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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chapter 6
"So where exactly are we going?" Lust asks as she, Aurora, Becky, Kareen, Silmeria, and Koji, all follow Nara.

Nara is stumbling and bumping into everything as he struggles to walk. He hasn't said a word since they left the small café. They get to the front gates of Ashen's house and Nara passes out, collapsing to the ground.

Ashen is franticly searching the entire house when he comes face to face with Koji in one of the bedrooms.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Ashen says jumping and backing away.

"You are the owner of this house, are you not?" Koji asks.

"Yes.... Why?" Ashen replies nervously.

"Good. I am here to inform you that we are taking over this house for a while. Understand?" Koji says holding a dagger to Ashen's throat.

Ashen nods.

"Good boy." Koji says and leaves.

Ashen sighs and puts his hand to his throat. He pulls it back and sees some blood. He runs straight out of the room and straight into Silmeria, and in the process grabs her breasts.

Before he can even react, she takes her staff and puts it in front of his legs, then flips him over the railing to the marble floor below.

Ashen lays on the ground motionless as blood leaks from his mouth, nose, and a large gash on his forehead.

Ta walk past several moments later and sees Ashen. He calmly walks upstairs to Lust. She smiles at him and he simply reaches into her ample cleavage.

"My aren't you a bold one." Lust says as Ta puts he sandwich into his mouth and squeezes her breast before retrieving a small vial.

He returns to Ashen's body and opens it. Ashen jumps up and cracks his neck.

"Thank you." Sessaru replies.

"That worked." Ta says and heads to the TV room.

Tied up above the front door against the wall, Steven and Amelia watch helplessly.


Another few days pass, and everything has quieted down.

"Alright, ninja boy. What exactly is going on here?" Steven asks.

"It's rather simple actually." Koji starts, "Upstairs, you have Lord Nara of the Eastern Lands and the true Demon King of the Demon Realm recovering from his recent ordeals. In the other room, you have Lady Kareen, Lord Nara's faithful familiar, recovering from her injuries." Koji explains.

"But why here? Why my house?" Ashen asks.

"That's something I am hoping to learn while I am here." Koji replies, "I can tell you that no one else will be entering this realm for awhile" Koji continues and draws a small dial from his pocket.

"What is that?" Aurora asks.

"This is the main control dial for the portal. I swiped it after Nara finished his business in the Demon Realm." Koji explains.

"About that. What the hell happened in that café?" Lust asks.

"That was one of Lord Nara's more powerful spells. Using it drained most of his energy, that's why he collapsed." Koji says, "What it does is, he temporarily switches bodies with me. He has a limited time when he does it otherwise it would kill both of us, but basically his soul enters my body and mine enters his. Our appearance changes and he did what he set out to." Koji continues.

"And what of our Lords?" Silmeria asks.

Koji smiles silently and looks right at Ashen and Ta.

"You're kidding?" Silmeria asks.

"No. Meet Lord Ta and Lord Sessaru, whom you nearly killed." Koji says.

Lust hugs Ta and holds him close. She whispers into Ta's ear and he blushes. Her hand reaches beneath the table and she smiles.

"I could get used to this." She says with a laugh as Ta starts breathing heavy with a relaxed look on his face.

Silmeria grabs Ashen by the face and looks him over like one would a cow before purchasing it.

"And what of Lord Shin? Where may he be?" Aurora asks with her eyes full of hope of seeing her beloved Lord again.

"He is proving to be rather difficult to locate. (The hope quickly flees from her eyes.) Not to worry, my men are everywhere. He won't stay hidden for long." Koji says trying to reassure her.

The young boy, who Sephile pushed down the stairs, enters with a juice box in his hands and a sucker in the other. He is about 10 and is wearing a pair of shorts that go to his mid thigh and socks that go to his knees with a bright blue back pack on his back.

"Sephile is in the intensive care unit in Ivory. She's in a coma and the doctors aren't sure how she could of survived for so long with out medical care. Ivory is full of all kinds of her men. I suggest we all keep a very low profile and not do anything that will draw attention to us." The boy explains before sipping his juice box and then puts the sucker into his mouth.

"Who are you?" Koji asks.

Aurora's eyes turn to hearts and she is hugging the boy tightly with tears running down her cheeks.

"Lord Shin, you have returned." She says.

Shin lets her hold him for the rest of the morning.

Later that same afternoon.

"Look, for now, you three are to go to school and continue on as normal. You will not mention any of this to anyone. If you do, they will never find your bodies." Koji says sternly.

"I'm quite content with this situation." Lust says sitting on Ta's lap and burying his face into her chest.

"Me too." Aurora replies holding Shin still.

"Good, I will continue my job and will update you as needed." Koji says and leaves.


In the Demon Realm, Roswell is hooked up to dozens of machines to sustain his life.

Outside the hospital room, the other 3 Lords have a whispered conversation.

"I knew this day would come sooner or later but Nara is still stronger then us." Kogamaru says.

"That false body Sephile put him in is too damn good. If he can do this to Fatass in that, what could he do to us in his real one?" Shear asks.

"Not to worry. Plans are in place to assure that doesn't happen. Just run everything as normal for now." Kogamaru explains.

"Don't screw this up otherwise we could be like Roswell." Shingi says.


A full year has passed and Sephile is still in a coma. Miraculously she had pulled through all the surgeries and is back to normal, for the most part.

Roswell has almost fully pulled himself back together. He is off the machines for now and is doing most everything on his own. His arms and legs are still slowly reattaching themselves.

As for Nara and Kareen, Nara is still sleeping trying to recover as much strength has possible. However, in his false body it is much slower. Kareen is awake and fully recovered. Thanks to Lust, the scars have disappeared and she is back to normal.


In the Demon Real, Kogamaru has reconstructed the portal from the pieces he found in the rubble of Roswell's castle.

"There." He says putting on the final dials, "Now to test it." He adds before calling over one of his Hellspiders.

The Hellspider is about the size of a midsize car and others are the size of a semi truck. This particular one looks like a tarantula.

The portal opens and the spider enters. Suddenly the portal closes and the spider is cut in half.


Shingi sits in Roswell's hospital room.

"Still no word from Sephile. She has been out of communication for a year now. It would be safe to assume she is dead." Shingi says.

"No. I know she has to be alive otherwise everything has been for nothing." Roswell replies, "Any luck on the portal?"

"Kogamaru is working on that as we speak. When he gets it working, what do you want done?" Shingi asks.

"Gather these four and have them come here once the portal is completed." Roswell says handing a piece of paper to Shingi who reads it.

"These four?" He says reading it.

"Yes, they are my most loyalist men. They also hold enough power to successfully kill that bastard Nara." Roswell replies.


Another month has passed and Kogamaru has finally completed a successfully stable portal, for the most part.

Shingi and Shear stand back and watch.

"Okay, I think I got it this time." Kogamaru says.

A scout leaps into the portal and pops out right onto Nara, who is just waking up.

"What the hell?" Nara says.

"Close it!" Shingi shouts hearing Nara's voice.

As the portal closes, the scout flies through like a crumpled piece of paper.

"This one isn't entirely accurate but it works." Kogamaru says.


Kareen is sleeping in a chair next to Nara's bed and is awakened by the scout's screams for help.

"Lord Nara, you are awake." She says and gives him a hug.

"Is there any food?" Nara asks.

In the kitchen, Nara sits at the table while Kareen prepares him a meal.

By the time he is done eating there is no food anywhere in the house.

"That'll have to do." Nara says rubbing his stomach.

Ashen returns home and sets a bag of cat toys and food down.

"Have you seen a small gray cat roaming around?" Ashen asks.

"That's right. Humans keep those things around as pets and not emergency food." Nara says to himself, "Nope." Nara lies to Ashen as he opens the cans of cat food.

He devours those and then heads to the shower.

Lust is laying in the bath, enjoying her nice soak when suddenly a scout falls into the bath.

"JACKPOT!!" The scout says and Kogamaru's head pops through the portal.

"Lust?" He says and suddenly his head is pulled out and replaced by Shear and Shingi both of which have a bloody nose.

Kogamaru yanks them back and sticks his head back in.

"Kogamaru." Lust says.

"I see you haven't changed." Kogamaru says, "I just have one question. Why?"

"Simple. You were too busy in your experiments to be with me. Every night you would be in your lab and I would be alone. I needed something and Ta was there with it. Actually, I didn't realize it was him at first. It could of been anyone as far as I was concerned." Lust replies.

"I see. Well, once I kill him then I will make things right." Kogamaru says as the bathroom door opens.

The portal closes just as Nara walks in. The scout looks around franticly and dives underwater. Lust looks at Nara and doesn't bother to cover up.

"Finally, ready for me?" Lust asks.

"No." Nara replies coldly and grabs the scout by the head.

Lust blows the scout a kiss and Nara carries him out the door. A loud splat is heard a second later followed by Amelia's scream.

"OH MY GOD!!" She shouts.

"WHAT THE HELL!!!" Ashen asks.

"SHUT UP!!" Nara shouts downstairs.

He enters the bathroom again and Lust is drying off.

"Remember my offer is still good." She says and wraps a towel around herself.

Laying next to the front door is the scout, his head has been split open like a watermelon and blood is oozing across the floor. One of his eyes is stuck to the wall along with some brain matter.

"It appears that Nara isn't his normal self as of late." Shin says sitting in Aurora's lap eating a sandwich with the crusts cut off.


In Kogamaru's castle, Shingi, Shear, and Kogamaru all sit around a table.

"What is our next plan? We have a working portal. A bit unpredictable on to where it's going to pop out at but at least its the right place." Kogamaru says.

"We need to know where the other three are." Shingi says.

"They can wait. We have more urgent business to attend to." Roswell declares as he storms in.

"And what is that?" Shear asks.

"We must destroy this dragon to the south." Roswell says.

"Dragon?" Shear repeats.

"You don't mean Ryuu?" Kogamaru asks.

"That's the one. He slaughtered twenty two thousand of my men and now he must pay the price for it." Roswell says slamming his fists down.

"You're joking? You attacked his islands?" Kogamaru asks panicky.

"Those islands need a Lord to run them and I am just the Lord to do just that." Roswell says causing Shear and Shingi to roll their eyes.

"You stupid fat piece of shit! Why! Those islands are protected by him and they run themselves just fine." Kogamaru says pacing back and forth franticly.

"Who is this Ryuu?" Shear asks.

"He is a dragon that has been protecting some islands to the south east for well over five thousand years. He is rumored to be the strongest dragon of all and can wipe out the entire Demon Realm without so much as waking up. Now shit for brains here has awoken him and pissed him off." Kogamaru says.

"Good, so give me a couple hundred thousand soldiers so that I can kill him." Roswell says.

"Not a freaking chance. This is your doing, you resolve it. Before you rush off to your death and make our lives much easier perhaps you should watch this." Kogamaru says and puts the dvd Nara gave him into the dvd player.

The video is of the beating Nara gave to Sephile and left her for dead.

Roswell watches intently and breaks the table when its over.

"Nara is a dead man." He says through gritted teeth.


Summer has arrived and school is out for summer vacation.

"Koji." Nara says sitting on the roof looking out over the town.

"Yes, milord." Koji says appearing from nowhere.

"What is their progress?" He asks.

"They have a working portal. Right now Roswell is having his few remaining men search for his four captains. He saw the video of what you did to Sephile. He wasn't happy." Koji says.

"That's good to hear. Speaking of that wench. What's her condition?" Nara replies.

"She regained consciousness this morning. She is supposed to be released in a few days." Koji answers.

"And our bodies?" Nara asks.

"Hidden deep beneath the southern castle." Koji replies.

"How deep?" Nara asks.

"Not to worry my lord. Preparations are already in order." Koji says.

"You are amazing, my friend." Nara says and leaps from the roof.


Roswell enters his lands with 50,000 soldiers and 1,000 scouts along with their families.

They stop to rest that night and Shingi shows up.

"What exactly are you planning?" He asks Roswell.

"Nothing drastic so relax." Roswell replies.

"You thinking scares me." Shingi replies.

"That's no way to talk to the greatest lord in the Demon Realm." A man says walking into the tent.

He stands at about 6 feet tall, slight muscular build with a tan complexion. He has gray hair that is short and hangs down. His attire is simple with dozens of pockets.

The next man to enter is nearly a foot taller, standing at 7 feet. He has black hair and a serious look on his face. His clothing is just basic peasant clothing.

The third man to enter also has black hair and is roughly 5 and a half feet tall. From his right temple across his eyes and left temple and over his left ear is one long scar. He is wearing basic samurai armor with a sword on his left hip.

The fourth and final man to enter has blonde curly hair and is wearing a white robe with a golden sash holding it in place. He looks like a Greek God.

"Allow me to introduce you to, Raijin, Lawrence, Squall, and Deity. The four best captains I got." Roswell says introducing them as they enter.

Shingi stands and steps in front of Squall. Shingi grabs his chin and examines the scar. Shingi laughs and Squall reaches for his sword. He stops and puts his hands up. Shingi has his sword drawn with the blade pressing into his throat.

"Continue if you wish to die." Shingi says.

"Where is that lovely little sister of yours? I want to make her scream sooooo badly that its all I can think about." Raijin says with a laugh.

Without warning, Raijin is knocked to the ground on his back and is staring at the tip of Shingi's sword. Shingi pushes the blade into Raijin's forehead a bit till he hits bone.

"That's enough." Roswell says.

Shingi removes his blade and slaps Raijin right across the cheek cracking his teeth in the process.

"Next time we meet, it'll end with you screaming." Shingi says to Raijin then looks back at Roswell, "Do as you wish. Just don't screw our plans up." Shingi says and leaves.

"How dare he not bow before me?" Deity says upset.


Several days have passed and Roswell's captains have made it into Sierra.

Raijin's portal ended up appearing right in the middle of the busiest highway in Sierra. All five of escorts were ran over or sent flying by the speeding vehicles.

Deity's portal appeared in a store called Athens which is geared towards Greek Gods and Goddesses, needless to say it boosted his ego even higher.

Lawrence's portal opens high above the center of town. His five escorts quickly plummeted to their deaths. He was fortunate enough to land in the trees and slow his decent.

And finally Squall's portal appeared directly in front of a jet engine at the airport. The five escorts were sprayed out of the exhaust causing the engine to malfunction and burst into flames before exploding along with the plane. Squall waited and had another portal made. This one appeared in a tank of a portable toilet after a major sporting event.


Amelia, Steven, Ashen, Lust, Nara, Ta, Shin, Silmeria, Aurora, Becky, and Kareen are all sitting in the living room watching the news.

"Don't you find these strange events weird?" Amelia asks.

"Like what?" Lust asks.

"The fact that people are falling from the sky, getting sucked into jet engines, or appearing from out of nowhere?" Amelia replies.

"Not really." Lust says.

Everyone but Ashen and Steven shake their heads no.

Amelia sits down and Nara turns the volume up.

"Good afternoon. Gene Stol here with the headlines. Still no word on the whereabouts of this man, (shows a security camera picture of Nara). He is wanted for questioning about the shootout on the train last year as well as the horrible plague that decimated the town of Palatine. Scientists are still baffled by it. Since that broadcast, anyone who has entered has died. As a result the National Guard has posted a safe perimeter around the entire town. We shall always remember those innocent people that died that day." Gene says.

"Ha! Innocent my ass!" Nara says with a laugh.

