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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I hate having to come up with subjects!

Hello My dears,

How are you all?
I know I suck, I agree, I am the worse when it comes to updating my site, and just as bad when it comes to visiting yours…I have no excuse, I hang my head in shame!
I have been rather busy though, as you can imagine the Japanese doesn’t learn itself and for some reason or other I have course works to do during my holiday, so I spend most of my life these days in the Library, which I don’t mind actually, I love that place especially here in Oxford as you can imagine we have some special libraries!
I have new fan art up for anyone that is interested, and for any one that is not, well you should be!
I shall love you and leave you!


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Monday, November 27, 2006

Darkness within my world

Konichiwa Mina-san!!! O’genki desu ka?

I am well, still kicking, if not very strongly. I am so so sorry not managing to visit anyone but I thought I will give you a very quick update on what us going on in my life. Apart from the fact that I am very busy with studies I also seem to have got a bit of a social life.
However I got horrible news this weekend and I have not been coping very well. A friend of mine has got cancer. This is the third time that the illness has come back and the doctors have said to her that if she manages to live for another 3 to 5 years after they remove the lump she will be very lucky. It has shaken my world and made me realise how special life is. It has made me think of my own mortality and just how much I don’t want to let go of life. It is a very scary idea that someone so young (she is only 27) is going to leave this world.
So as you see I have had some dark thoughts and I am trying to find a way to deal with them. I am going to look to my other friends (you guys) for support and hope that she proves the doctors wrong!
I love you all!


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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Konichiwa Mina-SAn!!!! Genki desure ka??

I am good, as some of you might know from the comments I left on your sites I am making a scene at university today, the picture above represents my current look, only my hair is a short asymmetrical bob! I have a very boring lecture today and my somewhat outrageous style of dressing irritates my lecturer to no avail. He tries to pick on me because he judges my mental capacity by my appearance. We always end up having heated arguments and that way the lecture is interesting and I don’t fall asleep! I don’t usually dress that crazy, but I do have my own personal style that is somewhat different to most and makes me stand out, which is the whole point after all!!
I am trying to collect a whole bunch of pictures of all of my friends, and me and upload them and show you guys so that you can see what my life is like at the moment! I am loving it, university is great fun, it is interesting and there are so many parties there is always good choice!!
Anyway better go that lecture now!!


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Monday, October 23, 2006

A quick one!

Hi Everyone, how have you all been?

I am doing good, working hard at university…well ok semi hard, I am going out a lot and neglecting my publishing course a lot but that is because the course is rubbish and I don’t like it! I have made tons of new friends, most of the about 4 years younger than me which can be interesting when it comes to being mature, but then I remind myself that hey I was that young once, a long long time ago! ;o)

So tell me all what are you doing?? How is life, any gossip????


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Friday, September 29, 2006


Hey Every one, how have you been?

I am trying to get into the swing of things at University, but it is all so new and so strange, that it is leaving me totally exhausted and brain fried!!
I have had all of my lectures and I have even had 4 Japanese lessons. The only lecture that actually started to teach material this week was Publishing, and I have to say it sounds like the scariest one! I have two course works, one of them is a presentation, and the other one is something that I do not understand, a Reading Portfolio of 12 articles from different journals and reputable publications…and that is due in 3 weeks, eeekkkk! PANIC! I have found 2 articles so far, I have spend more time in the library than should be humanly acceptable, and I have spend so much money on books I am crying bloody tears! How is £20 cheap for a 150 page book!!?? Silly academia!
Anyway! I have so much reading to do this weekend I am most likely going to end up going blind!
Thank you all for your comments on my last post, I am working my way through visiting all your sites, but its slow going!


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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Ohayo mina! O’genki desu ka.

It has been so long! I am so so sorry! I hope that you will all forgive me for not posting for such a long time.
I have been so busy with everything, I just started University, this was my first week and there is so much information flying my way I have no idea how to handle, so far all the people I have met have been great, and there are some very interesting individuals as well!!
I promise the moment I have more time this weekend or next week I will visit all your sites and catch up with what you all have been up to!
I have missed you all greatly!


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Friday, July 21, 2006

Its a hot hot summer!

Hi!! Sashiburi da na!
How is everyone? I hope you are all doing well! I am great, the weather here is fantastic. It is so hot and sunny it is not like an English summer at all!! I have 7 days of work left and then I get to see my mom and my grandma! I also have a new baby nephew his name is Ben he is born a day before my husbands birthday, and is now 4 weeks old. It makes me realise how much I want to have a baby, even with all the crying and pooping and the sleepless nights, I want one! Don’t worry though I am not going all stupid on you guys I can wait…another 4 to 5 years…ouch!

