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Monday, March 24, 2008

   I’m grateful for the Atonement
Refi: I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! Past the bunnies and baby chicks, I hope everyone had a chance to reflect on the meaning of the holiday. The coming spring, new life, new hope, and for those who believe in Christ – our Savior. With all the problems we face, Christ understands us when no one else does. His resurrection reminds us that there is a picture bigger than our daily routines of work and/or school. Sometimes we get so caught up in the little things-we forget our long term goals; other times we look so loftily where we are headed, we trip or forget to do what is needed to get there. May everyone look with new hope and prayer ahead and continue to be better people today than we were yesterday and better tomorrow than we are today!

As far as My vs The O goes, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other…” ~Matthew 6:24. So on Worlds I have posted all the released YYHB! episodes for easy MyO catchup reference, I’ll still post the Beyond! series here first (and look forward to episode 10 coming soon!). On the Castle World, I’ll occasionally put up old ost from here so those who aren’t on VV won’t me missing much. The thing with VV, I can only have Jpegs and 1 image per post, so obviously my posts are going to be better here on MyO.

For my commenting, I’ll comment if I catch post AND have something realive to say. Right now I am going to focus on what I can say and do to help and serve others. I feel like I do this best in my writings. So the stories I take the time to write have messages thatI feel someone will find beneficial—even if it only touches one person for, “…the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.” ~Doctrine and Covenants 18:10. That includes each and every individual one of you! And I will do what I can to help you while I am still able. So I dub myself Big Sister of O (as you notice my change in avi)

Since I can still do this on MyO ^_^ here are multiple images and gifs!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Original avi ; Previous avi ; Cover Group avi ; Forum avi

My new avi I tried to capture all elements of sisterhood (even if not all the characters used are biologically big sisters) and I created another world that people can reach me as a big sister if I am needed and do not find your post asking for help.

We’ll be having a ball here at the castle soon, so start asking out your anime dates! I suppose you can by commenting, but then the replies will be in the post for all to read, so if you don’t want that much attention, you can always use the big purple shoutbox above to ask out the date of your choice! I’m shooting for April 25th to be the night of the ball!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

   I’m grateful for permalinks
Well, with all that’s going on with VV, I haven’t been around here…it seems pretty lonely on MyO…and you probably noticed everything I did, so I guess there’s little point in me commenting my likes and dislikes on this. Instead, I have been focusing my “hobby time” on the VAA. I have my cast for redubbing a YYH clip where everyone has each other’s voices and should be getting their lines by the end of the month ^^ I also auditioned for lots of things and got some new roles, like Raine from ToS (I’m so happy about that one!!! ^o^) and I just got cast as Tear from ToA (DOUBLE YAY! This week I got roles as my 2 fav Tales females!). I also fixed up my voice demo so it’s 90 seconds instead of 6 minutes, and I gave my VA Resume a complete overhaul.

Since people aren’t coming by here as often, I think I probably will be on here less and less (is it that I’m growing up or this was just a passing phase?) Of course I won’t delete my account, there’s too many memories here. But for submitting greetings…that’s going to stop. Now greetings have to be an exact size, and with the exact pixel count, it still said my new greetings did not meet the requirements >.> Hmph. So I’ll just share them here with you. The Slayers and Last Exile valentine-sy ones are resized from the ones I submitted to Crispin Freeman’s fangroup site for a contest (still haven’t heard back from that -_- but I had 3 entries and there were about 16 submissions, and I like how these turned out so I’m sure I’ll win something) So here are 3 greetings and a wallpaper (and since they’re on imageshack, I don’t see a problem in direct linking them if you want to)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And on a closing note, I set up a world on VV for YuYu Hakusho that I might keep my Beyond! series updated there. Here’s the link if you want my VV site (you know for adding subscriptions and such, I searched out my friends and added them ^^ …well, as many as I had in my PM inbox (the sent ones only have my name on them >.< ) and could find their sites ^^; ) For any Slayers and Inuyasha fans, I have my pictures up on O.S.M. for the 4th Inu movie and finished posting Try. I also started a Yahoo Group for YuYu Hakusho for any YYH fans out there! ~ All the YuYu fangroups had gone way of the spammers, so I’m starting my own nice and clean one! And wow, I found a John Burgmeier group! Too bad he doesn’t go to that one like Crispin is on his ^^ but hey it’s something! I also got my song done and sent to Kirbys Double for MyO Idol. He should be getting back from his out-of-country experience soon, so there still may be a chance to submit songs or voting will start soon. Check over there to see. -EDIT- Yay KB is back! He has the deadline for entries on MyO Idol until the end of the month so you can still send something in!!!

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   I’m grateful for brooms
Refi: *goes up to Jade, sticks a needle in him and takes a sample*

Jade: Excuse me, what are you doing?

Refi: I just ran out of shampoo and I’m trying to make my own. The ingredients said there were Jade extracts in it.

Jade: As delightful as live extractions are, I doubt your shampoo was referring to me.

Refi: *thoughtful* Oh, so when my purple lipstick says it’s name is Mysteria, it doesn’t come from Tear?

