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Thursday, April 2, 2009

   I'm grateful for cameras
busy busy busy trying to catch up after Fannatiku!

My camera died, so I don't have that many pictures v.v but yeah, my cosplay was a spoiler anyway XD 2nd spoiler in a convention-row XD Well for the masqurade I got some others to record, so SpOiLeR wArNiNg that the attached video is one of those ^o^ but I hope to get copies from others that I can put up myself. I was impressed with how well the sound turned out at least, we prerecorded, but on vid you can't tell!

Also, if I get a copy back, I had Aaron read some of Shura's lines that will be later in the Beyond! series, so I hope to get that out too, bit of a spoiler, but not as big as my cosplay lol! I also had Jerry sign my Hiei in RainbowLand pic and he added his own text of "Tornado Fist!" ^_^ but didn't catcth that on camera either. And OH! I forgot to ask him about singing Jin's image song v.v the guests left right after their signings this year so we didn't have time to kidnap them for lunch! But I did tell them they better tell Justin Cook (since one is his best friend and the other is his cousin's son) about Beyond! so keep your fingers crossed!

Still, here is what I did have before my camera died XP

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

   I'm grateful for this weekend
Because my friends from TX are coming up for a convention that we've been making plans for since last summer XD We'll see what progress I can make with YYHB! as we hand out with the VAs (small cons are so cool like that!)

Finally my YYH Quiz went through! Feast your eyes on these~

Discovering Your YuYu Power!
One of my OCs~
Discovering Your YuYu Power!
Fav answer~
Discovering Your YuYu Power!
Discovering Your YuYu Power!
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime

I'm currently holding a Fan Art Challenge for YYHB! inspired drawings, so checks it out. One drawing that was not able to be submitted by TaigaPakkunari4ev that I requested with some passages of Draconta~

And half of the Hiei in RainbowLand RadioPlay is up on YouTube for you to go give a listen! ^.~ It's good stuff, yo!

I'll have it posted as a fanword with all the bonus features once it's all up, currently, I'm releasing one episode a week. But at least all the AMVs are up!

Yeah that's about it for now XD

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

   I'm greatful for seragate home teachers
Probably doesn't mean much to the masses out there, but upon reflecting on this past week, that is a highlight for me that I truely am greatful for.

Well, I'm too lazy to link it, but I started a fanart challenge on TheO for YYHB! so if you're up to date with TheO updates and know about the challenges, feel free to participate. When this one is over, I'll start one for writing Demon World Tournament battles! ^^

YYH Beyond: Episode 21: SUSPICIONS ARISE
{Previously: The world was under threat of destruction from the clones of Kurama, led by a female version called Rose. The other Kurama clones were destroyed, and Rose was dealt with by assimilating with Kurama. The earth was safe again, but as the new spirit detectives, Kaisei and Fubuki, dismantled the orb for Spirit World, Koenma stumbled across some disturbing information. The Foliage Fortress was originally meant to be one of the Gifts to Deity. With mysterious modifications, the world was in fact not in danger, but demons were. What could this troubling new discovery mean?}

[Pan across Spirit World. Ghosted flashback from the original series of Itsuki taking Sensui into another dimension.]

Itsuki Voiceover: Your Spirit World will have to create another enemy so you can keep on fighting; as that is, after all, what you do.

* * *

[Inside Koenma’s office, Botan stands in front of a perturbed Koenma.]

Koenma: Botan, I need you to have Fubuki do something, [pause] without Kaisei.

* * *

[Snow gently falls around Genkai’s compound. Two pairs of feet crunch in the snow while ascending steps. It is Yusuke and Kayko, with Kayko holding Kazuki. They reach the temple. Yusuke taps on the door. The door slides open with Yukina on the other side.]

Yusuke: Not too late for the party, are we?

Yukina: [shakes head] We just started.

[Kayko and Yusuke enter the room and take off their coats and boots. Kuwabara jumps behind Yusuke and chokes him in a headlock.]

Kuwabara: About time you got here, you punk!

[Yusuke flips Kuwabara, landing him on his back. Yusuke falls on him as they sprawl.]

Yusuke: What, you missed me? Sorry to break it to you, but I’m already taken.

Kuwabara: You know that’s not what I meant!

Yusuke: Yeah, sure. And being single has nothing to do with it?

Kuwabara: Oh lay off, the timing hasn’t been right.

[Yukina looks down with her hand covering her mouth. Shizuru approaches.]

Shizuru: [to Yukina] Nice to see someone’s having fun.

Yukina: Will they be okay?

[Shizuru slides open the door and walks over to Yusuke and Kuwabara’s brawl.]

Yusuke: I don’t believe it, but you’ve gotten weaker!

Kuwabara: Oh I’ll show you weak!

[Shizuru picks up Kuwabara up by the collar]

Kuwabara: [side-phrase] Hey! Let me down!

[Shizuru starts punching his face with her free hand.]

Shizuru: If you boys are going to rough house, then take it outside!

[Shizuru throws Kuwabara out the door. He slides face first through the snow. Shizuru slaps the door to shut it and brushes her hands off.]

Shizuru: There. That takes care of that.

[Sounds of running to the door are heard. The door moves back and forth a few times, then Kuwabara busts back into the room. His skin is all blue with icicles hanging from his nose. He falls to his knees in front of Yukina, grabbing her shoulders. Yukina is taken aback.]

Kuwabara: [chattering] Oh, my dear sweet Yukina, I think I got frostbite! Can you make it all better, please?

Yukina: Ummm…

[Kuwabara lowers his hands to grab Yukina’s hands and brings them up to hold his face. Kuwabara turns from blue to steamy red.]

Kuwabara: Ah! I feel better already! You’re amazing!

Yukina: [hesitant] But, I didn’t do anything.

Kuwabara: Sure you did. That’s the power of our love shining through!

[Yusuke and Kayko walk over to Kurama and Midori. Midori sits, rocking a baby girl.]

Yusuke: What’s up? How are you guys?

Kurama: Fine. Natsuko has been quite the bundle of joy.

[Yusuke leans to get a look at Natsuko.]

Yusuke: So we got pipsqueak and pipsqueak junior? Nursing or bottle?

Midori: [controlled anger] I’m not in the mood, Yusuke.

Yusuke: Come on, Kazuki’s all ready for his Christmas kiss.

[Midori attempts to hit Yusuke with her free hand, but he catches her fist. Kayko slugs Yusuke from behind, knocking him over. Yusuke’s foot twitches in the air.]

Kayko and Midori: Don’t talk about our children like that!

[Yusuke springs upright.]

Yusuke: Geeze! Since when did you become such grouchy old hags?

Midori: Shut up, dimwit.

[Kayko sits with Kazuki near Midori. Yusuke makes a face at Midori as he retreats from the girls.]

Yusuke: Old hag pipsqueak. [to Kurama] What’s the deal? She’s as crabby as the old bat.

Kurama: [sighs] Recently, sleep has been a scarcity at our house.

Yusuke: [experienced acknowledgement] Kids do that to you, huh? Welcome to the club. But you don’t see me biting everyone’s head off for it.

[Party scene still shots with sounds of laughter: Kuwabara flirting with Yukina; Yusuke sneaking into the kitchen; Kayko and Midori chatting; Yukina and Shizuru bringing food from the kitchen, Shizuru dragging a knocked out Yusuke by the foot; Kazuki and Natsuko playing on the floor, Kazuki pulling Natsuko’s hair.]

* * *

[Yusuke and Kuwabara come outside into the chilly night air. Kurama follows, gently closing the door behind him. The three begin walking and see blue hair coming up the shrine’s stairs. Botan arrives with Kaisei and Fubuki behind her.]

Yusuke: Who invited her?

Botan: Greetings chaps! You’re not leaving so soon, are you?

Yusuke: Nah, we’re just going for a walk. We finally got the babies down, and the girls needed naps.

Botan: Babies? Oh, I want to see the adorable little things! Come on Fubuki!

[Botan grabs Fubuki’s wrist and runs off inside, leaving Kaisei.]

Fubuki: Hey! Wait!

[Dismayed, Kurama raises a hand to quietly call after them.]

Kurama: Please don’t [sigh, finishes sentence] wake them.

Yusuke: I say we split before the wives wake up. Then they’ll take their anger out on Botan instead of us.

Kurama: [desolately] Or bottle it up until we get home.

[Yusuke irks. Kaisei takes a step towards the trio.]

Kaisei: Mind if I join your walk? We need to talk.

Yusuke: [not listening, groaning] Yeah. Sure.

[The four start walking into the woods. Kuwabara nudges Yusuke.]

Kuwabara: So what’s with the fake ring?

Yusuke: What fake ring?

Kuwabara: Tch. I noticed when we were wrestling that your wedding ring didn’t seem like real gold.

Yusuke: They really are turning you into a brainiac at that university. [grumbles] Hmph. I think I might have lost the real one while we were in that flying Foliage Fortress. This one was the best I could do to cover it up.

Kuwabara: Oh, so you lost your wedding ring, [sly] and Kayko hasn’t noticed yet?

Yusuke: Shut up! If Kayko finds out, she’ll kill me!

Kuwabara: [snickering] Well, there are these concert tickets coming on sale soon…if you get a couple for me and Yukina, then maybe I was ‘mistaken’ about it being phony.

Yusuke: Oh! You wouldn’t dare!

Kuwabara: Ho no?

[Yusuke starts pounding Kuwabara. Kurama and Kaisei stop walking and turn towards Yusuke and Kuwabara. Sweatdrops appear on the back of their heads as they watch.]

Yusuke: How about I convince you of your ‘mistake’ by letting your face feel how real this ring is!


[Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Kaisei stand on a moonlit hill, staring up at the stars.]

Yusuke: [to Kaisei] So has pacifier-breath have you taking big bad demons down still?

Kaisei: Ha! I dealt with tougher ones at home when I was a kid.

Kuwabara: You’d think demon problems would have gotten worse after free passage between worlds; but they aren’t all as bad as people make them out to be. After the holiday, I need to start my thesis statement. I was thinking about doing it on the misconceptions about demons.

Kurama: That could be quite thought-provoking to read; and beneficial towards demons that have come to Human World to seek refuge.

Yusuke: [to Kaisei] So shrimp, you wanted to ask something?

Kaisei: Yeah, a couple of things, actually. Now that we’re away from the others, I was wondering, does this detective business make your mind go wak?

Yusuke: What do you mean?

Kaisei: Well, Fubuki has been acting funny lately. I can’t explain, but I’ve known her, her whole life, and something has been [searches for a word] off recently.

Yusuke: Well, my mind’s still intact, and your mom’s seemed to be too. Although Sensui was off his rocker. Maybe it skips detective generations?

[Kurama twitches. He inhales deeply through his teeth.]

Yusuke: Hey, Kurama, are you okay?

Kurama: [concentrating] Odd. The name Sensui seems to ring a bell for Rose.

Yusuke: Oh yeah, I forgot about that crazy chick and how she’s inside you now.

Kaisei: That master mind from the fortress? Is she human or demon?

Kurama: Both. The other clones appeared to be completely human, but she relishes in the fact that she can achieve her demon transformation.

Kaisei: Have you figured out why she was playing like she was going to destroy the world?

Kurama: Is Spirit World still investigating that case?

Kaisei: Koenma’s been thinking about it. He said the motives didn’t match up.

Kuwabara: Why’s that?

Kaisei: If she finished her plan, then the power orb would have destroyed the demons, not the planet.

[Yusuke’s and Kuwabara’s jaws drop. Kurama closes his eyes in uncomfortable thought.]

Kuwabara: What twisted demon would try to destroy their own kind?

Yusuke: [yelling] So does that mean we got called to that fortress to get captured so we wouldn’t be hit by that power beam?

Kuwabara: Then why was I involved? I’m completely human!

Yusuke: Maybe so you wouldn’t kill yourself trying to protect Yukina?

[Kuwabara fumes, but is interrupted as Kurama lets out struggling noises. His body hunches forward.]

Yusuke and Kuwabara: Huh?

[Kurama opens an eye towards the others.]

Kurama: [suppressed struggle] Rose is angered by this news. So much so that she is trying to take control. She had no knowledge of that outcome. She intended all of us to die, the world included.

Kaisei: [gasps] So how did she find the fortress, and why did she think it would do something else?

Yusuke: Yeah. And while you’re at it, what was her motive for killing us all?

Kurama: It has been difficult to get information from her. It is like her memory has been covered up. There is no recollection before the Fortress. As for motives, her reasoning is twisted. My knowledge that she did inherit plainly contradicts her way of thinking.

Kuwabara: Well, that’s a load of bunk! First she says you won’t know about the cloning stuff if you kill her. Then you let her live, and she still doesn’t give out the answers.

Kurama: I have been working at uncovering her memories. Perhaps this new Sensui lead will prove useful.

Kaisei: [remembering] Oh yeah, Koenma also has a request for you guys.

Yusuke: And what’s that?

Kaisei: To see him in Spirit World.

Yusuke: No thanks, I’m done with that detective stuff.

Kuwabara: What does he want from us anyway?

Kaisei: Didn’t say.

Kurama: And he didn’t send a note or anything? He insists that we see him directly?

Kaisei: That’s right.

Kurama: Interesting.

Yusuke: What could that mean?

Kurama: It appears there are deeper matters at work here.

* * *

[Back inside, Kazuki and Natsuko are both crying. Botan and Fubuki are holding them, frantically trying to calm them down. Two bottles of milk are rattling in a boiling pot of water.]

Fubuki: [tense] Are you sure this is how you prepare a baby bottle?

Botan: [frantic] It was last time I had to take care of a human baby.

Fubuki: Are you sure they’re hungry? Didn’t they eat before their nap?

Botan: [unsure] Of course! Babies are always hungry.

Fubuki: What’s that smell? Oh, don’t tell me we have to change their-

[The glass bottles explode in the pot.]

Botan: [pleading] Oh, do stop crying! Just wait a little bit longer.

Fubuki: [wails] How are we suppose to clean this with our hands full? [screeches] Ew gross! She just spit up on me!

* * *

[Shizuru and Yukina sit in the living room in front of the TV. Shizuru is casually browsing a newspaper.]

Yukina: Shouldn’t we go help them?

Shizuru: [not looking up] They woke the babies up. They can take care of them.

* * *

[In a bedroom, Kayko and Midori lie in rolled out beds. All the commotion from the kitchen can be heard. Midori rolls onto her stomach and covers her ears.]

Midori: [growls] I’m going to kill them.

Kayko: [groans] I’m sure they mean well. Just try to rest.

Midori: Through this racket? [mumbles under breath] Why couldn’t grandma teach me something other than healing powers? I’m going to catch them, then rope them, then string them from the highest yardarm by their toenails over a shark infested pond of hot acid whirl pooling down to sharp jagged rocks that have been layered with salt and brimstone!

* * *

[Back in the kitchen, Fubuki is now holding both babies whom are still crying. Botan is trying to get the water to stop boiling over from the pot while cleaning the mess. Botan takes a break to straighten her back. While she’s up, she nears Fubuki’s ear.]

Botan: [whispers] So how did things go on your assignment?

Fubuki: [confused] What assignment?

* * *

[In Demon World, Hiei is patrolling on Mukuro’s moving fortress with Mr. BigNose. A scent floats through the air. Mr. BigNose sniffs and picks up the scent.]

Mr. BigNose: I’m picking up a new scent. It’s not demon, but it’s not human either. Should we check it out?

Hiei: [shrugs] Might as well.

[The fortress changes the direction it is moving and goes off through the demon forest.]

Narrator: New scents lurk about Demon World, while back in the Human World, the aftermath of the previous adventure unfolds. What plots are hatching in the Spirit World?

“You missed the part about me loosing my ring, right? You didn’t? I guess I’ll have to kill you now. [slight pause] Just kidding. So I go back to Foliage Fortress to try and find it so Kuwabara will stop blackmailing me. I do find something: Spirit World goons are swarming all over the place like it was a beehive! And it looks like Kurama’s curiosity led him to answer Koenma’s request. Not to mention what Hiei finds on patrol. At least in all the mess-up, Kuwabara is going to do us all proud with his own findings. More adventures await when you tune in next time to YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

   I'm grateful for those who give their best, despite the unapproval of the ignorant masses
This wraps up the "Falling Rose" chapter and sets things for the remainder of the saga! I do hope to have Saga II released by the summer.

