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Thursday, June 21, 2007

   If you can’t say something nice…
…although chances are those people won’t be visiting for this post anyway… {So don't worry, I'm in a really good mood right now anyway ^_~ since I just came back from doing something with my church}

Refi: Well, I’m having a YYH Marathon ^o^ right now while I’m wrestling with my Computer, trying to give it more space >.> Darn thing WORK ALREADY!!! So I’ll have more Kurama Raven stuff Friday, I know I left it off at one of my Famous Cliff Hangers last week, and Friday night (dated Saturday) just seems like a good time to have a story ^^ So until next time… *goes back to watching YYH and burning CDs*

Kurama Clone #2: Aren’t you going to join the party, Hiei?

Hiei Clone #3: Hn. That’s for fools. Why anyone would care to sit watching videos of ones self with a crazy fangirl that ridicules every mistake made throughout the duration of the clips is beyond me. >.>

Kurama Clone #2: Ah, so you admit that even you make mistakes? ^^

Hiei Clone #3: FOOL! I DON’T make mistakes, but she keeps thinking I do. And how do you stand it? Every time she sees you get hurt on the screen she ‘glomps’ you, insisting she’ll make you all better. You have already healed!

Kurama Clone #2: If you are jealous, we could find a fangirl to glomp you when you get hurt; there are plenty of them around.

Hiei Clone #3: >o< I am NOT jealous! And I don’t want anyone to touch me!

Kurama Clone #2: What if I invited Shy from Rainbow Land?

Hiei Clone #3: >.> Now that’s low. I said I don’t want anybody!

Kurama Clone #2: Then why are you blushing? ;)

Hiei Clone #3: >.> < -< ah…I’m not blushing.

Kurama Clone #2: And I could bring Raven too, you’re turning into the real Lady’s Man ^_~

Hiei Clone #3: SILENCE!!!

Refi: *shouting from other room* WOOT! Yoko’s BACK!!! DROOL ALERT!

Hiei Clone #3: >.> There’s the “No Sanity” zone.

Kurama Clone #2: ^^;;; She’s just getting into character for her next “brilliant crossover” sceme. Even though she still needs to finish the Cartoon Cops story and post the next episode of YYH Beyond!.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

   I LOVE the Rain!
Refi: Hello Peoples!!! So this past weekend my church had a regional Young Single Adult Conference and I went to the whole thing (well practically, I missed the variety show, but I heard that was really good too) and glad for it! So Friday night was a dance (and I’ve come to the conclusion that even though I love dancing, I don’t like dances, but when the live calypso band played, that was cool) Then on Saturday they had breakfast, workshops, lunch, more workshops (SO AWESOME!!!), videos, Friendly Frenzy, dinner, then the Variety show. Then on Sunday was church like usual than at night they had a fireside-which was also really good. So you may be wondering why I’m telling you all of this? Simply because it relates to my progress on getting into FUNimation!!! How? You wonder. Well I’ll tell you! I heard beforehand most people skip out on the Friendly Frenzy because it’s just forcing people to mingle, but I participated. And because of that, I found another Anime Fan in the region! We’re thinking of starting a club. And the way cool part is that she has a friend that ALREADY works for FUNi!!! So I hope to get some connections now to help me in ^_~ WOOT!

Equus: *prances in* I got great news! ^o^

Refi: Me too!

*they both whisper to each other than scream like little fangirls for each others happiness*

Refi: ^^; Oh right, we have an audience…

Equus: ^_____^ *waves*

Refi: Now you may be wondering why I invited Equus here.

Equus: Yep! ^_^

Refi: That is because over a year ago she volunteered to clone a very special character, and I had the banner done for some time too…but now I actually got it set up! So now thank’s to Equus’s sponsorship, we now have TOHRU clones!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Equus: Although it may be a while before they are received ^^

*both girls giggle*

Refi: Alrighty then, I’ll just end this with another youtube showing. This one is well done with lip sync-ing and hilarious. Created by OtakuSan from YouTube, here’s Yuki and Kyo in a musical duet!!!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

   Lookie see! I can post more often now!
Refi: True dat! {and you were probably thinking I was permanently resorting to shorter post, sorry, the stories are back!} Now that I have net access, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me on here! BUWAHAHAHAHA *crosses arms over chest* WAHAHAHAHAH! *ahem* So as promised, I finally will be posting the next part of KuramaXRaven…and your wait was worth it, I’ve made it so it is really good! Although…it may be in a not G-rated category like how I like to keep things on my site >.> < .<

Parental Warning: Rated D for Disturbing, some parts may be unsuitable for adults to watch due to scenes that may bring horrific memories back from childhood. Supervision may be required for those who are under the age of Alphabet Soup including but not limited to M&M, PDA, DTR, DL, VL, IF, NDS, QRS, etc.

Random audience member: *shouts out* YOU FORGOT XYZ!

Refi: *looks down then back up and shouts* Hey! I'm wearing drawstring sweatpants, I don't have a zipper! *back to normal* Well hopefully this goes over well ^^ In the meantime, I came across some noteworthy videos on YouTube. Now I’m not one to share, but if you’re comp is like mine, you can start loading it while reading then you can watch it when you’ve finished the story ^^ Today I will share a bonus clip from the new Tales of Symphonia OVA. Now this is only in Japanese, but if you are familiar w/ the game (and maybe even if you aren’t) this it’s worthwhile to watch! It’s just funny to see them animated and moving and responding like Teen Titans I LOVE IT! ^o^ Going on w/ other vids by the same user, I Watched he whole first episode!!! Anna appears in it! ^o^ (well, it’s just a silhouette, but still YAY!)

