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Sunday, July 8, 2007

   Opsie doopsie do...

Okay, so I know I delayed this for a week or so and it's not like I wanted, I'm still at school and will only get out at the end of this week (hopefully!), heh I apologise for the delay.
But look I can finally do it, so I shall not delay any further, here's my notes I took of each day Someguy was here:

Day Zero

This was the day before James came around, you cannot belive what a mix of feelings I had from excitment to worryness, but that's no news from me, heh. I reviewed my plans in my mind over and over (because plans don't work out if I write them down, go figure) and checked if everything's were ready for his arrival, such as if the batteries of the camera was charged, if I had the small gifts with me, the english guide book and the more important one if the hotel was ready to recieve him.
I couldn't sleep very well that night.

Day one: James Arrival!
Although I didn't slept that well, I woke up very early, I made some coffee. At exactly 7:30 am I was out of the house and heading to the airport.
Okay, I have to admit that by the time we were getting closer and closer to the airport my excitment along with being very nervous kept rising up high, (somehow James coming late made me get less nervous), the only problem was it made my worrynesss side get higher though.
Because when we got there it was around 7:45 (oh yeah brother drives fast but in a safe way though), so I looked at the panel up above and saw that the plane already landed, people were coming out and since I'm such a tall person (/sarcasm) I had to do some tricks to see something.
Thirty minutes later, there were fewer people coming out but James never showed up. Everytime the automatic door opened I tried to look inside in case I could spot him somewhere by that time I started to get very worried, thoughts like "what if he missed the plane or did something happened to him? or maybe he couldn't catch the flight for some reason or why didn't you checked if you had any messages before coming here?!" crossed my mind and my brother as well.
After almost an hour later without any information about what happened, I couldn't stand anymore. There was this traffic policeman who kept going inside and coming outside I called him and asked him if he could help me find this friend I was waiting for that was coming from Lisbon, he told me there were still three people inside, after some exchanging of info he finally put my mind to rest, James has landed but there were problems with his luggage, oh-oh.
So I waited a little longer and when I wasn't expecting this guy with black jacket and t-shirt comes out, runs to my direction with his arms wide open making us, shortly after, spin around. Fun, fun.

What was not so fun was they lost his luggage but already found it, he just needed to fill out some papers.

After that we got in the car, inside the car we exchanged gifts while having a fun chat (duh like it is possible to have a boring conversation with SG!), I got this way cute brown teddybear wearing a red t-shirt saying "vancouver" (look above!) and an adorable painted wood horse from Mimminx (I forgot to take a picture of it will do that soon!), awwwww.

After that we had breakfast and chill while waiting for James luggage. Oh yeah!During that time I was able to see all the pictures he took, some of the amazing adventures he passed through and....I had the redbinder in my hand! Ah yep, Teh redbinder from James! I was also able to read what he wrotte and I got another gift, he offered me something he bought on Normandia, this is embarassing but I don't know exactly what is called what I know is, it was used as a comunication between the friendly troops. It's so cool! I also have to take a picture of that too.
Then we visited a church and also the only fort we have here, learned quite a few things about war not only from the exposition they were having but also from James. T'was so much fun!
Then we passed through my mom's job and we were saved by her from a very, very smelly guy that was inside the building she works at. (Remember that James? hehehe)

Hmmmm...so yeah that was day one. We didn't do much that day since all the big plans were to happen in the weekend. Oh yeah, before I forget James was not smelly as he thought he would be so I could not tease him with that....hehehe... =P
Day two report comes very soon!

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