Saga III is another Demon World Tournament. Now I have the last 16 contestents and the results ready to go, but if there are any fights eariler on in the tournament that you wish to see, you may suggest them and if it's arrange-able I'll be sure to include the stunning battles!

So please comment or PM me any questions (for my upcoming Q&A) and/or fight-match-ups!

YYH Beyond: Episode 20: SPLIT AND MERGE
{Previously: Last time Kurama confronted the master mind behind Foliage Fortress, Rose, his female clone. Their skills and strategies were equal, dragging the fight on with the advantage to neither. Rose then revealed she could willingly transform into a fox demon like Yoko Kurama. They continued their fight until Rose decided to reveal the captured friends of Kurama. All fighters are low on energy and the world will be destroyed soon. Kurama must choose whether he will use his strength and time to save the world or his friends. Time is ticking as Kurama battles within himself. Can he make his decision in time?}

[Kurama stands surrounded by the Puzzle of Plants. He is sweating but attempts to look calm. He tilts his head forward and closes his eyes.]

Kurama Voiceover: There is no time left. Either I can abandon my friends and save the world, or…

[Yoko Kurama’s face continually appears as a ghosted image over Kurama’s mind while talking then fades out.]

Yoko Kurama Image: …abandon the world to save our friends.

Kurama Voiceover: But even if I were to free Hiei, he cannot reach the orb and stop detonation in time while I freed the others. He would not have strength enough to get through the puzzle.

Yoko Kurama Image: Forget the world.

Kurama Voiceover: It is not just the world. It is Midori, Mother, my family.

Yoko Kurama Image: Our friends have loved ones too.

Kurama Voiceover: Kayko, Shizuru, Yukina. They would be saddened of the loss should I let my comrades die. But if they should die instead, the pain my friends would experience would be unbearable.

Yoko Kurama Image: Listen to me.

Kurama Voiceover: There must be a way…

Yoko Kurama: I can help.

Kurama: [screams] THERE MUST BE A WAY!!!

[Kurama starts untangling plants to go towards the orb.]

Kurama Voiceover: For the greater good, I must save the world.

[Yoko Kurama appears completely ghosted over Kurama.]

Yoko Kurama Image: Not if I have a say in it.

[Kurama starts to glow as he continues to work his way towards the orb. Yoko’s spirit pulls back. Yoko’s spirit turns to head in the opposite direction. Kurama and Yoko’s spirit both pull as they open up paths through the Puzzle of Plants.]

Kurama: I have to try.

Yoko Kurama: So do I.

[Yoko’s spirit breaks free of Kurama. Kurama increases his speed as he works his way towards the orb while Yoko’s spirit clears a path towards his friends. They each work intently and silently. Yoko’s spirit reaches the room with Kuwabara, Yusuke, and Hiei. Yoko’s spirit touches the Energy Extractor holding Hiei. The surrounding plants retract and the clamps unlatch. Hiei falls forward to the ground.]

Yoko’s spirit: I know you’re tired, but you must go help Suichi.

Hiei: [nodding] Hm.

[Hiei pushes himself up. He takes off running, grabbing his sword off the ground on his way to the path. Yoko’s spirit goes over to Yusuke and touches the machine he is in to retract the plants.]

Yusuke: How did you do that? I thought you and Kurama were the same.

[Yusuke falls to the ground. Yoko’s spirit goes to Kuwabara to release him.]

Yoko’s spirit: We are, but the situation is dire. I venture to guess that our difference of opinion on the matter enabled us to split apart, but that leaves us considerably vulnerable.

[Kuwabara falls to the ground.]

Yoko’s spirit: I will work on freeing the detectives. You must keep the sun from hitting the energy storage.

[Yusuke and Kuwabara stand up. Yusuke gives a thumbs up.]

Yusuke: Right.

Kuwabara: We’re on it.

[Yusuke and Kuwabara head towards quick as they are able. Yoko’s spirit goes to the cube of plants in the corner. The cage starts falling apart, branch by branch.]

* * *

[Kurama pushes and pulls through the plants of the puzzle. Hiei arrives behind him. Kurama continues to work.]

Kurama: Hiei! You’re well. I’m glad. We are almost to the edge of this giant puzzle.

Hiei: Good. I will make them pay.

* * *

[Yusuke and Kuwabara run through the pathway.]

* * *

[Yoko’s spirit continues on breaking through the cage. Ryone slips out and curls up on the floor.]

* * *

[Plants are thin enough to see a corridor beyond them. Kurama swipes some away.]

Kurama: Almost there.

[Kurama retracts the remaining branches. Hiei dashes off ahead. Kurama widens the exit then continues.]

* * *

[In a room, many cloaked figures stand in a circle around a giant orb. They each have a hand outstretched, emitting energy to it. Green, porcelain Chinese dragons wriggle around the orb as if they were alive. Two of the cloaked figures are sliding a big metal door to the side, allowing sunlight to creep in. Hiei appears and slashes through the figures. Later, Kurama appears and pulls out his rose whip. Yusuke and Kuwabara also enter and start punching the cloaked figures that are still standing. The sunlight is almost touching the orb. Kuwabara knocks out one of the figures at the metal door and begins pushing it closed. Yusuke takes out the figure on the other end of the door. Kuwabara finishes pushing the door shut. All the cloaked figures have been defeated. Kaisei and Fubuki run in, Fubuki carrying Ryone. Yoko’s spirit follows. Kurama looks at Yoko’s spirit, which approaches him. With a glow, Yoko’s spirit reunites with Kurama. Kuwabara looks down at the fallen cloaked figures.]

Kuwabara: They’re all Kuramas!

Yusuke: This is slightly disturbing.

Kurama: It would seem as though a science experiment of cloning went awry when the creations turned on the creator. Or at least Rose rebelled. These other copies did not seem to have as much life or spirit in them as she does.

Yusuke: That still doesn’t explain how whoever got a girl clone out of you. [wink] Is there something you’re not telling us? [scratches head] I mean as far as my understanding goes, clones are exact copies, and if there is a girl, then there has to be some sort of difference so if she really is different from you, being a girl, then she’s not a clone.

Kuwabara: Geeze, Urameshi, if you had gone to high school, then you would now that the only difference is in the Y-chromosome. The freak-demon scientist probably just extracted the Y out of a Kurama DNA sample and doubled his X.

[Clapping can be heard. Everyone turns to see Rose emerging from the passageway.]

Rose: Brilliant deduction.

Yusuke: Look who’s back!

Rose: You expected me to stay away after you paused my plan? I came to finish it off.

Yusuke: So tell me, how can you be a clone if you’re a girl and Kurama’s a man?

Kuwabara: [yells] I told you! Some chromosomes in a sample were altered!

Rose: You should listen to him; he does have a point

[Hiei grabs his Katana to draw again.]

Hiei: I don’t know what nonsense the fool is talking about, but now that you have shown your face, I will have to make you pay for tying me up the way you did back there. It took three of you to capture me before, but now you are just one…and a girl at that!

Kurama: Reserve your energy Hiei. None of us are in condition to fight.

[Hiei dashes towards Rose. She crosses her arm in front of her with a bristly plant covering. She side-steps as she swings to block Hiei’s attack, shattering his sword.]

Rose: That is precisely why it will only take me to defeat you. But first, don’t you want answers? Aren’t you curious? I know one of you is.

[Rose looks over to Kurama and locks eye contact. As Rose talks, she glides over to the orb and slips a hand onto it. The porcelain dragons behave adversely from before as she takes energy from it. A plant slides down her other side and creeps towards the sliding door that is blocking the sun.]

Rose: You want to know who tried to clone you. Why you for the test subject? How they got your DNA? How did we develop so fast? Why even attempt the gender change? What previous failures came before the success of us, what else was being planned? Why did I revolt against it, how could I? Why do I want to destroy the world? Why did I warn you?

[Kurama takes a step towards Rose. He grabs both of her hands, removing them from their tasks.]

Kurama: Fighting will get us no where. If you are willing to clarify, please do. You would not waste your time in provoking our minds if you truly intended to be done with us; if that were the case, you would have killed us by now.

Rose: You cannot kill me if you ever want to know your answers.

Yusuke: Not all of us really care about that.

Kurama: [looking into Rose’s eyes] If you came from me, then I should understand you better than anyone.

[Kurama takes a step closer to Rose. She moves back continually as Kurama continues to get closer to her.]

Kurama: You were afraid to be alone. You wanted to create a new world after destroying the old but that cannot be done alone. You needed other DNA samples.

[Rose pulls her face back with an uncomfortable look.]

Kurama: Or was it that you planned to be stopped? Was this whole façade placed to justify us killing you? Putting you out of your wretched existence?

[Rose’s back touches the wall, and she and Kurama stop walking. Rose clenches her teeth.]

Rose: [full of discontent] How dare you? How dare you! What do you know? You were loved, pampered, spoiled! I never received any such treatment in the lab! How could you understand the feelings I harbor?

[Kurama lets go of one of Rose’s hands to cup the side of her face.]

Kurama: Relax. It wasn’t your fault that you were created.

[Rose’s eyes swell with tears she is holding back. Kurama wraps his arms around Rose.]

Kurama: If you truly came from me, then return to me. Know what I have learned.

[Kurama holds Rose in a tight embrace. Similar to when he merged back with Yoko’s spirit, Kurama and Rose start to glow. The glow intensifies. The others look on in awe. When the glow dies down, Rose is gone. Kurama turns to face the others with a sigh.]

Kurama: It is done.

Yusuke: Wow. Where’d she go?

Kurama: She is part of me now.

Kuwabara: So now you have her memories and thoughts?

Kurama: [soft grunt] Partially. She is still striving to keep them away from my knowledge. I have discovered some, but there is much enigma to unravel yet.

Kaisei: What do you know now?

[Kurama holds out a hand, with the rose-shaped ring on the palm.]

Kurama: Rose’s ring. It is no more than a pretty ornament now. It contained the essence of all the clones, serving to control them, but they are gone now. Their names were numbered in order they were created, M most likely standing for ‘male.’ Rose’s original name was X-2-1-3-F-5. After she took this ring from the scientist, she disposed of that title and named herself. That is all the information I can get from her at this time.

Yusuke: So you know the scientist guy who did the cloning?

Kurama: [shakes head] That is information Rose is stubbornly withholding.

Kuwabara: Do you at least know how to get this ship back to earth?

Fubuki: Yeah! I hate to think of how many dates I’ve missed while stuck up here!

[Kurama smiles.]


[Kurama and Yusuke arrive at Kurama’s apartment. Kurama pulls out a key to unlock the door.]

Yusuke: Before, didn’t you have a hard time juggling three lives? How can you take on this fourth now that you merged with Rose?

Kurama: I will manage [pause] somehow.

[Kurama opens the door. He and Yusuke go in.]

Yusuke: [calling out] Honeys! We’re home!

[Kurama and Yusuke walk down the hall to the bedroom. They peek in to see Midori in bed and Kayko rocking Kazuki near the bedside. Yusuke goes to Kayko and kisses her then picks up Kazuki. Kayko stands up.]

Yusuke: Miss me?

Kayko: I think the question should be, did you miss me?

Yusuke: Do you even have to ask?

[Kurama walks over to Midori. Midori attempts to sit up.]

Kurama: Please don’t overexert yourself, dear.

[Kurama eases Midori back down and holds her hands.]

Midori: I’m glad you are all right. The baby has been waiting for you.

Kurama: I wouldn’t miss its birth for the world.

[Midori chuckles, but the laugh turns into a painful groan.]

Kurama: Oh, no. What’s wrong?

Midori: [takes a deep breath] Don’t worry it’s just a contraction.

Kurama: Oh. Just a contraction. [shocked] A contraction! Shouldn’t we call the doctor!

Midori: It’s okay. Contractions are normal. We don’t need to worry until they’re closer together. The baby won’t come until contractions are about ten minutes apart.

Kurama: If you’re sure you are all right.

Yusuke: Well I guess we’ll be off, good luck you two!

Kurama: Thank you for taking care of Midori, Kayko.

Kayko: Oh. No problem it was fun.

Midori: [screams as if her life depended on it] AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

[Kurama panics over Midori.]

Kurama: Another one? We’ve got to get you to the hospital!

* * *

[In a hospital waiting area, Kurama paces back and forth. Yusuke and Kayko sit with Kazuki. Yusuke watches Kurama then leans over to Kayko.]

Yusuke: Wow, you’d think it was his first kid or something.

Kurama: [innocently] Eh, well…actually it is…

Yusuke: [sly] Oh, come on! You’ve been around for a few thousand years, you telling me you’ve never done this before?

Kurama: Physical attraction is different for humans than my breed of demon. Back when I was Yoko, I was consumed with desires for treasure, power and…


[Kurama jumps. He frantically runs around.]


* * *

[Rose is in a room with a lot of buttons. Her hand is on a giant rusty-looking button that has the word ‘panic’ inscribed on it.]

Rose: What they don’t know is I now have access to pressing his buttons!

[Rose pushes the ‘panic’ button repeatedly.]

Rose: Panic! Panic! Panic!

[Yoko Kurama approaches Rose from behind, grabs her by her biceps, and picks her up.]

Yoko Kurama: Enough of that now, let’s be serious.

[Yoko Kurama turns and carries Rose away.]

* * *

[Back in the hospital, Mr. Hatanaka, Shiori, and Kakoda arrive. Shiori places an arm around Kurama’s shoulders. Kakoda sits by Yusuke and Kayko while Kurama enters the emergency room with his parents.]

* * *

[In Spirit World, Koenma broods at his desk with a book opened in front of him. Ayame enters.]

Ayame: Koenma-sir. With the orb the spirit detectives retrieved, we have been able to confirm your suspicions. The Foliage Fortress is one of the Gifts to Deity. If set off, the ray hitting the earth would have enriched the life energy on Earth. But the energy had an extra ingredient added to it. Had the plan gone through, the sun passing through the energy would have sent a beam to the earth that would incinerate demons.

Koenma: Is that so? [ponders] Then there is something out of place.

Narrator: The world is safe for the time being. But Koenma’s discovery has him worried. With the facts now at hand, what does this information mean to the world?

“Koenma here! In case you were thinking I’ve been slacking on the job, I haven’t. I sacrificed a lot of screen time these past few episodes to do some serious research! The fortress case is wrapped up, but there is a lot more that needs to be looked into. Such as corruption, threats, and people acting weird; as if these fruitcakes weren’t nutty enough for you already! So if things aren’t adding up for you either, you’ll want to catch the next exciting episode of YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

   I'm grateful for my kitties :3
Wells, it looks like no matter how hard I try, we're just getting out an episode a month...but I just got two episodes completly edited, so you guys will get two this month! (ironic, haha, more episodes in the shortest month of the year, w/o help of a leap year either!)

So cut to the chase, with the changes with TheO's fanword setup, it looks like I can 'publish' my ongoing works, so I'll be trying that out (fingers crossed)

ALSO!!! For YYHB! Second Saga bonus features, I'd like to have a Q&A for it, so anyone who would like to participate please comment or PM your question. I will credit those who ask questions unless they request to remain anonymous, so please, ask away!

Well, after pain and longsuffering, and with a great deal of help from Neko-san (really! A BIG!!! help!), the fight for this episode is complete. {I think I had a worse time writing it than Kurama had fighting it -_-} So here we goes~

YYH Beyond: Episode 19: FACE TO FACE
{Previously: Death threats and invitations brought the gang to the Foliage Fortress where one by one they were captured by their old friend Kurama. But as they learned, Kurama was not the one they were really against as the master mind revealed herself, another Kurama, but this one female. How she came about remains a mystery as she keeps Kurama from progressing further into the fortress. Will she succeed, or can Kurama defeat her before they run out of time?}

[In a large room, Kurama faces Rose.]

Kurama: [bored disbelief] You’re supposed to be me?

Rose: Amazing what cloning technology can do these days. They made me a better you.

Kurama: And yet you failed to stop the original.

Rose: [glares] Wh-who says I’ve failed?

Kurama: As you can see, I’m still alive.

Rose: I shouldn’t have entrusted that task to another clone.

Kurama: You think you can do better?

Rose: Let us see. Just try and get past me, your move.

