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Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm gonna give you guys a glimps into my week.

We start at 12:00 AM Monday morningish. At this time I'm just leaving work. I get home around 1 AM. At this point I probably still have some homework to accomplish, so I work on that till about 4 AM. Go to sleep till 6. Get up, get ready, eat breakfast. 8 AM I'm out the door heading to class. I'm at class till 4 PM, group work till about 7 PM. Get home around 8, eat dinner, pass out.

Wake up at 6, get ready, skip breakfast and be out the door at 7 AM. At school from 8-4. Again, group work till 7. Get home, eat, pass out.

No longer feeling weak from weekend work, It's they same as Monday, with some working out in the morning, and without the group work after 4. Get home, hammer through some of the entire week's homework, eat, pass out.

SALVATION! Wake up at 6, eat, get straight to working on papers and projects. Leave at 1 PM for the 2:30 class. Group work afterwards till 7ish. Get home, eat, pass out (seeing a pattern here? lol).

Weekend! Not. Get up at 6, get ready, snag breakfast, be out the door by 8. I'm in class until 1. Sweet right? Gotta be at work by 4. At work, I am jumping around like a mad man and hitting things for 6 hours. That is one crazy work out in that costume. (I'm a mummy by the way). Get out of there around 11, get home near 12:30-1ish (it takes about 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot).

What!? What happened to Friday night? Yeah, it's gone. I get up at 6 again (why would I do that? Can't help it, body won't let me sleep later). From there, I get maybe an hour of free time before I'm hard at work on papers and art projects. Leave home around 1 PM for work. Back in costume from 2:30 to 11:30. Don't get out of the parking lot till about 12:30. Get home just before 2 AM, hobble upstairs to bed.

Woah, already 2+ hours into it before I even notice. Get up at 6 (maybe shed a tear or two cause the sun gets to sleep longer than I do). More school work before heading back to the grindstone. Once again, don't get out of work until midnight or later. Finish off whatever homework is left for Monday that I forgot. And the entire process starts over again.

The only reason I have time for this post, is because I was chugging down cans of amp (mountain dew's version of energy drinks) and still passing out in class. So I told my group I needed to go home and catch up on some Zs. It really doesn't help that I was so weak this morning from work that I couldn't even open a bag of chips ;_;

There's the update. I'm just gonna stick to my thought for the day world until October is over. I normally look forward to Halloween because it's the best holiday there is. Now, I look at it as the end of a very busy time.

::loses conciousness::

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