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Saturday, May 5, 2007

   Imagine Hiei as your PRINCIPAL!!!
Refi: Like said before, I have an early post because I’m going on tour next week WOOT WOOT!!! Lets test my endurance and see how many shows I can sing and dance before collapsing ^___^ Before I forget, I’ve been researching VA interviews and such. Here’s an interesting one from a few years back. I got nervous when they were saying how hundreds of people audition and aren’t good enough. But they also said that if you’re not in the business, do fandubbing. So I’m glad I’ve been trying to VA online, that should be some worthwhile experience for them to look at when I get there. They also said it helps to be a musician (which is practically my LIFE!) because of rhythm w/ matching voice flaps and such, so that’s a relief since rhythm is my forte in music! As for my story, you all know how I love plot twists and cliff hangers, so please enjoy it for now. Where I wanted to go with this when I decided to continue this story a number of you are hinting at so you’re making me sweat wondering if you know what I’m getting at or not lol {Most of my responses to your responses would result in spoilers for parts I don’t want spoiled, so I’m generalizing my response ^^;}

To Destinyssweetman: No worries, Sally Sue wouldn’t dream of breaking you and Megumi up ^_~ You two can be together as long as you want *sister hugs*
To Kirbys Double: Agreed, the weird tag thing needs to be stopped, I did my part of that by tagging friends that probably would not have read that post (except for one, which I thought this might be fun for) due to extreme inactivity on MyO and statistically speaking and all that ^_~ Oh wait Shhhhhh!!! Don’t let anyone know, if the sponsors of the Tag Team find out I’m silently ploting against them, they’ll come and take me away!!! TOT
Well, anyway *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAL* Aw they sound so cute!!! Mayhaps some of my Chibi Kurama/Yoko pics I have in the gallery on my Cartoon Cops site would be of help as referernce pics for their hair?
To Inuyasha Wind Scar: I’m moving to Fort Worth to get in with Funimation Studios ^__^

Now after my lengthy spiel:

3:05 pm at an extremely uneventful Malt Shop:

Kurama and Raven look at each other seriously while Hiei is overindulging himself in the mountain of a fancy ice cream soda.

Raven: I would have expected the suspect to have shown up by now. Do you still have the stuff on him?

Kurama: Naturally *slides envelope across table*

Raven: *reading* Name-Ditz; Cartoon-starred in an episode of Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers; Problem-Information file deleted for unknown reasons, lead to believe may be for sinister reasons; Goal-must recover lost information and locate Ditz before the episode makes it’s way to DVD…this message will self destruct? *shrugs off the last line and throws it over her shoulder*

*The crumpled note lands on a root beer float and sinks to the bottom. The float is delivered to an older bald man that happens to be the Chief of Police from the cartoon Inspector Gadget.*

Chief: Aw, how nice it is to have a day off…No missions, No Gadget, and NO exploding self destruct notes!

Kurama: Perhaps it would be better to find him after questioning his co-stars. I expect they would remember his profile information and may provide a clue to where he had gone too.

Raven: *looking at the picture* We’re looking for an orange blob, that shouldn’t be too hard to find. *hands picture to Kurama*

Kurama: Hm, he might be able to blend in with a few creatures from Demon World, Hiei, didn’t you say there was something interesting going on there?

Hiei: *drunk off of ice cream and love serum* Hic! Huh? …possibly…

Kurama: *handing over photo* There wouldn’t bychance be a fellow involved that looked like this would there?

Hiei: *HIC* Uh? Hey… That there is… *HIC*…a pretty good picture *arm waves trying to point to it, but bends in manners that are not humanly nor Hiei-ly possible* it really captures my good side!

*Kurama and Raven eye Hiei alertly as Hiei starts to turn orange. Raven stands and uses her power over the fancy ice cream soda to move it away from him. The orange Hiei melts into a blob on the floor, his form now resembling the picture of Ditz. Now that there is an opening at the booth, Kurama also rises. Ditz pulls out 80’s children cartoon ray guns and points them at Kurama and Raven while slinking away.*

Ditz: You’ll never catch me alive coppers!

Raven: That line is so cliché.

Sally Sue: Oh no! The suspect wasn’t supposed to actually show up! I made this whole case up! First they go to the Malt Shop and no one shows, then there was to be a “Hot Tip” that he would be at the theatre in a room showing a romantic movie, then going swimming at the beach, then a restaurant and then… *breaks down* WHAH HA HA!!! TOT

Kurama: We don’t want to hurt you; we just need to return you to your cartoon for a debut.

Ditz: And what if Idon’t want to go back?

*He slinks away towards the entrance, but Raven entraps the 80’s children cartoon ray guns in black energy and have them fly away from Ditz towards her.*

Raven: Children shouldn’t play with guns.

Kurama: Well said…

*Kurama smiles with eyes closed and arms crossed, one hand being up by his shoulder. Opening his eyes, he pulls out his Rose Whip and slashes a low blow towards Ditz. It hits him head on, slicing the alien in two…but being of his composition, the two halves merge back together into one. Ditz grins at the duo as evily as an 80’s cartoon villain can grin.*

Raven: Well that is useful to know, he is made up of a substance that can regenerate itself.

Dizt: They are highly unstable molecules to be exact. Just because you left me unarmed doesn’t render me harmless! I can blow myself up, destroying a whole planet, and still comeback together in one piece. How about I give you a small demonstration?

*Dizt starts to puff up. To counter, Raven levitates as her eyes turn black as she chants. A black sphere envelopes Ditz as he explodes, containing the explosion as well as the sound of one. Raven and Kurama smile in relief as Ditz reassembles in the black bubble. Shortly thereafter, Kurama turns his head, aware of another danger.*

Chief: Hmmm…*poke*poke* This isn’t ice cream in the bottom of my float!

Kurama: Raven get down!

Raven: Huh?

*Kurama glomps Raven to the ground to shield her from the explosion of the Self Destruct Message that was thrown into the root beer float which interacting with the carbonated beverage delayed its reaction of self destructing. Suddenly (well, not so suddenly if you have a heightened sense of smell like Kurama that can detect an increase of explosion powder evaporating into the air carried up by carbonated bubbles…but for everyone else it was rather sudden) the Malt Shop explodes with the Chief flying high in the air looking rather blackened and charred.*

Chief: GADGET!!!

*Down below, the smoke clears and Raven lets down the barrier that she surrounded her and Kurama with. They look at each other and suddenly sit up and turn away from each other blushing. Recovering from embarrassment of the situation they stand and dust themselves off as they look around at the barren vicinity. There is no trace of hide nor molecule of Ditz.*

Kurama: The suspect appears to have given us the slip.

Sally Sue: *sitting up in the former bushes with black face smears and a twig sticking out of her hair* Well all in all, I suppose that turned out really well. (referring to Raven and Kurama’s actions during the explosion to protect one another despite the collateral damage)

Raven: HEY!

