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Sunday, July 8, 2007

   Opsie doopsie do...

Okay, so I know I delayed this for a week or so and it's not like I wanted, I'm still at school and will only get out at the end of this week (hopefully!), heh I apologise for the delay.
But look I can finally do it, so I shall not delay any further, here's my notes I took of each day Someguy was here:

Day Zero

This was the day before James came around, you cannot belive what a mix of feelings I had from excitment to worryness, but that's no news from me, heh. I reviewed my plans in my mind over and over (because plans don't work out if I write them down, go figure) and checked if everything's were ready for his arrival, such as if the batteries of the camera was charged, if I had the small gifts with me, the english guide book and the more important one if the hotel was ready to recieve him.
I couldn't sleep very well that night.

Day one: James Arrival!
Although I didn't slept that well, I woke up very early, I made some coffee. At exactly 7:30 am I was out of the house and heading to the airport.
Okay, I have to admit that by the time we were getting closer and closer to the airport my excitment along with being very nervous kept rising up high, (somehow James coming late made me get less nervous), the only problem was it made my worrynesss side get higher though.
Because when we got there it was around 7:45 (oh yeah brother drives fast but in a safe way though), so I looked at the panel up above and saw that the plane already landed, people were coming out and since I'm such a tall person (/sarcasm) I had to do some tricks to see something.
Thirty minutes later, there were fewer people coming out but James never showed up. Everytime the automatic door opened I tried to look inside in case I could spot him somewhere by that time I started to get very worried, thoughts like "what if he missed the plane or did something happened to him? or maybe he couldn't catch the flight for some reason or why didn't you checked if you had any messages before coming here?!" crossed my mind and my brother as well.
After almost an hour later without any information about what happened, I couldn't stand anymore. There was this traffic policeman who kept going inside and coming outside I called him and asked him if he could help me find this friend I was waiting for that was coming from Lisbon, he told me there were still three people inside, after some exchanging of info he finally put my mind to rest, James has landed but there were problems with his luggage, oh-oh.
So I waited a little longer and when I wasn't expecting this guy with black jacket and t-shirt comes out, runs to my direction with his arms wide open making us, shortly after, spin around. Fun, fun.

What was not so fun was they lost his luggage but already found it, he just needed to fill out some papers.

After that we got in the car, inside the car we exchanged gifts while having a fun chat (duh like it is possible to have a boring conversation with SG!), I got this way cute brown teddybear wearing a red t-shirt saying "vancouver" (look above!) and an adorable painted wood horse from Mimminx (I forgot to take a picture of it will do that soon!), awwwww.

After that we had breakfast and chill while waiting for James luggage. Oh yeah!During that time I was able to see all the pictures he took, some of the amazing adventures he passed through and....I had the redbinder in my hand! Ah yep, Teh redbinder from James! I was also able to read what he wrotte and I got another gift, he offered me something he bought on Normandia, this is embarassing but I don't know exactly what is called what I know is, it was used as a comunication between the friendly troops. It's so cool! I also have to take a picture of that too.
Then we visited a church and also the only fort we have here, learned quite a few things about war not only from the exposition they were having but also from James. T'was so much fun!
Then we passed through my mom's job and we were saved by her from a very, very smelly guy that was inside the building she works at. (Remember that James? hehehe)

Hmmmm...so yeah that was day one. We didn't do much that day since all the big plans were to happen in the weekend. Oh yeah, before I forget James was not smelly as he thought he would be so I could not tease him with that....hehehe... =P
Day two report comes very soon!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

   All Good things come to an end way to fast
Aww yeah. The fearfull day. James going home, finally came.

I cannot say that thought didn' crossed my mind before, it did. I just never realized it would come this soon, especially when we're having so much fun.
It'll be awkward to get back to the ol' routine tomorrow, especially not having fun lunchs and dinners like this past week, hehehe. But it was certainly a fantastic experience to have SG around. I won't ever forget, oh this so going to be my big story to tell the grandsons...hehe...