Narrator: Last time {technically five post ago} Kurama and Raven were discharged from their assignment, but despite that they continued to gather clues regarding the mystery. After searching the character Ditz’s home cartoon to no avail, they decided to check out Demon World here in Kurama’s home cartoon YuYu Hakusho due to what they were told by Ditz while he was impersonating Hiei. Their search lead them to the dreaded Tower of Terror where many demons from this and other cartoons have suspiciously been gathering. The miasma to the tower is thick, but Kurama and Raven will not let this deter them! But what will they find inside this hideous tower?

*Title with some unrelated pun shines on the screen to music*

*The actual episode starts out with Kurama and Raven crossing the terrain shielded from the surrounding miasma thanks to Raven’s power. They reach the out side of the Tower of Terror*

Raven: It doesn’t look like it’s hard to get in.

Kurama: If they need all sorts of demons, then they would have use of anyone who tries to get in, so defensive measures are unnecessary. It is rare for a human to tread this far into Demon World, so only Demon’s are likely to enter, which will serve their purpose, but if a human bychance wanders in…well…with all the demons inside, you can imagine that they all would at some time get hungry and the human would not last long.

Raven: *flatly* Lovely.

Kurama: Shall we enter as unsuspecting victims, or try thinking of a less expected means of entrance?

Raven: Well, if we can enter inconspicuously through the front door, there is no need to search another approach.

*They take a peek into the front entrance and see nobody about. They walk in and start down the corridor.*

Raven: *emotionless* Wow. This is really terrifying.

*Suddenly they hear a creak behind them and turn in shock to see the doors behind them close, trapping them inside. The complete darkness only last a moment for out of nowhere lights, colors, and marionettes surround them with plastered smiles*

Marionettes: It’s a world of laughter a world of tears. It’s a world of hope it’s a world of fears. There’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware, it’s a Small World After All!

Raven: I just had to say something.

*Kurama and Raven wince as they cover their ears*

Kurama: What is the meaning of all this?

Raven: I take it this is a means of torturing demons.

Marionettes: It’s a small world after all! It’s a small world after all! It’s a small world after all! It’s a small, small, world!!

Kurama: Quick we must think of a way out of here.

Raven: You can use your whip on them while I make them fly against one another.

Kurama: NO! I think they may be the original Disney figures used on the ride that toured all over; it would be a crime to harm them.

Raven: I don’t even want to know how you know all that…

Kurama: Besides, tampering by force may cause worse harm to us, after all many other demons entered and were unable to damage them.

Marionettes: There is just one moon and one golden sun, and the smile means friendship to everyone. Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide, It’s a Small World After ALL!!!

Kurama: This way! *grabs Raven’s wrist and runs straight ahead despite the ominous smiling faces, pulling her along* Jump!

*Kurama leaps into the air soon after giving Raven enough time to prepare herself as she jumps behind him. Kurama curls and flips in the air and Raven follows the movement so as not to twist her arm that Kurama has himself still attached too. They pass over the Marionettes only to find a carnival-like wall behind them, but Raven makes a black circle appear that they go through and both do another flip before landing. They rise and both use a free hand to push the hair away from their faces.*

Raven: You know, we could have just flown.

Kurama: But this way was more fun *hand slips down to hers and smiles*

Raven: *blush*

Sally Sue: *watching Kurama and Raven on a screen* WOOT WOOT! Victory! *pushes a tape button that starts playing Romeo and Juliet music and does a victory dance that has a completely different beat and mood* Somebodies owe M&M’s!!!

Bob: *walking by then backs up to stick head in through doorway* Hey, shouldn’t you be assigning “real spies” to figure out why your “fake case” turned real?

Sally Sue: But Kurama and Raven are persuing the “fake case” against my orders, I’m sure they’ll be able to uncover what is really going on, and look! My original plan is still working reguardless! *hits replay* They just held hands! We get M&Ms now!

Bob: I don’t think those rules you set up with your roommates carry over to cartoons. >.> Besides you should be more concerned about Ditz being on the loose than candy.

Sally Sue: I am concerned about Ditz, and I’m watching them find the answers for me so I can put things back the way they go! *resumes victory dance*

Bob: *sigh* There is just no reasoning with you…

*Zoom in on the screen Sally Sue was watching to return to:*
*Quick as Kurama’s hand slipped down to hold Raven’s, it continued to slip as he turns and walks down the corridor.*

Raven: Wait!

Kurama: *turns back* Yes?

Raven: Uh… *cheeks turn red as averting eyes* (thinking: I kind of want to kiss him right now…What am I doing? His hand just brushed against mine, he wasn’t trying to hold it. But then again there was back at the parlor where his friend called me his girlfriend, but that was really Ditz in disguise, but he said that he mimicked him well, so the thought isn’t completely bizarre. I mean it really wouldn’t have been any trouble for me to fly, so was he just looking for an excuse to touch me and that was why it was more fun? Or did he just forget I could levitate? Why am I even stressing over this?! I’m just over-analyzing the situation. I’m looking too deep into this. I need to get control over my emotions and not let them rule me.) *looks straight at Kurama and states* I need to meditate.