Jade: hmm…Mystearia…I’ll have to remember that next I see her.

Guy: >.> What are you plotting Jade?

Jade: Oh…nothing…

Guy: Why are we still here? We need to get back for the final battle.

Refi: But I want the Dragon Buster costume first! And enough grade to keep my capacity cores and all the other stuff I worked for! Besides, you have some more things to answer too…

Guy: o-o Girls?

Jade: Oh yes, let’s count how many have shown up tonight...one…two…oh and there’s a rabid fangirl sneaking up behind you!

Guy: *jumps* WHERE? *lands in Refi’s arms* ACK! *jumps out*

Refi: ^^; I’m glad my Kurama Clone didn’t see that…

Jade: Did you two have a good anniversary?

Refi: Mm-hm…and I don’t usually do this, but since you can find this pic on VAA anyway:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Jade: My my, don’t you look evil.

Guy: I think the dress looks nice on you.

Refi: *points extraction needles towards Jade while addressing Guy* Oh really? ^_^ Thank you! …hmmm…you know what that means? We should have a ball here and everyone dress up and dance and HEY! We have a huge ballroom here that I’ve never even used on MyO!!! We’ll have to get you a date Guy!

Guy: O_O You mean dancing as in close contact with girls?

Jade: *walking so Guy is between him and needles* After all you’ve been through, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Refi: Let’s worry about that later! First there are more special exclusive interview questions for you!

Guy: More? -_-

KirbysDouble: YES! I want to know how you guys swing around such big swords with only one hand!

Refi: YEAH!!! …and how do you fit those big swords in your little scrawny scabbard!

Guy: *scratches head* Uh, I guess the capacity cores give us the strength to swing the big swords. It’s something training lets us do. And if you understand how Jade materializes his weapon, then the fact a big sword fits in my scabbard should not be so surprising.

Inuyasha: Hn. I’ve never had a problem getting Tetsuaiga into it’s scabbard.

Refi: That’s because your sword shrinks first >.>

Click here to join the Ultimate YuYu Hakusho FanGroup
Click to join the Ultimate YYH Group

Well ^^ between tech work and theatre auditions, I haven't really worked on the rest of the post so that's what I got for now ^^ {I'm sure it's fine the way it is, I'm just making this excuse so I have an excuse to say all the busy acting-related work I'm doing ^^} My previous post has some important links if you missed it! So just browse it over ^_~ Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   I’m grateful for eyes that can move!
Refi: Well there was some misunderstanding about my last post…we weren’t camping (nor did we even make it into the park, it’s closed unless you take the $99/person bus ride tour). There was more snow than an igloo could shake a stick at! The first floor of all the buildings where buried in the snowdrifts-good thing our rooms were on the second floor! And guess what, my uncle brought all his electronic toys! Camera, laptop, Nintendo DS (it’s hard for me to picture a man of his age w/ a DS but apparently he has one o.O) yeah the whole bit. And then I was sick the whole weekend. First the throat, then the nose and then the throat again. And with the headaches, by Sunday my eyeballs would not move in their sockets without nerve-pinching pain…and that’s hard when you see someone walking in your peripheral vision and your eyes follow to them quicker than the head! *sigh* but enough of that, let’s have some good news shall we?

There’s a huge Eyes Rutherford on my wall and I LOVE IT! (a few weeks ago, I received a belated xmas gift including a Spiral wallscroll)

Now even more exciting for you, Welcome to the official audio RELEASE of the first episode of YYH Beyond! Please take time to see the cast list of the hard-working stars, not only you’ll find yours truly in it, but MyO’s very own LordSesshomaru and Neko-san!

Full Cast Info and RadioPlay Link
YuYu Hakusho Beyond! Episode 1 : Reunion
Upload at Putfile

And like always, written episodes can be found at Cartoon Cops Missions and now I also will be keeping them up to date as whole episodes on my Book of Mormon/Anime Forum {Link goes straight to YYHB! sub-board}. I started Slayers Try on my O.S.M. page.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Next time: I’ll finish up the extra stuff with Guy and Jade at the sleep-over ^_~ (any extra questions will be included)

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Friday, February 15, 2008

   Quick Post
Refi: Well...to put it simply, we're going to Yellowstone for the holiday weekend and mom informed us that our uncles wants NO electronics there O.O How do they expect me to complete anything w/o my laptop??? >.> grr...So anyway, here I am packing and putting up the second half of episode 9 for YuYu Hakusho Beyond! Next week hopefully I'll have the follow-up post for the slumber party after my return.

YYH Beyond: Episode 9 {second half}: STRATEGIES UNFOLD
{Previously: In the first half of the episode, Kurama has succumbed to his Yoko side while with his fox siblings. Meanwhile there is another plot brewing within Zerka. What is Remayolo after? What is Zerka planning?}

[In the fox den, Yoko Kurama sits sternly and quietly. Okiya, Osuko, and Endoya surround him with smiles and caresses. Remayolo stands in front of them while Yokira contently sits off to the side.]

