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Monday, December 18, 2006

   Don’t you think weird is spelled weird and awkward is spelled awkwardly?
Well, I am as of yet unsure how I will be posting for a while. (If this is posted on Monday the 18th,) I am at my grandparent’s home right now and may not have time to visit everyone, I am really sorry about that. I still have 40 hour weeks all through the holidays, I have Christmas day off, but being on a Monday and my library day, the library will be closed so I do not know when I will next post, I’m sure the same holds true for New Years, but at least I don’t have to be at work staying up till midnight, I can go find a party somewhere! WOOT!!! Well I’ll see about typing up the part of the Anime Christmas with Hiei and the Ghost of Christmas Present to share today, and visit if I get the chance. My next 2 post may be on Saturday mornings, so be prepared for an earlier post this upcoming week.

***WARNING: The following is a blab about my personal life. If personal lives are of interest proceed reading, if it bores you skip to the Anime Christmas or just to the comment section***
First in other news, this last week was pretty full! On Monday the college in town had a Study Day before finals so the Institute had snacks and rooms opened for studying for the students. Well, I went to Institute, but I’m no longer a college student, so I went with the intent of disturbing people from their studies…but no one I knew was there studying, just one girl I knew was there and she was keeping the food on the tables stocked so I volunteered to help her instead. That afternoon I had a surprise “WE LOVE YOU” party for my friend that I exposed to anime who is leaving to go back home never to return ToT Oh I’m going to miss her, but the party was fun, she won every game and we had fun wathing Spiral and Fruits Basket. I got someone else hooked on it ^_^ and with people passing by, I met a new friend who is also into anime! I have to wait for school to get back in before I can watch anime with either of them though…but I also met some of the guys on the night crew at work that are into anime, and they said they’re having a New Year’s party so I’m going to think about going to that. Oh, then on Monday night after the party we went to a tri-ward FHE (Family Home Evening, our whole Church holds it as families, but since I go to a Singles Ward, we have our own “family” groups in the ward) then to the comp lab on campus. I printed out my college transcript to give to the Institute so I can graduate from Institute now! On the way back to the comp, I got to talk to my “special someone” (we’re friends, I don’t know if he likes me more than that tho, and boy I hope he doesn’t decide to come to my site and read this since I gave him my address so he could get to the info on auditioning for the radioplay, that would be embarrassing!) for about an hour or so ^///^;;; I got to learn some new things about him and he even provided me with some useful tips on moving and for my career. That was fun ^_^ Then my week was busy with maintaining 40 hours of work while singing the Forgotten Carols with Michael McClain in a town an hour away. Then on Friday night my friend was having heart problems and her roommates were already all gone so me and another friend spent the night with her and remedied her pain with Fruits Basket…I noted the irony of the opening theme for her “Knowing there’s more beyond the pain of today” But anyway, so I’ve had like no sleep this past week. Then on Sunday 2 of my siblings went with me to the Singles Ward with me. A guy who is in choir with me sat by me in Sunday School and we talked a bit before and after that block and talked some more after church. When he heard I was planning on moving, he was very insistent on me staying in town. I told him I’m going to move, but if something dramatic happens that would cause me to stay I would (hint hint nudge nudge…although not directed to him, I thought he had a girlfriend, but after all semester of the two of us not knowing each other, he hugged me after the Carols Friday night and when we parted after church, so at least I can say he’s a friend now) He was also very insistent on me being in HOPE Choir (the show choir with the Institute) which I probably will audition for again, but doubt I’ll make it in nor think I would have the time and finances to accept a position if I did. Well, the thought he might be flirting with me and possibly interested made me real giddy for a while, it will be a few weeks until I see him again so we’ll see. Oh, and he said he liked my necklace (a three-headed dragon) and later liked my cloak and said when he sees me in it it makes him glad that people still wear cloaks. (Again this may be overanalyzing, but as I just found out, both him and my “special someone” have families that just moved to just north of town here. And they do already know each other because they are both in HOPE so would they be talking perchance about me and if one liked me and the other is trying to get me to stay so I could hook up with the first one??? *shrug* like I said, something dramatic would keep me from my moving plans…but I can’t keep waiting around town wishing for things to change, especially when they never do. I need to go forward with the dreams I do have control over and take charge of my life, otherwise I may just wait my life away until it’s gone. Well, there’s about 5 months until I plan to leave, a lot can happen in that time, so we’ll see.

Well…the next part of an Anime Christmas is not done yet, I am sorry, but I will try and get it posted this weekend, does that sound good? Besides by then I’ll have access to screenshots to make complimentary images to go with the story like in the previous chapter ^^

Oh how about this for something special for today? I'll ask a question...um...What is the price of tea in China? Or you can just share Christmas plans, I work all week so I'll just be stuck home alone on xmas day with no presents to open and no library with internet access to go to.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

   Blessing of Trauma

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: For those who took note of the title of my last post, yes I will be going to Fort Worth, Texas in the future. I’ve now narrowed it down to when. Before it was a long term goal to go and get in with Funimation Studios, but life changes. A few weeks ago something traumatic happened and I cried…a lot. That night I started my fast (since the next day was Fast Sunday) with the purpose of asking for help through this trial in my life. Then I found a wireless connection so I could do some research. I found the location of Funimation, how to get there from here, and started looking at housing and other details about the area. Later I talked to personnel about transferring down to a Texas store (I haven’t had a chance to explain the situation to a manager yet…they’ve all disappeared o.O) and with some more research, we have a building right across the freeway from them!!! I would be able to go over on lunch breaks to audition! And what if they ever came over and I could see them? Just imagining meeting John Burgmeier in person and telling him what a wonderful job he did on Kurama’s voice (and Eyes!) gets me so excited! I am very elated at the fact that my dreams are going to become a reality! But if it was not for the little episode on Saturday, I would not be thinking for this until probably when my life was over and my talent gone! It’s amazingly true when we’re told we should be thankful in ALL things (even the hard times)!

Hiei Clone #3: Whatever, let’s just get on with the post

Kyo Clone #4: Yeah, we want to here more of the Anime Christmas Story!

Hiei Clone #3: >.> Speak for yourself, I just want her to stop talking of pleasant things filled with goodness that make us actually want to be grateful for our pathetic pasts.

Refi: Ironic for you to say that 3, because today we get to see your (or well, the original’s) past in the Anime Christmas, and it was that past that made me care for you…even though I still like Kurama more ^///^ So you see, even the hard times in your life had blessed you! Just think of all the fun you (or the original) had with Yusuke in the series! And think of all the fun he’s going to have in my Beyond! Series!!! ^o^

Hiei Clone #3: >.> Don’t make me sick.

Kyo Clone #4: Hey! Does that apply to me too? Even though it was the Rat’s fault that I can’t be accepted, I should be grateful for that?

Refi: Yes! Just think, if your family wasn’t cursed, would you have been where you were and able to meet Tohru?

Kyo Clone #4: *gulp* O///O

Refi: And without your dedication to beat Yuki, would you have grown stong enough to be able to protect her come what may?

Hiei Clone #3: This is getting ridiculous! >o<

Refi: And take Kurama for example as well! If Yoko didn’t make a fatal mistake that caused the remains of his energy to hide in the Human World, he never would have grown into this adorable red-head that gained priorities that enabled him to jump to an A-Class demon!

Kurama Clone #2: ^///^ Perhaps we should move to the Story Telling Room before you loose your audience…

Refi: Aw, well, really quick then, have you guys heard about the Convention in Las Vegas in January? TheOtaku has partnered with them to support research on breast cancer and there will be a cosplay parade and one of the guest will be Chirstopher Sabat (you know the voice of Vegetta, Kuwabara, Kiyotaka, Ayame, and a bunch others)! Does anyone want to go with me? If any guys will cosplay as Kurama for me, I’ll cosplay as Botan, Shizuru (w/o the smoke), Kagome or any girl of their choice-modestly still ^^

Kyo Clone #4: That’s stupid! You should dress as Kurama yourself!

Refi: But then I wouldn’t be able to look at myself at the convention, much less get to hold Kurama’s arm!

Hiei Clone #3: >.> You are a pathetic fool, you know that?

Refi: ToT

Kurama Clone #2: It’s okay Hiei, you know it would not be appropriate for us to show up there since we only exist in this castle.

