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Saturday, July 14, 2007

   HAHA! I’m too busy being lazy!
Refi: For those who came in hopes of a story (like the possibly final part to the Kurama and Raven date)…sorry, I’m having too much fun working on the KuramaxMaya AMV *Oh Kurama is so CUTE in middle school!* Since Maya only appears in the manga, I have been working hard at making her some-what animated ^^ but SHHHH! That’s a secret! Unfortunately the movie maker is stubborn and gets slow to show how jealous it is when I run other programs while its open, so I’ll visit sites tomorrow. Warning…I’m thinking about cleaning out my friend’s list again…I think Friend’s Lists are evil! If they were private it would be okay, but so many people think if they sign my gb just saying “added u, add me 2” that I will >.> They obviously did not see my friends banner…perhaps I should make my intro long again so you can’t skip over my scroll box. *sigh* So if you came by my site in search of something exciting, I have an alternative since I’m working on an amv rather than my stories:

1) You can give me specific feedback on my Hiei/Mukuro AMV, like how funny it is that for “and hold my hand” Mukuro is twisting his arm, yes she is holding his hand-but not in a dating manner. Or how Hiei wants to watch a movie about himself, or how the climatic note in the bridge is timed perfectly with the freeze frame (Now I’m counting on your honesty >.> if you tell me you like how I did anything I just gave an example of, please mean it-don’t say it if you didn’t even watch the video; those were two of my favorite parts, and one fav of another friend). As for the Hiei singing part from last post, no it’s not Chuch Huber singing, its just for the chorus line I synced Hiei’s mouth to sing ^^ perhaps the voice could pass for his tho…

2) My Freewebs site is updated so if you have a strong urge for a story, you can read them there ^^ and again, any commentary you have on them please share, I like feedback ^^

3) Then if neither of those are appealing (and even if they are) you can solve the trivia from my last post (and we have some winners >.> I knew this one was going to be too easy since I’m not a Harry Potter fan, but with everything else going on I didn’t know what else to come up with, any suggestions for next week?)

Okay’s then, I’ll visit sites on Saturday and see you guys later! *rushes back to middle school pics of Kurama and Maya*

~*~Refi-chan likes comments ^o^ ~*~

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

   In Rommaji, car is kuruma and strawberries ichigo!
Refi: So this morning I got to see the first showing in town of Harry Potter 5, and don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers ^^ It was for my friend’s birthday then we went to her house to show her anime since the rest of us are into it and she isn’t that familiar with it ^^ afterwards I saw a bookstore someone at a mall said I might have luck finding anime/manga here in town so I stopped there to check it out…I got 2 dvds…and then ^^’ lots of Disney singalongs since they were $1 each lol And also a program that has 102 languages on it!!! ^___^ So I got that too and of course, started with the Japanese lessons lol thus my interesting tidbit that I put in my title for today’s post ^^ If you didn’t get to see my AMV last time…

LOOKIE SEE! Hiei's singing in English!!! If he knew any of us found out, he'd slit all our throats! o.O

And if you don’t watch things on YouTube for whatever reason, I heard you the first time and you don’t have to tell me every time I have something up, I have a copy on my comp and I’m sharing it with others WHILE I can, so no worries, k? ^^ My next masterpiece is going to be a Kurama and Maya amv! While listening to my music, “Good Morning” from Singing in the Rain came up on shuffle and I thought that might be fun to do w/ Kurama, Kuwabara, and Hiei—kind of like their “Eye to Eye” trio…but then Kurama would probably end up being lip synced to Kathy o_O and some people look way too into things and would conclude I’m pairing him w/ whoever I sync to Don Lockwood, even though I wouldn’t be…so that idea may just may stay an idea. But after my vaction to visit my family, I’ll get “Be a Man” from Mulan on my comp and then I’ll do something really fun! BUWAHAHAHAHA! *coughcough*ahem*coughcough*

NOW in honor of Harry Piehead…er Potter coming out, here is some HP trivia! (Generally from the earlier movies)
Upon earning one of each pie color, I will make a special banner-prize for you! There can be more than one winner. Even if you earned a color you can still try and get another, I will allow color trading at a 2:1 ratio.

YELLOW: Who is Padfoot?
GREEN: Name two of his friends (code and actual please).
PINK: How many HP books are there in the series?
ORANGE: What was the name of the competitor from the Russian boy’s school in the Tri-Wizard Tournament?
BROWN: What HP year was Oliver Wood’s last?
BLUE: (okay, this one is a bit harder lol) Who was new on the team after Oliver graduated?
BONUS WILD COLOR: What is the name of Harry’s crush?

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

   I gotta whole lot in store for you today!
Refi: Okedays, Lets start with a few exciting announcements and then I’ll answer the Trivia! HOLY TOLEDO I’ve got lots to share. 2! Remind me to talk about families! Now! For starter’s I submitted a couple of greeting and wallpapers, I hope people don’t mind they are all of the same shot, but I captured Kurama falling in the opening credits and it was just so cute and I had so much I wanted to do with it ^^; The greetings have different sayings and the wallpapers have different effects. (But WOW checking my stats, the 3 wallpapers that I submitted before have been dl-ed over 300 times! O-O COOL!-The Kurama Clones on parade is the most popular…and that one I made before discovering layers!)

Kurama Clone #2: Remember you wanted to talk about families.

Refi: Oh yes. I believe that the family is very important and fundamental to our society. Coming from an imperfect family (and lets face it, what family is perfect in this mortal life, but still we try to be and that is what is admirable) and seeing friend from functional and traumatic families alike, I know how an individual is affected by their home and their family. What children observe from their parents shapes a good deal who they are (its sad when I see I have habits I don’t want but my parents have the same ones, its hard to break!). I believe that every member has a role to play to help improve others and likewise they will improve themselves. When you have a sanctuary to come home to that is filled with love, you are happier, have higher self esteem, and spread that love and joy to those outside the home.