Remayolo: At last we are all reunited again! This calls for a celebration. We should do something fun, exciting, and dangerous. We should go on an adventure that we were not able to do while our brother was absent.

Endoya: So tell us what you have been planning.

Okiya: I don’t believe Little Yoko has caught wind of it yet…

Yoko Kurama: Yes. Why have you so earnestly sought my aid? augh…

[Remayoko shoots a glare at Yoko Kurama. Yoko Kurama collapses forward with eyes wide open and pupils shrunk. His hands hold him up so his face doesn’t hit the ground, but his breaths are shallow and rapid. Yokira alertly rises to one knee.]

Remayolo: Dear brother, remember your place.

[Yoko Kurama slightly nods with a grunt through clenched teeth. Remayolo smirks and Yoko Kurama resumes breathing normally. He sits back up and resumes his calm composure then Yokira goes back to sitting as well. Remayolo stands in silence to build suspense.]

Yokira Voiceover: Why is he being so stubborn? I wanted him back, but seeing him like this just doesn’t feel right…

Remayolo: Once upon a very long time ago; [while talking images appear to go with the monologue] even eons before we came to be, back when Demon World was being created, there were The Mahabi. With enormous power, the world was formed. Virhum created all the soils and dirt we stand on today. Jalap made water flow all around and filled in the crevices. Pavayu surrounded what room remained with atmosphere. Then Anji breathed a sultry breath filling the world with warmth and light. However, these four often bickered. Virhum did not like his work smothered in liquid and would shake to create holes and burry the water and Jalap would mount up enough strength to crumble the formed mountains with tidal waves. Pavayu would send chilling cold winds that would freeze the others while Anji sent lava to entrap them. Each wanted to rule the others and the war between the four raged on. With all their individual efforts however, they could not create much. Then one day, Dokerei came along and stepped in on their fight and took charge. Under his supervision, their combined powers created an environment that living organisms could survive in. Not long after, plants and animals inhabited the world.

Okiya: [now sprawled out in Yoko Kurama’s lap] And that’s what our powers are modeled after. [yawn] What a bedtime story, though Little Yoko probably hasn’t heard that one in a while…

Remayolo: There is another legend however. [complimentary images continue] There was a revolt against The Mahabi after the world was created. Some feared the overwhelming power of these gods, others simply feared the short tempers that could ignite cataclysms that would ruin the lives they had assumed, a few were even jealous and desired the power for themselves. This coalition overpowered The Mahabi and that was the end of them. No one actually knows what became of the seemingly invincible Mahabi. One rumor states that those who lead the insurrection kept all the power for themselves and now hide in the depths of Demon World with unbelievable power. Another anecdote implies that the influential rebels sealed up the power of The Mahabi and use it to grant immortality to those who offer them priceless riches. The hearsay that I would like to scrutinize is where The Mahabi were tired of fighting against that which sprouted from their world and simply faded away after preserving their power into many tiny gems that would maintain the stability of the world. Ziberian Crystals! But if anyone were to hold even one of these stones, they would be filled with such power that they would become invincible. If they fell into the wrong hands, the balance of the world could be disrupted! To prevent this, The Mahabi hid all the Ziberian Crystals. This legendary location is referred to as the Crystal Caverns where obstacles of all sorts block and guard the treasure…obstacles relating to the elements which we control.

Osuko: So now that our pack is complete again, we should be able to make it past all the obstacles.

Remayolo: Precisely, so what do think of my proposition?

Endoya: I think it sounds simply fascinating!

Osuko: With that power and invincibility, we wouldn’t need to be so secretive with our doings anymore.

Okiya: We would gain control over the universe!

[Remayolo glares down at Yoko Kurama, who gives a gasp then tilts his head forward in affirmation. Remayolo, Osuko, Okiya, and Endoya look over at Yokira since she hasn’t responded yet, and has just been sitting silently in the corner the whole time.]

Yokira: [unenthusiastically] Let’s do it.

* * *

[Members of Zerka are still sleeping where they had partied. Ehay is asleep under a table, sitting up against a table leg. Sukeyuay is sprawled out with other members of Zerka nearby.]

Sukeyuay: [quietly mumbles] I don’t need to go to work…it’s cold outside… [rolls to the side while clutching a table cloth as a blanket]

[The Initiatory Demon walks up to Sukeyuay then kicks his side then walks over to Ehay and kicks his shoulder. Ehay raises his head, causing it to hit the table.]

Sukeyuay: You got some nerve interrupting a guy’s dream!

Initiatory Demon: Hey my sleeping beauties! The council wants to see ya!

Ehay: [Emerges from table with hand on head] What is this about?

Initiatory Demon: Oh you’ll see, apparently the two of you have impressed the council.

Sukeyuay: Great! They saw my unique talents!

Ehay: Or ouble-tray.

[Sukeyuay and Ehay follow the Initiatory Demon to the council in silence until they arrive. The Initiatory Demon waves his arm to present the two to the council and steps to the side.]