Kurama: Um, okay. *lets Raven go off to a dark secluded corner* (thinking: Did I offend her by grabbing her wrist? I guess I’m moving too fast.)

Raven: *off in own little corner* Azeroth Metrion Zinthos. Azeroth Metrion Zinthos. Azeroth Metrion Zinthos.

*Hours pass until Raven comes back to where Kurama has been waiting, leaning against the wall*

Kurama: Welcome back.

Raven: I am ready to proceed now.

Kurama: While waiting, I did some scouring through my grape vines *holds up a gnarly twig* and found some things.

Raven: Like where Ditz is and what he is doing here?

Kurama: Not exactly, but I have been able to pinpoint the location of Hiei. Apparently he is being held captive, this way. *signals direction and starts walking, following a vine*

Raven: (thinking: I suppose before that was nothing after all) *follows Kurama*

Kurama: Perhaps when this is all done we can go to a café or something together. Have a cup of herbal tea, share some poetry?

Raven: *petite smile* That sounds nice. As long as your poetry isn’t “Roses are red, vi…” *giggle*

Kurama: *chuckle* “Raven is sweet?” *pause*

Raven: *blush* “And so are you.”

Kurama: *Smiles* Then you can recite Poe’s Raven? “Nevermore?”

Raven: I do have others I could share.

Kurama: As do I... *comes to where vine is emerging from the ground* Hiei is in the room right below us.

*Raven nods and makes a black hole appear underneath her and slowly descends into the room below where music and Hiei’s screams become apparent*



*Raven lands in front of Hiei who is chained at the wrist and wriggling to break free and cover his ears. Raven surrounds them in a black sphere to drown out the noise and colors. Relieved, Hiei breathes heavily with his head hung. Raven envelopes the chains with her power and causes them to break off. Hiei falls down to the ground in a curl.*

Raven:*monotone voice* It’s okay now. Kurama and I have come to get you out of here.

Hiei: *looks up at Raven* Kurama? Where is he?

Raven: He’s up above waiting for us.

Hiei: *stands up alertly* FOOL! You’ve left him in a trap!

Yusuke: *narrating while clips of the next episode flash across the screen* Hey have you guys all missed me? Sure Hiei gets to pop up and spoil Kurama’s date but what about me? I’m the star of the cartoon that they’re in right now! And I don’t even get a stupid cameo! Puh. So we found the real Hiei, but now Kurama is in danger? Well, as long as there’s no more of those freaky puppets. The next episode should be more appropriate for adults to watch, so tune in Next Time! And tell Sally Sue to have me join in on their mission!

Bonus Feature:
I submitted fanarts! I know that happens once in a blue moon, well there was a blue moon last month so I figured it was time. My friend drew them and I colored them ^^ Enjoy!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

   DDR has FRECKLES!!!
Refi: Yay! I love Kenshin! ^o^

Kenshin: Oro? O.O

Refi: Well well well…with the title for last post, it’s a true fact! Look it up on Wikipedia, the VA for Sango also plays Barbie in all those new computer animated movies of her! Now the real funny/disturbing part about that is that Miroku’s VA also does the Nutcracker Prince in the Barbie Nutcracker Suite movie! Lol *rolls on floor laughing* *imagines Prince charming asking Miroku’s infamous question* o.O *gulp* That’s just sick and wrong! >o< Well anyway, going on that theory of doing anime AND children’s stuff was what I was referring to in my last post’s title. Now leaving that sidenote and approaching a new tangent, I’m glad you all paid heed to the title at least, last time I put up an intresting trival fact no one said anything (It’s the one I said, “Imagine Hiei as your principal”) which if you followed my link to the VA interview I had found, you would have read Chuck Huber (Hiei’s VA) saying how he can tell about kids since he’s around them a lot, being a principal and a teacher. Now just wait a moment before you go into a panic and start calling the board of directors, 911, or the town militia…This doesn’t mean Hiei is running a school and torturing good little kids while training the rest to be demons for his future army. From what I’ve been able to gather, Chuck Huber himself seems to be a really good person; he just plays creepy characters…well! {Hiei, Android 17 and other DBZ villians, Tucker, and that one guy with the Death Tone Skull Watch that got killed on Cased Closed (Mario)} Now I know it is usually a student assigned to give the announcements over the intercom in school (or at least it was in my hs), but can you just imagine its announcement time and BAM WOW! there’s Hiei’s voice coming over the speakers, “…and Today for lunch, there is a choice between deviled eggs or meatloaf surprise! DOOM!!! *breaks into maniacle Tucker laugh* Would you like senzu beans with that? HAHAHA” *students shiver in their seats with eyes staring up at the speakers hoping they don’t spontaneously burst into flames as the Dark Dragon comes through the system* “Mommy, can I open enroll into our rival school?” Dad sends a text message back “Now Junior, that there school is my dear alma mater, be proud to be a Wolverine! There’s no chance I’m going to let you transfer to be a Russet! Rather be dead than Red!” *cough cough ahem* Well, I suppose I jam-packed this post with enough excitement and adventure for now…suppose I’ll end it now and save more of the Kurama/Raven date for next time {sorry I know, I said last post…I also have another episode of YYH Beyond! to eventually share ^^; please trust me, your patience will be rewarded!} so this doesn’t get too long *hugs* Take care peoples!