"What did they ever do to you? Those were innocent people." Amelia says.

Lust, Aurora, Silmeria, Kareen, Ta, and Shin all look away.

Nara stands and stares at Amelia.

"Easy." Steven says standing in front of Amelia as Nara takes a few steps towards her. Nara shoves him aside and grabs her by the throat never once breaking eye contact with her.

"You blind little human. You think you humans run this world and are the greatest things. There is nothing that can stop your kind." Nara says pushing Amelia against the wall.

Ashen and Steven jump at Nara only to be blocked by Kareen and Becky.

"Most of those world leaders are demons like me. That particular town may not of done anything directly to me but they were sacrificed to prove a point. There are things that are above humans. Humans are nothing but lying, scared, back stabbing, pieces of shit! When I get my real body back, I may just wipe this realm clean of them." Nara says applying more pressure as he talked. Amelia's eyes have rolled back in her head and she has blacked out.

He releases her and she drops to the floor.

"What happened to make you hate humans so much?" Steven asks calmly as Kareen and Becky tend to Amelia.

"Fifteen hundred years ago, the four of us came to this realm. We came to capture the demons that had escaped our realm. As we were passing by one village, the village elder begged and pleaded on his hands and knees to help them. It turns out that some of the demons had been attacking the surrounding the villages. I agreed and we set forth to kill the demons. During our battle, the humans got the strongest monks, priests, and priestesses they could find and had them attack us. At the last second I managed to separate our souls from our bodies. That's why we are not in our real bodies at the moment." Nara explains.

Everyone is silent.

"I am to blame for what happened to my friends. I am the reason why they are not in their proper bodies and why Kareen was nearly beaten to death." Nara says before taking a deep breath and continuing, "That is why I am going to do everything in my power to get them back to normal before we lay waste to the ones who are running our lands."


Three days pass and Roswell's captains have integrated well into the human realm.

As Deity is walking through the streets and people would bow to him out of sarcasm. He took it as that they knew who he was and his ego reached even higher.

Ta and Shin come out of a store and walk past Deity without even acknowledging him.

"Excuse me, petty humans. You should bow before me." Deity says.

Ta looks back and then continues walking.

"You are not going anywhere before you bow and beg for my forgiveness." Deity says getting in front of them.

"And why the hell would I bow to a nut job like you? First of all this isn't Ancient Greece and these other saps that are bowing to you are mocking you. Secondly, I bow to no one." Ta says setting his bags down.

"You human scum!" Deity snaps, "How dare you speak to a living Deity in such a tone! Your blood shall stain these streets!"

"Deity? You?" Ta says with a laugh.

Deity blinks and Ta is gone. Deity looks around and only sees Shin standing there sucking on a sucker.

"He fled? Coward." Deity says.

Shin picks up the bags and walks on past. Deity turns and follows. Shin walks down a street where the branches from the trees are lower then the rest of the city. Suddenly Deity is snatched up into the branches.

"Now we can fight in my terrain to see if you really are a true Deity. If you aren't then I have killed another demon." Ta says leaping from branch to branch as he as practiced for the past year to get his skills back.

Deity stands on the branch and looks for Ta. From beneath him, Ta pops up and breaks Deity's ankle with a metal rod.

Shin looks up and a couple minutes go by and the leaves are stained red.

Ta lands next to Shin and grabs his bags before turning back around and head to the other side of town.

In the branches, Deity's broken and bloodied body is scattered throughout the branches. His bones hold him in place to the branches.


"Where is Deity?" Squall asks sitting in an apartment with Lawrence and Raijin.

"Who cares? That guy was a nut and didn't deserve that title anyway." Raijin says.

The door opens and Sephile is in the doorway, sitting in a wheelchair.

"I need you to fill me in on what has been going on back home." She says wheeling herself in.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chapter 5
In the Demon Realm, a scout sprints into the throne room and slides to a halt next to Roswell.

"Forgive this intrusion, milord. But I have urgent news. It seems that there has been a breach in the wall around the lands and hundreds of citizens have left." The scout reports.

"Where are they going?" Roswell asks.

"It appears that there is a large chain of islands southeast of here. They seem to be taking refuge there." The scout replies.

"Why am I just now hearing about these islands?" Roswell asks grabbing the scout by the throat. A snap is heard and the scout goes limp.

"It would appear that these are not under anyone's control. They are simply sitting there without a Lord." An advisor says smirking.


Sephile sits nervously next to Nara, she is fidgeting in her seat so much that it is annoying Nara. He stands and she jumps. He gives her a weird look as he sits down across from her.

"Shit! How did my intelligence network screw up so badly?" She asks herself.

A man sits down dressed in tan shorts and a tank top. He looks at Nara's tribal tattoos on his jaw and leans in for a closer look.

"Dude! Those are sweet! Where did you get them done?" He asks.

Nara puts his large hand on the guy's face and shoves him back in his seat.

"No need for the violence. Just askin a question." The man says. Nara glances back at him and the man winks. "So is he your husband?" The man asks Sephile.

"No." She replies.

The man smiles and sits back in his seat. An attendant leans down and hands a slip of paper to Nara.

"From the gentleman over there." She says pointing to a man reading the paper.

Nara gets up and sits down in front of the man reading. The man looks at Nara and slides him a piece of paper to look at.

"Wonder who that is?" Sephile asks herself.

Sitting next to Nara, out of view of Sephile, is another man in jeans and a T-shirt.

"Koji? I thought you were sitting over there." Nara says looking at the paper with gibberish written on it.

"No. That is one of my men. That woman sitting across from you is Sephile. She is Roswell's brains. Don't do anything to her. I want to see why she is here." Koji says.

"That's fine. I have other business to attend to. Seems they covered up that little train incident by saying it was a shoot out. Now I have to show them I am serious." Nara says before going back to his seat.


Kareen is sleeping peacefully when the bushes outside rustle. She sits up quickly then groans in pain. Becky enters with her chained scythe drawn.

"Lady Kareen, may I enter?" A man says from under the floor.

"Who are you and why are you under my floor?" Kareen replies.

"I am Mita and I serve Master Koji." Mita answers.

"Koji? He is still alive? Please come in." Kareen says.

A man in black outfit enters through a hidden door in the floor as another one enters from the front door.

They kneel before Kareen.

"Please come with us. Master Koji wishes to speak with you." Mita says.

Not knowing what to say, Kareen simply nods and they help her into the underground tunnel, along with Becky.

Outside in the bushes lays the body of one of Sephile's men sent to watch her. His throat has been slit from ear to ear.


Marching through a forest to the east of the castle Roswell leads nearly 22,000 troops towards the islands.

"These islands were never completely claimed by Lord Eiji and Lord Nara never even knew of their existence as far as I know." The advisor says as he rides next to Roswell.

"When I take these over I will surpass Eiji and be the greatest Lord of all time." Roswell says picturing it in his mind.


"What about Roswell? Or his scouts? They have the entire Eastern Lands sealed." Becky asks.

"Master Koji has already thought of that and a plan is in action. You have nothing to worry about. Everything will be fine. Just follow us." Mita says as he leads the way with Kareen behind him and Becky behind her followed by his partner.


Sephile is up and at the door as the train pulls into the sleepy town of Palatine. It is a fairly small town of only about 30,000 people and is home to the Channel 3 News station, the only news station for the surrounding area including Sierra.

Sephile sprints down the platform and into the streets of Palatine while Nara simply strolls off the train without a care in the world. He looks around and smiles to himself.

"This seems like the perfect place." Nara says, "Nice and quiet. For now anyway."


Roswell and his troops arrive at beach and watch the rough seas crash onto the beach.

"This is it? One single tiny island?" Roswell asks.

"Look that way." The advisor says and points to the southwest.

Before them, hundreds of islands dot the horizon. Roswell licks his lips in anticipation.

"Now which ones need to be taken over before they all become mine?" Roswell asks.

"Follow me." The advisor says and leads Roswell down the long beach to a large cliff and they climb up, "Can you see the ones with smoke coming off them? Those are cooking fires from the inhabitants of these islands. Since they are on the islands there is no army to speak of so all you have to do is get your army onto those individual islands and your new territory will be complete." The advisor explains.

"Sounds easy enough." Roswell says and looks down the beach a ways. He spots dozens of small boats.

"Good eye, milord. I had some villagers make those for your impending invasion. There should be enough for most of your army to advance to the first island to conquer." The advisor says.


In the tunnel, Mita leads everyone to a large cavern.

"We may rest here for awhile." Mita says as his partner turns to dust.

"What the...?" Becky says surprised.

"Nothing to worry about. It was simply a dirt clone. Our escort should be here momentarily." Mita says.

A minute later, another man dressed in all black enters followed by three women. Kareen and Becky hide behind a large rock and peek out.

"Mida." Mita says to the man in black.

"Mita." Mida replies removing his mouth covering.

"Twins?" Becky says.

Kareen stands there stunned, blood oozing from several of her wounds and cuts, and tears run down her cheeks.

"Lady Kareen?" Becky says rushing to her.

Kareen smiles weakly before she collapses.

"Mita!" Becky shouts.

"She'll be fine. She is just resting." A woman's voice says walking closer.

A woman kneels next to Kareen and examines her.

"Lady Aurora?" Becky says before turning around to see Lust and Silemria standing there.

Lust is a staggering 6 foot tall and a curvaceous body and large full breasts. She has a nice tan and lives up to her name. Her hair is long and is a beautiful deep crimson. Her bangs cover her left eye (which are a spectacular emerald color) as well as a tiny tiger paw tattoo near her eye.

Aurora is the shortest of the four women at a mere 5 foot tall. She is also the frailest and palest of the four as well. Her hair is long and black with a nice shine to it. In her kimono she is a traditional Japanese beauty with her large brown eyes. On the inside of her upper right arm is a small tattoo of a katana.

Silmeria is the outspoken one and stands about as tall as Kareen. She has more of an athletic look compared to the other three. Her black hair has dark blue highlights (that match her blue eyes) and is about shoulder length. Around her upper left arm is a dragon tattoo that goes around a couple times.

Kareen is the oldest one of the women and has taken on a role of a big sister with the others. Her long black hair ends at her curvaceous hips. Her normally lean and muscular body is covered in cuts, bruises, open wounds, and a few healing wounds. Over her right shoulder and across her back is a series of intricate black tribal tattoos that closely resemble Nara's. She is about 5 and a half feet tall.


"Tell me what happened." Sephile says entering an apartment building where her 10 Eye team members were last seen.

"This is our base of operations. We all live here and those ten went out one morning and never returned. We have been searching everywhere we can think of in town but still no one has seen anything." The Leader of the Eye team explains.

"How many people are currently under my command here, Zeke?" Sephile asks.

"In this particular apartment complex there is two hundred tenants and a hundred and eighty of them are under your command. In the entire city of Palatine there is two thousand six hundred and nineteen. (cell phone goes off) Speak.... Uh-huh. HOW MANY???? (hangs up and Sephile looks at him) It seems that forty three more Eye team members have vanished." Zeke explains.

Sephile backhands him and then kicks him in the ribs while he is on the ground out of frustration.

"What crew is in tact still?" Sephile asks.

"The news station is under your control. Everyone there is a member of the Eye team." Zeke says holding his ribs.

Sephile storms out of the room and knocks down a young boy, around 10 years old, down the stairs.

"What the hell is your problem!" The boy's mother snaps as she runs down the stairs to console the crying child.

"Keep that brat leashed and things like this wouldn't happen." Sephile says and storms off.

The boy grins as his mother consoles him.


At the news station, Nara looks up at the building. He doesn't say a word and vanishes.

Inside the studio, the news at noon has just started filming.

"Let's check out the weather for the next couple days. Over to you Doug." The news anchor says.

"Thanks Chet. It looks like it is going to be absolutely gorgeous for the next couple days." Doug says stepping to the side of the green screen. He scratches his cheek and continues. His eyes widen and his pupils shrink to almost nothing. His mouth dries out and he can't speak. Fear has him frozen for a moment. A second later he backs up against the green screen and screams horribly. He twitches a few times as blood runs down the green screen. During all of this the camera man never stops filming.

"Let's stick with this." the station manager says.

Suddenly Doug explodes and through the blood mist Nara emerges in a pair of black hakama pants and geta sandals. After a quick survey of his surroundings he slams his book down on the metal desk in front of him so hard that there is a perfect indentation in it. A small shockwave goes out and Nara mouths something.

Everyone jumps and freezes.

"Now that I have everyone's attention in this pathetic little human town. I won't be ignored again or have my messages passed off as some gang shoot out." Nara says in a deep demonic voice.


"Ashen!" Amelia shouts as she is watching the news on the TV.

Ashen and Steven run into the living room and stare at Nara.

"(Shit! What is Nara doing now? This can't be a good sign.)" Sessaru says as he manages to see through Ashen's eyes.

"He's on every single channel including the pay per view channels." Amelia says channel surfing.


"So what exactly are we doing in this underground cavern?" Silmeria asks.

"Only Master Koji knows that. We were simply asked to escort you here." Mita replies.

"It seems that even with this realm in shambles you three are doing well." Koji says from a small cave in the ceiling of the large cavern.

"Who the hell are you?" Silmeria asks clutching her staff.

"My name is Koji. I am Lord Nara's personal scout, assassin, and messenger." Koji replies.

"What exactly do you want with us?" Lust asks.

"I am here to take you to the human realm to reunite with your Lords." Koji says and drops a rope down from the cave he is in.

"Lord Shin is alive?" Aurora says looking up at him.

"They all are. So if you would kindly climb on up, we can leave." Koji says.

Lust, Aurora, and Silmeria climb up as Koji jumps down. He and Becky carefully help Kareen up and put her on Becky's back. Then like a shot they climb the rope.


Amelia sits on the couch wide eyed and mouth open as she stares at what just happened to Doug the weatherman.

Steven gags and runs for the bathroom while Ashen runs for the other bathroom.


Roswell's army has advanced several islands towards the inhabited islands.

"At this rate we shall have these islands under my control by tomorrow night." Roswell says looking up at the sun above him.

The seas have calmed down a bit near the uninhabited islands but around the inhabited ones it has picked up a bit.

From out of nowhere an 80 foot rogue wave smashes the front boats into a large protruding rock, killing the soldiers instantly. A few other boats are tipped over and the soldiers drown due to their inability to swim. Suddenly the ocean recedes and the advisor slowly starts backing away while he stares out at sea.

Roswell turns and sees a 200 foot wall of water coming straight at him. He and the advisor both sprint to the cliff and start climbing.

The wave crashes into the beach and all of the rest of the soldiers are swept out to sea in the blink of an eye. Roswell and the advisor miraculously are pushed up the cliff and into the forest which saved their lives.

Roswell scrambles to the edge of the cliff and sees that the sea is as calm as can be. It's like a sheet of glass.

"What the hell just happened?" Roswell asks.

"I'm not sure." The advisor replies, "Look those islands appear to be moving."

The uninhabited islands move slowly out farther and then a deafening roar shakes the ground itself.


Nara's book opens and flips through the pages on its own till the spell it wants is found.

"What are you?" Chet finally asks after he is finally able to speak. Having been a military reporter for many years prior to moving to Palatine, the sight of a coworker dying next to him doesn't really affect him.

