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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

   All Good things come to an end way to fast
Aww yeah. The fearfull day. James going home, finally came.

I cannot say that thought didn' crossed my mind before, it did. I just never realized it would come this soon, especially when we're having so much fun.
It'll be awkward to get back to the ol' routine tomorrow, especially not having fun lunchs and dinners like this past week, hehehe. But it was certainly a fantastic experience to have SG around. I won't ever forget, oh this so going to be my big story to tell the grandsons...hehe...

Someguy left the island this morning, we still had some complications but I won't talk about it yet not until he at least get's home safely.
Let's hope he gets home safe and sound,which he will because he's a smart kid.

James in my name and my family, we thank you for the amazing week we spent in your company. You touched our heart and made us giggle and laugh so much. It was truly memorable and we wished it last longer.

Me, my family and the entire island misses you already. We hope you visit us sometime soon.
Until then take care okay? And don't forget to message me soon, y'hear?

So big report about SG's in town coming soon!

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