Kenshin: It was a pleasure for you to stop by today ^o^ that it was!

Spectacular Washu Shots:

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Friday, June 8, 2007

   If Sango can be Barbie…
Refi: Well no word back from FUNi yet, and no more on the story of Kurama and Raven at the moment {try next post} ^^ So why am I updating? That’s easy, to announce…Updates! lol Okedays, so with the VA career thing, there is another studio in town that does like Barney and Bob the Builder and such, so if I start small like that, maybe FUNi will notice me, if not I will at least be able to put something I got paid for down on my resume…which I’m sure would be more respected than fandubs. So I found a connection from Church when I was at institute tonight that is going to get me the numbers I need to call! So if I get to be in a children’s cartoon, would you all still watch just for me? lol j/k I wouldn’t be surprised if you said no. But I promise if I get to do any script writing for children’s shows, I won’t make the dialogue so cheesy, I’ll make it educational for children and inspirational for adults at the same time! I promise! So vote for me! (sorry, I had to say that since it is starting to sound like a campaign speech lol-now I’m going to sound like a reporter) In other news, I submitted a new greeting, even though it is really early for the ‘season’ but it is almost July now, you know, Christmas in July ^^; Well, yeah…it’s still a funny one, I made it a few months ago but I couldn’t wait any longer ^^ Oh Oh, and if you like screenshots, I’ve been working on that too! I finished the Princess Mononoke shots and now am working on the Tenchi Muyo! ones. I have episodes 1-13 and have more than half those episodes up for peoples to look at on my O.S.M. page. In closing, I got some research done and I’ve thought of another saga for YYH Beyond! but unfortunately I still need to finish writing the other 7 sagas I already have in mind ^^; lol oh well, that part will be easier when I eventually get to it, right?
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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

   Infiltration of FUNimation
Sorry the post is later than I expected to post it, between Word and the Net...something really didn't want me to post tonight!

*Refi-chan sneaks up to the building then presses her back against it she inches along it while humming to herself the Mission Impossible theme. She pulls out glass cutter and etches a circle on a 3rd story window (after using spider-like skills to climb the wall up to there of course). Quietly slipping through into the building then works her way into the ventilation system in the ceiling after replacings the window to hide evidence-duct tape works on everything you know!-she crawls through and around up and down then sneakily removes vent and pulls out camera to take top secret super spy pictures of area. Then constructs a pulley system and slowly lowers self down into the room-all while continuously humming the Mission Impossible Theme.*

Hiei Clone #3: What are you talking about? That’s not how it happened, this is stupid!

Refi: But it sure is more exciting this way ^^;;;

Kurama Clone #2: I am sure that everyone would prefere to hear what really happened.

Refi: Well, the most climatic part was trying to find the place! They have it well hidden, probably to keep out all the fans. And then to get into any of their rooms you need to swipe an ID so I was just wandering around until some nice person who was passing through let me in to the room that the HR was in. But she was in meetings all day so I just gave my resume and sample disc to her assistant. I did get a little mini tour of the area to see all the fan merchandise everywhere ^o^ What a wonderful atmosphere! Well anyway, that was that, pretty short. I didn’t get to meet any VA’s since it was before noon and they are all night owls so they weren’t there yet. But here’s the proof of what I’ve done {Side note: If I find out that this is wrong to have up then I will take it off}

{First picture omitted due to advice from fellow VA}
Hiei Clone #3: Let’s hope that FUNimation does not come and look at your site. They might not like you revealing all their secrets.

Refi: That is why I said I would delete this if I find out I should not have it up here. Well after that I went to an anime store I heard of since finding anime here is pretty scarce it seems. I’ve been to 3 or so malls around here and found zilch, but I found some anime fans at church and they told me where I could go for that type of merchandise. So I ended up getting a couple of FB posters that I have never seen before and a Full Moon one, I took the pics real quick so you guys could see, so please forgive the glare.

p.s. Aw, I got long comments my last post ^o^ BIG HUGS all around! Thank you guys! Here, I made a little mini-story to include highlights of my reactions to the commenters {They were all good tho}:

Destinyssweetman: You shouldn't be taking pictures on cell phone while driving it isn't safe.

Refi: I took it on my digital not a cell, but still, kids, don’t try this at home!

Hiei Clone #3: Fool! Kids aren’t supposed to drive so they should not have the opportunity to repeat your stupidity!

Kirbys Double: That's not Goku's house >.> not enough trees around.

Refi: Well, there were other domes I saw with more trees around…but I didn’t have my camera out in time for them ^^; So this pic will have to do

Shishou: I imagine everything is bigger there. The bug part I wouldn't enjoy too much...I mean I like bugs, but so many of them...No thank you.

Refi: lol I made up a whole skit of bug jokes while driving, I wish I had a recorer to record me saying it, but I didn’t ^^ “The window was clean, I know because a bug just went splat on it” It sounded funnier how I originally said and phrased it though.

CardCaptorRyoko: wow... horizontal street lights. I don't even think I've seen that in anime before, now that I think of it.

Refi: Actually, I think I’ve only seen them in the second YYH movie where I got the reference pics from ^^;

Venus Kitty: YAN-YAN! YUMMY! I like pocky better But Yan-Yan's are really good too! Isn't it a CHinese product???