"I am known as the Demon King. Many centuries ago, you pathetic, scared little humans begged for my help. Against my better judgment, I agreed to help rid this realm of my kind. Then in typical human behavior you turned on me. Now is the day that," Nara says then in a deeper voice says, "I... WILL.... HAVE.... MY.... REVENGE!!! (the building shakes)"

Suddenly Chet digs his nails into his own arm and rips the flesh off his arm. The cameraman zooms in and then goes back to Nara.

"No one is safe. This town shall become a sea of blood and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Send your military, you will just be sending them to their deaths." Nara says before the cameraman rips himself apart.

In the Northern Lands, Lord Shinji watches the news broadcast on his monitor with great interest.

In the Southern Lands, Lord Kogamaru watches as well. He smiles before returning to his experiments.

And in the Western Lands, Lord Shear watches with his men.


Nara mutters the spell the book has picked out and a shockwave radiates from the news station.

A few blocks away, Sephile is running towards the news station. Suddenly the people pour into the streets and she stops running.

Her phone goes off.

"What is it?" She asks.

"I have lost all communications with the rest of the entire Eye team. (in the background a door creaks open.) What are you doing here? (no response) Hey, put that down. Stay back. (thud) MY ARMMMMM!!!! (blood splattering against a wall followed by a thud)" The eye team leader says before dying mysteriously.

"Hello?... I know you can hear my voice. You are a dead man. There is no where you can... (click)" Sephile says before the line is cut off.


Koji and the women exit out of an abandoned warehouse just a block away from the news station.

"What's going on here?" Lust asks looking at all the people in the street.

"Lady Kareen," Koji says, "Lord Nara is in the news station just around the corner. Go to him."

Becky tries to help her but Koji holds her back.

"I must go with her." Becky says.

"This is something she has to do on her own and before any of you say that she doesn't want Lord Nara to see her like that, I know. That is why she must see him like that. It is all part of my plan. Hate me if you want but it is necessary." Koji explains and turns to leave.

"If you wish to see your Lords follow me." Koji adds and starts walking.


Inside the station it has turned into a blood bath. The rest of the station crew has began to rip their own flesh off. Their agonizing screams of horrific pain fill the building.

In the streets the same thing is occurring. Blood and flesh fill the streets.

Sephile looks on in absolute shock and confusion as the people around her tear themselves to pieces. She finally makes it to the news station and before she heads to the doors she sees Kareen stumbling towards the doors as well.

"What the hell is that bitch doing here?" She says and heads for Kareen.


5 massive dragons arise out of the ocean before Roswell and his advisor.

These dragons are nearly a half mile long and a 100 yards wide. There heads are absolutely huge and their large mouths are filled with long razor sharp teeth. The uninhabited islands make up most of their backs.

One lowers it head to Roswell and glares at him.

"As your advisor." The advisor says, "I advise you to..... RUN!!!!" He says before bolting into the forest.

With a flick of its tail the forest is wiped into the sea, leaving the advisor standing among tree stumps.

"A little blue troll is attacking my islands?" The dragon says in a booming voice.

"Bow before your new Lord." Roswell replies.

The dragon looks around and then back at Roswell.

"Who are you talking to? Certainly it isn't me." The dragon says, "I have no lord or master. I am above all that nonsense. Besides, why would I bow to someone who wet himself?"

A puddle of urine has soaked Roswell's pants and the ground around him.

"Perhaps this is less threatening." The dragon says before joining the other 4. A blinding light comes from them and when it is gone a man is standing in front of Roswell. He isn't even 5 foot 6 inches tall. He has long white hair and a white fu manchu mustache that goes down to the center of his chest. His white hair is pulled back into one long braid that is nearly an inch from the ground. His eyes are a deep black color.

"Tell me. Why would you attack my islands?" He asks.

"I am Lord Roswell. Those islands have no Lord so I will make them mine." Roswell replies.

"I see. If you are a Lord, then where is Lord Nara?" The man asks.

"He is dead. I have taken over his territories...." Roswell replies before being interrupted by the man's laughing.

"Am I to take it that you killed him?" The man asks.

"Of course. Nara was a joke." Roswell says and the man laughs even harder.

"What is so damn funny?" Roswell asks.

"You are for thinking that someone of your low intelligence could possibly kill a demon of Lord Nara's caliber." The man explains.

Roswell reaches for the sword on his hip.

"I wouldn't do that. Do not let this appearance fool you. I am not an old man. I am only nine thousand years old. For my species that's not even middle aged. Besides that sword couldn't cut through my skin. I suggest you leave." The man replies no longer laughing.

"Just who the hell do you think you are? What gives you the right to talk to someone like me like that?" Roswell asks.

"Simple. I am above you. You are nothing but a blue troll. You are the lowest form of demon there is. Half demons are higher then you. If I so wish then you would be in a billion pieces right now. However, I choose not to destroy my coast line." The man says glaring at Roswell.

"Milord, perhaps we should leave while he is giving us this chance." The advisor says.

"I highly suggest you listen to him. It would be in your best interest." The man says.

"I am Roswell, Lord of the Eastern Lands and I will back down from nothing." Roswell declares drawing his sword, "And this is my coastline. Just like this is my land and those islands will be mine as well.

"So be it. Then as Ryuu, I accept your challenge." Ryuu says and transforms back into his dragon form.

The 5 dragons fly around in the sky.

"Make your move, troll." Ryuu taunts in a booming voice high above Roswell.


Right in front of the doors, Sephile is beating Kareen. Kareen is on her knees while Sephile holds her hair and punches her repeatedly in the face.

"Since Lord Roswell isn't here then you can die." Sephile says.

Kareen musters up some strength and spits a mouthful of blood into Sephile's face.

"Bitch!" Sephile says and wipes the blood from her eyes, "Before I kill you, I want you to know that that pathetic piece of shit Nara is dead. He was killed by those miserable little humans he so loved."

Kareen's eyes tear up and Sephile raises a dagger up. As she brings it down, the glass doors behind her shatter and several pieces cut her. She drops the dagger and turns around. A fist connects with her cheek and she is sent to the ground.

She looks up and stares straight into Nara's eyes. There is no emotion there. Just pure intensity and rage.

He stands over her for a second before picking her up by her hair roughly. He short arm clotheslines her, breaking most of her ribs and bruising her internal organs. She lays on the ground gasping for air and Nara picks her back up. She swings and Nara drops her. Then picks her up by both of her hands. They are tiny in Nara's massive hands. She screams in agony as her hands are broken by Nara's iron grip.

Sephile holds her hands close to her chest as she examines them. Several bones are sticking through her skin and blood is dripping from them.

"Please...... no more........ I..... beg.......... you........." Sephile begs.

Nara picks her up by the jaw so that she is staring straight into his emotionless eyes.

"Sephile, I must say that making this false body was very clever. It is flawless. And for that I shall let you live." Nara says and squeezes tightly. Sephile starts to scream but is forced to stop as her jaw shatters.

He releases her and she tries to run but trips and falls.

"Since this is your town, why not stay." Nara says as he approaches her. He grabs her ankles and breaks them both as well as dislocates both of her knees. Her feet now face the complete opposite direction and bones are sticking through the skin.


Roswell picks himself up and Ryuu bashes him back into the ground with his powerful tail.

"I would say that you had guts to stand up to me, but that's just not the case. You have to have brains to have guts." Ryuu says as he circles around Roswell.

Roswell slowly gets to his feet and Ryuu flies up into the sky.

"Well, troll. This has been a waste of time. Come back in a few thousand years and try again." Ryuu says and smacks Roswell with his tail once more. Roswell is sent flying. He finally crashes deep into the side of a mountain several miles from his castle.


Sephile lays there groaning in excruciating pain as Nara walks away with Kareen in his arms.

Kareen never looks at Nara in the eyes as he walks. They enter a small café and Koji greets them.

"Do what you can for her. I have one last stop to make." Nara says and sets Kareen on the counter.

He sets his book down on a smaller table and flips through the pages.


In a small town just north of Sierra, called Sage is a small hospital. In room 354, a young boy is being wheeled down to the elevators by two men in white scrubs.

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine." The doctor says.

The boy is around 15 years old and looks just like your everyday child but on the inside a battle rages. It is a battle to save the boy's soul from eternal darkness.


Roswell wakes up with a jolt and looks around. He finally remembers what happened and looks to the top of the mountain he is on. He climbs up and looks out across the Demon Realm on a cloudless night. After a few hours he reaches the gates to the city and when he opens them he falls to his knees. The entire city is engulfed in flames. Bodies of the guards lay in pieces all over the place.

"What the hell happened here?" He asks himself.

He reaches the castle and to his horror finds it in a smoldering pile of rubble.

"Roswell, what did you do?" Shear asks riding up on horseback.

"Nothing. I just returned." Roswell replies, "Why are you three here?"

Shear, Shingi, and Kogamaru all jump down from their horses and stand before Roswell.

"We all felt a familiar presence. So we came to check it out." Shingi says.

A shadowy figure sprints between the buildings making the four of them on edge.

"Show yourself." Shingi shouts.

A surprised look comes over Roswell's face and he points his shaking hand behind the three other Lords.

They look back over their shoulders and back away immediately at the sight of Nara walking through the smoke.

"I trust you three won't interfere. I have business with Roswell and only Roswell at the moment." Nara says and walks past them. He tosses a dvd at Shear and continues towards Roswell.

Roswell returns to his senses and draws his sword.

"Time to prove that old crusty dragon that I am more then capable of killing your sorry ass." Roswell says. He brings the sword down and it shatters as Nara blocks it with his forearm.

Roswell looks at the sword and is punched hard in the throat. He drops to his knees and is instantly kneed in in the face. He falls backwards and Nara catches him by the throat. Flesh is torn and blood flows freely like a raging river.

A thick smoke cloud obstructs the view for Shingi, Kogamaru, and Shear for several minutes. Nara emerges from the smoke drenched in blood. He glances at them with an evil smirk and disappears amongst the flames.

The smoke clears and they gasp at the sight before them. Roswell has been torn to shreds, literally. His entire body has been reduced to tiny 2 inch chunks. His fingers and toes have been ripped off and his entire skeletal system has been completely deconstructed as well as shattered beyond recognition. The biggest piece in tact is Roswell's head. Although the bottom jaw has been removed, broken, and jabbed into both of Roswell's eyes.

"Holy shit." Shear says.

"Fortunately for him, he is a regenerate and won't die. But that pain must be unbearable." Shinji says.

"What the hell did you do?" Kogamaru asks as they start loading Roswell's pieces into a wagon.


In the hospital basement, bodies litter the ground and bloody handprints are everywhere. A trail of bloody footprints down the main hallway leads straight to the young boy. He turns around on the elevator and shakes his head.

"Fuckin' humans." He says with a smirk as the doors close.


At Ashen's house a few days later, Ashen, Steven, and Amelia are walking back from school when Sessaru senses something wrong.

"How are the arms?" Ashen asks.

Both Steven and Amelia have bandages wrapped around their forearms. They both were caught up in Nara's spell and lucky for them Ashen wasn't. Sessaru had taken over and broke the spell, ultimately saving their lives yet again.

"They're fine. Thanks." Amelia says and gives him a hug.

"Ashen?" Sessaru says still having trouble getting through to Ashen.

"ASHEN?" He tries again.

Ashen unlocks his door and the three enter. He turns to close the door and when he turns back around the other two are missing. Ashen looks around the house but can't find them.

"Where......" Ashen says before being grabbed from behind and a hand over his mouth.

"Sessaru? You in there?" The boy asks holding Ashen tightly.

"If you aren't then this boy is dead." The boy says.

Ashen doesn't move an inch.

"Sessaru! Help!" Ashen says inside his mind.

"Finally!" Sessaru replies and takes control of Ashen's body.

The boy is looking into Ashen's eyes and sees the switch take place. He releases him and backs up a bit.

"How did you know?" Sessaru asks.

"We have been best friends for far too long for me not to know." The boy says.

"Ta?" Sessaru says just before Ashen takes back over.

"Where are my friends?" Ashen asks.

"Bring Sessaru back." Ta says angrily.

"I can't at the moment. We haven't figured out how to do it on command." Ashen replies.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chapter 4
The 7 foot tall demon stood in the doorway between the living room and kitchen. He slowly put down the milk and stared intensely at the three kids

"(Hey! Hey!! KID!!") Sessaru yelled but still couldn't get through to Ashen.

"Who the hell are you?" Steven said standing in front of Amelia.

The man remained silent


"Tell me! You talked to Lust? How is she?" Kareen asked holding on to the wall to support her.

"Yes as a matter of fact I did." Becky said as she got up and helped Kareen sit down.

"What did she say? How is she?" Kareen asked.

"Well..From what she said, the Southern Lands are in deep poverty. The Lord there has cranked up taxes and keeps the earnings to himself. There has been several revolts but have all ended in....." Becky started

"Ok. Anything else?" Kareen asked

"Silmeria, Mir and Misaka are helping citizens leave the Western Lands. Seems they too are being banned from communicating with other lands." Becky informed

"They're being......quite reckless but it’s for a good cause.." Kareen said holding her head.

"That's enough for today...lie down." Becky said.

Kareen took her advice and got up and limped to her bed in the next room. Kareen fell out on her large master bed.

"I'll be in the next room. If you need anything, just let me know." Becky said and closed the door.


The next day, Kareen went back to her job as Roswell's attendant. Her constant pursue of information on Nara continued. Throughout the day, Kareen had fed Roswell and also gave him a massage. Roswell's thick shoulders were hard to get through so she had to put a lot more strength and effort into it straining her hands in the process.

Roswell was called into his personal chambers to receive a call from someone and Kareen followed. Just as Roswell entered the chambers, Kareen was about to enter the room when suddenly she was kicked in the ribs and sent spiraling on the ground holding her ribs. Roswell turned to see what was wrong and Sephile stood there waving and smiling as the doors shut close.

After the door closed, Sephile turned to Kareen who had just gotten to her feet.

"I knew you were up to something you bitch." Sephile said

Kareen remained silent and held her ribs

"Tell me..Why are you sticking so close to Roswell? Could it be....because you love him?! (Kicks Karen in the leg causing her to fall) Could it be...that you're a spy?! (Slaps Karen across the face) Or maybe....you're looking for your old master. Nara..." Sephile said walking up to Karen standing on her hand. Karen looked up at Sephile without showing any pain. Giving her no satisfaction on letting her be seen hurt.

"You'll never find him. The bastard's dead and besides, look at you! You're a mess. A waste of a woman. No lord, ex-lord or no man is his right mind would want a no good, washed up bitch like you." Sephile said.

Kareen succumbed to anger and launched a punch at Sephile who easy dodged by moving her head to the side. Kareen was overcome with shock at the intense pain that shot through her side.

Sephile had stuck her finger into one of Kareen's open wounds. Sephile swirled and wiggled her finger inside the wound. Smiling.

"Fiesty. Aren't we?" Sephile said whispering in Kareen's ear sticking her finger in deeper. Kareen winced in pain. Sephile licked Kareen's cheek and just then, Roswell came from his chambers. Sephile turned to him taking her finger out the wound and smiling as if nothing went on.

"You may leave Kareen." Roswell said and Sephile walked over to Roswell and they both entered to chamber leaving Kareen feeling humiliated and defeated.

Kareen went back to her home, ignored Becky, closed her room door and laid down in her bed and wept silently....


