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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More Long Awaited-ness
Refi: Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (or a good time with whatever this month brings you). Sorry I have not been on line much since I moved back home. I’ve been busy with substitute teaching, running sound for a few choirs and their Christmas shows, then I guess I did so well with that that this next year I will also be working as a techie for the city’s theatre (which is good because I live in a festival town that puts on lots of plays and stuff). So yay, it’s so cool that I have the opportunity to gain new talents; its just so hard for me to focus on one talent. So I don’t get my real Christmas until next week, but while at my dad’s I have internet so I can visit all of youse this week. I have a few special things for you this week ^^ : One-Part 2 of Episode 8; Two-Funny FUNi Film comparing Kodocha to other animes; Three-Upcoming wonders ^.~

YYH Beyond: Episode 8 {second half}: THIRTEEN SURVIVORS
{Previously: In the first half of the episode, Yusuke and Hiei passed Zerka’s initiation reciving treasures of a flying feather and a mysterious gemstone. Kurama has been trying to avoid his siblings in Demon World but how long can he keep up against his siblings’ perseverance?}

[On the outside of the foxes’ layer some-way up the mountain, Kurama stands leaning on a ledge and overlooks the surrounding area. The soft light of a full Demon World moon illuminates his gentle face. A slight breeze plays with his hair. While he ponders, Yokira slips out of a burrow from behind.]

Kurama: [without turning] Yes Yokira?

Yokira: Dear brother. You have become such an enigma. You haven’t even tried to spend time with us. In fact, it seems like you strive to avoid any interaction with us whatsoever.

Kurama: I do not enjoy the feelings of inadequacy the others impose on me.

Yokira: [sigh] I know the others can get a bit carried away with their teasing, but they are glad to see you back…and they would be happier to see your old self. Why won’t you change back? Even just for one day?

Kurama: I made a choice, one that I cannot go back on. That life was a lie for me. In following the path of Suichi, I am true to myself…who I really am.

Yokira: That life is so weak, how can you accept that above our family bond? Is our family no more than a lie to you?

Kurama: Yokira, I wish you could know the happiness I have found in the Human World. And the true meaning of a family

[A moments pause. Yokira walks up beside Kurama and leans on the ledge.]

Yokira: Another Demon World night fast approaches, dear brother. You are not nearly as nocturnal as before.

Kurama: I hope this will be my last night with you. [turns away from Yokira]

Yokira: Come now, didn’t we find ‘happiness’ before? [embraces Kurama from behind, setting chin on his neck] Hmmm?

Kurama: [turns face away from hers] Stop.

Yokira: [slight hypnotic musical tone] Why? [runs hands up to Kurama’s shoulders] Afraid to find out that what you have deemed a lie to be true? [gently massaging Kurama’s shoulders] Remember when we were young? [massaging down Kurama’s arms] When we would pretend to run away [crosses arms to embrace again] and spend a night just like this away from the pack? [holds on to Kurama’s wrist] And the games we played? [pulls Kurama in tighter and drops backwards to lie against the mountainside] Running around spreading “Seed and Soil” or[uses leg move Kurama’s leg so tail drapes up and tickles Kurama’s chin] where we would play with each others tails in our spirit fox forms? [caresses Kurama’s chin] Sleep dear brother, and remember. [thumb passes over Kurama’s drooping eyes] The desires and dreams we shared. [whispers into Kurama’s ear] Remember… [dirt envelopes them as a blanket] and come back… [barely audible] A Spirit Fox you were made, and a Spirit Fox you will sprout as… my little seed.

* * *

[Members of Zerka are gathered outside in the night. Scattered tables are laden with demon food and drink. A spit with an unidentified hunk of meat is rotating over the immense central bonfire. Eyes are intent on Zerk conducting the ceremony. The new members are in a line as one by one Zerk shakes their left hand and brandishes their wrist with a hot metal stamp with the union’s emblem. Ehay quietly accepts as he intently gazes into Zerk’s eyes. Sukeyuay pulls a face from refraining from screaming due to the massive concentrated pain. Having gone through the line, Zerk faces the multitude with arms in the air.]

Zerk: We welcome these 13 new, strong, and talented members into our fold! Now is the time to rejoice my brothers! Eat, drink, and be merry!

[Music strikes up as the festivities commence. Eating, shoving, and laughter are occurring everywhere. At one of the tables, a blue hand reaches over from underneath and feels around the table top. Teen Koenma and Botan hide with George under the table while he feels for some food.]

George: I really think we should be worrying about this Zerka stuff more than our stomachs, Koenma sir. [finds a dish and pulls it under the table]

Teen Koenma: You heard the boss guy; it’s time to party! [starts to dig in to the demon food] There wouldn’t be a punch bowl above us to go with this would there?

* * *

[Kurama wakes up and pushes the dirt blanket off of him. He looks back at Yokira in the mound.]

Kurama: I am sorry, sister. I hope you understand.

[Kurama goes back into the den. A shadow appears from behind him and materializes into Remayolo.]