Refi: Um…maybe ^^ I wouldn’t know, it was in the Asian section next to Pocky, so it could be ^^;;; sorry for the misinformation last post

Kirbys Double: ooooo, I do have these Japanese grape gummy things from japan. They're all individually wrapped, it's weird.

Refi: Oh! Do the wrappers melt in your mouth? The botan rice candy is double wrapped and you can’t get the second wrapper off because the candy is way sticky, but the second wrapper melts in your mouth!!!

Destinyssweetman: Looks like ur trying to see where to go on the world to take over with ur blanket. lol :P

Refi: o.O *grabs blanket and shoves it under arm* You didn’t see that, no one must know about my diabolical plan to take over the world…um…wait…shoot… *waves hand over the computer screen* Remember nothing…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Refi: Surprised to see me post today? Well, I’m in a new place getting situated with a new life style and one wonderful difference: Wireless internet provided!!! ^o^ So I can come and post like I used to back in college…I might not have the time after I convince FUNimation to let me in (I’m going to storm them Monday) but I’ll take advantage of this opportunity while I have it! ^o^

Goku: Woah! My arms are sure tired from carrying the castle across the country! And you wouldn’t even let me visit home. Man! Chichi is going to kill me when she learns I passed right by the house!

Refi: You mean IF she finds out ^_~ Yes there must be some conspiracy where I got secretly transported to Japan, I kept seeing dome-shaped houses as I was driving along. See, We passed Goku’s House!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kurama Clone #2: I wish you wouldn’t take pictures while driving, its more dangerous than talking on a cell phone.

Refi: Yeah, but talking on a cell phone while driving wouldn’t prove to everyone that we saw Goku’s house! And Look! The traffic lights are side to side here! I have only seen them go up and down before, except in Anime, so I must be in Japan! {ignoring the small fact that as you can see Japanese lights move from left to right like how we read and these stop lights move right to left like how they read-the backward-ness of it all is weird huh?}
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kurama Clone #2: At least we arrived in Texas safely.

Refi: Yep ^_^ And settled in too! Everything is bigger here in Texas you know…for instance, the bugs are bigger! And the squeegees at the gas stations are bigger because they need to get off bigger bugs! And the air is so thick that you can cut it with a butcher knife!!! Well back to my little conspiracy story, I got groceries at the local WalMart (which is bigger too!) And right next to the Latin food, they had Asian food! So I say to myself “Where’s the Pocky?” in a joking matter that if I were to ask an employee it would cause them more strife, but then I looked down and LOW AND BEHOLD! There was POCKY at WALMART…I MUST BE IN JAPAN!!! Well there were a few other Japanese treats that I got instead, and I found something BETTER than Pocky! It’s like plain pocky stick and you DIP it into the sauce stuff so its like FRESH pocky!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hiei Clone #3: Hn >.> You are acting like such a child…

Refi: Aw 3, be nice or I’ll put you on the decorating comitee!

Hiei Clone #3: Would you dare, you know I would destroy that girly cutesy stuff you have going on right now.

Refi: Hey I like it! Isn’t it cute how I have my bed set up? And I think I did pretty well not having any furniture.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kyo Clone #4: The walls are all plain white, how can you stand to even look at them?

Refi: Well, I will put up posters later. I was hoping to buy some nice ones of Kurama, but I have yet to locate an anime store here >.> In the meantime, I’m not too lonely, I brought all of my Plushies with me!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hiei Clone #3: Where am I? Why don’t you have any of me?

Kurama Clone #2: It’s not as embarrassing as my predicament, she has two of me ^^;

Refi: Today I went exploring, and even though I didn’t find anime posters, I found a small selection of key chains, so I have new additions to my collection…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sesshomaru Clone #11: I’m impressed, you were able to get a hold of one of me before they were sold out.

Refi: Believe it or not, there were a few of you, but only one Sano one and I got the last one of him! Buwahaha! *cough*ahem* I also got some pretty squishy jewels…I’m sure they must be the key to turn Zelgadis squishy but still look cute the way he does...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Zelgadis: How many times do I have to explain? I don’t like the way I look, I want to find a way to turn human again!

Refi: And I keep explaining, you’re cute the way you are! But face it, who likes to hug a rock?

Zelgadis: -_- It’s pointless to reason with you…

Refi: Well, I’m going to cut this off now, either because of the holiday or the fact I didn’t have time to be on, not too many people had a chance to read the last addition to the Kurama Raven Date, so that is still up for people to read. I’ll probably post again on Tuesday instead of Monday because Monday is my planned day on storming FUNimation with my oodles of talent =^o^= so if I wait to post, I’ll be able to tell you how that went, maybe take some pics of the place, let you know if I ran into someone famous like say John Burgemeier, Justin Cook, Christopher Sabat, Chuck Huber, ect ^^; So I’ll see you guys all around!!! WOOT!

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Time to MOVE ^___^
Refi: I’m leaving tomorrow! See you next week I hope! ^_^

Cut from the case, Kurama and Raven decided to pursue the mystery of the Blade Children…well, not that mystery. They actually went off to pursue the mystery of the disappearance of Ditz and his information in the Cartoon Cops files. Although they did not understand the chipmunks’ language, they received a typed mixed up message but it was wisked away by unusual weather.