Sally Sue: *cringes* >.<

*Raven and Kurama walk over to her.*

Raven: And just what are you doing here?

Is Sally Sue’s jig up? Have the Kurama and Raven team had it? Does anyone know why the pretend case turned real? And what about (the actual) Hiei?
Sally Sue: I haven’t even begun to jig! HAHAHA *suddenly smashed by a not-so-leafy falling tree* XD haaaa....

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Monday, April 30, 2007

   29 Days till Texas!
Yeah, so there were technical difficulties for my solo…the CD wouldn’t play at first, but they got it to work, but then it messed up in the middle, but then it kept going. So everyone enjoyed my song, instead of trying to copy Megumi or try to sound like Kurama singing the song, I did it as Refi singing it as a super low alto ^_^ As for the Global Warming Animation that I shared a link with last time, it was for a Global Warming Animation Contest…and it won FIRST PLACE!!! ^o^ I know it wasn’t all me, but because I did good on my part, it didn’t hinder the quality, so I’m real happy about this.

Oh and ALL next week is HOPE Tour, so I won’t be able to post next Monday, but never fear, I will try and post on Saturday, so the post that I would have posted for Monday will still be up on Monday, just earlier for any who desire a sneak peek ^_~

Now there is a pressing matter I must get over with >.>;;; I got tagged with that “weird” thing that’s been going around, So I better come up with 6 weird things about me…
“6 weird things about me”:
1) I don’t believe in normal (so everything is weird anyway)
2) I love to choreograph and as a kid could be found dancing in front of my mirrors (well, no one could find me like that because my bedroom door was locked!)
3) I’m a girl who sings tenor
4) I talk to imaginary non-existing people…but I realize they are imaginary non-existing people
5) I also talk to imaginary real people…but I realize that they are not really there
6) Big Brother loves watching me; I want to see royalties for all the cool stuff I thought of before its time that is popular now!
Six people to chose:
I’ll tag Inuyasha311, Princess Meja, Masked Drifter, Equus, Adain, Wing Moon

AND NOW TO WITNESS THE *cough*DATE*cough* of Raven And Kurama!
2:47 pm at the Malt Shop with hip 50’s hop music jiving in the bg:

Kurama and Raven walk into the parlor and up to the counter.

Kurama: We’ll take a Malt, what flavor would you like, Raven?

Raven: I’ll just take an herbal tea.

2:48 pm in the back room of the Malt Shop:

Sally Sue is dressed up like a cook and madly mixing bananas, ice cream and sodas while laughing maniacially.

Sally Sue: HAHAHA! *pulls out a bottle of love potion and taps a few drops in* I know this is a bit of cheating, but they’ll thank me for it later. It’s just a light dose so it will only last temporarily, but after it wears off they’ll realize they discovered their true feelings for each other! HAHAHA *whips up a beautiful sugary masterpiece and sprinkles it with sugar and tops it with a cherry*

2:52 pm at a booth in the Malt Shop:

A fancy ice cream soda adorns the middle of the table with two straws protruding in opposite directions from one another. Kurama and Raven rest their arms on the table with the fancy ice cream soda hiding their hands. Raven lifts her arms bringing to her lips a cup of All Herbal Tea that rests in her hands. Kurama acts similarly with his own cup.

Raven: I suppose the ice cream soda wasn’t needed.

Kurama: It’s just for show.

*They continue to simultaneously sip*

2:56 pm still in the Malt Shop:

A bell rings as the door at the entrance opens. In walks Hiei. Kurama and Raven shift their eyes to survey the newcomer, seeing it is Hiei, Kurama immediately turns his head to face out the window. Hiei looks around and notices Kurama and walks up to their booth.

Hiei: Why Kurama, imagine finding you here of all places.

Kurama: ^^;;; Well heh heh you know…

Hiei: It looks like you decided to start Dating…

*Hiyono pops up to spin and twirl and sing for her big cameo* Outside the window, Kira kira kira ki, Sally Sue falls down, from a leafy waving tree.

The three look outside with the sound of rustling bushes for a moment, but having missed seeing the actual fall of Sally Sue, brush it off as nothing and turn back to each other.

Hiei: As I was saying, good for you…why don’t you introduce me to your girlfriend?

Suddenly Raven sprays out the All Herbal Tea in her mouth with eyes popped wide open, Kurama is now drenched.

Raven: Now look here! Two people can sit down around a bowl of ice cream with out being a couple!!!

Kurama: *sigh* *wiping off face with napkin* If you must know Hiei, we are undercover on a mission at the moment.

Raven: *out the side of her mouth* Kurama! He could be with the suspect.

Kurama: Don’t worry, I trust him. *scoots over on the bench* Come sit Hiei, we need to look inconspicuous. *Hiei sits by Kurama* I trust you have a reason for finding me here.

Hiei: Of course. I thought you would find it interesting to know of strange occurrences taking place in Demon World at the moment.

Kurama: Ah, you will have to inform me later when it won’t distract my attention. In the meantime, would you care to eat this ice cream? Niether Raven nor I care for it at the moment.

Hiei: *eyeing teasingly Hiei-style* Did I ruin your appetite? *pokes at the mountain* What is it anyway?

Kurama: It’s like the snow from Yukina’s village, but with an immense sugar proportion…kind of like “sweet snow,” you know?

Hiei: hm… *starts to sample it*

2:59 pm Outside in the bushes under a leafy waving tree:

Sally Sue: NO! My plans are ruined!!! ToT That was meant for Kurama and Raven to share!

2:59 pm at the Booth after Hiei ponders over the Fancy Ice Cream Soda:

Hiei: Hmmmm! This is extraordinary stuff.

Kurama: Yes, it could probably even cool that hot temper of yours on a stressful day ^^;

Hiei: THAT’S IT! *Slams Table causing Kurama and Raven to chibi-fy and flip backwards like Peanuts characters* I HAVE FOUND MY TRUE LOVE!!!

Kurama and Raven: Oro? O.o

Hiei: *wraps arms around the fancy bowl and draws the mountain of fancy icecream into the spot directly in front of him at the booth* This “sweet snow” you call ice cream!

Kurama and Raven anime fall in place.

Raven: *out of patience* eh. What time is it?

Kurama: *looking at watch* 3:01

Raven: hm……

Will the expected suspect show up? Will Kurama and Raven discover Sally Sue’s devious plot? Is Hiei now forever bound by the bonds of love to fancy ice cream sodas?

Don’t worry, there is more to come, if anything seemed lets say…out of place or too fanfic-y ^_~ stick around for the reasons to be explained!!!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

   Return of the Cartoon Cops Dating Service!
The votes are in! This story didn’t go over as well the first time as I had hoped, but since the audience is now interested we’ll try again! But…

Another one of my Voice Acting gigs is complete! Check it out! ^o^ I’m Renee in “Global Warming: Burn Baby Burn!” This one, I have monologues!

