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Monday, November 1, 2004

   Part 1: Entering the Dark Tournament
Here's the next part to my YYH fanfic

揝akyo has taken the place of a 5th member for Team Toguro and we are still waiting for Team Urameshi or they will forfeit in 543卼w

BOOF!!! A 5th being suddenly appeared next to the members of Team Urameshi stunning everyone, including Team Urameshi!

揥here the world did you come from? bellowed a dumbfounded Kuwabara.

揢hhh卬ever mind! the girl defended.

揥ho are you? Yuske questioned.

揈h, Leilani, she replied.

Juri announced, 揥ell, now that both teams have 5 fighters, we can finally start the finals!

揥ait! shouted the new member of Team Urameshi, 揑 can抰 fight!

揟hen what are you doing here? interrogated Hiei.

揟eam Urameshi at last has a 5th member, but she wishes to back out which if she does will result in one point automatically for Team Toguro! Koto broadcasted.

揘o! screamed the girl as she climbed on stage toward Juri and covered the mike. She pulled out a wallet to show to Juri and whispered to her. Hiei spotted the glimmer of what looked like a badge.

Juri then proclaimed to the stadium, 揕eilani here is on secret official business and has a right to be down in the arena as the semi-finals occur without herself being a contestant!

揝HHHH! That抯 supposed to be a secret! exclaimed Leilani. Koto wasn抰 sure about Leilani抯 business so Leilani had to jump up and show her proof and told her that if there were any problems, then she would have to report it to her superiors. After that mess was cleared up, Juri realized that Team Urameshi was way overdue in producing their 5th fighting member and announced that they would forfeit.

揌old your horses, I抦 right here! hollered Koenma in his stud-muffin adult form, leaning against the pillar by his team抯 entrance.
As he came out and the first round got started, Leilani returning to the arena floor conversed with a small flying robot with a screen that had been attached to her belt beforehand.

揟hat was very inconspicuous, Bob!

揌ey, it worked out all right.

揌a! Now my cover抯 been blown!

揇on抰 worry, you抣l still be able to do your job.

揧eah, with everyone watching me, wondering what sort of secret business I抦 on.

揧ou need to be down there later. Trust me, just sit and enjoy the fight.

揊ight, huh? Just like the world martial arts tournament in DBZ? Leilani wondered, then looked up and saw that Kurama took the stage against Karasu. The fight started and Koto screamed that she wanted to see blood in this battle, which repulsed Leilani. She inched over towards Team Urameshi.

揝o is this a basic tournament where the object is to either throw your opponent out of the ring, knock him out for 10 seconds or cause him to surrender? Leilani whispered.

揟hose are ways to win, stated Hiei, absorbed in the battle, 揵ut the object is to kill your opponent!

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

   Intro to my YYH fanfic
The first parts aren't complete, but I beleive this much is done with revision, enjoy^^

Na飗e girl sent to adult cartoon on mysterious mission. She keeps an eye on Kurama, but with other hotties walking around and Hiei抯 suspicions, will her task be as easy as she had hoped?

My name is Sally Sue and I work for the rarely heard of CC (Cartoon Cops) I get to watch cartoons all day and go into them when there is a problem that needs to be solved. Sure you see bad guys on TV, but off the screen they are friendly卪ostly (every now and then someone goes on a berserk rampage and the CC is needed to set everything in order).
Now you have the opportunity to go with me on my adventure through Yu Yu Hakusho. There really isn抰 a problem in their block right now, but Bob has just asked me to go on a mission there. So we抣l go into his control room office to find out what he wants me to do there. I don抰 know too much about this cartoon; I saw the first episode (which looked pretty good) and what the next episode would hold, but that抯 about it.
My mission concerns Kurama, which I find shocking that he is a he; from previews with the hair and the flowers, I thought he was a she. He has long red hair and green eyes, similar to all the characters that I create for myself. As we plan my disguise, I give myself purple hair and blue eyes and somewhat different abilities to avoid being a complete copy of Kurama. I love how we get to create our own characters when we go undercover; we are allowed one form per cartoon plus the animated version of our true form. Anyway, I let Bob deal with all the technicalities so my character will be believable in that block, and now I抦 ready to roll!

*NOTE: for best results, watch the finals of the Dark Tournament before reading since most of what happens in it is still going on in the background even though it is not mentioned in the fanfic*

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

   Russian Martial Arts
This week I got to learn some Russian Martial arts! I feel powerful now! We see so much of the more Eastern style, I bet I could enter the Championships and throw the other competitors off guard. And I'm usually not the fighting kind! Anyway bring on the demons and sayians, I'll take the lot of them, HAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

   Imagine This
Long ago I came up with the idea of 'Cartoon Cops' which is an organization of people who moniter cartoons and then go in and fix problems (the cartoons exist in thier own sector).

With the ability to go into cartoons in mind: Imagine someone taking Vegetta out of DBZ and placing him in Care-A-Lot! Obviously he won't go willingly, so he'd have to be knocked out first:

Vegetta: *blink blink, looks around* Where am I?

Care Bears approach

TenderHart: Are you Ok?

Vegetta: What the...? Get away from me!

LoveALot: Lets give him a big HUG!

Care Bears close in on him

Vegetta: NOOOOO!!! Go Away! I'll blast you all! *zap zap*

Reaks havoc in Care-A-Lot...I'll let you imaging the rest.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

   The Animated Oscars
Upon receiving one of those get-to-know-you e-mails, a question inspired me to post some "Oscars" for cartoons.

Best Hair: Future Trunks (DBZ)

Best Eyes: Pharaoh (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Best Smile: hmm...they all look the same on TV

Best Personality: Ron Stopable (Kim Possible)

Best Comic Releif: Beast Boy (Teen Titan)

Funniest: NoseDive (Mighty Ducks) *ok, so same as comic releif, but I wanted to put him on too*

Most Misunderstood: Brooklyn (Gargoyles)

Smartest: My characters! Ok, so origional doesn't count. how about Bright Heart Racoon (Care Bears)? Too young an audience? Then I'll say Yoko/Kurama (Yuyu Hakusho), but Pumba (Lion King) runs a close second!

Bravest: ...there's a fine line between that and stupidity

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