Zerk: Impressive performance during the instigation my brothers. Such caliber is rare to witness even among the finest of our members. We would like to extend leadership opportunities to the two of you. They would, of course, be to help all the members of the brotherhood.

Sukeyuay: [acting cautious] I don’t know… we still don’t know too much about what’s going on. How do you know we won’t screw things up?

Zerk: Wise…very wise. But all you would be required to do is help the others reach your levels of skill.

Sukeyuay: And why, should we except?

Zerk: To help the others, that is why we are a brotherhood is it not? [pause] However…if you were interested in power…or treasure…or just simple pleasure…we may be able to work something out for you. [eyes meet Sukeyuay’s] But only if any of that appealed to you.

Sukeyuay: [serious tone] How about ‘D’? All of the above.

Zerk: We don’t usually let our newcomers come straight to the top, but if you both can prove yourselves, we could make some room for you up here.

Sukeyuay: And what exactly is it that you want us to do?

Zerk: [points] If you travel for a day and a half in that general direction, you should be able to spot a portentous miasma that surrounds the legendary Crystal Caverns. The center of these caverns holds a very unique looking crystal. If you can pass the trials along the way and bring back some of those crystals as proof, then you will have shown you hold all the qualities necessary to accept the responsibilities and privileges among our exalted leadership. And do not worry about our organization’s details; we will give you a perfect understanding of it upon your successful return.

Sukeyuay: And all we gotta do is bring back some shiny trinkets? Sure. You’re on.

Initiatory Demon: Come this way, we’ll make you ready for the journey.

[Sukeyuay and Ehay follow the Initiatory Demon away from the party while the council watches and muses.]

Prominent Figure #1: Well they fell right into that one.

Prominent Figure #2: Gullible as newborns.

* * *

[In the fox den, Yokira, Endoya, and Okiya pamper themselves while chatting]

Okiya: Do you think they will be able to bridge the gap in so short a time?

Endoya: With all the time it took us to achieve what we have now, I doubt it. But Remayolo will make sure Little Yoko is prepared enough for the task.

Okiya: Sister, you must tell us about the humans you have been with. Found any Scrumptious ones?

Yokira: Mmmhmhmhm…such a variety of exceptional delicacies. But alas, since those anti-human eating laws it has just been mortals, mortals everywhere, but not a bite to eat…I didn’t want to attract attention from the wrong demons while there…but it was all so tempting, I did slip a few times; especially when I had pressing males that couldn’t resist me after hearing my voice.

* * *

[In a forest Remayolo observes and directs Yoko Kurama fighting against Osuko. Yoko Kurama lashes a whip at Osuko, but mid-strike it bursts into flames and disintegrates.]

Remayolo: I have supplemented your power, now you must discover what skills you are able to do with that strength now.

[Osuko prepares a ball of fire in his hand. Yoko Kurama uses a bamboo chute to extend towards Osuko as if to spear him, but again his weapon is incinerated. Simultaneously Osuko is hit from the back; he turns and sees rancorous tree limbs protruding from the ground.]

Osuko: [screams] You got me!

[Osuko tackles Yoko Kurama. As they rumble, Remayolo approaches.]

Yoko Kurama and Osuko: [turning for a joint attack] BURNING FOREST BLAST!

[Remayolo crosses his arms in front to block. Yoko Kurama and Osuko laugh as the smoke clears out. Remayolo emerges with a displeased look on his face then springs on top of them, initiating a three-way playful brawl.]

Narrator: And thus training went. Two forces, one goal. But who will gain the prize?

“Kuwabara here to announce that the wait is over! I know you have all been waiting to see yours truly! Okay, so my screen time may be interrupted for a bit just to update you on how the others are doing at that cavern place, But still, Genkai left us her temple to be a sanctuary for demons which Yukina-the love of my life-has been managing splendidly! So be sure to catch us next time on YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

My Forum will be having a POSTING PARTY on Monday Night! ALL are welcome! (and yes, I hope to catch the tail end of it)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Friday, February 8, 2008

   HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and Year of the Rat!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: Today (well, yesterday by the time I post this!) is Chinese New Years. Cute celebration pic on Google today, yes? OKAY! Two Quick Pointers before FEAST TIME! ^^ 1: I discovered one of my VA roles has been out o.O Why didn’t I get the memo??? Well, I got to star as Little Red Riding Hood as the story is told, “like you’ve never heard before” So you can check it out, all my VA fans out there (or if you’re bored and need a laugh ^_~) 2: Many of you have heard about MyOtaku Idol! Now it is here for a third round and YOU yes, you! could have a chance to participate! Just head over to Kirbys Double’s site and read about entering. It’s loads of fun to prepare a song, and then you can showcase it her for your fellow Otakuites to hear! FUN yes? NOW lets get this Party STARTED!

Kurama Clone #2: Aren’t you forgetting something dear?

Refi: Hm? Like what?

Kurama Clone #2: We’ve been married for 3 years now!

Refi: o.O Has it really been that long? *searches out marriage licsense photo creation date* O_O Wow, 2/08/05…yeah I guess so ^^; So since it is now the 8th in ‘08, would that make it a golden anniversary for us?