Plus this weekend is our BIG concert. And since you can’t make it, I recorded my solo (singing memorized as well!) so you can still hear me sing! Koori no Naifu wo Daite ~ Refi-chan

Response to Your Comments:
To Kirbys Double: Sure Kuwabara could have beaten them all, you just know how to hone his skills in properly ^_~ >.< ick, right now I’m stuck on trying to defeat Touya, and of course the fangirl I am just got the game to see Kurama ^^ The other titles I got were: Dragon Quest VIII (which is what I’ve been spending most of my time playing), Teen Titans, Sega SuperStar, Series of Unfortunate Events, The Nightmare of Druaga (know anything about that one?), Scooby Doo, Antigrav, Ribbitking, Incredibles, Sphinx, Haunted Mansion, and a LotR RPing game.
To Forgotten-Heart: Sure, is there a way I can take screencaps or something of PS2 games while playing so I can share? What Amon said in the clip in the previous post is that if something should happen to him that she should contact the person whose info was written on the paper he slipped into her hair.
To Equus and Company: Yep, I remember Pretty Pretty Princess ^_^ Infact Aly5806 wrote a post a long while ago about the YYH gang playing it…blackmail is all I can say ^_~ Yes Xihuitl, a friend had the series and I borrowed it while she borrowed Sprial from me. Aw Kyo, you’re here because we love you *refrains from glomping*
To JD Person: If I find time to PM you sure, which of my writings are you interested in reading?
I also wanted to give a special THANK YOU to Lord Sesshomaru: and Roleni-chan for your cute and creative responses ^_^
Finally, to all those mentioned above and Destinyssweetman, Kitabug69, Sesshomaru Mistress, and Night Shade 2: Thanks for your support and encouragement ^_^ *hugs*

NOW WITHOUT FURTHER ADO on to the Official Story Telling Room:
Welcome to *a flashback of* the grand opening of CCDS! {Cartoon Cops Dating Service}

So after the whole Malkiar deal on Teen Titans, Salley Sue decided to get to work right away instead of waiting for Raven to try and break Starfire and Robin up. With the first couple in mind, Sally Sue knows that she needs to be cunning to pull this off. She has it undercover and presented without mentioning the dreaded word…DATE! The setting is a normal building with a normal waiting room like at a doctor’s or dentist’s office. Raven is sitting reading Edgar Allen Poe. Next to her is Kurama looking at the latest issue of Better Homes&Gardens.

*read, read, read*

*crickets chirping*

Sally Sue: hmmm, this isn’t working…on to step 2!

Secretary: Raven, Kurama, you may be seen now.

*They are told directions and start walking down a loooooong corridor*


*glance at each other at different times, but mostly looking straight ahead*

*finally reach their destination and knock on the door, hear ‘come in’ and Kurama opens and lets Raven go first*

*Sally Sue is sitting at a professional desk.*

Sally Sue: Please have a seat.

*they sit in the chairs in font of the desk*

SallySue: Raven, Kurama *nodding to each* I trust you’ve met.

*they look away and try not to blush*

Sally Sue: Uh-huh, so you are probably wondering why the Cartoon Cop’s Division of Spies (they don’t know what CCDS on their invitations stood for, heehee) have called you here today. There is a mission, should you choose to accept it, that we need the two of you to work on together, we believe that your combined powers could prove very useful in this assignment. In the event of success, you will both receive rewards of pradingoms (a highly desired treat for cartoons, none of them can resist it)

Kurama: *monotone* I will do what I can to help.

Raven: *with little enthusiasm* Just tell me what to do.

Sally Sue: *overly-bouncy* Good that’s the Spirit! Now you two just sit here and chat while I grab the file…and I do want to hear talking! *leaves to a back room*


*their eyes roam towards each other and meet*

Kurama: (thinking: what an intriguing character, I must discover supplementary knowledge about her) Hi.

Raven: Uh, hi.

Kurama: I noticed you were reading Poe earlier, are you in to poetry?

Raven: (inside thinking: Wow! He actually looked at me and noticed me!) *monotone* Yes. And you?

Kurama: I enjoy reading, poetry is included.

Raven: What are you special abilities?

Kurama: (pulls out a rose to show her) Plants.

Raven: (thinks: how sweet, he’s offering me a rose!) *monotone* Great, if we get in a bind, we can escape with flattery.

Kurama: (stands up and demonstrates his Rose Whip)

Raven: O.o *monotone* Great.

Kurama: And what can you do? (about to sit down, but Raven uses her powers to make the chair slip out from under him and he falls on the floor) *rubbing rear* Impressive!

*Kurama sits in the chair, silence prevails, Sally Sue gives up waiting and returns*

Sally Sue: Ok, here’s a picture of the suspect and what information we have on him, I want you to learn whatever else you can. There is a hot tip that he will be at the Malt Shop around 3 today. For your first assignment, I want you to go there and pretend you’re sharing a soda to cover up your true motives.

Raven: What?

Kurama: Where?

Sally Sue: *sigh* Here are directions, I suggest you negotiate a strategy before the time arrives.

Kurama & Raven: Ok *exit*

Sally Sue: *looks around* What happened to my office!?!?! O.O

What will happen next? Will Kurama and Raven actually hit it off? Will it last? What other couples could Sally Sue have in mind next to victimize er…matchmake?

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Monday, April 16, 2007

   A Fairy Tale (and translation)
Refi: ^^ I have a confession to make…well, Once upon a time (Easter Weekend) in a land far away (the nearest mall, but it’s an hour away) there was a fair young princess (Me! ^o^) on a quest (shopping). Upon this quest she found her beloved (Kurama) but he was magically trapped inside another world (the YYH PS2 Dark Tournament Game). Now the princess bargained ($7 used, and it had a SHINY KURAMA on the back! ^o^) for the magic gateway (the game) to the world her beloved was trapped in and then returned to her own land (my room) and called upon one of her magic mirror (laptop since PS2 games have a DVD-ROM emblem on them >.> even if they don’t work that way) to gain access and communicate with her beloved, but it failed. So the princess turned to her other magic mirror (TV) but this one lacked the median (the PS2 console) to open the gateway. So the brave princess managed her resources (received tax refund) and sought out the median that would enable her to communicate with her beloved in her magic mirror. Upon aquiring (buying) the needed medium, she discovered gateways to other worlds that sounded enticing to discover (games were buy 2 get 1 free). In the end the princess was able to see her beloved, even if only through her magic mirror, and also spent a lot of time exploring other worlds that her newfound powers allowed her access to. Unfortunately this distracted her (I played PS2 all week) from proclamations and other princess-ey duties (writing, voice acting, contacting Funi, thinking what to post today, etc.) ^^;;; {But I must say when you have Kurama vs. Kurama, and the second one has the same outfit but in different colors, KURAMA SURE LOOKS GOOD IN BLACK!!!}

Well, I was going to reshare my crossover of Kurama and Raven being assigned a date together since I had a wonderful idea to continue it at anime club, but it seems as this turned into a quaint little story and I don’t want to overstimulate you all…or should I say “y’all” to practice my language skill for communicating with Texans when I move there? (jk, no offense to those in Texas, my best roommate was from Forth Worth, I just refuse to say “y’all”) There’s only about a month left till I leave! o.O Well, that brings up another tangent, I must warn everyone that I will more than likely be absent from MyO for a while while getting situated and internet when I do move, but I hope to warn you right before I leave as well.