Remayolo: Where are you off to this time runt?

Kurama: [without turning] The week is soon over, I am going home.

Remayolo: What a hasty assumption you have made. We haven’t passed to you our verdict yet.

Kurama: Surely none of us have enjoyed this last week.

Remayolo: But you haven’t left us desiring to run you out tail between your legs again either. Your dear little mother’s life isn’t guaranteed if you leave prematurely.

Kurama: Then talk it over with the rest of the pack and let me go.

Remayolo: I already did; ask any of them if you doubt me. Our decision is unanimous. We’re letting you spend the rest of the month with us. This time we hope to see a lot more of you.

[Kurama turns astounded to see a smug and content Remayolo.]

* * *

[Frivolity still rages on at the Zerka party. Sukeyuay takes a big swig of juice and throws an arm over Risho.]

Sukeyuay: Come on buddy! You can tell me, what is it that you got from ol’ Draconta?

Risho: If the right time comes then you will find out.

Sukeyuay: But what if the time doesn’t come? Come on. If you let me in on your little secret, I’ll let you in on a secret about me and Ehay.

Ehay: [hits Sukeyuay on the noggin and pulls him away] Fool! Don’t give us away.

Sukeyuay: But I’m really curious about what’s so special that Risho thinks he’s got.

[Teen Koenma, Botan, and George crouch under their table with discomforted looks on their faces, holding their stomachs.]

George: See Koenma sir? I told you we shouldn’t have been eating.

Teen Koenma: Don’t be such a numbskull! This is your fault for feeding me rotten food!

Botan: Uh. Demons may be able to make food look good, and even taste good at first, but I don’t think it’s worth the indigestion!

Teen Koenma: Ogre! Check the table again to see if there’s any medicine!

[George lifts the table cloth to search the table top again, but before extending his hand a tight skirt with a train that resembles a fishtail with a pair of dainty feet walk up beside the table. Camera scrolls up to show the feet belong to the mermaid from before.]

Mermaid: [to Sukeyuay and Ehay] Well hello boys.

Sukeyuay: Hey, ain’t you that one freaky fish chick from before?

Mermaid: Sorry, [lifts left arm to show the Zerka mark] I was just doing my job then.

Ehay: I thought this was a “brotherhood” it seems pretty fishy to have a female member.

Mermaid: There is no law against me joining; I had to go through initiation just like you.

Sukeyuay: Oh really? And what did you get from the dragon?

Mermaid: [eyes shimmer] There is no law that says I have to tell. [walks past but whispers into Sukeyuay’s ear] But seeing as what I know…you can cash that rain check of yours if you meet me at the lagoon at dusk tomorrow…alone. [walks off]

Sukeyuay: [obnoxiously loud] Sure baby! I’ll be there.

Ehay: What are you mumbling about?

Sukeyuay: Wouldn’t you like to know? [runs into another demon] Ow! Hey! Watch where you’re going.

Gavarian: Who should watch who? [turns around] What do you know? It’s my little pal.

Sukeyuay: Oh Gav-ey! Sorry about that, Ehay here pushed me. So we all good now?

Gavarian: [grabs Sukeyuay’s hand and shakes it fervently] Sure we are. We’re all brothers here. Next time you can sit up with me. [holds and spins a punch bowl in the air]

Sukeyuay: Loved to pal!

[Gavarian “spills” the aviated punch bowl onto Sukeyuay then drops the bowl onto his head.]

Gavarain: Whoops! [sarcastically] Sorry pal. [laughs]

Sukeyuay: [tipping bowl back like a hat] S’okay. We’re all brothers now. [joins laughter]

* * *

[Back on the ledge where Yokira is sleeping, Kurama emerges and falls upon the ledge, panting. Still heaving, he lays his face into his left arm and pounds the ledge with his right fist. His muffled noises of exasperation cause Yokira to stir and wake up. She sits up from her mound of dirt.]

Yokira: Brother? What is wrong?

Kurama: [raises head, takes a deep breath, faces Yokira] Everyone wants me to stay for the month.

Yokira: Does that surprise you? We are waiting for you to show your Yoko side. Don’t tell me you’re sore from loosing our little bet.

Kurama: Then even you wish me to stay? Even with the anguish it puts me in?

Yokira: [rises] Those pitiful eyes would make the devil feel sorry for you. [dusts self off] But my desire to be with you is stronger than that. Even if you could get me to change my mind, I am only one, the others would still have me outvoted.

Kurama: [turns away] So even you won’t let me go home.

Yokira: If you still feel like this come the month’s end, then I’ll refrain from pestering you again. But we haven’t seen that happen yet. Come, be a spirit fox with us again, and see if your will is still as stubborn and strong.

Kurama: I won’t let your tactics work on me anymore.

Yokira: True, you have withstood my gentle persuasions. But my desire is too strong to give up here. You leave me little choice; still I hate to revert to this.

Kurama: It won’t work. You have no power over me.

