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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

My Time Off

Hello everyone, how have you been? Sorry that I have not visited your sites or posted for a little while, I have been away. I spend 3 wonderful days in the North of England in a small village (if you can call 5 cottages and a post office/shop a village) called Beal, its right next to Holly Island. It is on the East Coast and one of the most enchanting places in England. What made it even better was that my little nephew and my parents in law were there, and we have the most wonderful time. We had a BBQ, and we had long walks in the country, we visited some castles, we spend hours in the dinning room just talking and laughing, it was one of those perfect family moments that you see on TV. And the best part of it was on Saturday evening when my nephew was sat on the dinning table, he was helping me peal and chop carrots, he would pass the carrot to me, watch me peal it while giggling, and then make the same movements as me when I was chopping the carrot, and then he would put the pieces in the bow, or in his mouth, or in my mouth, on the table, it was just so nice to spend time with him and to see how much he has grown, he is 15 months old, and such a happy little boy, he has started to talk a little bit as well so its fun to listen to him try and explain what he wants. The trip put a lot of things into perspective for me, I haven’t been happy with my life, its been very stressful, I was meant to start University this year, I should have moved house, jobs, and its not happened yet, I have been feeling like the world is against me. To see that there is still such magic in my life and such moments even at a time that is hectic and difficult just showed me that I shouldn’t let it get to me so easy, I shouldn’t let it all let me down, and I should look around every now and again and see the good.
So guys tell me how you have all been! I hope school had been good for a whole bunch of you!


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Thursday, September 1, 2005



As you all know (and the big cake under this posts suggest) it was my birthday yesterday! Well, I thought I was having a good morning, but guess what, that paled in front of the evening that I had. It was amazing, I am on such a high at the moment. But so that it all makes sense I have to tell you a wee bit about my sordid past. Well I was 16 when I met my husband, I lived in Bulgaria (because I’m Bulgarian before you ask silly questions…) so it was difficult because we were apart a lot, even though he came to see me every two months for 10 days, and I spend two summers in England. Well the moment I turned 18 he asked me to marry him because he couldn’t bare being away from me (he is 8 years older than me for the ones wondering). I had 6 weeks to organise a wedding, including the paperwork involved, non of my family could be there, but it was still a very special day, and I got to wear my dream dress by total accident, anyway, when he asked me to marry him he didn’t do it the way little girls imagine, I think he got a wee bit scared. Ok that is the important part.
Well being Bulgarian the 21st birthday isn’t a big thing, 18 is, that is when you are allowed to do EVERYTHING. So my baby decided to make my 21st special. Before we went to the restaurant we went to a little bar in Soho, with a very romantic setting, and he gave me my present. It was exactly what I thought it would be. A new charger for my i-pod mini since the last one died. I don’t know why but I decided to take the charger out of its box, only to find out there was no charger but a smaller black box inside, that is when my dear husband got down on one knee, took the black box from me opened it and presented me with the engagement ring that I never got when he originally asked. I would love to tell you all the lovely things he said but my head was swimming my heart was going so fast I missed most of it myself! The rest of the evening was also a blast, my baby nephew blew my eardrums when he “sang” happy birthday, he is only 16 months he cant talk but he sure as hell can SCREAM and grate his new teeth on the receiver, he is so precious!
I am off to the park for a run now!


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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It’s my Birthday!!

I have been bouncing about like a rabbit on speed all morning! I had my hair done, I had my nails done, all 9 of them (long story, short version, I lost the nail on my right thumb when I closed it with a one ton safe door at work!)
I was late for work, yes I am at work only till lunch time though, and I had a huge bouquet of flowers, a teddy bear, a massive card with more signatures in it than I thought possible, and cakes and hugs. It was so nice to see that the people at work care! I am off to a Japanese restaurant is Soho tonight with my husband and I am so excited its my favourite place because its small and its very personal, and the food is to die for, the nigiri sushi, and sashimi are to die for!
All of you gave me quite a telling off about having bought my books online. I feel like I have to clear that up. They are specialist books, very difficult to find in print dare I say in an actual book store in good condition. I am going to be waiting for 5 of the books I bought for 3 to 8 weeks to be delivered! And all 5 are second hand in good or like new condition, which makes it even harder, I’m picky like that! I live in England guys bookstores is what we do here! My favourite is a second hand one in a small fishing village on the East Coast, its 3 stories high and it’s a charity shop, it’s in a house that is 350 years old and lopsided. The little old lady that owns it knows every book intimately.
I went off on a tangent again didn’t I?! I can’t help it, books are a passion of mine, I have thousands of them, and I have read them all!