*Professor Nimnul’s theme plays as Kurama and Raven chase after the flying note. The note swirled down an alley and disappears from site as they entered the narrow passage. They look up and down, left and right. Out of the corner of her eye, Raven spies a curious site inside a window. Kurama follows Raven towards the window; they both look in to find storm clouds churning*

INSIDE {after the churning clouds dissipate}
Nimnul: *recited as if he practices this monologue after every time he has robbed a bank with his weather machine and will continue to spout the same speech after every successful subsequent weather-style robbery* Oh, dear! How shall I ever top this incredibly devious plan? *giggles* Using weather to commit robberies it truly my most amazing feat of all. *pushes tape deck button that starts to play the sound of applause* Please, please. Hold your applause. Hold your applause.

*Raven pushes the stop button*

Nimnul: *turning around* Hey you’re not suppose to hold it when I say to! *sees Kurama and Raven* Huh?

Raven: So sorry. You shouldn’t really say things you don’t mean.

Kurama: We’re looking for information if we could have a moment of your time.

Nimnul: Huh? Well… *starts throwing rugs and boxes over weather machine* OH! I don’t know anything really! Especially if it has to do with strange weather or bank robberies *standing in front of macine as if to hide it* Nope I wouldn’t have any idea!

Kurama: We were only wondering what sort of information you would have on your co-star, Ditz.

Raven: He’s an orange alien blob.

Nimnul: Aliens? So you’re not here to arrest me? *side note* Shwew, that’s a relief *out loud* In that case, I can’t help you; I’ve never seen any aliens. Although, if you are wondering about the so-called alien with a green head ontop of this *strikes a(n unattractive) beauty pose* strapping figure…the records for that case are filed and closed.

Raven: -_- This cartoon just keeps getting weirder.

Kurama: So you posed as an alien before, but never actually seen any?

Nimnul: *hopping angry* What sort of insane mad genius evil scientist do you take me for? A pesky fly had stolen my body! *standing proudly* I only carry out brilliant schemes!

Raven: *sarcastic* Right.

Nimnul: I do! But those pesky rodents always ruin things! Ohhh! They get me so mad that when I see them, I don’t even acknowledge I know they know what they are doing, which I learned the time I was their size and could actually understand what they were saying.
{Sidenote: or whoever wrote this episode failed to incorporate Nimnul’s changed feelings from the episode he is referring to}

Kurama: Could you please inform us about being able to communicate with the Rescue Rangers?

Nimnul: I told you! It was when the pesky fly stole my body! Where do you think my head was? It was on the body of that pesky little fly!

Raven: *sarcastic* Oh of course. And how did he steal your body?

Nimnul: He was flying around me while I was trying to make a phone call with my brilliant device and he was transported through the phone with me where we came out with our bodies switched!

Kurama: Then there is a way we could communicate with the Rangers.

Raven: May we borrow that telephone device of yours?

Nimnul: HA! Good luck. When those rotten rodents sent me to 911 after we all got our bodies back, the police confiscated it, and it’s locked up under tight security!

Raven: Well this approach doesn’t seem to work.

Kurama: I wouldn’t worry about the security; I am a master thief after all.

Raven: Stop trying to impress me! We are wasting too much time here. I think we should go to Demon World while Ditz is at large. When he was pretending to be your friend, he said there was something strange going on there; I believe that is the closest thing we have to a real clue right now.

Kurama: *saddened* Or a trap. Then again perhaps we could find the real Hiei and he could aid us. He has a Jagan eye that would be capable of locating Ditz.

Kurama: *to a random demon* Pardon me, have you noticed anything strange happening around here?

Random Demon: Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t. What’s it worth to you?

Raven: *uses powers to pick him up by the throat and let him dangle in the air*

Random Demon: Okay okay, lemme down lemme down, I’ll tell you everything! *is released* whew! *breaths* eh, like I was saying, there’s been some wild campaigning going around trying to get demons to join this fanatic group. They’re all about promising power and granting special abilities, but smart ones like me are holding back because they gather in this tower but there is yet to be seen one demon coming back out.

Kurama: That would explain why there were no demons in the Human World while we searched for Hiei there. I’d wager every lower-classed demon went running at an offer like that.

Random Demon: Yeah, a lot of those weak fellas *trying to look tough and forget Raven embarrassing him so* were sure eager at a chance of power…It sure seems like a lot more went in than the tower would be able to hold.

Raven: Can you tell us where it is located?

Random Demon: *points* It’s about straight that direction for around 10,572 km They call it the Tower of Terror.

Kurama: Thank you. You have been more than kind to inform us.

*Kurama and Raven take off in said direction*

Random Demon: That was a pair of crazies if I ever saw one!

Kurama: There is the tower.

Raven: The air seems to change about here…what is it?

Sesshomaru: Miasma.

Kurama: You do not appear as if you belong here, where are you from?

Sesshomaru: A series by the name of one whom I wish not speak.

Raven: Then what brings you here?

Sesshomaru: Around the Feudal Era of Japan, a rumor is rustling about demons joining a cult that will grant them power. Many demons from my series have come to join, but I am merely inspecting to see if this will pose a threat to my power over there.

Kurama: This is strange if they are bringing in characters from other cartoons.

Raven: What do you suppose “they” are doing?

Sesshomaru: It seems as though the promised power is granted by becoming one as a result of combining all the individual powers. Just how Naraku likes to make a new body for himself.

Raven: Perhaps we need to look into this “Naraku” character. Perhaps he employeed Ditz to help spread rumors by impersonating influential characters…like how he tried to get you here in the form of Hiei.

