on their trip.

* * *

[In a modest demon-style bedroom a door is opened. Sukeyuay starts to walk in.]

Ehay’s Voice: I’ll be back. I need to go check on something.

[Sukeyuay closes the door behind him. He looks over the room but finds the Mermaid sitting on one of the beds.]

Sukeyuay: [shocked] Whoa, hello.

Mermaid: Hey there big boy. Did you remember our promise?

Sukeyuay: Yeah, sorry about that. But it turns out they don’t exist.

[The Mermaid stands up and walks around Sukeyuay. Her eyes shimmer as she looks him up and down.]

Mermaid: I hate being disappointed. They must have been something that really caught your eye if you don’t want to share them with the council. You know I can’t help you if you don’t hold up your end of our deal.

Sukeyuay: Oh, too bad. I guess I’ll just have to figure things out on my own.

[The Mermaid walks to the door.]

Mermaid: [sly] There’s not much for you to figure out after you’ve been exposed.

[The Mermaid leaves. She walks down a few corridors, stopping at a shady corner.]

Mermaid: [under breath] They don’t have the crystals.

[Modaruk’s shady figure is visible behind the Mermaid.]

Modaruk: So they are still susceptible. Were you able to discern their position on the issue of Zerka?

Mermaid: He wasn’t scared of exposure. Still, we may be able to completely persuade them to our side.

Modaruk: Yes. Like your job security with Zerk only goes so far, theirs will be quickly slipping too.

* * *

[Later in the demon-style bedroom, Sukeyuay and Ehay sit on the beds.]

Sukeyuay: We’ve been back for days and all it is is train, train, train!

Ehay: There appears to be a big planning meeting tomorrow.

Sukeyuay: Good. We should finally be able to get to the bottom of things around here.

[Rumakay slips in.]

Rumakay: I just had a little word with that mermaid-girl. Apparently Modaruk convinced her to join his side shortly after the two of you left.

Sukeyuay: Oh really, Modaruk seems to be gaining quite the alliance inside Zerka. How’d he win her over?

Rumakay: The only reason Zerka has her is to allure. But after their plans are in action, they will not have need of her since, relative to their ideals, she is weak. Modaruk offered her protection she did not care to refuse.

Ehay: So Zerka played her for a fool.

Sukeyuay: Did she know why Modaruk hasn’t given us any details?

Rumakay: Modaruk wants us to see that his position is right.

Sukeyuay: And what exactly is his position?

Rumakay: Contrary to Zerka’s. Both are seeking perfection, but their ideals vary. Zerka sees might makes right, while Modaruk’s group frowns upon actions that hurt others. He thought that instead of forcing us to his side, if we saw the wrong in Zerka ourselves we would be more willing to help him. Modaruk pretends to be on Zerka’s side, but his clan is planning revenge by exterminating the whole organization.

Sukeyuay: Well, that is a choice…I don’t know if I like the sound of either of those plans.

[There is a knock at the door. Modaruk lets himself in.]

Modaruk: Oh good, you are all together. I believe there is something for us to discuss…


[Modaruk stands in front of Sukeyuay, Ehay, and Rumakay in the demon-style bedroom.]

Modaruk: The decision to promote you does not seem favorable with the council at this time. Even so, I’m sure by now you have witnessed enough to understand that they have to be stopped.

Sukeyuay: They might not be the only ones.

Modaruk: Word has it, that the way was already paved for you at the caverns. If the other higher ups knew about that, they would instantly label you frauds and execute you. Don’t tell me you’ll support them when you’re in such a predicament.

Sukeyuay: So how do you expect to stop Zerka?

Modaruk: Tomorrow my brother, Sotaruk, will lead the attack during the order’s meeting. By then, they will have freed Draconta, who rightfully belongs to us. And with us on the inside, we will catch Zerka off guard.

Ehay: So you plan to destroy them all.

Modaruk: Exactly. If they live, they will only go on to kill others. They plan for of them to win the next Demon World Tournament to gain Zerka’s control of this world. Then they will exterminate all the weak demons here and use the rest to march on the Human World and take it over. Mass deaths will result which will flood Spirit World, causing them to be busy with their own task and quite prone to assaults. Zerk will dethrone King Yama and rule all three worlds. Of course his followers only know that they need to be strong to make Demon World how they each individually envision it. You can’t possibly agree with these tactics.

Rumakay: True, but are your intentions honorable?

Modaruk: I find them honorable to save the greater whole.

Rumakay: There must be a better solution than mass slaughter.

Modaruk: These fighters have been trained to kill until killed. They will not change.

Sukeyuay: And Zerk?

Modaruk: Has an unwavering desire for ultimate power. I have tried reasoning with him and the rest of the council, but they do not respond. I had continued even though it put my position at jeopardy. Their plans remain the same.

Sukeyuay: I suppose we could help you on this, but something still bugs me.

Modaruk: And what is that.

Sukeyuay: You said Draconta belongs to you? How come Zerka has it?

Modaruk: Fair question. I am from the Dragon Clan. [complimentary flashback images] Draconta was like a God to us with its power and resources. It had taught us many of it’s secrets. It provided for us and we respected it almost to the point of worship. While Zerk was forming the order of Zerka, they had raided us. Compared to them, we were weak. We lost. They killed all of us, except for our strongest. I was included. They offered us to join them, but we refused…except for myself. It had appeared that I had turned traitor to my clan while the others perished. What Zerk didn’t know is that many of the clan secretly survived. We have been training not only for revenge, but to prohibit such actions from happening in the future towards others. [end flashback images]

Sukeyuay: Well thank you for finally informing us! You couldn’t have just told us before we tracked all over Demon World for some non-existing treasure! You couldn’t have planned the attack before sending us on some stupid goose chase.

Modaruk: I’ll admit I had hoped you to bring crystals back for the Clan’s use. Nonetheless, I wanted you to form an unbiased opinion of the situation before presenting my case.

Rumakay: Why choose us for help?

Modaruk: You are all powerful. You rapidly increased your strength in the past. As expected, you all did so now. Each of your energy levels has easily surpassed 500K. Draconta and the Clan should be able to take care of the bulk of Zerka, but I need you guys to help me with the higher ups. I’ll be counting on you to annihilate the other leaders while I deal with Zerk. I believe you can handle that much since you managed to take care of the pack of fox demons.

Rumakay: [gasp then apprehensive] How did you know about the foxes?

Modaruk: Zerk’s been trying to get rid of them for some time since they refused to aid him. Going as far as to track them to keep them from interfering with his plans and to dispose of them at a time of weakness. And with Kurama around the timing seemed too perfect to achieve both goals in one move. [sigh] I guess you really can’t kill two birds with one stone.

[Sukeyuay raises, grabs Modaruk, and shakes him.]

Sukeyuay: So you knowingly sent us to kill Kurama’s siblings? And you expect us to help you after that?

Modaruk: Now don’t confuse what I did with Zerka. I may have been in tabs with the tracker, but keep in mind that it was Zerk’s intention for you to dispose of the foxes.

[Sukeyuay lets go of Modaruk and turns. The shadow of his brow covers his eyes.]

Sukeyuay: So they won’t continue to hurt people?

Modaruk: Precisely.

* * *

[Around the sleeping mountain of Draconta, a red skinned, yellow-orange haired demon lurks. He looks similar to Modaruk in shape and bares a similar dragon tattoo that ranges from one arm, around his neck, and up the opposite side of his face. Reaching one of Draconta’s heads, he pats the chin as high as he can reach with his hand that his tattoo is on. He sets his opposite cheek on Draconta and the tattoo glows softly. The dragon lets out a purring roar and lifts it’s other head to look.]

Demon: Don’t fear Draconta, it is your faithful son, Sotaruk. The time is come to free you and avenge the clan.

[Draconta shrinks to the form and size of a two headed komodo dragon.]

Draconta : [both heads speaking simultaneously] Thank you, my son. I am glad to see you are well.

Sotaruk: Fortunately, through wisdom you had bestowed upon us; a great deal of us had survived.

Draconta: Splendid. That nasty Zerk would not come within five hundred feet of me knowing I would tear him apart.

Sotaruk: You will get your chance soon enough. The barrier is almost broken.

Draconta: Then let us be on our way.

[Sotaruk mounts Draconta. Draconta slinks towards Zerka’s headquarters.]

* * *

[Zerk is addressing the members of Zerka. Sukeyuay sits by Gavarian, Ehay between Marduk and Ossaplam, and Rumakay behind Risho.]

Zerk: It is our duty to perfect the world. We are the strong. Those who are weaker cannot carry the burden needed to create Utopia. True, it is hard work, but it will be worth it. Do not let them hold us back. The time has come for us to spread the word that change is upon us. All those potentially worthy to survive must join our cause or…

[Zerk is cut off by a loud rumble as the room shakes. The ceiling slides off, causing debris to fall. Above, Draconta loops in the air. Swooping down, many Dragon Clan members jump off into the mass of Zerka, triggering chaos. Sukeyuay, Ehay, and Rumakay run up to the front while dropping their disguises. As Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama they attack the prominent figures. Zerk powers up a fist while glaring at Draconta but Modaruk jumps him from behind. Zerk turns and counters Modaruk’s second attack.]

Zerk: So now you finally show your true intentions.

[Modaruk continues to throw punches at Zerk which are all blocked.]

Modaruk: You really believed I’d be happy to work under you after you slaughtered my people? Your destruction ends now by your own destruction!

[Modaruk puts his hands together and pushes out an energy blast towards Zerk. Zerk lifts his left hand and an air current shoots out that fizzles the energy blast.]