Refi: *sniff* One last thing before the story…concerning my YYH Beyond! RadioPlay ^-^ Who wants to meet the voice of Yusuke for YYHB? MaskedDrifter has joined MyO! ^_^ Not only that, but he has taken up the responsibility of becoming a co-partner of this and mixing the sounds for it! ^^; Big thanks to him, that part of putting together was rather frustrating for me! Oh, and have I mentioned that someone offered to ANIMATE it??? *inhales* AHHHHHH!!!!! *breaths* ^^; One step closer to breaking into Funi! Anyways, that’s all for now so enjoy the story!

*All migrate to the Official Story Telling Room*

We left after Trunks asked for Christmas off and Hiei told him to come in earlier the following day…

And with that Hiei went to his old dark and drafty petrified tree house. It took little effort and money to care for and Hiei liked it. He got ready for the night as usual, but on this particular evening, something different happened, an old familiar friend decided to pay him a visit.

Vegeta: Hiei! You old fool!

Hiei: Ve…Vegeta? But you are dead. What are you doing here?

Vegeta: I’ve come to warn you, as undeserving as you are. You are cursed and doomed to a worse fate than my own. Apparently my selfish actions have forged these chains that drag me down in the afterlife…and King Yama has a worse rage against you for your deeds.

Hiei: Hn. I can handle King Yama.

Vegeta: Don’t be so sure. I came only to warn that you will be visited by three spirits this evening. Not that I care what happens to you, so I’ll be on my way. *leaves*

Hiei: Hn. *goes to sleep*

Suddenly a loud bell rang out to announce the arrival of 1 o’clock…

Hiei: O_O *wakes up* What the? There was never a chime before. -_-
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sasami: ^_^ Hello there Mister Hiei!

Hiei: Who are you?

Sasami: The ghost of Christmas past, come and I will show you! *grabs his wrist and rises into the air*

Hiei: What? Hey…HEY! *they fly off to the past*

Sasami: Here we are; do you recognize this building?

Hiei: This is the cave where I grew up.

Sasami: Yes, and that man over there?

Hiei: He was the closest thing I had to a father. Oh look there I am, coming back from another day of killing insignificant demons.

They watched as the little Hiei skipped back to the cave as everyone else whispered and headed inside. The demon Hiei saw as a father looked at him pitifully and went in as well. Little Hiei stood outside alone as the snow started to swirl around him.

Hiei: Wait a minute! I don’t remember snow here!

Sasami: But it is the coldness that you felt. Your own kind forsake you and those that raised you shunned you. Come! Let us look in on another Christmas with someone you care for…

*Snow swirls everywhere until it clears and they find themselves in the Ice Village. Young Hiei is bowed over a weak Yukina. Although covered in sweat, she wears a peaceful smile on her face.*

Hiei: Yu…Yukina…

Yukina: Don’t worry about me Hiei…

Young Hiei: Don’t be a fool, use your healing powers on yourself.

Yukina: No, I would rather use my remaining strength for my child to live on.

Young Hiei: Don’t speak such nonsense!

Yukina: Hiei, please…will you take care of him for me?

Young Hiei: Don’t do this!

Yukina: His father died to protect us, if I go to, my little Joey will have no one to care for him…

Young Hiei: Don’t talk like this, don’t leave me!

Yukina: Please… *raises hand to touch Hiei’s face* I always...thought of you…like…my…bro…ther… *goes limp*

Young Hiei: no…No….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sasami: You never recovered loosing your sister…

Hiei: *tears in eyes* I never even got a chance to tell her the truth…of who I was…and leaving that accursed brat, that appalling reminder of my sisters death, that dimwitted nephew of mine so I can never forget that pain. That day I vowed never to have emotions again.

Sasami: We have another Christmas to view.

Hiei: Please, no more.

Sasami: But you did show your emotions again. And remember how warm and fuzzy you felt then?

Hiei: I SAID NO MORE! *turns towards Sasami but sees that their location has changed again, this time in a run down dojo filled with people*

Kenshin: This is a wonderful celebration, that it is!

Grown Hiei: But look at all the expenses for this? Don’t you thinks we have gone overboard?

Kenshin: Money does not always matter, that it does not! Enjoy the happiness of others in attendance, it is well worth the price we have paid, indeed it is! ^o^

Karou: Kenshin! *glomps Kenshin* This is such a wonderful party!

Megumi: Oh my Sir Ken *embraces Kenshin* you really outdid yourself this time!

Kenshin: @o@ Oro…

Grown Hiei: Oh nonsense… *turns away and bumps into somebody* Hey watch where I’m going!

Mukuro: Perhaps you should watch where I’m going, don’t mess with me! *slugs Grown Hiei in the stomach*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sasami: You really fell for her didn’t you? *squeals* Oh this is so cute!

Hiei: Yes…I remember, *puts hand on abdomen* I still have a singe mark on my stomach from that punch.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kurama: *kneeled down healing the hole in Grown Hiei’s torso* So this is the price you get for whispering sweet nothings? ^.~

Grown Hiei: >.> I’ll kill you!

Sasami: But you wouldn’t let it last…

Hiei: No, lets stop here, take me back.

Sasami: *Drags Hiei through the wall* Look at what you did you old Scrooge!

*They see Grown Hiei and Mukuro on an iced over bridge, Mukuro turns away*

Mukuro: This is it.

Grown Hiei: We only need wait a bit longer. Things won’t work out unless I have the money to support us, terrible things will happen if we just jump in without thinking.

Mukuro: *Swings a blast at Grown Hiei that sends him flying for a few miles* Support This!!!

Grown Hiei: *runs back* I only do this because I care about you!

*Grown Hiei swings his Dragon fist at Mukuro but she catches his hand and twists his arm*

Mukuro: No. It is not me that you care about. I’m leaving and don’t dare try to find me with your Jagan, or I’ll hide myself in my own stomach so you can’t find me!

*Mukuro dashes away leaving Grown Hiei bent over on the ground sprawled in agony over his arm.*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sasami: Oh! You make me so mad Mister Hiei! How could you be so cruel! You could have had a beautiful life, but instead you rather cuddle with cold hard cash than a living breathing person!

Hiei: What else was I supposed to do? I can’t change the past!

Sasami: True, but you can learn from it! What have you learned from this?

Pumba: That he doesn’t know how to express his feelings and she has commitment issues?

Hiei: o.O Where’d the pig come from?

Timon: You don’t know the HALF of it! *pushes Pumba out the back door* Come on big guy, the Disney Christmas Special is being shot in the next studio over!

Sasami: So tell me Mister Hiei, have you had ANY fond memories since you chose to pursue the path of money and power?

Hiei: >.> Do you call any of what we just saw fond memories? There is nothing I can do.

Sasami: I am sorry you feel that way… *starts to dissipate* perhaps one of the others may help you change your mind… *disappears*

Hiei: Wait, where are you going? *looks around and finds him sitting back in his tree again* hn. Good riddance. *falls asleep*


Refi: Oh hey guess what! They just released the beginning of The Phantom of the Opera! I’m La Sorelli in this production ^_^

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Monday, December 4, 2006

Refi: Hey sorry guys, I didn’t really have time to prepare an elaborate post this week. With work and concerts and auditions and adding sound effects and then life and trauma and emergencies…well, I’m only human…

But NEVER FEAR! You have not visited my site today only to be turned away empty handed! {Although I suppose most are relived at this post being shorther than the previous one ^^;;; sorry I got real carried away with the dates} Even though I did not have time to work on it, I still have some Anime Christmas that was posted about 11 months ago that I can share with you today. Not to mention I have decided to finally present another secret project out in the open for all to witness now! *drum roll*

An official Kurama shrine for all fangirls to flock to!!! {Sorry guys this little bit may be of bore to you} Um, more details about it are on it ^^ anyone who wants to have the link to the site may do so, here’s the code {take out the spaces}:

< a href="http://www.freewebs.com/kurama-sama" target="_blank" >< img src=http://img157.imageshack.us/img157/7751/smhbutton9pv.gif >< /a >

And now here is Scene One of An Anime Christmas!

Vegeta was dead to begin with. As dead as a doornail. His partner in crime…er…I mean business was Hiei, a tight-fisted hand at the grindstone. A squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner! Solitary as an oyster he…

Hiei: >o< Allright already! That’s enough they know the pathetic setting already!

Well geeze, I was already cutting lines out as it was for the abridged version here.


>.> Well, Hiei’s attitude speaks for itself, so as I was saying it was the day before Christmas and all through the…

Hiei: >o< WRONG STORY!!!

