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Monday, June 18, 2007

My island will be visited by Some-J-guy
Okay I should be right now studying for my physics exam tomorrow but I had to say this first. Finally I'll be having something fun to do instead of problems that keeps popping one after an other, it'll be good to get my mind of them.
And how will I do that?
Well this week and next week will be the most exciting weeks of my life. Someone or should I say, Some-guy will come pay me a visit.
That's right, James in person will come and spend an entire week with me. Be jealous. mwa-aha-ah
So right now I do have some requests/suggestions by a few people to do to him shortly after he gets here, now it's your chance if have any. =P
But shhhhhh let's keep it a secret, private message me if you have those really goood ones, he must not know...yet. ;P
Millions of pictures are to be taken this upcoming days so look forward for them. Also look forward for some funny updates about it. ^_~

To James:
Boy you better be excited as much as I am because I really cannot wait for your visit.
I can't promise it'll be funnier than the other places you've been (after all you spend time with Mariska and our beloved Mimix (how jealous I feel!) ) but I'll do what I can for you to keep some good memories attached to the name Azores and perhaps, my name? =P
Have a safe flight and I'll see you in a couple of days!

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