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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Report : J is in town!
Itís been five days since Someguy came and I havenít said a thing? My bad, my apologies on that.
So right now itís 2 ish am in the morning I just left him to take a shower and get some well deserved rest, now Iím free to talk about him without him know, hehehe
....so what can I say about this days....well in one word they have been, unforgettable.
SG is just the same as the one we all know and love. Heís not old or fat. Just the (some)guy.
Hmmmm..... probably..... heís cutier..... and nicest person you could ever meet. I do ACTUALLY mean this, he was suppose to stay at my house but some issues showed up so we had to changed the plans, but Iím still keeping him fed, cleaned and of course the more important one, pampered. (I hope Iím doing a good job in that department though), yeah James itís definitely the kind of guy that people should have around, not only because heís nice, sweet, kind and a cutie but also because his the funniest person I ever meet. So I can assure you and itís not like I didnít know this before but SG is definitely TEH SOMEGUY. I bet Mimmix and Mariska would agree on this.
Heís just amazing like that.

Anyway, we had such a great weekend besides the bad weather. I wish it was longer so we could enjoy it even more, why do weekends have to be only two days?!Stupid little things should be like four or longer! We still have a few days more so Iíll make sure they will also be worth it!
Iím actually just babling around now probably because Iím really tired and itís so close to 3am now so I think Iíll save all the details of the last days to another day.
For now letís all sing a lullaby to make him sleep. x3

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