Is not, I just wanted to add a cliché! Just get to work at your office like you do day after day!

Hiei: -_- Why am I even here?

Let’s not tackle the big questions until later. When you’re ready to jump off the bridge we can show what life will be like without you.

Hiei: Just shut up and let me work.

You should stop talking to me, people will think you’ve gone insane!

Trunks: Exuse me Mr. Hiei, but who are you talking to?

Hiei: >o< NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! NOW GET BACK TO WORK BEFORE I FIRE YOU! *Holds up Dragon-summoning hand*

Trunks: Yessir.

Joey: *enters* Hey dere Uncle Hiei! Merry Christmas!

Hiei: Humbug!

Joey: Chritsmas a humbug Uncle? Ya can’t mean dat!

Hiei: You keep Christmas in your own way and let me keep it in mine or I’ll slit your throat!

Joey: Ah ya can’t mean that, come have Christmas Dinner wit me an’ Mai tomora evenin’!

Hiei: Mai? Why did you ever get married?

Joey: ‘Cuz I fell in luv Uncle!

Hiei: Fell in love? Hn. That’s the only thing sillier than a Merry Christmas!

Joey: HEY! *punching fist in hand* Ya wanna piece of this?

Trunks: Calm down Joey, remember the Spirit of Christmas!

Joey: Yeah, you’re right Trunks, You have a Merry Christmas!

Trunks: Thanks, you too!

Joey: See ya on da flip side! *leaves*


Goku: *enters* MERRY CHRISTMAS! Good evening Mr. Hiei, I’m here collecting donations for the poor and hungry! How much can I put you down for?

Hiei: Go away.

Goku: Do you wish to remain anonymous?

Hiei: Leave me alone or I’ll donate your death sentence! I have to pay my hard earned money to taxes that pay for prisons, so send the homeless there!

Goku: That’s not fair it isn’t a crime to be poor, they weren’t even able to defend themselves!

Hiei: Then that’s their own fault! Let them die and stop crowding up this miserable world!

Goku: Well, excuse me. *leaves*

Trunks: Mr. Hiei?

Hiei: What is it now?

Trunks: I think we should keep closed tomorrow, since everyone else will be closed and it would cost more money than it would earn to open up.

Hiei: Fine, but if you don’t work, then you don’t get paid, so be here all the earlier the next morning.

To audition for this or YYH Beyond!, just click on the links ^^

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Monday, November 27, 2006

   Beyond a Date for Christmas
Refi: Well, with work, and then watching Teen Titans and Chip & Dales Rescue Rangers (parts in French! WOOT!), and Bleach…not to mention some animes on YouTube (ie Slayers and Searching for a Full Moon) I haven’t really accomplished much this past week ^^; I did get Episode 6 of YYH Beyond! edited at least, so that will be posted in the near future! Oh, and last time I forgot to share my pic of what the Zerka symbol looks like:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: so with that being said, lets check on how our dates are going?

Hiyono: I think I’ll choose Bachelor number 1!

Ryoko: But I wanted 1!

*they glare at each other*

Kurama Clone #2: *sigh* Now ladies…

*Hiyono and Ryoko death glare Kurama Clone #2*

Bachelor #1: Hey, it’s okay! I don’t mind taking both of them!

Bachelor #3: But that would leave us dateless! ToT

Bachelor #2: hm, interesting…

Kurama Clone #2: ~.~; I had a feeling something like this would happen… *to the girls* Perhaps the only way this can be solved is with a game of jakken…

*perks then Hiyono and Ryoko face each other saying “Rock, Paper, Scissors” Both end up with paper they snarl*

Bachelor #3: YES! I win! You two have scisors and I have Rock! I choose the second girl!

Ryoko: Hey! That’s not how it’s supposed to work! Picking us girls like we were…

*Miroku emerges from behind the curtain*

Miroku: Hello my lovely!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ryoko: … *thinking* wow, this one kind of resembles Tenchi
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ryoko:*out loud* Okay! You got yourself a date!

Miroku: *opens eyes to see Ryoko w/ big ratty hair and huge ears*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Miroku: eh? Um ^^; yes… *thinking* …great…

Hiyono: Oh good, so I get #1!

Ryoko: Wait! If I don’t get 1, then you shouldn’t either! You get 2!

Hiyono: Who says?!?!?

Ryoko: I do! So you can get back at the Bishi that didn’t like your song!

Hiyono: Good point…heh, heh, heh
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bachelor #2: No…wait!!!
*Xellos is pushed from behind the curtain*
Xellos: Oh…drat…

*Zelos comes from behind the curtain all graceful-like*

Zelos: So where’s my beautiful date? ^.~

Kurama Clone #2: ~_~ She’s coming…

*rumbling sound in the distance grows and then bursts through the door; smoke clears and a timid girl hugs the door frame*

Kagura: Hello…I was told that there was someone…who…wanted…to *turns head in embarassment* ask me on a date?

Zelos: Aw, don’t be shy my beauty *pats her on the head* I would love to go out with a sweet innocent thing such as you!

Kagura: Really? *looks up with hope sparkling in eyes* Ah! *mood swing change grabs Zelos’s arm and starts spinning him in the air* It’s a date! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! *throws him against opposite wall*

Zelos: Woah! *flips into a smooth land to avoid impact with wall* I’m going with this crazy?

Kurama Clone #2: -_-; Go on CC, tell them what these three happy couples have won…

Sally Sue: Well…Andy AoiOukami and I found a great group date idea for those with low budgets! RISK!!!

Andy AoiOukami: That’s right! Each couple will be working together to compete against the others in taking over the world!

Sally Sue: This lets people learn lots about their partner and how well they can work together as a team, you see if the other per…

Andy AoiOukami: Girls, here’s a tip >.> please don’t overanalyze things.

Refi: Well, lets get them situated and started then we can see Megumi returning with Sano from their first date!

Xellos: hm…well world domination sounds pretty interesting, there is lots of damage to be caused there…

Ryoko: So when do I get to take you up on your offer?

Miroku: ^^; um…well…I didn’t know you were a demon before and…

Ryoko: *eyes turn red* WHAT????? *starts to spring on Miroku*

***We interrupt this dating post for a very special epiphany***

ME: So we don’t gots cable so my dad has been recording Bleach for me and this past week he came to visit and brought what he has so far. And along with trauma going on (which was really creepy how I could compare a real life situation that just happened a few hours or less prior to watching an episode o.O) the series got me thinking. After seeing the Mod spirit and how he was created and then ordered to be destroyed by his creators (along similar lines to the whole Sensui thing from YYH and the Shishio thing from Kenshin) I said to myself, “Self, that is really messed up and unjust. But of course the story writer who created the Soul Society is only human like me, and we all have imperfections and of can only come up with systems that have mortal flaws in them (not to rag on creators, that is bold for them to point out the flaws of society). I am so glad that reality is not unfair like that, I mean sure here among mortals, there are injustices all around, but not in heaven. Our God is a perfect God and if He were not so, he would cease to be God. It is also a good point why we do not yet have the powers of God yet because we may use those powers unjustly. This mortal life is only a step towards our own perfection where we can also become Gods and Goddesses. Our Heavenly Father has obtained perfection so he will never create a mistake like Mod and Sensui only to destroy what he has given life to. We choose ourselves what to become, granted for some it is harder to choose to be good like if one was to grow up without any good role models for example, but God understands that and takes what is in the persons heart, their true intentions. How great it is that we are accountable for what we know and so those who do not know will have a chance later on to learn.” And after finishing the last of the episodes recorded where we first meet the Quincy {well, find out what he is, I thought it strange in the earlier episodes that a guy was doing cross-stitch in public, cool that a guy would do it, but odd for an anime you know?} and hearing of their beliefs of killing for vengeance instead of cleansing I thought, “Wow, its wonderful how in real life we all have a chance of repentance. Thanks to the Atonement, both justice and mercy are satisfied {Aslan’s death scene in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe expresses it beautifully}. The Gospel is great!” I would like to bear my testimony that I know our Father in Heaven loves us and will not forsake us. Because of this he gives us a Prophet to guide us through troubles that are unique for our time (in hindsight, President Hinckley tried to prepare us for 9/11 even if he didn’t know that was going to happen, I saw this reading a talk he gave to me and other college students 2 days before it happened) so we can be guided still. I know that the Holy Ghost can help me with my individual problems, even if it is not how I expected to be helped. I know that my prayers are answered, in the Lord’s way because he knows me better than I know myself. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it is another Testament of Christ that supports the Bible. In my Scripture Study class I learned of chiasmus and how they were unique to Hebrew literary styles of writing. They were not even discovered until recently, but the Book of Mormon was from descendants of the same people and kept that style. Chiasmus were not known at the time the Book of Mormon was translated, so how would a young man who did not go to school past the 3rd grade make it up? The miracles and blessings that come in this life are amazing! I know the gospel is true! If you have any questions or would like to know more (believe me, this page is relatively brief) you can visit Mormon.org or ask me! ^o^

***We now resume you to your regularly scheduled program***

*Three couples sit around a RISK board, all males wrapped in multiple bandages*

Sally Sue: Now you all can role to see who goes first!