Yokira: I know of a sweet someone who is in a delicate and frail position while you are here with us. Now do you think the others would be as lenient as I with the knowledge of your precious pregnant partner?

Kurama: [surprised then demanding] Yokira! You wouldn’t!

Yokira: Don’t act so surprised, I told you I would keep an eye on you. I saw you grieve to confront that little wife of yours. I saw you two work out your departure. And I saw her cry when you left…oh did she cry! [lifts Kurama’s chin] Surely you must miss her as much. It would be a shame to never see her again.

Kurama: Leave her out of this. Midori never did anything to any of you.

Yokira: She gives you an attachment to the Human World that separates you from us.

Kurama: Stubborn as ever. What are the exact demands of your bribe?

Yokira: I want my brother back. I want Yoko Kurama.

“My name is Kurama. A spirit animal, progressed into demon, merged with a human. I have vowed to no longer resort my Yoko form, but life always brings about unforeseen circumstances. The decision is placed before me. Will I give up the one I love to keep the life I hold dear, or will I lose her forever in order to protect her? Family bonds are important, but what should one do when siblings have chosen to follow separate paths? Find out if my decisions are for better or worse when I make my choice next time on YuYu Hakusho Beyond.”


Here's the YouTube Link for it. And check my YouTube site later to see if I’ve finished my latest AMV if you can’t wait for whenever I’ll update again; I’ll give you guys a heads up because you are so special to me ^_~ *hugs* I’m taking the song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that goes “From the ashes of disaster Grow the roses of success” to Kurama clips ^^ Why? Because Yoko is white and pale like ahes and because of a mistake he made he fled to the human world to survive and became Kurama (with complimenting red hair) who has found success with roses! ^^ I hope I’ll get this one out this week, then I’ll be coming out with my new project of turning the boys of YuYu Hakusho into a Pop Band! I realized all too late the Christmas season and writing the second part to An Anime Christmas, but Christmas Eve I wrote a good outline that I can work with next year. If you need some *cough*post*cough* Christmas cheer mixed with our beloved animes, You can find the First Part based on A Christmas Carol with an anime cast that I wrote last year complete with crossover pictures at
this page then click on “Anime X-mas year 1” The link also works for the complete and updated YuYu Hakusho Beyond! story. I guess that is enough detaining you for now so have a wonderful winter holiday and I’ll be seeing you guys this week!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

   The LOOOOOOONG Awaited Moment
Refi: Yes, finally! It’s here! No longer is Yusuke forever falling from the two-headed dragon of doom! I’m giving you the first half of episode eight of YuYu Hakusho Beyond! ^o^ For those who missed the memo, I rewrote what I had so far to be consistant with the Eizou Hakusho’s that I finally found fansubbed! So just so you know, Kokou (Enki’s wife) is the current ruler of Demon World (before I had it set up where Mukuro was, but in the Eizou, she didn’t look like in a position to even desire to fight for it anymore) and then Botan, being the good friend of the gang and loving to hang out with them, she got involved with the new mission so Koenma and George are back along with her too! More good news (well, it’s good news for me ^^) in town I found a writers club and when I went we were talking about script writing for movies and TV and as a writer, I am not suppose to have actions and camera angles, that is the directors job! Many of you have probably noticed my strength is in dialogue rather than action. Seeing as how I’ve been into acting, I think this came from reading so many scripts and plays-where the actors on stage come up with the blocking rather than every little action is written in the script. Directors get mad at all the action being written out for them too! So as you read my scripts, this verstion I’ll try and include action for you guys but that is as a service to you, my online readers. Still, I am so relieved that it is not my responsibly to come up with all the actions, that’s someone elses job…and for you guys, if you don’t think there is enough action I place upon you the imagination job of the director to envision the action that is being taken place! Isn’t that cool for you? Not only I am getting experience in writing, you can have experience too! (If you were really serious you could copy/paste the story onto your compys and add lots of directors notes…just don’t distribute it please, I’d like credit for all my hard work on writing the scripts.) Also I found a program from Wikipedia to put my scripts in official script format (I have been posting them in a more reader-friendly format for you guys) too so that’s been exciting! And for you guys who can sound like FUNi VAs, I just opened some fun auditions for the 4 main boys of YYH!

NOW! Without further ado:

YYH Beyond: Episode 8 {first half}: THIRTEEN SURVIVORS
{Previously: Last time, Hiei and Yusuke in disguise finished their initiation into the Order of Zerka. The final task had to do with finding a key to their power on Draconta, a two headed dragon. Hiei found a stone more beautiful than Hiruiseki stones that reflects his true self and desires while Yusuke is shaken from his search by one of Draconta’s flying loops. In the meantime, the first week of Kurama’s visit with his siblings draws to a close. Will they want him to stay longer? And if so,what do they plan to do with him?}

[Draconta flies through the air. Below, Sukeyuay shouts as he plummets to his foreseen doom. After the shout, he realizes that the blade does not feel like grass. He looks at it and sees that it really is a feather.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Huh? What’s this? I didn’t know dragons had feathers. It seemed attached like it was his rather than a giant bird leaving it behind. If so than maybe it will have some special power. Might as well give it a shot before I’m road kill.

