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Saturday, February 11, 2006


ARTIST: Brian Williams

Hi Everyone, how are you all doing?

I have had a very slow and pleasant weekend so far, I have watched the RBS Six Nations Rugby, and have cuddled with my kittens and my husband. At lunch time I went to the hair dressers, I don’t like going to the hair dressers too much, I am trying to grow my hair so cutting it is not something I like to do, but to keep it healthy and looking good and keep it growing at a good speed I have to have an inch cut off every now and again right?!

I was going to get some art scanned today, but my husband has unplugged the monitor from his computer so I cant see what I am scanning, and in all honesty I am too lazy to have the scanner installed on my laptop, it is just too much hassle for a slow weekend. I will do it tomorrow!!

I found an internet gallery that has some wonderful paintings, like the one you can see above, you can even buy them, if you ever want to have a nosy the link is Comments (0) | Permalink

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Chocolate Temptations!

Hi everyone, How are you all?

I stayed at home today and felt sorry for myself, or at least for some part of it, and then a friend of mine made me feel a lot better and took my mind off of it. I think we chatted for hours and I didn’t even notice the time go, so that was nice, definitely the way to go when you aren’t feeling well get someone to take your mind off it!

I have been meaning to scan some drawings that I have done but I cant seem to be able to get to the scanner, its hooked into my husbands PC and he is notorious for spending hours of in playing games and what not! I think I will do it over the weekend, I will let you guys know so that you can go and have a look and let me know what you think!

I am having some serious craving for chocolate and I told my husband today, and he bought chocolate pudding, chocolate with hazel nuts, peanut M&Ms, Malteasers, and chocolate buttons, chocolate cookies, chocolate cake and creams! I asked for choccy and I got death my choccy!

I leave you with temptation!


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Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Hey sweethearts! How are you all doing?

I am having a manic time at work, and a manic time at home, my sweet kittens are driving me up the wall but I love it! They are so cute and cuddly!

I had the best weekend, I did absolutely nothing but read and laze about, and it was great! I have had the University call me and ask me questions and send me paperwork, but no definite decision yet, which is a bit frustrating. But I hope that I will hear something soon.

Well I don’t really have that much more to say so I will leave you gazing at the lovely picture above!


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Saturday, February 4, 2006

The Weekend!
Hey everyone, how are you all?

I have been so busy with work and the kittens I have had to ignore MyO for a little the week, I might have to do that every week and only come at the weekends, unless there is something important and I want to share that with you guys!
Well as you all know I started a new job about two weeks ago, I got my first pay check at the end of Jan, and I was send to Scotland for two days at the beginning of the week for training purposes, it was good fun to travel to Edinburgh, but I didn’t get to see the city properly, because I was being BORED to death by the training. None of it made sense until I got back to work on Wednesday and put it all into practice.

Now the more important news, my kittens! I have more pictures of them than I should to be honest and I have only had them for about a week! We have managed to get the big boy of the litter who is now growing faster than anything, and the runt, who is still small and VERY cute, the big boy we called Isambard Kingdom Brunel, after the architect, Izzy or Dizzy for short when he is being silly, and Horatio Nelson, the admiral who beat the French, or Harry for short.
Here are slinks to some pictures we took last Saturday of my fluffy boys and their Brothers and sister

Here is Izzy Sleeping on my husband

Harry between the sofa pillows, so cute!!

Harry Sleeping like he should

Their little sister posing for the camera

Their Brother, he has white socks!

The boys and cousin, he was a single litter kitten, and so pretty

Desperado, their Uncle, and my husband showing just how massive that old boy is. He was so well natures and cuddly, and too heavy for me to hold!

Well that is it for now, I have many more pictures but I don’t want to bore you senseless!

Lots of hugs for you all


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Friday, January 27, 2006

“An orchid to make you forget all the pain I put you through”

Hello everyone, how are you all? Any plans for the weekend?

I am sorry for not having updated very often this week, but in respect to that I have tried to at least visit sites on a daily basis! I have had a very busy week having a decorator come and strop the wallpaper from the living and dinning area and put up new plain wallpaper so that I can paint over it. In addition to the disruption to life that caused I had to paint all the woodwork, such as door frames and skirting board, and the ceiling as well, they were all a terrible yellowed colour!