Kurama Clone #2: If you have a chance to read The Family: A Proclamation to the World we higly recommend it.

Refi: And now! After a lot of painstaking frustrations with my computer, I have made my first AMV and posted it up on YouTube!

Kurama Clone #2: You know Hiei is going to kill you when he finds that you are releasing this footage of him.

Refi: ^^; That’s why you are going to protect me. And if you fall, he’ll have to get by Trunks…all the members on the FUNi forum INSIST that Hiei isn’t as strong as a saiyan! They thought that him going against Cell would be like Hercule’s attempt.

Kurama Clone #2: Even though we all know that if Hercule didn’t get those stomach pains he would have taken care of Cell at the start of it all. And in the end it was him that defeated Cell with a “Chop!”

Refi: Right, right-uh-huh “CHOP! yeah that sounds good…Chop!” Whew! We’ve made it to the final announcement! I have completed renovating my Freewebs site and made it more update friendly! (I was having technical difficulties making the new coding look good in Explorer, that's why I wanted to know if you guys had access to Firefox, but 311 helped me fix it so it works in either browser now ^-^) In doing so, I have also updated it! So next time you visit me and I’m in the middle of the story and you need a review, I will have it all up under the CC Missions tab! I even have the Kurama/Raven Date caught up to last posting as well as YuYu Hakusho Beyond! PLUS: I embedded my corresponding fanarts into their respective stories! YAY!

Here’s another round of Trivia!
YELLOW: Name 4 plushies that I have.
Kurama (and another Kurama), Kuwabara, Trunks, Yuki, Kyo; I would have also accepted Wario or Luigi; even Chip and Dale, Care Bears, Rufus, or even a Fraggle ^^ Shishou gets a full Yellow piece! And then Silent love gets a quarter of a yellow and KirbysDouble gets a half of a yellow piece
GREEN: Name 2 of my anime Keychains.
Kurama, Shigure, Trunks, Sesshomaru, and Sano (although Sano is no longer in my possession) Shishou and KirbysDouble get a full Green piece! I’ll let Silent Love get half of a green piece for the Sesshy ^^-even if it was meant for the plushie
PINK: What is one series that I have a poster of on my wall?
Accepted: Fruits Basket; Full Moon wo Sagashite; or even YGO! Sorry, I don’t have a YYH poster…wish I did, but don’t ToT
ORANGE: What Asian treat do I enjoy more than Pocky?
Yan Yan! Although Botan Rice candy is true too because I would take that over Pocky ^_~ KirbysDouble gets an orange slice!
BROWN: What was the most recent clone released?
Tohru Shishou wins a brown piece!
BLUE: How many pillows are on my bed? JK, You can just name whats on one of the blankets that are on my bed ^^ (What’s on the bigger blanket is a better answer since the smaller one isn’t on my bet any more, but I’ll take that answer too).
If you want to know about the pillows, I had 17 when I was home but left 2 with my family, so now I have 15 pillows on my bed…the question was a joke because you guys had no way of knowing, and I don’t think you could count them all in the picture ^^ As for the real question about my blankets, I have a Siberian Tiger (and the blanket is WAY SOFT!) but if you mentioned a map of the world, that works too ^_~

Refi: Good job for all those who did it from memory! I’m impressed, we have a few that are half-way to completing their circle! ^o^ But, back to the orange question about Pocky and YanYan, Look 2! I found a YanYan stick for you! *pulls out a stick w/ a fox on it saying “Fox” and on the other end “Beware of Lies”*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kurama Clone #2: o.o But I don’t lie.

Refi: Perhaps it's warning you to beware my little kitsune?

Junior: *runs on stage* It must be for me! *grabs the stick* BUWAHAHAHA!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: O_O What are you doing here?

Kurama Clone #2: I suppose we should learn that Hiei is not to be trusted as a babysitter.

Refi: But he was doing so good until now ToT

Junior: En Guard-day!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

   I like pina colada or the strawberry one!
Refi: Okedays, here’s the story! You can still answer questions from the triva of my previous post (another hint, the answers are withing my first archive page!-well most of them were during my last post ^_~) And I have one question I need feedback on if you could. What browser do you use…and actually, that isn’t as important if you don’t want to share that as, Do you have the Firefox browser? (It’s for making an important decision regarding coding and renovating my other site, thank you for your help) Then Monday night I will have a surprise or two for you ^.~

When we last saw our heros, they were preparing to take up the challenge of Cell’s Tournament when suddenly two new fighters mysteriously emerged from the hyperbolic time chamber. Are they who the the Z Fighters need to save the earth? Will the two even be willing to take the time out of their own quest to help? Find out today on CC Date Z!

Raven: *to Hiei* We need to find a way back into your own cartoon so we can rescue Kurama.

Hiei: The traditional way of exiting a cartoon is ineffective, I have a feeling we are still in the Tower of Terror.

Raven: So how do we get back to the ‘tower’ part?

Hiei: This is just like one of those fool psychic’s territories. >.> Inside them we can only do what they want us to do.

Raven: So we just need to play along.

Hiei: And find a way to beat him in the process.

Krillin: Sounds great! So you’re going to come with us no right? The tournament is about to begin.

Raven: *to Hiei* Do we have a choice?

Hiei: *under breath while clenching fist* Another meaningless tournament. When I get my hands on that fool, I will make him pay!

Trunks: Well lets go; it’s about to start.