[Sukeyuay rolls in the air so his front faces the ground. He extends his arms with feather in one hand and closes his eyes. His head sags lower than his body then he swoops and shoots back upwards in the sky. Sukeyuay opens his eyes and sees he is levitating.]

Sukeyuay: WOO-HOO!!! [flies in a backwards loop] Check me out! I can fly!

[Sukeyuay chuckles as he experiments with his newfound freedom, concluding with flying off towards the ledge where the leaders await the new members.]

* * *

[Yokira, Okiya, Endoya, and Osuko are all curled up together sleeping in a room of their cave. One by one they start to wake up, stretch and untangle themselves from each other. Endoya rubs an eye and looks around.]

Endoya: Awww. Where has little Yoko disappeared to now?

Okiya: Does he really hate us so much now that he won’t spend any time with us?

Osuko: Fearless Leader is gone too; perhaps he’s teaching that twerp another lesson...

Yokira: [introverted] hmmm…

Osuko: Well…tomorrow we decide, and I say we should keep him here.

Okiya: Ah, yes. We have no reason to send him away so soon.

Remayolo: [walks into cavern] I see my lazy siblings are finally awake.

Endoya: Little Yoko isn’t with you after all?

Remayolo: He is somewhere about. In the meantime, I have thought of another tactic to restore the foxy spirit of our brother.

Okiya: Stupendous! I yearn for his true return.

Remayolo: Agreed. It has been hard to work around the limitations set up. [piercing glance at Yokira]

Yokira: It’s not my fault!

Osuko: So what is the plan?

[Remayolo kneels down and grabs a stick. The other fox demons gather around him as he starts to draw with the stick on the ground.]

Remayolo: Siblings, we are going to take a little trip. Our brother needs to remember the good times we have had. Now there is a mission I have devised that will leave him longing to return to his old form. However we will have to start small in order to build up to it, you all know how clumsy he is on these things.

Okiya: Ah, so we’ll start by infiltrating the Forgotten Fortress beyond the Worrisome Woods. We haven’t been back there since we were foxlings.

Endoya: And then we’ll work our way over to Den of Danger!

Osuko: But what is the big finale you have in mind?

Remayolo Oh, you’ll see, I will tell you all when we are ready so as not to trip over a pebble with our eye on the finish line.

[Kurama walks into the cavern. Yokira sees him and jumps up to embrace him.]

Yokira: Brother!

[The Okiya and Endoya also get up to welcome Kurama.]

Okiya: Oh, you seem so stuffed up in our little den.

Endoya: Yes, how would you like to go out with us? Remember the Worrisome Woods?

Kurama: I have no intention to join you in your endeavors.

Okiya: You do not wish to come along?

Endoya: Don’t be such a fraidy-cub!

Osuko: You’re skills really have grown weak haven’t they?

Kurama: [turns] I don’t have to deal with this. [leaves]

Yokira: [watches Kurama leave then turns on the others] What do you think you are doing? That’s the same behavior that drove him away in the first place!

Remayolo: Your time in the human world has skewed your perception.

Yokira: No. No it hasn’t! All your tantalizing caused him to run away where he was in a burglary by himself and wounded to the point of merging with a human just to survive! It’s your own fault he is like this now! [dashes off after Kurama]

* * *

[Draconta gives a final howl then swoops down to the ground. After landing, he curls up and resumes his slumber. Teen Koenma, Botan, and George sit on the tail with dizzy eyes.]

Botan: Eh…

George: Mommy…

[Back on the ledge with the prominent Zerka figures stands Marduk, Ehay, and a few of the other survivors from the initiation. Sukeyuay flies in and puts his feet out to land but the inertia from his upper body causes him to roll over until he stops.]

Ehay: Welcome back.

Sukeyuay: [rubbing sore bottom] Gee thanks.

Initiatory Demon: There will be a few stragglers, we’ll commence when they arrive.

Sukeyuay: Wow, for once I’m not the last.

Initiatory Demon: [emotionless] Congratulations.

[Sukeyuay gets up and limps over to Ehay.]

Sukeyuay: Whew! Either I’m exhausted from all this initiation or that feather really drained a lot out of me.

Ehay: That is of little surprise. Powers come with a cost, and the price usually comes from your energy. So you found a pretty little feather.

Sukeyuay: Yeah, I don’t know if I should wear it in a hat like Peter Pan or stick it in my nose like Dumbo.

[A few more join the group, totaling to 12 survivors.]

Ehay: You should stick it where it can be a tail feather to help your landings.

Sukeyuay: That’s not funny. That was my first time. [calms down] So what did you get?

Ehay: Shhh.

Demon #1: So Marduk, did you get the dragon’s blood?

Marduk: Hm. Just try to hurt me it won’t work!

[Demon #1 slashes at Marduk who doesn’t bother to block. The attack is ineffective.]