Zelos: You mean we’re not done yet? O_O

Refi: Aw, Come on 2! Let’s join them!

Kurama Clone #2: But that would be intruding on their date…

Refi: Aw come on, look what shape is the table they are at.

Kurama Clone #2: Square.

Refi: And how many sides does a square have?

Kurama Clone #2: 4.

Refi: Very good! Now, how many couples do you see there?

Kurama Clone #2: >.> 3…but…

Refi: So nature screams that we join them! You know our team work and how you and I always see eye to eye we can conquer the world in 6 turns tops! BUWAHAHAHA!!! …opps ^^; *composes self* I mean, =^o^= We can be a good role model on how a relationship works to benefit all!

Kurama Clone #2: >.> *sidenote* We always see eye to eye?

*Megumi and Sano return bickering, Sano in bandages*

Megumi: You weren’t supposed to actually enter the Collesium Tournament…

Sano: Come on! I don’t get enough practice back in Tokyo, all it is is “he needs help, she has the flu, he has a broken arm!”

Megumi: Well I never! Going on a date with you was the worst idea ever!

Sano: Oh, well you think I wanted to???

Megumi: *sees Dating Anime Game still going* Oh hello everyone, we had a wonderful time!

Sano: o.O What?

Megumi: I must say that the first aid kit the colesium works wonders, with that I will be able to help more patients! >.> If this lug-head would let me use it on him.

Sano: I already told you! It’s just a scratch!

Kurama Clone #2: Welcome back, you’re just in time to choose a second date, you will be competing against 3 other couples to take over the world.

Refi: But what about us?

Kurama Clone #2: Does the table have 5 sides?

Refi: v.v No.

Megumi: Taking over the world? Why would I want to do that?

Kurama Clone #2: It’s a game.

Megumi: >.> So taking over the world is a game to you?

Kurama Clone #2: No…it’s a fake world; you won’t be taking it over for real.

Xellos: What’s the fun in taking it over the world if it’s not for real?

Hiyono: Oh be quiet or I’ll start singing again!

Xellos: *yikes!* Yes’mam!

Megumi: Oh, this certainly is rushed, very well I suppose I’ll choose Bachelor #1 for this date.

Zelos: Oh? I have a new date? ^_^

Kagura: Oh Zelos? Why are you so cold? *crys then mood swing* DON’T YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!?!? *attacks Zelos*

Zelos: O_O *high pitched* meep!

Hatori: Besides, I believe she was referring to the bachelor she personally asked questions to, which would be the original Kurama.

Kurama: ^^;;; I hope I fair better than the other men here…

Sano: Well…if I’m not needed here, I’m going to hijack it back to the barn… *inconspicuously sneaks out after stuffing a few dinner chickens under jacket, shifty eyes the whole time*

Sally Sue: *elbows Kurama Clone #2* Great idea 2! That saves us money for financing another date for Megumi! ^_~

Refi: ToT But I wanted to play too…

Megumi: Oh my! *looking at Kurama*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Megumi: You remind me so much of Sir Ken!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Megumi: *embraces him* I’m sure you will valiantly protect me against the invading troops as we play!

Kurama: Um…well…this really isn’t that serious…

Megumi: And if they advance on us, we’ll capture their spies and I’ll give them some of this truth serum and discover their strategy and thwart it! ^_~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Refi: Does anyone care to see how the game goes? It may be difficult to write it out, but it’s worth the effort if it makes all of you happy! Or would you rather I put up an Anime Christmas Story to celebrate the season? There are 2 main parts for it, and I may break it up more. So between Anime Dates, Anime Christmas, or YYH Beyond!, what interests you most? See you next week! *waves*

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Monday, November 20, 2006

   Bachelor Number ME!
Refi: {super low voice} HEY HEY! WELCOME BACK! (and Welcome the first time to any newcomers!) Hope all of you are psyched for Thanksgiving! As always we have an ongoing feast in the Banquet Hall for all those who may be separated from loved ones this holiday season and you can join us any time. Either here, on your own blog, your journal, or some scrap of paper you are going to save, it’s a great idea to make a list of all the things you are thankful for! I did way back on my first Thankgiving here. Also I learned something about Thanksgiving that I did not know before. I’ll admit in class History can be rather boring, but when you learn things that aren’t for a requirement to pass class it’s a lot of fun. Thanksgiving is more than pilgrims you see, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it as a special holiday in 1836! {And it’s shorter than my post, so I would highly recommend to check it out!} Well, The library is closed, and I have to work, but maybe I can find time to come on the chatbox and bring the toons back for feasting fun…wow hasn’t this year gone by fast? It’s been almost a full year since I started writing an anime ve…oh wait, I do plan to someday finish that, so I better keep it a secret before some other creative person sees my idea and publishies it before me ^^; Perhaps next week I’ll have something to show for it, if the Anime Dating Game isn’t still ongoing…not to mention another surprise that I’ve wanted to introduce for about a year and a half now, but that is holding technical difficulties ^^; Oh, and the YYH Beyond! RadioPlay is fun, I’ve got the lines and bg music and just working on sound effects now. There are still open positions for later episodes, but VAA has this new system so I don’t know if This Link to the audition info will work or not…hopefully that won’t let peoples into my private info, this new thing is confusing because all the pages in it show the same url, like a flash program. Oh well, enough rambling, ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

Kurama Clone #2: *from the other side of the curtain* Um…Refi…you should probably use a normal mic instead of the bachelors’ designed to lower their voices so as to disguise their true identities…

Refi: *hides mic behind back* ^o^;;;;; Oh heh heh heh…yeah…

Kurama Clone #2: Now, Miss Megumi, which one will you choose?

Megumi: I pick…um…I choose…

*Audience cheers out their votes, mostly an equal amount cheering for each contestant with #3 slightly overpowering*

Megumi: {Thinking} Well, I liked how #1 said he has found success, but #2 seems to have a similar education as me…but the audience seems to want me to choose #3, and they probably know something about these guys that I don’t so… {out loud} May I go on a date with all three of them? ^o^

*Everyone Anime Falls*

Kurama Clone #2: *gets up* I’m sorry, 3 men and one woman does not constitute a date.

Megumi: Then may I have 3 separate dates, one with each of them?

Kurama Clone #2: *looks at the Cartoon Cops* You are the sponsors.

Andy AoiOukami: >.> Only if you’re nice to Kaoru and apologize for that comment you made about her last time.

Megumi: o.o eh? Well…um… {I really want to find out about all three of the contestants} ok. Karou isn’t a weepy raccoon-girl. She is actually pretty nice and can be smart and she has good reflexes.

Andy AoiOukami: Thank you. Ok, we’ll find and support 2 other dates. But who do you choose for the first one?

Megumi: Well…since I’m hearing lots of indications for the last one, I choose…Bachelor Number Three!

Crowd: *cheers*

Sano: WhAt?!?! O_O

Hatori: >.> Congradulations, hope you have fun.

Kurama: ^^ Yes, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!

Sano: Hold on! You heard what they said out there! You two will have to go sooner or later too!

Refi: Go on now, meet your date! *pushes Sano out from behind the curtain*

Megumi & Sano: *see each other* O_O It’s you!

Megumi: Well, I didn’t know you were behind the curtain.

Sano: And if I knew you were the date, I defiantly wouldn’t have let myself be roped into this.

Refi: Come now you two! You’ll have fun ^o^ Go on Sally Sue! Tell them what they’ve won!

Sally Sue: CONGRATULATIONS! The two of you will be off to visit the Flourishing World of Tethe’alla! There you can go to Meltokio for a selection of shopping, learn at the Imperial Reseach Academy, and see Lloyd Irving LIVE at the Coliseum!