Kurama Clone #2: ToT So you did forget again?

Refi: What? Nonono! See, I have a special guest chef come make a splendid dinner for the occasion!

Guy: >.> Oh is that what you really wanted.

Refi: No! I wanted you to come so we can help you! …it’s 2 birds with one stone! ^^;;;;;

Kurama Clone #2: And why do you have all these friends invited?

Refi: They’re to help Guy ^^; Well, the girls are.

Guy: -.-; Dang, I was hoping to get out of this…

Kurama Clone #2: I tried, but perhaps it is for the best. I’m no longer important to my sweet little Refi-chan tot

Refi: O_O What? NO! I care! I CARE! Do I need an invitation from the Care Bears or something? The public insisted on the slumber party and this was an opportune time to post. I’ve got pics picked out to make our anniversary picture already, and if that’s not enough, we have two liscenes (and a third for your Yoko side) and therefore two (/three) anniversaries to make up for crunch situations like this! Can’t we just enjoy the feast???

Kurama Clone #2: Fine…if you pay attention to me instead of Guy.

Refi: bu-bu-bu…*sigh* okay ^^

Guy: ^_^;

Jade: Don’t feel too relaxed, I’ve come to enjoy in the fun for Her Majesty.

Guy: What are you doing here? Don’t the others need you?

Jade: Well since there are 6 of us and only 4 allowed to fight at a time, I’m sure somehow the others will make due without us.

*FEAST takes place in the Banquet Hall with lots of sushi for Akito to enjoy, as well as cake, ramen, fried rice, rice balls, soba noodles, miso soup and the like*

FonMasterGuardian: Mmm!Mmm! Is it time for the exclusive interview???

*Kurama Clone #2 raises an eyebrow to Refi*

Refi: ^^;;; Yes, please go ahead.

LordSesshomaru: Is that a dog collar you’re wearing? It looks like a name tag!

Guy: Uh, this? Well…

Refi: It’s from a hidden and forbidden past where I kidnapped him when he was still very young and brought him to my castle and made him my very own pet. You notice the color? That signifies how special of a pet he is; we’re trying to work him up to blue right now because it would match his eyes…

Kurama Clone #2: >.> Refi…

Refi: ^^; …sorry…

Kurama Clone #2: Scratch what she said; the castle wasn’t even built then.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Jade: Too bad, that was a fascinating response.

FonMasterGuardian: FINE! My turn!!! Do you like Natalia? *threatening*

Guy: O-O …what do I answer to that?

Jade: My, my, this should be interesting…go on Guy, tell them what you think of Natalia.

Guy:*fiddling with gloves* She’s ah…she… ^^; She’s good for Kimlasca.

*everyone anime falls*

KirbysDouble: How many times do you have to cook to get all those stars?

Guy: *thoughtful* I don’t know…I just cook whenever the player controlling the game instructs me to. Fried Rice was my first 3 star recipe…

Jade: Then he accepted Anise’s proposal to be her house husband…very useful indeed!

Guy: I did not! >.> Maybe you should let KirbysDouble see that fontech knife and lazer beam glasses you use when cooking.

Jade: Oh nonsense. If he insists on Luke being the cook… *happily* we’ll just have to starve.

Guy: >.> You sound so optimistic about that.

Jade: Come Come! It’s time to for the slumber party! We’ll let the happy couple take their leave while I act as a substitute Refi.

Refi: >.< Hey! How on earth could you replace me like that!

Kurama Clone #2: Happy anniversary dear. You don’t have to work tonight now.

*Now Open! The Official Slumber Party Room for the 5th Official (including the John Burgmeier night) MyO/Tiggerola Slumber Party*

Jade: According to the lesson plan, we start with playing tag. Guy, you’re it. And it looks as though only girls are joining in.

Guy: >.> You’re just cruel.

Jade: Or we could skip the whole lesson plan and everyone volunteer themselves to my experiments for the evening.

Guy: I’m afraid to ask, what else is on the itinerary?

Jade: It say’s Truth or Dare, then makeover…hm…that is a grand idea. Girls, please demonstrate how one goes about a makeover...you can use Guy for that.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Guy: What? NO! Stay back get off of me!

*screen goes white; scene resumes with Guy having survived a makeover*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Guy: Is it over yet?

Jade: Hm…what’s this? We seemed to have overlooked the dressups. There are different costumes here for you to wear…and there also seems to be some blue hair dye and fingernail polish…Girls, if you would…

Guy: Here we go again…

*screen goes white; scene resumes with Guy dressed and styled*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Guy: Are we done yet? *shaking* I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Guy has earned the Not Afraid of Girls title.


Refi: WHAT?!?!? All my metholodical planning to cure Guy ruined!!!

Kurama Clone #2: What’s the matter?

Refi: Jade left a note on the Substitute Plan saying “The children were misbehaving so I revoked the privilege of playing games. Discipline was administered. Look forward to performing experiments for you again.” >.> You tell me what the matter is!

