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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Hello everyone, how have you all been? I have been very much the same as in my previous posts, very busy and very disoriented. However I am actually having a good time and getting to catch up with some mates. I also started my Lever 3 Japanese, I am only going to be able to do half the course but it is better than not doing anything, Iím sure you will all agree. I have been by myself in the flat a lot recently because hubby is in Oxford working away, and it gets a bit lonely, but it is also a good time to reflect on what is going on and make piece with everything else. All in all I am actually really enjoying this turbulent times! I am going to love you and leave you with this picture which I thought is beautiful!


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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Cute Post

Hello everyone!

So nice to see you all again. Lets see, where do we beginÖ I have been like a yoyo this week, I have worked late while being ill, running around like a mad person and trying to fill my time. I feel a strange kind of anxiety and I am sure that it is all connection to the move that is slowly creeping up on me, Iím not ready! I mean I am ready I want to move, I am just a little scared, there are so many things to do, and they are going to have to be done sooo quickly I donít want to forget anything! Argg excitement! It can make you dizzy! I cant write, I want to write but everything I put down is a bit like this post, unorganised and strung together while bouncing off the walls! Adrenalin is such a great thing, problem is when it runs out itís a painful crash back to reality! Ah well Im not there yet, Ill jump over that when I come to it!
So I spend last weekend with my baby nephew, well Saturday really, I had a party last night, what a bore that was! Old people forget how to party, it was full of 30-40 year olds and all they did was drink and complain about the weather and work, some made an attempt at a dirty joke but it backfiredÖLuckily I have another party tomorrow (yes Sunday party, Monday Nightmare, Iím a masochist what can I say) And I know that it will rock because its with some of the coolest people on this planet! Anyway I am ranting and the flat isnít tidying itself! So lots of hugs to all the fluffy people out there (you know who you are) and cuddles to the rest of you! (Iím so soppy!)

PS. Arent the puppy and the kitten adorable!!!!


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Tuesday, October 4, 2005


Hello Everyone!

It has been a little while since I have had the time to do this! Strange how much I have missed it!
Well life has been manic, but I like it that way. Work is busy, and since I have a miserable cold at the moment all I do is get home and get into bed with some hot brew, mostly with a tipple of whiskey in there as well, it warms you up, and helps fight the germs, honest!
I have now finished my second level of Japanese, and I have a certificate to prove it, and I am very sad that itís all over. I am hoping that I canít start the 3rd level but I am not too sure about that at present see as how I might be moving in two or tree weeks. I have mixed feelings about that, I am going to miss my colleagues very much, I didnít think I would but now that I know its happening for real I am heart broken. Iím sorry if this doesnít make a lot of sense, I am working as well as typing this, and its taking some of my concentration away!
Well I want all the gossip people, Iíll do my best to pop by all your sites, and see what has been going on with each and every one of you!
Lots of hugs!


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Friday, September 30, 2005


Good Morning,
How is everyone doing? Well winter has officially began in England. Its cold, its raining, its miserably drab and dull and people are wearing HUGE puffy jackets.
I had the greatest night out last night, it was just so much fun, my Japanese class went out, and we had dinner and Sensei got a wee bit drunk on sake, she is so tiny that even a little bit of alcohol gets her rather ďhappyĒ with the world! Got home really late however and now I feel so sorry for myself and the fact that I have to sit at work for the next 7 hoursÖ*sob*
Well here comes the weekend, I am hoping to have some free time to visit sites and catch up with some of the nicest people on the net (that would be you guys ;)


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Thursday, September 29, 2005



The only way that my life can be serene and peaceful is if I take 2 minutes out and have a look at a picture like this. I am not complaining, I like the fact that I get to keep busy while this whole house sale thing is going on, if I had time to reflect on what is truly happening I would most likely go bonkers!
Today is the last lesson of Japanese False beginners level 2, and my sensei has put in a good word for me so that I can pay per week for the next level, I need to go into the reception at college today and beg and plead with the Head of the Department, but I think that he will be nice enough and agree to let me do it. It just means that I donít miss out on lessons while Iím still in London, and I donít lose money for lessons that I might not be able to take.
Better go and do work!


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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Quick one
Good Morning,

Just a quick hello really, to let you know I am alive, but only just. I am buried to my neck in work, and itís all very stressful. I wonder why I still work here, itís not like I couldnít change jobs, hell I was head hunted 3 months ago and I turned it downÖless pay, ahh yes that is why I am still here, MONEY! MUhahahahaha.
Let me know how you all are because at this moment in time I cant visit sites! HUGS to all!


