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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hello otaku people.
Thanks to everybody who replied to my entry last post. You guys are all incredibly sweet.
For those of you who didnít get it, last weekend it was my birthday as well. Me and Alexa have the same birthday, except Iím older than her. Much older, heh.
So I spent that entire weekend out of the house, doing fun stuff with family. Fun stuff like, having lunch on a wonderful restaurant, the food was delicious, yumm. This was what I ate, Knee Chicken. Hahaha I know, itís an awkward name to give to food, but hear this out:
Chicken involved with ham and melted cheese with a delicate mushrooms creamy sauce and surrounded by a delicious yet soft potato cream.

Sounds tempting? Feeling hungry, now? It was delicious.So thatís why I ate it all in a flash, you can see it here, mwhahaha.
What? I was hungry! x]
After lunch, we just enjoyed the gorgeous weather, oh did I told you weíre actually having wonderful summer days?
I took thousands of pictures, oh yeah I bought a brand new digicam, itís soÖhmm I canít find a word to describe it. The only thing I know is, Iím in love for it, taking high quality pictures can make you addicted to photography, I guess.
I have lots of them to show you but I think its better if I post one or two of them each time. It'll be an excuse to come here more often and post them.
My island is beautiful during all year but when Spring and Summer comes, you can see it in all her splendour. You know, we have this saying that, whenever someone comes and sees it, they fall in lover for her forever. And itís true because we have people that were once tourist and they left everything to live here.
So yeah, weíre like a good drug, you get addicted to it quite rapidly, hahaha.
But as I was saying, We went to the marina and stayed there for quite awhile staring the sky. We could smell the ocean, we could hear the birds. The sky was gorgeous, deep blue with tiny dots of white clouds. The warm breeze, it was magical.
And that was Saturday, on Sunday we decided to have a BBQ on a park and thatís when I found out that we had dears, haha. SG after all we do have dears, although their not walking around, their closed in this huge cage, poor things. =\
Thatís why me and sister kept feeding them with fresh cut grass. They loved that.
I completely didn't want that weekend to end, but, all good things must eventually come to an end =/ At least next weekend (I think), our traditional holidays starts? Yay!
For some reason, this weekend I feel excited, heh. Must be due to the recent news Iíve got. Heck, I have to be. It was such great news, even greater than my recent news about how great Iím doing at school, haha. I wonít say what it is, because it might bring bad luck. I just say, I cannot wait for June to come, is all. Hehehe...
So I should shut up and show you some of the pictures Iíve took:
So this one was taken at the marina while I was laid down. It might not look like but this place is beautiful, you could only understand how beautiful it is, if your there.Itís one of my favourite places of the island.
Vila Francaís City
Alright, so this might not look like but this is a City, a part of it. Itís one of my favourite places as well. The Marina above, itís right ahead. Although you canít see it on this picture.

Well the only thing to talk about is my redesigned layout. The other one looked winter-ish, this one in my opinion looks more summer-ish. Hope you like it. :)
Until next time, take care.


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