Back to the main point, (with a limited amount of Refi-Post left in mind) I have Episode 8 of YYH Beyond ready to share, or I can expand on Kurama and Raven being set up. So what do YOU want to read next week? More YYH Beyond, or Cartoon Cops Dating Service? (For CC, I’ll start w/ a repost of the first part since I have a new audience now than I did back then so you probably don’t know about it unless you stalk me in my archives or something o.O) You can vote by comment, PM, or chatbox.

My favorite scene from Witch Hunter Robin:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

{Sorry for the later than normal post, I went on vacation for my grandma's bday over the Easter Weekend ^.^}

Refi: Yep, I played for the first time this last week, 2 ½ straight hours, broke the bar, went back for more the next night and they had me try “light” instead of “beginner” o.O I can’t imagine what standard is like! My friends said I was a born natural, but I attribute my skill to HOPE (the show choir at my institute, we have 90 min rehearsals everyday and do lots of dancing and learn lots of choreography) ^_^ I was impressed with myself enduring all the DDR without pooping out or getting sore or tired, I took a 20min walk to get home after I was done with my laptop and anime dvds on my back and didn’t even feel fatigued! Just really really thirsty! lol

To Kirbys Double: Thanks for the support, I have it mesmerized…just not up to speed of the song yet. The concert is free, but the gas to come over wouldn’t be, so I understand no one online showing up, perhaps next week I’ll have a good recording of it ^^
To Destinyssweetman: Well they won’t be antiques until 2047, but it was alluring to time travel so the products haven’t aged yet either ^_^
To Lord Sesshomaru: hmm…that would mean I need to bring out a Merryweather ^_~
To Roleni-Chan: If you want him to transform he will ^.~

YYH Beyond: Episode 7 {second half}: THE SLUMBERING KEY TO POWER
{Previously: In the first half of the episode, Yusuke, disguised as Sukeyuay, had a run in with a mermaid and some flies. Hiei, disguised as Ehay, has completed the first part of initiation. He waits for stragglers, such as Yusuke, while Sukeyuay has a griffin to deal with! Can he calm the savage beast?}

Yusuke Voiceover: Aw man, this would be something right up Kurama’s alley; he would be able to get the plant into the animal…he’d use his spirit energy to manipulate the plant…hey that’s it! If I can transfer some of my spirit energy into the berries, the positive of life should cancel out the negative of poison!

[Sukeyuay takes a step back and holds the twig in both hands and closes his eyes. Blue energy is transmitted from his palms to the berries. The griffin tilts its head. Sukeyuay again holds the branch out to it.]

Sukeyuay: Come on boy, it’s all right…

[The griffin steps and nibbles the berries.]

Sukeyuay: There, you see? It’s all good now.

[The griffin eats all the berries off the twig and then goes up and nuzzles its head under Sukeyuay’s arm]

Sukeyuay: Hey now, it’s all right. Heh. Well I got to get going.

[Sukeyuay walks through the forest then spots a very torn-up and bruised Risho walking along too.]

Sukeyuay: [calling out] Fancy meeting you here! What happened? Got hit by a steam truck?

Risho: You should talk! But I’m still going to beat you! [starts running]

Sukeyuay: [runs after Risho] Wanna bet?

[Risho and Sukeyuay keep running. Sukeyuay pokes ahead. Then Risho puts on more speed and passes Sukeyuay. This continues until they arrive at the same time back at the starting cliff. Both support their hands on their knees with drooped heads, panting.]

Zerk: Ah, now we are all here.

Initiatory Demon: Fifteen survivors, that’s a pretty impressive ratio to what went in. The time has come for the final test of your powers. Come this way.

[The group of surviving demons follow the Initiatory Demon towards the mound that has been in the distance. They all stop a lengthways from it.]

Initiatory Demon: Alright now. You have all done very well to make it this far. You should all love this last task. In fact you can think of it as a reward. You have braved the elements and now is the time for you to have power. [signaling the mound] This here is Draconta, and all you have to do is find an item here to be the key to your power. Happy Hunting! [steps aside to let others proceed then heads back to the cliff.]

Zerk: Remarkable little troop.

Initiatory Demon: Yes. Maybe we’ll keep 10 of them…

* * *

[The group of surviving Demons approaches Draconta as a group.]

Sukeyuay: Funny, the name sound’s a lot like dragon.

Ehay: If you couldn’t tell, that mound on which we are to find our keys is actually a dragon. We should all approach cautiously and not disturb its slumber.

Demon #1: A real dragon huh? Did you hear that Marduk?

Marduk: [a snake-like demon] In that case, I’m going for dragon’s blood!

Demon #2: To drink and gain the ability of talking to animals?

Marduk: No. To bathe myself in it and gain dragon-like invincibility.

Sukeyuay: Are you sure about that? I mean dragons are an endangered species. If you think about it, they really aren’t that invincible.

Risho: Shows how much all of you know, I know the best treasure a dragon can offer and I’m going to get it!

Sukeyuay: Oh really? And what would that be?

Risho: [self-confident] Like I’m going to tell you! [smug] You should really learn how to do research.

Ehay: Quiet fools!

[The group arrives at the base of the mound. They stand for a moment contemplating their first moves. A few start to cautiously climb up it, careful not to disturb the dragon’s slumber. Marduk walks around the base of the mound, looking at it critically. As the dragon sleeps on, other demons become bolder Sukeyuay follows Ehay in softly scaling the side of the mound.]

Sukeyuay: [looks around] Hey, I wonder where Risho disappeared to.

Ehay: [annoyed] Weren’t you the one keeping tabs on him?

Sukeyuay: Hey, I’m surprised you’re not curious as to why he’s with this group. And he did say that he knew the BEST treasure a dragon could offer.

Ehay: So why didn’t you choose to follow him instead of pestering me?

Sukeyuay: [mumbling] Well it’s not like I’m his babysitter or anything...