Zerk: Why do you start with such trivial attacks when you know my strength is above them? If you’re serious, then we should stop wasting time and fight at full power.

[Zerk attacks with water streaming out of his hand, blowing Modaruk back. Kurama stands in front of one of the prominent figures, brandishing his rose whip.]

Kurama: I’ll give you one warning. Renounce this operation of domination or perish.

Prominent Figure #1: Heh. We’ve come too far to give up because of rogues like you.

[Kurama lashes his whip but the prominent figure jumps over Kurama while simultaneously flinging ice blades at Kurama. Hiei clashes his katana with another prominent figure’s ivory club.]

Prominent Figure #2: Shiny little sword, but it will prove no use to you. I laugh to think you’re using it against my dragon molar!

Hiei: [growls] We’ll see who’ll be laughing.

[The prominent figure pushes Hiei back with his club and swings, knocking Hiei’s katana out of his hands. Yusuke punches and blocks against the other prominent figure.]

Prominent Figure #3: Are you sure you’re fighting on the right side? If you join us then you could have a bright future ahead of you.

Yusuke: Yeah, I’ve been listening to what you guys have to say. So if I beat you, then obviously you are too weak and don’t deserve to survive? I can go with that.

Prominent Figure #3: If that is your choice, then I won’t go easy on you.

[Yusuke throws a punch to the prominent figure’s face, which the prominent figure slips around and chops Yusuke’s neck from behind. Throughout the hall, Zerka members battle against the members of the Dragon Clan. Different elemental and dragon-based attacks rage inside the struggle. Draconta swirls around in the air with Sotaruk riding on one head and the Mermaid riding on the other. Ominous sickly green clouds cumulate around Draconta’s path. Thunder rumbles as the overhead threat gathers and grows. A distinctive lighting bolt crashes against the sky. Zerk eyes the flash then smirks towards Modaruk, brushing aside another one of his attacks.]

Zerk: I see you released the beast you revere so much.

[Modaruk powers up his fist for an explosive punch.]

Modaruk: You had no right to cage Draconta in that barrier. Now your destruction is eminent.

[While Modaruk throws his punch, Zerk shoots out an energy wave that forces him back.]

Zerk: You may want to avenge your clan, but you obviously forgot that day. How we conquered and captured your kind. That barrier also protected Draconta from me!

[Zerk swirls around and points two fingers in the air. A powerful blue lightning bolt shoots out and connects with Draconta. Draconta screeches and curls up, plummeting towards the battle.]

Modaruk: DRACONTA!

[Landing a short distance from the mêlée, the ground shakes, causing most of the fighters to loose their balance. After recovering, many of the fighters on the Dragon Clan’s side look up in shock and horror.]

Yusuke: NO!

“This is Kayko. I’m worried about Yusuke. He has been gone for so long now. Off fighting, I know he enjoys it, but things are being neglected in his absence. So many enemies but there are friends to help along the way. Both the worst and most magnificent is yet to come. But will one solution only lead to another problem? Oh Yusuke! Please take care. Please be all right. And please don’t do anything stupid! I want you to come back to me, next time on YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

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Monday, August 18, 2008

   I'm greatful for children
...looking back on the last post, in case anyone is keeping record the breaks I was greatful for were the car breaks that kept me from dying (not the break from the net XD)

AND MYO STILL OWNS THEO!!! At least I got more comments here XD

Well before I forget (because really, soon I should have the rest of Saga 1 up, as soon as my editors get it back to me!) If you love to draw then CHECK OUT MY ART CONTEST XD I think I may submit a drawing of my friends so I get more than one entry lol. Seriously, you don't have to be good to enter, every contestant will get at least one prize, and if it doesn't get out of hand, I might even give them for stick figure drawings XD {probably should have some funny dialogue to make up for it if you opt stick figures though lol}

And yes...that was me on the video from last week's post >.>; and my 11 year old sister was recording with my digital camera (meant for pictures not really movies, but I'm resourceful)

Aw, I'm sorry CCR about your cons, this is a cool con that is Fri and Sat! no Sun which I am so happy about! ^_^

I got my rose whip done for Banzai and it's the coolest rose whip ever! HA!

This weeks announcement is I have the soundtrack for the upcoming release of Hiei in RainbowLand!

Hiei in RainbowLand

1. Brand New Day ~
Kage-Ichihashi; Refi-chan; CelestialSunberry; Codeblackhayate; Mystical Pyro Freak; JellybeanQueen2; TinyTim
2. Hiei's Theme Song ~
Kaworu the Prophet
3. Rainbow Brite Theme Song ~
Kage-Ichihashi; JellybeanQueen2; Refi-chan
4. Unbalanced Kiss ~
Kage-Ichihashi; TinyTim; CelestialSunberry
5. Wild Wind ~
Kaworu the Prophet & Refi-chan
6. Brand New Day REPRISE ~
Kaworu the Prophet; Refi-chan; MetaPaladin;
Kage-Ichihashi; Codeblackhayate; TinyTim; Mystical Pyro Freak; JellybeanQueen2; Celestial Sunberry
7. Taiyou ga Mata Kagayaku Toki ~
Codeblackhayate; JellybeanQueen2
8. Rainbow Brite and Me ~
TinyTim; Refi-chan; Kage-Ichihashi

Karaokes for Rainbow Brite and Me & Brand New Day arranged by Refi-chan
English lyrics for Hiei's Image Song and Wild Wind by Refi-chan

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

   I'm greatful for breaks
Yes I made it back safely, a couple of times I almost died on my way back, and then I was deathly ill. So today it's been nothing but catch up ToT soooooo busy. Sorry you'll have to wait a bit for more YYH Beyond! I know there's just two episodes left...but oh wow I'm excited for Banzaii, I'm going to have the coolest cosplay (in my personal opinion, it's probably not 'cool' enough to win prizes because I know others go even more ALL OUT than I am) for the masqurade!

Who Is Your Ouran Host Date?
Who Is Your Ouran Host Date?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime and Fandom

XD yay my fav host club guy...just cuz he's 'smart' XD
TheO doesn't have quiz manager like we do here on MyO! I never really noticed it...oh and for those keeping track of the new quizes, that sanity one...my sanity is HIGH. o.O The quiz obviously didn't read any of my wacky crossovers!

Well, Here's a little advertisement for the RadioPlay of Hiei in RainbowLand coming up so enjoy!

if anyone has read this yet XD I'll have to remember to mention this again next time...BUT


You can read the rules here if you are an artist and interested, or even if you are not an artist ^^

...oh, I did mention it last time ^^ never mind, we're good...

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

   I'm greatful to be able to express through acting

Refi: Sorry to my subscribers from TheO, I'm going to be leaving out of town for half a month so I'm doing a ton of 'updates' today XD HAHA

So, you ask why I'm feeling so cool right now?

ONE~ The thought of cosplaying/acting like Misako Kurata for an Anime Dating Game at a convention XD
TWO~ Same convention is having an AMV contest ACK o.O I don't know which one of mine to pick for submission!
THREE~ Just did one of my scouted roles, this was a rich older lady...XD and I had a lot of fun with her!!!
FOUR~ My SLAYERS lines are coming in for mixing
FIVE~ I got some stuff for Hiei in RainbowLand! Ok, so this music vid is all YYH part of the story, BUT I got to sing Kurama, Hiei sounds cool, and we got a musical number and AMV done!!! I LOVE my English translation of it (is that bad of me???)

...yeah o.O I feel like I'm putting out more AMVs than Post here on MyO...at least I've provided an AMV every post since VV came around.

I finished writing the first saga of YYHB! so you can expect the concluding episodes shortly after I return! AND with that, I'm holding an ART CONTEST for complimentary pictures to the first saga (and artists, be sure to check out the prizes because every entrant gets one!). After the episodes are all posted, I'll put them together in one post on TheO to submit for fanwords, kind of like a nice "box set" as it were ^_^ I hope to get more interest in the series when that happens since there seems to be a lot of YYH fans on the portal craving more YYH goodness but can't seem to find it.

In today's episode, I included a little poll on the readers' favorite fights~getting the idea from the manga where it announced the results of peoples fav fights (I think Kurama vs Karasu won) so FYI on that! Oh, as well as a bit of original music for the series!

YYH Beyond: Episode 12 : HEART OF THE CAVERN
{Previously: Last time Yusuke stumbled onto the trail of Kurama’s siblings going into the Crystal Caverns. He and Hiei ran into the foxes just as they had solidified their path to the legendary Ziberian Crystals. Remayolo ordered Yoko Kurama to take out his friends, but Kurama overcame his brother’s control. A fight ensued where Hiei took out Osuko and Yusuke beat Yokira…but now Endoya, Okiya, and Remayolo are well rested and ready to avenge their fallen siblings.}

[In the Crystal Caverns, Kurama in his human form faces Remayolo, both ready to spring.]

Remayolo: You really don’t plan to face me in that pathetic human crust.

Kurama: Don’t grow over confident, brother. You may regret it.

[Kurama pulls out a rose from his hair.]

Remayolo: I’ll believe it when it happens.

Kurama: Very well. ROSE WHIP!

[Kurama snaps his whip at Remayolo.]


[Remayolo swings his arm, sending off sharp dagger-like claws that shred Kurama’s whip. He runs to Kurama and jumps, kneeing Kurama in the face and sending him back. As they fight on, Endoya circles around Hiei.]

Endoya: That was quite the show you put on with my brother, little one. Such passion. In the short time I’ve known you, I’ve come to admire your spirit.