[Kurama pulls out a rose. Seeing she won’t move, his rose becomes a whip as he lashes it towards her. Some vines reach out from her wall of bushes to block. Kurama strikes with his whip again. The whip cuts the vines, but more vines intervene. The whip gets tangled in the vines. He pulls it back while Rose springs into the air, brandishing her own rose whip. She swings her whip at Kurama while coming down. He maneuvers his whip to counter hers. Kurama hops back, and Rose lands in front of him. Both continue striking at each other. Kurama runs around Rose as the whips continue to clash. Kurama jumps with a strong down swipe with his whip. Rose dodges. Their whips continue to fly while they are suspended in air. Rose nears Kurama. At the same time, both move their arms across, causing their whips to crash against each other. Both flip backwards from the impact and land skillfully on the ground, then resume fighting.]

* * *

[Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei watch the fight while tied up in the other room.]

Yusuke: So where did Kurama get the girl look-a-like?

Kuwabara: Good question. Even with all the genetic possibilities, finding someone so similar is near impossible, even if she was a long-lost sister.

Yusuke: Could she be a twin?

Hiei: She’s a clone.

Yusuke & Kuwabara: Huh?

Hiei: They both emit the same energy. That is because the girl came from Kurama.

Yusuke: So does that mean there can be other clones? Who I fought before wasn’t the real Kurama, but a clone? And after I took care of him I saw him undamaged because he actually was another one that I hadn’t fought. Right?

Hiei: Most likely.

Yusuke: Well, that makes me feel better.

Kuwabara: Oh, yeah! I knew Kurama wouldn’t have turned on us like that!

* * *

[While the whips continue, Kurama runs towards the wall of bushes, holding up his free arm to clear a path. Rose makes a fist with her free hand. Mouths from the bushes pop out towards Kurama as he nears. He backs up and uses his whip to cut the mouths off of the bushes.]

Kurama: Who created you? Why?

[Rose’s whip hits Kurama’s hand. He lets go of his whip, which turns back into a rose.]

Rose: Why? [smirk] I’d like to know that myself. But in truth, I don’t care about those trivial facts any more.

[Rose pulls a blade of grass from her hair. The blade forms a sword around her arm. She lunges towards Kurama.]

Kurama: Then what is your goal here?

[Kurama likewise pulls out a grass blade that forms into a sword. He holds it to block Rose’s attack.]

Rose: Destruction, and the clock is ticking. You better think of something fast.

[Rose swipes her sword at Kurama. Kurama keeps on dodging or blocking the blows.]

Kurama: Why are you doing this? What do you hope to gain by your actions?

[Rose throws out her free hand, sending rose petals towards Kurama.]

Rose: My reasons are my own. Don’t think you can talk me out of them. I can play mind games, too, if you wish.

[Kurama jumps to the side, avoiding most of the razor sharp petals. He turns and fires seeds towards Rose. Rose pulls out her whip again, blocking each seed. She strolls towards him with the plant wall growing around the room.]

Rose: Such as some interesting facts I’ve heard about. So tell me about this Midori?

[Kurama’s eyes narrow. He spreads his arms to redirect the petals Rose had thrown out. They swarm around her.]

Kurama: [growls]

[Unfazed, Rose flips her whip to destroy the petals. A few cut her skin and clothes before she demolishes all of them.]

Rose: She didn’t come along on this little field trip, too, did she?

[A vine from behind Kurama wraps around his neck. His sword grows back as he cuts the vine from the plant wall.]

Kurama: [smiles] She’s nowhere near your slimy grasp.

[Kurama grabs the loose vine from his neck and swings it into a lasso. He ropes it around Rose, binding her arms to her body.]

Rose: So she’s back on earth, which will soon be destroyed.

[Branches extend from the wall, lacerating the vine that is between Kurama and Rose.]

Kurama: What?

[Rose picks up two of the fallen vines. They grow into whips. She swings both at Kurama. He grows his section and holds it in the middle with both hands to block. Rose twirls her vines at her sides.]

Rose: Haven’t you figured that out yet, genius? You know we are in space. [right vine strikes] You know where all the energy is being stored. [left vine strikes] And you know when the sun hits it at the right angle, that it will magnify and carry a powerful solar beam towards the planet.

[Rose strikes with both whips again. Kurama continues to deflect her attacks. He twirls his vine whip in front of him then swings one side under to trip Rose. She hops as the end nicks her ankle. They continue.]

* * *

Kuwabara: Whoa! Look at them go!

Yusuke: It’s like fighting a mirror. Kurama should just shatter that rip-off copy!

Hiei: He’s trying, but it appears that the clone inherited all of Kurama’s strategies as well as his techniques. She knows his every move before he makes it. Likewise, he knows what she is capable of and how she will react. Neither will expose their weaknesses to attack, and that is why this fight will carry out as a draw.

Yusuke: But hey, don’t video games pull this kind of deal with fighting an equivalent you? So there has to be a chance to beat her.

Kuwabara: Yeah. Wouldn’t this clone be as good as going against A.I.?

Hiei: Obviously we underestimated her once before and were captured. Let’s not make the same mistake again.

* * *

[Rose swings one vine whip towards Kurama’s head. It nicks his ear as he blocks with his vine whip. The other end of his vine whip snaps near Rose’s feet, which she blocks with her second whip.]

Kurama: I see we are equivalent in every way. This is getting us no where.

[Rose brings her vine whips in front of her, alternating as they spin. She steps closer to Kurama.]

Rose: True. But I do have one thing you don’t.

[Kurama uses his vine whip to continually lash at Rose while he backs away from her.]

Kurama: Time…so you plan to keep me here until your plan is complete.

[Rose snaps both of her vine whips at once, and they wrap around Kurama’s vine whip. Both are still. Slowly, they take steps to the side, causing them to circle each other.]

Rose: Oh no, I want to see the end of the world as it is now known. I’ll even let you off the hook so I can go see it…if you are still around.

Kurama: Are you still presuming a plan to overcome me?

Rose: As a matter of fact, the advantage I was afore referring to…I, [eyes spark] am not afraid of transforming into my demon counterpart!

[Rose releases her vines. She stands and transforms into a female version of Yoko Kurama.]


[Kurama faces Rose in her fox demon form.]

Rose: Let’s see how you can handle this!

[Rose extends her hand, and the death tree sprouts from her. The mouths of the tree salivate and grow towards Kurama. He backs up. As the mouths begin to swoop down, he jumps out of the way. When he gets too close to the plant wall, which now surrounds the room, branches and vines attack him as well.]

Kurama Voiceover: Like this, she should wear herself out quicker. If I can reserve my energy, she’ll tire out, and I’ll still be well enough to move on.

[Three of the death tree heads hover over Kurama. He dodges one head, but finds himself under another one. A drop of its saliva lands on his shoulder. Kurama leaps further to the side as he grasps his shoulder.]

Rose: Getting tired?

[Kurama leaves a patch on his shoulder as he removes his hand. He pulls out another whip and ropes it around one of the death tree’s heads. He runs past Rose, then turns and pulls his whip in.]

Kurama: You wish.

[As the head is forced over Rose, it drips saliva and some hits her bear arm. She recoils the death tree so she can free her other arm and cover her wound. Rose eyes the plant Kurama left on his shoulder.]

Rose: I see you’re using the Strength of Dragon plant to help heal you as we go. Well, I can do that too!

[Rose pulls a plant out from her hair and patches it to the wound on her arm. Demonic vines wrap around her good arm, and she springs towards Kurama. She swings her arm at him. He shifts to the side as he backs up, avoiding each strike.]

Kurama Voiceover: I have acquired this plant only recently. Draconta gave it to me to after I assisted in his recovery. If she knows of it too, then she must have been created after we battled Zerka.

[Rose strikes down. Kurama leaps into the air, evading the blow. He flings his whip to latch onto one side of the plant wall, then throws the other end to hook onto another side. Kurama lands on the outstretched whip on his way down.]

Kurama: You must only be a few months old. No wonder you act so childish.

Rose: What? [growls]

[Rose holds her arm up. Vines shoot up and grab onto Kurama’s whip. The vines retract, pulling Rose up to the whip. Rose flips in the air and lands on Kurama’s whip. Her feet slide along the whip, bringing her closer to Kurama. She holds her arm towards Kurama, the vines in her hand waving and snapping in air.]

Kurama: You may feel advantageous to be fully demon, but the truth is you still lack discipline. I don’t need to transform into Yoko to succeed!

[Kurama pulls out his grass blade sword again. He uses it to cut his whip. He grabs onto one end, and Rose falls. Kurama swings towards the plant wall. Rose uses the vines on her arm to cushion her fall.]

* * *

[Kuwabara, Yusuke, and Hiei are starting to look weak as they watch.]

Hiei: If Kurama remains in his human form, the playing field will be offset enough for one of them to win.

Yusuke: Quite the show, I guess we couldn’t have asked for better seats.

Kuwabara: You know we really should try to find a way out of these things instead of gawking.

Yusuke: [sarcastic] And I was just getting use to my limbs being stretched in every direction. But if you have a plan, I’d love to hear it, genius.

Kuwabara: Hey, Hiei, can you burn up the plants around these things? Maybe that would undo the latches.

Hiei: I’ve tried. All the energy I’ve put out to free myself has been absorbed before it does its damage.

Kuwabara: Really? Hm. Urameshi! Have you tried to break out with a spirit gun?

Yusuke: Does it look like I can let off a spirit gun?

Kuwabara: Well, try it, and I’ll try my sword!

[Kuwabara and Yusuke make some grunts. A few muffled energy attacks are heard. Nothing happens.]

Yusuke: It’s like this thing clamped around my hand ate it all up!

Kuwabara: Whew. [panting] The energy for my sword was taken right away from me as well. Still, I don’t even have enough energy to make a decent dagger.

Hiei: You see what I mean, fool? You should reserve what energy you have left.

Yusuke: Is it just me, or are you guys feeling a sudden onset of exhaustion?

* * *

[Rose rises. She clasps her hands together and squeezes. A thorny branch binds Kurama against the plant wall. Kurama grabs the base of the branch and slices it off. The limbs of the branch release Kurama and he springs off the wall towards Rose. She summons a rose bush. Kurama swipes the branch at Rose while the rose bush blocks. Both plants grow as they intertwine and crackle. Kurama and Rose are pushed back as their weapons expand. A limb from Kurama’s branch shoots through the maze of limbs and hits Rose. Rose lets go of the rose bush and falls back. She stands up straight with a smirk.]

Rose: I must say that was invigorating. [transforms back to Rose] But neither of us can fight on much longer and the time has come.

Kurama: To concede?

Rose: No, to leave you with a decision.

Kurama: Which would be?

[Rose starts to circle around Kurama.]

Rose: If you win the battle, you’ll loose the war. What is more important? Where do your loyalties truly lie?

Kurama: What are you getting at?

Rose: We already covered what the Death Beam is going to do to your planet. But aren’t you forgetting your friends; the ones that were invited here?

[Rose lifts an arm to cross in front of Kurama’s face and snaps her fingers. Kurama follows the direction of Roses hand to see a solid wall through a tunnel of her plant wall. The solid wall rises, revealing Kuwabara, Yusuke, and Hiei in the Energy Extractors. Their eyes are barely open and have weary countenances.]

Kurama: [demanding] What have you done with them?

Rose: They helped supply energy to the orb. Now they are on the brink of death. Their demise shall coincide with the Earth’s destruction. Not to mention two uninvited brats and a pet in the corner who are about to be plant food. It will take some time to dismantle their cage, however.

Kurama Voiceover: She must have channeled the Spirit Detectives’ energy to fuel the extra plants she has been growing so as not to deplete her own energy in this battle.

[Rose wraps her fingers into a fist. The view of Kurama’s friends is blocked off with plants weaving together in the wall.]

Rose: But you do like puzzles right? You may have noticed the growth of foliage during our fight. I took the liberty to block both of your options with a giant Puzzle of Plants for you to untangle.

Kurama Voiceover: I must use my remaining strength wisely and maximize my resources.

Rose: Right now you only have time to save one: your friends or the world? The power orb is far down the opposite corridor. If you start now, you still may not have enough time to reach it.

Kurama Voiceover: There is no point in saving my friends if we don’t have a planet to go back to.

Yoko Kurama Voiceover: There is no guarantee for the world. Fail, and loose everything. Free our friends and they can help.

Rose: After all, the sun will hit in only a few more minutes.

Kurama Voiceover: The world would be gone before they’re freed.

Yoko Kurama Voiceover: But they would at least help you kill Rose. It sounds like she won’t let the world end without her.

Rose: Both choices hold a sacrifice; but can you decide? I suggest you retreat back into your little foxhole.

[Rose slips into her Puzzle of Plants, confidently disappearing.]

Narrator: Left with the choice to save the world from destruction or his friends from dying, Kurama struggles to make his decision. Which voice will he listen to? Which path will he choose?

“This is Botan checking in. Oh dear! Kurama seems to have gotten himself in quite a tight pinch this time. With no time to decide and running low on energy, you can be sure that Kurama will still find a way. But the show isn’t over after he makes his decision! Rose is still around and will continue with her plan. She can’t be allowed to carry on like this. And don’t forget there are things happening back on Earth and in Spirit World! Surprises and discoveries await next time on YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

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Monday, January 12, 2009

   I'm greatful for spellcheck so I can spell grateful
{ie I'm ful o' grates -_-}

So much has happened since the last post...so I think I'll just say nothing XD since now that I'm here and don't remember anything.

I got ToSII and have been playing that, anyone want to critique with me? I had a bunch of crazy theories throughout, I'm almost done so soon I'll know almost everything, I must go on a quest for side quest on my second playthrough ^^

I'm going to have fun at the next convention, now this is a YYHB! spoiler buuuut...since Aaron (most know him as Al from FMA, but he also did Shura in YYH) will be there, and a friend and I were dressing up as some OCs from Beyond!, and it just so happens that our two characters and Shura are a trio in Beyond!, we're going to ask him to join us in our skit ^^ Of course the skit is going to be the biggest spoiler EV-AR! It's in the far future of the series, but I hope it doesn't ruin it for any one who sees it and reads YYHB! (you know if the skit makes it on youtube or something)

So much for me not talking, huh? I know there was tons of other stuff, but I just can't remember ToT Oh wait, I know Christmas is over, but An Anime Christmas where Hiei was Scrooge has been released as a radioplay!

Like the cover art I made for it? I do! ^^

So there's two more episodes ready after this one...after I coreograph the next fight...and then I have a whole 'nother episode after that to send to my editors. I suppose I could ask for specualtion ideas, I've got all the dialogue done, just not the action -_-

YYH Beyond: Episode 18: INTO THREE
{Previously: Last time Yusuke found himself in a canyon that stretched around inside the Foliage Fortress; then he found himself defending against Kurama. He tried to reason with him, but to no avail. In the end Yusuke gave his all and defeated his old friend. Returning to his task of making it through the fortress, he encountered an unharmed Kurama in a successful ambush. Now the Spirit Detectives, Kuwabara, and Yusuke are being held prisoner while Hiei is the final target on their list. With time drawing short as the fortress soars into its destined position, can the world be saved from impending doom?}

[The Foliage Fortress is seen orbiting around the Earth. All motion stops as it fades into an illustration in a book. In the Spirit World records room, Koenma is sitting on top of a ladder, reading the text around the illustration. George bursts in.]

George: There you are, Koenma sir! The reception should be working perfectly now.

[Koenma stands and floats down with the book under his arm.]

Koenma: Finally! This time, it better stay fixed!

George: Uh, what is that book you have there, sir?

Koenma: I was searching to see if there was any information on this Foliage Fortress.

George: And have you found anything?

Koenma: As a matter of fact, this book does mention a gift built centuries ago for the gods, which was prospectively located in the same area. But it was meant to be a satellite.

George: Satellite? Oh that reminds me; while I was fixing the reception, the others were watching the screen to see when it was fixed. When the picture came in, they saw the fortress taking off like a rocket!

[George swoops his arm down and up like a rocket while spinning on his heel.]

Koenma: [snapping] WHAT?! You were watching what was going on without me? [orderly] One hundred spankings.

[Two ogres appear and grab George. They drag him out of the room.]

George: [calling out] But I wasn’t the one watching!

Koenma: [thoughtful] Hmmm. That confirms it. The ‘fortress’ must be one of the Gifts to Deity.