[As all the Demons have started searching the mound, Marduk has stopped by an area that resembles a huge hind leg. He smiles to himself and pats the limb. He slithers up to right under the joint and brandishes a claw. He then sticks the mound with his claw and runs an incision down it. There is a low rumble and then a high pitch bird-like screech. Around the mound the demons freeze in caution. Quickly Marduk squeezes his right foot and hand into the cut he made. As the mound starts to move and the leg he is on straightens up, Marduk fits in his body and head. Draconta inhales deep as the body expands. The legs pick off up the ground as Marduk starts to bring his tail and left limbs in. The leg he is on shakes forcibly until he falls out and takes a 70 ft drop to the ground. He turns to land on his right side then rolls onto his back. The leg he was in extends and the foot drops on top of him. Using his right arm to shield him the foot lands on the arm without crushing Marduk as Draconta takes off to flight.]

Marduk: [blinks, looking at his arm then regains composure] HA! It worked! I AM INVINCIBLE!!! No one can stop me now!

[Draconta flies through the air while the demons clutch on.]I

Ehay: [shouting to Sukeyuay] You’re on your own!

[Ehay maneuvers up to Draconta’s back while Sukeyuay is still clutching to the side.]

Sukeyuay: [mumbling] How very considerate of you…thanks.

[As Draconta loops upside-down one demon falls to his doom. The left head, which portrays a western dragon, lashes out breathing fire along the back until it returns upside-up. Then the right head, which depicts an eastern dragon, exhales dark clouds while descending in flight. The clouds swirl together and lightning starts to flash.]

* * *

Zerk: So they finally woke up our sleeping beauty.

Modaruk: Thanks to that one rapscallion. He has received his key to power now.

Initiatory Demon: I believe that one is called Marduk.

Zerk: Similar to yours, Modaruk. Perhaps he can be as much of a dragon-slayer as you.

Modaruk: His immersion wasn’t complete. Heh. He has left himself an Achilles heel to keep him humble.

Zerk: He may not realize that now, but we can use his mishap to our advantage later.

* * *

[On the dragon Ehay darts across Draconta’s back. He clutches onto shrubbery on the back as Draconta flies upside-down again. Again the Western Head breaths fire which this time singes a nearby demon to a crisp. At the same time, the light reflects off of something shiny near the base of the dragon’s necks that catches Ehay’s eye. His eyes are fastened to the area until another breath of fire lights up the reflection again. He makes his way over. Arriving at the necks, Ehay finds the glimmer peaking out between closely knit branches. One opening is barely wide enough for his hand to squeeze through, after breaking through a fine inner net. Inside he feels many small spheres, but in grabbing them, his fist cannot come out of the hole. He is able to secure one between the knuckles of two fingers and brings it out. As he gazes at the stone, his other hand grabs some moss and dirt to stop up the hole he made. In the shiny stone he sees a reflection of Hiei even though he is still as Ehay.]

Hiei voiceover: The feeling I get looking at this…this calmness. This stone…it is like my mother’s tear gem…no, it churns even stronger desires within me.

[Ehay then sees his mother, Hina, cradling him up near his face. He immediately shoves the stone into his pocket.]

Ehay: This shall be my treasure.

[He gets up and walks away through the bushes on Draconta’s back. Rain starts to fall.]

* * *

[Sukeyuay clambers along Draconta’s side amid the twists and turns of the dragon’s flight.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Stupid test…stupid monster-dragon…and stupid whoever woke him up! How are we supposed to find anything when gravity keeps flipping over? I wonder where Risho went. He seemed pretty confident in what to do.

[Thunder strikes right behind Sukeyuay. He grabs hold of some foliage tightly. Draconta turns in a sideways loop causing Sukeyuay to slip and is now only holding on by the tuft of plants. His hand slips further with every trough. After the third dip, he has been shaken from all the turf except one soft blade. Under his weight, the blade gives causing Sukeyuay to fall with it still in hand.]

Sukeyuay: [falling] WOAH!!!

“Guess who! It’s Kuwabara! Did you guys miss me? Don’t worry, Yukina and I are enjoying ourselves plenty without being in danger like the others. Look at Yusuke and Hiei all joining a secret society and such. Hiei found a shiny stone, but what’s Yusuke going to do now? Wow! What a fancy trick he just learned! And for those of you who are wondering how Kurama is doing, the time is drawing to a close where his siblings will choose if they want to keep him for a month or send him packing. See what the future may hold next time on YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

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Monday, April 2, 2007

   Sally Sue Long Lasting…well you get the idea
Sally Sue: Hmm…the sales weren’t as high as expected, it’s because you cut the advertising short!

Refi: Really, I don’t think any more advertising would have boosted sales, everyone got the idea. We got more orders than I personally thought we would have.

Kurama Clone #2: Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that since you were selling a product from the 1940’s at a price from the 40’s and therefore only accepted currency printed before 1947 since the retailer from then would not take money from the future.

Kyo Clone #4: Knew a price like that was too good to be true; it had to have a catch. >.>

Refi: Oh? Were you thinking of buying a set for Tohru?

Kyo Clone #4: What? >///////> No…

Refi: Well I’m going to respond to a few comments, then on with another beautiful half episode of YuYu Hakusho Beyond! is premering in the Official Story Telling Room that you can check out. I know, it’s been a while since the last episode. I think the last one I shared was Episode 6 because I remember reading comments on Manphor ^^ well if you don’t remember everything from before, that’s why I take the time to write “Last Time” blurbs to summarize key parts ^_^

To Kirbys Double: I’ve seen them for sale at Discount Anime DVD but they are still real expensive for the whole thing, like $100 per season almost o.O
To Lord Sesshomaru: I’m glad a guy played Kurama in English too! John makes him sound so mature and intelligent ^______^
To Kyo Krazy: With Sylphiel, that was kind of how they reunited in the Slayers Series, with a few modifications, ^^ and yes, Goury is a bit dense like that, but it wouldn’t have been fun to watch a smart character guess all the peoples voices, especially since the audience can’t hear them, that’s why I picked Goury to feature ^_^
TO EVERYONE: Thank you to those who listened to my singing clip ^^ With all the trauma back in hs (I know, that was over 6 years ago) I’m very self conscious about my voice. Well, I have all but about 4 lines memorized of Koori no Naifu wo Daite. Perhaps when I’ve got it more completed I’ll record a version to share online since you all can’t make it to my concert ^^

YYH Beyond: Episode 7 {first half}: THE SLUMBERING KEY TO POWER
{Previously on YuYu Hakusho Beyond, Yusuke and Hiei disguisedly started their initiation into the Order of Zerka. They stalked Risho through the Mountain Maze until a short cut ended cutting them off from each other. On his own, Hiei breezed through the course while Yusuke met the curious Manphor, passed through Hot Coal Burrow, and is now stuck underwater, unable to progress since Risho nabbed his clue from him. Can he find a way to move on before running out of air, and if he does, will he loose his life because he doesn’t have the clue for the next task?}

[In the underwater cavern Sukeyuay is frantically swimming around in search for another string of doubloons.]