Zelos: And don’t forget the snowy village of Flanoir or Regal’s beach resort in Altamira.

Xellos: I personally would rather go to Seyrun and sample their famous soft-serve ice cream!

Megumi: I will be just fine with this lug-head thank you very much.

Sano: Hey! That was a sure mean way to give a compliment.

Zelos: You know Tethe’alla has some beautiful Hot Springs ^_~ I’d like to go to take you there myself Megumi!

Megumi: Well I never! As much as you may resemble Sir Ken, you certainly act no where near as noble!

Miroku: A woman who knows what she wants, I like that. Miss Megumi, will you do me the honor of bearing my child?

Zelos: oooh, I’ll have to remember that pick up line…

Megumi: I should say not! *slaps Miroku*

Refi: o.O Where did all you freaky guys come from?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Zelos: Hellooo, we’re here for the babes ^_~ We want to do the Anime Dating Game too!

Miroku: Yes, I can now see all the beauties lining up waiting for me to pick them.

Xellos: Well, I’m not here for a date per say. I just thought it would be fun to come and stir things up. All your happy matchmaking is, no offense, rather dull.

Refi: -_- Well if you three want to stay, you better behave yourselves! We have to see the happy couple off first…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Zelos: So who is the hot chick we get to impress?

Refi: >.> You three, just hide behind this curtain and we’ll play the game.

Kurama Clone #2: Well, I suppose now we can introduce our next guest, which is whomever Pharaoh, Trunks, and Captain Sagara could find at the last minute…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Zelgadis: Someone is going to pay for this!

Pharaoh: What? It’s the best we could do on such short notice ^^;;;;;;

Kurama Clone #2: >.> That’s not funny, just for that, we’ll get Yukina for this round.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Pharaoh: I cannot allow that! Those brutes would damage her innocent heart!

Trunks: That’s right. Any one we pit against those three is going to have to be real tough to keep them in line.

Kurama Clone #2: Well, maybe Inuyasha311, she has a good way with tough love.

Pharaoh: But she has been missing from her dojo for a while…

Captain Sagara: Wait a moment! I just had an idea! *runs out*

Zelgadis: Well that’s just fine and dandy, can I leave now?

Kurama Clone #2: Yes, there’s a bathroom right there you can get cleaned up in.

Refi: o.O I never imagined the guys would perform a makeover for this party…

Captain Sagara: I found two strong females that may be able to handle themselves:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Ryoko: This will be fun!

Kurama Clone #2: o.O Well, I suppose they could, but which one?

Hiyono: I have a great idea! How about both of us at the same time? Then we can have a double date!

Ryoko: Sounds good to me, I’ll take 2 of the Bishie Bachelors if they’re anything like Tenchi!

Hiyono: Or better yet, how about we get the Ryoko that is a Blade child for the guy left over so he won’t feel so lonely! It will be fun hanging out with TWO Ryokos!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kurama Clone #2: *to self* Almost as fun as Zelos and Xellos together…I think Kagura would fair better… *out loud* Very well, you may start asking questions.

Hiyono: *ahem* Bachelor #1, Describe your cooking!

Bachelor #1: Well, not to brag, but my cooking can sure stand on it’s own two legs! It’s fairly decent, especially when I make it with a hunny in mind.

Ryoko: Ok, my turn! Bishi #2! How do you feel about the family of Jurai?

Bachelor #2: Hmm…I must say that they are a bore and a nuisance.

Ryoko: Sounds great! And…

Hiyono: *grabs mic* Ok! Bachelor #3, Tell me, would you under any circumstances ignore me?

Bachelor #3: I dare say, that would be a crime beyond words! Of course I never would!

Ryoko: *grabs mic back* GIMMIE! Now tell me Bishi #1, How strong are you?

Bachelor #1: Oh my dear sweet honey! You don’t have to fear, I am an excellent swordsman and excel and spells and incantations!

Hiyono: *twirls and pushes Ryoko down* Alright! Bachelor #2! Please tell me what you think of my singing! *singing* Outside the window, Kirakirakira ki! A shooting star streaks, Kirakirakira ki!

Bachelor #2: *screams in agony* NO! It’s filled with cute fuzziness that praises life! Make it stop! Make it stop!!!

Hiyono: Hmph! Well that’s not very nice…

Ryoko: ugh… *gets up and grabs hold of the falling mic*

Hiyono: *puppet appears on hand* HIYONO PUNCH!!!

Kurama Clone #2: *grabs Hiyono’s arm before she thrashes through the curtain* Now calm down. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to Hiyono Punch him on the group date.

Hiyono: *still flushed from the insult* Fine. -_-+

Ryoko: Now Bishi #3, what do you look for in a woman?

Bachelor #3: I must say, you would be all I need if you would do me the honor of bearing my child…

*Big THONK sound*

Refi: Did you not read the banner when you came in? Stop using your pick up line here; it’s not acceptable on my site!

Bachelor #3: ToT I was only answering truthfully…

Kurama Clone #2: *sigh* Well we have run over on time today, so you two girls better now decide who you want to be paired with. Then the Cartoon Cops will announce what last-minute date they could find for all of you, and whether Ryoko from the Blade Children or Kagura from the Zodiac will be able to fill the spot of the third female.

Hiyono: Well 1 and 3 seem okay, but if I pick 2 then I’ll know which one to get back for that rude comment…

Ryoko: All three of them sound exciting! *drools*

Refi: Find out who ends up with whom next week! And to show you dreams come true, here is a success pic from previous contestants!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
{I found this pic off of Aly5806’s site a while ago actually ^^ Thanks Aly! ^_~}

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Monday, November 13, 2006

   A Fox, a Doctor, or a Friend?
Kurama Clone #2: Hello everyone, the Queen should return shortly with a post worthy of the poll’s results from the previous week. We both hope all of those who expressed concern for her in the comments last time were playing along and not seriously worried. She was simply making the fact that one may run out of things to post about amusing and that is why there was a bolded text to discern that in reality she was not upset about not having anything to post and that it was all pretend. Nonetheless, thank you for your kind compliments. But on to this evenings (or mornings, or afternoons or whatevers) festivities that shall commence upon the Queen’s arrival…

*crickets chirp*

Kurama Clone #2: Yes…she should be back any moment now…

*An hour passes*

Kurma Clone #2: I wonder what is detaining her…

*Another hour passes*
*~Boy aren’t you glad that you can pass the hour quicker than he ^_~*

*Refi and Kurama enter in white smocks*

Refi: Thank you for helping me.

Kurama: Not at all.

Kurama Clone #2: @_@ What are you doing with the original?

Refi: He was helping me prep chickens! We got to feed the guest you know.

Kurama Clone #2: Yes, but why the original?

Refi: Because you were supposed to be taking care of the boys.

Hatori: *enters in white smock with Sano* Don’t worry, we were there prepping with them.

Kurama Clone #2: That’s a relief.

Refi: Don’t you trust me 2? btw Where are those clones anyways?

Kurama Clone #2: They’re already in bed; they didn’t want to wait for you. You know how they are.

Refi: Yeah that’s fine, slumber parties are too girley for them anyway.

Kurama(s): o.O WHAT?!?!? *Hatori and Sano raise an eyebrow*

Kurama: Was this a ploy to drag me into another slumber party where giggling girls are going to be giving me a makeover again?

Kurama Clone #2: But the slumber party didn’t win the poll.

Refi: Well, after the first day, the most people showed interest in it. And the real winner was “Anything and Everything” so I’m going to try to combine the top choices.

Kurama: VoV Please, not another makeover.


Refi: Ahhh…those were the days, before discovering the wonders of layers in my computer artwork! Life is so much easier now. But don’t worry; we’re not doing makeovers at this slumber party.

Kurama(s): Thank goodness.

Refi: We’re going to play marriage games like MASH but step it up a notch.

All males: >o.O< @____@ x_x XP

Refi: We’re going to play an Anime Dating Game!!! ^0^

Sano: >.> You should know better to use the “D-word” around here.

Hatori: I’m sick of the dating game.

Refi: Come now, you are all adults here and should be dating until you find a special someone.

Sano: …but I already have a special someone.

Refi: Then you should always be dating her, isn’t that right 2?

Kurama Clone #2: ^^;;;

Refi: Now you three are going to be on the dating panel, so go get ready and don’t let the guest star of the night see you, she is really really nice by the way… *shoves Kurama, Hatori, and Sano (hope you don’t mind me borrowing him Equus ^^) into a closet*

Kurama Clone #2: So I suppose our date for the night is matchmaking?