Sariana: I love fiction books too, I don’t think I can say I have a favourite but I am very partial to Terry Pratchet and the DiskWorld. My uncle is the “Cunning Artificer”, he designs all the artwork for the DiskWorld novels, so its even closer to my heart!


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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I Dream of White Sands

It’s a wonderful day outside, there is sun, its warm, I can hear the police cars so justice is being handed out, all is good with the world…oh wait I’m sitting at work, while the sun is shinning and the birds are signing, all is wrong with the world!
I am currently spending vast amounts of money on Amazon buying books! As you can imagine they have everything! And what is good about it, for books out of print they have second hand copies in all conditions, I’m sure you all know this but its still so convenient and cool! My wish list has got over 20 titles in it now, which is well over £300 (~$600) worth of books, and I cant choose which ones to buy today, ok I already spend £12 on two books by Alex Kerr, he is a man that loves Japan, even though he has seen what is wrong with it, he is not disillusion like most of us, having lived in Japan as a little boy and since 1976 (I might be a couple of years off, it could be 72), he has seen Japan transform in more ways that one, his book “The lost Japan” opens a world of drama, arts, and a ruined country side that the Japanese are only just beginning to mourn for. I recommend it to any Japan – obsessed individual. There are moments when it breaks your heart to read, but by the end of the book it makes you want to go and visit Japan so badly, and experience what he talks about for yourself.
OK I went off on a tangent there…sorry! I am a book worm, I cant help it, and if I can help other people enjoy books I will!!
Have a lovely day, I might post a poem later on, see how I feel after my driving lesson, in a Peugeot 206, death-trap!


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Monday, August 29, 2005

Beutiful City

Hello, how is everyone today?
I had the most wonderful weekend, and its Bank Holiday in England so I get today (Monday) off! Spend most of Saturday bumming about, fed my mom in laws cat, that creature is the worst cat in the world! She is self- centred, shy, wont let you see her let alone touch her, what is the point of having a cat if she wont sit and purr in your lap! On Sunday my husband and I went to Oxford. It is the first time I have seen Oxford, so I was a proper tourist, taking pictures with my phone (I forgot the camera on the coffee table…). It is such a beautiful town, most of the buildings in the centre are so old, the architecture is a mix of gothic cathedrals, and old A-frame houses, stone Victorian villas, and others that are a mix because they have been rebuild on several occasions. As you can imagine there are students everywhere, it’s a town of posh restaurants and cafes, many bookstores (YAY!), and pedestrians. It’s difficult to actually drive, and even more difficult and expensive to park. It cost us £7 for 4 hours! For the Americans that is $14! Its robbery I tell you! I cannot wait to move there, which should be some time by the end of the year, if all goes well. We are in the process of buying the loveliest 3-bedroom house in a small village right outside Oxford. It has lakes, a riding trail, a cycling train, a gym that is literally outside my front door, yay no more having to walk for 20 min till I get to the gym! Its lovely! Very English country-side. And next year if all goes well I will be able to start University and do my Japanese Studies! I am off to cook lunch!


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Friday, August 26, 2005

Midnight Passion

Warm air soft against my skin,
The silver light of the moon,
His eyes so deep, so blue, I can drown if he lets me.

His touch sends shivers trough my being,
His kiss melts the coldest ice within my heart,
His voice as he whispers sweet words of love,
I lose myself within him.

The hour of true passion, the hour of despair,
Its midnight, life begins here.

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Icy Cold!

Ohayo Gozaimasu, genksi desu ka.

I am still at an all time high from last night! I had the funniest Japanese lesson! But let’s start from the beginning so that you all see the funny side too. My class is certifiably insane, we have the best mixture of nationalities and cultures, there were 12 of us, but we are down to 6.
We have a 42 year old Iranian, who is smarter than is good for him, and is as blunt and straight forward as humanly possible.
We have a 30-odd year old Brit, who refuses to pronounce anything correctly, that doesn’t stop him from having a heart of gold and the ability to make me giggle.
Next is the 35 year old German, the only one with a sense of humour that I have met to date, and I have met a lot of them, my god mom lives in Germany (Cute guy #1 – just looking!).
Petros the greek (age unknown, and unguessable, the way he smokes he could be 15 and only looking like 30), he is unique, he is rude, crude, a pervert, and yet the most trust worthy, funniest, and friendliest person ever, plus I can talk to him in greek (yes I speak greek…don’t ask) about every one else and make comments that are inappropriate for the situation!
And last but most certainly not least the hunk of spunk Australian, tall, dark blonde, green eyes, and a sex god! Oh and he is smart, and also has a gf! Not that it would make a difference my hubby is the best!(I’ve got to keep telling myself that!)