Hiei: Hn. Too bad I can’t say the same about you.

Endoya: Then let me show you my own ardor; perhaps it could extinguish that little flame of yours. DRAGON SERPENT!

[Endoya lets out a mass of water that coils around Hiei like a snake. Okiya pulls Yusuke through the air, away from the other fights.]

Okiya: I’ll only inform you of this because I’m nice. But when a force is in motion, it will stay in motion unless a greater force stops it…like THIS!

[She stops and turns to punch Yusuke’s gut while he is still in motion. As she draws back for another hit, Yusuke swings his legs under and kicks her, sending them both flying away into opposite walls of the cavern. Concurrently, Remayolo knocks Kurama back with another attack.]

Remayolo: You cannot fathom all of my abilities. My power is limitless next to yours, brother; especially since you have forsaken your heritage!

Kurama: [straining up] It is not my heritage that has been forsaken! Just my role as your mindless puppet!

[Kurama charges Remayolo while vines form a sword around his arm while Endoya’s Water Serpent continues to squeeze Hiei.]

Endoya: Feeling stifled yet? Perhaps I should leave you contorted like you left my brother.

[The Water Serpent wraps an extra loop around Hiei’s neck and runs up the side of his face, starting to force his head to turn to the extreme right. Hiei resists. Endoya chuckles and merges with her Water Serpent. The darkened section of her form in the serpent slides up and around Hiei. Her hand materializes by his cheek, using extra force to twist his neck. Her face emerges by his opposite ear.]

Endoya: [alluring] Come now. Relax. Give in.

Hiei: NEVER!

[Hiei manages to bring his arm up through the coils and grab Endoya’s pressing hand. He pulls it away and swings his head back. The force of the serpent loosens enough for Hiei wheedle his way out of it’s bind. The head of the serpent chases after Hiei. He jumps from it’s snapping mouth. After a jump, he lands on his hilt and melted blade, causing him to slip. He shoves off of it and raises the cooled metal as a shield against the serpent. The serpent snaps, getting the metal plate stuck in it’s jaw.]


[Hiei pounds the metal plate with a fiery fist. The Water Serpent recoils.]

Hiei: I beat your brother and I can beat you!

[Endoya retracts her Water Serpent.]

Endoya: The problem with Osuko is he did not even get a chance to try out his new ability. Perhaps that is why he lost. I will not make that same mistake.

[Liquid circles from the ground, surrounding Hiei in a sphere. The fluid continues to fill in closer to Hiei. It burns as it touches his skin. Endoya walks around the sphere.]

Endoya: Ironic that something like water will burn you where fire does not.

[Hiei screams in agony while floating inside the ball.]

Endoya: You may have noticed the barrier of ice on your way in, now you know why it was so threatening!

[Yusuke and Okiya share punches in the air, neither making any progress.]

Okiya: I think it’s time I clipped your wings! AIR CONDENSE!

Yusuke: What? WHOA!

[Yusuke is forced plummeting into the ground. He strains to get up but fails.]

Okiya: Didn’t know air could be so heavy did you? You can’t see it, but I can manipulate the particles to hold together and force you down.

Yusuke: Heh. I’ll have to remember that one.

Okiya: Foolish amateur. What’s to remember after you are crushed? [laughs] Can your pride handle it? The thought of being crushed by nothing but air?

[Yokira’s hand flinches, which Remayolo spots out of the corner of his eye. He lets Kurama gain ground as he backs up to Yokira.]

Remayolo: You are not aware of the extent of my abilities. Shall I show you more?

[Suddenly Yokira springs up, grabbing Kurama’s wrist and planting him against a wall. The earth surrounds him, locking Kurama into the wall with only his head free.]

Kurama: Yokira!

Remayolo & Yokira: It will be fun peeling your stinking human flesh off…where should I start?

Kurama: Yokira! Stop! You must fight it! You have a choice! You don’t have to do this! Take control.

Remayolo & Yokira: [laughing] A useless plea, she doesn’t want to stop. She really must be upset about you deserting us. I only willed her to handcuff you to the wall, and she completely submerged you!

[Kurama ceases his struggle with a strategic look on his face. Yokira pierces his forehead with a nail and very slowly cuts him down the side of his face.]

Kurama: Hm. It seems as though you are not aware of the extent of my abilities, nor my relationships. Why do you think Yokira and I got along so well?

Remayolo & Yokira: Because she took pity on you, runt.

Kurama: There’s more to it than that. Think of me as a seed and you, or rather Yokira’s subconscious, just planted me in rich soil. HAAAA!

[Kurama’s eyes light up as a massive plant explodes up from under Remayolo which completely desecrates him. Roots break up from under the ground, connecting to Kurama and releasing him from his imprisonment. Remayolo and Yokira both let out a scream as he dies and her body falls immobile.]

Kurama Voiceover: Yokira. You sacrificed yourself to protect me. Unfortunately I have not the skill to repair the damage done to you.

[Kurama pulls out herbs to dress his face, including a hunk of skin missing near his neck as he looks over to Yokira.]

Kurama: [quietly] Thank you my sister. Forgive me.

[Okiya steps up to Yusuke’s flat body.]

Okiya: My, what a strong body to withstand the pressure for so long. Perhaps I should speed things up?

[Yusuke clenches his fist and pounds the ground. His body lifts slightly but goes back down. Okiya kicks his side to turn him onto his back. She crouches down.]

Okiya: Honestly, do you think you can live without air? This whole fight I have been holding your life. I could simply vacuum all the clean air away from you. But why don’t I just infuse your lungs with that luscious miasma that was outside and sample how scrumptious you are at the same time?

[Caressing the side of his face, Okiya brings her mouth closer to Yusuke’s. He closes his eyes and manages to swing his arms around to punch the ground again. This time his eyes start glowing and Mazoku tattoos appear on his body. His phoenix formed energy emerges from behind him as he rises and Okiya is thrown back.]

Yusuke: [ticked off] Shut up! You’re just full of hot air!

Okiya: Oh I hope that wasn’t supposed to be a pun; otherwise I would have to be offended.

Yusuke: Well then take offense, ‘cause you’re going down!

[Yusuke powers up as his phoenix energy wraps around him and concentrates into his fist, Mazoku marks gone. He throws it at Okiya, who flies up into the air. Yusuke jumps after her.]

Okiya: You’ll have to catch me first! TEARING GALE!

[Okiya sends a gust of wind towards Yusuke.]


[A gust of wind rushes towards Yusuke, making him fly backwards. Slow-motion as he hits the wall, feet first, he bends his knees and rebounds slightly higher than the wind current. Reaching the ceiling, he twists to punch with his opposite hand, sending him back down towards Okiya, punching her head with his energy fist while her eyes are slowly catching up with his movements. The force pummels her to the ground, onto the stalagmites that Yokira had raised earlier. Between the spirit punch and the spikes, Okiya’s body is an unrecognizable mess on the ground. Yusuke lets out a sigh then flops down beside Kurama.]

Yusuke: Whew. I hope there won’t be any more obstacles in our way here.

Kurama: Don’t worry. We already handled everything by the time you caught up.

Yusuke: That last punch took everything I got.

Kurama: As did my attack. Everything both I and Yokira had together.

Yusuke: So before, that head brother of yours was controlling you; how were you able to break free?

Kurama: I could have easily given in, there was nothing to stop me, but I did not want the result of that choice. Before, Remayolo could only control me because I let him.

[Hiei is near passed out from the pain of the burning liquid. His clothes have begun to disintegrate in it. The bandage around his forehead breaks off and his Jagan opens. He is consumed by an intense flame that revives him and evaporates all the liquid around him. Freed, he rushes behind Endoya to grab her in a bind from behind.]

Hiei: Say your choice of death quickly or I’ll choose it for you.

Endoya: I really think it would be in your best interest if I stayed alive right now.

[Hiei releases a hand and it burns with the immortal flame in front of Endoya’s face.]

Hiei: Heated ice turns to water. Heated water evaporates. Try as you might, you can’t hurt me.

Endoya: [sweating yet confident] But you have released my powerful fluid into the air. And air is what you breathe. Kill me and there will be no one to stop it from entering you or your friends’ respiratory system. You felt what it did to your skin. Just imagine it rotting you from the inside out.

Hiei: I’ll take my chances.

[Hiei clenches Endoya’s throat with his fiery hand. He takes his other hand and clenches it as flames surround it and jabs it into her back. Endoya burns up then falls on her front. She turns her head to the side to get one last glimpse of Hiei.]

Endoya: Too bad we are in such unstable quarters; I could not fight to my full extent.

Hiei: If that were the case, you still would have lost. My dark dragon would have devoured your serpent.

[Endoya stops breathing. Hiei turns and walks over to the side of the tunnel leading towards the crystals.]

Hiei: [to Yusuke and Kurama] Let’s go.

[Kurama stands up. Yokira stirs and manages to raise her head; looking up at Yusuke and Kurama.]

Yokira: And so it ends.

[Kurama turns away from Yokira. Yusuke kneels down to look her in the eye.]

Yusuke: Your pack is destroyed. You are the only one left now.

Yokira: Very well, then hurry up and do it. Kill me.

Yusuke: No can do.

Yokira: You kill my siblings and just decide to leave me? Let me go and I will make sure you pay for their loss.

Yusuke: Honestly, I don’t think any of us have enough energy left to finish you off. Besides, You had the opportunity to kill me before, but spared me. Now call it some crazy code or whatever, but I think it’s only right for me to return the favor.

Yokira: Curse you! You weak-hearted fool! Next time I will kill you.