Sinister Voice: So enlighten me. How do you think they will fare? What outcome do you forsee in this? *small sinister laugh at Kurama’s stubborn silence* Might as well get cozy. This could take a while. The DragonBall series is known for making fights last for episodes on end. Perhaps I should have started them on someone smaller like Frieza? Hm Jonny boy? But the Hyperbolic transition was more convienient, so Cell will have to do. *medium sinister laugh*

*On the screen: Hercule’s pupils drop from a helicopter. Krillin states, “It must be national goofball day,” and Hiei replies, “Fools. The lot of them.” Raven and Kurama watch with the Z gang as Hercule and his pupils make fools of themselves on international television. After which Goku starts to fight Cell. Watching, watching, watching. Hiei states, “This is pointless,” and Raven responds, “True, but there isn’t much we can do until this is over.” Watching, watching, watching. Discovering how Cell can regenerate lost limbs, Hiei comments on the similarity between him and the Elder Toguro. Watching, watching, watching. Goku is offered a sensu bean, but instead Goku concedes.*

Sinsister Voice: With Goku’s plan to defeat Cell, he really won’t be needing the help of our friends there. He has faith that his son will be able to finish it all. It will play out like that unless we…say…change something? After all, I’m sure Hiei and Raven would rather not waste their time there to simply watch a fight they have no interest in.

*On the screen: While Gohan is fighting Cell, out of the blue his incurred injuries are causing him overwhelming pain so he doubles over. The Z fighters look on in awe as Gohan’s consciousness slips away.*

Sinister Voice: Oh dear…did I do that? What hope is there now? Can our two little friends cut it? *big sinister laugh*

Goku: GOHAN! What’s wrong?

Cell: How utterly disappointing. The child did not put up much of a fight. *calling out to the Z fighters* I do not appreciate being mocked like this. Perhaps I should destroy your planet all in one blow?

Trunks: Oh No! I don’t think I can take on Cell and I know my father won’t last against him either.

Yamcha: But if Goku couldn’t defeat Cell and Gohan’s out, then what can we do?!?

Hiei: Stop whining like babies. It’s irritating. *walks out to meet Cell*

Cell: Oh another spikey-haired punk child. *sarcastic* I’m so scared!

Hiei: You should be. *throws off cloak and draws sword*

*They stare at each other for a bit then Hiei sprints towards him at his top speed slices through Cell while Cell just stands with his arms crossed…however Hiei’s sword breaks on its first impact, leaving his subsequent swings meaningless. Hiei snears as he faces Cell.*

Cell: Tut tut my little man. This is a martial arts tournament, no swords allowed.

Hiei: *throws hilt aside* But my attacks that I make without a physical weapon should work, perhaps then I’ll get straight to the point. *arm glows with a dark fire* DRAGON OF THE DARKNESS FLAME!

*Hiei screams as he unleashes the overwhelming power of the dark dragon and it shoots towards Cell. Cell just sits back as the dragon carries him in his mouth, similar to when Sensui sat and let the dragon push him closer to Demon World. Hercule and the Bozos are once again blown over in awe with Hercule claiming it all to be a really good trick. Hiei continues to unleash the dragon until exhaustion hits him. The Dragon gives out and Hiei drops to his knees. Cell lands neatly on the ground, arms still crossed.*

Cell: Well that attack certainly looked magnificent.

Krillin: O_O That was a sure fancy attack!

Yamcha: O_O And it didn’t even scratch Cell!

Goku: ^o^ What an amazing fighter! I hope we get a chance to talk after all this!

*shocked but calm, Raven flies out to Hiei and kneels in front of him*

Raven: Are you okay?

Hiei: I have some strength left, but my body needs to hibernate after unleashing a Dragon like that. Take care of things.

Raven: Just hang in there. I have a plan.

Cell: Giving up before I have a chance to fight back? That’s not very sporting of you.

*Raven stands and turns to face Cell*

Raven: You will face me now.

Cell: Now a little lady challenges me? Oh dear women and children out on the battlefield. What is this world coming to?

Raven: You don’t scare me.

Cell: How brave and noble…or stupid. Do you fail to realize that while I am in my perfect form I am unstoppable? My genes are designed from the finest warriors this world had to offer, and I carry all of their skills! As you saw when I was fighting Goku, even if you blow half of my body away, thanks to Piccolo I can regenerate myself! As long as I have a surviving Cell I will always come back! HAHAHAAA!

Raven: Then I just have to make sure every last one of your cells is destroyed. Azerath Metrion, ZINTHOS!

*Raven unleashes that surrounds Cell. The spere starts to shrink, causing Cell to begin to curl.*

Cell: What are you trying to do to me?

Raven: If you try to kill a starfish by cutting it in half, it will grow back. To kill a starfish, it must be boiled in oil. I am compressing the air around you until every last one of your cells is cooked out of existence.

Cell: No! You can’t do this to me! *starts powering up* I am the strongest fighter in the universe!

*Cell is able to push the bubble back while Raven grunts and struggles to keep it around him. Cell screams as he powers up creating a barrier of energy around him that Raven isn’t strong enough to hold down.*

Cell: See? Even if you have a good idea, it won’t do you any good if you can’t pull it off! HAAAAA!

*The eyes that have been glowing under Raven’s hood close as she tries to maintain the bubble. She lets out a scream as four narrow slits glow where her eyes were. Darkness reaches out from her cloak and reaches the ground. Tentacles reach out from the bottom of the darkness and wrap around the bubble, enclosing it around Cell. Muffled screams can be heard where Cell is trapped.*

Raven: *dark layer to voice* What’s the matter? Is the all-powerful Cell being beaten by women and children?

Cell: *muffled* Uncle! Uncle! I give up let me out!

Raven: *dark voice layer continues* That’s not going to happen.

Ditz’s voice: But I’m not even Cell, see, I’m really Ditz!

Raven: *suddenly remembering her former mission to locate Ditz with Kurama and wanting to rescue him-{She and Hiei had been in DBZ for many episode lengths by this point}-eyes and voice return to nomral* Ditz?

*The darkness below Raven fades away and she floats to the ground. The darkness that surrounded Cell dissipates to reveal a small orange figure which really is Ditz.*

Raven: *takes a breath* Will you come with us now?

Ditz: *perks up* In your dreams! HAHAHA!