A person was kind and sweet enough to help me through all that and to just sit there patiently and listen to me complain about it all and just natter on, something I am very grateful for and would like to give him a big cuddle! I shall name him as Pretty Eyes, he knows what I am on about *girly giggle*

I just want to warn you all, that if I talk about nothing else but my new kittens (yes I know I haven’t stopped for weeks now) I am sorry, and if I post tons and tons of links that lead to nothing but cuddly kitten photos, again I am sorry. I am too young to have kids; this is the next best thing!

I think over the next few posts I will give you some random information about myself, and try to suppor it with a picture.

My favourite flower: Orchids


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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My kittens!
Here is a picture of one of my lovely kittens, his name is yet to be finaly decided, but he is a keeper!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How come my guestbook entries get deleted so often?? I had 104 and now I have 103, and that is constantly happening! Why??? Does it happen to you guys? Or are you all being mean and deleting your guestbook entries from my site! GRRR to those who have! I just wanted to know!


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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dreaming of Spring

Hey everyone,
Well I have come up with the names for the two kittens, thanks for all the suggestions but none of them were quite there. So now I am calling them Goliath and Buster. I hope I can get away with that!
Well tomorrow is my first work day for 2 months, kind of looking forward to it, but at the same time I am going to miss being lazy at home and doing nothing for 7 days a week!!!
Well I should go and make dinner it is getting late and I think my husband is too engrossed in his game to notice that he hasn’t eaten yet!


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Monday, January 16, 2006

HELP! Names, Names, Names

Hi everyone, how are you?
I am on top of the world. I had the most wonderful amazing emotional and cuddly weekend ever! I spend 3 hours driving up to Liverpool, and then I spend 2 hours cuddling my new kittens and awing and owing, and being a girly girl in general. You would think that that would be enough for me. Nope it wasn’t, First thing Sunday morning, up at 8 (I know nutter!) and of in the care for 2 hours to get to East London to visit my parents in law and see my baby nephew, he is 20 week, and he is going to have a new wee brother this summer!! I spend all of Sunday looking at my husband playing with Patrick (baby nephew’s name) and just dreaming of having my own family and how great it will be in two weeks when I get my kittens!

Ok I am starting a name search! I need your help to find two names for my kittens. Both are boys, and both are very happy outgoing, cheeky chapies. Both are red tabbies, with cream bellies. They look almost identical, apart from the bigger one of the two who is two shades lighter and creamier. They are Maine Coons, so they will be VERY big cats, we are talking 20lb worth of cat, so the name needs to reflect their grand size and personalities. They are very chilled as cats go, a bit on the lazy emperor side. HELP! Post any name you think will be right for this huge beautiful cats. And at the end I will choose two!!

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Friday, January 13, 2006

The Gentle Giant

This is what I am hoping my kittens will look like

Hey there, how are you all? To the people that read my story, thank you very much, your comments help me to keep writing, I promise that part 3 will be up as soon as I have written in, and I will post it in shorter segments, so if my creative juices flow well I will be posting parts of the story more often!

Now I want to tell you what has been keeping me away from being on here as often as I’d like, and show you as well! I have been trying to sort out my house, decorate, get people to do the bits I can’t, I have been rebuilding my cinema screen, I do love when people ask “Oh how big is your telly?” and I turn around and say “9 feet” its brill! Anyway, I have also been looking for kittens and I have found the breed that I want; I want two male Maine Coon kittens, red tabby in colour. I have some pictures of the breed above, and as you can see they are MONSTER cats, huge, fluffy and very gentle, very attached to their owners. I am going to go and see two kittens tomorrow and I am very excited, I have been reading about them and learning about how to take care of them and I can’t wait!!!

Well that is it, all that in my head is keeping me pretty occupied! Have a lovely weekend!!

PS! I got the job, I got a new job, I am going to be a Business Unit Co-Ordinator for Sopra Group! YAY!


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