Kurama: I suppose that’s plausible, but if Naraku is doing this, why is he chosing here to do so. It would be more convenient for him to stay in his own territory.

Raven: Perhaps he is trying to hide it from his enemies there, or his plans are bigger than taking over there but rather taking control of all the cartoons.

Kurama: Or perhaps this Naraku isn’t involved at all. Which means that either the master mind coincidentally works after the same manner as Naraku, or he knows of Naraku and is modeling after his tactics to throw us off the scent. Either way, aside from recruiting demons from many different shows, this anime is the only cartoon that he is affecting right now.

Sesshomaru: If this force does not come into my territory, then it is no concern of mine. *turns and leaves*

Rin: I’m right behind you Lord Sesshomaru! ^o^ Hee hee!

Jakken: Well, even with all these weak demons from all the cartoons combined, it would be no match for Lord Sesshomaru! Isn’t that right My Lord! *looks to see costars gone* Wait! MY LORD! I’m coming! Wait for me!!!

Raven: This is very strange indeed.

Koenma: *narrating while preview clips of next episode flash across the screen and happy preview music bounces in the bg* Well forget everything you’ve seen with YuYu Hakusho up until now! Even if we are in our own Demon World’s setting, demons from all over the Cartoon Realm are appearing! Kurama and Raven seem to have come far since they were no longer officially on the case. I only wish that I knew who Sally Sue got to replace them. Hm, maybe she’ll ask me, then I could be rewarded with lots of yummy pradingoms! And George won’t get any of them! *George: Aw, Koenma Sir, that’s so mean!* Ahem, well There is a chance that Hiei is in this Tower of Terror, along with a few other suprises to spice things up! And I’m pretty sure this time it will be the Real Hiei, unless Ditz is having a party impersonating all these different characters just to play with Kurama’s and Raven’s minds. I wonder if he can multiply himself and do multiple impersonations at once. OGRE! Put that down and I can turn in the information to Sally Sue for a pradingom or two! Well you know the happening place to be now, so be sure to tune in next time and find out on YuYuuuu…um…Cartoon Cops Dateiiiiii …or are we calling this Kurama and Raven? I GIVE UP! Just be sure to catch Refi-chan’s next post on Tiggerola’s MyO BLOG!

(p.s. Sorry if I don’t have time to visit you today between packing and family time. My hotel is supposed to have internet acess, so I’ll be able to catch up with you then I hope! And thank you all for your support and nice comments on my last post! ^o^ I’m on my way to FUNi!)

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Monday, May 21, 2007

   Any Personal Favorites?
Refi: Wow! I’ve been busy this week…busy being SOCIAL! People keep wanting to spend time with me since I got back from tour…it’s almost like I’m popular or something! *music starts in background: Popular! It’s great to be Pop-u-U-lar!* And then aside from that, I’ve been working on making a solid resume to present to FUNimation for when I get to Texas in…just…one…week!!! O-O And I was going to help with the FUNiGirls party at the A-Kon convention, but the party was scheduled for Sunday and I have church, and frankly, church is more important to me than anime, but it was sooooo cool talking to Pearl from FUNiGirls! She’s like a real FanGirl like me and most of you out there! Back to the point, Along with my Resume, I need to send a voice sample as well, so I made a voice sample, but it seems a waste to use a whole disc for one minute of sound, so I also have a 6 minute compilation of my different auds and roles that I have done online with VA to show my wide range of voice and expressions. I started with clips of completed roles, clips of roles I received (but not done yet), then other auds I sent in but didn’t get the parts for. If any of you want to listen for fun, or even want to critique with any helpful hints (like, “You’re full of yourself, you sounded the same in all 6 minutes, just send them your first short clip” ToT) on parts that can/should be omitted, or the order I should have them, here are the links:

Jennifer Voice Sample.mp3 ; Refi-chan VA compilation.mp3
Free file hosting from File Den

Like I said with making the Voice Sample Disc, there still is lots of memory left on the disc and so I was going to add a few samples of my graphics and writings to show them how creative and versatile I am. Still with all of that, it only takes up 15.1 MB and the disc can hold 700 MB, so please tell me if there is anything from my blogs that you deem worthy of me sharing on the disc as well. I have sample writings and graphics so far, but I don’t want to bore you with listing them, I’ll just say with YYH Beyond!, I’m just sharing Episode 6 (when Yusuke and Hiei start the initiation)-if you think a different episode would serve better for a teaser I’d like to hear your opinion! So PLEASE tell me some of your favorites of what I have done to help me pick the best of my talents to share with FUNimation so I can impress them and make them strongly desire to hire me ^^

Raven and Kurama have just found Sally Sue disgruntled outside of where the Malt Shop used to stand. Dizt, the alien that impersonated Hiei has disappeared, but the duo are wondering why their boss was nearby.

Sally Sue: Well, uh… *suddenly straightens self up and looks picture perfect rather than just have surviving an explosion* Being your first case, naturally I came to make sure the two of you were okay. Had you been in real danger, I would have blown MY cover to rescue you two! Just part of my duty being one of the CC and all! HAHAHA *victoriously laughing w/ fanged teeth*

Raven: You’re not another fake are you?