* * *

[Hiei travels down a corridor that has many doors to the side. His eyes are closed and his Jagan uncovered.]

Hiei Voiceover: Ingenious fortress. All the plants provide oxygen, and there is a core to sustain gravity. [pause] The walls have moved again. They seem to try and keep me in the same area. It is like they have a mind of their own.

[Hiei stops and opens his eyes.]

Hiei: Show yourself.

[Silence prevails. Hiei’s eyes flash back, and he pulls his sword out, slashing it while turning. It’s blocked by a grass blade sword, held by Kurama.]

Hiei: [growls warningly] Kurama.

Kurama: [sinister undertone] Hello.

[Kurama pushes Hiei’s sword back and strikes. Hiei blocks. Their swords continue in rapid clashes with Hiei on the defensive. Kurama stabs Hiei in the gut, but it ends up being an afterimage. Hiei reappears behind Kurama. Kurama rolls to the side, avoiding Hiei’s strike. Kurama gets up and lunges towards Hiei. Hiei’s sword glows with the darkness flame. Light flashes in this round of sword clashes. Then Kurama and Hiei stop, holding their swords with their backs to each other. Kurama’s grass sword tears into segments, the pieces fluttering down like leaves. Kurama drops the remainder of his blade and pulls out a rose. He spins to face Hiei as the rose transforms into a whip.]


[Hiei dodges the whip. Images of Hiei appear around as the whip flies in every direction. After the onslaught, Hiei lands and holds out his left hand. Kurama snaps the whip towards Hiei.]


[Hiei’s arm is encompassed with fire. He grabs the whip, stopping Kurama’s attack. Kurama’s eyes narrow.]

Hiei: You’ll have to do better than that.

[Starting from where Hiei is holding it, Kurama’s whip disintegrates from the heat. Kurama lets go and blocks his face from the inferno. The fire on Hiei’s left arm dies down. He raises his right hand up to his face.]

Hiei: Let’s see how you stand against the dragon.

[Kurama sprints towards Hiei.]

Kurama: Only if you have time to summon it.

[Kurama chops Hiei’s arm with his hand. Hiei swings it around and thrusts it into Kurama’s stomach. A bulge spirals down Hiei’s arm, under his sleeve. His dragon, Ryone, pops out in snake form. Hiei smiles as Kurama flies back.]

Hiei: Believe me; I have time for this dragon.

[Ryone emerges completely from Hiei’s sleeve and grows in size to the girth of the corridor. Its mouth opens in front of Kurama. Kurama stands on Ryone’s bottom jaw and holds up the top fangs. They disappear down the passageway. Hiei prepares to chase, but he stands up straight again as one of the doors to the side opens.]

Kurama’s Voice: I believe this is the way you want to go.

Hiei: If you think you can mask yourself to elude Ryone, you’re sadly mistaken, fox!

[Hiei leaves the hall through the doorway, and wanders through the forested room on the other side.]

Kurama’s Voice: Yes, come this way.

[A pathway clears. Hiei follows it, examining his surroundings.]

Hiei: I’m only here because of what was said in that letter I received.

Kurama’s Voice: I know.

Hiei: Do you really expect me to believe that after all this time you decided to end it with the humans?

Kurama’s Voice: It is what you have long desired.

Hiei: The Kurama I know is too tainted for that.

[Kurama’s laughter echoes. Hiei stops and places a hand on his katana.]

Kurama’s Voice: Then why did you still come? Surrender and let us use your energy. It will go to a good cause.

[A rose whip flies out from between trees. Hiei pulls out his sword. There’s a clang, and the whip is wrapped around Hiei’s neck and raised sword. He uses his free hand to hold the blade straight to prevent the makeshift noose tightening.]

Hiei: We already went over this; your roses are useless against me! If you insist on attacking, at least use something that won’t bore me.

[Two more rose whips come from different directions. One wraps around Hiei’s abdomen and the other one around his legs.]

Kurama’s Voice: Is that better? Or would you prefer something more demonic?

[Demonic choke vines spiral up each whip towards Hiei. Sucker-mouths pop out and latch onto Hiei’s skin. Hiei winces and gasps at the pain. His eyes narrow to a glare. His hand repositions its hold on his hilt. His eyes close fully as flames rise around his blade. He twirls his katana around, slicing off the surrounding whips. His eyes open, focusing on a target, and he rushes off in that direction. He appears above Kurama, who is hiding in the shrubbery. Hiei descends, ready to strike with his sword when two whips come out and snap at him. One hits his hand, knocking his katana away. The other flicks his Jagan eye. Hiei falls back with a hand covering his third eye.]

Hiei: My Jagan! [growls] Curse you!

[Kurama stands, looking down at Hiei. Two more Kuramas appear in the area and walk to surround Hiei. All three Kuramas raise one arm and lower the other.]


[Rose petals begin to swarm thickly all around Hiei. The petals constantly cut Hiei as they brush by him.]

First Kurama: Let’s see how long you can hold your breath.

[The three Kuramas shift their arms to mirror their previous pose.]


[Yellow flowers bloom around the area. Hiei inhales. The flowers release pollen to mix with the petals swirling in the air. Hiei eyes his sword, and springs for it. Grabbing it, he twists to thrust it into the body of the nearest Kurama. The stabbed Kurama lowers his arms, causing the flying rose petals decrease. The Kurama puts one hand on his side where the sword is protruding, and grabs Hiei’s shoulder with his other hand. He looks into Hiei’s eyes. Hiei is taken aback, but he shakes off the feeling and twists his sword. The Kurama winces. His hold tightens, demonic weeds sprouting from under his sleeve and into Hiei’s shoulder. Hiei grits his teeth. He gets ready to strike again, but is interrupted with weeds from another Kurama jabbing him in the back of his other shoulder, causing him to let go of his katana. The stabbed Kurama shoves himself into Hiei, causing the hilt to strike Hiei’s diaphragm. Hiei’s eyes grow big and his mouth opens. Scene fades out.]


[The Kurama with Hiei’s sword sticking out of him enters the room with the Cloaked Master. Two Kuramas follow, dragging an unconscious Hiei between them. They stop in front of the Cloaked Master. The Cloaked Master turns to them.]

Cloaked Master: Honestly M4, that is so distasteful.

[The Cloaked Master reaches for the hilt and pulls it out of M4. She tosses it to the side. M4 covers up his now open wound with his arms.]

M4: [slight groan] We at least got the last one. He resisted, but we made sure he had enough energy left.

[The Cloaked Master waves M4 to step aside, her ring glowing. She steps towards Hiei and delicately lifts his head up. He gives a soft groan.]

Cloaked Master: [pleasantly] Hook him up quickly.

[The two Kuramas holding Hiei drag him to an empty Energy Extractor on the other side of Yusuke. M4 spares a hand from his wound to lower the sleeping plants in front of Yusuke and Kuwabara. Hiei stirs as the clamps around his wrists and ankles are secured. Another Kurama enters the room, carrying Ryone sleeping in its seahorse form.]

Cloaked Master: [facing the newcomer] Well done, M9. We’ll add this creature to our collection in the corner.

[M9 carries Ryone to the corner where Kaisei and Fubuki were enclosed. Hiei sees his dragon and starts struggling as M9 places Ryone up to the block of plants. The plants wrap around Ryone and pull him in.]

Hiei: [demanding] Ryone was practically invincible! How could you know how to stop him?

[Kuwabara and Yusuke open their eyes. The four present Kuramas line up in front of the Cloaked Master. The Cloaked Master waves them out with her ring pulsing.]

Cloaked Master: Excellent work! Now go help power the orb for the Death Beam.

Kuramas: Yes, master.

[The Kuramas turn and exit the room. The Cloaked Master turns to Hiei and the awakened Yusuke and Kuwabara.]

Cloaked Master: [laughs] Now I have you all! Indeed, if there is any life left in you after this, you will all make excellent research subjects!

Yusuke: Sorry, I was never big in biology, but that doesn’t sound too fun.

Cloaked Master: Trust me. It will be loads of fun. It is a shame we lack the time now, otherwise you would be more useful towards our last obstacle.

Yusuke: Which would be?

[The Cloaked Master gives a sinister laugh.]

Kuwabara: [growls, then shouts] It doesn’t matter what it is! There is nothing you can do to us to make us help you!

Cloaked Master: Oh, I’m sorry you feel that way; because even now I am using you to help me. Indeed if it were not for this last…problem…we wouldn’t have spared your lives for this long.

Hiei: So we serve as hostages for your little scheme.

Cloaked Master: If you wish to view it that way.

Yusuke: [struggling] Why you—

Cloaked Master: [smirk] He fast approaches.

Yusuke: Who?

Cloaked Master: You shall soon see for yourselves.

[The Cloaked Master raises her arm. The lights dim in room. A window appears behind the Cloaked Master. It reveals another room.]

Cloaked Master: Behind me is a one-way window where you can witness just how useful you are when I no longer can buy time. [turns to leave] Oh, and feel free to squirm and make all the noise you want…this window is very much sound proof as it is energy proof. Tata.

[The Cloaked Master exits into darkness.]

* * *

[Kurama walks down a dimly lit, plant-filled hallway.]

Kurama Voiceover: The events do not bode well. I must be near, however. I can sense something powerful ahead.

[He comes to a big room and stops after proceeding about a third of the way in.]

Kurama: We both know of the other’s presence; there is no sense in either of us hiding now. Come out!

* * *

[In the room where Kuwabara, Yusuke, and Hiei are hanging, the three onlookers see Kurama in the room beyond the window.]

Kuwabara: There’s the dirty traitor now. Man I still can’t believe he turned on us like that. And Midori too. That whole bullet wound thing before was probably just a trick.

Yusuke: I don’t know, when he got me I thought I had him down and out, but then he came back completely healed.

Hiei: And I doubt he could have split into three equivalent fighters when he ambushed me. One thing is certain; he appears to be the “obstacle.”

[Out the window, the Cloaked Master is seen entering the room and gradually confronts Kurama.]

Yusuke: Yep, there’s the head honcho. Perhaps now we’ll know what’s going on here.

* * *

[In the spacious room, Kurama and the Cloaked Master face each other in silence. Finally, Kurama sidesteps. The Cloaked Master lifts an arm to the side. A wall of plants shoots out with snarling mouths woven in to block off the two doorways.]

Kurama: Are you the one behind all this?

Cloaked Master: [slowly] I am the one in charge, if that is what you mean.

Kurama: Very well. I warn you: let me pass or I shall leave you begging for mercy.

Cloaked Master: Such tough talk for knowing so little about your opponent. I’m disappointed in you [slight pause] Kurama.

Kurama: Then why don’t you reveal yourself instead of hiding under a sheet.

Cloaked Master: Ooh, Rude and witty, I wonder where you could have picked that up from?

* * *

[Yusuke sneezes.]

Kuwabara: Bless you.

* * *

[There is a moment of silence between Kurama and the Cloaked Master.]

Kurama: Well?

Cloaked Master: Perhaps I do not feel like it.

Kurama: If you continue this adamant behavior, then I shall carry on.

[Kurama starts to walk around the Cloaked Master, holding a hand up to part the bushes. The Cloaked Master holds up her hand, closing the bushes back up.]

Cloaked Master: Wait! Straight is not the way you seek. Besides…you are curious, aren’t you? Of what is under this little bed sheet?

Kurama: The way you say it, I could pass.

Cloaked Master: Tut tut. You haven’t wondered? About why we wanted you dead first?

Kurama: That holds little mystery, but if you are willing to reveal yourself, be quick; my patience wears thin.

[The Cloaked Master pulls off the cloak. We see the cloak flutter in the air then the back of long red hair, delicate hands, and finally pant bottoms, a bare ankle, and a white slender shoe.]

* * *

Kuwabara: HOLY COW!


Kuwabara: But I could have sworn there was a girl under there.

Yusuke: It’s a FEMALE Kurama! [pauses] Hey, she’s not too bad looking is she?

Hiei: [sweatdrop] Morons.

* * *

[Camera circles around the Cloaked Master.]

Cloaked Master: You may call me Rose!

[Rose poses as the camera stops circling.]

Rose: Do you like it? I am the new and improved version of you!

[Freeze frame.]

Narrator: Kurama is faced with a female form of himself. With her claims of superiority, can he still manage to out-fox his opposite?

“And so I am brought face to face with myself. Immature as my female counterpart may seem, she still offsets my every move. She displays all my skills and all my strategies. But even though she claims that she is an improvement, she’ll bring out the worst of me. Does she really understand the far reaching consequences her actions will have? What is her motivation? Her goal? I must battle against her and against time on the next episode of YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

   I'm greatful for the Temple
You know? I think I'm not going to say much and just post the story XD lol

Although we have all the lines in for Eizou Hakusho, so that should be coming out soon! And look forward to the RadioPlay version of An Anime Christmas this season!

It's still pretty warm for this time of year XD In fact it's warmer here than back in Texas o.O >not complaining though...I LOVE being warm!<

Three more episodes will be heading towards my editors...soon... XD I'm trying to get the scripts a little bit more complete. I guess that will make up for not writing my second year for an Anime Christmas XD I've also been working on two other YYH fics (actual fanfic rather than my story, one serious, and the other downright hilarious)

Speaking of Anime Xmases...for a Nutcracker gig...would it be better to have Yuki as the rat king and Kyo as the nutcracker prince, or should I go for funny and have Kyo be the rat king and Yuki the nutcracker prince?

Was that enough of a tangent to get straight to the story? Well, here's the next episode! *boy things are really heating up! The one after this is going to be EPIC!*

YYH Beyond: Episode 17: GUNS AND WHIPS
{Previously: After receiving a deathly message of impending destruction, Yusuke and friends joined with the new spirit detectives in entering the Foliage Fortress. As they progressed through this living labyrinth, rattlesnake vines decided to break the group apart. Left by themselves, the spirit detectives had the first run in and were captured. Kuwabara also had an encounter of his own, which was with Kurama. With friendly enticement, Kurama managed to capture a hungry Kuwabara. Yusuke and Hiei are still split apart as they work their way through. Will Kurama confront them in similar manners? How will they handle his betrayal?}

[Yusuke walks through a plant-infested hallway. He notices some light and turns towards it. He brushes hanging vines to the side to reveal a canyon. He walks out and looks to each side, seeing the canyon extend as far as he can see. Looking up, he sees plants woven over the top, enclosing the canyon but still letting plenty of light through.]

Yusuke: [whistles] This fortress is big enough to fit a whole city in here, or more! Heh. Still, too bad for them and good for me that I stumbled onto this section. No more stupid nature hikes!

[Yusuke inhales and lifts his legs to float. He takes his time ascending as he eyes the rocky and mossy walls. He starts flying to the side, still eyeing the walls.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Come on. If there was a way out here, there’s got to be more that lead in…

[Yusuke flies around a bend. He is seen flying through a section with darker lighting. He passes through another section with lighter lighting.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Geeze, how big is this place? Scratch the city, this fortress could fit a million of them! It feels like I’ve been flying for days now. I hope I’m not just going in circles; all this backwoods stuff looks the same to me. If I never see another tree again, it will be too soon.

[Yusuke spots water running out of the side of a gorge.]

Yusuke: Well, that’s new.

Yusuke Voiceover: And if water is coming out, it’s coming from somewhere, which might mean a way back in.

[Yusuke flies down to where the water is coming out. He cups his hand to catch some water and drinks it while investigating the crevice.]

Yusuke Voiceover: I’m no expert, but it looks like spheres were cut out from all along here, which can’t be normal.

[Yusuke feels the holes near where the water is emerging from. Behind him, vines shoot out from the underbrush and wrap around Yusuke.]

Yusuke: Hey! What’s the big idea? Let go!

[Yusuke starts to fly back up. Kurama jumps out from where the vines are coming from.]

Yusuke: Ku-Kurama? What do you think you’re doing?

Kurama: Heh.

[Kurama pulls the vines down to send Yusuke crashing into the ground. Kurama lands in front and reaches into his pocket.]

Kurama: Don’t worry. It will all be over soon.

[Kurama pulls out a handful of powder. He starts to blow, but Yusuke powers up and breaks his bind, flying back up.]

Yusuke: I don’t think so!

Kurama: ROSE WHIP!