Kurama Clone #2: I’m sure everyone still had fun.

Refi: Poor Guy. Since the formula wasn’t followed, he was scared out of his wits for nothing! I just hope Jade didn’t traumatize any of the other guest!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

   Sometimes being optimistic is the only way to cope through this life!
Refi: Quick with some updates then I hope to amuse you ^^ Hope you don’t mind I’m going to save the second half of YYHB! ep 9 for next week, and like always for those in need of review it is still updated on my CC site. I finished loading Slayers Next on my O.S.M. page and have things set up for Try and then Rurouni Kenshin ^^ And along with my VA-ing, I’ve made it into a couple of Cover Groups (not sure what they’re about, but its singing). Wandering Dreams I just turned in my lines for 2 JPop songs, so those should be released soon ^^ and the other one is Beautiful Pathway Studios, I’m a Generation 1 in that one! ^_^ And we all have assigned pics/characters from this game called Idol Master. Due to my inactivity online during crises I got assigned the one left over, but looking at them all, I probably would have picked this one anyway! lol I used the pic for both my avi and sig on the BPS forum, it’s been a while since I’ve made graphics so I’d like to share ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Guy: Hey, is there where I’m supposed to show up?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: *jumps infront of Guy* Yes ^o^ Welcome!

Guy: Dah! *jumps back*

Refi: Heehee, Everyone, I’d like you to meet Guy from Tales of Abyss, some of you already know him. He is our special guest for today!

Guy: ^^; Thanks…

Refi: Just like Zelgadis, he has a disposition that I MUST fix! *inches closer to Guy*

Guy: ^^;;; Um…you didn’t mention anything like this… *inches away*

Refi: Although it would have been grand if Asch could have come too, if you get the right angle of him, he looks like Kurama ^o^ but he was too busy looking for Loreli’s key >.>

Guy: *scratching head* Well, we are trying to save the planet. I don’t even know how I had time to show up tonight.

Refi: Because it’s your turn to cook ^_^

Guy: What?!

Refi: We haven’t had a banquet here for a long time, and I’ve got you trained up to 3 stars so go to the kitchen and start cooking!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Guy: I thought I was a special guest, not a slave.

Refi: You are ^^ The “Special Guest Chef!” So go make Akito’s favorite.

Akito (from Kodoacha): *leopard ears pop up* *monotone* …sushi…

Refi: Then afterwards the readers will have an exclusive interview with you ^^ (If you wish to participate just leave your questions in the Comment Box below)

Guy: What is there to interview about?

Akito: …sushi…

Refi: And since it will be very late we’ll just all have to spend the night…and the girls here know what that means ^^ heehee

Guy: 0-0 Spend the night? …girls???

Refi: SLUMBER PARTY!!! Oh it won’t be that bad, just think of it as staying at the Inn with your traveling buddies ^^ …true the female population here at night might be the majority, but we just have fun playing simple games ^^

Guy: *shaking* What kind of games?

Refi: Oh like eating cookies and cake, pillow fights, Truth or Dare…

Akito: …suhi…

Guy: ^^; Can’t we just stick with Dragon Buster?

Refi: …and of course, the best slumber party tradition of all… *evil voice* MAKEOVERS!!!

Guy: *heading for front door* You know I think some monsters just showed up that I need to go beat…

Refi: *grabs Guy’s arm* Not so fast! You’re NOT getting out of this!

Guy: *shaking uncontrollably* AH!

Refi: We’ll have you cured by the end of this! Now get to the kitchen and start cooking! *boots Guy off to the kitchen*

Akito: *leopard ears twitching* …sushi…

Refi: *dust off hands* So be sure to join us for the party (would you like the party or YYHB first?) and ask any interview questions you may have for Guy. Oh and if we’re lucky, Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts will show up too! ^.~ But don’t tell them about the Slumber Party portion otherwise it might scare them ^^ Akito sure likes sushi, don't you?

Akito: …I don’t hate it…

Refi: ^^

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Then Life Happens
Refi: Sorry guys, I’m too tired to even start complaining about everything that’s been happening X_X Lets just say it was one crisis after another and lives were on the line, we all survived at least (barely). I need to come up with something special for you guys, you know its been a long while since I wrote a really good and entertaining post. Perhaps next time I’ll have taken care of most the problems so as not to have to worry and can focus on my writing. I kind of hate to do this while still writing episode 10, but today while I have a small moment, I’ll put up the first half to episode 9 of YuYu Hakusho Beyond! I hope you enjoy it, and like always, if you need to catch up with the rest of the story it’s updated on my CC site as well as other stories and skits. As for my querry letter, I hope to send it to FUNi next week so be sure to check up on me. If you are enjoying my series and would like to see it animated, after I submit my querry letter I’ll request fans to email their interest to FUNimation. If they see that it could sell, they may consider getting the rights to it and bother with animations (like Fox got the rights to Dragonball and are making an American made (live) Dragonball movie that is coming out in August-I’M STOKED TO SEE IT!)

