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Monday, October 1, 2007

   School is tons of stressful work but so goddamn fun!
Ah yep. I've only been back for a week and I'm already in "full mode" school, if you know what I mean.
Filled with many things to do and things on my mind. It's insane, I tell ya!

But I'm lazy.

Way to lazy. Dammit! XD

I need to get back to the routine soon or else I'll be way behind.

I'm excited!So excited with one thing that I'll be doing for the upcoming months, that will possibly and more likely consume most of my time and consume my brain and patience to ashes. Which is not a pretty sight, heh. =P

I'll be learning and animating my own "dolls" and make a movie out of it. Its quite a tricky thing to do since it involves you to make your own characters out of your mind and actually building them and the scenario and then click by click you start to animate them and bring them to live.
That demans a good deal of patience. ALOT of it, actually. But I'm excited to do it. It's been one of those things that I always found it interesting and one of those things that actually made me choose this degree, anyway.
I'm way ahead already since me and some collegues already have the plot and I made the "prototype" dolls already and I have untill December to do it! Fear my way of hurry things!Mwahahaha....

See that's how much I'm excited about this. Lets just hope it stays that way after I start making the doll move. Oh boy, I need to be more patient than I am right now. Hehehe...

Rather than that I've been photographing like crazy!
I don't know the how or the cause (actually I do X3), my imagination is in full bloom so I'm quite surprised with the results I'm obtaining with my girl friends. Their my models and they love it so that's always a plus. I wish I could show you a few but I fear I cannot since I don't have their authorization aannd I dunno, this an anime site after all...

Either way, I'm having tons of fun aaaand ya know even though I have school stuff to think about I'm always online in msn lately. After all, most of my school stuff has to be done at the computer so might as well have good company while doing it, ne?

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

   There's no sucky weather that can ruin my mood today
[Warning: Randomness!]

The weather has been sucky lately, it's been cloudy and we actually had rain today. The only good thing is, its still warm and humid, except the chilling mornings and nights.

So yeah everyone was moaning and grumpy because it was raining outside and how long we will be without sunny days. Ya know, summer is over and its hard for everyone. Well. At least to the ones that actually like the summer. Me included because if I look back I had a summer fully of funny moments and memories and now summer it's officially closed and over. I miss already those times. I really do. I just look forward for the next one and see what it has saved up for me. 'Cause I'm a curious person. =3

This week started up with the wrong feet, I helped giving it a push but now everything's back on track and I'm happy. Very.

So that's why I went outside and walked in the rain with my head raised up high, I felt each drop falling from my face...it tickles....hehe...

OF course I ended up soaked wet in half an hour but heck I didn't care less, it was relaxing and fun so it was damn worth it. That made me extra happy.

So yeah, I'm happy and relieved that things worked out and all my doubts and phantom problems were out of my mind and washed by the rain. And I hope you are too.

You should do it one day.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I hope you have a wonderful day today love.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Because we cannot forget...

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Much, much love bambi-lo <3

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Because I have a guilty conscience...
Neglect. Is the best word I find to describe what I've been doing for god knows how many months around here but hey I pop up now and then with my silly blurbs so in the end that's not too bad.

Anyway, tonight or (should I say early morning?It's 3am anyway) I'm merely updating to let ya know that I'm alive.Well.Sort off.
I thought I recovered from my flu, it took a long time to heal and I really thought my body beat it but guess I was wrong. It's back and this time it's twice as strong than the last time.
Its very hard to breath sometimes and because of that I get dizzy heh, that's why I'm still up. I just can't stay still and fall asleep buut I'm doing all I can to beat it up again. We'll see.
And oh, going to the hospital won't work, last time I went there the doctor asked me what was I doing there and she kept suspicious all the time I was there, apparently I can pretend very well that I'm healthy when I'm actually not. Go figure.

So yeah, that's why I barely come on lately or update this thing heh and Le kun, I haven't forgotten you, I'll get to you and help you out as soon as I recover okay? I know you've been waiting for so long, I'm sorry about that.
And Vicky love, I may have not comment your posts lately but I've read them, if you need a friend, you know where to find me. Things will get better, you'll see.

Well it's 4am so I'm off and see if I can get some sleep. Take care.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

   Sickness go away, you!
And once again, I update this place so late, well at least this time was a few weeks late, which isn't that bad.
Anyway, what matters is I'm finally here doing it, unfortunately though, I'm not here to talk/show the photos or videos about my trip. Honnestly, I think I'm way to late with that so perhaps you guys are no longer interested on that and.Well. I feel lazy to do it too, hehe.
But if you still want me to show them, I will upload and show them. Just let me know if you do.