[Kurama pulls out his whip while jumping and lashes it towards Yusuke. Yusuke shoots upwards to dodge and curves overhead. Upside-down, Yusuke points his finger.]


[Kurama turns with his whip. As the spirit gun blast nears, the whip hits it. Kurama releases energy, causing his whip to glow red as it holds the blast back. Electricity cackles around the clashing powers. Kurama pulls the whip, causing its thorns to slice through the blast. Splitting it in two, each half of the shot is sent to a different side. The explosions damage the scenery but neither of the fighters. Kurama stands firm as the blasts blow his hair. Yusuke flips to land right side up. Kurama snaps his whip again. The whip hits a branch in Yusuke’s hand.]

Yusuke: Whoa, hey! I know I’ve been dying to test my skills against yours, but now really isn’t the time.

[Yusuke tosses the branch.]

Kurama: [smirk] Who said anything about a test?

[Kurama extends an arm with plants shooting out towards Yusuke.]

* * *

[George runs into Koenma’s office. Koenma sits glumly at his desk with a pencil in hand and puzzle book in front.]

George: The reception should be working fine, Koenma sir!

[Koenma sets down the pencil and reaches for the remote.]

Koenma: Well it’s about time, ogre! You know I can’t rest easy if I don’t know what’s going on.

[Koenma surfs the channels, displaying different parts of the fortress.]

George: It looks as though the spiritual storm is over, sir.

Koenma: I told you! And you, ya blue ninny, thought the enemy was masking the place from our reception.

[The scene of Kurama attacking Yusuke in the canyon comes up. Koenma’s and George’s eyes pop and jaws drop.]

Koenma & George: WAK???

Koenma: Holy Toledo! Why are those two fighting when they have a world to save?

George: Perhaps it’s to see who gets the last cookie?

Koenma: What cookie? Shut up, you fruitcake!

* * *

[Yusuke crouches down behind a bush and some trees.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Aw crud, with all these plants Kurama’s got the advantage. It’s like he has me surrounded. This plant-infested place…I can’t believe I didn’t see this before.

[Kurama walks by, scanning the area. After he passes, Yusuke rises and sticks a glowing finger to the back of Kurama’s head.]

Yusuke: Why are you dong this? [pause] Tell me!

[A tree branch swings down to loop Yusuke around the neck.]

Kurama: [smiles] Hm. Why should I tell you?

[Kurama turns. Yusuke flies out of the noose. Charging his finger, he aims it at Kurama.]

Yusuke: So I can knock some sense into you instead of blasting it out!

[Yusuke blows off another spirit gun. Kurama springs to the side.]

Kurama: Very witty. But if you could not tell yet, you have been brought here for your own destruction.

[The surrounding trees twist together, enclosing Kurama and Yusuke in a dome.]

Yusuke: So that bullet affair, that was just a part of your plan, huh? And knowing where and when to locate us with notes? Tell me, was Midori a part of your scheme too?

[Yusuke flies towards Kurama with his fist ready for a punch. Kurama sweeps his hand branches block Yusuke. One of his hands gets caught in the branches.]

Kurama: I believe I have already told you more than you should know.

Yusuke: Doesn’t mean I get it.

Kurama: Your small mind would not be able to handle the truth.

[Yusuke manages to free his hand from the branches’ bonds.]

Yusuke: Well see if you can handle my SHOTGUN!

[Many shots rapid-fire from Yusuke’s fist. Smoke clouds arise around Kurama as the attack continues.]

* * *

[Koenma and George continue to watch the fight.]

George: So, who do you think will win?

Koenma: Well, it sounds like Kurama is the enemy this time. But the question is why.

George: Well he used to be a bad demon. Could he have returned to that?

Koenma: Even as a demon, he was loyal to his comrades.

George: But didn’t he try to off Yomi once?

Koenma: For being brash. Now I know Yusuke isn’t the smartest cracker in the barrel, but it’s not like he’s made mistakes that would make killing him profitable.

George: Well Yusuke did kill Kurama’s siblings. Perhaps he’s after revenge?

Koenma: Kurama fought along with Yusuke in that battle.

George: But what if…

Koenma: Ogre. Keep quiet until you have something intelligent to say, which is never. I’m trying to figure this out!

[Koenma squints at the screen in hopes of finding a clue.]

* * *

[Yusuke finishes his lengthy assault, wiping out most of the life in the area. A battered wooden wall is raised in front of Kurama, who now has scrapes from blasts that penetrated. Yusuke flies over and lands on what is left from Kurama’s shield.]

Yusuke: Seriously, Kurama. What’s up?

Kurama: I [breathes] will not stop [lifts hand] until you’re overcome!

[Kurama strikes the shield. The shield grows up and around Yusuke.]


[Kurama passes his energy into the tree that is encompassing Yusuke. Only Yusuke’s face can be seen as the limbs wrap and tighten around him.]

Kurama: Don’t bother struggling any more.

Yusuke: I’ll warn you once. Release me, or stand back.

[Kurama looks up in doubt.]

Kurama: I’m making this too dense to penetrate.

Yusuke: Not for the Spirit Wave. You gave your all. Here’s mine!

[Yusuke powers up. His eyes start glowing. The tree rustles, and Kurama bites his lip. Kurama places his other hand and lets out more energy. Yusuke completes his tactic as a light blue aura illuminates the area and expands. The tree dissolves, leaving Yusuke floating as a shiny white wave discharges. Kurama is blown back by this surge of power. The wave lasts for a while then dies out. Yusuke floats back down to the ground, landing in front of Kurama’s body.]

Yusuke: [sighs] Sorry, old friend.

[Yusuke turns and walks towards the fortress side of the canyon.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Man that was tough; I don’t think I could take another beating like that any time soon. I don’t even have enough energy left to fly any more.

[Yusuke bends down by the waterfall to get a drink. He senses something behind him.]

Yusuke: Oh great, me and my big mouth.

[Yusuke rises then turns. He is now face to face with Kurama. Kurama stands tall with none of the wounds he was left with.]

Yusuke: I knocked you unconscious back there. What gives?

Kurama: Heh, heh. Gave everything, and now you’re too weak to fight back? I thought you would have learned better by now.

[The air fills with pollen. Yusuke holds his breath with a glare. He paces to the side, but a branch juts out from the canyon wall, hitting Yusuke on the back of the neck. Yusuke’s mouth opens as he falls to the ground.]

* * *

[In Koenma’s office, the scene fizzles out to white noise.]

Koenma: [bawling] What is with this unusually high amount of spiritual storms?

George: Oh, don’t make me go fix it again, Koenma sir. George is scared of heights!

Koenma: George is scared of spankings too, isn’t he?

[George gulps. Ayame enters through the wall.]

Ayame: Koenma, sir.

Koenma: [takes a deep breath] Yes. What is it?

Ayame: All completed test results show only positive outcomes. There are a few more tests that can be run, but we have run out of energy samples.

Koenma: Very well. According to the pattern, the barrier should wane soon.

Ayame: We shall stand ready to gather another sample then.

[Ayame bows then exits through the wall. Koenma strokes his chin in thought. A light bulb turns on over his head as he slaps a fist onto his palm.]

Koenma: HA! I got it!

George: Got what, Koenma sir? The last word on your crossword puzzle?

Koenma: Now don’t you start acting funny too! I figured out what’s going on, you dolt!

George: But the testing isn’t finished yet! How do you know?

Koenma: Because I’m the Mighty Koenma. The reason all the tests show good outcomes is because the energy must be good.

George: Meaning there is no threat? So you sent the detectives there for nothing?

Koenma: Keep your cool. They’re not in any danger. And Kurama isn’t the bad guy. He’s only training them!

George: Do you really think that is the case, Koenma sir?

Koenma: Well Yusuke just blasted the crud out of Kurama, and only a moment later he’s standing in front of him in mint condition. He must have used that energy we’ve been picking up to heal himself. Apparently it works faster than Genkai’s Spirit Wave Technique!

George: So Kurama will teach the others about this new energy?

Koenma: Most likely. But I’m still worried. If Kurama went out of his way to put this together, then that must mean he knows of something bad approaching.

George: That didn’t do us any good. Now we’re back at square one!

Koenma: Ogre. I don’t know why I have to reason with you.

* * *

[Kurama enters the room with the Cloaked Master. He holds Yusuke on his shoulder with his feet trailing behind. The Cloaked Master puts a hand in front of Yusuke’s sleeping face.]

Cloaked Master: You fool. You exhausted nearly all his energy in capturing him.

Kurama: Blame M7. He fought this guy to the death.

Cloaked Master: Another unanticipated loss. [waves hand with ring glowing] Hook this one up. We’ll get what energy we can from him.

[Kurama drags Yusuke across the room. They pass a sleeping Kuwabara who is locked hand and foot to a giant metal circle. Plant-like cords are wound around the device. A sunflower-like plant is growing in front of him with the bloom close to his face. Kurama stops in front of a similar contraption next to Kuwabara and places a hand on it. Cords come down and attach to Yusuke and pull him up. Yusuke starts to stir. Kurama locks the clamps around Yusuke’s wrists and ankles. When the locks are in place, a plant sprouts up and blooms in front of Yusuke’s face. After a few blinks, Yusuke falls back asleep.]

Kurama: I overheard this one ask if Midori was part of the scheme.

Cloaked Master: Interesting. But capturing this one took longer than anticipated. Time is running short; we cannot take chances catching the last one. The rattlesnake vines should have sent him to the barracks. Take M3 and M5 there with you. We must capture our final guest with full force immediately!

Kurama: Do it yourself. I’m supposed to help out with the orb now.

Cloaked Master: [unemotional] Excuse me?

[The Cloaked Master raises her hand towards Kurama. The ring on it starts to glow.]

Cloaked Master: [flatly] You will take reinforcements to the barracks and capture the last one now.

[The Cloaked Master waves from Kurama towards the door, her ring pulsing. Kurama gives a nod.]

Kurama: Yes, master.

[Kurama begins to exit the room.]

Cloaked Master: The new moon is almost upon us.

* * *

[Outside view of the Foliage Fortress. Soft rumble starts and the entire fortress starts shaking. The fortress lifts off the ground. After reaching space, the fortress is seen orbiting the earth.]

Cloaked Master Voiceover: [prophetic echoing] A full moon shall shine doom when the earth’s is new and gone.

Narrator: Like a rocket, the Foliage Fortress heads towards its cosmic destination destroy the world. With only Hiei left free, can the impending catastrophe be diverted? Or will things turn out to be not as they seem?

“That’s me, Hiei, and like I said before, I’ve been roped into another mission just to baby-sit. When will they learn to pull their own weight? I should just let them all rot and die, but I have my own confrontation to handle. Rest assured I will not go without a fight, but then who do I end up fighting? There will be more surprises next time as I defend against the unexpected and learn a few surprises for myself. So if you miss the next episode of YuYu Hakusho Beyond! I may have to hurt you for your lack of respect.”

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

   I'm greatful for friends
Adding a P.S. at the top XD Since this is a longer than normal long post and not everyone may make it to the end lol!

My Texas friend I keep mentioning in this post got an account on TheO! Her username is Frolay. If you can welcome her, I'm sure she'd appreciate it...and if you ever wanted to see the YuYu guys play DDR, subscribe so you'll know when she gets her special wallpapers up here!

(and a special thank you to any and all who have submitted wallpapers, esp to the YYH category, it's the best collection she come acrossed on the net and was throughly please with options when she wanted to change her desktop wallpaper!)


Banzai was a HUGE blast! You guys have no idea! But the short of it, it was all about Friday XD

Kurama and Hiei were the first cosplayers I saw when we got there! <3 and it ended up they new me and my Texas friend from DA and I knew the Kurama because she's the sister of our anime club president X3
*1st costume~Pregnant Gracia (FMA)...and everyone thought I was REALLY pregnant XD Gave birth to a fraggle for Sonny Strait (voiced Maes Hughes) and he exclaimed, "Looks just like me!" then did the Kodocha dance a cappella solo, he got the whole room clapping the beat. I showed him my Misako hat and he told me to come to his booth in Artists' Alley when I was in my Kodocha outfit. Redid my pregnant to meet Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric) he recoiled when feeling it 'kick' (even though it didn't do anything) and freaked out Ed-style when I 'went into labor'
*2nd costume~Misako (Kodocha) homeless look {the hat didn't want to stay on} Got to talk with Sonny, found out a range of wages for VAs and found out some of the extras he's played, cool minor roles too by my opinion! Spent tons of $$$ at the dealers room >.>;;; all because they accepted credit cards without additional fees like they did at AnimeFest...
*3rd costume~Spoiler! (Rose, an OC not yet introduced in YYH Beyond!) There was a Yusuke cosplayer with a spirit gun and paper mache puu so we planned a YYH photoshoot if we could get all of us together. I hung out with Kurama and Hiei taking cosplay pics. They went to an event and I chilled, ran into Yusuke again, and with Yusuke got with Hiei and Kurama for a YYH photoshoot before Vic's Q&A
~Asked Vic a ? ^^, so did my friend {hilarious! If you love Vic, you'll want to hear this!} ...more Banzai vids on my YouTube page-check out Sonny's if you get a chance, I thought he was funny!~

Yay he endorsed my character XD >.> I just remembered in my dream last night he kept talking in that voice at a con in my church building from where I grew up and I was about to go up for a performance of a song from Oklahoma or something but then there were tech issues or something and then I woke up again...

So I was pretty tired by then, but there was the masqurade ball that night and I went to that (that's the whole reason I had costume #3) Techno video game music for '15 min' (it seemed less to me XD) then they announced the winners of the silent auction of getting a dance with Vic to come up and pay...and I heard my name O_O
*FANGIRL SPAZ!* YES IT'S TRUE! I GOT TO DANCE WITH VIC MIGNOGNA!!! I was sure people would be bidding higher, like in the range the first winner did (it was for charity too-a cancer research organization...but I guess I forgot most people at cons are teeny-boppers XD) So it was cool, it gave me a change to talk with Vic some more and he told me I might get lucky with my Beyond! series because FUNi is doing lots of stuff!

Kinda glad I didn't realize it at the time otherwise I really would have been spazzing...but the character I was dressed as and my character that I want Vic to voice... X3 ...lets just say his character is head over heals for my character--Kuwabara-style with pinky string of love and everything and my character could care less lol Ah I'll have to remember this when I get to the masqurade scene with for those two {which sorry to tell and keep you waiting, that scene will be at least 5 sagas in the future}

Also I ran into my cousin in the restroom XD so that was pretty cool since I last saw her last Thanksgiving, and I was hoping to meet Kyo Krazy and Silent Love but we didn't get to ToT and here's the saddest part~They saw me and I saw them but we didn't know we were each other! I even took a picture of them on Saturday when I was all Banzai-ed out, waiting for autographs (Tiffany Grant was there too and I wanted to see her and thank her for coming onto TheOtaku chat) decideing not to cosplay so I wore the FB clothes I bought and the neko-ears I made there. We'll just have to plan better next time!


Now after the convention I've been busy with casting and directing An Anime Christmas Carol {remember year 1 of An Anime Christmas? We're making a radioplay of it, and this time there's a pro College University Professor doing the mixing and we'll have it out in December!}, catching up everywhere that I fell behind in while I was gone on all my vacations, and my one Texas friend has gotten me to start posting my stuff on DA, so after 4 years of inactivity, I revived my DeviantArt account. I even made some YYH emoticons this week that you can check out there...they'll be in my most recent deviations box for the rest of this week, they're not the best but I still think they're cute so I want them to stay on my main page for a while X3

Oh I also had a good writing streak AND heard back from my editors, so I have another episode of YYHB! ^_^ BUT first, I'm gonna share pictures!