In the castle of the Eastern Lands, Sephile and Roswell along with the guardsmen and a few others celebrated their victory over conquering their nuisance. They cheered and ate and drank til they literally passed out. Within hours, the guards were passed out on the floor and Sephile and Roswell were sitting in the master room.

"I must admit, your plans never cease to amaze me." Roswell said

Sephile smile and leaned on his shoulder.

"It was nothing. It was actually one of the easiest plans I came up with and our "powerful demon god" fell for it hook line and sinker. The fool..." Sephile said

"Hmph. I agree. Though....I don't see the point of tricking him with a false body." Roswell said

Sephile laughs to herself

"The technique is quite old. Its purpose is to make your tough opponent much easier. Originally, you wait until the target is fast asleep, you place the dummy body or the "Gourgi" is what its called beside the target. Say the spell and its spirit gets transferred the gourgi and the target doesn't even know what hit em." Sephile explained

Roswell shuddered at the thought.

"Not to mention that over a period of time, the gourgi will begin to tighten and eventually shutdown trapping the soul inside but....thanks to our men, that's no longer a problem." Sephile said

The two of them smiled and laughed together. Their laughter echoed throughout the castle walls til Sephile's communicator went off.(cell phone)

"Yes? What?....How many?....Damn.....And no leads? No. No. Its alright. Gather what remains of the Eye Team and met me at the Gate. I'm coming to check it myself." Sephile said and hung up.

"Forgive me Milord but I have some urgent business to attend to in the human realm. Apparently, several of my Eye Team members have gone missing and no leads have been found. I'll be gone for a few days so don’t do anything drastic til I get back." Sephile said'

"Who are YOU to give ME orders?" Roswell said

"Just a suggestion." Sephile said as she walked out the door


I'll ask again. Who are you?" Steven asked again

The tall man smiled and put the milk down beside a vase sitting beside him

“(Hey boy!! Ashen can you hear me!!?)” Sessaru yelled and screamed inside.

Inside, Sessaru could hear Ashen begin to breathe hard from the fear. Sessaru sighed and continued his yelling trying to get Ashen’s attention.

(“Perhaps joining souls with THIS human wasn’t such a good idea…”) Sessaru said as he saw Nara looking at Ashen.

From inside, Sessaru could see Nara looking at them, his eyes portrayed no sign of care or forgiveness. It was like watching a movie from inside. From what Sessaru could tell, Nara had every intention on killing these kids if they didn’t do something and FAST!!

Steven had enough and ordered Nara to get out and just as the word “out” slipped out of Steven’s mouth, Nara already had Steven by the throat and lifted him into the air so that he was at eye level with him. Amelia yelled for Steven keeping her distance. Nara began to squeeze tighter. His fingers rubbed against the back of Steven’s spine. Steven’s eyes began to fill with blood and his eyes rolled in the back of his head. Amelia passed out from the shock of the turn of events. Enraged, Ashen had enough and lunged at the towering demon.

“(Kid don’t!!”) Sessaru yelled but his voice still could not reach Ashen. Ashen lunged at Nara with all he had but was swiftly kicked to the side. Ashen was sent smashing into the glass table. Dazed and confused, Ashen returned to his feet.

“Let him go!” Ashen demanded

Nara released the unconscious Steven by tossing him aside like a used towel

“(Great…..now you’ve got his attention on us!!!)” Sessaru said sarcastically

“Tell me…why are you doing this!!? What did we do to you?” Ashen asked

Nara examined the boy closely. Ashen began to feel nervous.

“What?” Ashen asked

“You have a….familiar feel to you..” Nara said examining the boy closer

In a panic, Ashen punched Nara in the face

Nara looked at Ashen a punched him in the gut and lifted him but the throat so they were at eye level

Ashen struggled and struggled but to no avail. I feeling of doom and helplessness began to come over Ashen for he just knew his time was coming to an end.
Suddenly, Nara set Ashen down. Confusion was all that filled Ashen

“Why?” Ashen asked

“You should be lucky human. I only spared your life because I felt something familiar about you. Come to see that an old friend of mine rests inside that fragile mass you call a body.” Nara said as he sat on the couch and turned on the television

“Old friend…..? Oh! You mean Sessaru?” Ashen asked

“Yes. If at all possible, may I speak with him. Its……urgent.” Nara asked

Ashen walked over to his friends and checked to make sure they were ok.

“They’re alive.” Nara said

Ashen picked Amelia up. Then Steven and set them to the side. Nara just watched

“It’s weird. I haven’t heard him in quite some time. Sorry…” Ashen said

Nara turned away and looked at the television for something had caught his eye

“Huh? Oh? What!? We’re live!!! Erhem….*straightens hair* My name is Lily Cassandra here with Channel 3 news bringing you your city’s top news. Approximately 2…..Wait…huh? *looks closer at the sign behind the cameraman* Excuse me, 3 days ago, a rail car rolled in full of holes believed to been in a major shootout. *shows footage* This man…*shows Nara tilting hit to the camera* is believed to be the prime suspect. Local police are offering a $2,000 reward for his whereabouts.” Lily Cassandra announced just before Nara turned off the television.

“Ashen..was it?” Nara asked

“Y..Yes?!” he replied

“The place where that information was broadcasted. Where can I find it?” he asked

“Its in the next town over. Why?” Ashen asked as Nara grabbed his coat and walked past him

Nara left Ashen’s mansion of a home and shut the door. Nara quickly made his way down the steep steps and through the town to the train station where he arrived from. Nara simply walked in without a ticket or anything. The ticketmaster at the booth was in awe at Nara’s height to care


Sephile sat down in a seat by the window on a train to go meet ne of her men that called to inform her that 10 of her men had gone missing. She wanted to see things for herself. Just as she relaxed to join the ride, someone sat besides her bumping into her a bit

“Hey! Do you mind!!” she snapped but was silence after she say WHO it was.

Nara sat turned to look at her. Sephile sat back and looked out the window
“(WHAT!!! ITS NOT POSSIBLE!!!! HE WAS REPORTED DEAD!!)” Sephile said to herself. She glanced back over and Nara was staring off into space

“(What else can possibly go wrong..)” Sephile asked to herself

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Chapter 3
"Ugh...my head...." Ashen said as he began to stir awake.

"....shen!......Ash........Ashen!!" a voice said.

The voice was blurred and distorted.

"Amelia...I can hear you....you're so loud..." Ashen said as he opened his eyes and he wakes staring out a window watching the scenery go by.

"Huh?" Ashen said to himself as he tried to move his head but it would not budge.

"(So you're awake. Hello!)" a familiar voice said

"(Its you...that.. that ghost!!)" Ashen said

"(I have a name human. My name is Sessaru. Its Sessaru Shuirel. Use it.)" Sessaru said

"(Sessaru Shuirel!!? You mean one of those legendary demons that that teacher is always talking about?!)" Ashen said

"I'm impressed a human would know my name but yes. As you've heard, I'm that Sessaru Shuirel.)" he said

"(That was over 1500 years ago! How the hell can you possibly be alive?)" Ashen said

"(Enough about me. But.....)" Sessaru said glaring over at Amelia who was screaming Ashen's name.

"(What to do with her....") he said

"(No! Don't hurt her!!)" Ashen screamed

"(What to do then.)" Sessaru asked.

"(Well currently, you're me so.....)" Ashen started

"(Understood.)" Sessaru said and turned to Amelia

"I can hear you. What is it?" Sessaru said

"I've been calling your name for quite a while. Didn't you hear me?" she asked.

"Sorry. I just have a lot on my mind." Sessaru said.

"You been like that ever since we got on this bus. What happened back in that mountain?" she asked

"(Ugh. She asks so many questions....)" Sessaru said

(Ashen laughs)

"I....just had this strong desire to save you all. Thats all..." Sessaru said with a slanted smile


Kareen entered her small little villa on the outskirts of the Eastern Lands concealed behind some demonic plants know as Vidos. A tropical plant that camouflages with its surrounding and everthing it touches. Karren took off the red and black stripes skirt and tank top provided by Sephile and tossed it on her bed. She pulled out some lighter and more fitting clothes for her, put them on then fell out on her bed.

"Are you alright Lady Kareen?" a woman asked as she came in through the window

"Yes Becky. Just...tired." Kareen said.

Becky, who stood around Kareen's height. Long, brown, wavy hair dressed in a tight black stealth suit, sat next to Kareen and ran her hand through her hair.

"You have got to stop this. Its too dangerous for you. I fear for you everytime you enter that godforsaken castle!" Becky said

"I know but at the moment, Roswell is my only lead to Nara." she said

"TO HELL WITH THAT! Its been over 1500 years since anyone or anything has heard from him or any of the others! Look around you! The Eastern Lands has become a prison. You know the rules! No one leaves. No one enters. You leave without permission, you are killed. You disrespect Roswell, you're killed. Now that he has that snake of a woman Sephile at his side, you can't even take a piss without her knowing!" Becky snapped.

Kareen laughs

Becky calmed down a little then smiled

"Sephile's information network is....I've never seen anything like it. I have to be on edge whenever I talk to anyone because it might be leaked and regardless of my skill, Sephile, I can take but that monster Roswell....well..." she started

"I know. You tried once before. Took you an entire year to recover. Foolish girl." Kareen said.

"He slapped you! What was I suppose to do?" she asked

Kareen sighs and rolls over then groans in pain

Becky looked at her the rose up Kareen's shirt and saw a nasty bruise along her stomach. She rose the shirt up higher and saw scratches and gashes along her back and ribs.

"Roswell?" Becky asked putting down Kareen's shirt

"Sephile.. she hates when Roswell pays attention to me so when he's not around, I get punished. Its nothing too serious..." Kareen said

Although Becky wanted to hug her with all she had, she knew it would just make it worse.

"Do you honestly think he'll take you back looking like that ASSUMING he's still alive?" Becky said

The thought never crossed Kareen's mind and took her by surprise.

"Your body is in shambles and you can barely stay standing. No telling what else those two will do to you. Kareen...please...stop this...you don't even know he still lives...." Becky said.

"I do...(pulls down her shirt exposing her right shoulder which had a intricate series of tribal markings and tattoos on it) this seal...has been acting funny lately. Its as if its being drawn to something. Calling for something and that something can only be him. I'm his vassel. I should know. Me, along with the other 3 house 50% of our lords power within these seals so if this seal is calling for something...." Kareen started before yawning from exhaustion

"I do have some good news." Becky said

(rustling sounds were heard outside)

(Becky glanced to the window then glanced back)

"Today, I saw this lustriously gorgeous butterfly.. Becky said

"Ugh. What's so good about that? You see them all the time! If there's nothing else, please leave and let me sleep!" Kareen snapped

Becky slowly got up and left her room and closed the door.

The intruding aura vanished

"(What the hell...butterfly?! Seriously? She could have came up with something better that.....)" Kareen started

"(Today, I saw this lustriously gorgeous butterfly....)" the thought replayed in Kareen's mind.

She jumped out of her bed and ran out of her room like a bat out of hell and saw Becky sitting right beside the door.

"You saw Lust?!!" Kareen said and Becky smiled


Ashen, Amelia, and Steven approached the hill that lead to Ashen's house.

"Are you sure you're ok? I mean...you're not hurt or anything?" Amelia asked worried

"He's not a baby. If he says he's fine, he's fine." Steven said and Amelia backed off.

Sessaru had began to feel tired from controlling Ashen's body after from being a spirit for so long.

"(You ok?)" Ashen asked

"(Just tired..I'm not used to this body..nor walking. If you know what I mean.)" Sessaru said

"(Then let me take over.)" Ashen said

"(Hmph.)" Sessaru replied

"(I promise to let you come back out. After all, I was the one who agreed to your deal...)" Ashen said



"Hey...kid....if there were a way to save these friends of yours, you'd be willing to take it....right?" Sessaru asked

"Of course!! Anything!!!" Ashen said

"Then accept me into your body. By doing so, you will have enough strength to save these friends of yours and in return, I get to leave this place. What do you say?" Sessaru asked

"No way! Why would I....." Ashen started before then weight of the four friends hanging from his arm pulled his arm out of socket. Ashen screamed in pain but never let go

Sessaru remained quiet and watched Ashen struggle. His grip weakening.

"Ok. I agree to your terms, just please. Grant me the strength to save my friends. I don't care what happens to me. Just save them..!" Ashen yelled as he began to slip.

Sessaru smiled and entered Ashen's body


"(I'll hold you to that deal boy...)" Sessaru said tiredly as he put his hand on the doorknob. Just before the two switched, Sessaru felt a overwhelming presence.

"NO KID! DON'T OPEN THAT!!" Sessaru said but his words didn't reach Ashen as he opened the door. Amelia, Steven and Ashen entered the house and closed the door. They relaxed on the couch and jumped when they heard a sound come from the kitchen.

"What the hell was that!!" Steven said

"(Kid!! Get out of here!! This presence!!Hey!! Can you hear me!!!?)" Sessaru snapped but to deaf ears.

Suddenly, a tall, 7 foot man with horns and no shirt emerged from the kitchen drinking milk.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chapter 2: Interracial Combination
"Who goes there!" Steven said stepping in front of Amelia.

Shortly after, a transparent ghost-like figure floated in their direction.

"Hi. Nice to...." it stared but before he could finish, blood curling screams filled the cave as Amelia, Ashen, and Steven screamed at the top of their lungs and ran full speed in the opposite direction. The ghost just floated there, quite shocked but the looked down at the keys by his feet.

"He'll be back." he said as he disappeared in the darkness of the cave

The three kids burst into their tent startling the other kids inside.

"What happened?!" one of the girls asked but they were too out of breath to respond


"This place gives me the creeps! What kind of order is "Take a trip to the Shuirel Mountains to the south." a teacher complained as he frustratedly swatted away mosquitoes.

"Principal's orders though I must admit. Coming out here serves no educational value whatsoever..." said the female teacher.

"I sorry but digging up old story about supposedly demons from 1500 years just isn't my thing. Even if they did exist, any proof is long since gone." another male teacher said.

Suddenly, another teacher with light red hair entered the tent with a hot cup of coffee.

"How can you drink something hot in this heat!!" a teacher said

"I agree. Even at night, it doesn't feel any cooler.." one said

"I quite enjoy the taste. Its.....new..to me." he said

"Hey. What do you think about this trip? The Shuirel Mountains. Supposedly home to corpses of 1,000 demons and resting place of one of the demon realms most "powerful" demons." a teacher said with a laugh.

"Whats funny?" The red headed teacher asked

"I mean come on!! Demons?! Don't tell me you think they exist." the teacher said turning on his portable fan.

"Maybe they do. Maybe they don't. Even if they did, would you be able to tell?" he said

"What?" the female teacher asked

"Certainly you don't believe that demons are what you see on television. Purple skin. Green eyes. Claws and fangs. No. They look just like you and I." he started

"Wait wait wait! What are you..." the male teacher with the fan said standing up in eagerly

"Let's just say that they do exist and that everything I said is true and that one....no! Two! People in this tent are demons. Would you be able to figure out who is human and who is demon?" the teacher asked getting up and leaving the tent leaving the other teachers speechless as they thought about what he said.

"BULLSHIT!" one teacher yelled as he picked up a shirt and threw it at the tent door.


"No way!! A ghost! Are you serious!!" one of the girls said eagerly

"Yeah. It was terrifying!" Amelia said fanning herself with her shirt.