Yusuke: Now don’t thank me just yet…you’re in a pretty sorry condition right now. [stands up] But I have to say, should you live, if you ever cross me again, I won’t show you mercy. If next time comes [points hand in Spirit Gun position, touching her forehead] it will be for real.

[Yusuke walks towards Hiei. The two travel down the tunnel. Kurama briefly turns to glance at Yokira.]

Yokira: Brother! Please. Kill me.

Kurama: [pause, hidden sorrow] I will not.

[Kurama then follows Yusuke and Hiei. Yokira has flashback images of her and Yoko Kurama from their fox forms up to the present while she thinks.]

Yokira Voiceover: Yoko…Kurama…dear brother. Where has life led us? You have changed so much. This heart you have…the kindness you’ve shown me. Curse your kindness…how long I am to endure this pain…but I shall live…do you think that I will not come back to avenge our siblings? Why did you let me live? Why? I partook in your suffering…I delighted in tormenting you…yet…our bond. Ever since I found you in the human realm…you have shown me continual kindness…where did that kindness come from? How? How did you turn into a completely different person in so short a time? Is it possible for anyone to change? …Can even a wretch like me change? Can I become a new person like you? Heh, you’re a pesky little runt…but…the best teacher… [Fade out]

* * *

[Kurama catches up with Yusuke and Hiei in the tunnel.]

Yusuke: Welcome back. So, what about your sister?

Kurama: [downbeat] I can’t imagine Yokira will last for long in her condition. Remayolo was controlling her at the time. Taking him out like that for her was like removing the spinal chord. But she lent me the power to do so, even if it was solely meant for me to save myself. She intended to die.

[They reach the end of the tunnel with an archway into a grotto and cautiously walk in. The walls softly glow florescent blue. Looking around, the room is empty except for a sparkling piano in the center. The trio is taken aback from their find.]

Yusuke: That’s it? A piano? What about the crystals?

Hiei: They’re coalesced in the piano.

Yusuke: Well that will make things difficult.

~*~ Click here to hear "Kurama's Loss" ~ by Cassie ~*~

[Kurama walks up and sits on the bench. He lightly brushes some fingers over the keys. He plucks a note that resonates. He positions his fingers and plays a full chord that fills the room. He moves to a second chord, and then continues playing a sad tune that echoes down the caverns. Yokira is dragging herself, but stops to listen. She clenches her eyes shut and sighs through her teeth. A shadowy leg appears in front of her. Outside, across Demon World, Kurama’s tune carries on. Thunder sounds and clouds gather as rain cries from the skies. There is a ghosted layer of Kurama’s closed eyes and swaying while different sets of demons look up at the sky: Hokushin and the other monks; Mukuro; Kokou and Enki; Koto; Juri; and Yomi. The shot of Kurama solidifies as he finishes with a forlorn chord that vibrates to the very soul.]

Yusuke: Since when did you know how to play piano?

Kurama: Oh. My mother had me take lessons as a child. [rising] I forgot to ask why you two are here.

Yusuke: Well we’ve been investigating this demon club and they had us run a little errand to pick up these crystals.

Kurama: [reaffirming question] The Ziberian Crystals?

Hiei: [shocked] Ziberian?!

Yusuke: Huh, what?

Hiei: [just realizing Zerk’s goal] They’re legend to containing all the power that upholds Demon World.

Yusuke: [whistles, patting piano] Wow, they really aren’t your average gem at the store.

Kurama: This was what my brother was after.

Hiei: Apparently this is what Zerk is after as well.

Kurama: Knowing that, we should decide on what we are going to do about it.

Yusuke: Sorry. I forgot to bring my chisel; we’ll just have to take the whole piano.

Kurama: Really, Yusuke.

Yusuke: Just kidding. If these really are powerful, I’d say we should just keep them put. No telling what that mysterious bunch will do with them.

Hiei: So after all that. We go back empty handed?

Yusuke: Seems a shame.

Kurama: If anything, we can say we gained experience.

Yusuke: Hey, how many others do you think have come this far to the crystals?

Kurama: Considering Demon World is still in balance, I would say none except the powers that created the caverns; them or only those smart enough not to tamper with the delicate balance.

Yusuke: I can feel that balance just by that music you played. Besides, getting these for Zerk probably won’t get us what we want. I thought it was funny how they sent two of us and offered to reward both us where one of us could have done all the work but both come back with the prize.

Kurama: That is unusually bright for you Yusuke!

Yusuke: [offended] Hey!

Kurama: [sweatdrop] No, not like that. It’s okay, I’m proud. [explaining] You’re not blinded by greed of power that you could use the crystals for yourself.

Yusuke: Yeah, well, even if I could use them for good, Demon World’s balance would be upset, right? [walks back to the tunnel] Let’s go.

“Greetings from Botan! Well the search for the crystals is over. And thank goodness Demon World is still intact after that, otherwise that could prove troublesome for Spirit World. Still there is the matter of Zerka at hand. Will we finally find out what that lot is up too? Not to mention why Modaruk sought our boys’ help without explaining what is going on to us? Could he have his own ambitious campaign? Get ready to hear the big plan and what we’re going to do about it, next time on YYH Beyond!”



Which Crystal Cavern's battle was your favorite?

Yusuke vs. Yokira
Hiei vs Osuko
Kurama vs. Remayolo
Yusuke vs. Okiya
Hiei vs. Endoya

Oh, and for those who did not know about Kyle Hebert (VA for Gohan, Karasu, and many other anime characters) coming to TheO's chatroom, I asked him about his thoughts on Karasu turning super saiyan and gave him a dancing Karasu gif. It was a very interesting run-in. If anyone cares me to reiterate it more, I will ^_^ (another reason I feel cool!)

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

   I'm greatful for FOOD Glorious FOOD!
Heya's! Sorry this came out a bit later than expected, there were a few little bugs to work out because after writing the fight scenes...I had to end up making them fit within given episode timing >.>; But no worries, I'll put out episode 12 next week becuase that is done. And after finishing the editing process...THE FIRST SAGA {is practically} COMPLETE! I hope to submit the whole thing as a FanWords (kind of like a box set, cool huh? ~ I was going to put it on my Castle world, so as not to disrupt the flow on the Beyond! world, what say you on that?)

I finished all my cover group songs, now just have to wait for the mix. In one, we did Eye to Eye and I had Hiei's part. Since I already did Kurama's part I put them together on my own for fun. I thought it sounded pretty sweet...but it was missing Kuwabara's voice XD So I went ahead and recorded me doing Kuwabara, mixed the three together, and put them with the amv I had made before. So if you want to hear~here it is ^o^

Eye to Eye ~ da Refi Mix

I suppose I should also mention that a Canadian University is going to do a live radio broadcast of my Anime Christmas Carol that some of you may remember reading a few years ago! No royalties 'cause we could get sued for that, but still exciting (don't know if I'm allowed to mention this yet...but not that many people come by so hopefully that doesn't matter) that my writing is good enough for guys that don't know anime to enjoy it and tons of college kids (I'm presuming are anime fans) want to participate in it~even before reading the whole script! I'll keep you guys updated on that, it will be casted on misfitsaudio.com on December 13 (sat) 7pm EST. ...oh "and you didn't hear it from me" *hums innocently*

And now presenting FULL EPISODES OF YuYu Hakusho Beyond! ^o^ Enjoy!

{Previously: After Kurama’s extensive training with his siblings, they set out for the Crystal Caverns in hopes of attaining the legendary Ziberian Crystals. Yusuke and Hiei also began thier journey to the caverns. The foxes slowly yet surely made their way through the obstacles with much patience. Yusuke and Hiei found their path and followed in. But as the foxes near the core of the caverns, will Yusuke and Hiei be able to catch up to them before the fox pack claims the crystals for their own? And as they inevitably meet, how will their confrontation turn out?}

[Yoko Kurama and his siblings are surrounded by a maze of tunnels. Yokira shivers and laughs.]

Yokira: It’s like this soil is alive. The tunnels are constantly moving and changing. Oh, it tickles! [sly] These caves are tricky; none of them lead to the chamber with the crystals.

Remayolo: Then we’ll just have to solidify a straight course to the center.

Yokira: Even going straight, we’ll run into other traps, I better start from the end of the maze so it doesn’t move around trying to avoid us.

Osuko: Endoya and I could commence coagulating from this end after I get my energy back.

Remayolo: If you need more strength, I’m sure Little Yoko has some more helpful herbs.

[Remayolo raises an eye to Yoko Kurama who silently pulls out some herbs and holds them out to Osuko.]

Kurama Voiceover: This acquiescence must cease.

* * *

[Hiei and Yusuke pass through the ice barrier into the fire section.]

Yusuke: From freezing to frying, like we’re leftovers or something.

Hiei: Modaruk said the initiatory course would prepare us for the caverns.

Yusuke: Are you sure we can trust him? Right now it looks like he just wanted us to run some errands for him.

[Ghosted layer of the Mermaid whispering to Yusuke from Episode 10.]

Mermaid Voiceover: You have friends for enemies and enemies for friends.

Yusuke: Hey, do you know anything about these crystals we’re getting?

Hiei: sh.

[Voices from the foxes echo down the corridor.]

Okiya Distant: This is so exhilarating! I can hardly wait!

Remayolo Distant: Well done, siblings. Soon our efforts will be rewarded.

[Hiei sprints while Yusuke flies through the tunnel to find the owners of the voices. As they near, they slow down so as not to be detected.]

* * *

[Yokira rises from the ground and dusts off her hands while Osuko and Endoya get up from the wall they had their hands pressed against.]