Demon #1: Wow! That’s impressive; I just got these two shiny scales. But they sure do give me some strange feelings.

Demon #2: Ha, I made it to Draconta’s head and hid in his mouth and chiseled out some of his smaller teeth. [holds up a sharp tooth between thumb and forefinger] With all the rows upon rows, he’ll never miss them!

Marduk: Very good, Ossaplam, those can make a painful weapon, but not enough to scratch me still!

[Risho approaches with a very smug and satisfied look on his face.]

Sukeyuay: [side note to Ehay] Wonder what he’s so happy about…

Initiatory Demon: Well, well. 13 of you survived, that is impressive.

Zerk: [stepping forward] Congratulations to all of you. Welcome to the brotherhood!

Sure Yusuke and Hiei may have accomplished the first step of their infiltration, but are they home free yet? Also check to see how Kurama is fairing with his siblings.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

YYH DT PS2 Review (Not well or professionally written, just a fangirl’s view)
Yep this is my experience playing the game a few months ago... up for enjoyment purposes... and next week I'll really have the next episode for YYH Beyond! Really Truly I Promise!!!

So remember the once upon a time when I bought a PS2 to go w/ the YYH Dark Tourney game? Well I was stuck on Gamma forever, then a few in between and then Risho. But while doing YYH research (I was trying to find the exact dialog between Hiei and Yukina in Eizou Hakusho when he returned the tear gem-didn’t find it tho tot) I came across Game Cheats! Buwahaha! *coughcough*ahem*coughcough* Sorry, you’re not suppose to see my evil side. ^^ See look I’m an angel -> o:)
So I was able to put in “Take no damage” and “Infinite Spirit Energy” and I was like YES! My dream invincible self! WOOT! Okays so I get up to where Genkai fights Toguro in the woods (which I was like, o.O That scene seems pointless-they took out Kurama vs Urashima but they put this in here when you are suppose to loose, okay) Well Since Genkai still had top strength and wasn’t losing any I got her to defeat Toguro and I’m like, “O-O I just changed YuYu History!” But then the screen was black and froze that way ToT So these guys really don’t want you to win this round. I had to reset and continued with Kurama vs Karasu *shivers* And it said that hurting Karasu hurts you too o.O okaaaaaay… I suppose that’s their way of saying if you move you’ll run into his invisible bombs. Well I turned Yoko and was Ogigi Planting him to no end and it was barely denting him but I was loosing life points…That’s right…When I reset I lost my cheat codes! Still at this disadvantage I still beat Karasu (HA TAKE THAT YOU EVIL SUPER SAYIAN VAMPIRE!). Even with the cheat codes Hiei fighting Bui was real tough, and it took a few completed dragons (when Bui didn’t interrupt me) to get him. In close combat I tried to get Hiei to pick Bui up and throw him (you know the short guy lifting this overweight ogre and not being crushed) but wasn’t able to. Even though parts of the game were not to my liking, the ending was good. First a flashback of Genkai’s dying speech and the animation clips of the others during the tournament really made it powerful, and then there was a new animation just for the game (they cut out Sakyo and the exploding stadium) and it was really good (not quality so much as the overall feeling) and I enjoyed that ^^ So before trying out the DTPlus, I decided to go through the Arcade with Kurama since only Ring-Outs would kill me ^^ (I’m so bad, I need like an 80% chance to win to even hope to have a chance) When I fought Bui, I got Kurama to pick him up quite a few times (So if Bui is easier to defeat by playing Kurama than Hiei, does that make Kurama the better fighter? I don’t think it’s because I’m more familiar with Kurama’s moves because turning Yoko, Ogigi and Jump Blast are all the special moves I can pull off with him, Hiei I can can pull out the sword, the Dragon if I’m not interrupted (another reason why Kurama would win if the two fought-Kurama could get him while he was preparing the dragon, unless he had a plan to stop the dragon), jump blast, and teleport). So yeah, it was cool to see our delicate Kurama holding big old Bui over his head then tossing him like a salad lol ^^ And then the end of that fight turned out SO SWEET!!! Bui comes down on me w/ his ax and I make the final blow (I think I just pushed Square but being the last of Bui’s HP the effects were over dramatic) to send him SOARING!!!! IT WAS SO COOOOOOOOOL!!!!! KURAMA IS SO HOT!!!!! (Except Yoko’s tail looks like it’s never been washed it’s so pointy) And the way he stands when he wins with his hip to the side (which I usually don’t like guys to do because guys don’t have hips {the way girls do}) I just want to run out into the arena and glomp him! He rocks the socks I’m not wearing! Ah as he throws Rose petals over the edge into the water where he threw Hiei lol
It’s cute after winning and Koto walks in front of Yoko ^^ And I LOVE him in black…too bad I have to beat him to see him like that ToT And when Kurama gets a new outfit (his school uniform how boring) the Player 2 color is like this yellow tan w/ blue trim o.O It’s not really his color-They should have done his yellow DT Finals outfit and then the player 2 could be the Green w/ Pink trim ^^ Then he would have looked real good! (yeah they have him wearing it in the final scene oh bah)