"Well hell! I wanna see!" she said

"What?! No way! Its way too dangerous!" Amelia said

"How? Ghosts can't hurt you. Besides. Its probably just lonely and wants someone to talk to." the girl said


"I have to go back anyways...." Ashen said

"Why?" Amelia said

"Heh...heh.....I forgot my keys.." Ashen said

"You......what?! What a idiot..." one of the girls said

"Hey! Don't talk about Ashen that way!! He's not and idiot! Just....a little scatterbrained is all!" Amelia said in Ashen's defense.

"(And that's suppose to make me feel better..?") Ashen said to himself

Shortly after, the small band of children arrived at the mouth of the cave. They felt a gust of wind breeze by them and the sound of the wind brushing against the cave walls made it sound as if there was someone moaning inside. The girls began to second guess if they should have come or not. Amelia held on to Steven and Ashen's hand while the other girls hid behind Steven. One of the other girls' breast rubbed up against Steven's back and a creepy smile formed on his face. Amelia saw this and squeezed Steven's hand extra hard til blunt cracking was heard. Steven straightened up and they proceeded into the cave.


(Muffled screams)

(Blood splatters against a wall)

(A head rolls down a hallway)

(The top half of a body lay inside the ripped open belly of its lower counterpart)

(Bloody hand prints cake the wall)

(Something taps across the ground)

(A slender tank filled with green water containing a body with ghost white hair that lay shoulder length. The body itself was around 7 feet with 8 one inch long crimson red horns protruding from his head. Along the chest and arms was a Gothic black tribal tattoo. In front of the tank stood a man. Naked. Black hair. Deteriorating body. A smile formed on his face before the body fell limp. Shortly after, the body in the tank smile and the eyes opened revealing dark purple eyes just before the glass containing it shattered.




(crashes through door)

(hides around a corner)

(footsteps were heard followed by whistling)

(The man shivers but runs on into a room)

(Sees a ventilation shaft)

(Climbs in)

(Slithers around through the corridors.)

(Sees a book)

(A look of overwhelming terror fills his face before the book attacked him mercilessly tearing flesh from bone. Bone from flesh. The commotion caused the bottom to give way and the book and the alive but mutilated man fell to the ground. The book hopped away and the man slowly tried to get away. The book stopped beside someone and the man looked up and only saw purple flames before he was finished off.)


The group entered the cave holding on tightly to one another. Shortly after entering the cave, Ashen spotted his keys and also...the ghost.

"You returned.." he said

The girls screamed bloody murder.

"Stop!! These mountains are old and your screeching might cause them to collapse!" he said

The girls covered their mouths.

Ashen inched closer and closer to his keys that were right by the ghosts foot. As he got closer...

"BOO!" the ghost yelled causing Ashen to jumped a mile bashing his head on the cave wall.

"ASHEN!!" Amelia and Steven yelled running to his aid. When they got to him, the cave began to rumble. The ground began to crack and cave in causing Steven, Amelia and the girls to fall. Steven held on to a narrow ledge and Amelia held on to him and the girls held onto Amelia. and they were slipping fast. Ashen drowsily tried to help but wasn't strong enough to pull them all up.

"That's......not good..." the ghost said

"Can't you help!!?" Ashen snapped holding onto Steven's arm

"Nope. I spent the last of my energy killing that animal to return your keys. Sorry pal..." it said.

Ashen pulled as hard as he could but no use. Tears filled his eyes and he kept trying. The ghost looked at Ashen and admired his determination as rocks from the crumbling wall hit Ashen but he never gave up

"Hey...kid....if there were a way to save these friends of yours, you'd be willing to take it....right?" he asked

"Of course!! Anything!!!" he said


The teachers and student ran out their tents from the severe rumbling. The teachers led the student away from the mountain to somewhere safe and a teacher noticed that Ashen, Amelia, Steven, and the two girls were missing. The red headed teacher sat in a tree watching the mountain begin to crumble. A smile appeared over his face as he pulled out what seemed to be a communicator. A man with jade green hair appeared on the screen. The teacher pointed the communicator toward the crumbling mountain so his superior could watch the show.


A demon burst through the large castle doors.

"Mi'lord. Sorry for my rudeness but I bring you urgent news!" he said

A silhouetted large demon being massage by two ladies. One with long silver hair and the other with long black hair.

"That's enough Kareen. Now go." the demon said slapping her ass as she walked by. The ladies walked out the doors and closed them. She glanced beside the castle walls. Felt an aura and smiled.

"If its about that body, I already know.
the demon said.

"But Lord Roswell. Forgive our mistake. It should not have happened!" the lesser demon said.

"No. You wouldn't have been able to prevent it. The silver haired lady said.

"Everything is going just as planned.."

"You may leave now." Roswell said and the lesser demon bowed and left.

"You got this all covered?" Roswell asked setting his hand on the silver haired girls leg.

"Yes. He is the only one left alive and now that he's picked up our little present, its only a matter of time before he too...perishes." she said.


The mountain had collapsed and all the students watched in awe. One of the teachers wept for she could not find the missing children anywhere. Suddenly, through the dust of the collapse mountain, Ashen walked out carrying Amelia, Steven, and the two girls. Amelia and Steven lay unconscious. One slumped over each shoulder and Ashen carried the two girls in his arms. He set them down slowly and passed out himself shortly after. The teachers and some students rushed to help them.

The red headed teacher stood in a tree shocked. He tried to get in touch with his superior but no answer. He returned the communicator to his pocket and vanished in a swirl of smoke.


At a train station, a man stood outside waiting for a train. Even though it was nearly 85 degrees, he wore an expensive looking gray pinstripe suit with a long white scarf and gray dress shoes. A matching fedora hat sits upon his head that covers his horns. In his right hand he held onto the spine of a large encyclopedia like book. It was larger then an encyclopedia by several inches and the cover looked like it was carved out of bone.

The train arrives and the man boards the last car. As he enters, a man looks up from his paper and looks the tall man over. He nods and goes back to the newspaper. The taller man looks down the aisle and spots several half demons looking around.

The tall man removes his hat and puts it on the man reading the paper's head.

He walks down the aisle with a determined walk and bashes one of the half demons' head in. Blood and brain matter splatter everyone. He lifts the book and removes bits of skull fragments from the book cover. The other half demons are stunned and back away.

"Twenty four." He says and hits the one directly behind him in the chest with the book spine.


He removes the book and the half demon is attached to the wall by part of his own spine.

"Twenty three." He says.

One half demon gets the jump on him and sinks his razor sharp claws deep into the man's arm.

The people on the train look on in horror as they watch. To afraid to move from their seats they cower in fear. Husbands cover their wives ad children from the horrendous sights.

The man grabs the half demon by the throat and squeezes. The half demon removes his claws from the other arm and drive them into the arm holding him.

Two other half demons lunge toward him but one is super kicked in the chest with such force, it's own jaw punctures it's chest and crushes the heart while the rest of the organs liquefy. He hits the window and splatters like an egg. Blood and organs along with bits off flesh spray all over. Some hits the train platform and attracts the attention of a passing police officer. The police officer looks up at the window and sees that it is covered in something. He immediately radios for backup and draws his gun.

The other half demon that lunged is caught by another super kick to the side of his jaw and his head spins around twice before dropping and his head rolls down the aisle to the police officer's feet.

"FREEZE!" He shouts and the man looks at him still with the half demon struggling in his iron clad grasp.

"Put him down and put your hands up." The police officer says aiming his gun right at the man's head.

The train starts moving and the sudden jolt makes the police officer stumble and he drops his gun. It slides to the man's feet and the man looks down at it.

A distinct snap is heard and the half demon twitches once before going limp. The man drops him and picks the gun up. He looks it over and tosses it back to the police officer.

"Twenty." He says.

A half demon sneaks up behind and grabs a man from his wife and young son.

"Now what, Nara?" A half demon says putting a knife to the husband's throat.

"You came over here to protect these worthless creatures and look wher......." The half demon says before being cut off.

Nara stands there with his arm through the innocent husband's head as well as the half demon's head. Nara's other arm went through the husband's chest and through throat of the half demon hiding behind the half demon that took the man hostage. Blood flows everywhere and brain matter covers the husband's wife and young son.

The police officer turns and pukes from the sight. Nara spreads his arms and rips the body more and rips the heads clean off.

"Eighteen. This is all the Demon Realm has to offer in my absence? Truly pathetic." Nara says and tackles a half demon to the ground.

Nara beats him to a pulp in only a few hits and blood sprays all over.

"I thought you would be more vicious but your are like cattle led to the slaughter." Nara says looking the last seventeen over.

The half demons look at one another and move several seats back from Nara.

The police officer puts his gun to Nara's head and pulls the trigger. Nara's brains and skull fragments splatter on the already red walls.

His body drops to the ground and blood instantly pools around him.

A minute later the body stands up and the cheering and laughing half demons fall silent.

Before the police officer can fire another shot Nara's headless body attacks him and grabs both of his shoulders.

The police officer screams for help as Nara's head slowly regenerates. The screaming intensifies as tearing sounds fill the train car. The screams stop and Nara turns towards the other half demons with half of the police officer in each hand.

Due to the tight quarters of the train car the half demons are forced to fight one on one or two on one at most. Their numbers not a factor in this fight.

By now all of the blood on the ground has made the floor quite slippery. One half demon slips and falls face first. He never hits the floor. Nara drops the police officer on the ground and soccer kicks the half demon upwards and then back fists him through the window into the windshield of a passing train.

"Now what?" One half demon asks.

"We stop playing around." Another says and bears his fangs.

"Nine down and sixteen to go." Nara replies.

The half demon slashes Nara across the face and pieces of flesh hit the other window above a terrified young woman. Nara rips the rest of the loose flesh off and jams it down the half demon's throat. Within seconds the half demon backs away holding his throat and gagging. He falls backwards and his face has been melted off by something.

"Fifteen." Nara says.

A half demon draws a short sword and raises it up and slices at Nara. Nara hits the bottom of the sword upwards and it sticks into the ceiling. A second later blood drips from it.

"We are inside a demon?" The half demon asks turning around to the other half demons.

Nara slams his fist down squarely on the top of the half demon's head, collapsing his entire spinal column. The half demon's head is now down near his hips and blood flows down the still standing body.

Suddenly machine gun fire rains down through the roof and tears everyone to bits. Over 5,000 bullets shot through the roof and filled the place full of holes.

Nara's body is ripped to shreds. A dozen Special Forces soldiers crash through the windows.

"Looks like we got everyone, Sir." One says as the Commander enters through the door.

One of the half demons moves and they unload into him.

"Guess that intel was correct. It's a bloodbath in here." The commander says examining Nara's tattered body.

"Check this funky looking book out." One soldier says and picks up Nara's book.

Without warning the book gains weight and slams into the ground with the soldiers arms still underneath it. The soldier stands there in shock as his mind tries to comprehend what just happened. Another soldier fires one shot and the armless soldier drops to the ground dead.

Flying above the train a winged half demon swoops down for a closer look.

"She'll be very pleased by this." He says to himself and flies off into the horizon.

The man reading the paper puts the paper down and stands up. He adjusts the hat and walks towards the soldiers.

"That was a very well executed attack. Some minor collateral damage but that can be blamed on the terrorists." He says surveying the damage.

"And you are?" The Commander asks while the soldiers aim at him.

"Koji." The man says.

"Koji? What are you doing here?" The Commander asks.

"That's above your pay grade." Koji replies and tosses the Commander a badge.

Koji picks up the book and tosses at Nara's feet.

"The Department of Intelligence and Advanced Weaponry?" The Commander reads the badge.

"Yes." Koji replies as a soldier crouches down and looks right into Nara's mutilated face.

Nara bites through the soldier's jaw and into the soft exposed flesh of his neck.

The other soldiers back away and get through the door to the next train car.

Nara gets to his feet with the soldier still in his mouth. He stands up and the soldier is lifted off the ground. Nara clamps down completely and the soldier drops to the ground, convulsing for a second before becoming still.

Blood flows down Nara's mouth and chest. The nice suit has been torn to shreds and he rips the top off.

Koji looks at the situation and goes back to his paper as he sits down in a seat.

One soldier throws a grenade and it blows up right next to Nara's head. Instantly half of his face is blown off but he is still standing.

The other soldiers all throw their grenades as well and the train car is blown to hell. Smoke billows out of the windows as the train speeds down the tracks.


The large heavy doors burst open and the flying half demon lands exhausted at the feet of the silver haired woman.

"He's dead. I saw it with my own eyes." He says.

"Really? And the other half demons?" She asks.

"He slaughtered them with ease." He replies.

"Then how did he die?" Roswell asks.

"The humans showed up and shot everyone. Human bystanders included." He answers.

"Very well. Go back to your post." The woman says.

"As you wish." The half demon says bowing and leaving.

"I want confirmation on this." She says to an awaiting demon.

"Of course. Sending the message now." The demon says.


"Is he dead?" A soldier asks just before the book flies out of the smoke and hits the Commander in the face.


The Commander's head bursts between the pages of the book.

The passengers in this car, scream and run for the front cars.

A slicing sound is heard then a metal creaking sound, followed by the smoke suddenly clearing to reveal half of the train car tumbling down the tracks and Nara releasing the other half.

He mutters something and a void appears in the middle of all the soldiers. Time seems to slow down as the soldiers are sucked partial into the void. In a split second the soldiers have all been ripped to shreds and their pieces lay strewn about the train car.

Koji emerges from the train car in front and applauds.

"Spectacular, Milord." He says and bows before Nara.

"I'm not done yet." Nara replies and opens the door behind Koji. Several people jump at the sudden noise.


The train pulls into the Sierra station and Koji steps off first, followed by the conductor.

Koji glances at the conductor and the conductor nods before walking off.

Nara steps off the train looking like a 1920's Chicago mobster in a black suit and white scarf that hung down. Not a speck of blood was on him anywhere. In his right hand is his book and in his left is a long narrow wooden box.

"Consider that you welcome home gift." Koji says motioning to the wooden box and then leaves.

Inside the train cars, blood drips from the ceilings and runs down the walls onto the floor that is already covered. Disemboweled people lay all over the place. Body parts litter the three remaining train cars.

Nara walks down the train platform and vanishes into the crowd of people.


"That information has been confirmed by six of our agents. He is dead." The demon says standing off to the side.

Roswell smiles and the silver haired woman grins.


Nara walks through the streets of Sierra taking in everything. He stops at the base of Sacred Hill and stares up at the large mansion. He smiles to himself and says, "It's time."

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chapter 1: Rebirth of Old

1500 years ago

"Will this really work...?" the head chief said with his head down and his rough hairy hands clinching hold of his hair tightly.

"It has to work. Its a forbidden technique so it has to work." the advisor said as he put his hand on the chief's back.

"But at the cost of 50 monks and priestesses.....its just too much...they're...they're helping us!" the chief said.

"But they're demons! They could turn on us at any moment! They can not be trusted!! Begin the ritual!!" the advisor commanded.

Outside on the top of a hill overlooking the temple, a bright light emerged. A six-point star formed surrounding the priestesses and monk who began chanting. About a mile east of the temple, four demons from the demon realm were battling other demons from their realm when suddenly they became paralyzed. The six-pointed star of light appeared under their feet. The monks and priestesses continued their chant. A few monks fell to their knees from the strain of the spell.