Yusuke voiceover: Oh come on! This is so stupid! How could they run out? What am I supposed to do now? Stupid treasure, there has got to be a hidden stash somewhere. Where are they? [gulps]

[Sukeyuay grabs his throat and face turns from blue to a more purple shade.]

Yusuke voiceover: I’ve got to get out of here quick, or I’ll drown.

[Sukeyuay swims out of the cavern and up to the surface.]

Yusuke voiceover: Over there is where I came out of after the hot coals, but there is light above, so if I go straight up, it should take me to the outside…

[Sukeyuay’s eyes role up as air bubbles escape from his mouth. His body goes limp, but he still floats upward. A shadow is lurking nearby.]

* * *

[Lying on the shore, Sukeyuay wakes up. He coughs a bit and water spurts out of his mouth. Sitting up, he finds a mermaid on his lap and hands slip from his chest.]

Sukeyuay: Whoa! Did you just give me CPR?

Mermaid: [giggle] We could go back in the water and drown you again if want some more. [winks]

Sukeyuay: um, Can I take a rain check? I’m kind of in the middle of something right now.

Mermaid: Oh come now, don’t keep me waiting.

[Sukeyuay thinks about Risho laughing at beating him then sees Kayko with an angry face and arms akimbo.]

Kayko’s voice: [shouts] Yusuke!

Sukeyuay: eh, [smiles and sweatdrop] Look, I really have to get going, sorry.

[Sukeyuay rises, letting the Mermaid slide off, but she grabs his shoulders and pulls her face to his and screeches, while eyes start glowing, teeth grow sharp, and hair flies wildly.]

Mermaid: [growls] Come with me!

Sukeyuay: AH! [attempts pushing her off] Oh like I’d want to after that!

Mermaid: [wraps tail around Sukeyuay’s waist] I saved your life, so now your life is mine!

Sukeyuay: [struggles] I…Think…NOT!!!

[Sukeyuay grabs her tail from around his waist and pulls her off of him. Then starts spinning her above his head and releases his grip, letting her fly off and splashing back into the water.]

Mermaid: AHHHH!!!

Yusuke Voiceover: [sighs] And here I imagined mermaids to be more tempting…but now what?

[Sukeyuay walks up the shore and collapses into a sitting position. He starts running a finger through the sand.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Those doubloons had the clue to where I go next etched on them, but stupid Risho stole it from me. I have covered earth, fire, and water. Just air and life are left, and life seems like a big finale deal…so I probably need to do something with air, but what? hmmm…What would Jin do?

[Sukeyuay looks at his sand doodles.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Hey, could this be? Some of the markings from the doubloons? This one looks like the air symbol from the Zerka mark and this one is a cloud…is this last one supposed to be a fly? So do I need to find a way to use air to fly up to a cloud? How am I supposed to do that? Hmm…there’s also grass that goes that way that is a bit flatter than the rest, I bet everyone else went that way, I might as well check it out.

[Sukeyuay follows the faint trail until it stops in a swampy area. Lots of flies and gnats swarm around. Sukeyuay looks grumpily disappointed. Gargantuan flies come out of the swarm and attach themselves to Sukeyuay.]

Sukeyuay: Hey! Let me go!

[Sukeyuay tries swatting, but cannot get the flies off of him. They lift him up and carry him off in the distance.]

* * *

[Ehay stands on the cliff where he started, along with Zerk, Modaruk, Initiation Demon and other prominent figures of the order.]

Initiatory Demon: Look, there’s a dolt who couldn’t keep balance on his cloud!

Zerk: Weed out the weaklings. [to Ehay] I do believe you have completed the course in record time. That is impressive, but unfortunately you will have to be patient until the others are done as well before proceeding to the final task.

Ehay: As long as those fools don’t take too long.

Zerk: Ambitious too I see. That will help you go far.

Initiatory Demon: One of the griffins tricked a delinquent into eating the poison berries instead.

[Another demon arrives after finishing the tasks with a second close behind.]

Hiei voiceover: [Ehay facing the course] There’s plenty you can do to mess this up Yusuke, but don’t!

* * *

[Gargantuan flies land Sukeyuay on top of a white cloud then buzz away.]

Yusuke voiceover: This is surprisingly solid. Can they really condense air to sit on it?

[Sukeyuay crosses his legs and rests his hands on his knees. He looks around at the landscape below.]

Yusuke Voiceover: [mumbles] I guess from here I’m supposed to see what to do next. Let the air be my guide huh? Finally an easy task. Become one with the air…

* * *

[In the elemental foxes cave, Kurama is alone, pondering. Remayolo enters.]

Remayolo: Hello…brother.

Kurama: [without turning to face Remayolo] Hello.

Remayolo: [walking around Kurama] You know it is not considered family bonding time when you are by yourself, brooding. [pause] It surprises me how you are such an ingrate with your talents. What a true and utter waste.

[Kurama remains silent. Remayolo stands cool and collected in front of Kurama. Suddenly Remayolo’s arm shoots out to clench onto Kurama’s throat and jaw.]

Remayolo: [low, seething] You know you should have never been born. [flings Kurama back] All life should have been bestowed upon me. [sighs] Once there were 4 elements and a 5th to rule them all…

Kurama: [rises and dusts self off] And so you must share that power with me.

Remayolo: Unfortunately. However, animals are under my jurisdiction, and you, dear brother, are an animal.

Kurama: In my Yoko form, I am. But as a human I still have my own free will, is that why you desire me to change back so bad? To rule me again?

Remayolo: Heh. Even humans have animal instincts…

* * *

[Yusuke is looking up in a daydream then suddenly envisions Yokira turning to him laughing.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Whoa! Where did that come from?!

[In a ghosted layer over the clouds Yusuke sees a partial Flashback from Episode 3]

Kurama Voiceover: We all specialize over a different element. Yokira’s is over “Earth,” and if you couldn’t guess by now, mine is over plants or “Flora” as it were.

Yokira Voiceover: Yeah, the others have “Fauna” which is animals, “Water,” “Fire,” and “Air.”

Hmmm…Kurama’s pack’s powers are based from the elements, but there were six of them total. There are only five elements here. I’ve covered Earth, Fire, Water, and now Air. That leaves me the flora and the fauna… [slight breeze, looks to where it is blowing] which combines into life. [spots a griffin napping by a berry bush in a small forest clearing] And there it is!

[Sukeyuay jumps off of the cloud as the wind carries him to the spotted griffin and berry bush. He grabs a branch and swings into a land at the edge of the clearing. He walks up to the griffin and crouches down to pet it.]

Sukeyuay: Hey there fellah, it’s time to wake up and have a snack.

[Sukeyuay reaches over to the berry bush and snaps off a twig with some berries on it. The Griffin opens its eyes then screeches as it rises in an angry force.]

Sukeyuay: Whoa! hold on there, this will be simple; I just want you to take a nibble of this. I won’t let it kill you, really!

[The griffin yells some more and starts kicking Sukeyuay, who in turn blocks with his arms.]

