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Monday, May 29, 2006

White and Delicate

The sun broke over the treetops and shone its soft rays on her white and delicate face. She was laying in the field, motionless her red rose lips slightly parted.
As the sun entered the dark pools of her eyes she didnít flinch,
She let the light wash over her blind her and disperse the harsh darkness of night.
She was lost in her own world of self pity and sorrow but the warmth of the sun, and the strength within its light melted it all away from her white and delicate face.
She slowly lifted herself off the ground and strolled back to life.

Morning Everyone!

Well it is morning for me! How are you all?? I am well; it is bank holiday weekend so I get an extra day off today, this is the only time that I do like Mondays, when I have them off!
I have two more months of work left and then I am gone, so I am really looking forward to that! My mom and my grandmother are going to come around and see me then as well for a few weeks which is so wonderful.
I am going to relax today, do some reading, maybe have a nap if I feel tired at any point, but nothing too hands on. I have had such a busy weekend, with people coming to visit starting Friday so today is really the only day off that I got off to myself!!

I want to do something interesting on my site, I donít want to change it because I like it, I just want to have something that will entertain people and at the same time still in keeping with the subtleness of the site. So since a whole lot of you have a lot more experience than me at this, can I have some suggestions please!!!

This weeks flower, Lilies


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