"To your feet!! Endure! Endure it just a little longer!" the head monk yelled. Those few monks got to their feet and resumed the spell.

"Damn......what is this.....?!" one of the demons asked falling to his knees.

"....looks like....we've been tricked.." another said.

"What?! But we're fighting to save THEM!!" one said.

"Please.....let our betrayal not be in vain...." the chief said with his hands in prayer as a bright light emerged from the top of the hill.

Minutes later, the head chief and his advisor along with the rest of the village and people of the temple, emerged from their homes and headed for the top of the hill. Once there, everyone was in awe as the 50 monks and priestesses had use all their life and spirit energy and turned to stone.

"Did it work!! Did the spell work!!" one of the male villagers asked.

Without delay, a handful of villagers, the chief and his advisor got on boats and headed over to the island. On the way there, the chief and everyone else swallowed hard and kept their fingers crossed. Once they got to the island, they looked around frantically until one villager called out saying he found something. Everyone rushed to the scene and found the four demons' bodies lying motionless on the cold ground.

"IT WORKED!!! IT REALLY WORKED!!!" a villager yelled causing all the the others to scream in joy. The head chief walked up to one of the bodies to get a feel and instantly took his hand back.

("The bodies...their still....") the village chief said to himself.

"Village chief! What's wrong?!" the advisor asked.

"Its...Its nothing..The demons are officially dead. It was....It was tragic that so many lives were lost to accomplish this task but....it was for the better good." the village chief said.

"What do we do with the bodies.......and these weapons....?" a villager said.

"Maybe we can break them down for materials. I've never seen this kind of metal...it kinda gives off a....eerie feeling...." another said.

"NO!! Don't touch the bodies nor their weapons!! These demons fought to protect us and yet we betrayed them and killed them." the chief said.

"What are you saying!!!? They were demons!! Enemies of humans!" the advisor said raising his voice.

The chief remained silent.

"CHIEF!!" a villager said raising his voice.

"ENOUGH!! This is what we shall do. We are gonna round up 4 rafts. We will then ship the bodies out to sea away from the village so no harm falls upon them. As for the weapons, I shall ask for assistance from our neighboring villagers to lend us their best priestesses and monk to purify these demonic weapons for I feel a evil aura radiating from these weapons that's sure to attract those with corrupt hearts such as bandits and thieves and possibly other demons." the chief explained.

The villages agreed and cheered in unison.

The villages from the island sent over 4 rafts about a half hour later after the advisor sent the word. The villagers tied the four bodies down onto the rafts and sent them out to sea. The chief said a small prayer to himself saying," Oh God up above. Please let no ill will fall upon us for our transgression against these noble being that defended us against their own kind. Let them find peace."

Suddenly, a cold, icy wind blew from out of nowhere.

Back at the village a few days later, the village chief along with his advisor and family sat at the temple and watch the priestesses and monk chant incantations upon the 3 katanas until the village chief gave the word that he no longer felt any demonic aura coming from them. Minutes later another handful of monks came to purify the gauntlets. After a whole 15 minutes of chanting, some the monks passed out but eventually the demonic weapon was silenced.

The village chief let our a huge sigh as the villages brought in the large encyclopedia-like book.

"Chief. That's the book that the tall horned demons carried with him right?" the advisor asked.

"Yes. The one that met with me and offered their helped. A kind. honorable man he was..." the chief said clinching his chest from nervousness.

"He was a demon. You had to uphold you responsibilities..." the advisor said to him to cheer him up.

"I know! I KNOW!! Still.....I have a bad feeling...." the chief said.

"Darling...whats wrong...?" the chief's wife said.

"Nothing dear." he said

The monks began their chants. Minutes go by and the chief feels no change in the demonic aura. About 10 minutes into the chanting, the book began to shake violently. The monks, who had their eyes closed from their chanting knew nothing of this. The village chief stood up quickly.

"What's wrong!!?" the advisor said

"The demonic pressure.....get them out of there!!!" the chief said and before the advisor could react, the book sprang up and clamped onto on of the monks head. The monk screamed in unbelievable pain and ran around the room slamming into walls and bashing the book against the wall to try and get it off but to avail. The monk fell to the ground headless as the book hopped off. The other monks got up and ran in fright. The book began to emit a powerful aura that generated a dark purple sphere around the temple trapping all inside. Shortly, the temple began to collapse in on itself and the sphere disappeared. The villagers headed to the temple to see what the commotion was and was shocked to see their once great temple reduced to rubble. Panic and fright began to take over their minds when suddenly movement and sound came from under the rubble. The villagers began to back away in fright but could not help but feel curious about what was to come.

From underneath the rubble, the chief's advisor appeared covered in bruises and blood.

"Chief Advisor!" one of the villagers said rushing over to aid the advisor when suddenly, a loud crunching sound was heard and the advisor was snatched back into the rubble followed by a long squirt of blood and guts. The villagers screamed in shock and then a burping sound was heard from underneath the rubble.

Once again, the land began to shake violently and a dark sphere appeared over the entire island. The sphere appeared as to eat the island when suddenly it exploded. Massive waves emerged crushing boats and sending aqua life flying into the air. All that remained was the altar which the 50 monks and priestesses gave their lives and turned to stone. It drifted aimlessly through the aggravated sea.......

1500 years later

"Ah..!" a boy said as he sat up quickly. Sweat ran down his face.

"Just another dream....." he said standing up stretching wiping the sweat from his face. The warm sun felt great on his face. After he was done stretching, he looked out at the town from the top of Sacred Hill.

A mansion-like home stood at the back of this very hill left to him by his mom after a tragic accident. Though he was wealthy, he never really dressed or acted it. He always wore the casual blue jeans and shirt.

Scared Hill looked over the town of Sierra. Known throughout as "The Town Hidden in Green" due to its mass variety and amount of trees.

"(Breathes in deeply) Ah......" the boy said with a smile.

"Ashen!!" A voice said from behind him. Ashen turned only to see his friend Amelia Burns running his way in her green and white tank top and matching skirt. As she ran, the gentle breeze blew the skirt up just enough for him to see her pure white panties underneath. Ashen quickly turned and began playing with his brown wavy hair.

"Ashen. We're all packed and ready to go. You?" she asked.

"Yeah. I packed last night." Ashen replied

"The Shuirel Mountains said to be home of the spirits of demons that were killed are suppose to be sealed there. I SO love these kind of things!!" Amelia said excitedly.

Ashen laughed to himself as he stared at his childhood friend whom he had known for 10 years.

"Hah...demons don't exist. You know that." Ashen said.

"You don't know that!! They might!!" Amelia said back.

"Having another fight are we?" a voice said from behind them. They turned and Ashen's heart sank as his other childhood friend Steven Mormos, star softball player at their school. Slim, stood at 6'1, perfect smile and to make matters worse, he was Amelia's boyfriend. The girl he liked.

"Oh Steven!" Amelia said rushing over to hug him.

"Hey hun. What's up Ashen?" Steven said turning to him.

"Hey....." Ashen replied.

"Got all your stuff packed?" Steven asked.

"What is with you two? I'm not a kid! I can take care of myself." Ashen said.

"Whoa! Calm down. We're just looking out for you ya know." Steven said.

"I know....I know...." Ashen said walking past them and into his home to double check to make sure he had everything for the trip.

When he got upstairs to his room, he glanced over at the picture of his mother by beside his king size bed on top of his jet black dresser a wave of depression came over him. He shook it off and grabbed his suitcase from on his bed and met his friends outside,

"Let's go!" he said.

The next day, a class of 54 students split into 2 school buses traveled down a highway only an hour away from the destination. The combination of the scorching heat and their homeroom teacher's endless lecture on the Shuirel Mountains put over half the students to sleep. Others either talked to one another or listened to their music players. After a few pit stops to get refreshments and bathroom breaks, close to 2 hours later, they arrived at the Shuirel Mountains. The students piled out of the 2 school buses and took in the scenery. The gray mountains seemed to stretch all the way to the sky and on for miles. The instructor informed the students that herself and the teachers would be setting up 6 large tents. 9 students per tent with one teacher to supervise per tent. The students determined who would stay together.

"Of course it'll be us three." Amelia said hugging onto Ashen and Steven.

"I suppose. Will it be alright? You know....If you two wanna be alone. I don't mind." Ashen said.

"Thanks but no. You're like family to us. Besides. Your mom charged ME with taking care of you after she....you know.....passed away." Amelia said.

"He's not a child you know. He's old enough to take care of himself while we spend some alone time together." Steven said with a smile.

Ashen walked away to join the rest of the class as they looked around the area.

Amelia looked back at Steven with a very angry look and followed to chase Ashen. Steven rolled his eyes, scratched his head and followed after.

It took two and a half hours for the instructor and teachers to set up the large mini-homelike tents. The sun had began to set behind the mountains and the creatures of the night began to emerge and make their sounds.

"(Large sigh) Why are we out here in these creepy ass mountains again?" one teacher asked.

"Don't know. It was the Principal's idea. Said something about a legendary demon being buried here....HA! Legendary demon my ass!" one of the teachers said leaning back in his chair.

"Well...he is held bent on these four demons that...." a female teacher started but was interrupted.

"Ruled the demon realm 1500 years ago. Ta, Nara, Shin, and....Sessaru was it?" the male teacher said.

"That's how the story goes. Apparently, out of the millions of demons, those 4 were the strongest of them all and....." she started.

"And brought peace and prosperity to the demon realm for 150 years before crossing over to the human realm only to be killed by 50 monks and priestesses. Some all powerful demons they were. Huh?" the teacher said before a can of beer collided with his face causing him to hit the fall backward.

"Don't interrupt me when I'm talking!!" the female teacher snapped

Night had set in deep and the students had decided on who stayed where and settled into their tents. Amelia had changed into some pink pajamas with a bunny on it that was a bit too small. Ashen glanced at her as she walked into the tent.

"You STILL have those?" Ashen asked.

"Well....yeah...I like them.." she said blushing.

"I brought those for you like 3 years ago!" Ashen said

"AND!?" Amelia snapped

"Nothing." Ashen said

They settled down and opened some snacks and began telling stories about their childhood to the other kids in the tent. Just having a good time when suddenly a loud rustling was heard outside startling the girls. Silence took over and then shortly, the rustling sound was heard again, but this time, it was closer. Steven took it upon himself to stand up and check it out.

"Come on Ashen!" he said

"Why me?" Ashen replied

"Just come on!" Steven said grabbing Ashen and they both headed out the tent to see what was causing the noise. The two boys looked around the bushes for anything. Suddenly the girls' scream was heard. Ashen and Steven rushed back to the tent only to see a over sized raccoon digging through the bag. It innocently looked up only to have Ashen's house keys in its mouth.

"YOU!!!" Ashen said and dived at it. The raccoon quickly ran out the tent. Infuriated, Ashen ran after it as they headed toward the mountains. Steven followed afterward and Amelia grabbed a jacket and rushed after them.

The raccoon ran deep into the mountain. It began to get dark so Ashen halted his pursuit.

"Damn..." Ashen said.

Ashen could still hear his keys rattle deeper into the cave. He wanted to go further but he didn't. Amelia and Steven met up with him and told him not to pursue it. Suddenly a horrifying squeal was heard causing the group to jump.

"W....What was that...!?" Ashen asked

"I..I don't know...." Steven said

"They say that the bodies of demons are buried here and their souls haunt this mountain." Amelia said smiling.

"Y..You're actually enjoying this!?" Ashen asked

"Well yeah! Ghosts and demons don't exist. Keep that mind-state and you'll be less terrified." Amelia said.

"Yeah...but stilll....." Ashen said.

"I also overheard the teachers saying that a legendary demon from over 1500 years ago is here and that his souls haunts these very caves!" Amelia said running her fingers up Steven and Ashen's backs causing them to jump.

"Stop that!" Ashen said.

"Scared?" Amelia whispered in his ear.

Suddenly, Ashen's keys came flying from the darkness and landed at their feet.

"What the..." Steven said

"Man....I used the last of my energy to return your keys to you and not even a word of thanks." a voice said from the darkness.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Chapter 31
The ogre-demon stops suddenly and the barrier envelopes him. He rolls to the side and Nara has a clear line of sight.

Roswell lets out the breath he was holding in and smiles confidently.

"That's close enough." Roswell says stopping Nara's advance.

Shin and Shingi cross blades and ignore what's going on behind them.

"Where's your bugs and bats?" Ta asks landing another punch on Kogamaru.

"How can you sleep at night? What you did was a horrible tragedy and yet you walk around like it never happened." Shear says to Sessaru.


"This can't be good." Koji says.

"Lady Kareen is alive but unconscious. That bitch must be quite strong." Becky says drawing her bow.

Nara's hand goes up and stops her.

"What is he thinking?" Lust asks.


"So Roswell what is the next step in the plans?" Nara asks.

Roswell picks Kareen up by the hair and holds her up like a fish.

"Now get on your knees and bow to your new lord and master." Roswell says.

"Not gonna happen." Nara quickly replies.

"Why not? You refer to the others as Lord but not me. Why is that? I am Lord of the Eastern Lands and demand the respect that comes with that title." Roswell says getting upset.

"Being Lord of the Eastern Lands doesn't hold much respect to begin with. It is the only land that does not require an actual Lord to run it. I made sure of that before that fateful day all those years ago." Nara explains.

"You lie." Roswell says.

"They only call me Lord Nara out of respect for my father. The day I killed him is the day they lost all respect for me. I earned their respect back. One at a time." Nara explains.

Roswell slowly takes in the information.

By now the only two still fighting is Shin and Shingi. The other four have stopped and are watching with great interest.

"The book. Hand over the book." Roswell demands.

Nara extends his hand out and the book materializes.

Roswell and everyone else looks on in amazement.

"Materialization is forbidden." Kogamaru says.

Nara looks at him and smirks, "Who's going to arrest me?" Nara asks.

"Good point." Kogamaru says.

"Sephile get the book from him." Roswell orders.

Sephile slowly and cautiously approaches Nara, who holds the book out to her. She takes it and Nara opens the book.

"Nara just gave away his book?" Shear says surprised.

Shingi and Shin stop and look back. A look of complete shock is plastered on their faces.

Sephile holds the book before Roswell as he flips through the blank pages.

"What is the meaning of this? Where are the written pages?" Roswell asks angrily.

"The book hasn't chosen you as its rightful master." Nara answers.

The anger in Roswell overflows and he punches Kareen in the stomach. Everyone else gasps.

Nara steps forward but stops himself.

"What the hell is going through that puny brain of his?" Kogamaru asks.

"A breeze?" Ta answers.

"Good. Just stand there and watch." Roswell says and hits her again.

"Don't......Save me....... My........fault....." Kareen says hoarsely.

Nara stands there silently with his arms behind his back like a soldier at ease.

"Something isn't right?" Shin says looking around.

"I agree. Something is off." Shingi says also looking around.

Roswell continues his assault on Kareen for several minutes. Blood flows from her nose and the cuts as she is hit some more.

"Something is seriously wrong here." Shingi says.


"What is Nara doing?" Amelia asks.

"Not sure." Koji says.

"Something isn't right. Lady Kareen doesn't deserve this." Becky says, "Why would Lord Nara allow this?"


Roswell continues to let all of his frustrations out on Kareen's battered and broken body while Nara watches.

"What's wrong? Is this too shocking for you to see this?" Roswell asks before slamming Kareen to the ground by her hair.