Pretty believable aren't I?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

'Family Photo' with Sonny "Maes Huges" Strait
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My friends and I with Vic
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

See! I gotta dance with him!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Rose and Kurama fighting over the Rose Whip!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

YuYu Hakusho PhotoShoot!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Female Kuramas all around the masqurade!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Yes for the masqurade, the Kurama cosplayer claimed she was a girl version of Kurama ^^)

I found another Yusuke and a Stud Muffin Form Koenma the next day when the rest of us were dressed differently
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I got a blue wig so before Halloween I did a Botan for a trunk-or-treat. Someone recognized my character <3 yay! After I had to photoshop~
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My Rose outfit photoshoot before Banzai
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Day of Halloween I took my sister trick or treating and threw on the wig, carried my Rose Whip, and wore a Renaissance dress so where I was a Spoiler at the con, I was a Filler (you know those extra sketches in manga) for Halloween. For AKon, I joked with my friend we should go as an army of Mary Sues XD

I guess you guys are special enough for me to show my emoticons off here! ^^
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Plus a stamp I made at my friend's request, feel free to take and spread around ^^
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Now the long awaited moment of more story! {if I haven't overloaded you yet XD}

YYH Beyond: Episode 16: BETRAYAL
{Previously: Previously Kurama was greeted with a bullet to the chest in which Midori sacrificed her health to heal. Summoned by mysterious notes, the gang soon gathered at Kurama’s home to find a new threat to the world. They set out for the Foliage Fortress in attempts to divert this threat and were ambushed by none other than the kids of the first spirit detective. Joining forces, they enter the fortress together but what awaits them and why were they forewarned of this impending danger?

[Kaisei and Fubuki lead Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei through hallways composed of plants. Occasionally hands extend to push aside protruding limbs.]

Kaisei: Let’s see, we should make a right here.

[The group rounds the corner.]

Yusuke: [muttering] Hey Hiei, do you think Kurama is keeping close by, or scouting up ahead to make sure these brats don’t steer us the wrong way?

Hiei: It is hard to tell while his presence is masked. Judging the correct way is also hard since this labyrinth is alive.

[A vine makes a rattling noise as it rises up and over Kuwabara’s shoulder. Kuwabara looks over at it and his face turns blue.]

Kuwabara: [gulp] Oh, geeze! This place is creepy!

[Kuwabara rips the vine off and stomps on it. The vine slithers back to its root and reattaches itself. A bunch of vines also start rattling and coming away from the wall towards the gang.]

Fubuki: You better hurry up guys or we’ll leave you behind!

Hiei: [to Kuwabara] Keep going, don’t let them distract you.

[Yusuke and Hiei pass Kuwabara. Eyeing the rattling vines, Kuwabara bypasses the bunch. The vines slither along the walls and ground, following the group.]

Kuwabara: Yeah, easy for you to say. I bet if we had a torch, these demon plants would open a path right to the center for us. [falling] Ack!

[Yusuke and Hiei turn to face Kuwabara.]

Yusuke: Wow, Kuwabara. Getting so old you forget how to walk?

Kuwabara: No, I was tripped!

Yusuke: [sarcastic] Yeah, sure.

Hiei: If you’re going to make up an excuse, make it a good one.

[Hiei and Yusuke keep walking. Kuwabara looks back to find a vine wrapped around his ankle. Another vine slithers by to wind up Yusuke’s leg, causing him to fall as well.]

Yusuke: [falling] Hey-AH!

[Yusuke rises to his knees. The rattling noise increases as more vines emerge to wind themselves around Kuwabara and tie him to the floor. More drag Yusuke towards a wall. Some vines from the opposing wall fight their way around Hiei. All three grunt as they struggle to get out of the tangled plants.]

Kaisei: [calling] Hurry up! We’re not waiting for you any longer!

Fubuki: [calling back] Seriously, you old geezers are so slow!

Yusuke: Stupid kiddie brats! We’re not old! Just [struggling] tied up at the moment.

* * *

[The gang’s struggling can be seen on a screen in Koenma’s office.]

Koenma: [thoughtfully] Old geezer? [pleasantly] Ha, take that Yusuke! Serves you right for all the times you called me a toddler!

George: Uh, sir? Shouldn’t you be more worried about the vines?

Koenma: The vines aren’t the ones being called names.

George: But they’re trapping the guys.

Koenma: Take a chill pill, Ogre. You should know by now that something simple like that won’t keep our boys down.

[George looks down to see Koenma’s feet knocking nervously under his desk.]

George: [sarcastically] You’re confidence is reassuring, sir.

* * *

[The vines continually wrap around Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei as they struggle to break free.]

Yusuke: What is with these vines? Every one I tear out, ten more take its place!

Kuwabara: Perhaps it is because we’re struggling? If we relax, maybe they’ll stop.

Hiei: Just give up and let them choke us to death? I’ll pass.

Kuwabara: I’m serious guys! It’s like a Chinese finger trap puzzle. The more you struggle to get out the more of a strain you put on yourself. Naturally one defends when attacked. So intruders will be caught, while the person knowing the secret can easily get out.

Hiei: And what makes you so sure these weeds are one of those puzzles?

Kuwabara: I got a feeling, okay? Trust me.

Yusuke: Sure, Kuwabara, you first. If the plants don’t eat you alive, we’ll know it works.

Kuwabara: Why do I hafta be the guinea pig?

Yusuke: ‘Cause it’s your idea!

Kuwabara: We should do it together as a team. Your movements are tensing up the vines over here!

Yusuke: Well I’m sorry. I can’t seem to relax when my personal space is being invaded by hissing vines that are trying to choke me!

Kuwabara: Just take a deep breath. If that doesn’t work, I’ll sing a lullaby.

Hiei: For sanity’s sake, don’t.

[Kuwabara stops struggling, takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes. Yusuke and Hiei clench their mouths as they refrain from fighting against the vines. More vines wrap around them, pulling each closer to the wall or floor that the vines are pulling from. Kuwabara exhales calmly as the vines pull him through the floor.]


[Kuwabara disappears as the vines on the ground stop moving.]

Hiei: The fool is gone.

[Yusuke and Hiei resume their attempts to push the vines back. Yusuke begins to power up, using his energy to push them back, but the vines pull him through the wall and Hiei through the opposing wall. The hallway is still.]

* * *

[Koenma and George blankly stare at the scene shown on the screen.]

George: I thought you said our boys could handle it.

Koenma: [sweating] Well, they could have. They must not have used their resources properly.

George: Why didn’t the detectives go back and save them?

Koenma: Their prudent desire to not be slowed down blinded them to the danger the others were in.

George: Should we check on them? Maybe they don’t realize the others are no longer following?

Koenma: If silence doesn’t tip them off first. Oh, well, I guess they’re on their own now.

[Koenma searches for his remote and pulls it out. He pushes a button. The screen goes blank.]

George: But if someone experienced like Yusuke didn’t make it through, how can you expect them to?

Koenma: We’ll just have to trust them. [looks at screen, pushes button again] Come in! [pushes the button again hard] I said come in! [continuously pushing the button] Come in! Come in! Come in! Come in! Come in!

George: Uh, Koenma sir, what are you doing?

Koenma: [irate] I can’t get a lock on the detectives!

George: Do you think that could be because of whatever is covering up that mysterious power is now covering them up too?

Koenma: That’s nonsense! Power and screening are two different things. A spiritual storm must be interfering with the reception! I knew we should have switched to digital.

George: Maybe we should check other stations to see if they’re coming in?

Koenma: [brooding] Hm…

* * *

[Kaisei and Fubuki continue up the path in the plant-filled labyrinth.]

Kaisei: We’re almost there!

Fubuki: We’re making pretty good time without those dummies slowing us down.

Kaisei: We’ll have this case closed before those dummies even catch up!

[The detectives laugh. A shadowy cloaked figure appears in front of them. They look at it seriously.]

Cloaked Figure: I see you made it past the rattlesnake vines. How unfortunate for you.


[Kuwabara falls into a room filled with vegetation.]

Kuwabara: Ow. Eh. Well, I’m still alive. [looks around, calling out] Hey guys, are you around? [no answer; starts walking] Told them that the bad guy probably wanted to split us up…[passes some demon berries growing on a wall and his tummy grumbles] Oh, man! I haven’t eaten since breakfast! I bet Kurama would know if this stuff is edible for humans. [keeps walking] After all, there are some pretty dangerous plants out there. I bet all these demon ones are ten times worse! [bends over a bush in the middle of the path] Leaves of three, let it be! I should stay away from that stuff. [sees berries that resemble small grapes nearby and tummy lets out a loud grumble, shouts] I am so hungry!

[Some bushes rustle to the side. Kuwabara turns his head and catches some movement.]

Kuwabara: Huh? Hey, is that you Kurama? I mean, I’m glad to have someone else around, but you know I can see you, right?

[Kurama comes out of the bushes and walks up to Kuwabara.]

Kurama: Oh, sorry. I suppose I was distracted.

Kuwabara: Really? By what?

Kurama: Nothing of real consequence. I couldn’t help but overhear you talking to yourself; if you’re hungry, I know of some human safe food nearby. Come this way.

[Kurama leads Kuwabara around plants.]

Kuwabara: Oh good, you’re a lifesaver! After I settle my stomach, we can focus on regrouping.

Kurama: An excellent idea.

Kuwabara: And then we’ll find our way to the center of this.

Kurama: That should be the easy task.

Kuwabara: Really? You mean you figured out how to navigate through here?

Kurama: Naturally. The trick is simple once you realize it.

Kuwabara: Awesome! We’ll be home in time for dinner!

[Kurama stops. Kuwabara also stops. Kurama waves a hand towards some vegetation at their feet.]

Kurama: Here we are.

Kuwabara: Sweet! [looks down] Uh, what is it?

Kurama: Kohlrabi. It is a human hybrid vegetable, kind of like a cabbage. The stem is edible, and it’s high in vitamin C.

Kuwabara: Nutritious, huh? I hope it tastes just as good. Good thing I ran into you.

[Kuwabara bends down to pick the kohlrabi. Kurama’s eyes twinkle and giant leaves grow and wrap up Kuwabara.]

Kuwabara: HEY, WHAT GIVES? Kurama! Get me out of this!

[Kurama chuckles and brings a closed hand out of his pocket.]

Kurama: I’m sorry, it may be easier if you were unconscious from this point out; but don’t worry. I’ll get you to the center where you want to be. And the others should join you shortly.

[Kurama opens his hand and blows pollen towards Kuwabara. Kuwabara starts to look sleepy.]

Kuwabara: What…are you…do-…

[Kuwabara blinks his eyes then slowly closes them as the scene blurs and fades out.]

* * *

[The shadowy cloaked figure that confronted Kaisei and Fubuki travels down an earthy corridor. Kaisei and Fubuki are tied up, swinging on either side from the cords supported around the cloaked figure’s shoulders. The figure enters a dark stony room, and another cloaked figure turns to acknowledge the arrival.]

Cloaked Figure: Master, I caught these two children prowling around the fortress.

Cloaked Master: [deep feminine voice] Such a shame.

Cloaked Figure: What shall I do with them?

Kaisei: Excuse me! Don’t talk about us like we’re not here! You should let us go and then we’ll show you who’s boss around here!

Fubuki: Yeah! You wouldn’t have caught us if we knew about that sleazy trick of yours!

Cloaked Master: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Ignorant children.

Kaisei: This is your only warning. Stop your mischief and let us go, or face the consequences!

Cloaked Master: Pity. [addressing the detectives] You two weren’t supposed to be here.

Kaisei: Wha-

Cloaked Master: This party was by invitation only. [addressing the cloaked figure] Oh well, M7, I guess we’ll have to make arrangements. Set them in the corner.

M7: Yes, master.

[The Cloaked Master raises her right hand towards the corner; One finger bears an emerald ring that has a glowing, rose-shaped ruby attached. M7 walks over, the cords around his shoulders drop Kaisei and Fubuki, and then he steps back. The Cloaked Master flicks her hand up, and bamboo chutes shoot from the ground to cage the detectives.]

Cloaked Master: I’ll use resources here to deal with these two. Now go to the canyon; we’ve already lost enough time as it is.

M7: Yes master.

Cloaked Master: I hope we don’t have any more surprise visitors.

* * *

[Koenma sits back in his office chair with his hands folded across his stomach.]

Koenma: [sighing] Ayame, has the analysis come back yet about that energy?

[Ayame appears through the wall, carrying a clipboard of data sheets.]

Ayame: None yet, sir. All the possibilities of it being a threat come out as negative when run in the scenarios.

Koenma: So this must be a new form of energy that is being stored and hidden.

Ayame: There are still some more tests to run.

Koenma: Well, keep it going and try to figure out what it is. We can’t counter it if we don’t know at least that much!

Ayame: Yes, sir.

[Ayame bows and exits through the wall.]

Koenma: [calling out] And get someone to check on the viewer’s reception. What am I suppose to do about this if I can’t see what’s going on?

George: Perhaps all the paperwork that has been piling up?

Koenma: How can you think of that mundane stuff at a time like this?! If we don’t get this crisis solved, we’ll have paperwork to keep us busy for the next forty thousand years!

George: Whoa! Really that much?

Koenma: That’s what I said.

George: This is really serious.

Koenma: Of course it is! Now go check on the antenna!

* * *

[The Cloaked Master has her hands raised to the corner where the detectives were placed, which now has plants weaved into a tight surface around the area. Kurama enters, dragging a rolled up Kuwabara.]

Kurama: I have one of them.

[The Cloaked Master waves her right hand as the ruby rose of her ring glows.]

Cloaked Master: About time plans started falling into place. Hook him up to the Energy Extractor and set it to maximum. His energy should make a useful contribution to our Death Beam.

[Kurama crosses with Kuwabara, but stops while passing the Cloaked Master.]

Kurama: [whispers] Seeing me didn’t surprise him, master.

Cloaked Figure: Is that so? That can only mean one thing. He will certainly cause a problem for us. No matter, we must work harder. For now only time will be on our side.

Kurama: Yes, master.

[Kurama continues walking. The Cloaked Master turns, and Kurama stops.]

Cloaked Master: Actually, have the Energy Extractor a few notches below maximum so we can keep this one alive for a bit.

Kurama: As you say.

[Kurama resumes walking. Freeze frame.]

Narrator: Entered as a group, but now split apart. Divide and conquer works against our heroes as an ally has defected to the terrorist power. But by what motive does the foe operate, and who will prevail in the end?

“Hey it’s Yusuke here. So doofus-brain fell for the oldest trick in the book; what are they teaching him at that university he’s going to? Well, while Kuwabara’s wasted, I’m in a wasteland of my own but at least I don’t have to hike it! And Kurama? What’s his deal? If you ever wondered what it would be like if the two of us fought: yeah, sit tight because next time you’ll get to find out. I mean, I’m curious too, but couldn’t he have picked a better time to try his skills against mine? Take away the time constraint, and we’d have a pretty sweet fight on our hands. So take advantage of this and tune in to see what happens next time on YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

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Friday, October 10, 2008

   I'm greatful for General Conference
True dat! I received some personal inspiration about what order to work on some shtuff {amvs for Banzaii, Botan lines for the Eizou dub, and then mixing the two radioplays done} and following such has already paid off! ^o^ {and that is just the tip of the iceberg!}

Yes it's been a while, still what have I not mentioned here that is of concern yet? Did I mention the 2nd episode of DBZ2 was out that I play Chi-Chi in? I'd do a lot of it different, but it also is quite captivating (as I've just finished recording for ep 3, so I got one up on ya) so if you're a Dragonball fan you may want to check that out.

I know I definently want to share this~ "This is my Idea" from Swan Princess I got to be Bromely in and it just came out, the nice thing about this is someone put thier comment to me in ALL CAPS in the midst of comments to all the cast about how could I be a girl. And also said my Bromley was too perfect for my own good ^^ so yay! I made a convincing male XD
~Thread and Cast~

I had a few cute experiences w/ my kitties, one I caught on camera, and I'm debating should I put it up on youtube or not XD

The ART CONTEST for YYHB! SAGA I has been decided and Judges so RESULTS ARE HERE

FINALLY~Heard back from all my editors on the begining to YYHB! SAGA II so I get to post that now! ^.^


[Morning time at Kurama’s apartment. In the bedroom Midori is lying in bed and Kurama leans over her kiss her forehead.]

Kurama: Now I’ve got plenty of fluids and some food right here if you need anything. Please promise you won’t sneak out of bed again today. It’s not healthy for you or the baby.

Midori: Okay, dear, I won’t.

Kurama: When the doctor prescribes bed rest you need to stay in bed and rest.

Midori: I’ll be fine. Have a good day at work.

Kurama: I will, hon.

[Kurama makes his way to the front door grabbing his briefcase and overcoat. There is a knock at the door. Kurama opens the door to answer. A gun is fired.]

