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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Hi Everyone,

Well I failed my driving test, but I get to take it again on 11th June, I am also waiting for a cancellation for the 4th, so that is in two or three weeks depending on how lucky I get!
Otherwise work is terrible as always, home is a mess because I am decorating and my kittens are growing too fast and tearing the house down!
It is bank holiday weekend this week so I get 3 days off, I am hoping to see my mom in law and one of my best mates some time through the weekend, I need to tidy and if it ever stops raining go for a nice long walk in the country side!

I think I am going to stick with roses for pictures through this weeks posts, and then choose something else, I am going for different coloured ones, and since itís the week and work is so depressing I am going to go for black!


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Saturday, May 20, 2006


How are you all??!!! I am soo sorry that I havenít been around for so long!! I have been really busy! I had this University entry test to study for, and I did loads and then I took the test and passed the test so I am going to University in September! I have my driving test tomorrow so I have been having lots and lots of lessons so wish me luck about that!
Otherwise work has been a pain, it is so depressing, people keep letting me down and trying to make me feel useless, I am sure a lot of you understand what I mean.
I havenít been able to write a lot but I have been drawing so as soon as I can be bothered I am going to upload them and you can all give me your vote of yay or nay!

So I want you all to tell me what you have been up to and get me up to speed, I am off to visit sites!


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Sunday, April 2, 2006

With Beauty Comes Pain

Hey there,

How is everyone doing? I am just being busy as always. I went to my sister in lawís birthday party last night, she is 5 months pregnant, but in such great spirits, it was lovely. I havenít had a nice evening like that in ages! I got some new recipes from here that I am really excited to try out! I have also been getting ready for an exam that I need to do before I am fully accepted into university. The exam is not until the 29th April, so I have some time. Well that is pretty much for me really, its work work work!

Big hugs to you all, and let me know all your gossip! I live on the stuff!!


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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Country

Hey everyone, how have you all been??

Sorry I havenít been around for ages, I have had such a busy life, and then I was ill for a couple of weeks so all I did was sleep! I have been having driving lessons and it has been great fun, my instructor says that I can take the test when ever I want, but he wants me to learn the area better so that I know where things can catch me out. I am all for that, better ready than failing again!!

Oh I have also been going out for really long country walks, I bought walking boots, they are really heavy and solid and comfortable all at the same time, its was a very strange feeling the first time I went walking in them, I am so used to high heals and very small fragile shoes! The walking is great fun as well, I do it with my husband and his mom joined us last weekend as well, and you can just walk and talk with no interruption, something that I find difficult in other places.

So tell me what you guys have been up to, I have really missed you!! I am going to go and have a look for myself as well as best as I can!


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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Roar like a Tiger

Hi All,

How are you all doing? I am having the hardest time at work. I am finding that because of a lack of organisation in the past a lot of the procedures that I have to work with donít go together, making the job almost impossible to do. I am a person that is very used to be able to find a solution to a problem, but there doesnít seem to be a solution to any of my problems at work, which leaves me tired, and confused, and making it very difficult for me to concentrate. I tend to be very dedicated and it is often that I bring my work home with me; however doing that now makes it even worse so I am trying to find ways to relax.

As you can imagine all this makes it impossible for me to even think of writing, and I miss just being able to sit down and write my stories and my poems. Maybe I should just try and write something about my frustration. I think I will let time and my brain decide how to act on that one!

You all take care now and I will be seeing you around!

Q: What is your favourite animal.

Mine is pictures above, the Tiger


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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Weekend!

Good Morning everyone,

I hope everyone is having a good start to the weekend? I get to start what is going to be a very busy weekend with a driving lesson. Yes I am back behind the wheel and I bet all of you are glad you donít live in England! Sorry Magnus, I suggest you stay at home till lunchtime, the roads are not safe! :P

Well after my lesson I have to go and buy food, and then I have to go and clean and play with my kittens and cook, I want to make a cake, but I donít know what kind of cake to make, maybe something with chocolate!

Ohh my baby nephew is coming round tomorrow with his mom, who is pregnant with my second baby nephew. And he is going to be so excited by the kittens, he can pick them up and play, while his cats are too big and heavy so he can only pull their tails, lol .

Well I am off to watch cooking programs now, I like cooking adverts!


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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Hi everyone, how are you all?

I have had a big adventure the past 2 days. I was asked to go to Scotland for work to attend a training session and a catch up meeting. I got to Heathrow Airport with about two and a half hours to spare only to be told that the flight will be delayed for an hour. Not the best start, but it gets worse, once on the plane there is a problem with the landing gear and we could not move away from the terminal, it took them an hour to fix that. By this point I was starting to get slightly annoyed!

Well got to the Hotel 3 hours late, and luckily I was given the last room in the Hotel, The Glen Ore suite! YES I have a fireplace, my own living room, the biggest bathroom ever, and a bed so big I could have got lost in it!! Unfortunately I only got to enjoy about 2 or 3 hours of awake time in it.

The next day was very boring and very long with people talking and me attempting to listen and not managing it really I was doodling on my notebook all the time. I did have an argument with one of the guys because he just wasnít listening to what I was trying to say when it was my turn to speak, and that ended in me telling me he is an absolute moron.

And then back to Oxford it was, my plane was delayed for an hour, but I got to meet the English rugby team and Laurence Delalio said hello to me! I was staring though so I think he found that amusing. In my excuse these boys an HUGE, I have never seen men so big and strong in real life before, I mean wow!

Anyway that was my trip!


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Monday, February 20, 2006

Good News!

Hi Everyone how are you all?

I know I havenít updates in a few days, but so much has happened! First of all and most exciting is I got a conditional offer for University! And the condition is that I have to take the IELTS test and get an overall score of 6, and well as a score of six on the sections on reading and writing. I panicked at first but then I went and got some books on the test and noticed it is very easy, considering I speak English better than I speak my mother tongue it should be no problem, or so I keep telling myself!

Well other things happened as well but I have forgotten to be honest, I am just so excited about it all!

Anyway I have to go and make dinner! Enjoy this wonderful painting by Martin Drolling!


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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Post gone wrong

My FanArt is up!!!! YAY, go have a look people PLEASE!!

Hey there everyone!

Let me appologise about my post yesterday, I fluffed it up, but hey we aren't all perfect, I sure as hell arent! I am hoping that this one will work, but hey who knows!

Well appart from my post not working, my scanner wont work on my laptop, which is somewhat annoying, I really wanted to show you some of my drawings, well I will try again later!

Well that is it for now, I might add to this post, if I get some inspiration! hehe


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Saturday, February 11, 2006


ARTIST: Brian Williams

Hi Everyone, how are you all doing?

I have had a very slow and pleasant weekend so far, I have watched the RBS Six Nations Rugby, and have cuddled with my kittens and my husband. At lunch time I went to the hair dressers, I donít like going to the hair dressers too much, I am trying to grow my hair so cutting it is not something I like to do, but to keep it healthy and looking good and keep it growing at a good speed I have to have an inch cut off every now and again right?!

I was going to get some art scanned today, but my husband has unplugged the monitor from his computer so I cant see what I am scanning, and in all honesty I am too lazy to have the scanner installed on my laptop, it is just too much hassle for a slow weekend. I will do it tomorrow!!

I found an internet gallery that has some wonderful paintings, like the one you can see above, you can even buy them, if you ever want to have a nosy the link is Comments (1) | Permalink

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