Yokira: We have connected to the chamber. We can proceed now.

[A quick shot of Yusuke peaking around the corner.]

Remayolo: Yes. Very good. Let us claim our prize, siblings!

Okiya: Oh yes! [grabs Yoko Kurama’s arm] Come along, Little Yoko!

Yusuke Echo: Well, well, well! Looks like we’ve got some foxes in the hole.

Remayolo: [turning] Who’s there? Show yourself!

[Yusuke comes out from around the bend with a smirk on his face. Hiei discreetly follows as Yusuke approaches the fox pack.]

Yusuke: What? You mean you never heard of the Great Yusuke Urameshi?

Remayolo: [taunting] I’m sorry. Should I have?

Okiya: I believe this pest is one of our brother’s friends. According to rumors floating around he’s the descendent of the late King Raizen.

Remayolo: Puh. Raizen, that old fool.

Yokira: This twerp is a weakling compared to him. I wiped him out before with mere energy.

Yusuke: Hey! That was a cheap shot before! I didn’t know fingernails could have halitosis!

Yokira: Impudent little punk.

Hiei: Don’t forget I almost had you myself!

Yokira: [clenched fist] Little runt sneaking up on me…talk about cheap shots!

Remayolo: I see the situation now. They shouldn’t be any trouble for you to take care of…Yoko Kurama.

[Yoko Kurama steps forward to face Yusuke.]

Yusuke: Whoa! Hey Kurama, you’ve got to be kidding me!

Hiei: Tch. [lays hand of hilt of katana]

[Yoko Kurama slowly walks towards Yusuke and Hiei.]

Yusuke: “Take care of me?” Come on, I can take care of myself; I’m a big boy now!

[Yoko Kurama walks in silence, reaches Yusuke, then turns to stand beside him.]

Yoko Kurama: I still don’t think you can handle this by yourself. [smirks at Yusuke]

Yusuke: Kurama.

Yoko Kurama: I refuse to do your bidding anymore Remayolo.

Remayolo: You DARE oppose me? HAAAAAAAAA!

[Energy waves from Remayolo’s voice pick up Yoko Kurama and throw him against the wall, leaving him unconscious. Yusuke and Hiei run to check on him while the other foxes stand in shock.]

Yusuke: Kurama!

Remayolo: Yokira! Finish him off.

Yokira: Our own brother?

Remayolo: He has betrayed us. He no longer is any brother of ours.

Yokira: I can’t do that, [faces Yusuke] but I have no trouble beating up his friend.

Yusuke: Good, then we can settle the score from before.

Yokira: There is nothing to settle. You’re going to lose!

[Yokira sprints towards Yusuke with her fist extended.]

Yokira Voiceover: I am sorry, brother, but I will settle this after I kill this human. You will be avenged.

Remayolo: Osuko. How about you take care of the little man there?

Osuko: [cracks knuckles] Ok. If he bested Yokira, this should be interesting!

Hiei: [spits] Hn.

[Osuko takes a few steps forward and takes a stance facing Hiei. Hiei grabs his katana and holds it eye level, supported by his opposite wrist, pointing towards Osuko. At the same time, Yusuke leaps up, narrowly missing Yokira’s punch. She instead hits the ground, spewing rocks in every direction. Yusuke lands unharmed behind Yokira. Yokira stands and turns to face him with a smirk.]

Yokira: [snicker] Forgive my haste. That was in anger.

Yusuke: Angry at what? That I ruined your little family reunion?

Yokira: Heh. I suppose that too. But don’t worry, I’ll defeat you properly soon enough.

Yusuke: Don’t expect things to go as easy as last time.

[Yokira starts moving her hands up her sides, calling the earth to creep up her body.]

Yokira: You forget where you are… [sinister chuckle]

[With a dash, Yusuke appears in front of Yokira and deals her an uppercut that sends her crashing into the ceiling. Yokira falls with loosened rocks.]

Yusuke: And you forget I already know that trick. No way I’m letting you have time to armor up again!

Yokira: [growling] How cute, you really want a chance this time.

[Yokira uses her energy to levitate the surrounding loose rocks and sends them shooting towards Yusuke. Meanwhile Osuko and Hiei are staring each other down. Osuko smiles at Hiei and a wall of fire circles the two.]

Hiei: I take it you think you are a master of fire?

Osuko: I don’t think. I know.

[Osuko motions for Hiei to attack. Hiei doesn’t move. His eyes blink as two fireballs fly from the fire wall behind. Hiei spins and deflects the balls with his katana. Hiei spins again to deflect two more fireballs and stares intently at Osuko. Osuko releases a giant fireball from behind Hiei. Hiei dodges, letting the fireball hurl past Osuko and absorb back into the fire wall barrier. Hiei points menacingly at Osuko.]

Hiei: Fool. You could at least try to hit me.

Osuko: You think I was actually aiming to get you punk?

[A barrage of fireballs continuously fly towards Hiei. Hiei persists in dodging and deflecting the fireballs. After a while a hoard of fireballs shoot from the same area. Hiei twirls his katana like a baton, creating a shield against them. Osuko lets out a small grunt while a giant, blue fireball comes from behind. Hiei moves to dodge while still keeping his katana circling, but the blue fireball still manages to sear his ear and cheek.]

Osuko: [maniacally] You see, it doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll tire out eventually.

[Osuko laughs as he continues his blazing assault.]


[Yusuke runs towards Yokira, avoiding all her rocks.]

Yusuke: Stupid freakin’ nature. Throwing rocks only works if you’re trying to annoy me. This scene has already been played.

[Yokira throws arm out, sending another volley of rocks.]

Yokira: Are you implying something?

[Yusuke blows the rocks away and pops up in front of Yokira.]

Yusuke: Yeah, that you’re not serious about this fight.

[Yusuke swings a kick to Yokira’s waist, sending her across the cave until a wall stops her. She stands and flicks her thumb under her lip to remove some dirt then crouches with her arms behind her, hands dipped in the rubble.]

Yokira: If you’re anticipating an easy battle just because you are my brother’s friend, you are sorely mistaken! [sneer] You I intend to kill.

[Yokira pushes off towards Yusuke with fist encased in rock.]

Yusuke: You wouldn’t be the first.

[Yusuke dodges. Having anticipated him moving, she spins with her fists together where the rocks meld into a bigger stone that she crashes into Yusuke’s back.]

Yokira: But I will be the last!

[Yusuke skids face forward across the ground, ending up buried in debris. Yokira walks over.]

Yokira: See, you were no match…huh?

[Yusuke powers up, flinging the rocks away with his energy. He stands, dusts himself off, then turns to face Yokira.]

Yusuke: What was that suppose to be?

Yokira: What? [frustrated] Slippery little roach.

Yusuke: Heh. My teachers use to call me the same thing.

Yokira: Stop toying with me you little brat!

[Yokira irately charges towards Yusuke. Likewise Yusuke smiles as he rushes to meet her head on. Midst Osuko’s fire onslaught, Hiei weaves around his attacks. The attacks lull.]

Hiei: Is that all you can do?

[Osuko stops attacking.]

Osuko: You should speak, you haven’t done much yourself.

Hiei: I was waiting for you to finish showing off.

Osuko: Oh yeah? Here’s something to show you! ERAGH!

[Osuko releases an almost clear, white fireball. Hiei swings to deflect it, and holds it back from impact. He brings up his free arm to help his katana hold it back as the intense heat causes it to start melting.]

Hiei: You can dish out the heat, but can you take it?

[Hiei manages to push the fireball off in Osuko’s direction as the remainder of his katana melts into a puddle on the ground. Osuko reaches out a hand and catches the fireball. He shifts his arm into a holding position while the ball remains blazing in his hand. Hiei’s hilt hits the ground as he pries his charred fingers off of it.]

Osuko: Do you honestly think I would throw it around if I couldn’t? RIGOROUS FLAME!

[Osuko slams the fireball onto the ground, sending up forceful flames from under Hiei, engulfing him in white fire. Osuko turns in victory, letting his firewall die down. He gives a smile to his siblings. Hiei floats in the fire with a zoned out look.]

Hiei Voiceover: …something…burning…in my…pocket…

[Hiei manages to reach in his pocket. He pulls out the shiny stone he got from Zerka’s dragon. It emits a light that encompasses Hiei, absorbing all the power from the white flame. Behind Osuko, Hiei emerges from the pyre of fire completely in flames that heal his body.]

Endoya: Look behind you!

Osuko: Huh?

[Osuko turns to see Hiei walking towards him with a shiny stone levitating in his hand.]

Hiei: Your flames cannot hurt me. Rather, they have strengthened me. Now I will show you what it means to be a true master of fire!

[Hiei clenches a fist around the stone and sprints towards Osuko. He uses his other hand to punch Osuko in the gut. While Osuko bends over in pain, Hiei strikes the side of his face with the fiery fist holding his stone. The blow twists his neck around and throws his lifeless body to the side.]

Hiei: You were a fool to use all your energy in that last attack. That was your demise.

[Hiei lets out a breath then opens his palm to examine the stone.]

Hiei Voiceover: What kind of power does this have?

Okiya: That jerk! Look what he’s done to our brother! I’ll kill him!

Endoya: Cool it, sister. You back up Yokira, she’s not doing too well herself. I’ll take care of the little firecracker.

Okiya: [understanding] Hm. Right.

[Endoya walks up to Hiei. Sensing another fight coming on, he puts the stone back in his pocket. At this point, Yokira is continuously bringing up stalagmites, which Yusuke persistently dodges.]