*Ditz sticks his thumb in his mouth and puffs up then explodes. When the dust is clear he has vanished once again. Raven turns to check on Hiei and kneels in front of him again.*

Raven: You’re still conscious.

Hiei: For a bit longer…I wanted to see your plan…good job…your hidden power that came out was worth it to see… *collapses onto Raven*

Raven: *holds Hiei and thinks out loud* That was something that should never be let loose…and yet…and yet you are okay with it? *looks at Hiei who is completely out* I suppose now we can progress. Now I know for certain at least that Ditz is here.

Sinister Voice: hm, Goku is still alive…this could pose a problem later in the series…oh well *small sinister laugh* But wow, that girl is good, I can see why you like her. *medium sinister laugh* Should we have more fun with them or let them find their way back here now? I think they may be ready, did you notice how Hiei trusted her to take care of him before giving his all in attack, and he didn’t even threaten her like he did during the Dark Tournament. *big sinister laugh that echos throughout the halls and corridors of the Tower of Terror*

Will this Sinister being let Raven and Hiei rescue Kurama now? Does he have other plans of adventures for the daring couple? Where has Ditz gone now and why was he posing as Cell? And how long will Hiei be hibernating?

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

   SO BE it. What’s your Fave Flave?
Refi: Happy Independence Day! I would invite you, even if you are not American, to take some time to reflect upon history and the sacrifices your ancestors made in the past so you could be where you are doing what you are doing today! ^o^ And for fun, I’ll leave you with my Red-White-and Blue haired Bishies!!! ^O^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

"Democracy isn't mearly about voting. It is about comprimise. Out of many different people, we make one country. Out of many flawed ideas, create one that works." ~Starfire, Teen Titans-Revolution

Answer by Monday, and if you get multiples of a color, they can later be used to trade in for colors you may not have yet!

This week the questions are about me, and the answers can be found in my archives-usually in pictures so you don’t even have to read to do research.

Please PM me the answers unless you want others to read and use yours.

YELLOW: Name 4 plushies that I have.
GREEN: Name 2 of my anime Keychains.
PINK: What is one series that I have a poster of on my wall?
ORANGE: What Asian treat do I enjoy more than Pocky?
BROWN: What was the most recent clone released?
BLUE: How many pillows are on my bed? JK, You can just name whats on one of the blankets that are on my bed ^^ (What’s on the bigger blanket is a better answer since the smaller one isn’t on my bet any more, but I’ll take that answer too).

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

   Kurama’s Shirt…
First off, I’m sure you are all dying (ok, maybe just some of you) to know the answers to my YYH Trivia from last week:
YELLOW: What are the names of the first Spirit Detectives children?
Kaisei and Fubuki Soul Alchemist got it half right ^^ So she gets half a yellow piece.
GREEN: How many demons entered the Demon World Tournament that Yusuke set up?
As stated at the beginning of the espisode where the preliminaries start, there are 6,272 entrants-being divided into 128 groups of 49
PINK: What does Soketsu say about Raizen and Yusuke’s relation that is wrong?
While fighting Jin, he kept saying that Jin’s goal was to fight “Raizen’s ancestor” which would mean Yusuke is his own grandpa or something ^^ Sorry, I can’t imagine a VA going in and recording the line w/o going, “Shouldn’t the script say descendant?”
ORANGE: Who does Mukuro lose to in the Demon World Tournament?
Enki Soul Alchemist guessed correctly and receives an orange slice!
BROWN: There are 112 episodes episodes, how many times to we get to see the Commercial Break Chibis?
111-The episode where Yusuke looses to Yomi omits the chibis ^^ No commercial break he falls and gets up in bed in one smooth chibi-less transition
BLUE: How many times does Kurama narrate the YYH Previews? (Not including the final preview that has multiple narrators) How many times does Hiei narrate the YYH Previews?
Kurama 3 (During Chu’s and Yusuke’s match, with Game Master in the Cave, and after Hiei is with Mukuro before Kurama’s episode w/ Yomi) times and Hiei twice (fighting Bui, and after Yusuke meets Raizen before Hiei’s special episodes) Soul Alchemist got this one half right as well, so she gets half a blue piece.

Since a few post back I asked how many times Hiei’s sword broke in the series and Soul Alchemist guessed correctly, I will award her by making her half pieces full ^^ {The answer to that is 4-Kuro, Kaito, in a flashback of Kaito, and battling Shigure}

Next Post I’ll have more exciting Trivia…just don’t know what it will be about yet ^^;

Now in my extensive research and observation of the YYH series, I have developed a new theory ^^ Now one of the many wonderful attributes about Kurama that I love is his sense of modesty. Now every other guy on the team either throws the topo of or his shirt gets disentigrated…but never Kurama. “I’ll get that arrow for you pretty boy, and I’ll do it with my shirt on!” Infact, we only see Kurama in long sleeves on top of that! Looking closesly though at the pictures that swirl around in the 4th ending (“When my letter reaches you, please don’t break the seal…”) and a few of those pictures Kurama actually is wearing short sleeves! These pictures have the “everyday” sort of feel to them, you know when everyone isn’t facing danger and holding the fate of the world in their fist. I have come to the conclusion that Kurama must have something special he lines his clothes with to withstand energy blast, making his clothes a light-weight armor. Now blades can still rip the cloth, but blast are deflected. Watching on to where Yomi’s ambush with the lower demons, Kurama usues his backpack to keep one of them from hitting him—and the backpack comes out of it unharmed…so it must be lined with that special something as well. And then later when Shura blasts Yomi and Yomi emerges, Koto announces, “I’ve never seen anyone walk away from a blast like that with their clothes still attached, much less the rest of him!” So Yomi must be in on this little fabric secret too…‘ancient demom thieving secret!’ ^.~

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

   Bogs Babies and BallZ
Check out the Trivia Game you can participate in back in my previous post! Answers posted Monday night/Tuesday Morning!{Bonus Hint at no extra charge to you! : Soketsu’s misinformed statement is stated while he is fighting Jin} With that being said, on with the Wonderful Weekend Story!