* * *

[Back in the bedroom, Midori hears a gunshot. She sits up, which causes her immense pain. She rolls onto the floor crawls out to the hallway, and braces herself against the wall as she heads to the living room step by step. Turning the corner to see the front door, she sees Kurama lying by the open door with a gunshot wound in his chest. She picks up the nearby phone and presses a speed dial button. She waits a short while for it to pick up.]

Midori: Hello? Mr. Hatanaka? Yes…this is Midori. I’m afraid Suichi will be unable to come to work today…No, you don’t need to worry mother about it. [dial tone is heard] Hello? Shoot! [hangs up phone, picks it up and dials again] Yukina? ...This is Midori, can you come over quickly? Something just happened to Kurama, it’s an emergency! [drops phone and falls on the floor] Ow!

Kurama: [eyes closed and teeth clenched] What are you doing? You need to stay in bed!

[Midori starts to crawl over to Kurama.]

Midori: How do you expect me to stay in bed after hearing a gun?

Kurama: But your health…

[Midori reaches Kurama and props up over him and positions her hands over the hole in his chest.]

Midori: Don’t forget your own!

Kurama: You didn’t need to call father.

Midori: He’s your boss.

Kurama: But now he is coming over, isn’t he?

Midori: I would presume so.

Kurama: He will be unable to understand that I can recover quickly and inform mother.

Midori: We can explain to him.

Kurama: I may have to erase his memory.

Midori: That would be terrible, please don’t. Perhaps it is time to tell him the truth.

Kurama: Then he’ll tell mother, and how do you think she’ll react?

[A bullet emerges from Kurama’s wound.]

Midori: Got it!

Kurama: [covered in sweat] Thank you. Now go back to bed. I can handle it from here.

Midori: Hold on…there is something wrapped around the bullet…[unwraps the paper] It’s a note and… [rubs finger on it and inspects finger] Oh no! [drops paper and ferociously casts healing spells on Kurama] This is amalgam polycarbonate; if any of it is absorbed in your bloodstream, it will kill you!

Kurama: That would explain the onset of dizziness, but if you continue exerting yourself, you will die also!

Midori: No…I must. You can’t die…

* * *

[Feet are running up apartment building stairs. The feet turn a corner on a landing and run down the hall. The feet stop in front of an open doorway. The camera shot backs up to show Mr. Hatanaka as the owner of the feet as he turns to see Midori healing Kurama on the ground inside the apartment.]

Hatanaka: I got here as quick as I could, [sees the scene] OH NO! What happened? Have you called for help yet?

Midori: [wearily] Yes, it’s on its way.

[Yukina appears in the doorway. Midori sees her and passes out on top of Kurama.]

Kurama: Midori? NO!

* * *

[Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei stand around in Kurama’s living room, Midori lies on a couch with Mr. Hatanaka sitting nearby. Yukina is working on healing Kurama on the floor. Yusuke is looking at a note.]

Yusuke: [reading] To Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei—You are invited to front row seats for the end of the world. If you do not wish to meet the same fate as Kurama, you will come to the inscribed location of the Foliage Fortress and see if you can change your fate. Be prompt for time is short. Destruction begins ‘fore the new moon.

Kuwabara: Is this some sort of sick joke?

Yusuke: Well if it is, I’m not laughing. The world is at stake and they’re asking for us of all people to show up and kick their butts.

Hiei: Yes. But why invite us? And why target Kurama?

[Midori groans and tries to sit up.]

Yusuke: Hey take it easy.

[Midori relaxes with a sigh.]

Midori: Sorry. I feel rude trying to talk to you lying down. [breaths] It seems the opponent sees your group as an obstacle for their objective. Apparently this foe has a plan to defeat everyone but Kurama. That’s why they stooped so low as a bullet. The poison powder his body absorbed would have killed him if I stayed in bed like I was supposed to.

[Kurama forces himself to sit up with a grunt.]

Kurama: Unless they knew you would go beyond your capacity in order to save me, meaning you are in more danger at the moment than I am.

Yusuke: So Kurama, you got an old jealous girlfriend pulling the strings on this or something?

Kurama: [shakes head] None this powerful.

Midori: If that were the plan, it was easily thwarted by a working phone between the bedroom and the front door. Amalgam polycarbonate does not come by easily, much less to amateurs. Doesn’t the note emit a demon aura? Demons understand little about the power of the human heart and would consider me, being bedridden, not an obstacle. Besides Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei all discovered notes around the same time telling them to come here, which, judging by the wording, was probably after the anticipated time of your death. They will now consider you dead. So going with the others would be a great secret for our side.

[A moment’s pause. Kurama tries to say something, but does not have a comeback.]

Yusuke: I’d never thought I’d see the fox outfoxed!

Kurama: [nervous light laugh] That is why I married her.

Kuwabara: Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go kick some tail!

Kurama: Thank you Yukina. I think I’ll be all right now.

Yukina: You’re welcome. I’m glad I was able to help.

[Kurama stands up. He walks over to Mr. Hatanaka and Midori while Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei head for the door. Sweating, Mr. Hatanaka is massaging his temples with a look of awe on his face.]

Hatanaka: So the whole world is in danger? And you are able to help stop it? This is overwhelming; I can’t believe it!

Kurama: I am sorry that you had to find out the way you did. I never told Mother in order to protect her.

Hatanaka: I suppose [pause] that is understandable.

Midori: Please, you won’t tell her, will you?

Hatanaka: I don’t think she would believe me if I did. But what should I tell her?

Kurama: Tell her I had to go out on a mission; perhaps an emergency business trip that only I could handle.

Hatanaka: A decision like that might not bode well, considering Midori’s condition.

Yusuke: [turning] Hey, don’t sweat it pops! I’m sure Kayko would be more than happy to keep an eye on Midori while we’re gone.

Kurama: Thank you, Yusuke. [kneels in front of Midori] Forgive me for leaving. Assuredly I would rather not.

Midori: [grunts] You know our child’s due date. Just don’t miss it.

Kurama: Right, no coming back late this time.

* * *

[Koenma sits at his desk in Spirit World looking at a piece of paper.]

Koenma: Hmm…This report is quite interesting.

George: What does it say, sir?

[Koenma jumps up and hits George on the head.]

Koenma: That you’re big and stupid!

[George rubs the fresh bump on his head.]

George: Ow! That wasn’t very nice, Koenma sir.

Koenma: Well it isn’t very nice of you to disrupt my thought process with your blubbering. If you must know, there is a strange spot of energy concentration in the Human World. It is well masked though, so humans and demons can’t sense it, except for brief moments when its cover wanes. [yelling over the intercom] Botan! Get in here!

George: So is there something special about this masked energy that we should be alarmed about?

Koenma: I would like to say no. But the fact that it is being hidden probably means something is up. Besides, from the readings of when its cover was down, the energy was growing exponentially without even increasing size. Considering the concentration, if this keeps up, whatever is holding the energy will break and the outburst of energy could do some great damage.

[The office doors slide open and Botan enters.]

Botan: You called, Koenma sir?

Koenma: Yes! I have a case I need you to take to the Spirit Detectives to look into!

Botan: [saluting] Yes sir!


[Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama are walking through a thick forest.]

Yusuke: Wow, the four of us on a mission to save the world. Reminds you of old times doesn’t it?

Hiei: Regrettably.

Kuwabara: So Kurama, did you get a good look at who shot you?

Kurama: Unfortunately no. The executor was concealed in a cloak.

Yusuke: Well if they intended to kill you, why would they need to hide their identity?

Kurama: To avoid being identified by surrounding witnesses is one reason that comes to mind.

Kuwabara: Whoever it was, I guess we’ll know soon enough and make them regret it!

Hiei: Let’s hope your strength is as strong as your voice.

Kuwabara: You’ll see half-pint! Later you’ll be glad I’m along because we’re going to need all the help we can get! And in case you didn’t see me in action back with the Zerka thing I’ll have you know I’ve gotten a lot stronger too! And I was holding back on those poor demons! Speaking of that, Hiei, where’s your little Puu Junior?

Hiei: If you insist on comparing Ryone to Yusuke’s spirit beast, you should be asking him where HIS animal is.

Kuwabara: You left him at Genkai’s compound? Or [laughing tease] did you leave him with your girlfriend?

Hiei: You better shut your mouth before you shove your foot in it.

[The group enters a small clearing. In front is a vine-covered archway with a towering plateau covered in vegetation rising behind it. Kurama places his hand near the roots of the vines. He closes his eyes for a moment then looks to the others.]

Kurama: The Foliage Fortress may end up being a Maze Castle reprise. There is a primary plant along the whole way up the plateau forming a network, but there are also many demon varieties of plant mixed in. So it is hard to judge the correct path through. I judge, though, that where we need to be is in the center, about two-thirds of the way up.

Yusuke: AH! Stupid maze! We don’t have time for this!

Hiei: I am sure we could each hold our own if we were to split up.

Kuwabara: Hang on. That’s probably just what the bad guy wants us to do.

Kurama: He’s right. However with the time issue at hand, we have but little choice.

Yusuke: Well, can’t you manipulate these plants into a straight path for us or something?

Kurama: It is best I keep my presence masked from this point on.

Hiei: Stripping us of that advantage is probably why you were targeted. Indeed, it has already benefited them more than enough.

Kuwabara: [eyes narrow] And since they invited us, they are sure to know we are coming.

Kurama: It is obvious they want us here rather than going naively about our lives, so the labyrinth should not have been constructed as too difficult.

Yusuke: [shouts] We’re wasting precious time! We should at least start moving before the whole world is destroyed! [calm but stern] I say we split up and the first one to reach the fortress should make a big explosion so we can regroup. It’s not like we have the element of surprise on our side anyway.

[Yusuke and Kuwabara start marching into the archway. Hiei looks at Kurama.]

Hiei: Kurama. They must have been tracking all of us to orchestrate the timing of us finding our notes at a specific time. If they are still keeping tabs, they may already know you survived.

Kurama: Then we’ll take the chance that they don’t know. Otherwise if Midori was correct that a silver bullet was the only way they could dispose of me, we should expect a frontal assault soon.

[Overhanging tree branches rustle. The guys stop and look up. One set of rustling circles around them clockwise while the other goes counterclockwise. The branches are being jumped off of as quickly as being landed upon. The guys follow along the different movements as the two paths continue circling around.]

Yusuke: You just had to say something, didn’t you Kurama?

[To the side, a girl, age 14, somersaults out of the trees while from the other side a boy, age 15, emerges likewise. They cross and land in front of the guys. They pull their hands back gathering spirit energy into balls and are ready to fire.]


Yusuke: Hey wait a minute! Ain’t you guys Kuroko’s kids?

[Shocked, the kids unpower their energy blast.]

Girl: You know our mom?

Kuwabara: So you know these kiddie clowns Urameshi? Mind introducing them to the rest of us?

Boy: No need for that!

Girl: We can make our own introductions!

[The camera spins around the children as they introduce themselves.]

Boy: I am Kaisei Sanada!

Girl: And I am Fubuki Sanada!

Kaisei and Fubuki: And we’re… [pose, camera still shot] the Super Spirit Detectives!

Yusuke: You both are the new Spirit Detectives? Wow, you two sure have grown. Last I saw you, you were still in diapers!

Kaisei: No I wasn’t!

Fubuki: Only at night!

Yusuke: Okay, okay. It was a joke, geeze. So what brings you guys all the way out here?

Kaisei: Koenma sent us.

Fubuki: Duh! We’ve been Spirit Detectives for a while now.

Kaisei: Got to save the world and all that.

Kuwabara: I suppose times have been more peaceful lately.

Kaisei: Hey! What’s that suppose to mean?

Yusuke: That’s true. But that means old pacifier-breath is watching us right now. Oh well, I’m sure we could use the help.

Hiei: And I thought I was done babysitting.

* * *

[Koenma is watching the scene from his office in Spirit World.]

Koenma: Ooh, I don’t know if I should be repulsed that I have to put up with Yusuke’s abusive jokes again or relieved that the old team is looking into matters too.

George: Overall, shouldn’t it be a good thing? They’ll be able to help handle that mysterious energy. And besides, Yusuke used to be a spirit detective so he could train the kids as they go through this mission.

Koenma: Yes, having Yusuke help without him realizing it would be a bonus; but that is only if Kaisei and Fubuki listen to him. Those two have cocky, prideful attitudes that can rival even his.

George: So remind me again why you chose both of them to be spirit detectives when you can’t stand their arrogance?

Koenma: [thoughtful] I could not overlook the amazing skills that they inherited from their mother and they work extremely well as a team.

George: Hm…

Koenma: Grrr… [baby bawling] And they both were so determined to take Yusuke’s place after we fired him, [crying] I couldn’t refuse.

George: Oh, is that how it is?

Koenma: [firm] Yes. That’s how it is. [sips hot cocoa]

* * *

[Back by the entrance to the foliage fortress.]

Yusuke: Okay, so everyone do your best and when you make it through, blow something up so we can regroup.

Kaisei: You guys were seriously thinking about splitting up?

Fubuki: WE don’t have a problem getting through! We can maneuver through places like this easily!

Kaisei: Just follow us!

Yusuke: [sarcastic grumble] Great. Then lead the way.

Narrator: So spirit detectives old and new enter the mysterious Foliage Fortress. What lies in store to greet their anticipated arrival?

“Hey it’s Kuwabara! So we had a bit of excitement but now we’re ready to show these jokers we mean business! We’ll make them regret inviting us to their party of doom…that is if they don’t make us regret it first. Whoa! Hey how did that happen? Maybe Midori was right that they had a plan to get rid of each of us. Or is this just a hoax to blind us to some awful truth? And who’s in charge of the shots being shown here? They’re making me look stupid! Find out about our invitations and why they chose us. Not to mention a couple of unexpected struggles next time on YYH Beyond!”

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

   I'm greatful for opportunities! :3
OH MY GOSH!!! Sonny Strait is going to be at the convention I'm going to...I'M TOTALLY GOING TO COSPLAY AS GRACIA AND GIVE BIRTH TO A FRAGGLE IN FRONT OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll have to remember to bring my FMA poster for all the guest to sign since they were all in FMA!

This gives me a running total of 3 outfits so far o.O ~ pregnant Gracia to meet the VAs, Misako for the anime dating game (I want Sonny to see that one too!), and A sPoIlEr OC for the masqurade! ...and I still need to get my AMVs in for the contest! O.O I'm for sure sending in Eyes Rutherford is the Piano Man, Be a Dark Tournament Man, and Kurama Grows the Roses...now with all my mixing, and WMM not working, I probably won't get my big surprise vid done by then ToT

Okay, do I have the fangirl convention stuff out of me yet??? hmm... *tries to get it out* OUT I SAY! *breaths* okay then...on to the kitties! Did I mention that? I got two little kitties last week! They're siblings, I wanted to call the boy, a black tabby, Neko-chan because he looks like a neko :3 and my sister wanted to call the girl, a white siamese, Icey. My other sister said she refused to have the cats have forien names and said the boy's name was T because Neko is a weird name. I'm like "We don't drink tea." Brother says "and your name isn't weird?" She says "T for Tiger" The boy ran away day one and was very fiesty about not coming back. We had to get his sister meow-ing trying to get him back (which didn't really work, but we finally got him back) And I'm all like, It's Hiei and Yukina! We should call them Black Night and Ice Gem!!! Sister still refused >.> T for Tiger (but he's black and gray, not orange or white and his stripe go in a different direction!) Well, it turns out I'm the only one not allergic to them, so they're my cats XD And I call them Neko and Icey (Icey is short for Ice Gem XD)! The boy wouldn't come out of the kennel for a long time after letting them out but Icey loves running about and playing and being pampered...so their personalities aren't exactly like the demon twins. But I still love my pretty kitties! I'm going to base some future characters off of them!

*breaths some more*

Ready for this? THE EPIC CONCLUSION OF SAGA I of YYHB! I'll be submitting the 'box set' as FanWords too so it will all be together on my castle World, and hopefully a week or so (because it's long, 125 pages in Word...but they wanted FanWords that can stand alone) it will show up as a FanWord!!! :D

{I still want to know why FanComics don't have to be completed but FanWords do >.>}

YYH Beyond: Episode 14 : BATTLE OF LIFE
{Previously: Last time Modaruk confronted Yusuke, Hiei and Kurama about their stand on the situation between his clan and Zerka. Hesitant, they agreed for the time being. Modaruk’s brother, Sotaruk, freed Draconta and with the Dragon Clan, attacked Zerka while they were in the middle of an important meeting. A full battle is under way and Zerk just shot down the Dragon Clan’s beacon of hope. Can Zerk and his followers be taken care of? And if so, what will be done about the Dragon Clan?}

[Kokou and Enki arrive a distance from the battle scene with their friends as well as Mukuro, Kuwabara, and others. There is a huge mass of Draconta besides the combating legions.]