Yokira: I can see your improvement from our last fight. Forgive my previous sloppiness of not finishing you off before. I was blinded in my eagerness to find my brother.

Yusuke: You don’t have to apologize to me about it.

[Yusuke runs towards Yokira. She slams her fists on the ground, causing a multitude of sharp rocky spikes to emerge all over the ground. Yusuke jumps to avoid.]

Yokira: [laughing] Good luck dodging them now; there is no where safe for you to land!

[Yokira looks up to see Yusuke still hasn’t come down. She raises her eyes to see him floating in the air.]

Yusuke: I’ll skip the landing then. Yeah, I’ve learned a new trick or two since before.

[With a growl, Yokira starts to armor up again. Yusuke swoops down with another punch, this time on her head, laying her flat. He grabs her by the tail and carries her up.]

Yusuke: You know I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner, but with no earth around you, you’re pretty helpless.

Yokira: ACK! Let go of my tail you punk! You think you’re pretty smart. HA!

[Yokira reaches her hand up and twist her wrist. A slab of rock from the ceiling plummets towards Yusuke. Yusuke grabs her extended wrist and flies out of the way of the boulder.]

Yusuke: Whoa. I take it back. You’re still dangerous! I guess that means I should finish it now.

[Yusuke starts spinning around, increasing in speed. He lets go of Yokira, propelling her towards where they had entered the area.]

Yusuke: SPIRIT GUN!!!

[Yokira is enclosed by the blast and falls limp to the ground. Yusuke lands beside her. He takes a deep breath. He notices the sound of breathing nearby. He turns to see Yoko Kurama starting to get up.]

Yusuke: Hey Kurama. Just take it easy, Hiei and I have things covered here.

Yoko Kurama: No. I need to aide in this battle.

Yusuke: You need to regain your strength.

Yoko Kurama: There is something that I must do before that.

Yusuke: And what’s that?

Remayolo: [cutting in] My puny brother seeks to rebel against my will. I cannot let that stand.

[Yusuke turns to see Remayolo standing behind. Yoko Kurama growls at him.]

Yusuke: I take it he’s the leader of the pack.

Remayolo: [slight chuckle] Come now, brother. Finish your friend off and you may yet be redeemed.

Yoko Kurama: I will not let you control me anymore!

Yusuke: Control you?

Yoko Kurama: Yes. As his power to control animals, if you show any inclination of instinct, he will manipulate that to his advantage.

Remayolo: [laughs] Yes. Show me some of your inner beast and I will take you over, little one. You could make quite the serviceable slave.

Yusuke: Oh yeah right! No one’s going to control me!

[Yoko Kurama steps in front of Yusuke and outstretches his arm to hold him back while glaring at Remayolo.]

Kurama: Let me handle this, Yusuke. This is a fight I must finish myself.

Yusuke: Right. But I’m here to back you up.

Okiya: [whispering behind Yusuke’s ear] Oh, Allow me to cut in.

Yusuke: [jumping] Ack! Creepy!

Remayolo: Good idea Okiya. Keep that twerp occupied. You could give this fledgling a lesson since he flies like a baby bird.

Okiya: Hm, my pleasure!

Yusuke: Oh I’ll give you a lesson, not to tick me off!

[Okiya giggles and grabs Yusuke’s arm and pulls him into the air while Remayolo’s gaze pierces into Yoko Kurama’s eyes. Yoko Kurama reverts back to his human form and takes a step to the side.]

Remayolo: You think you can defeat me like that? In your pathetic, weak, human form?

Kurama: [almost laughing] And wouldn’t it be all the more embarrassing if I did?

[Freeze frame of Kurama and Remayolo standing off, Endoya looming over Hiei, and Okiya pulling Yusuke in the air.]

“Koenma here to say, ‘Hot sweet petunias!’ Two of Kurama’s siblings are down for the count, but they still have three more! Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama will be in real pinches and have already used up a lot of their energy! The fox demons still have more tricks up their sleeves…and that goes for all of them! Somebody has got to make it to the Ziberian Crystals, but who will it be, and what other dangers have been snooping around? Find out next time here on YuYu Hakusho Beyond! because you know you don’t want to miss it!”

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

   I'm grateful for agency
Few more announcements for the hay of it XD

I'll be graduating from my cover groups by the end of the summer, but with my graduations I get to pick a few of the songs XD. In Beautiful Pathway (which we had our second single released {personal preference from time constraints, we did Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up in Japanese, and the very first line I sing sounds really good, so you can listen to at least that much~I sing the first mini phrase so it's right at the begining XD}) our Third is KissKiss from OHC and Eye to Eye (this time I sing Hiei's part...another reason for him to kill me lol) and the whole group will be singing Brand New Breeze from La Corda d'Oro (I'm soooo happy ^___^) and then for Wondering Dreams we're doing It's Gonna Rain from Kenshin and a group song from YYH, Mienai Mirai e which does not yet have a Music Vid for, so I just finished making that:

Scratch the Brand New Breeze for the group song...I just found out it's gonna be my solo o.O (superbly happy and scared at the same time)
***END EDIT***

And look forward to when I get a promo for Hiei in RainbowLand done...with a clip of Hiei singing ^___^ *drool* BUWAHAHAHA!

And since I'm not posting regularly, it seems silly to post the YYHB! episodes in halfs when I have full episodes done. So I have episodes 11 and 12 written out, so soon I will post those as full episodes!!! (perhaps in separate spaced out post tho lol)

Another exciting announcement, one of my old post finally made "FanWords" on TheO (>.>) I tried with a few, I guess they didn't like Ep 1 of YYHB! because it doesn't "stand on it's own" but what about Shaggy and Joey? That there was a good crossover fanfic! *sigh* Oh well, at least they saw merit in my How to Voice Act post. Now that we can have up to 5 pics in TheO's post, I may try to publish the Kurama Identity Crisis Documentary, but should I categorize it as "YYH" so more suscribers see it or "crossover" cause Yuki and Kenshin appear in it...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

   I'm greatful for editors!
What?!? Another update so soon? Well, yes. And what do you owe this special occasion? ^^ I feel like showing off! I just finished the AMV for Wild Wind, so here ya goes! And while I'm at it the rest of Episode 10 of YYHB! so I can put get it up on the Worlds.

Wonderful AMV for Wild Wind:
(me and another singing ~ low alto duo)

I'd like to take this time to give special thanks to my editors, Equus and Neko-san. And especially to Neko-san for the next upcoming episode with all the help on the fight scenes {hope that wasn't spoiler-ific for any out there who hate spoilers XD}

YYH Beyond: Episode 10 {second half}: THE CRYSTAL CAVERNS
{Previously: After intense training, Yoko Kurama and his siblings sought off to find the Crystal Caverns and the legendary Ziberian Crystals inside while Yusuke and Hiei were unknowingly being sent after the same thing. The foxes have just reached the barrier of miasma. Will Hiei and Yusuke find their journey as easy?}

[Sukeyuay and Ehay are saddling up a couple of griffins and de-poisoning the berries.]

Sukeyuay: Man! I thought I was done with that kind of training when I passed Grandma’s evil boot camp.

Ehay: I suppose you’d rather grow soft and weak. That would make a very disappointing challenge next time we fought.

Sukeyuay: Don’t worry, I still have enough edge for a fight against you to be interesting. Don’t tell me that’s the only reason you brought me along…just so I could improve my skills.

Ehay: Hn.

Sukeyuay: Ugh. With all the energy I’m putting into these berries, I’m wondering if it would take me less energy to just fly myself.

Ehay: Your energy will replenish during the flight this way. That will prove valuable once we reach the caverns.

Sukeyuay: Well, I think we got enough of their favorite treat, so let’s head off.

* * *

[The foxes are shielded from the miasma in front of a solid wall of ice. Endoya carefully liquefies the ice barrier. It gently drains back towards the woods. Okiya enthuses over the gaseous quality of the miasma from behind. The others wait around.]

Yokira: I don’t think Endoya has been so excited in centuries…finding a liquid that is so pure that the mere touch of it would leave a rash.

Yoko Kurama: Hm.

Osuko: Too bad if I burned a hole through this barrier, there would be spontaneous combustion that we would unlikely survive. [laugh]

Yokira: [observing Okiya] Even if the crystals that may be in the center of all of this turns out to be nothing but a myth, this escapade has already proven fruitful. I can’t wait until I get my hands on the earth inside.

Yoko Kurama: [to Remayolo] Brother. If these crystals do exist… [cut off from forced stopped breathing]

Remayolo: Do not worry about that now. Be grateful for this time we share as siblings. Even you and I have discovered new species that are beneficial to our abilities.

[Remayolo turns to oversee Endoya’s progress. Yoko Kurama resumes breathing.]

Kurama Voiceover: His end goal…what does he plan to do with those crystals? If they truly exist, what is his intention on getting them?

Yokira: [pounces on Yoko Kurama from behind] Yes, let’s be grateful for this time together. What? Are you afraid you’ll enjoy it?

Yoko Kurama: [glaring at Remayolo] No, it’s not that…

* * *

[Sukeyuay and Ehay fly high above a treacherous forest on the griffins.]

Sukeyuay: Hey! We’re almost to the caverns!

Ehay: Don’t let your guard down.

Sukeyuay: I can’t believe we haven’t really learned anything useful yet. Are you sure this isn’t just a demon-style frat club?

Ehay: You’re the fool who volunteered us for this chore.

Sukeyuay: Who’s worse? The fool or the fool who follows him?