Refi: Well, you see, I didn’t know any of the guests suggested who have not already come to a slumber party, and because the next most votes goes to Kenshin shots, the guest for tonight’s slumber party is going to be MEGUMI!

Megumi: *enters through grand front entrance* Hello, I’m here, I hope I’m not late for the party. There was an emergency broken leg that I had to tend to first.

Refi: No worries, you’re right on time.

Kurama Clone #2: >.> Only because you were prepping chickens for hours on end.

Refi: So you all could eat them in less than 10 minutes. Come now, lets go to the banquet hall before the food gets cold!

*Meanwhile in the crammed closet*

Sano: Aw, I don’t want to be on some dating panel, being interrogated and all.

Hatori: I have no interest in becoming involved with a girl again either.

Kurama: This is a fine web we’ve let ourselves be trapped in.

Sano: She made us fix those chickens and now we probably won’t even get to eat them.

*After the Banquet*

Refi: Are you ready for a party Megumi?

Megumi: I’m always ready to have fun *crosses hand by mouth* hahahahaha

Refi: Good, because tonight you get to pick out a date! I have 3 Bishi Bachelors for you to choose from

Megumi: Oh? Is Sir Ken among them? Is that weepy raccoon-girl here to see?

Refi: ^^;;; Well, for variety’s sake, no Kenshin isn’t, but all 3 have something in common with you!

Megumi: Well allright.

*Migrate to the Slumber party room where you can grab cushions for prime seating. Megumi sits on a chair facing everyone beside a hung up curtain. Refi leads in the three bachelors, with a special mic in hand {that drops voices an octave to disguise identities}, to sit behind the curtain while Kurama Clone #2 stands by Megumi with a normal mic*

Kurama Clone #2: Now that we have explained the rules, you may start Miss Megumi.

Megumi: Um…ok…Bachelor #1…what are your hobbies?

Bachelor #1: Me? …I like to solve puzzles and riddles.

Megumi: ok…Bachelor #2, what is your profession?

Bachelor #2: I take care of the sick in my family.

Megumi: hm…these answers are leaving me with more questions…Bachelor #3, what would be your ideal date?

Bachelor #3: *shouting* Will you people stop it with the “D-word” already?!?!?

Megumi: >.> Well that was very descriptive. For all three of you, define success in your life.

Bachelor #1: I must say I have already found success in my life by discovering new priorites that have a truer motivation in battle.

Bachelor #2: Success cannot be achieved in my life until I have saved those around me from the similar heartaches that I have had to bear. Anything more than that would be too good to hope for.

Bachelor #3: What kind of stupid question is that? If you must know, it would be to avenge someone I looked up too… *quieter* and to not be in dept any more…

Megumi: Did I mention that you all sound really creepy with your voices lowered?

Kurama Clone #2: Time is up Miss Megumi, please decide who you want to take with you on an all-expense paid date compliments of the Cartoon Cops! You and the lucky bishi-bachelor will go on a trip to the flourishing world of Tetthe’alla in celebration of the Animated OVA for Tales of Symphonia next year (so far only in Japan sadly v.v)!

I want to hear your votes, but I can’t wait for next week to show the pics I made of the supposing outcomes ^^; otherwise I would have written her choosing to date all 3 and then decide who she liked the most, but seeing as how post can grow long very easily… if I were to do so, it would be best to split it into 3 separate posts {You can vote for that too, but if so, please also vote for who you want to see her with first}

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Find out who Megumi will choose NEXT WEEK on the MyO Blog of TIGGEROLA!!!

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Monday, November 6, 2006

   You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you do choose how you feel about it.
Refi: I suppose the first time I posted the previous post, it was better accepted. I’m sorry for those who were board, confused, or don’t know anything about Tenchi or Fruits Basket. I’ve seem to run out of things to post on…

**NOTE: The following is written as an overdramatic reaction for your amusement, Refi is in no danger of depression or anything to cause you worry, so please just enjoy it**

Refi: … AHHHH TOT I don’t know what to write about anymore! I have worn out my popularity. I have past my prime…and I never got that far before going over the hill either. I no longer know how to inspire my audience with amusing posts or what special treats to make brighten the weary. My life is over! TOT *curls up in fetal position and starts sucking thumb*

Hiei Clone #3: Well, this is amusing.

Kyo Clone #4: I think she got it from that Chin guy from that Fairly OddParents DVD.

Hiei Clone #3: So tell me Cat, what’s worse, the fool or the fool who follows him?

Kyo Clone #4: >o< You better not be talking about me you stinkin’ demon!

Hiei Clone #3: -_-; I was referring to the Chin guy and the Queen here you fool cat.

Kyo Cone #4: So why’d ya just call me a fool? *rolls up sleeve*

Hiei Clone #3: Because you are a fool.

Kurama Clone #2: ^^;;; Now, now boys. Calm down.

Hatori Clone #6: You know when those two get started there is no stopping them.

Yukina Clone #3: Do we need to separate them again?

Yami Yugi Clone #7: Excellent idea Yukina! Kurama can take Hiei upstairs, Hatori can take Kyo downstairs, then you can help me find my Change of Heart card out of my extensive collection that fills up a whole bookshelf in the library!


Sesshomaru Clone #11: -__- And it looks like I am left with announcements again. I won’t go through everything the Queen Refinnej would like said, she should do that herself. Just vote on what you would find most interesting for her post next week >.>

Tiggerola Posts

What would you like the next post to be on?

*Sesshomaru Clone #11 turns to walk away and some of the fluff trail brushes against Refi’s cheek*

Refi: *breaks out of depressed trance* OOOOO FLUFFY!!! *glomps onto the fluff and starts stroking it* Soft! So soft… *drools*

Sesshomaru Clone #11: -_-

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Monday, October 30, 2006

   Recycled Post pt II: Tenchi Meets Tohru!
Not many may remember this post and I didn't have time to write one, so I hope you don't mind to read it again. If you have read it and remember it, you can still gain something from your visit because I recently submitted 2 funny Greeting Cards (one may be good for halloween parties ^_~) and a new Wallpaper, haven't done one of those in a LONG time! And thank you KirbysDouble for your interest in my YYH BEYOND! Project I can't wait to hear your auditions!

Now...Back when I was being exposed to Fruits Basket, I had a thought (well, I had many thoughts, but this being one of them) when a new member of the zodiac appeared and a fellow un-Basket-itized possie member asked if he was going to like Tohru as well, resulting with an expert possie member nodding wide-eyed. At that moment, I had a flashback. **Flashback** Being introduced to Tenchi Muyo! and every girl that we met ended up liking Tenchi. A new girl shows up and, “she’s gonna go after him too…SHE’S gonna go after him too!” **End Flashback** So for today, I’ve decided to bring the girls of Tenchi Muyo! and the guys of Fruits Basket together!

Ryookie: (Singing) Meowmeow meowmeow mewmewmew meowmeow meowmeow Meow! Meow! Meooow!!!

Momiji: Oh, that was so beautiful, I hope we can be great friends!

Ryookie: Meow!? *skips over and trips, falling on Moomiji and turning him into a rabbit* (excited) MEOW? *turns into a cabbit and they hop off together*

*Ryoko sneaks up to hug Yuki from behind but he pushes her down and flashbacks of this show him ballet-dancing away with arm raised*

Shigure: (singing) Tenchi girls! Tenchi girls! All for me! Tenchi girls! *approaches and smiles at Ayeka*

Ayeka: (squeals) Ah! How dare you come so close to me! Get away!

Hatori: (sigh) Well, here they go again.

Washu: Tell me about it, it’s like they’ve been isolated in birdcages all their lives!

Hatori: I suppose they could go out more often.

Washu: So do all of you turn into rabbits?

Hatori: (Figures he’ll have to erase all their memories after this incident anyway) No, but we all turn into different members of the Zodiac, it’s a family curse.

Washu: A curse? Oh really? Might I use you for some research about this?

*they continue with a highly intellectual conversation incomprehensible for most readers, so I won’t bother to type it*

Shigure: (to Sasami) Well hello there you sweet little girl!

Sasami: (blush) Well…I…(runs away)

*Ryoko approaches Hatsuharu-black, and he acts extremely forward to her*

Kyo: *Throws a punch at Hatsuharu* Stop being a sicko!

Ryoko: Hey! I was having fun!