Next time we move on to the final step of initiation and see a big dragon!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

   This is Your ANIME Life!
Refi: Well for starters on announcements, in my show choir we are responsible to do something for our concert, either solo or with others where we sing, play an instrument, or share a talent. So I presented “Koori no Naifu wo Daite” to my director and guess what! I get to sing Kurama’s Image Song! This is so cool because a girl, Megumi Ogata, does Kurama’s Japanese voice and sings his songs too. So she gets away singing tenor with his songs, now I can get away with singing a tenor solo too! Here’s a VERY short clip of me doing so {the last line of the song}:

Koori no Naifu wo Daite clip of Refi
Free file hosting from File Den
Hiei Clone #3: No one’s going to listen to that.

Refi: That’s why I made it VERY short, so unless they are on a library computer like I am, they should be able to listen to it! I know I don’t sound like Megumi yet, but compared to me singing high notes, it sounds really good!

Hiei Clone #3: Hn.

Refi: Now its time for a real treat for all of you! We have a special episode of “This is Your ANIME Life!” presented to you today by…

Hiei Clone #3: Hold it! >.< You’re not roping me into another one of your crazy crossover schemes at my expense again!

Refi: Hm, maybe you should go and read This Article by Dallin H. Oaks, he talks about fools in it.

Hiei Clone #3: *leaves through the link*

Refi: Now without further ado, “This is Your ANIME Life” brought to you by Sally Sue Long Lasting Lipstick, Sally Sue Long Lasting Nail Polish, and Sally Sue Long Lasting Complextion Glow!

Sally Sue: Hello and Welcome! Today we have a special guest on our show to honor and reminisce with. Let us welcome our guest, Goury Gabriev who stared in the Slayers series.

Goury: *looking back and forth* Hey! Where is everyone? o.O

Sally Sue: *sigh* uh, Turn around the audience is this way.

Goury: *turns* Oh, right ^^;

Sally Sue: Now if you’ll sit down on this couch, we’ll get started with the show.

Refi: But first a word from our sponsor! Remember to buy Sally Sue Long Lasting Lipstick, Sally Sue Long Lasting Nail Polish, and Sally Sue Long Lasting Complextion Glow! Individually they cost $2.49, but if you get them all together, it will only cost you $2! And listen to what our show girls have to sing about Sally Sue Cosmetics:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Singing Ninja Twins: *singing* Flying on the night sky like a silver boat! The beautiful moon reflects our tears of love and hate!

Goury: AH! Those voices…that song…it’s all familiar but I can’t tell where from!

Sally Sue: Relax, we’re not playing yet.

Goury: Oh.

Singing Ninja Twins: *still singing* With Long Lasting Sally Sue, the color goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: >.< That’s enough girls, I think they get the point!

Singing Ninja Twins: *talking* Aw, but we were about to get to the really good part!

Sally Sue: Now Goury, you were born long ago and bestowed with the fabled Sword of Light, when you grew up, you became a gallant mercenary in search for a damsel in distress. In fact on your travels you have run into a few damsels, do you recognize the voice of this one?

Voice 1: Oh, Goury dear always a sweet an gentle gentleman. When I was with him, he always protected me and I’ve never seen anyone carry so much wood before!

Sally Sue: Can you guess whose voice you hear Goury?

Goury: Hmmm…hmmm….hmmm…AH! … I HAVE NO IDEA!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sally Sue: >.>; Well, let the first person come out so you can meet her! One of your first friends: Sylphiel!

Sylphiel: *comes out* Oh Goury dear! You really don’t remember me?

Goury: Oh! It’s you! Did you bring any of your fine cooking Slyphiel?

Sylphiel: If you gather the firewood *teehee*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: Remember folks! You would love to buy some Sally Sue Long Lasting Lipstick, Sally Sue Long Lasting Nail Polish, and Sally Sue Long Lasting Complextion Glow!

Singing Ninja Twins: And it looks so smart on your dressing counter!

Sally Sue: Now we go to a part of your life Goury, while going on adventures and keeping this insane world sane. Your next memory is shared by an old comrade in arms.

Voice 2: Together Goury and I fought the forces of evil! Under my direct tutelage, Mister Goury learned how to make an entrance worthy to do in the name of JUSTICE!

Sally Sue: Well Goury?

Goury: Is it the Tooth Fairy?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sally Sue: o.O You never fought with the tooth fairy you jellyfish!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Amelia: It is I, Amelia Will Tesla Seyruun! *jumps and lands on face then gets up to pout to Goury* You couldn’t have forgotten your ally of justice did you?

Goury: Of course I didn’t. You don’t remember when you were the tooth fairy? Even I remember that!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Amelia: *sigh* I wasn’t the tooth fairy; I was a hero of justice.

Goury: But you had the tooth fairy wand!

Refi: Remember to buy Sally Sue Long Lasting Lipstick, Sally Sue Long Lasting Nail Polish, and Sally Sue Long Lasting Complextion Glow!

Singing Ninja Twins: It’s only $2 as a set where it would cost $2.49 separately!

Sally Sue: Now we move on to a loner of your group that would disappear and come back as he saw fit.

Voice 3: What am I supposed to say? If you want the truth, Goury is an idiot. Even though he may be brainless, he showed skill with the sword.

Sally Sue: Can you figure this one out Goury? You didn’t travel with too many other guys.

Goury: Now that’s a hard one, I’ll have to get back to you on that.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sally Sue: In the interest of time we’ll just bring him out.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Zelgadis: *enters* Hello Goury.

Goury: Hang on, would ya Zel? I’m trying to figure out this voice; you don’t know who it is do you?

Zelgadis: -_-

Refi: Be sure to buy your own cosmetic set with Sally Sue Long Lasting Lipstick, Sally Sue Long Lasting {They’re not paying me enough to say all this!} Nail Polish, and Sally Sue Long Lasting Complextion Glow!

Singing Ninja Twins: And it comes in Blonde, Burnette, Orange top, and Silver Bishi!

Sally Sue: We have one more friendly voice for you to guess this evening, Goury.

Voice 4: Well among the qualities I have observed in…

Goury: *interrupts* But I haven’t guessed the last one yet.

Zelgadis: I’m right here.

Voice 4: But what about…

Goury: I know you’re there Zel, but I need to figure out that last voice.

Voice 4: Um, excuse me…

Zelgadis: I WAS the last voice!

Sally Sue: You should just come out, we’re not getting anywhere…

Fillia: *enters* Well, okay, but I didn’t get to say my line.

Goury: AH! It’s the lady with the tail!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Fillia: Mr. Goury! I’m shocked that you still refere to me as such after all we’ve been through together! And how dare you with the low salary I got that I had to feed you on!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: Don’t forget that Sally Sue Long Lasting Lipstick, Sally Sue Long Lasting Nail Polish, and Sally Sue Long Lasting Complextion Glow as a set makes the perfect Christmas gift for any girl! You don’t even need to worry about her colors, just tell the clerk what her hair color is, and she’ll get the set for you!