Hiei and Raven have been dropped into the Bog of Eternal Stench. What will they do next?
*Chilly Down (with the Wild Gang) can be heard very faintly in the background*


Raven: Yes. We know already. Complaining won’t make the smell go away.

Ludo: Sarah Friend.

Raven: My name is not Sarah it’s Raven.

Ludo: Raven Friend.

Raven: Lucky me.

Hiei: Can we just get out of here?

Sarah’s voice: *in the distance* Oh, what is it?

Hoggle’s voice: *in the distance* The Bog of Eternal Stench!

Ludo: *pointing in the direction of the two newcomers* Sarah!

Hiei: *grabing Raven’s arm* Quick.

*He runs (at a normal speed since his demon speed doesn’t work here either) with her to a nearby bridge where they are stoped by a small furry muppet.*

Raven: Oh look, a fox.

Hiei: We found Kurama.

Sir Didymus: Of what speaketh thou?

Hiei: We just need to find the Detective and it will feel just like home >.>

Sir Didymus: HALT! None may pass without my permission.

Raven: We are trying to get out of here.

*From behind Raven and Hiei, enters Baby Piggy, Baby Kermit, and Baby Rowlf in costumes*

Baby Rowlf: Don’t worry, I can handle this. *starts yowling*

*In response to his cries, rocks start emerging from the Bog of Eternal Stench in a straight row. The three baby cartoons start to cross. Raven and Hiei look at each other then decide to follow.*

Baby Gonzo’s voice: Be careful, if you stick just a nostril into the bog, you will stink for life! WOOPIE!!!

*Screaming like Tarzan, Baby Gonzo swoops in by a vine and crashes right into Baby Piggy, causing her to fall into the Bog. The surrounding fade into an animated atomosphere where the rocks change into pillow cushions layed out across the floor of a nursery. Piggy is sitting nearby on the ground very displeased.*

Baby Piggy: OOOO! GONZO! *stands up and starts to chase him* You’re going to pay for that!

Hiei: Out of the frying pan…

Raven: At least it doesn’t smell here.

Hiei: *holds up hand to summon the Dark Fist-but nothing* Our powers are still ineffective.

Baby Fozzy: *walking across with Scooter and Skeeter* “Free” dollars! Get it? Wakka wakka!

Sinister Voice: It is a lot of fun isn’t it? Instead of a movie, I sent them to a cartoon that features that movie. Here anything can happen simply by the power of your imagination! Bet you would like to take a date there huh? Oh wait, she already is there! *small sinister laugh* Too bad for them they haven’t figured that secret out. Although they both prefere to fight, perhaps I should send them somewhere where they can fight their way out? *images to character’s mentioned appear on the screen as mentioned* Now let’s see, Skeletor? Dragonis? Shredder? Or…may Cell-the Perfect Warrior- would be more in their league? *video game like animation {8bit, not the detailed Wii style} shows Cell beating up and blowing up Hiei and then Raven* I would love to see Hiei’s power compared to a Sayians! *Cell does a victory pose with head shots of Hiei and Raven at the bottom of the screen with X’s for eyes and Red X’s across their faces* *medium sinister laugh*

Kurama: *struggling to break free* What is you’re point in all of this?!

Sinister Voice: My point? Hmmm…Well…It sure makes life more interesting. And don’t worry, there still is a chance they may win against even the strongest fighters cartoons and anime have to offer. But if they survive, it would only make them stronger-strong enough to face me. You know they can’t beat me as they are! But I can’t have them face me right now because Everyone enjoys a happy ending.

*Kurama stops struggling and watches the screen intently as it shows Raven and Hiei back in the nursery. The Sinister Voice lets out a big sinister laugh.*

*The background changes to a sci-fi setting and Hiei’s hand lights up while Baby Kermit and Baby Gonzo cross infront of Hiei and Raven clashing Light Sabers.*

Raven: Perhaps like this it would be easier to break out. Azere…

Baby Gonzo: *thrown back into Raven which causes her to fall onto Hiei so both of their attempts are interrupted* You may have defeated me, Luke Skyhopper, but someone stronger will come take my place! Behold! Here comes…NANNY VADER!!!

*The scene returns to the nursery setting and Raven gets off of Hiei. At the door stands a pair of tennis shoes with white and green stockings attached under a pink skirt.*

Nanny: Wow kids. You certainly seem to be having fun. Do you have time to take a break for a snack?

Muppet Babies: YAY!!! *gathers around the table where Nanny comes to set down a plate of treats*

Nanny: Oh, I didn’t know there was company, I’m afraid there isn’t enough for you two. I could make some more and be right back with it.

Raven: *stunned that she and Hiei are being acknowledged for the first time* No thank you, we’re not hungry.

Hiei: We were just leaving anyway.

Nanny: Oh. Then I’d be happy to escort you out.

*Raven and Hiei flollow the pair of stalkings out of the nursery, leaving the Babies to discuss the meaning of escort or “S. Court”*

Baby Animal: Goooooo bye bye! Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah!

Nanny: *opening front door* Thank you for visiting, have a pleasant day.

*It is bright outside but Raven and Hiei oblige to escape the madness. After going ‘outside’ the door closes behind them and their eyes adjust to complete and total…whiteness. Everywhere around, above, and below is completely white except Hiei and Raven themselves.*

Raven: Great. Even the door is gone.

Hiei: *glowing in fire* No matter. At least my powers are back now! *focuses using Jagan*

*Raven crosses her legs to float and meditate. Suddenly they both point in the same direction.*

Hiei and Raven: THAT WAY! *they look at each other and then take off-Hiei zipping and Raven flying-fast as they can go as if it were a race*

Hiei: You prove to be a formidable opponent.