Someguy left the island this morning, we still had some complications but I won't talk about it yet not until he at least get's home safely.
Let's hope he gets home safe and sound,which he will because he's a smart kid.

James in my name and my family, we thank you for the amazing week we spent in your company. You touched our heart and made us giggle and laugh so much. It was truly memorable and we wished it last longer.

Me, my family and the entire island misses you already. We hope you visit us sometime soon.
Until then take care okay? And don't forget to message me soon, y'hear?

So big report about SG's in town coming soon!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Report : J is in town!
Itís been five days since Someguy came and I havenít said a thing? My bad, my apologies on that.
So right now itís 2 ish am in the morning I just left him to take a shower and get some well deserved rest, now Iím free to talk about him without him know, hehehe
....so what can I say about this days....well in one word they have been, unforgettable.
SG is just the same as the one we all know and love. Heís not old or fat. Just the (some)guy.
Hmmmm..... probably..... heís cutier..... and nicest person you could ever meet. I do ACTUALLY mean this, he was suppose to stay at my house but some issues showed up so we had to changed the plans, but Iím still keeping him fed, cleaned and of course the more important one, pampered. (I hope Iím doing a good job in that department though), yeah James itís definitely the kind of guy that people should have around, not only because heís nice, sweet, kind and a cutie but also because his the funniest person I ever meet. So I can assure you and itís not like I didnít know this before but SG is definitely TEH SOMEGUY. I bet Mimmix and Mariska would agree on this.
Heís just amazing like that.

Anyway, we had such a great weekend besides the bad weather. I wish it was longer so we could enjoy it even more, why do weekends have to be only two days?!Stupid little things should be like four or longer! We still have a few days more so Iíll make sure they will also be worth it!
Iím actually just babling around now probably because Iím really tired and itís so close to 3am now so I think Iíll save all the details of the last days to another day.
For now letís all sing a lullaby to make him sleep. x3

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Monday, June 18, 2007

My island will be visited by Some-J-guy
Okay I should be right now studying for my physics exam tomorrow but I had to say this first. Finally I'll be having something fun to do instead of problems that keeps popping one after an other, it'll be good to get my mind of them.
And how will I do that?
Well this week and next week will be the most exciting weeks of my life. Someone or should I say, Some-guy will come pay me a visit.
That's right, James in person will come and spend an entire week with me. Be jealous. mwa-aha-ah
So right now I do have some requests/suggestions by a few people to do to him shortly after he gets here, now it's your chance if have any. =P
But shhhhhh let's keep it a secret, private message me if you have those really goood ones, he must not know...yet. ;P
Millions of pictures are to be taken this upcoming days so look forward for them. Also look forward for some funny updates about it. ^_~

To James:
Boy you better be excited as much as I am because I really cannot wait for your visit.
I can't promise it'll be funnier than the other places you've been (after all you spend time with Mariska and our beloved Mimix (how jealous I feel!) ) but I'll do what I can for you to keep some good memories attached to the name Azores and perhaps, my name? =P
Have a safe flight and I'll see you in a couple of days!

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

   Hurry up! Books are waiting!
Hello everyone!
I know I've been terrible updating this thing and I also know I told you I would do it more often but the thing is, I just couldn't/cannot.
School is consuming all my atention and well, to be honnest, I just don't feel like posting lately as well.
Heh, I know it's kind of mean of my part to say this but it's true. Although life right now is somehow eventfull, I don't think is interesting enough to talk about it here.
The only thing that I do know will be fun to share with you all will happen in two weeks from now, I cannot talk about it yet [though most of you know what I'm talking about].
But yeah, I just came here because I'm on my break from studying and just wanted to let those who I have not been in contact with that I'm alive and kickin', sort off.

Okay, that's all for now.Hope everyone's doing fine.
See you in couple of weeks!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

A confort word or company can make a difference

Be that friend.
Give your support to Shanny.