On the subject of tokens in the game. I had the main guys all except Kurama ToT I want my Kurama-sama why isn’t there a token of him?!?!? Going through DTPlus, I unlocked his token after having him beat the ogres on the ship. See (for those who didn’t know already lol) he is special, you get his token last of our four main guys, Best for last ^_~ Plus the other three are pretty much useless, Hiei does no damage, Kuwabara does one, Yusuke does 2, but he only has 2 points to counter, Kurama has 4 ^^ But his token does berserk ToT I don’t like using those ones…but I guess it makes sense with his whip and all *sigh* And they added a new scene in the Plus as an intro to playing the token game in it, it’s weird because mouths move and there is no sound, and then my cute little kitten ears pick up our fox boy (fox boy? ^o^ *GLOMP*) saying a line he does not say in the series! Then you see the feet of Rinku and Zeru walking and walking and walking (copy paste repeat a bunch of times on that shot!) and then it goes back to them leaving the room w/ new dialog of them just getting there to challenge them because they can’t wait for the Tourney to start. Then back up some more to a Rinku line that he did use, then see the gang surprised to see him and Kurama’s mouth is moving but no sound ToT hm, yeah they definently could have done that one better. Too bad I wasn’t there to direct ^.~ lol Same thing when they added a token game w/ Urashima to get the Yoko Token ^^ lots of odd cutting to put the scene together, but oh well, at least in the Plus they added some more Kurama ^^

Other fun tid bits while doing the DTPlus, while Hiei fighting Kuwabara to “prove he can still fight even with one hand” The grab and throw technique was amusing because Hiei uses his good hand to grab Kuwabara by the hair and pulls him to fall on his back. Now, I love Kuwabara, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll admit he’s ugly and has an annoying voice-and attacking that hairdo was FUNny! And when I fought Toguro the final Final blow he disappeared through the ring as he went down lol ^^ Did I mention I like in the ending Yusuke gets up (no one is as hurt as bed as they were in the series) and the CROWD yes the anti-human demon mob crowd is all cheering and the stadium is in tip top shape after it being all beaten up from previous matches lol

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Refi: In my absence I TOTALLY forgot some important (well maybe they aren’t that important…) things o.O

  1. I missed my 3 year anniversary here on MyO! O.o Its hard to believe I’ve been blogging here that long! Thanks guys for all the great times!
  2. I have some new YouTube videos! It’s good stuff if you’re interested in Spiral, YYH, or Kodocha ^_~
  3. Well this last one I didn’t forget, I just didn’t have it ready yet, but Here are the revisions for YYH Beyond! (and I promise I’ll post up the next episode soon!)

VIDEO 1: Eyes Rutherford is the Piano Man (Eyes from Spiral and the Blade Children lost in their lives like in Billy Joel’s “The Piano Man” song)

And LOOK! It happened again! My vid ended up on a foreign site!
VIDEO 2: Kurama + Rei = Ku-REI-ma! (YYH clips w/ Kodocha audio, set to corresponding VAs so Kurama with Rei and Kayko with Sana!)

REVISED: YuYu Hakusho Beyond! (Kokou is the ruler of Demon World and Botan is back in action!) {highlight to read if difficult}

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Friday, October 26, 2007

   Hey Peeps!
Refi: So the internet disappeared on me about a month ago, so sorry I haven’t been on. But it’s good to know that life still goes on without me. So I’m moving back home right now. I left Texas…it was sad…even the sky was crying. According to my possie-it was to remain crying until today. We’re all sad to depart, but there is good with this as well. The anime club back home and I are going to look into dubbing our own anime when I get there. I also have some more great project ideas. The drawback is YouTube is inaccessible at the library there (which is my internet source at home-which also means I’m back to posting once a week) -_- so somehow, someway I’ll get those projects up when I’m there.

Also, since the discovery of Eizou Hakusho translations, I’ve been working on revising my YYH Beyond! series, so you can look forward to that before I get up the next episode up…sorry Yusuke, you’re still falling! The key changes are that Kokou is the new ruler of Spirit World, and Botan pops in to hang out w/ the gang, so Koenma and George have excuse to be around too! (I just have some tweaking to do on it to keep everyone in character)

Also, I started a forum! For my LDS (and even non-LDS) friends who are interested, feel free to check it out!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

   The FMA movie was a Blast! People applauded when Roy came back into action, I Cosplayed as Gracia and gave birth to a Fraggle after meeting the VAs!
Refi: ^^; Whew! Thank you Kirbys Double for stepping in and saving me from Hiei and his dragon ^^;;; that was a close one!

Kurama Clone #2: *sigh* And I was about to step in and revert the fruit back into it’s blossom form, being known also as the Moon Flower of Queen of the Night. It truly is amazing what one can learn through today’s technology.

Hiei Clone #3: Hn. I was only teasing. I wasn’t actually going to summon the dragon to consume her entire soul…just let it have a nibble. You don’t have to gang up on me.