Raven: I haven’t even started yet.

Hiei: Niether have I!

*The two continue to head for their goal with determined smiles on their faces. They go at top speed for what seems like days but it doesn’t faze them. Continuing their speed of light pace, eventually a dark dot in the distance appears in the field of white. For another day or more it stays a dot, just growing bigger ever so slightly at a time. Untill finally they can make out to what looks like a mantle clock with a giant hour glass on each side. Running/Flying some more they both finally arrive at the oasis, Raven stopping over the visible ground right before Hiei sets foot on it and she resorts to standing from her hover. Barely daunted, they both take a deep quiet breath.*

Raven: Beat you.

Hiei: Who said it was a race?

Raven: Why were you trying to get ahead of me?

Hiei: Because I didn’t want you to get us lost.

Raven: *coy* I think you enjoyed it.

Hiei: I think we need to get out of this place.

*They walk across the platform which seems to have less gravitational pull on them then when they were racing. They throw the door open and find themselves in an open area with marble colums and flooring and scattered palm trees. They walk out towards a group of cartoons.*

Raven: I wonder where we are this time.

Hiei: It doesn’t matter, as long as I can use my Jagan.

*The group of Z fighters turn to them with bewildered looks on their faces.*

Krillin: Whew! Don’t scare us like that! It sounded like Android 17 came back or something!

Piccolo: How did you get here? No one else has entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Raven: We’re not exactly sure. But we need to find our way back to the Tower of Terror.

Krillin: Well, we’re on a tower now, and if you were to fall off, that would be a terror ^^ That first step is one doozey of a ride!

Hiei: It’s pointless talking to these fools, from here we can get back to YYH and then back to the tower…and then we’ll make HIM pay *shrouded in a firey aura*

Trunks: Hey! Can you guys stick around for a while? We have a problem, and maybe you could help us out.

Hiei: You fools should pull your own weight.

Krillin: Wait yeah! With Cell in his perfect form, you two probably have just the help we need to defeat him! *nudgenudge* And hey, it’s quite the challenge he might be in league with the “him” you’re after in that terror tower and all that…

So just before the Cell Games, two new warriors appear. But, they seem to have an agenda of their own. Will they stay and support the Z Force, and are they the key to ridding Cell for good? Find out Next time On CC-Date-Z!!!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

   Touya pursues the mystery of the blade children! lol
Hey! Does anyone know what’s happened to fanfic.net? I was thinking of starting an account to keep all my writings together-but there’s nowhere to sign up for an account-or even read and comment on fanfics >.> (meh, I didn’t really like that site in the first place, that’s why I never joined it before)

Highlights of my YYH Commentary:

Ever notice where sometimes the English dub matches the mouths better than the original Japanese?

Imaging if instead of Kaitou using the Power of Taboo, it was another classmate of Kurama’s playing the mind territory…someone like I dunno, the smartest GIRL at the school…someone like MAYA!!! Oh wouldn’t she be mad when she finds out that Suichi had erased her mind!!! But it would be a cute way for them to get back together ^^

How can they call Sensui innocent and that he never committed a crime when he laugh’s so diabolically that his eyes start glowing? My diabolical laughter is of good nature. I laugh diabolically when I imagine Hiei in Care-a-Lot surrounded by Care Bears who want to hug him!

You know in the Game Master’s territory where Hiei says “I know as much about games as I do about hugs and puppies and care about them even less.” And then later while he, Kuwabara, and Kurama are crossing the pseudo space and Kuwabara says it’s like a video game and Hiei says, “No. Trust me, it’s not.” I thought you didn’t know anything about video games, HEY! You HAVE been spending time hugging Care Bears haven’t you!

Anyone else wanna see the YYH gang achieve Sacred Energy? After the whole Sensui thing-there is no mention of it! (well ok, they mistake Yusuke’s human/demon mix for it at first, but hey! It seems something they would work for in intense training!)

After Koenma goes against King Yama and goes w/ Yusuke after he comes back a Mazoku he says that his dad can, “disown me or fire me or put me up for adoption!” AW! I’d adopt Koenma…providing he stays in his Stud-Muffin Form ^.~

Yusuke, “Now it’s just you and me…well You and you and you and you and you and you and you…and me.”

Now with VA’s, My title is what it is because Touya’s VA also stars as Ayumu Narumi in Spiral! Why does the credit for Hokushin’s voice switch between Chuck Huber and Jerome 57. And who is this Jerome 57 person anyway? The last two episodes list Genkai’s voice as Linda Chambers instead of Linda Young o.O she still sounds like Frieza though, as well as Hokushin always sounded the same, and not at all like a Chuck Huber character.

YuYu Hakusho Trivia Time! ^o^
That was all fun wasn’t it? Now it’s time for you to earn pie pieces for your Trivial Persuit circles! When you have collected 6 different colors, I’ll give you a prize!!!!! (If you don’t have all the answers for today’s questions, I’ll put more up later to guess at and I’ll keep track of all the colors participants have earned! WOOT!!! It’s the game anyone can win and holds FABULOUS prizes so tell your friends! I’m okay with more than one winner and to keep playing even if someone guesses them all right with the first shot! All the question categories are random however, so that way if you’re bad with gussing Red questions from the original game, you don’t have to be afraid of getting stuck because of one lousy category! Well those are the rules…oh, and to be fair, it might be better to PM me so others won’t be tempted to cheat (although these are open-book/net/tv/friend questions) but I’ll accept comments as well. I’ll leave the questions up for two post then the 3rd will list the answers and feature those who guessed which ones correctly! NOW!!! Time for FUN!