Kyo: I think your idea of fun and his idea of fun are a bit different!

Ryoko: Oh and I suppose you have a better idea?

Kyo: Yeah, finally beating that dirty rat and taking my place as a member of the Zodiac!

Ryoko: What? You think you’re a good fighter?

Kyo: Yeah, I’m real great!

Ryoko: Hum, I bet ya can’t beat me! How about you test your skills against mine?

Kyo: Alright you’re on!

Shigure: (to Mihoshi) So, have you ever had a boyfriend before?

Mihoshi: (squeals and blushes) Oh…well…I…gee…you see…um…

Shigure: Could I be yours?

Mihoshi: (still stuttering) This is so sudden, but, yes, I guess so!

Hatsuharu-still black: (to Ayeka) Hey there doll, how about you come spend some time with me?

Ayeka: Don’t you even think about coming any closer…or I’ll...

Hatsuharu: Or you’ll what? *draws near to her*

Yuki: *intercepts and pushes Hatsuharu away* You should respect what she says, sicko!

Ayeka: Oh, my! That was the nicest thing anyone has done for me!

*Yuki turns to face her and smiles dashingly*

*Hatsuharu-white is sitting alone in the corner, Sasami approaches him*

Sasami: Is everything ok?

Hatsuharu: I’m…not sure

What happened to Tenchi and Tohru anyway? {Feel free to write theories or scenerios}

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Monday, October 23, 2006

What you say and What you mean…two different things.
Refi: Sorry I have been off-schedule for the past 2 weeks {if you missed my post because of this, I posted both parts of Episode 5 for YYH Beyond if you are interested in reading them}, I had to work, and I do again today, but I don’t have my institute classes in the morning. Okay, so today is some sort of holiday that I never heard of called “Harvest Day” where everyone goes hunting o.O I would think that they would gather in crops or something, but nope, they go hunting.

Kurama Clone #2: I believe it has to do with the season more than why there is a holiday.

Refi: But they should call it “Hunting Day” if they are going to hunt instead of harvest! Like up in Idaho they have “Spud Day” and hold lots of potato festivities and everyone gets a free potato with all the works! My favorite part is the tug-o-war over the pit of mashed potatoes (I think they’re instant). Then kids get 3 weeks off of school to harvest potatoes (no school, but no vacation either).

Kurama Clone #2: Perhaps originally all the residents used to harvest but as new inventions came to make work easier, that time was not required of them. You know you could always look it up on the internet…

Harry & Elsie: *singing* It’s…the…World Wide Web of everything, with all things you can find! See the world around you, the net’s the perfect guide!

Denis: How do you guys always show up to sing that ridiculous song?

Refi: More importantly, >.> I want to know where this fish came from!

Harry & Elsie: *still singing* Since we don’t mean the words we say, we’ll find why hunt on Harvest Day!!! *disappear*

Denis: Oh brother!

Refi: Hey! I like their little song! Be nice or I’ll call Kyo Clone #4 down, he is the Zodiac Cat you know. He loves eating fish!

Denis: *gulp*

Refi: Well, if I get time, maybe I’ll look it up on a search engine, or ask my siblings if they were taught about its purpose in school here.

Kurama Clone #2: You are still working on the RadioPlay?

Refi: Yes, I’m getting more lines in and then I’ll be able to start mixing them w/ bg sounds and music OHHH THIS IS SO COOL!

Kurama Clone #2: And to any who have missed auditions for the First Episode and still wanted to try out, there are later parts that are still open.

Refi: Yes, like Midori! Come on fangirls! Who want’s a shot at being Kurama’s wife??? *hearts and sparkley eyes*

Kurama Clone #2: ^///^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Refi: And there are plenty of Male Roles two, and I have added the audition lines for Episode 5 so if you haven’t seen any parts of interest yet, there are more parts coming up, and lots of original characters so you can be yourself (or counter-self) instead of voice matching!

Kurama Clone #2: Do you know if you will have Episode 6 ready yet?

Refi: Hopefully, I just need my sister, Meja’s, to go over it, I already got the critique back from Neko-san, who was so wonderful to look over it and return it with edits so promptly! Oh and I have to say that if you haven’t visited Lord Sesshomaru’s site yet, he just started a Story that is posted on Friday’s that is like Survivor or something for anime cartoons, it’s worth checking out. Especially if you’ll join me in voting for Kurama, Trunks, Kenshin, and Tohru to stay on the show!

Kurama Clone #2: But he implied my Original was a cross dresser ToT

Refi: >.> Yeah it doesn’t help that your high school for geniuses made the boys wear pink while the girls had to wear red!

Kurama Clone #2: The uniform is rose, not pink. And in Japan that is not considered a girly color.

Refi: o-o Hey, would you check on the boys upstairs? I think I hear them causing touble!

Kurama Clone #2: I don’t hear anything.

Refi: Exactly! They must be up to something.

Kurama Clone #2: I presume that is valid logic *goes upstairs*

Refi: Heeheehee now I can talk about Real World stuff! Any one not interested can go check on Hiei Clone #3 and Kyo Clone #4 upstairs with Kurama (or go straight to my chatbox), and take this fish *points to Denis* with you!

Denis: But I’ve been good and quiet! Where is Stanley when you need him? ;-; *is carried away*

Refi: Okay so there’s this boy…

*Everyone groans*

Refi: >.> You don’t have to read this part if you don’t want too… ^^; So anyway, there’s this boy that I think is really awesome. He sings, he dances, he’s an actor, he shares inspirational thoughts in class. Well I have three institute classes, which are not being held today since the college has a holiday ( >.> BYU-I didn’t get a day off for Spud Day, so why do they get out? Well, at least we still got free potatoes!) and this guy is in 2 of them. He is in Choir with me (and was during the summer, that’s when I met him) and the Teachings of President Hinckley before that. So I have been trying all semester to get him to sit by me (indiscreetly you know, like smiling and waving Hi to him when I see him come in). Well last Monday I got there right on time and most the seats are full, so I sit on the front row which is the only row that had more than one empty chair together. While singing the opening hymn, he walks in and I wave and smile to him and he comes and whisper/asks if he could sit by me *OH YEAH ANY TIME!* “Yes” So that was cool. Then on Wednesday, I pick a less populated area of the classroom like usual. On one side a friend that I kind of know sits by me. Then as the teacher was passing out the talks that we would go over the following week, in slips behind me You-Know-eventhoughtyoudon’tknow-Who! ^_____^ But now I have to wait till this Wednesday to see him again because of the holiday >.>

So obviously males and females see things differently and think differently. Girls tend to overanalyze, which I am trying with all my might not to do @.@ it’s really hard! But I can’t help but wonder if it might mean he could be interested in me too or if it was just a coincidence. Also the week before I invited him to a party, but he had to work. Now if one say’s “I work at the computer lab that night,” instead of just “I’m sorry, I have to work,” or something of the like would that be implying that one would like the other to visit? Girls, you can feel free to give your opinions, but if there are any males reading this portion, please, I would like to know your point of view on the situation so I don’t do something like make a fool of myself. I mean it should be okay for people to sit together and not have to worry if it means anything, but what if there is a real person of the male species that might actually like me? ACK!!! o.O Wait a minute…Kurama Clone #2 is spending quite a bit of time checking on the other clones…that’s rather suspicious *dashes upstairs to check*

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Refi: I've been waaaaaay busy, so I haven't written a post yet, but I do have the rest of Episode 5 for you to read. Hopefully next week I'll have more to offer as well, but you are probably glad that this post is so short. I guess I could say that I found Season 1 of Voltron (for anyone who can remember that series, I think it inspired Power Rangers) and um...went to DisneyLand...or Line Land (I got Chip and Dale dolls and a Tigger scrunchie for my souvineers, I really wanted a Donald Duck hat, but couldn't find one), and then still trying to work 40 hours every week. So I gotta get going, if I think of anything else to say, I'll mention it next week. Oh, btw, for those who participated in the tournament and would like a banner or souvineer from it, PM me a link to a pic of you or your fav bishie (or both) that you would like me to use, and it may take a while, but I'll get around to it. 'K tata!

YYH Beyond: Episode 5 {second half}: THE ORDER OF ZERKA
{Previously: In the first half of the episode, Yusuke and Hiei have changed thier forms to infiltrate the Order of Zerka. However, they must pass initiation first. Meanwhile, Kurama has reunited with his siblings, but how he is now is not what they expected.}

[Back in the cave of Kurama’s siblings, the fox demons are gathered around a fire and feasting on meat. Kurama sits between Yokira and Okiya. He is calm amidst their devilish laughter.]