Yukina Clone #3: That wasn’t very nice, Hiei.

Hiei Clone #3: *pause* -_- I’m sorry.

Everyone: O-O Hiei apologized?!?!?

Refi: I’m so proud of you! ^o^ Here have a cookie!

Hiei Clone #3: *shoves cookies in mouth*

Kyo Clone #4: HEY! I’ve appoligized before, how come I never got any cookies?

Hatori Clone #6: If you used a polite tone in your voice instead of demanding, then perhaps you would be more likely to earn one.

Kyo Clone #4: Oh like I’m gonna talk all sissy-like like that!

Refi: I know what we can do for you, Kyo… *rushes out of room*

Kyo Clone #4: You better be going to get me some cookies.

Refi: *comes back* Ta-da! Presenting an Equus special: Tohru Clone #4!

Kyo Clone #4: O///O

Tohru Clone #4: *bows* Thank you so much for taking me in and letting me join your family. I’m so happy!

Yukina Clone #3: Oh how nice, I have a new sister now.

Kurama Clone #2: *nudging Hiei Clone #3* She’s not the only one.

Hiei Clone #3: *spraying cookies crumbs* >///< Will you be quiet!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

   Another edition of…

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Refi: I had one mention of interest towards the fruit so that’s what I’m going to do. So before the convention I was driving home and saw a dollar store and thought I’d go see if they had any mallets my friend and I could use for our Kodocha cosplay. They didn’t have anything but I noticed Asian characters on the front of the next building. I said below the Asian words “Local Supermarket” so I thought I’d check it out, who knows they might have had some in the toy section? Well no dice…BUT I made other discoveries there!!! For you I will share Wikipedia (since I didn’t have my camera w/ me and I don’t know what the workers would think if I started taking pictures of their food) pictures of what I found.

This is called a Jackfruit. The picture doesn’t do the wonder justice. It is as big as a watermelon and more prickley than a pineapple! The inside was orange too.

Now these little beauties are called dragonfruit, and there is a legend that goes w/ them too! Something along the lines of that’s what caused the dragons to breath fire and knights would slay them and flaunt this fruit in front of the emperor than eat it to gain the dragons strength. Dragons became extinct because of this. Of course I did not know this at the time I was at the store and even though it was pretty, I had no idea how I would eat it even if I bought one o.O But thank goodness the World Wide Web of Everything could tell me that too (I still don’t know if I’d like it, I’ve been trying lots of new foods and haven’t liked them-except the cashew chicken and soba noodles-and the fruit was the same cost of a fast food meal…which is 3 times what I spend per meal X3)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Behold the inside of a dragon fruit!

As I mentioned, I’ve been trying new foods and sadly I don’t like them. I’ve had miso soup w/ tofu, coconut milk w/ pulp, there was my kimchi experience I talked about in my shoutbox a month or so ago, then I had a beverage from a fruit called lycee, and then there were these gummies that had a bee on the cover saying huny and the gummies were yellow and shaped like corn on the cob. I thought they’d be honey flavored gummies…but I was wrong…they were Corn Flavored!!! From the smell to the taste, it was canned corn. Now I like my corn on the cob or frozen but not canned, but even if I could stand the taste of corn, if I wanted to taste corn, I’d eat the real thing instead of candy that tasted like that so I would at least be getting the nutritional value that comes w/ the flavor! Perhaps I’m an ignorant American. I feel bad that I don’t like what I try, as excited as I am before when I buy it. But with that, I’ll conclude my post…

Hiei Clone #3: >.> Wait a minute!

Refi: o.O huh?

Hiei Clone #3: What is that? *points to top of post*

Refi: ^^; I was recycling the picture because I was talking about food?

Hiei Cone #3: >.> When did you use it before???

Refi: ^^;;;

Hiei Clone #3: >.> You wouldn’t happen to have been spying on me have you???

Refi: uh...Well look at that MERRY CHRISTMAS! I got you your own cooking show just like you always wanted! Just ignore my talk about exotic foods, forget the World Wide Web of Everything, you’re the master you should tell us! Here *tosses dragon fruit to Hiei Clone #3* show us how on earth you eat this!

Hiei Clone #3: *catches* Why thank you *sinister look* This is the very substance to fuel the fire of my Dark Dragon! And with it, I will kill you! *starts to glow and jagan emerges*

Refi: O-O eep! *runs* Where’s the buzzing collar? Where’s Kyo? Where’s Violets violet? Where’s Kurama HELP!!!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

So yesterday I awoke to my phone ringing…and who should be calling…but…FUNimation??? o.O I woke up right away to answer, they wanted to schedule me for an interview! So I had an interview as a Sales Rep w/ the people in charge of sales. Yeah it was cool to see more of the FUNi work areas, and Justin Cook was using the room that was blocked off for my interview, so I got to see him through the glass windows from behind and had my interview out in the lobby. Afterwards, I thought about it and decided I don’t want to work for FUNi anymore. I like the animes they had, but I do not like where they are going and do not wish to be a part of that. The complex plots and thinking stimulatories seem to be dissipating as mass produced anime to make the corporate dollar is emerging. *sigh* It’s a sad world we live in today.