Sally Sue: What me? *pointing to self in anime style of an accused but innocent young woman* Nonono! Of course not! Eh…rumor has it he went to a theater to watch the latest romantic movie released…Forbidden Honey… wait, *suddenly takes on a manner of depression* it would do little good for you to go after him now.

Kurama: What do you mean?

Sally Sue: *resuming professionality* Now that he knows you are after him, I will have to reassign new spies to the case.

*Kurama and Raven look at each other*

Kurama: It still bothers me that this Ditz character would be familiar enough with Hiei to mimic him so well.

Raven: So what are you going to do about it? We got released from the case.

Kurama: We can still go with our approach of questioning his co-stars about his personal information. If anything, it may help the next pair placed on the assignment.

Raven: >.> Or you just want an excuse to earn some pradingoms. {Note to audience: Remember no cartoon can resist them, even mature serious ones like these two}

Kurama: As do you *smile and nudge*

Raven: *flatly* True.

Raven: So are you going to make the tree bend over or shall I levitate us up to them?

Kurama: Be my guest.

*Raven chants a black disc below her and Kurama and it raises them so they face the doorway of the Rescue Ranger’s home with the limb for the walkway between them*

Kurama: Instant elevator, nice.

Raven: *half smiles* *knocks-knuckles barely the width of the door*

*The door opens and Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monterey Jack, and Zipper come out and look at the guest who just stare at them in silence*

Kurama: Go ahead Raven, you knocked.

Raven: I’d rather not, this was your idea.

*The Rangers look quizzically at the two visitors*

Kurama: *ahem* Yes. Excuse our interruption, but we were on a case to find a character from your cartoon named Ditz that has been missing. We were wondering what you could tell us about him.

Dale: *squeaksqueakysqueaksqueaksqueaky!*

Chip: *squeak squeak squeak*

Raven: What?

Rangers: *making more rodent noises*

Dale: WellseefirstImethimwhilevisitingEarth, thenheofferedformetocheckouthisspaceship andIwaslike “WOWie ZOWie” AndIgottaflyaroundinhis ship *makes space blurbing noises* thentheseotheralienstriedtomakemeeatthesenastyoozyoneeyedcreatures XP BLECH!

Chip: But it was thanks to those things that finally let us know who the real Dale was and who was the fake, before his friends decided to blow up our planet.

Monterey Jack: Too right! Now what were those things called again?

Gadget: I think it was Burk Urgels? No. That’s not right…maybe they were Irk Burgers?

Zipper: *high inaudible squeak* Urk-Burgels

Kurama: *sigh* Apparently in this cartoon, humans can not comprehend animal speech.

Raven: So what do we do now?

*All the Rangers assume thinking poses*

Kurama: Find a supporting role that is human.

*Suddenly {as bg music for rodents being ingenious starts up} Chip has a bright idea and runs back into the tree, Kurama and Raven wonder what he’s up to and tilt their heads over to peer inside, letting their forheads touch. There is a whistle from inside and the rest of the rangers go inside as well, a moment later, they come back pushing a giant, black, old-fasioned type writer. The scene focuses on Kurama’s and Raven’s stunned faces so no one can see how the big object made it outside to the limb through the small doorway-not to mention that with the different camera angels, no one will notice that the limb has become wider so there is plenty of space for th typewritter with the rangers around it. Zipper flies out with a piece of paper and drops it into the machine, then Chip and Dale hop onto the key board and start pawing around typing on it. When it reaches the end of the line, Monterey Jack heaves towards it to push it back to the beginning of the line and Gadget turns it to start the next line. They continue this process while Kurama and Raven muse over them. When the page is done, Chip and Dale hop off the keyboard on the final ‘ding’ and Gadget turns it the rest of the way, so Raven can easily pick up the piece of paper to read it*

Raven: *eyes scan back and forth over page* … Too bad they don’t know how to spell.

Kurama: *examines the page* Unless we sever the two messages from the two typers apart from one another

*In the background Chip hits Dale on the head and the Rangers chatter in Rodent-speech while Kurama and Raven are musing over the crypted note. Out of nowhere, an intense gust of wind ushers in Professor Nimnul’s theme music as it blows the note out of Raven’s hands. They only eye the paper floating off for a moment before they take off after it-Raven flying and Kurama sprinting. The frame freezes while the music ends on a dramatic note.*

To Be Continued…

Hope you enjoyed this exciting chapter! I enjoyed the research to make it possible ^_~ Remember to comment what your favorites of the fruits of my talents are! Thank you!

P.S. Anyone interested in doing a MyO Idol singing competition? Just go visit Kirbys Double!

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Monday, May 14, 2007

   15 Days till Texas
Refi: Survived tour…although we had a few casualities and some people were getting tired and that made me feel tired as well, but…oh well ^^ Tour was good and I endured to the end. Well, all in all, I don’t really have anything prepared for today…sorry, Sim Tower was calling me over Kurama and Raven wanting to be written about. But there should be more of them next week! Special Thanks to my commenters {DestinysSweetMan, Gogyou Inu , AnimeGirl-11, Kirbys Double, Roleni-Chan, and Equus } and for those who missed the post last week, you can read it, its just below, and still comment on it on this post, or for those who have read it {again thanks!} and want something else for entertainment, Here is Hiei in RainbowLand in its completeness (a few more pics, but still not all that I have been working on for it) (and sorry the top of the page is messed up, I’ll have to go fix that sometime… >.> )
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