YYH Beyond: Episode 9 {first half}: STRATEGIES UNFOLD
{Previously: Yusuke and Hiei have passed Zerka’s initiation and have received their first rewards. While they celebrated the night away, Kurama was preparing to leave his demon family despite Yokira’s attempts to entice his Yoko side to emerge. While leaving, Remayolo informed him that he had to stay the month to ensure his human mother’s safety. To add to this burden, Yokira threatened to inform the rest of the pack about Kurama’s wife, Midori, if he did not change back into Yoko Kurama. Will Kurama abide to protect Midori? What is Remayolo scheming? What will Yusuke and Hiei learn now that they are in Zerka?}

[FLASHBACK: By the pond at night, Kurama and Midori are talking to one another.]

Midori: Thank you for your support through this first year, I really appreciate it.

Kurama: Don’t mention it, you have helped me too.

Midori: [averts eyes, blushing] Don’t be silly, I could never repay your kindness.

[Kurama smiles. Midori smiles but a tear trickles out of her eye. Kurama lifts his hand to brush it off with his finger and steps in closer to Midori. They embrace. END FLASHBACK]

* * *

[Kurama stands on his ledge on the mountain during the day staring off to the distance.]

Kurama: I vowed to protect you, I am sorry that the price of your protection will hurt you so much. [turns towards burrow leading to the den; shifts into Yoko Kurama form]

* * *

[Midori sneezes while sitting at the desk in her apartment.]

Midori: Oh, [picks up wedding photo and gazes upon it] I suppose you are thinking of me too, dear. [smiles, replaces photo]

[There is a knock on the door. Midori sets down her pencil and slides her notes into a pile then gets up and goes over to open it and sees Kayko with her son, Kazuki]

Midori: Oh welcome Kayko! What a pleasant surprise; do come in!

Kayko: [enters] Thank you. How have you been feeling?

Midori: I’ve been hanging in there, the best I can. [sits down in a chair] May I hold the little one?

Kayko: Oh that’s right, [hands Kazuki over for Midori to hold] you haven’t met Kazuki yet. [sits down on the couch]

Midori: [cooing] Ah isn’t he the most precious thing you have ever seen? That’s right, you are absolutely precious!

Kazuki: [coos]

Midori: [normal voice] So how has life been treating you?

Kayko: I suppose it is all right. Other than Yusuke gone, I can’t really complain.

Midori: [looks thoughtfully past Kayko] Yes, Kurama has been gone for a while too. I suppose I shouldn’t expect him back until the end of the month.

Kayko: Doesn’t it scare you? That he might not come back?

Midori: [closes eyes and smiles] No. I trust that he will return. [places Kazuki on the ground]

Kayko: [shakes head and smiles] I don’t understand how you can remain so happy.

Midori: How can I not be with such a cute face around? [looks at Kazuki] His eyes are so bright and smile so sure. [Kazuki crawls to the coffee table and holds on the edge] Children are the hope of the future. Our men are out there to protect us and our kids. [Kazuki gets hold of a book and pulls it onto the floor with him] Thanks to them, this little boy will be able keep on smiling and laughing.

Kayko: But he’ll need a father too.

Midori: It is true that sacrifices must be made to preserve peace. Our husbands chose that sacrifice. And we are making a sacrifice to let them go. Not only so they can keep our lives safe, [Kazuki grabs keys and opens the book puts the keys in and closes the cover] but all the others around us. [Kazuki opens the book and sees the keys are still where he left them] When I think of it like that, I can’t help but love Kurama that much more. [Kazuki closes book] He is risking his life for everyone’s freedom. So is Yusuke.

[Kazuki opens the book again to see the keys have not moved. With joy, he clasps his hands together and coos.]

Kayko: It does sound admirable. But Yusuke has gone off so many times in the past; I can’t help but feel, well…selfish. I mean, why can’t someone else take a turn to defend us?

Midori: Is there anyone else capable?

Kayko: Well…

Midori: We married great men. With that comes great sacrifice; where much is given, much is required. We can only expect that there will be other demands for their attention.

Kayko: But what about my need for his attention? It feels like I don’t matter…

Midori: But you do matter! You inspire Yusuke; even when you are not right there beside him. Remember, behind every great man is a very wonderful woman. What you are doing and the sacrifices you make are just as admirable, even if they aren’t as recognizable.

Kayko: I still miss him.

Midori: Look at this little one. [holds Kazuki in standing position] How he turns out will be greatly influenced by his mother. By now teaching him principles of love and truth, you will help him with decisions later down the road. If you don’t believe me, look at my mother-in-law. She raised a demon and he turned out okay.

Kayko: [laughs] I suppose that is true. [takes Kazuki back from Midori]

Midori: So tell me what was it like when you were pregnant…was labor hard? I’m kind of nervous about what it will be like…

* * *

[In the foxes den, Remayolo half grins at seeing Kurama transformed into Yoko Kurama. He strides around him, looking down upon him. Yoko Kurama rigidly stands at attention with serious eyes. Remayolo stops behind him.]