Well, here is some news that I’m surprised hasn’t been the buzz everywhere (which is ironic, at AnimeFest they said they were doing this for more exposure but other than reading it on Mike McFarland’s blog, I haven’t gotten any other info on this!) about this event. Well………….the FullMetal Alchemist movie is being shown in Theaters Thursday night. That’s right the 20th of September as in some of you may be reading this after this has happened! One night only, select theaters which you can find if there is one near you (some states don’t even have any showings yet there are 4 w/in an hour of me and the 4 in my dad’s state are w/in 20 miles of his home XP) here. But that’s not all! VOICE ACTORS will SHOW UP at some of those showings! According to MM’s blog:
Parks At Arlington 18: 3861 S COOPER STREET ARLINGTON, TX 76015
-Leah Clark voice of Noah
-Caitlin Glass voice of Winry Rockbell
-Aaron Dismuke voice of Alphonse Elric
Houston Marq*E Stadium 22: 7620 KATY FREEWAY HOUSTON, TX 77024
-Vic Mignogna voice of Edward Elric
Century City 15: 10250 SANTA MONICA BLVD., 2000 LOS ANGELES, CA 90067
-Travis Willingham voice of Roy Mustang
Atlantic Station: 261 19TH STREET, SUITE 1250 ATLANTA, GA 30363
-Mike McFarland Series/Movie Director and voice of Jean Havoc
-Colleen Clinkenbeard Series Director and voice of Riza Hawkeye

So if you’re lucky enough to be near one of those theatres, I wouldn’t miss it! Last I checked Arlington’s isn’t sold out yet! Imagine that!!! O-O I was sure that fans would be clawing their ways to get tickets *shrug* at least I got mine.

Now I must thank you all for the long and numerous comments that I have received lately ^_^ I do enjoy reading them! Also w/ the Eizou Hakusho, I have been working on revising YYH Beyond! to coincide with this newfound information, so I may give you episode 8 next time…or the PS2 fangirl review…or I could show you pics of the exotic Asian fruits I found at a store here. It will be a mix of what you guys want and how I feel Friday night lol ^^; maybe something else will come up like tonight. I was gonna post the ps2 review but then w/ the FMA Movie and my FUNi interview, I thought this was more pressing ^^ lol

EDIT: P.S. Last week to vote in Kirbys Double's MyO Idol. Currently it is a 3 way tie! Go visit, vote, and make MyO history!!!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

   Movie Time!
Ok, so I have the PS2 review...and then I have pics of some exotic adventures...but for tonight, I will simply share with you the wonderfulness of my latest discoveries! ONE: The Eizou Hakusho clips have been FanSubbed and I present you with my playlist of compiling all of them! And TWO: I'm a bit late on this but if you're interested and didn't yet know, Tales of Symphonia OVA 2 is out! (in Japan that is, but you can find a fansub if you want to!) Mmmm Kratos ^^ I won't say anything to give it away if you haven't seen it yet but want to. SO without further ado, I leave you with Eizou Hakusho all in one convenient player!!!
p.s. I had to wash some mouths out after this, so even if you think it's funny, please do not quote them with foul language-but you can quote them by replacing the bad words w/ appropriate ones-thank you

P.S.S. >.> For some reason the player wants 13 vids and there are suppose to be 14-for me the one missing is Eizou Dream 2 >.> So here's the link for that one if you are having the same problem:
Dream Hakusho Night 2 ; Entire Eizou Hakusho Playlist

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

   Technical Difficulties
Yes tonight I was going to have a special post of reviewing a game for all those non-gamers but fans that have to have anything of thier choice anime like me (remember my fairy tale of where I bought YYHDT just because of the shiny Kurama on the cover even though I didn't have a ps2?) but Microsoft Word is not coming up to access the review I wrote...nor the answers for the DBZwinkie Quiz. But Lord Sesshomaru and KirbysDouble both got 100% (Even though I was going for the 3 types of fusion w/ our heros-both listed many more like Buu and Shenron type fusings) So I'll get around to making the appropriate awards. Question: Do you guys like the weekly trivia and care for me to keep it going?

Well, again this will be my only post for the week. I have some very highly important and special things going on and will not have time for *gasp* my computer {much less any time on the internet} but if I get the chance I'll try and visit sites again in a few days since I am behind...but no promises incase I can't make it!

Now for some special things for you to check out! Visit KirbysDouble to vote on MyO Idol which I'm participating in again, it would mean a lot to him and hey if he does a 3rd one you could even choose to participate in all the fun!!! If you're keeping tabs on my personal screenshot collection, I now have all the YYH shots up on O.S.M. {except the movies which I'll put up after Spiral}. Hm, I'm sure there may be something else, but I don't know...I won't detain you any longer, so I'll see you later!

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