YELLOW: What are the names of the first Spirit Detectives children?
GREEN: How many demons entered the Demon World Tournament that Yusuke set up?
PINK: What does Soketsu say about Raizen and Yusuke’s relation that is wrong?
ORANGE: Who does Mukuro lose to in the Demon World Tournament?
BROWN: There are 112 episodes episodes, how many times to we get to see the Commercial Break Chibis?
BLUE: How many times does Kurama narrate the YYH Previews? (Not including the final preview that has multiple narrators) How many times does Hiei narrate the YYH Previews?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

   I love it when people are sneaky in Shakespeare!
I am having fun with the YYH gang’s children! “KiDs o.O???” you ask. Well you know in my Beyond! series, Yusuke has a son and Kurama is a daddy-to-be. Well skip ahead 16 or so years when there’s a whold bactch of offspring and they are becoming young adults. I had the opportunity to see a Shakespeare play Saturday night (Love’s Labor’s Lost) and derived an amusing scenario to place the children in with a twist here and there and oh boy it’s funny! I also enjoy giving the children their own unique personality, even qualities separate from their parents even if the gang tries their hardest to raise kids right, they’re not perfect, and even if they do a good job, the kids still have their agency (much to the parent’s regret at times).

THANK YOU Destinyssweetman, Swords411, Roleni-chan, and Inuyasha311! ^o^ You made me feel better, hee hee I just have to respond to your responses:
D- Yay! The National European judges agree! Wait o.O Who are these guys anyway?? (lol jk ^_~)
S- Yep I ponder out the little details I pick up (like a Don Quixote reference made by Kurama I suppose after looking up the big words he used-or also deeper meanings) and act out how things would be different if I was there—I have maybe 6 or 7 YYH me’s ranging from extreme fangirl to stubbornly serious.
R-hee hee, I was hoping you would catch the previous part to the story. And your comments made me think…him, so much that I could write a post discussing it ^^; I think I’ll just PM you about the discussion you have ignited! BUWAHAHA! I’ll just mention here to clarify to others about Kurama erasing memories. Hiei was referring to when in the bonus chapter in Manga Book 7 where Kurama erased Mana’s memories of being kidnapped by a demon and her love for him to protect her.
I-Oh, so you’re claiming ownership of the sinister eyes and laugh? ^_~ Oh, and I like Eye to Eye as well, but it’s not one of the
And thank you Soul Alchamist as well ^o^ -hm I’ll gather the permalinks for the story and find a nifty way to display it ^^

I’ve made a few discoveries so I hope to be making some headway into acting now!

MyO 24 hours+ ago, “Just doing some routine maintenance to make the site faster. Don't worry, this isn't Otakulypse 2.0 :-) - maintenance will be finished within 10 minutes. Adam” lol ‘Otakulypse’ ^_^ Love the new word!

And Miracle of Miracles! Those “2 Unread Messages” that are non-existing in my PM box along with the 7 other non-existing messages are finally gone! My PM box is fixed!

I’ll post again mid-week (probably a YYH trivia game to celebrate me finishing my marathon) then the next part of the Kurama/Raven/Hiei Dating Adventure on the weekend ^_~

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

   Marathon Update! ^o^
Well I’m still going, I took lots of breaks while watching the series to ponder and act things out (don’t tell anyone, but I do that all the time when I’m alone ^_~) So here are a few items of the marathon:

  • I found PROOF that Kurama once had siblings-how he laughs at Jin and Yusuke being like brothers and his comment to Botan and Kuwabara who are puzzled at it {I love how well my Beyond! series fits in with the original instead of contradicting it ^^}
  • My favorite Kuwabara Quote is towards Hiei in Episode 41 : Bite my ankles shorty, I swear I’ll make you cry to your mom!
  • (still) My Favorite Dark Tournament Fight is in Episode 42 with Kuwabara vs. Risho ^_^ Go POWER OF LOVE BABY! EAT MY ENERGY!
  • QUESTION: How many times does Hiei’s sword break in the series? (I LOVE it when THAT happens! lol)
  • Unbalanced Kiss is my fav YYH Theme!
  • My new favorite Kurama Quote : I am afraid that a ferocious wolf is laying in wait underneath that placid sheep’s façade. ~After Toguro’s muscles deflate before powering up {which makes the lights go out and Kuwabara says, “I can’t even see myself think!” – like how I was going to have Hiei ask “Are your ears blind?” In YYHB!}
Speaking of Kurama…we left him in deep doggy doughnuts last time in the Cartoon Cops world o.O

Narrator: Previously on YuYu…no wait. We are in that cartoon, but the title is…um…secret. Yeah, secret! Where Sally Sue has organized the Cartoon Cops Dating Service sending Kurama and Raven out thinking they are working for the Division of Spies. Currently they have made their way into the Tower of Terror and survived friendly memories of traumatic childhoods and located Hiei. For a brief moment, one could see them starting to like each other, but that was short lived when Raven left to rescue Hiei…only to leave Kurama in a trap!

*Title “Into the Pits” sparkles onto the screen with the music*

Raven: *gasp* No!

Hiei: What were you thinking leaving him by himself?

Raven: He’s keeping watch while I come down to free you. Or at least that is what I thought.

Hiei: Hn. Don’t get your scrolls in a bunch. Maybe he is allright. But this is the Tower of Terror; being alone makes an easy target for him.

Raven: For who?

Hiei: The leader gathering all the demons into here. But don’t you think questions would be more appropriate after we get out of here?

Raven: Right. *The bubble surrounding Raven and Hiei ascend up, through the ceiling, and into the hall where Kurama was but now he is nowhere to be seen* He’s gone.

Hiei: There is no sign of where they came from or where they took him.

Raven: There isn’t even a sign of a struggle. Perhaps he went somewhere and will be back soon.

Hiei: You should have brought him down with you. Now I have to bother to rescue him from this place of madness.

Raven: *hiding worry* There is no sense in getting angry about this. He is gone we will find him.

Hiei: Hm. I will find him; you will only get in my way. Go home. *closes eye and the Jagan glows through headband*

Raven: I got him into this. I’ll help too. Just try and stop me.