Oh I have shocking news for you guys as well, I am actually enjoying life right now, including my job! Now that the wicked witch is gone and I have two new girls working with me it is all great we are having a right laugh and being really girly and stuff. My boss doesn’t quite know how to handle it because he has never had to work with girly girls!

So how are you all!? Tell me lots of stuff!


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Friday, June 9, 2006

Re-Discovering who I am

Hi All, How are you today?? I am well, it is the weekend and I am planning to have a very chilled out and relaxed one.

Can I just say thank you for your support and confidence in who I am and for being so understanding about how I feel. I have been feeling down a lot – one of the reasons why I don’t come here as often as I used to – I don’t want to get any of you down you see! I keep finding out new and interesting things about who I am and how I react to situations. I shall explain.

Work has been a nightmare as you are more than aware, but this week I have spend a lot of time with the lady that used to originally do my job who just returned from maternity leave. She is wonderful, kind, funny, and so refreshing to be around. She is giving my confidence in myself back by just giving me the occasional pat on the back.
My discovery in all this is that the lady that does the job with me right now who is leaving to make space for the lady returning from maternity leave has actually been the reason behind all my heart ache and troubles. Yes my job is difficult and yes it calls for attention to detail and staying late and making an effort, things I do not mind because I believe they make me a better and more responsible person. However this woman put the fear of God in me when it came to making a mistake, she comes down on me like a ton of bricks, never actually saying it but making me feel useless and incompetent. Well my manager today – who is also a regional director, which is apparently a high post – said that he thinks I do a great job and that he is glad to see me smile for once and how Nadine (maternity leave lady) must be a good influence on me. I found myself becoming very bitter towards this woman and feeling betrayed and stabbed in the back. I was taken aback by my own feelings but not entirely surprised. After all she had made the last 6 months a living hell for me!

Well I am off to have some wine and enjoy some Blood + and Trinity Blood and catch up with Bleach!!!! WOOHOO!!


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Friday, June 2, 2006

Searching for myself

As I gaze upon the ruins of my self I wonder how I got here?
Did I lose my path?
Did I ignore the signs and walk into the darkness of night without realising?
I was caught unawares; my pride trampled my humanity destroyed.
As I pick up the pieces of my confidence and try to rebuild the person I once was I wonder if I will make this mistake again. I play the events of the past five months back and try to pinpoint the one instance where it all went wrong. One day, when I am wise enough I might just get there


Evening all,
How are you all doing? As you can see from the little hastily written passage above I am not too well. It is that special time at my job when people make me fill small incapable and in general a right fool. I do wonder why I let people bring such emotions in me. I guess I am not as strong an individual as I imagined I am. I have learned a lot about myself during this past few months and about the sort of person I am. I now know that even if something is torturous if I have made the commitment I will see it through. I have learned that I do have integrity and pride. Well I don’t know I think I just need to put this all down and have people tell me what they thing, and if I am just being a silly mooh!

Can I just say thank you to everyone that replied to my last post and that keeps coming to visit me even though I am not always around and don’t always visit back! You guys keep me sane!!! Big Hugs to you all!!


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Monday, May 29, 2006

White and Delicate

The sun broke over the treetops and shone its soft rays on her white and delicate face. She was laying in the field, motionless her red rose lips slightly parted.
As the sun entered the dark pools of her eyes she didn’t flinch,
She let the light wash over her blind her and disperse the harsh darkness of night.
She was lost in her own world of self pity and sorrow but the warmth of the sun, and the strength within its light melted it all away from her white and delicate face.
She slowly lifted herself off the ground and strolled back to life.

Morning Everyone!

Well it is morning for me! How are you all?? I am well; it is bank holiday weekend so I get an extra day off today, this is the only time that I do like Mondays, when I have them off!
I have two more months of work left and then I am gone, so I am really looking forward to that! My mom and my grandmother are going to come around and see me then as well for a few weeks which is so wonderful.
I am going to relax today, do some reading, maybe have a nap if I feel tired at any point, but nothing too hands on. I have had such a busy weekend, with people coming to visit starting Friday so today is really the only day off that I got off to myself!!

I want to do something interesting on my site, I don’t want to change it because I like it, I just want to have something that will entertain people and at the same time still in keeping with the subtleness of the site. So since a whole lot of you have a lot more experience than me at this, can I have some suggestions please!!!

This weeks flower, Lilies


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