Singing Ninja Twins: Don’t wait for Christmas Eve to buy it, get it now!

Sally Sue: Now we bring today’s show to a close. But first I will share that behind every great man is an even greater woman. So we’ll bring out the woman who helped Goury get so far in life!

Goury: Who? ME? WHAT?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lina: *comes out* Hi-ya everyone! It’s me! The beautiful, magical, sorcery genius: Lina Inverse!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: And please remember to buy Sally Sue Long Lasting Lipstick, Sally Sue Long…

Goury: NO! THAT VOICE! I don’t know whose it is! But I remember the make-up! You aren’t going to dress me up as girl again! I REFUSE!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lina: Come on Goury, they have a special Blonde set just for you!

Amelia: And they have a Silver Bishi set for you Mister Zelgadis!

Zelgadis: >.>+ Leave me out of this! You aren’t dressing me up again!

Fillia: Is there a Blonde set for me?

Sylphiel: Do you think it comes for black with blue highlights too? For me that is?

*Goury and Zel run from Lina and Amelia’s attempt to apply make up with Fillia and Sylphiel trailing behind them*

Sally Sue: -_-;;; Well so much for concluding the show. We were going to rename the Hot Pot Inn in Atlas City after Goury since he is their biggest customer, but instead we’ll just send them an invitation for him and Lina to participate in the Anime Food Eating Contest that will be coming up in a month.

Kayko Power:

And then some funny YYH pics:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Monday, March 19, 2007

   Is there a runner with scissors on the net?
Refi: Ah! It’s another beautiful day in the kingdom!

Kurama Clone #2: *walks in* Refi! What happened to all your hair?

Refi: Oh, I donated it to Locks of Love so it can be made into a wig and given to a kid with cancer! This is my second time donating; last time was almost 6 years ago I’ve been growing it back since then. Before I had them take it all leaving only an inch of hair all over, but this time it was long enough to donate more than the minimum and still had enough to leave it shoulder length! I look like Kana now!

Hatori Clone #6: *looks up from reading the paper* hmm?

Kurama Clone #2: I liked your long hair I’m going to miss it.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Refi: Don’t worry, I’ll grow it out again…then donate it again! ^o^

Kurama Clone #2: We’ve known each other for almost 3 years and this is the first I’ve heard of your hair hobby.

Refi: You never asked? ^^;;; How about you join me in this and we can donate together!

Kurama Clone #2: *grabs hair* Are you serious? How am I supposed to hide all my plants?

Refi: You’re hair grows fast, come on, I just know some little kid will enjoy YOUR hair! *pulls out a pair of scissors* Come here now…its time for a haircut!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Kurama Clone #2: *runs off*

Refi: *chases*

Kurama Clone #2: *tries to hide in the background*

Refi: Oh no you don’t!
*Refi grabs Kurama and latches on to him so she can cut his hair still while he is running. She pulls his hair into a ponytail, braids it, then starts snipping it away*

Kurama Clone #2: Please don’t dear…

Refi: Hold still you big baby!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: Ah there you go! All done! You look just like you did in middle school!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Kurama Clone #2: Why did you go and do that?

Refi: *snuggles hair donation* mmm Your hair is so thick, perhaps they can get a few wigs out of this!

Kurama Clone #2: Just make sure to weed out all my seeds and give them back to me before you mail that in.

Refi: And lookee! A page from your photo album, see I got your hair just the same, you really look like you did! And I kind of look like Mana too! See? We can pretend we’re in middle school together! Just don’t erase my memory or anything okay?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Kurama Clone #2: *sigh* Oh well, *looks up and pats whats left of hair* I suppose in 5 years we can both go and donate again.

Refi: *sidenote* Dang I almost got him to let tell his secret on how he got his hair to grow so fast in the year from meeting Hiei to running in with Yusuke! So close…

Stud-Muffin Koenma Shot:

And then some:

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Monday, March 12, 2007

   Welcome to an episode of Hiei’s Café

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Hiei: Yes, today I will be showing you how to flambé French toast. First you take ze eggs like so and crack them ever so slightly in the palm of your hand. We’ll add just a little bit of milk and now comes the fun part…WE BEAT THEM! Yes in the kitchen a whisk is a cook’s best friend! And we beat the eggs…and beat the eggs…then BEAT them SOME MORE!!! HAHAHA!!! *reaching over to the side* Now we’ll take…wait a minute…what is this camera doing on the counter? *brings face close up to lens, peers in with one eye then backs up so it captures full face* So you thought you’d have a little fun with me did you? Take this as a fair warning: DON’T MESS WITH ME!

*Hiei pulls Dragon of the Darkness Flame on the camera. Flames ensue as picture fuzzles out*

*Meanwhile in the Secret Lair*

Refi: Aw too bad. He is always pretending he’s a famous chef when no one’s watching and I was looking forward to putting his “show” on the air. We didn’t even get to him flambé-ing!

Kurama Clone #2: I think we got flambéd. Let’s just hope the chords went up with the camera so he doesn’t think to follow them to us!

Refi: OH NO! The evidence! How will we dispose of it? We’ll have to eat it!

Kurama Clone #2: What?

Refi: *shoving chords in mouth, mumbling* azheleavesdekitchen ifhetripsondechords heelfollowdemtous!

Kurama Clone #2: ^^; Eh, I believe dumping them in the river would be safer.

Refi: *still mumbling* anwataboutdefishies? *spits out chords* PATOUI We should be concerned about the enviroment you know!

Kurama Clone #2: How about we give them to Gadget from Rescue Rangers, I bet she could use them…

Refi: Great idea until/unless Hiei finds them…

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Monday, March 5, 2007

   A billion and one projects!
Refi: So I still have been pretty busy with life and when it came down to it, I don’t feel like writing a post for today. What have I been spending my time on you ask since I haven’t been working on writing? Well, there’s my intitute’s show choir which is loads of fun, and temple worship and church and scripture study, and working on the songs I was assigned for a Sailor Moon Video Game (since I got my voice back!), actually being social, help playing chauffer around the house, avoiding French kisses from my little sisters new dog, but probably the bulk of my time was watching Trinity Blood and Bleach so I’m caught up in the English airings (well…I had the episodes for up to 2 weeks ago) oh, and I watched Chrono Crusade while I was at it, then for Slayers I’m up to the end of the first disc of the second season (Next) on that little marathon. So yes, I’m calling forth my right to be lazy and not write a proper and funny post for this week ^^ If you are really going through withdrawls of not being able to get your weekly dose of inspirational work by Refi…then here’s a real old post (relatively short too) that might bring a smile to your face: The Long Lost Brother of Joey Wheeler

Kuwabara is so cool!

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