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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunday, May 6'07

Happy Birthday Alexa!

Hello otaku people.
I'm sorry I haven't been by for ages, again. It's been quite hectic lately.
Well on my end everythings alright, I think. I can't say much about what's going on because I'm in a rush [I have classes today booo] so I'm just updatin because it's a special day to a few people including one I love so much. It's Alexa's 17 birthday!

Alexa my friend, my darling, I hope you have a wonderful day today, may it be unforgetable and very very special. And let's hope we both survive this year at school, hahaha...

I know we haven't talked much lately but I want you to know that I love you and I'll be thinking of you today with care and sending you lots and lots of love too. Happy birthday, Alexa!

Okay, now I have a lion to pick for my party too. Someone wanna come?


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