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Saturday, September 24, 2005


The wind blows through me, like it blows trough the autumn leaves.
The days go by like dreams yet they are so real.
I live for today, I look to tomorrow, to help me remember the past.
I am happy with who I am, working towards who I will be.
My love grows deeper, stronger, for he is my stepping-stone,
Without him my days would be so bleak, so cold.

My strength comes from within, while my eyes look out at the sky.
I wish for the change of the seasons that tells me all is how it should be,
Surrounded by the people I love, the warmth of summer grows within me in the winter hours.
I walk trough this world trying to be a part of it,
Knowing only too well that it is a part of me.

This whirlwind of change, this storm of feelings, carried me on,
Carried me toward a future that is bright.
For once I want to live, not just for today,
Not just for tomorrow but for yesterday. I know who I was, and who
I want to be, and today I know who I am.


Hello to all the nice people that have been so lovely and understanding over the past week, with my posts and with my lack of visits! I have been terrible! Iím so sorry!
Well this week had been an eye opener; you might have noticed a trend in my posts, I have been forced to reflect on a lot of things lately. I guess when your life is turned upside down and you get stuck between what it was and what it might be, or will be, you get a better perspective on things, its like a second chance, an opportunity to remake yourself, to organise your life better. I am pretty good at emotional roller coaster, my life has been one, more than most. I have lost loved ones, I have been estranged for loved ones, I have moved around Europe and had to adjust to cultures, weather, languages. Anyway, what I am trying to say is its been interesting, to get in touch with myself.
Well thanks for listening to me again! I hope at least the picture was enjoyable!


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Friday, September 23, 2005


Good Morning,

How is everyone, doing well? I am excited to see the weekend, it has been a very hard week, keeping me so busy! Yesterday afternoon was the last drop too, we had this huge staff briefing that was so boring, that it threw the rest of my evening off and for the first time Japanese class was hard work! I had a wonderful moment however, I was walking back from the station, and it was 11:30pm not a single person was around, not even cars, and the sky was clear, and I felt this calmness wash over me, and relax my mind, and my body. It made me feel sad too, because when I looked up the moon was pale and dim and the only star you could see was the northern star. I miss the night sky, I miss the pitch black and the millions of stars. It is very sad that we work so hard to take ourselves away from nature. It is almost as if we find it inconvenient, a pest that gets in the way. We have lost touch with our environment, and I believe its killing us, and I for one donít want this to happen. Most of you might sit there and go ďwhat the hell is she on aboutĒ or ďYeah so whatĒ. At least that is the response I get from people around me, and itís heartbreaking. I guess no matter how long you spend in the big city once a country girl, always a country girl. Do you feel like that sometimes, do you feel that you belong out there where the air is fresh and the sky isnít hidden by man made objects and false lights?


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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Calm Skies

Good Morning all!

I got some stick for my post yesterday, some people were a wee bit unimpressed with life, however some were rather understanding, ok not some, one, and she is a married working lady like myself, shocking I know!

Well I have to go and see the eye doctor today. That is a rather unpleasant experience, since itís not just the normal one, but a specialist. You see in the last year my eyesight has deteriorated at a very scary rate, and my doctors would like to know if there is anything the matter or if itís just a freak of nature. Either way I am slowly but surely getting blind! Well it feels that way, without my glasses or lenses I cannot see anything more than shadows of colour and movement, and disconcerting to say the least! Anyway they poke and shine lights, and put colourings in my eye to make certain things stand out, and eventually dilate my pupils so I cannot see a THING even with my glassesÖI am going to have to take a cab home after that because I could get into an accident otherwise. The funniest bit is last time they did all that, the doctor put the drops in my eyes and THEN he remembered to ask me if I was drivingÖidiot! I wasnít, Iím not allowed to yet, but soon, muahahaha!
Bah tea break is over! Iíll try and visit you all over lunch!


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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lovely Pic!

Good Afternoon!

Well itís an absolute nuthouse at work, people running about, and phones ringing of the hook! Welcome back oh dear academic year. It is going to become increasingly more difficult for me to post at regular intervals, well post anything meaningful that is. Which is sad, I have been working on a few ideas and I even have a couple of drawing that I wanted to post but I just simply cannot find the time. Once I get home I have the house work to look after, and cooking and then I need to relax and just spend an hour watching TV or reading a book, just to get the day out of my head before bed. I feel old, thanks to the society that we have created for ourselves, me the 21 year old feels like 35. I look like 35 in the mornings as well, the dark rings, the dull skin colour, no desire to live before my first morning coffee fix! You guys have a lot of fun to look forward toÖhehehe. How to scare a bunch of teenagers, show them the real world, and tell them in a few years itís their turn to deal with it! Well on this cheerful and enlightening note I shall leave you all.


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