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hello otaku people.
Thanks to everybody who replied to my entry last post. You guys are all incredibly sweet.
For those of you who didnít get it, last weekend it was my birthday as well. Me and Alexa have the same birthday, except Iím older than her. Much older, heh.
So I spent that entire weekend out of the house, doing fun stuff with family. Fun stuff like, having lunch on a wonderful restaurant, the food was delicious, yumm. This was what I ate, Knee Chicken. Hahaha I know, itís an awkward name to give to food, but hear this out:
Chicken involved with ham and melted cheese with a delicate mushrooms creamy sauce and surrounded by a delicious yet soft potato cream.

Sounds tempting? Feeling hungry, now? It was delicious.So thatís why I ate it all in a flash, you can see it here, mwhahaha.
What? I was hungry! x]
After lunch, we just enjoyed the gorgeous weather, oh did I told you weíre actually having wonderful summer days?
I took thousands of pictures, oh yeah I bought a brand new digicam, itís soÖhmm I canít find a word to describe it. The only thing I know is, Iím in love for it, taking high quality pictures can make you addicted to photography, I guess.
I have lots of them to show you but I think its better if I post one or two of them each time. It'll be an excuse to come here more often and post them.
My island is beautiful during all year but when Spring and Summer comes, you can see it in all her splendour. You know, we have this saying that, whenever someone comes and sees it, they fall in lover for her forever. And itís true because we have people that were once tourist and they left everything to live here.
So yeah, weíre like a good drug, you get addicted to it quite rapidly, hahaha.
But as I was saying, We went to the marina and stayed there for quite awhile staring the sky. We could smell the ocean, we could hear the birds. The sky was gorgeous, deep blue with tiny dots of white clouds. The warm breeze, it was magical.
And that was Saturday, on Sunday we decided to have a BBQ on a park and thatís when I found out that we had dears, haha. SG after all we do have dears, although their not walking around, their closed in this huge cage, poor things. =\
Thatís why me and sister kept feeding them with fresh cut grass. They loved that.
I completely didn't want that weekend to end, but, all good things must eventually come to an end =/ At least next weekend (I think), our traditional holidays starts? Yay!
For some reason, this weekend I feel excited, heh. Must be due to the recent news Iíve got. Heck, I have to be. It was such great news, even greater than my recent news about how great Iím doing at school, haha. I wonít say what it is, because it might bring bad luck. I just say, I cannot wait for June to come, is all. Hehehe...
So I should shut up and show you some of the pictures Iíve took:
So this one was taken at the marina while I was laid down. It might not look like but this place is beautiful, you could only understand how beautiful it is, if your there.Itís one of my favourite places of the island.
Vila Francaís City
Alright, so this might not look like but this is a City, a part of it. Itís one of my favourite places as well. The Marina above, itís right ahead. Although you canít see it on this picture.

Well the only thing to talk about is my redesigned layout. The other one looked winter-ish, this one in my opinion looks more summer-ish. Hope you like it. :)
Until next time, take care.


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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunday, May 6'07

Happy Birthday Alexa!

Hello otaku people.
I'm sorry I haven't been by for ages, again. It's been quite hectic lately.
Well on my end everythings alright, I think. I can't say much about what's going on because I'm in a rush [I have classes today booo] so I'm just updatin because it's a special day to a few people including one I love so much. It's Alexa's 17 birthday!

Alexa my friend, my darling, I hope you have a wonderful day today, may it be unforgetable and very very special. And let's hope we both survive this year at school, hahaha...

I know we haven't talked much lately but I want you to know that I love you and I'll be thinking of you today with care and sending you lots and lots of love too. Happy birthday, Alexa!

Okay, now I have a lion to pick for my party too. Someone wanna come?


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Friday, April 6, 2007

What is promised should be fulfilled

Well thought I'd stop by seeing as I have been gone for quite a long time. You should know that I am trying my best to come more often and make you less shadow-deprived, you were so impatient for my real return here on your comments it made me have a guilty conscience. Hope youíre happy. =P
So these are my last few days of Spring Break and they've been at least interesting. I've slept through most of the days even though I should be working and studying more which I havenít done. However, I dedicated a few hours when I was awake to write this.