Remayolo: Now here is your true power. [embraces and holds Yoko Kurama from behind] At last we can unite our powers into the element of Life. You’re power is now mine and soon all three worlds will shake at our feet!

* * *

[Morning rises for Zerka. Demons lay scattered across the previous bonfire festivities, most of them are snoozing. Zerk, Modaruk, and other prominent figures in Zerka stand off to the side in serious discussion.]

Prominent Figure #1: We should have enough now to proceed with our plans. I’m tired of waiting!

Zerk: So tell me, Modaruk, what do you see in means of achieving our one goal?

Modaruk: Ehay and Sukeyuay seem to work well as a team and each can hold their own when separate. They are resourceful. I’d wager they would be able to make it to the crystals and back, returning with enough for us.

Prominent Figure #2: We should send them right away then.

Prominent Figure #3: Before they know the purpose; otherwise they might steal the power for themselves.

Zerk: True, those crystals will ensure our victory of taking over all the worlds; we wouldn’t want to let some amateurs overthrow our hard earned achievements. Still, it is risky to send them as they are…

* * *

[Teen Koenma, Botan, and George lie under their table groaning.]

Teen Koenma: Have you found that medicine yet?

George: I told you, they don’t have any, Koenma sir.

Botan: Do you think we’ll have to abort this mission?

Teen Koenma: [suddenly devoid of ailments] And miss what that fish girl wants with Yusuke? Never! We could be on to something here!

Check in next time to discover the foxes plot as well as what the Zerka organization is up to. Be ready for stories and conspiracies!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

All Systems Go!
Refi: Internet has been found! I can go back to posting 3 times a week if time allows. I hope my efforts will reach people now, the past couple of post had some important mentionings in them, so if you have a chance (and haven't read them already) please go back and read them, PLEASE *puppy dog eyes* Thank you and love ya!

So now I’m working a couple of jobs, one of them it now a set schedule one so I’ll have a somewhat steady income (no complaints here, life is wonderful except the one thing I lack is the one thing I don’t have control over having).

I got the Tales of Abyss game so now I’ve been able to get in with it, but even reaching level 50 on my characters, I don’t think I’m even half-way through the game. Most games seem to be able to be completed at only levels 65-70ish. Reminds me of when Ocarina of Time first came out and how long that game seemed. One of my friends kept renting it hoping to beat it and thought a certain point would be the final battle but when it wasn’t she gave up because it was going too long for her lol imagine how it would have been if a game like this came out back then (the time were the original 8bit systems were starting to get old) no one would have the patience to see it all the way to the end! lol I have done some ToA auds on the VA Forum, so it’s been kind of funny when the characters say lines I’ve auditioned with-the meanings completely change in context you know!

Also, I’ve had a new idea (man I get so ahead of myself sometimes) about having a brigde series of YuYu Hakusho to go between the original and my Beyond! series to cover things from the manga that the anime didn’t get to (like a case Keiko gave Yusuke after coming back from demon world at her school and he had to go undercover and dress up like a girl! ~My favorite part of that is when they’re discussing the situation with Kurama and he’s asked why he doesn’t come he replies, “Me? In a girl’s school? Wearing girl’s clothes? You’re kidding, right?” LOL) and then the next Demon World Tournament that is skipped over (which in my revisions, Kokou won).

Plus, I’m about to send my query letter mentioned in the previous post, so any more pointers on that would be much appreciated because I want this to look good! Perhaps one day you can see it animated!!! Come be a part in anime-history!!!

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

   Wouldn’t it be funny if Kurama went up to Hiei and said, “You know that whole Imeko thing? Well…I’m you’re father.”
Refi: Hey guys, just a quick post before I go back to the land of the internet-less. Seems like everyone’s gone for the Holidays, so I’ll try and update again when I can, and you can read my last post for the REAL stuff! All of YYH Beyond! is updated on my CC site including the revisions of Botan and Gang included if you feel lost or anything for the story! My Previous post also had a vid for those interested in Kodocha (or VA jokes) and now I have the Kurama one posted below! If I get a chance, I’ll get my YuYu Boys (the pop band lol) up too ^.~ And also while here, I have posted more Screenshots on O.S.M. ~ The YYH Movies, the rest of Spiral, and a good portion of Slayers Next (up to the Brass Rackets episode).

Kurama ~ Grow the Roses

AND: Bonus Bloopers!

Kurama:Grow the Roses ; Bloopers ; Home Base

I had a whole stack of reading to do while on vacation (I found manga at the library! And some other books to help me learn more about my profession) and one of my books was about writing. I didn’t learn much from it, but it explained a query letter for getting things published, so I wrote one for my YYH Beyond! series, please read it and tell me what you think: Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Would you want to animate it? Do you have any pointers to make it better?
Life goes on, but it is not always “happily ever after.” New adventures await the YuYu Hakusho gang as they start new lives…as adults! Yusuke is a daddy! Kurama’s foxy siblings come to call! Hiei learns about his father! Kuwabara is pursuing education; but what keeps him from proposing to Yukina? All the while, trouble brews in Demon World as another tournament for the crown is around the corner!

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