Well now that is said and done, shall I update you about Shadow's life?

Heh, I know it's a boring subject but bare with me for just a little. I know you will, 'cause you are all kind and sweet. And yes, I'm flattering you to read it through, hehehe :P

Working is fun and I've been doing that for a month and half and still have another month and half ahead. Assisting at the Daycare, which is called "The Naughty kids", and yes it's called that way, I kid you not.
Well I am but I could not resist to see your face upon reading that, hehe. Priceless.

Anyway, so taking care of a large crowd of babies is the most rewarding thing you can do in life, at least for me it is.
I think I have some talent for it since well when I get there all the little kids starts running in my direction, and I get swamped with little arms around my neck.
I get so tired by the end of the day but it's so worth it. Babies, toddlers are so much fun to play with. You should try and play with one when you get the chance. It's really fun. =3

Today is my day off and the day was horrible outside, it's been that way for quite awhile. It keeps rainning and when it's not, it's cloudy and such. I miss the sun already...
And to top of it all, I'm getting sick. A couple of days I've started to have difficulty breathing and eating was a painfull thing to do, now I keep coughing now and then and to help all this, the strong pain on my back is back again. Making me unable to move properly, everytime I get up, sit down or walk I get this sharp pain that goes from the far end of my back to my neck. I've heard that I look like an old lady when I move around, heh. Urgh, I hate when I'm sick.
I turn into a very annoying person when I'm like that...

Now I'm wondering if I should go to work tomorrow since I'm probably contagious and I'll probably make the kids sick as well...

Blah being sick sucks, I tell ya...

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

   I are a bad Otaku user
I really am. So here I am after I dunno how many weeks after coming back home, Iíve been too lazy for my own good with this posting thing, heh.
Iíll tell you all about my trip to Lisbon and many more in my next post because I still owe you guys my ďJames is in townĒ report although later I wanted to change it to ďHOT NEWS!James was spoted on Azores!Ē but it sounded to well.... naughty....


Anyway, I know I only wrote about the first day and Iím like a month later, but I still think I did well since today is a special day after all, ne? So itíll make things even more fun for that person ;P
Anyway, enough of me babling around, letís start for what everybody was so anxiously looking for (I hope):

Just a little warning though this might turn out really long so read or not read, do as you please, though I would apreciate a bunch if you do ;3

Day Two ( June 21)

  • Unfortunately on this day I had two exams I had to do, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, so to my saddness I had to leave James alone for alot of hours. I felt pretty bad about it, although I tried to compensate with the lunch but it was he who ended up doing it when he started talking chinese with owner of the restaurant and teached me how to eat and drink in the traditional chinese way. I will never EVER forget about that lunch, it was the most amusing thing to watch James talk in Chinese and so well! (even though he says he wasnít) I also drank for the first time chinese tea which made things even more amusing.

  • Oh yeah!During the morning while I was doing my Culture and Social exam, the phone rang and instantly I picked it up and answer it, without even caring with the fact that I was in a exam, picking a phone is not something you can do but I did, mom told me the mobile phone I gave to James died and since she or he could not comunicate very well ( mom only knows a few words but understands what James said just doesnít know how to comunicate and James doesnít know portuguese nor can speak it), although I was worried I found it amusing. Talked to James while looking to my teacher coming towards my way, saying that I was cheating through the phone. James was worried, I just found it hillarious. Everything went to normal afterwards. Oh yeah I was surprised with his memory, after all I only brought him to my motherís office one quick time and he imediatly found the place. Got amused with that fact.

  • At night, treated the sunburns James had in his shoulders, arms and face. Felt pretty bad while doing it.

  • A cow parade was passing by so we thought we should show it to him. He got way amused with that.

  • Watched without subtitles (YES!) 300 with him and my brother had a terrific time.
    THIS IS SPARTAAAA!!!. Amusing.Very.

  • Day three ( June 22)
  • Again had to go to school (I asked for permission to be excuse from classes but they didnít authorized so since they have restrict rules about skipping classes such as, if you skip classes five times in one class you can be expeled, so heh that gives me no chance to skip all day every days although I did spent the first day with James XP and then got caught by a teacher and heard from him DX but it was so worth it)

  • Got a really bad news from a close friend but was lucky enough to have another best friend to cheer me up.

  • Learned that pigeons arenít James favourite birds.

  • I started to find that walking home was so much fun now.

  • Got in the car with brother and J for some pizza in another point of the island. Yummy.