Nara stands there silently.

"Nara! Do something!" Ta shouts.

"Have you ever seen this before?" Shingi asks.

"No." Shin replies.

Blood pools around Kareen's head from a large gash in the back of her head.

Ta and Sessaru both take a step towards her but Nara raises his hand to them. They stop instantly.

Roswell laughs at Kareen's suffering.

"Cat got your tongue? Why won't you speak?" Roswell asks.

Nara remains silent and Roswell becomes enraged even more. He stomps on Kareen's stomach a few times and an almost black blood erupts from her mouth.


"NARA! SAVE HER!" Lust shouts.

Amelia buries her face into Steven's chest.

"Lady Kareen......" Becky says meekly.


A large amount of black blood flies out of Kareen's mouth and all over the concrete.

"Farewell..........my...............love..............." Kareen says in barely a whisper.

"Piece of whore trash." Roswell says and kicks Kareen's lifeless body into a nearby telephone pole.

Nara still remains silent.

Kogamaru holds Ta back and Shear grabs Sessaru's wrist.

"Just wait." Shear says watching Shin and Shingi whose eyes are closed.

Sephile suddenly lets out a blood curdling scream as her hands begin being drawn into the cover of the book.

Roswell rushes to her side and tries to rip the book from her hands but can't.

In a matter of seconds the book has devoured her arms and is eating through her body. Her screams stop and a few seconds later only a pool of blood remains.

"You bastard! How dare you kill her!" Roswell says through gritted teeth.

Roswell runs at Nara and punches him in the face. Nara leans back from the force of the punch and Roswell punches him in the chest.

Shin opens his eyes and looks at Nara.

"No heart beat." Shin says.

"Who?" Shingi asks before figuring it out. "What does that mean?"

"Not sure. It has never happened before. That I know of." Shin replies

Roswell continues his savage onslaught against Nara. Nara doesn't even try to defend himself or fight back against Roswell's powerful blows.

Somehow though, Nara remains standing and silent the entire time.

"Is this all the mighty and powerful Nara has to offer? He should not be feared or even respected. He should be pitied for being so weak." Roswell boasts.

"And this is coming from someone who was nearly killed by a severed arm from a false body." Kogamaru says, causing the other lords to laugh.

"Silence!" Roswell shouts, "It seems that seeing his faithful familiar beaten to death at my hands was beyond something he could stand and has given in to my might." Roswell says.

"But she was tied up and unconscious through most of it. Does that even count?" Shear asks.

"I said SILENCE!" Roswell shouts, "I am now the Lord of the entire Demon Realm. All will bow to my might! And if they don't then I will simply crush them." Roswell says.

During his speech, Nara falls backwards and his tattoos start to glow slightly before fading away completely.


Throughout the entire Demon Realm the tattoos appear. Marking everything from a building to an animal.

A little boy runs inside his house and takes his shirt off.

"Mommy, look." He says.

His grandfather looks over and recognizes the tattoo immediately.

"Lord Nara has returned." He says surprised.

From every corner of the Demon Realm, cheers are heard.

The guards standing guard at Roswell's castle look around wondering why everyone is cheering.

"Wonder what that was all about." One guard asks.


"Look." Steven says and points down the street.

Everyone on the roof looks at where Steven is pointing and sees the street packed with people making their way toward the action.

"What the hell is going on?" Silmeria asks.

Each street leading to the intersection where the Lords are at is packed with humans making their way to the Lords for some unknown reason.


Without warning the air becomes suffocatingly dense and the clouds above grow darker and begin to swirl clockwise.

"I suggest we hold off on our fights." Kogamaru says looking at the sky above him.

Ta nods in agreement.

"I agree. If we aren't careful we may end up dying." Sessaru says.

"You cowards! Now is the time to strike your enemy down. Nara is dead and they are too scared to defend themselves against you." Roswell says walking toward Sessaru.

"What the...." Shingi says as the ground begins to slowly spin counter clockwise around Nara's body. The buildings and everything stays in place just he ground begins to spin quicker and quicker. Even the clouds are spinning faster.

"This isn't right. There is something definitely wrong." Shear says backing up.

A powerful demonic presence rises up through the ground that makes the Lords fall to their knees.


Koji quickly grabs Steven and Amelia before they walked off the roof.

Lust and Jade help pull Koji back up to the roof.

"They seem comatose." Aurora says checking them.

They struggle to get free and are tied up to prevent them from moving.

"Any ideas?" Silmeria asks.

"Not a one." Becky replies.


The presence grows stronger and is centralized at Nara's body.

"I guess he is back for round two." Roswell says walking towards Nara's body.

A large fist comes through Nara's chest and Roswell jumps. Another fist comes through and then a familiar head. Nara emerges from his own body like it was a cocoon.

"Nara?" Everyone says.

It looks just like Nara only a little more evil and a couple feet taller. The tattoos are the same but his horns are now a foot long. His eyes are a deep crimson with white pupils. He grins wickedly at Roswell as large amounts of blood flow out and down his chest.

Shin and Shingi quiver in fear and drop their katanas.

Shear and Sessaru try to back away but can't even get their bodies to move.

Kogamaru wets himself from fear as well as Ta.

Koji, Becky, Silmeria, Lust, Aurora, and Jade all faint in fear. And Ashen loses control of his bowels and bladder while he has a major seizure.

Gok and Soneskin start to peel apart like bananas.

Fortunately for Amelia and Steven, Becky had placed them in a protection circle.

Nara stands fully erect and two powerful dragon type wings burst from his back.

Roswell is speechless and stares wide eyed.

Nara grabs one of his horns and breaks it off at the base. Then continues to do the same thing to the other seven. After he breaks them off the orbit him like moons.

"You claim to be the Ruler of the Demon Realm?" Nara says in a very deep demonic voice.

Roswell can barely swallow, he is so terrified.

"SPEAK!" Nara commands.

"...............yes......." Roswell replies meekly and in almost a whisper.

Nara looks back at Kareen's body and smirks then looks back at Roswell making him jump.

"You haven't killed me. I was only at fifty percent of my full power. Yet you were still unable to even knock me over let alone kill me." Nara says still standing before Roswell.

"Allow me to show you my full power." Nara says as the eight horns that were orbiting around him enter his chest.


In the Demon Realm, the clouds in the sky begin to mimic the clouds in the Human Realm. Then the ground follows and spins counter clockwise without disturbing the buildings or the other demons. Even more tattoos have appeared throughout the lands.


A large glowing orb exits Kareen's body and enters Nara's.

"Come. Attack me." Nara commands still with blood flowing from his mouth.

Roswell finally swallows and takes a step towards Nara.

Nara raises his hand and all of the humans that had gathered around turned to dust.

"Unbelievable." Shin says completely amazed.

A dark aura radiates off of Nara and drips onto the ground like blood.

The ground and sky continues to spin.

"Where are we?" Shingi asks realizing that the sun and moon are closer then they should be. The sun to the west and the moon to the east.

"Leave it to the samurai to notice." Nara says to him, "We are in my realm. That's the Human Realm above us and the Demon Realm below us. Right now I imagine that the weather is rather chaotic at this very moment." Nara explains.

"That's preposterous. No one can create realms." Roswell says.

Nara gets right in Roswell's face with blood still flowing out of his mouth.

"How would you know? Just a few moments ago, you thought I was dead. So that makes your word worthless." Nara says.

"Your realm?" Kogamaru says trying to understand.

"Yes. To protect both realms from utter destruction I created this realm for the sole purpose of being able to go all out on Roswell." Nara explains.

"What are you?" Shin asks.

"I am beyond an S class demon. The simplest term would be a Demon God. However, I don't see myself like that." Nara says forming an orb of pure energy in the palm of his hand.

He grabs Roswell's wrist and puts the energy orb into his palm. The energy courses through Roswell's body and brings him to his knees.

Kogamaru looks on quizzically.

"Now Roswell, arise and enjoy your new found power as an S class demon." Nara says.

Shear glances at Shingi who glances at Kogamaru.

"Now prepare for your death." Nara says and punches him with so much force that the ground in both the Human and Demon Realm rattle as if a magnitude five point eight earthquake went off.

Minor damage in both realms mostly just scared humans and demons run for cover.

Roswell drops to his knees gasping for air while his ribs regenerate.

"Perfect." Nara says to himself.

He punches Roswell again and the buildings close by crack. Another punch nails Roswell right in the kidney and a large chunk of building falls. Instead of crashing into the streets below it falls into the street and vanishes beneath street.

"This is incredible." Kogamaru says.

"Is that all you have?" Roswell says, "At this rate you'll never kill me." Roswell adds.

"You will die. In fact you will be begging me to take your life." Nara says in that deep demonic voice while blood still flows from his mouth.

"In case you haven't realized, I am a regenerate. I can recover from any injury that you can deliver." Roswell boasts.

Nara simply smiles and delivers a straight punch straight to Roswell's gut making him fly straight into a brick wall. Several buildings in a thousand foot radius crumble from the tremendous force.

Again the other two realms are rocked by multiple earthquakes.

Nara kneels down and puts his hand through the ground and a massive hand comes through the clouds. The other Lords split up and take cover.

The fist smashes into Roswell then picks his battered body up and throws him at Nara. Nara steps to the side and clothes lines Roswell. His head snaps back causing his body to start to flip backwards while moving forward. The back of Roswell's head hits the ground and cracks wide open. Bits of skull scatter and a tiny pink brain flies out.

"Bigger then I thought." Ta says.

Kogamaru agrees before leaping out of the way from Roswell's body.

Roswell lays there for a moment before he starts to move again. The crack in his skull has healed.

"See. I feel no pain. You can't defeat me." Roswell says.

"And what makes you think you will defeat me?" Nara asks and rips his right arm off, then tosses it to the side.

Roswell looks at the arm then back at Nara. His arm has already grown back.

"Let's see you do that." Nara says and before Roswell can react Nara rips his right arm off causing Roswell to scream in pain.

Roswell backs away holding where his right arm should be.

Nara looks at him and shakes his head then rips Roswell's left arm off making him scream even more.

"I see you have killed innocent demons just because of the beach. That's not acceptable!" Nara says and rips Roswell's left leg off.

Roswell screams again and falls on his back. He continues to try and back away but that has become almost impossible.

Nara tosses the limbs aside and stands above Roswell.

"I made you an S class demon and you can't even grow your limbs back? I overestimated your abilities." Nara says with blood still flowing down his jaw.

Roswell is at a loss for words. The fear is clearly visible in his eyes and the eyes of everyone watching.

"Go collect your limbs. I'll deal with that demon till your done." Nara adds and turns to the large ogre-demon.

The barrier dissipates leaving the ogre-demon standing there.

Roswell rolls to his limbs and starts attaching them as best as he can.

Nara raises his hand and makes one motion as if he is opening a sliding door. The entire front of the ogre-demon rips off. He makes the motion again and another layer rips off. He does this a few more times and there is nothing left of the ogre-demon.

Roswell gets himself together and runs from Nara.

Nara simply smiles and tugs at the air like a rope. Roswell is running as fast as he can and is being pulled backwards.

"Coward. This is your doing and you are trying to run for it? Allow me to get rid of these pesky buildings so that you may get a better understanding." Nara says before flapping his wings and floating above the city.

He claps his hands and the ground rumbles. Seconds later the buildings dissolve into the still spinning ground.

Koji and everyone else lands safely on the ground.

There is nothing for as far as the eye can see in any direction. Above them the entire sky is spinning clockwise and below them the entire ground spins counter clockwise. To the east is the moon and to the west is the sun. Both of which are so close they can almost be touched. To the north the planets orbit closely and to the south nothing but a violent meteor shower.

"This entire realm is under my control. You running won't solve anything. There is nowhere to hide." Nara shouts down to Roswell before landing softly.

"This is just some horrible nightmare. No way could I lose to a pathetic being like you." Roswell says trying to convince himself.

"Your stupidity knows no bounds. I have grown tired of this. It is time for you to die." Nara says walking towards Roswell.

"You can try but killing a regenerate is impossible. We can only die form old age." Roswell says confidently.

Nara simply smiles and attacks with great power and precision. The shockwaves from the hits knock the other lords to the ground. For over two hours Nara viciously attacks Roswell. His attacks just do enough damage so that Roswell feels the pain but can regenerate quickly. Finally large chunks of Roswell fly and freeze mid air.

In the other realms, they are once again hit by multiple earthquakes for the entire time Nara is attacking Roswell and for a few hours afterwards.

"Now regenerate." Nara says backing away from a completely skinned and gutted Roswell. Every piece of flesh and muscle has been ripped from Roswell leaving only the nerve endings, skeletal structure, and his head in tact.

A look of panic comes over Roswell's face as his body can't regenerate.

"How can this be?" He asks terrified.

"Your body can sense its pieces near by so it won't regenerate. You shall stay like this for the rest of eternity regardless if I am alive or dead." Nara says in that deep demonic voice.

"This is incredible." Kogamaru says.

Shear and Shingi look at Nara in fear.

"You three shall leave the Human Realm and never return." Nara says grabbing Shingi, Shear, and Kogamaru by the shirts.

They nod quickly and Nara throws them aside. They fall through the ground and land in the Demon Realm. Each in their respective castle.

"Take them home." Nara says to Ta and points at Koji and the others.

"What about Jade?" Shin asks picking up a katana. He looks at it and a quick smile crosses his lips.

Nara opens his hand and Jade falls through the ground and through the roof of his house.

Becky is the first to wake and jumps at the sight of Nara standing there.

Koji wakes a few minutes later and his jaw drops at the sight of Nara.

Lust, Silmeria, and Aurora wake about the same time and stare at Nara speechless.

"It has been a real honor to have you all as friends." Nara says in his normal voice as they all walk through a portal to Ashen's house.

"What?" Shin says turning around but the portal closes before he can do anything.

"Now, back to you." Nara says in the deep demonic voice once more.

"So you are trapped in here with me." Roswell says trying to laugh.

"No. I chose to stay behind because this next part I didn't want anyone to see." Nara says smirking.

"What can you possibly do to me?" Roswell asks.

"The worst thing imaginable. Erase you from history." Nara replies.

"That's impossible. Too many people and demons know who I am." Roswell says.

"That is true however my symbols have appeared everywhere in the Demon Realm. Not to signify my return but to erase the memories of your existence. In a few hours every living being in the Demon Realm will of forgotten about you. You shall completely disappear from all records and it will be as if you never existed." Nara says walking around Roswell.

Roswell stares off into space as it sinks in.

"You are telling me that my legacy will be forgotten. That it was I that made you go all out? Everything I did was for nothing?" Roswell says stunned.

"Yes. Since I know that none of these plans have been yours in the first place. Sephile was the one that came up with the idea of my false body and to kidnap Kareen. She was the true brains behind your brawn. And it will be her that will go down in history as the Lady of the Easter Lands in my absence." Nara says.

Roswell stands there dumbfounded.

"Not only will you stay here in this realm alone but now you know no one even knows you existed. That is truly a fate worse then death." Nara says and walks over to Kareen's body. He picks her up and grabs his book as well.

"Before I go there is a couple things," Nara says standing in front of a portal, "You won't die from what I did to you, you shall spend the rest of eternity in eternal agony." Nara adds and walks out of the portal into his room at Ashen's house. He lays Kareen down on his bed and covers her up. In his hand an orb forms before entering Kareen's body.

