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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Konichiwa Mina-SAn!!!! Genki desure ka??

I am good, as some of you might know from the comments I left on your sites I am making a scene at university today, the picture above represents my current look, only my hair is a short asymmetrical bob! I have a very boring lecture today and my somewhat outrageous style of dressing irritates my lecturer to no avail. He tries to pick on me because he judges my mental capacity by my appearance. We always end up having heated arguments and that way the lecture is interesting and I donít fall asleep! I donít usually dress that crazy, but I do have my own personal style that is somewhat different to most and makes me stand out, which is the whole point after all!!
I am trying to collect a whole bunch of pictures of all of my friends, and me and upload them and show you guys so that you can see what my life is like at the moment! I am loving it, university is great fun, it is interesting and there are so many parties there is always good choice!!
Anyway better go that lecture now!!


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