Hiei: *stops using Jagan and starts walking* Suit yourself if you have a death wish.

*Raven follows closely behind Hiei around the silent corridors in silence for a long time*

Raven: Although…I have to wonder. Are you the real thing this time?

Hiei: What kind of absurd question is that?

Raven: …Never mind. You haven’t by chance seen an orange blob around this tower have you?

Hiei: Is that why you and Kurama came here?

Raven: We were sent on a mission to find a creature called Ditz. *pause* We saw him once, but he got away. He was disguised as you and even Kurama couldn’t tell he was a fake until after *still straight voice but turns head and blushes* calling me Kurama’s girlfriend, *face back to normal* saying something weird was happening here, and *faces forward again* falling in love with ice cream.

Hiei: Hn. Ice cream. Worthless stuff. That would have been a dead give away it wasn’t really me.

Raven: He seemed real enough until he started morphing back into his own self.

Hiei: Hn. So, is it true?

Raven: What?

Hiei: *Jagan twinkles at catching her averted blush* Are you Kurama’s girlfriend now?

Raven: *Really blushing now* um, I…don’t know.

Hiei: Look. Either you are or you aren’t. If so, it is only a matter of time before he erases your memory.

Raven: You lie! Why would he do that?

Hiei: He says it is a protection from his enemies. And I don’t lie. I’ve seen him do it before.

Raven: And does he erase his own memories as well?

Hiei: Don’t be ridiculous.

Raven: Then I don’t see the point. If he still likes someone, his enemies could go after them whether they know about it or not.

Hiei: *smirk* Well you better let him know that before he uses the Dream Flower Pollen.

Raven: And what about you? Do you erase the memories of all your girlfriends too?

Hiei: *turns and gives a sinister smile* I don’t have ‘girlfriends’. *continues walking*

Raven: *stands and stares while stating flatly* Probably because you’re jerk.

*After a moment Raven continues to follow the progressing Hiei in silence.*

Botan voiceover: Even though Raven desired to ask Hiei more about the man, demon, alien, or whoever was behind the operation, her mind was now filled with what she knew so far about Kurama and what Hiei had just revealed. *Botan appears on the screen* She wanted to ask for a meditation stop, but knew that Hiei would not honor it like Kurama did. *Hiei-headed bats pop out behind Botan* Ewu x-x

*Kurama is straped to a slanted table facing a monitor following Hiei and Raven’s actions. A pair of sinister eyes gleam from behind him in the shadows*

Sinister Voice: Isn’t that sweet? I think he is trying to steal your girl. But then, you don’t really care about her do you? …Or do you? *small sinister laugh* At least they both care enough about you to come save you. But then again, the labyrinth of this Tower can mess up even Hiei’s Jagan! *medium sinister laugh* Labyrinth, ah, that is a good idea. Let us help Hiei in his little cause shall we? Help him in his courtship? *big sinister laugh*

*The room starts to shake and random rocks start falling even though they leave no holes in the ceiling or debris on the ground. Hiei and Raven attempt to keep their footing but the room tilts sending Raven falling onto Hiei who looses his footing and they fall down a hole. They fall and fall and hear music.*

David Bowie: You remind me of the Babe! {What babe?} The babe with the power! {What power?} The power of VooDoo! {Who-doo?} You do! {Do what?} Remind me of the babe. *singing* I saw my baby, crying hard as babes could cry. What could I do? My baby’s love had gone. And left my baby blu-ue nOOOObody knew.

*A light appears below them and they quickly fall through it out of a side of a cliff. As they continue down, Hiei grabs a jutting rock to stop their descent. Now hanging, Raven opens her eyes to find her arms braced against Hiei’s chest, holding onto his collar and his free arm around her waist.*

Raven: Where are we?

Hiei: In another one of the Tower’s traps.

Raven: I thought there was strength in numbers.

Hiei: Apparently this was a trap built for two.

Raven: It shouldn’t be too hard to get out of. Azarath Metrion Zinthos! *nothing happens* hm, My magic won’t work here. Not even to manipulate the air.

Hiei: No wonder. This place isn’t even animated. *starts swinging* Grab that ledge.

*Raven reaches out and catches the nearby ledge and pulls herself onto it. Hiei swings back to grab it himself and pulls himself up. They now take the opportunity to observe their surroundings. But the ledge they are standing on breaks off and they ride the slab until it hits the ground, close to a black pit of what looks like tar with sounds of a whoopee cushion army at a banquet emerging from its bubbles. Quickly they both plug their noses*

Raven: What is that horrible smell?

Hiei: I think it is coming from this bog.

*A deep resonating scream is heard overhead. A big fur ball lands ontop of Hiei*

Furball: Awwww.

Raven: Where did you come from?

Furball: Ludo fell.

Raven: Nice…Where did Hiei go?

*Raven notices Hiei’s legs protruding from behind where Ludo sits, kicking wildly while a muffled “getoffofme” can be heard. Raven pulls on Ludo’s arm so he stands up and frees Hiei.*

Hiei: My demon powers and strength don’t work here either.

Ludo: Smeeeeellllll baaaaaaaad.

Hiei: Thanks for stating the obvious. I think we found Kuwabara’s counter for this place.

Raven: Heh. And I was thinking it was Beast Boy’s cousin.

Ludo: Smeeeeeeeellllllllllll baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Outside of their beloved world of cartoons yet still inside the Tower of Terror that is inside the YYH cartoon Raven and Hiei are threatened by a stinky bog from a movie that does not have a “to be continued/next time” segment to designate the cliché ending of this section of the date that is no longer a date since the date-ees have been separated. Can Raven and Hiei avoid the eternal stench? Will Raven be reunited with Kurama or will Hiei’s woo-less woos un-charmingly charm her? And who on earth was that Sinister Voice with the sinister eyes and the sinister laughs?

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