[Sukeyuay stifles a laugh but is interrupted by branches shooting up around him and Ehay. The branches grab the griffins’ wings, causing them to fly around and upside-down. Sukeyuay and Ehay fall off. The griffins fly up to free themselves from the branches and fly back towards Zerka headquarters. Sukeyuay grabs Ehay’s wrist with one hand and his magic feather with the other in attempt to fly, but with the extra weight from Ehay they glide down through the canopy and land in the forest. Eyes shine from the dark brush surrounding them.]

Sukeyuay: No one’s watching now, right?

[Sukeyuay transforms back into Yusuke; then Ehay transforms back into Hiei.]

Yusuke: Whew! Back as a Stud! And feeling fine!

Hiei: We don’t have time to fight. We should avoid any unnecessary struggles.

* * *

[Past the ice obstruction, the foxes wait while Osuko and Yokira work on creating a bridge through a wall of molten rock.]

Remayolo: The last element took too long, but after this we should be to the terrain that Yokira felt present. Good thing we’re not in a hurry or anything.

Yoko Kurama: The month is… [cut off from forced stopped breathing]

Remayolo: Tut, tut. You act as though we’ve been here for weeks. You must have lost your sense of time since we arrived.

[Remayolo turns with a smirk, allowing Yoko Kurama to breathe again.]

Kurama Voiceover: You’re wrong. As sure as the cycle of the Earth’s moon, I have only a few more days. I won’t let you force me to stay. I can’t! I must stay alert. For you brother, seek to exploit me, then dispose me. But I will not fall for your trickery again!


[Six small fox spirits tussle in a den. The smallest one is pushed to the bottom of the group and can’t make his way up or out of the pile. His ears and tail are continuously nipped at. After a while, the other foxes run off except one. She licks the small fox’s cheek until he gets up on his paws. The two run in a different direction from where the others had left. They run through fields, digging holes, dropping seeds in, and then scurry through bushes. The small fox puts his paw on a dead bush, causing it to grow and yield a giant fruit. Just as he is about to enjoy the fruit, one of the other fox cubs approaches. The small fox stands stiff as the newcomer snatches the fruit for himself.]

Kurama Voiceover: Why does he have such power over me? I broke free once before, can I again?

[The small fox runs and runs.]

Kurama Voiceover: Search…I must search for the answer…

[Approaching a cliff, the small fox jumps but unexpectedly springs backwards instead of across the chasm. He runs to a river, but in attempt to cross it, swims backwards to where he began. He runs to a mountain range and starts climbing but ends up tumbling back down. Faces of the other foxes being happy appear in the background as the small fox continues to run in search of a escape. The laughing foxes grow and overpower the memories of the small fox until their happiness confounds all trace of running toward freedom.]


[Yoko Kurama clenches his fist. His teeth grit together as sweat trickles down his face.]

Kurama Voiceover: Has he acquired the very power to control my memories? Is it because of him that I am forgetting how I got away the first time? This can’t go on, this life without agency. But he won’t let me refuse.

Osuko: The vulcanization is complete.

[Yoko Kurama returns from his thoughts as he looks over to Osuko and Yokira. Remayolo crosses over to them.]

Remayolo: Excellent.

Osuko: Fascinating how these two barriers could stand so close to one another. The effort in construction proves there is something inside worth guarding!

[Yokira walks up to Yoko Kurama and kneels to face him.]

Yokira: Hey brother, I need some energy replenishing herbs.

* * *

[Yusuke and Hiei sprint through the forest, keeping their distance from pursuing beast and dodging attacks from the surrounding plants. When they seem to be in the clear, Yusuke looks back and trips. His arms take the brunt of the fall, and an elbow lands in a small stream of liquid that is trickling by.]

Yusuke: OW! [stands up and blows on his elbow] What the heck is that stuff?

[Hiei comes over to inspect the liquid.]

Hiei: It does not appear to be natural.

Yusuke: Well, I think it’s going to leave a rash!

Hiei: [pointing with sword] It’s coming from there.

[Hiei runs along the liquid towards the source. Yusuke follows.]

Yusuke: Hey! Did you hear what I said? [sigh] Tch, punk.

[Hiei and Yusuke cross a barren area away from the forest towards the portentous miasma. They look up as they are close enough to tell that is where the liquid is coming from. They are taken aback at the tunnel that greets their eyes.]

Yusuke: Well, well, it looks like someone’s already been here.

Hiei: [touching some lichen at the edge] That is rather suspicious.

Yusuke: It’s where we’re headed. Should we take it?

Hiei: [crumbling some lichen between his fingers] Yes.

Yusuke: Aw man, that means we did all that training torment for nothing.

[Yusuke and Hiei enter the bridge into the Crystal Caverns.]

“Hey it’s Yusuke! So that was awfully nice for someone to pave the way to the what’s-it-called crystals that we’re after…and I do mean awful! Who should we find ahead of us but Kurama and all his siblings! And they don’t look too happy to see us. But come on! There should be enough crystals to share so what’s the big deal? They’d rather duke it out, so I get my rematch against Yokira sooner than expected. But with the pack all together, whose side is Kurama on? Surely he wouldn’t fight us for the kill…or would he? Find out next time on YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

   Well, I can at least put another section up XD Oh, and I'm thankful my bro noticed how I'm always thankful in my headings XD I'm sure others notice too!
Haven't seen me around much lately? Yes yes I've been pretty busy, but the announcements are building up again, so I might as well get some of it off my chest here XD

Thank you all who attended the ball! Ended up nothing fancy ('cept for those of us with big imaginations ^.~) but it looked like all of us there had fun!

Beautiful work of art, an AMV for Eye to Eye:
(me and others singing ~ low alto trio)

Hiei in RainbowLand is underway and with the recent developments of converting it to audio...I can add the element of music! So now it will be a Musical and HIEI WILL SING! I even did some Eng translations to some YuYu Songs, I really like how Wild Wind turned out! I have a new talent ^_^ Well, it's all casted, I got the music ready, I'm just waiting for the voices to come in.

I'm deciding whether my next radioplay production should be Cartoon Cops Dating Service where Sally Sue tries to set up Kurama and Raven on a date (remember that fun story? o.O) or if now would be the time to start preparing for Christmas in doing An Anime Christmas: Year 1 where Hiei is Scrooge (I'm so mean to him XD) Then again, by the time I'm done with Hiei in RainbowLand, I wonder if I could have a decent script to go with my original radioplay I just had an idea for this past week...Any preferences on what you guys want to see/hear?

Snape's Diaries is now beginning to be released. I got to be Lily's best friend. It's only a small part in the first episode, but there will be more of me as the other 6 come along!

Oh yeah, and I don't think I ever mentioned how I'm a female lego version of Han Solo in a Star Wars thing, so you can hear me there too! There are 4 parts to the first episode and I'll be working on episode 2 soon as the director finishes the script.

I could go on with other VA works going on...but instead of boring you here, you can always check out my resume, I've been pretty good keeping that updated.

Now if the announcements weren't enough of a novel, here is the next part to YuYu Hakusho Beyond! ^_^ Yes, it's only episode 10 even though I have things planned out for 8 sagas...and I recently discovered a brilliant way to tie factors of the first 3 together, even though you guys don't get to learn about it until Saga IV! BUWAHAHAHA! *cough* ahem. Anyway, as I was saying, it may be another month before I post announcements again, but the more interest I hear on Beyond! the sooner I post the second half of the episode ^.~ after all it's already ready for release as well!

YYH Beyond: Episode 10 {first half}: THE CRYSTAL CAVERNS
{Previously: Kurama bent to the will of his siblings and has again donned the appearance of the notorious Yoko Kurama. Soon after, Remayolo revealed a plot to go after power-enabling treasure. Simultaneously, Yusuke and Hiei were offered to go on the same journey, but without the knowledge of the power the legendary Ziberian Crystals hold. Now is the time to prepare, but who will succeed?}

[The sun is setting on the shore where the Mermaid rescued Sukeyuay. Sukeyuay leans against a rock, waiting. Splashes are heard among the water, and then the Mermaid appears and sits on the shore. Sukeyuay walks over and crouches down beside her.]

Mermaid: So good of you to come.

Sukeyuay: You best appreciate it. It was hard enough to sneak away from that ‘special training’ they’re having me go through.

Mermaid: Then let’s get down to business. But first, drop the disguise?

Sukeyuay: What?

Mermaid: You wondered what treasure I acquired from Draconta. Well, with it I can see that you and your friend are fakes.

Sukeyuay: [miffed] Well, well, isn’t that something.

Mermaid: You are a lot cuter the other way. [reaches and strokes the side of Sukeyuay’s face] I’d prefer to drown and rescue the real you.

Sukeyuay: [sways Mermaid’s hand away] On second thought…I don’t need a rain check. [stands up] I saw your ‘real you’ once and it wasn’t pretty.

Mermaid: [rises on feet] Do you want me to expose you to the rest of Zerka?

Sukeyuay: Do you have any proof? As far as I see it, you could have some goons hiding out here waiting to see if I’d expose myself. [turns and begins to walk away] But you’re barking up the wrong tree; so that ain’t going to happen.

Mermaid: [grabs Sukeyuay from behind, whispers] You have friends for enemies and enemies for friends. I could help you distinguish who is who.

Sukeyuay: And just what side are you on?

Mermaid: Yours…all it takes is an alliance…sealed with a kiss.

[Teen Koenma, Botan, and George have been observing this meeting from behind a hill covered with fake bushes.]

George: Do you think he’ll accept?

Botan: He better not, Kayko would kill him!

Teen Koenma: But on the other hand, what is all this talk of friends and enemies?