Alright, to be honest Iíve been writing this for quite a few days, because there are so many things to be talked about. BUT everything that was written was be too long to share so instead, I rewrote it in the easiest and faster way I could.
After all you did come here to know what has been going on with me so itíd be rather unpleasant to finally come and leave you a super long rant about everything that happened.
Here goes:
[Donít pay too much attention about the order, it doesnít have any. Mostly, I just wrote it down what was coming to mind]

- On the first days of January I got a beautiful gift by an even more beautiful Texas lady. Read a couple of times that little cute card she sent and loved the Renji keychain. Felt loved. Still am.
- Still on January got extremely sick (flue) that longed for a couple of weeks.
- Got swamped on projects and essays.
- Started guitar lessons with a friend. Had enough will to learn ďNothing else MattersĒ by Mettalica but so little time to actually practise.
- Got ďAísĒ in almost all classes excluding Math and Physics (burns)
- Learned the basics of Macromedia Flash, got hooked on that.
- Played ďGod of War IIĒ demo like crazy shortly after my brother received it through mail. Still I donít own a copy, dammit.
- Continuing playing with her Sumomo doll, every time I need to boost my will to finish school stuff. Because sheís that cute and the person who gave her are too.
- Lost count of how many times fell asleep while studying with the books surrounding me.
- Lost track of time many times, either.
- As you know, got involved in a car accident. Physically was alright, mentally was a bit messed up but with time things slowly got better. Unfortunately nightmares still hunt me about that day.
- Finally found sometime to learn how to play that song on guitar. Now I know how to play half the song without stopping between cords.
- Spring break started last Friday and will continue until next Tuesday. BUT teachers send a thousand of things each, to be done during this week. Havenít even started on that yet. Someone said, screwed?
- Got my first weekend off for the first time since this year came by.
- Went on date last Sunday, wasnít so bad. Best part was the movie ďGhost RiderĒ. Got to love Nicholas Cage and his sexy burning skeleton, hmmmm.... Okay company wasnít so bad either.
- Got poisoned by one of my siblings without the poor thing knowledge.
Word of Advise : Always read the package instructions and if itís written in another language that itís unaware to you, do not use that package just by safety.
- Weíre expecting more tropical storms soon. So the weather lately sucks. I want warm sun.
- Got vaccinated last Tuesday, arm hurts like hell. Darn vaccines.
- Earthquakes are back and stronger heh, things might get a bit messy around here.
- Although we're experience all this weather and the earthquakes, it's very warm. I'm very happy that I can wear my t-shirts again.
- ďPassion of ChristĒ is truly amazing, although is very hard for me to watch it, itís one of my favourite movies. Not by its religious content but on my understanding, by the way the story is finally told in the most honest and more accurate way on what we think itís the truth about that Incredible Manís life.
- I'm not a poet although my father is but lately I've been writing stuff, I'm not sure if you can categorized as poetry. I just know that I've never really done that before. If you wish so, I'll show you.
- Chatted with an old friend. Ended up on a nostalgic mood after person went away, the mood lasted almost all night. Was truly happy to hear the plans are working out. Cannot wait to hear more news about it and looking forward to speak with suppose person soon since that chat wasnít enough to fill the gap of how much Iíve missed suppose person lately.
- Finally heard what I needed for the longest time ever from someone very dear to me, itís reasonable to say that this person is responsible for my return and I am happy to know this person is back too. Also looking forward to have a chat with this person because it HAS BEEN TOO LONG since last time we chatted.
- Aaand I cannot wait for the summer to come.

Darn. That was longer than I expected. Well just be glad that I took most of it out, the original one had two page-ish. Actually Iím lying. It had just a single one. Still I hope itís enough for an update.
Missed you all ALOT. With that said, take care.


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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Short post to say

I'm still alive, will update very soon.

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