Okiya: [leaning on Kurama] Or how about the time we bristled [slipping down to lie on Kurama’s lap] our way into the palace at Delmas Kar and swiped [dramatically motioning with arm] the golden hairs of the conjuring warlock? Heh, heh. [pinching Kurama’s cheek] Little Yoko almost got caught then!

Osuko: Haha [takes a bite then waves bone towards Kurama] I loved our adventure of frying the Fellon Forest and all the globerknots in it! [throws bone into fire]

Endoya: [oozing] Oh but Little Yoko has long lived in the Human Realm! [reaches across to Kurama] He probably has plenty of stories to share! [caresses his face, leaving a trail of water]

Yokira: Not to mention Spirit World! [picks cup up and tilts it towards Kurama while looking at the others] You know, he’s even been inside King Yama’s most sacred, guarded vault! [takes a sip of thick red liquid]

Remayolo: [shows interest in the conversation for the first time] Oh really? [smirks] Did you botch that burglary up too?

Kurama: Actually, my associates and I were able to retrieve the Three Artifacts of Darkness unharmed.

Remayolo: [scoffs] I find that hard to believe.

Okiya: Can you show us? [sits up] Do you have the Orb of Baast here with you? [checks Kurama’s pockets]

Remayolo: [taunting] Yes, show us! [stands up and walks around out side the circle over to Kurama] I would be interested in the Shadow Sword myself. [looms over Kurama’s shoulder]

Kurama: [turns face away from Remayolo with a stubborn frown] I am afraid I cannot do that.

Remayolo: [straightens up] What?

Kurama: The artifacts have been returned to King Yama’s vault.

Remayolo: [crosses arms, closes eyes, and smiles] So you got caught after all!

Kurama: It’s not like that. I gave myself in.

Okiya: [hands resting on Kurama’s leg, stretching a pouting face up to meet his] Oh come now, why would you do such a senseless thing as that?

Kurama: [look of blatancy] After I made my wish upon the Forlorn Hope, I had no need of them.

Osuko: [eyes flicker] Imbecile. You could have had all the worlds begging at your feet!

Remayolo: [raises hand to silence Osuko] Wait a moment… [bends down, supporting arm on a knee and speaks into Kurama’s ear] you mean to say you made a wish on the Forlorn Hope and survived? [arises and laughs] How ludicrous. Such a hoax can only be expected from a fake. You must have feigned it.

Kurama: [unaffected] Think what you will.

Endoya: [dreamily] What did you wish for?

Kurama: That is in the past and of little importance.

Remayolo: Or more like the wish didn’t work and that is how you still breathe.

Yokira: [closed eyes] Oh, his wish came true, he wished for his human mother to recover from her deadly illness. I have seen that she has recovered and to this day she has remained in perfect health.

Kurama: [warningly] Yokira.

Yokira: Well if you won’t tell the story, then I will!

Osuko: You mean to tell us you gave your own life to save a human? Ha!

Kurama: Actually, I did not give my life as you can see I am still very much alive.

Remayolo: [pats Kurama’s head] But you were willing to do so. [rests hand on back side of Kurama’s head] Willing to give your life for this human…

[Kurama’s eyes go blank as Remayolo sees images of Shiori raising Suichi.]

Okiya: [while Remayolo is still reading Kurama’s memory] How sweet, she must have been something to make such a sacrifice...something scrumptious!

[Remayolo bears a devious smile as he removes his hand from Kurama and resumes his former position. Kurama remains in a daze.]

Endoya: [scoffs] So you’re trying to tell us that you [points to a finger] wished on the Forlorn Hope, [points to another finger] got your wish, [points to third finger] yet didn’t loose your life? [spreads out hands, sending out rain drops] That doesn’t hold water.

[A few drops land on Kurama’s face which brings him out of the trance. After shaking it off, he sits in silence and shrugs.]

Yokira: [nudges Kurama] Don’t be so modest. [explaining] He survived because the Spirit Detective who was sent to recover the items intervened by offering his own life!

Okiya: Oh! So you conned the detective to sacrificing himself in your place. [throws arms around Kurama’s neck] You’re so devious!

Kurama: [blinks] Actually, that was not my intention. Besides, the mirror chose to grant the wish without taking either of our lives.

Remayolo: [analyzing the story] Hmm…I think we’ve had enough reminiscing for the moment. [turns to Kurama] Brother? How about you change back into your true form so we can have some fun like in the old days?

Kurama: I would rather not, thank you.

Remayolo: How about for your mother? [reaches over fire and waves hand to create an image of Shiori’s smiling face in the middle of the rising smoke] The one that you were going to give your life for anyway?

[Kurama sits rigid, but Yokira stands up and faces Remayolo, almost to the effect of defiance, yet still an undertone of pleading.]

Yokira: You’d have to go through me first.

Remayolo: [turns] What?

Yokira: [averts eyes] I-I ensured his human mother’s safety if he would come visit us for a month, providing we still want him after the first week. [regains strength] So if you want to lay a finger on that woman, you’ll have to go through me.

Kurama: [smiles] Yokira.

Yokira: [weak smile] Devious we may be, but still honorable.

Remayolo: Indeed? [whisking the incident aside] Well then, we can spend this “first week” in reunion. [to Kurama, sinisterly] And in that time, I’m sure we will be able to alter your mind. [clap] Come siblings! Let us dance for our brother!

Okiya: Splendid! [materializes a pipe out of thin air and plays music]

Remayolo: That’s right. [claps the beat] Just like so.

Endoya: [gets up to join Yokira as they dance around the fire] Let’s show them how to do it sister!

Osuko: Oh yeah! [sways, moving the flames with him]

[The glistening fire effect causes the dancing shadows on the walls to flicker as the spirit foxes persist in merriment.]

* * *

[Outside on a grey edge of a cliff many demons sit on rocks waiting and preparing.]

Sukeyuay: Aw man! We didn’t get to learn anything useful yet!

Ehay: Hn.

Sukeyuay: Instead we get stuck with doing stupid initiations first!

Ehay: What did you expect? For them to tell everyone who cares? It wouldn’t be a secret then.

Sukeyuay: Well, Zerk the Jerk could have at least mentioned a clue or something.

Ehay: It sounded like he was mentioning something useful when you had to point out our old “friend” there. [tilts head towards Risho]

Sukeyuay: Well, excuse me! I thought it strange that he would be here. Do you think he might know more about this organization, something that interests him enough to bring him here?

Ehay: [shrugs] How would I know?

Sukeyuay: There’s one way to find out, [pounds fist into other hand] I’ll go and interrogate him!

Ehay: Now is not the time, fool.

Sukeyuay: How are we supposed to find answers if we don’t ask? I’m sure Modaruk would spill the beans.

Ehay: Use your brain! I thought you understood the importance of our mission.

Sukeyuay: [thinks; arms crossed] Hmm…I suppose if Modaruk just told us what is going on, then our covers would be blown. [brings up arm from crossing and extends index finger] But hey! If he’s on our side, why do I have to come along? Can’t he just sneak off to Mukuro and tell her everything you guys want to know?

Ehay: Because fool, when the time comes all our talents will be exploited; we all have a part to play. We are doing more than just simply gathering knowledge.

Sukeyuay: Yeah, we’re getting freakish marks on our bodies.

Ehay: On these bodies, that’s all.

Sukeyuay: Oh yeah, this undetectable demon transformation thingy is pretty sweet.

Ehay: It won’t remain “undetectable” for long the way you keep bringing it up.

[A burley grayish-green demon approaches the demons gathered on the cliff. He is clothed like a task master with whip in hand.]

Initiatory Demon: [yelling] All right you slackers, the time has come to get this started!

“Hn. This is Hiei, as if I need an introduction. A series of meaningless tasks have started and that fool Yusuke and I must pass them or forfeit our lives. I myself will be fine, but Yusuke will have to take care of himself when we are separated. The maze is simple, fire can’t hurt me, and in fact, all these menial chores are a waste of time. So why bother watching? Because the former detective may have a fit and give up if you don’t. I’d say let him suffer, but then again, it’s your choice if you tune into the next episode of YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

YYH Beyond! Going Undercover

Should Yusuke's and Hiei's voice be different or the same when they are Sukeyuay and Ehay?

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