Sensei’s turn, she is 37, and even tough she has been in the UK for 10 years she speaks such bad English it’s sometimes impossible to understand her, she is also just 5 foot tall!

So funny bit next!

I am famous amongst my friends for my high heals, if it’s lower than 3 inches I won’t put it on my foot! So I had my black retro pumps on with a 5 inch heal, yes I can walk in them and no it doesn’t hurt. So during the break Sensei comes up to me and says:

“Nikki-chan (she calls me chan because she says I’m cute and said she could almost be my mom, either not really true, tee hee), can I try your shoes on? I have never worn heals before!”
Well I said of course. So here we were, Sensei an English size 4 in my size 6 shoes, with me holding her, while she is doing little geisha like steps in these huge heals! All the boys are on the floor rolling with laughter! And Sensei’s voice is so high pitched with joy at this point only dogs can hear her! It felt like mother and child playing dress up! I think it looked like it too! Me. nearly 6feet tall, her, barely 5! Ahhh you had to see it to really appreciate the funny side of it!

Whoops this got a bit long! I better go! Oh, one last think, its August, and its 10C’ outside, what is that all about!? If this is someone’s idea of a joke it aint funny!


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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Nihon-go no jugyo!

Ello, how is everyone?! I wish I could say refreshed but I did it again, stayed up last night until the ungodly hours, when all the freaks come out of their dark holes. I had a good evening though, after one of the most tedious day at work, there was a lot of filling, I got home, and made dinner, and it was lovely, I had some aromatic rice, and I made crispy tofu with chilly and salt, and crispy bits of onion, and some steamed veggies with sesame oil, it was the best. And what is even better is I had some left over so I have a nice lunch for today!

I have Japanese today! Whoho! I have homework which I haven’t even done yet, but I can do that on the underground on my way there, unfortunately you do get the weird people that sit next to you and look over your shoulder and go “Oh are you studying Chinese?!”. How ignorant! I usually tend to just smile politely and get back to my scribbles of hiragana and katakana, and the vast amount of vocabulary that we get!

Oh look I am nattering always and my coffee has gone all cold and nasty! Its all your fault guys!


P.S The title sais "Japanese Lesson" tee hee

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Hey there, how are you all? I had the best night last night, and I am almost regretting it. I can hardly keep my eyes open! As I mentioned before I went for dinner with my Japanese class and my Sensei. Everyone dragged friends with them and partners so we ended up with a table of about 20 people, half of them Japanese girls (women really, they were all over 30 and didn’t look a day older than 15!). There was a lot of high pitched conversation between them and giggling, while we the Europeans just sat there chain smoking away (not me, I have better ways to kill myself), and talking about “grown up” stuff, the men were being perverts, the girls were playing innocent, the wine was flowing a bit too freely!

I almost missed the last train home, I just managed to run into it. I tell you running on 5 inch heals, not as glamorous and “Sex and the City” make it out to be, very painful, ruins the shoes too! Got home at 1:30, to find out my neighbours were kind enough to have a party, which didn’t end until 4….that is 4am! I had to be up at 7:30! I wonder how long a human can last on no more than 3 hours sleep per day per week….I can see the cracks already!

I am going to go and sleep on my desk now, something I can luckily get away with today, there is almost no one in the office! I love August, everyone goes on holiday and you can actually enjoy so piece and quiet!


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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Good morning everyone, I am luckily back to my old self. My mom told me last night that my moods change with the weather, I’m lucky I don’t live in Scotland I'd have mood swings every 10 minutes!

I didn’t sleep at all last night, there were a couple of foxes in my front garden that just made the most terrible noise, dragged myself out of bed at 7:30 to look out the window and find the bins overturned with rubbish everywhere! Shower was uneventful, no spiders, unlike some of you out there :p.

I am going out tonight with my Japanese class, I cannot wait, I have a whole bunch of questions to ask Sensei, and also some of the guys in my class are hot to trot so I can drool, I know, I know, I have the one ring on my finger, but damn it if it will stop me from looking! Oh boss walking this way!


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