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Monday, November 27, 2006

Darkness within my world

Konichiwa Mina-san!!! O’genki desu ka?

I am well, still kicking, if not very strongly. I am so so sorry not managing to visit anyone but I thought I will give you a very quick update on what us going on in my life. Apart from the fact that I am very busy with studies I also seem to have got a bit of a social life.
However I got horrible news this weekend and I have not been coping very well. A friend of mine has got cancer. This is the third time that the illness has come back and the doctors have said to her that if she manages to live for another 3 to 5 years after they remove the lump she will be very lucky. It has shaken my world and made me realise how special life is. It has made me think of my own mortality and just how much I don’t want to let go of life. It is a very scary idea that someone so young (she is only 27) is going to leave this world.
So as you see I have had some dark thoughts and I am trying to find a way to deal with them. I am going to look to my other friends (you guys) for support and hope that she proves the doctors wrong!
I love you all!


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