  • Had fun watching the festivities that was happening there, James and brother started to pick on me because since Iím too small I couldnít actually see most of the performances that was happening in one of the improvise stages, but it was fun being picked on.

  • Day four, weekend! (June 23)

  • Me, James and lilí sister were dropped off at early morning in Furnas, we spent all morning there, walking around, visiting houses and a beautiful garden.

  • Only one caffee was opened (or so I thought) got ripped off, got slightly annoyed but oh well...

  • James finally becomes a family member after eating everything mom gave him (poor thing). Heís truly a tough guy.

  • James found this big fat duck who barely could fly and started to stalk him and after awhile he flew away from him. Amusing to no end, click here and here

  • We made him drink (well mostly I did) alot of different mineral waters, was very amusing to watch the different expressions on his face (I do have a fun movie to show you about this, will show as soon as possible)

  • Got home, internet, tv, CSI!

  • Made a very humble dinner for both of us. Burgers, how original! :P

  • Day five, weekend!(June 24)
  • Saddly, we were unlucky on this day. We spared the best places to show him this day but the weather didnít help at all. It was foggy everywhere but we did had our moment of Silent Hill: Click here

  • (thereís also a video about it, will show in my next post)
  • We crossed the oceanic tunnel of Doom! With only a defensive flashlight and three cellphones the first time, the second we used an Ipod and a PSP light along with almost dead cellphones.

  • Had a magnum ice cream, then yellow beens: Click here

  • We watched Zorro while eating inside the neat tavern.

  • Mom cooked ribs and James seemed to have loved it.

  • Day five (June 25)

  • Honnestly the thought of James going back home started to hit by that time. I was really having fun and it was so much fun to show things around, have someone to go eat lunch and good company going back home...

  • Again had to leave James for some hours due to school (booo)

  • We went to the beach, relaxed, had a nice and long conversation and saw the sunset, it was quite nice indeed.

  • Decided we should had pizza instead. Yummy.

  • James noticed that humidity makes him get tired very fast so he couldnít stay up too late at night.

  • Day six (June 26)

  • Went shopping with James, helped him pick some stuff for his family. He wonder how he would take all the stuff.

  • Went to school (again).Darn.

  • James introduced us to pre-wrestling. That was so much fun!

  • Offered him an early birthday present because being so bad as I am with sending things through mail, it would probably get broken if I did so instead I offered in person. It seemed like he liked it.

  • Had a wonderfull last evening getting closer to an already closer friend.

  • Day seven (June 27)
  • This was such a stressfull day.

  • When we got to the airport we found out that James wasnít in any flight. His flight never really existed.

  • Mom was also having a terrible day at work.

  • I started to get really worried with James because we couldnít get a hold on Travelocity no matter how much we tried.

  • Did all I could along with brother to make things work out.
    And they eventually did, although he had to spent a huge mass of money to go back and we all hoped Joshie got his message.
  • It was really sad to say goodbye but I was happy that he was able to get home safe and sound.

  • Got extremely relieved when got his message saying he was home.

  • And there you have it! After a month I finally did it! Go me!
    Iím so sorry for the looooong post but I had to do it today, all of it. =P

    So SG, I hope your happy to read this today because I did all I could to have it up today, it was also amusing to remember everything and re-read the little notes I made myself about those days so I hope this was fun to read has it was fun to write. :3
    I also hope you have a great, no. A fantastic day too because you definitely deserve it! And hereís hoping for many more years to come!
    Happy, happy birthday botoes!!

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    Saturday, July 21, 2007

       Back in town
    I'm back. I'm tired. Sleepy. Got a huge sunburn on my shoulders/legs/face. It hurts. Lisbon water smells and makes my skin dry.I'm tired.I smell.I'm hungry.Aaand did I said I'm tired?


    I'm home.Missed me? =3

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    Friday, July 13, 2007

       Last day of school and here we go vacations!
    So today was my last day at school and I guess I'm official out of it for awhile, well at least till October comes around.
    And supposedly vacations means updating more right? Right, well kind off. Tomorrow I'll be leaving town for week so that means less updates from me and another delayed on the recap of my "SG's in town" posts, heh. But it only be for a week, when I get back friday there'll be many more juicy stories from me, hehehe....
    Oh yeah I'm going to Lisbon, if anybody cares to know. Of course there'll be posts and pictures for your own pleasure. =)
    So...hmm yeah...for the upcoming week you probably be Shadow-deprived (which can be a good thing or a bad thing ;P), I'll try and see if I can find a place with internet available near by to check things around here.

    Untill then, please take care!

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