Enki: It seems the battle has already started.

Kokou: Well, should we just watch and see how it plays out?

Kuwabara: No way! I say we go show them what we’re made of!

* * *

[Modaruk stares at the fallen Draconta for a moment before turning to Zerk, full of new rage. He runs towards him.]


[This time Modaruk’s punch connects with Zerk, burning a hole in his clothes, and bruising his stomach. Zerk is pushed back, but looks up with a smile on his face.]

Zerk: [calm] I took out your idol so easily. What hope do you have of defeating me?

[Zerk positions his hands parallel to each other and spins in a circle, grunting as his hands cross in front of Modaruk. A slicing noise is heard even though Zerk’s hands were a few feet from Modaruk. Modaruk’s eyes grow big and he falls down, hands clenching his torn chest. Zerk grab’s Modaruk by the scalp and pulls him up.]

Zerk: In the end, you really are just weak. You don’t deserve to live.

Modaruk: [in pain but determined] The one who doesn’t deserve to live is you!

Zerk: Pray tell, what is your reasoning for that?

Modaruk: Because you destroy lives.

Zerk: And what about you? You aim to destroy mine. You are no better than I.

Modaruk: [energized] Don’t lump me in with you!

[Modaruk swings another power packed punch to Zerk’s jaw, causing him to let go and take a few steps back. The prominent figures are allowing Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama little time to worry about Draconta while they earnestly continue their fights. A moan can be heard from Draconta. Kurama pulls out some ice blades from his shoulder and cast them aside and springs backwards to avoid another onslaught.]

Kurama: Forgive my abrupt departure, but I think I’m needed elsewhere right now.

[Kurama bounds away. Marduk appears from behind the Prominent Figure]

Prominent Figure #1: Coward!

Marduk: Please, allow me to cut in. Your ice blades will find it more of a challenge to pierce me.

[Marduk starts fighting the Prominent Figure. Kurama reaches the heads of Draconta, where Sotaruk is carrying the Mermaid down from a head. Draconta moans.]

Kurama: I have some healing herbs on me; I may be able to help Draconta.

Sotaruk: Thank you.

[Sotaruk sets the Mermaid down. Draconta lets out another moan. Kurama pulls out a seed and holds it against Draconta, emitting energy.]

Kurama: Hold on there.

[Sotaruk assumes his position against Draconta with his tattoos touching. The Mermaid also places a dragon-tattooed hand to aid in the healing. In the war-zone, Ossaplam swings the small dragon tooth he got earlier at an opposing Dragon Clan member. He trips in one of the swoops and ends up planting the tooth into the ground. The tooth dissolves and humanoid mud forms sprout up from the ground.]

Ossaplam: So this is what my treasure is capable of? With this unlimited army, Zerka is sure to win!

Enki: Wanna bet?

[Kokou’s group arrives, swarming through the battle. Enki swoops down at Ossaplam, but his blows are dodged a few times before he is taken down. Kuwabara is tearing down the humanoids with his sword; Jin is deflecting attacks back onto their users; Touya spread ice among the opponents; Chu is head butting his way through; Rinku is throwing yoyos every which way; Kokou is punching and kicking Zerka members; Mukuro is slicing her way through. The fresh fighters press on, all turning the tide back to the Dragon Clan’s favor. Near the front, Yusuke slugs the Prominent Figure he is fighting.]

Yusuke: No wonder you tried to get rid of Kurama’s siblings. Your strength and skills are nothing compared to them. The only thing you have on them is numbers.

Prominent Figure #3: Oh you really think so? EXPLOSION BLAST!

[The Prominent Figure hits and rocks fly up everywhere. He senses Yusuke coming down from above.]

Prominent Figure #3: Gotcha! Huh?

[Clearing from the dust is a rock with a silly face drawn on it that the Prominent Figure ends up hitting. From behind, Yusuke powers up with his real attack.]


[The Prominent Figure is finished. Zerk’s and Modaruk’s fight come closer to Yusuke. He spots the Initiatory Demon sneaking up behind Modaruk. But before he can do anything, Gavarian grabs him from behind.]

Gavarian: You had a fancy disguise, but what did I tell you before about minding your position in the Order?

[The Initiatory Demon is ready to strike Modaruk when Risho pounds him with gravel covered fist from behind.]

Risho: Don’t worry about this guy, I’ll make sure he’s grounded.

Modaruk: Heh, Thanks.

Yusuke: What? You mean all this time you’re on our side?

Gavarian: I’d appreciate it if you would pay attention when I’m talking to you!

[Gavarian bites down onto Yusuke’s Shoulder.]

Yusuke: Ow. Hungry? Gavarian gravy sounds good to me!

[Yusuke flips Gavarian over him onto the floor and starts punching him rapidly. Hiei keeps using his arm to deflect blows from his opponent’s ivory club.]

Hiei: Why even bother with those weaker than you? They pose no threat.

Prominent Figure #2: On the contrary, they’re just pawns for our master plan.

[The Prominent Figure blows Hiei to the side with a big swipe from his club. As Kurama, Sotaruk and the Mermaid are healing Draconta, the dragon moans an inaudible phrase.]

Kurama: Please say that again.

Draconta: [weak growl] My babies.

Kurama: Babies?

Sotaruk: Oh. Draconta was caring for eggs before our clan was raided.

Draconta: [low, airy] With energy limited in the barrier, they have not been able to hatch yet. Please check if they are okay.

Sotaruk: [pointing to the Mermaid] Go see if the eggs are okay. I’m going to give my brother some backup against Zerk.

[Zerk blows Modaruk back with another graceful attack. Suddenly, Sotaruk lands with a power-packed punch to the back of Zerk’s neck.]

Sotaruk: Rest up a bit Modaruk, I’ll handle Zerk until you’re ready.

Modaruk: Right. Thanks.

[Zerk turns to Sotaruk with a hand rubbing the back of his neck.]

Zerk: [calm] It appears to be a survivor of an ancient race. No matter. In the end it will make little difference whether you died back then or now.


[Sotaruk assumes the fight with Zerk, with continuous punches that are deflected. The Mermaid returns where Kurama is healing Draconta and shakes her head.]

Mermaid: I’m sorry, I found the eggs, but it appears the electric shock fried them all.

Draconta: [soft groan] No… [breathes] They were the last of my kind.

Kurama: [bowed head] I’m sorry.

[At the same time, Hiei is unbandaging his arm.]

Hiei: I’ll give you a taste of real power, if you think you can handle it.

[As his Jagan starts to glow, so does his pocket. He grabs out the gem and holds it in his fist. He runs towards the Prominent Figure, ducks the swoop of the ivory club and jumps up, hitting him with a dark flaming fist. Black smoke streams out of his fist and gather into a solidified coil. A dragon head appears and devours the Prominent Figure. As the dragon is freed from his hand, he looks at his palm to find two shell halves left from his gem. Sotaruk guards against another attack from Zerk, but is still pushed back. On the opposite side of Zerk, Modaruk rises up.]

Modaruk: I’m ready now. LET’S DO THIS!

Sotaruk: [nods] Right.

[Modaruk and Sotaruk extend their tattooed arms towards Zerk.]

Modaruk & Sotaruk: DRAGON VICE!

[Energy connects between their outstretched arms, binding Zerk in the middle.]

Zerk: [struggling, yet still calm] You think you can stop me like this? Ugh, I’ll break free and destroy you all at once.

[Satisfied with beating up Gavarian, Yusuke kicks the body aside and jumps in the air, aiming his finger towards Zerk.]

Yusuke: Hey, let me help you with that! SPIRIT GUN!

Hiei: [turning, determined] And me!

[Hiei thrust his Dragon Fist towards Zerk. His new dragon wraps itself around his arm and opens its mouth, shooting out fire. Yomi, Mukuro, Kokou, Kuwabara, Dragon Clan members and others also aid in focusing their powers towards Zerk after finishing their fights in the battle zone. All the members of Zerka are gone except Zerk.]

Zerk: No. It can’t end like this.

[Zerk exerts the remainder of his energy which pushes back the attacks for a short bit, but likewise everyone else increases their outgoing power. It pushes down on Zerk until he is crushed into dust.]


[Surviving members of the Dragon Clan place their tattooed hands on Draconta’s sides, emitting their power. Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, and Kokou’s group gather where Kurama has been. Kurama removes his hand from Draconta and smiles at his comrades.]

Kokou: HEY! Raizen Junior! You did a swell job; reminded me of you’re old man there!

Enki: You’ve grown so fast. Raizen would have been proud.

[Yusuke holds out a fist to knock against Enki’s.]

Yusuke: Hey thanks.

[Jin flies in and grabs Yusuke from behind and swings him around.]

Jin: Too-ra-loo! When j’a ever learn ta fly loike ya did?

Yusuke: Oh that? I picked up a magic feather and absorbed it. Let’s go flying sometime!

Jin: Havin deh wind carry us were’ere it may take us! Sounds right fun it does!

[Hiei’s new Dragon goes up to Draconta and sniffs. It then turns around and skittles off to Hiei, crawls up and around his body, making it’s way to his arm where it loops it’s tale and hangs down, retracting it’s arms and legs to give it the appearance of a seahorse. Everyone starts chuckling at the site and breaking out into laughter.]

Yusuke: Oh look! He knows his mommy!

Kurama: I’d say he even has your eyes, Hiei.

Kuwabara: Well I’d say the little guy is even cuter than Puu!

Yusuke: Ah, you’re making me miss my spirit beast! So how does it feel to have such a cute appendage?

Hiei: [frustrated] I will kill you all.

Modaruk: It takes one of the Dragon Clan to emit power for a demon dragon egg to feed off of and hatch. You’re a natural. Join us.

Hiei: [turning] Hn. No thanks.

Kokou: I’m afraid we have some more business to take care of.

Modaruk: Well, thank you for your help. Now the likes of Zerk won’t be devastating any more lives.

Enki: Nor your clan.

Sotaruk: Pardon?

[Sotaruk and Modaruk look around to notice that the others have them surrounded.]

Modaruk: What is the meaning of this?

Yusuke: What does your clan plan to do next?

Sotaruk: Seek to prevent others from being wronged.

Kokou: Well as the ruler of Demon World, I tell you not to.

Enki: We appreciate your good intentions, but if Kokou needs your help for any other real dilemmas, we’ll ask you.

Sotaruk: And while you wait for big problems to surface, they will fester beyond your control. It is our responsibility now to prevent that from happening.

Yusuke: If you’re that determined, then we’ll just have to take you out now.

[The group closes in around Sotaruk and Modaruk.]

Draconta: [roars] ARGHHH!

[The other Dragon Clan members climb onto Draconta. Draconta stands up and waves it’s heads about, over the others on the ground.]

Draconta: I have just been reunited with my children. You shall not take them away!

[One of Draconta’s heads swoops down as if to slam on top of some of Raizen’s friends then raises just as quickly with Sotaruk and Modaruk holding onto whiskers. Draconta’s legs push off from the ground.]

Draconta: It may be the remainder of my energy, but I will not let them hurt you.

[Airborne, the Dragon Clan flies off in the distance.]

Hiei: They got away, the fools.

Kurama: I am sure we’ll run into them again sooner or later.

Kuwabara: Cowards. Who do you think they will be after next?

Kurama: Hard to say. They may start with big injustices, but if those cannot be found, they may turn to petty crimes with overkill punishment.

Kuwabara: Sounds hefty.

[Yusuke walks up to Kuwabara and throws an arm around his shoulder.]

Yusuke: So it’s been a while Kuwabara. How’s life? Made any moves yet on Yukina?

Kuwabara: That’s not very honorable, Urameshi.

Yusuke: You mean you haven’t? What’s keeping you back?

Kuwabara: The time isn’t right. The barrier between humans and demons needs to come down…

Yusuke: Stupid, the barrier did come down.

Kuwabara: Not that barrier. There are more walls than just the physical one.

Kurama: [thinking] With Yukina? [realizing] Oh no, Midori! I was supposed to be back some time ago!

[Kurama scurries away.]

Yusuke: [remembering] Oh crap! Kayko’s waiting for me too!

[Yusuke runs away. Hiei looks dumbstruck where Kurama and Yusuke left then closes his eyes and crosses his arms which forces his dragon to crawl up his arm and rests around his shoulders.]

Hiei: What fools humans are! I’ll never be like that.

[Mukuro, who is standing behind Hiei, looks down at him and smiles.]

* * *

[It is dark in Kurama and Midori’s apartment. The front door opens and Midori enters. She reaches for the light switch but flipping it has no effect. She tries a few more times then heads for the circuit breaker. The door closes behind her, significantly dimming the light. A pair of hands grab her from behind, covering here mouth and eyes. The attached arms press and maneuver her to walk into the kitchen.]

Kurama: [whisper] Guess who.

[The hand on the mouth lets go to pick up a lighter and lights candles on the table, illuminating a modest feast. The hand on her eyes brush off her face. Midori breaths deep and slowly while keeping her eyes shut.]

Midori: [under breath] It can’t be. It’s too good to be true. It’s been over a month.

Kurama: [quietly] It’s okay, look.

Midori: [under breath] What if you’re not really there?

Kurama: Trust me.

[Midori turns and opens her eyes, facing Kurama. Midori is relieved to tears and Kurama smiles as their arms reach to hold each other.]

Midori: My dearest Suichi! It really is you!

Kurama: Yes dear. I’m home now.

[They embrace and the light from the candles fade the scene out.]

* * *

[Kayko washes dishes while Kazuki is on the floor banging a spoon on a pot.]

Kayko: Oh that Yusuke, he’s been gone forever!

Kazuki: [amused babbling] nananah.

Kayko: You really think so? You’re grandma says so too. [distant] “Yusuke always comes back.” [frustrated again] But how much do I have to wait for that guy!

[The front door opens and Yusuke marches in.]

Yusuke: [calling out] Hey honey! I’m home!

[Kayko peeks her head around the corner to see Yusuke.]

Kayko: [quietly] Yusuke? [out loud] YUSUKE!

[Kayko runs to Yusuke with a hug. Kazuki crawls from the kitchen, following, spoon still in hand.]

Kayko: I should tell you no dinner tonight for being away so long.

Yusuke: Aw, but Kayko, I had to save the world.

Kayko: So save it faster next time!

Kazuki: dada dada

[Yusuke lets go of Kayko to pick up Kazuki.]

Yusuke: Hey there short stop! Miss your daddy?

Kayko: That reminds me. There’s been talk of a new early start education program I would like to get for Kazuki. With background lessons going on in his environment, he would be able to subliminally pick up a lot of knowledge that would give him a head start when he gets to be school age and even enable him to make it into one of the better schools around…

[Kazuki waves the spoon around, hitting Yusuke with it.]

Kazuki: Dah! Dah! Dah!

Kayko: …not to mention age appropriate toys that help with the development of early concepts that will fundamentally help learning more advanced theories more easily as well as…

[Yusuke hands Kazuki and turns towards the door.]

Kayko: …ensure that he’ll be top of…Hey! Where are you going?

Yusuke: Out to fly with Jin. We can have this conversation when Kazuki’s in first grade.

[Yusuke leaves.]


[Yusuke is mischievously and animatedly running down the street with shoulders hunched, puffy cheeks, and hands in pockets.]

“Howdy from the almighty Koenma! It’s been quite the ride but we finally wrapped things up and managed to save the world again! Life is back to peaceful for now, but don’t let that fool you. You know how trouble loves to follow after certain people and before you know it we have another case to handle again! Guns, blasts, and world-threatening dangers are just lurking around the corner! Presences are requested even though obstacles are still set up. Seems as though one of our men has turned traitor, WHAT? Not him of all people? You’ll just have to wait and see, next time on YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

AND REMEMBER! The ART CONTEST Closes October 4th,
now that the whole series has been released!

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