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Friday, April 6, 2007

What is promised should be fulfilled

Well thought I'd stop by seeing as I have been gone for quite a long time. You should know that I am trying my best to come more often and make you less shadow-deprived, you were so impatient for my real return here on your comments it made me have a guilty conscience. Hope youíre happy. =P
So these are my last few days of Spring Break and they've been at least interesting. I've slept through most of the days even though I should be working and studying more which I havenít done. However, I dedicated a few hours when I was awake to write this.

Alright, to be honest Iíve been writing this for quite a few days, because there are so many things to be talked about. BUT everything that was written was be too long to share so instead, I rewrote it in the easiest and faster way I could.
After all you did come here to know what has been going on with me so itíd be rather unpleasant to finally come and leave you a super long rant about everything that happened.
Here goes:
[Donít pay too much attention about the order, it doesnít have any. Mostly, I just wrote it down what was coming to mind]

- On the first days of January I got a beautiful gift by an even more beautiful Texas lady. Read a couple of times that little cute card she sent and loved the Renji keychain. Felt loved. Still am.
- Still on January got extremely sick (flue) that longed for a couple of weeks.
- Got swamped on projects and essays.
- Started guitar lessons with a friend. Had enough will to learn ďNothing else MattersĒ by Mettalica but so little time to actually practise.
- Got ďAísĒ in almost all classes excluding Math and Physics (burns)
- Learned the basics of Macromedia Flash, got hooked on that.
- Played ďGod of War IIĒ demo like crazy shortly after my brother received it through mail. Still I donít own a copy, dammit.
- Continuing playing with her Sumomo doll, every time I need to boost my will to finish school stuff. Because sheís that cute and the person who gave her are too.
- Lost count of how many times fell asleep while studying with the books surrounding me.
- Lost track of time many times, either.
- As you know, got involved in a car accident. Physically was alright, mentally was a bit messed up but with time things slowly got better. Unfortunately nightmares still hunt me about that day.
- Finally found sometime to learn how to play that song on guitar. Now I know how to play half the song without stopping between cords.
- Spring break started last Friday and will continue until next Tuesday. BUT teachers send a thousand of things each, to be done during this week. Havenít even started on that yet. Someone said, screwed?
- Got my first weekend off for the first time since this year came by.
- Went on date last Sunday, wasnít so bad. Best part was the movie ďGhost RiderĒ. Got to love Nicholas Cage and his sexy burning skeleton, hmmmm.... Okay company wasnít so bad either.
- Got poisoned by one of my siblings without the poor thing knowledge.
Word of Advise : Always read the package instructions and if itís written in another language that itís unaware to you, do not use that package just by safety.
- Weíre expecting more tropical storms soon. So the weather lately sucks. I want warm sun.
- Got vaccinated last Tuesday, arm hurts like hell. Darn vaccines.
- Earthquakes are back and stronger heh, things might get a bit messy around here.
- Although we're experience all this weather and the earthquakes, it's very warm. I'm very happy that I can wear my t-shirts again.
- ďPassion of ChristĒ is truly amazing, although is very hard for me to watch it, itís one of my favourite movies. Not by its religious content but on my understanding, by the way the story is finally told in the most honest and more accurate way on what we think itís the truth about that Incredible Manís life.
- I'm not a poet although my father is but lately I've been writing stuff, I'm not sure if you can categorized as poetry. I just know that I've never really done that before. If you wish so, I'll show you.
- Chatted with an old friend. Ended up on a nostalgic mood after person went away, the mood lasted almost all night. Was truly happy to hear the plans are working out. Cannot wait to hear more news about it and looking forward to speak with suppose person soon since that chat wasnít enough to fill the gap of how much Iíve missed suppose person lately.
- Finally heard what I needed for the longest time ever from someone very dear to me, itís reasonable to say that this person is responsible for my return and I am happy to know this person is back too. Also looking forward to have a chat with this person because it HAS BEEN TOO LONG since last time we chatted.
- Aaand I cannot wait for the summer to come.

Darn. That was longer than I expected. Well just be glad that I took most of it out, the original one had two page-ish. Actually Iím lying. It had just a single one. Still I hope itís enough for an update.
Missed you all ALOT. With that said, take care.


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