Botan: To me, she sounds like an enemy herself!

Teen Koenma: Be quiet so I can listen!

Sukeyuay: [turned, looking down at the Mermaid] hmmm…Say! Do you like shiny things?

Mermaid: [perplexed] Shiny?

Sukeyuay: Yeah. When I’m done with the training, I’m going off on a little expedition for Zerk to bring back some shiny crystals. I’m bringing them back to show the council my great leadership skills, so obviously these aren’t your average gems at the store. [rubbing finger under nose] I could bring an extra one back for you. You don’t tell, I don’t tell, and you’ll help me distinguish. What do ya say? Sounds better than a dumb little ol’ kiss!

[The Mermaid bites thumb in calculating thought.]

Mermaid Voiceover: He couldn’t be referring to the Ziberian Crystals could he? The fool wouldn’t be giving them away so easily if he realized their power. But then again, he may be unfamiliar with the legends. This would be an interesting gamble to see if he could actually deliver…

Mermaid: em…All right. I’ll keep quiet for now, but I won’t help you until bring me one of those crystals!

[Behind the fake bushes, Teen Koenma, Botan, and George anime fall. They get back up.]

Botan: Well that’s one way to do it I guess.

Teen Koenma: But now we have to wait for Yusuke to get back to learn about the enemy’s friends!

George: What should we do in the meantime?

Teen Koenma: Ogre! I want you to go with Yusuke and Hiei and bring me back a crystal!

George: Huh?

Teen Koenma: [noble stance] Such a rare and precious gem would be most befitting for a mighty ruler of Spirit World! [waves crash behind]

[George and Botan sigh with a sweatdrop.]

* * *

[Yukina sweeps the porch of Genkai’s shrine. Kuwabara arrives.]

Kuwabara: Hey Yukina! How’s it goin’? [wink]

Yukina: Hello Kazuma.

Kuwabara: I…eh… [presents bouquet that was being held behind back] brought you some pretty flowers!

Yukina: [takes bouquet] Thank you, they’re lovely. I’ll go and put them in a vase. [leaves]

Soketsu: Hey Kuwabara.

Kuwabara: Oh hey Soketsu. What’s up?

Soketsu: This place makes a pretty sweet sanctuary, you know? A lot of the other demons here were about to start a little friendly tourney. You in?

Kuwabara: Well, with being a scholar right now and Urameshi gone, I don’t fight as much any more.

Chu: [walking up to join conversation] ‘Ere now. We’ll be ‘avin’ a rip-snorter of a brawl you don’t want to miss! See everyone fights everyone an’ the bloke with the most wins is the winner!

Soketsu: Kind of like training in actual combat, without the killing. Like Raizen junior said, “If you’re dead, then you can’t fight.”

Chu: Yeah, ya might even pick up a trick or two ta try out on Urameshi next you get the chance…that is if there’s anythin left of ‘im after I had my rounds!

Kuwabara: Well, if it’s just between friends, sure I’m in. I can spend a couple of days up here while school’s on break. [sees Yukina come back] Hey Yukina! I’ll be staying up here a bit while we have a little tournament, so you and I can also do some fun things while I’m here like play at the beach!

Chu: [nudging Kuwabara] Oh I see, ya just agreed so you could find an excuse to spend more time with the little missus!

[Chu and Soketsu laugh while Kuwabara blushes. Rinku appears behind Chu and hangs from his shoulder.]

Rinku: [to Chu] Don’t even try to hide the fact that Natsume still creams you! You’re only doing this because you want to get strong enough to beat her!

Chu: [reaches to hit Rinku on the head] Watch et bludger!

Kuwabara: [quietly] I’ll fight as well as play at the beach…

Yukina: I’m sure you’ll do fine, Kazuma.

Kuwabara: [dramatically] Don’t worry baby! [grabs Yukina’s hands] With you watching I’ll be sure to win this with the power of love shining through!

* * *

[Midori is at her apartment. She places some dishes in a cupboard and closes the door, revealing a hanging calendar with most of the days crossed off. She sighs. As she thinks, a ghosted layer of Yoko Kurama and his siblings running through a forest of living plants and ferocious animals fades on and continues through her monologue. In the ghosted layer, Yoko Kurama and Remayolo continually ward off the different plants and animals that threaten the fox pack with their plant and animal manipulating powers.]

Midori Voiceover: I can hardly wait to see you again, Suichi dear. Just a few more days until you return. It seems so long since you left. [reaches out to touch the calendar] You will be coming back, right? You said you would. I believe in you… [pulls hand back] but what if? You were a demon much longer than a human. What if you find it more comfortable to live there, the way you used to? [turns] No! [walks to the living room] I can’t think of that. I mustn’t. [walk slows down] But…what if something happens to you…where you can’t? [slumps into couch and stares at scrap booking material spread on the coffee table, a happy picture of her and Kurama on top the mess of photos] I must believe. I know you can do it and you’ll make the right choices… [picks up photo] but, what if? What if you don’t? Or if the right choice is for you to stay there? [sets photo to the side and picks up a few more photos] What if you never come back? [sees a picture of Genkai] What if you leave? [flips to see a picture of her as a young child with her parents] In the end, everyone leaves. [drops pictures as tears swell] Please…don’t leave me… [falls to laying position] I can’t do this on my own! [cries]

[In the ghosted layer, the fox siblings reach a clearing of the forest across from the portentous miasma which stretches high and wide. Midori fades away as the ghosted layer takes full visibility.]

Remayolo: Here we are, siblings, the legendary Crystal Caverns.

Yokira: With all the mist, how can you tell? [kneels, putting a hand to the ground]

Remayolo: A little birdie told me.

Yokira: [rises] This miasma has abolished the very earth it touches. A crater lies under that wall of mist, but there is land that hovers within. Considering it remains, either the miasma does not touch it, or it is made of near-invincible construction.

Remayolo: These are smart caverns. If any of us tried to go alone, with our abilities over a single element, the cave would spring traps to counter and destroy us individually in the process. However, working together—each using our powers at the appropriate time—will ensure our victory.

[Okiya blows at the miasma to test it. The air pressure dents it and ripples out. She nods to Remayolo. Yoko Kurama sticks a twig in the miasma, pulls it out, and examines the deterioration.]

Yoko Kurama: I can reinforce a bridge with lichen that compliments the composition of the miasma.

Remayolo: Very well. Okiya, Yokira.

[Okiya causes a tunnel to form in the miasma while Yokira extends the earth in the air tunnel and Yoko Kurama causes lichen to spread across the newly formed surface. The pack proceeds towards the caverns.]

Tune in later to see if Kurama and his sibling can survive the caverns. Not to mention Yusuke and Hiei will be there shortly themselves. It is probable they will run into each other, but what will happen if they do?

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

   I'm greatful for the priesthood
Sorry, there's been a lotta, lotta stuff going on and no I'm not going to talk about it so don't ask. Well this post is only for a select few announcements on-line wise since they have been building up.

I finished the vid of the YYH boys having each other's voices

And yay it had over 1,000 visits in the first couple of days it was up, it has over 2,000 now!
If you enjoy please check out CAST INFO to give credit where it's due

I realeased the songs of me and other girls singing the YYH groups songs ~ Eye to Eye and Wild Wind. I'm still working on the AMVs for them

In my Wondering Dreams Cover Group we had our first Gen 1 release.

In my Beautiful Pathway Studios, our group singles have been released

I'm holding auditions for Hiei in RainbowLand, doing a RadioPlay version of the beloved crossover tale. If you don't feel like digging through my archives to find it, you may read in on my Forum or at the CC Headquarters.

As for missing the ball, I put a post for it (sorry I wasn't able to make it extravagent, but if people attend and comment, it will be great!) on TheO so you all can attend with your dates!

Then check it out! I went to AnimeFest last year and was recorded by Quinton and Jeff's peeps for their Adventures in Anime special! It's finally coming out May 16th! PMing Jeff, he remembers me and thinks I'm in the first or second episode! YAY!!! ^o^

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

   I'm grateful for heat
Refi: Well first it was working on my online resume, doing lots of voice work, and then this week I had a few excursions in the real world o.O Imagine that! XD So I'll make this post brief! ^_^ I switched the site colors to something 'web safe' do you notice? Is it better or worse?

New Video --> YYH Meets Star Wars...learn who is Hiei's father!

Those songs I mentioned recording before? They've been released!
Wondering Dreams trainee debut (for however long it is still up, but I made it back in so there should be more in the future!) Jump is my fav of how all the songs turned out ~ If you only have time to listen to one, I recommend listening to that one!
~ Jump Meippai Dakishimete
~ Irropoi Jirettai
Beautiful Pathway Studios debut
~ ~Houki Boshi~ ~ YouTube

Soon I'll have a YYH clip with the voices rearranged! I was going to start auds for YYH Beyond! again...but I've been commissioned to re-make the opening song from the Rainbow Brite movie karaoke style...so I'm kind of in the mood to do a radioplay of Hiei in RainbowLand. What would you prefer to see first?

I got my edits back for YYH Beyond! episode 10 (but like said with the real world stuff, still contemplating on the changes) so my next post will have that!

~*~ Castle Ball April 25th!!! ~*~

Oh and for the ball, Destinyssweetman, You should ask Megumi and bring her ^_~ I don't mind if she's not from an anime ^^

Zakuro Rose: *Blush* Umm...I never had a date before, nor had I asked anyone out...*turns redder* Umm...P-Pinocchio, will you go to the ball with me?

Pinocchio: *blush* um, Yeah sure *nervously scratches cheek* it would be fun to go with you.

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