The portal closes and Roswell's screams of agony echo loudly.

She suddenly takes a deep breath and her heartbeat slowly returns to normal.

"Farewell." Nara says and kisses her as he turns to dust.


A few days go by and everything has returned back to normal.

"There is still no word on what caused the string of global earthquakes a few days ago. Amazingly there were no deaths reported and only a few buildings collapsed. Scientists believe it may be just a freak accident or something bigger. The religious community believes it is a warning from God that we must change our ways. Whatever it may be it was certainly terrifying." The news reporter says.

"What do you think happened?" Koji asks.

"I have no clue." Sessaru says.

"I remember a tall winged demon with blood flowing from its mouth staring at me." Becky says and shudders from the thought.

"And where did Kareen and Nara disappear to?" Shin asks.


"Milord, news from the Eastern Lands." A messenger says.

"Go on." Shear says.

"Apparently the civilians of the Eastern Lands have taken up arms and taken Lady Sephile's castle back in her absence. Her guards have split up and a small group is headed to you." The messenger says and bows before leaving.

"What the hell happened? I can't remember anything but the fear flowing through me." Shear says.


Kogamaru and Shingi both have the same problems remembering what happened in Nara's realm.

In fact everyone that was in Nara's realm is having troubles remembering anything but the fear and a tremendously powerful aura.


A few more days pass and everyone is sitting around the house on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

"I remember Nara was fighting. But he didn't look quite like Nara." Shin says.

"I know what you mean. I remember some ogre-demon and some mercenaries dying and Kareen laying in a pool of her own blood." Ta says.

"I remember that. But after that everything goes blank." Sessaru adds.

"I felt as if something was calling out to me." Steven says scratching his head.


Upstairs, Kareen awakes with a jolt and looks around nervously.

"What the...." She says getting out of bed.

She cleans herself up and is greeted at the bathroom door by Becky who has her daggers drawn.

"Lady Kareen?" She says shocked.

"Becky." She replies.

Becky leads her downstairs and they join the others.

"Where have you been?" Silmeria asks kneeling next to Sessaru.

"Sleeping. How long have I been out?" She asks.

"Well, a best guess would be about a week or so." Ta says sitting down with a sandwich.

"Nara still sleeping?" Lust asks.

"I don't know. I woke up in his bed but there were no signs that he had slept in the bed." Kareen says confused.

"Really?" Aurora asks.

Kareen closes her eyes and is silent for awhile.

She opens her eyes and a look of sadness overcomes her.

"What's wrong?" Becky asks.

"It's Nara. I can't sense his aura anywhere." Kareen replies.

"Maybe he is in the Demon Realm." Koji says.

"No. He isn't in either realm. I would be able to sense him. I am getting nothing." Kareen says.

Shin leaves and investigates Nara's room. He returns a little while later and kneels before Kareen. He bows and holds up eight one inch horns like Nara's.

Kareen gasps and a second later the others do as well. She takes them and holds them close to her heart as she fights the emotions raging inside her.

"Excuse me." She says and runs to her room with the horns.

"I also found what appeared to be a strange dust that was emitting a very weak aura but when I picked up the horns it vanished." Shin explains.

"Does this mean..." Sessaru says.

"I'm afraid it does." Ta says.

"Going on what all of us have described it seems that Nara created a realm and went all out on someone. The question is who and why?" Koji explains.

Everyone sits there silently and ponders the question Koji brought up.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chapter 30
Jade opened the bathroom door, drying his jade green hair. He throws the towel aside and hits Sicily with it.

"Sir. It seems that Lord Roswell is serious this time." Sicily says handing Jade three knives that he straps to his left thigh. He takes his katana from her and puts that on his back.

"Lead the way." Jade says.

Sicily leaps through the window and Jade follows right behind her.


"As I recall you made your own presence known during the volleyball game. Had you stayed in the crowd you could of just stayed undetected. But it was your fault for showing yourselves." Nara says.

Kogamaru falls silent.

"Exactly. Aside from that, what brings all of you here this fine afternoon?" Nara says.

"We are on a little sight seeing trip. That's all. My guys were getting tired of doing nothing so I thought they could stretch their legs." Roswell says.

"That's a lot of words for that small brain. I think I see smoke coming from your ears." Ta says crouching down.

Aurora and Lust watch from behind a building corner.

Roswell glares at Ta and snaps his fingers.

The large ogre-demon smashes the ball into the ground where Ta was crouching.


"What's going on over there?" Amelia asks pointing to the center of the storm.

"I'm betting Roswell has brought some powerful demons with to try and get Lord Nara and the others to fight." Koji answers.

"Well, tough guy." Becky says to Ashen, "I suggest you get prepared for battle."

"Aren't you a sharp one." Koji says to her.

"I didn't get to where I was because of my looks or (blushes)..... (Ahem). Nevermind. Ashen get ready. Your opponent will be here in a few minutes." Becky says and looks away.

"Perhaps you could show me later what you won't say." Koji whispers as he walks by her.

"Why does Ashen have to fight again?" Amelia asks.

"Because he is the greatest and strongest." Becky snaps back sarcastically.

Steven chuckles for a second before he sees Amelia glaring at him.

"Its alright. I'll be fine." Ashen says confidently.


Roswell snaps his fingers again and the ogre-demon pulls the chain back but to his surprise the ball splits in half and destroys a building on either side of him causing the buildings to collapse into the street. Once the dust settles, the building has completely blocked the road behind them and Nara, Shin, Ta, and Sessaru all stand before them.

"Guessing everything was worked out?" Ta whispers.

"Not exactly." Sessaru replies.

"Let's go check on Kareen." Lust says.

Aurora nods and they run off.

Nara sits down on a nearby bus stop bench and looks around.

"What is you want here?" Nara asks.

"Do you mean aside from watching you die by my hands?" Roswell asks.

"Yes, because we both know that won't ever happen. That is what you call delusional thinking." Nara replies.

The ogre demon whips his chain at Nara but it smashes into a barrier.

"I knew you were a coward. Hiding behind a barrier." Roswell says with a laugh as the other demons step forward.

"Like you have room to talk. Who is hiding behind an ogre demon with a large chain and other demons?" Nara replies.

"Perhaps Roswell should look before he speaks." Kogamaru says.

"That would require a brain." Shear says.

"ALL OF YOU DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!" A cop shouts through his mega phone.

"Sessaru." Ta says.

"If I must." He replies and sprints at the cop. He tackles him and puts him in his car then slams on the gas.


Sephile leaps out of a tree and a smaller ogre demon lands next to her.

"My what an interesting gathering we have here." Sephile says looking everyone over, "Koji, why would you turn your back on Lord Roswell? Have you no sense of loyalty?"

"Why would I respect Lord Fatass? He showed no compassion for us scouts. To him we were just tools. And I didn't betray him. In order for me to of betrayed him I would of had to betray my first Lord, Nara." Koji replies.

"You shall not speak ill of the great Lord Roswell! Show him the respect he deserves!" Sephile snaps.

"Lord Fatass deserves no respect therefore I am showing him the proper respect." Koji says with a smirk.

"You insolent wretch shall die for your betrayal!" Sephile says.

Koji pulls out a scroll and throws it at her.

"Perhaps you should read before acting. I know you have a brain unlike Fatass." Koji says.

She reads the scroll and Koji motions for Amelia and Steven to hide.

While she reads an arrow pierces her right thigh. She drops the scroll and falls to her knees in pain.

"You bastard!" Sephile shouts and rips the arrow out.

"That wasn't from me. I don't use arrows. I prefer poison tipped darts." Koji replies.

"If anyone asks I will just say I killed you cause you attacked me first." Sephile replies.

Another arrow pierces her right thigh.

"Zeggy, kill them all." Sephile says gritting her teeth and rips out the second arrow.

"Go on, Ashen. Protect us." Becky says shoving him forward.


Sicily and Jade when Jade sees Lust out of the corner of his eye. He stops and chases Lust. Sicily glances back over her shoulder and sees Jade run into an alley. She to follows.


"Why don't you send those mercs at us?" Ta says from the top of a street light.

Shin kneels with his sword laying in front of him as Sessaru leans against the street light.

"Well?" Sessaru asks popping his knuckles.

"Soneskin. Gok. Cloud. Ling. Ting. Corr. Weiv. Kill them." Roswell says and the seven demons split up.

Shingi watches as Shin stays on his knees while Corr approaches him.

Corr being the biggest of the seven laughs at Shin.

"Guess I get the blind samurai who has given up before the fight even started." Corr says laughing.

In the blink of an eye Shin is now kneeling behind Corr with his back to him and his sword laying in front of him.

"I wouldn't move to much." Shin says and picks his sword up before walking away.

"Shingi, what just happened? Why is Shin walking away?" Shear asks.

"Amazing." Shingi says in awe.

"Shingi?" Shear says and nudges him.

"Sorry. Shin made his attack. Due to his small stature and weak appearance, every opponent underestimates his skill. Add in the blind appearance and right there gives Shin the victory." Shingi says.

"You really were his pupil weren't you?" Kogamaru says.

"Yes. He would always say never judge something based on its appearance. Now you see why." Shingi says.


Silmeria sits on the couch inside completely unaware of the battle going on in the backyard. She is still lost in thought about everything that has happened this morning.


An explosion sends Koji and Becky flying.

Ashen lays unconscious and bleeding from dozens of cuts.

Kareen catches Becky and sets her down against a tree out of harms way.

"Now, grovel and beg for Lord Roswell's forgiveness." Sephile says to Koji.

"I'll die before that happens." Koji says drinking a small vial and throwing a smoke ball.

"How appropriate. Just before his death a scout runs from battle." Sephile says boastfully.

Kareen takes aim with her bow and fires an arrow straight through Sephile's right knee cap.

"That does it! I was told to bring you back alive but since you insist on pelting me with these damn arrows you can die as well!" Sephile says angrily and Zeggy swings the large black ball over his head.

He smashes the ball into the ground and it explodes sending Kareen flying into the hot spring.

Zeggy laughs and starts looking over each shoulder repeatedly before dropping his ball and chain and spinning in circles swatting at nothing. It looks just like he walked into a cob web and is trying to get it off.

"What is your problem? Stop screwing around and finish the job." Sephile says cracking her whip.

Kareen scrambles out of the hot spring and looks around for her bow.

Sitting on the roof is her bow.

Koji appears out of nowhere and smiles at Zeggy.

"Its over for you." Koji says and tugs an almost invisible thread that slices Zeggy to bits.

"You bastard!" Sephile shouts and wraps her whip around his leg then sends him hurling through the air and through the wooden fence of the neighbor's yard.

Aurora and Lust show up with Jade and Sicily right behind them.

The four of them look on trying to piece together what has transpired.

Aurora runs to Becky's side and Lust is grabbed by Sicily.

"You're not going anywhere." Sicily says tying her hands behind her back.

Shocked that she didn't sense them behind her, Lust is unable to think clearly for a moment.

Koji sits up slowly and sees Lust being tied up. He draws a kunai knife from a pouch on his hip.

Jade steps away and sees Sephile with Kareen tied up and unconscious over her shoulder.

"I've got what I came for. Jade you can kill the rest." Sephile says.


Jade turns around and sees Sicily on the ground with a kunai knife in her thigh and Lust still tied up.

He rips her pants open and removes the kunai knife.

"Hang on. It'll be alright." He says to her.

Around the wound the blood vessels and veins are turning blue.

"SICILY!!" He shouts but she doesn't respond.

"The poison is working its way through her blood stream. She has a minute left or less." Koji says removing Jade's katana from Jade's back.

Sicily convulses a few times and dies.

"What are you doing Koji?" Jade asks.

"Nice and easy." Koji says holding Jade's own katana to Jade's neck.

Aurora unties Lust and ties up Jade.

"Just be quiet and don't try anything stupid. Once the skirmish is done I shall let you go regardless of the victor." Koji says.

"Fine. Take me there so I can watch." Jade replies quietly as he watches Sicily's body disintegrate. He says a small prayer for her and he and Koji head back to the city.


Ling has Ta in a full nelson while Ting punches his ribs.

Sessaru is trapped in a bear hug from Weiv, (the second biggest) while Shin dodges the attacks from Cloud's katana.

"I know your not blind." Cloud says backing away a little.

"I never claimed to be. Just because my eyes are closed, people assume that I am blind." Shin replies drawing his katana.

"This is not good." Shingi says.

"Why?" Shear asks watching Sessaru get slammed into the sidewalk.

"Shin is getting serious." Shingi says.

Shear and Kogamaru look at each other.

"Getting?" They say together.

Ling hits Shear and they hit the wall together.

"Missed." Ta says snapping his fingers.

Kogamaru glares at Ta.

Shear gets up and throws Ling back at Ting. Both Ling and Ting tackle Ta while the sounds of blades clashing.

Cloud backs away holding his bloody left arm.

Sessaru gets up holding his chest.

"Bastard." He says and his claws extend.

Ta throws a punch and nails Ting right in the jaw. Ling grabs Sessaru from behind and German suplexes him.

"How about you deal with them?" Sessaru says to Ta.

Blood sprays all over Ting, Ling, Ta, and Sessaru.

Soneskin and Gok stand before Nara grinning.

"Something funny?" Nara asks.

"Just laughing at how the mighty have fallen." Soneskin replies.

"Especially at how old and decrepit you've become." Gok says flexing.

"That may be true but I am still too much for you to handle." Nara says smiling.

Cloud falls forward and a large gash goes down his back. Shin stands before him sheathing his katana.

"The rest are yours to deal with." Shin says and walks away.

Ting hollers in pain as Ta twists his arm behind his back even further.

"Nara whenever you decide to jump in it would be greatly appreciated." Sessaru says blocking a kick from Ling.

"In due time." Nara replies.

Sessaru digs his claws into Ling's shin and calf, cutting out a large chunk.

"Tell you what. I will spare you the humiliation of losing to an old decrepit demon such as myself and give you a large plot of land if you attack Roswell." Nara says quietly to Soneskin and Gok.

"How big are we talking?" Gok asks.

"A third of the Eastern Lands." Nara says holding his hand out.

They shake on it and walk back to Roswell.

"Did he just..." Kogamaru asks.

"I believe he did." Shear says.

"Oh, that's not right." Shingi says as the three of them watch Soneskin and Gok continue walking over to Roswell.

"Think he noticed?" Kogamaru asks.

"Not a chance." Shear says.

"Nope." Shingi adds.

"What's up?" Roswell asks.

"Nothing personal but we got a better offer." Soneskin says just before Gok sucker punches him.

Ta stabs Ting's own arm into his own back, popping out his heart while Sessaru slices up Ling's leg.

Shin stands next to Corr, who has not moved, and therefore not fallen to pieces.

"Impressive." Shin says and with that slight breath Corr falls to tiny pieces.

Weiv gets behind Sessaru and wraps his powerful arms around Sessaru and pins his arms to his sides.

Weiv turns and Ta nails Sessaru dead in the chest and Sessaru goes limp.

"Pathetic. You just killed your own friend." Weiv says dropping Sessaru's lifeless body.


Several blocks away Kareen is barely able to stand from the dozens of deep cuts all over her legs. The loss of blood has blurred her vision slightly and she can't concentrate fully.

"To think that the greatest Demon Lord of all time would want some old whore like you." Sephile says and slams Kareen against a large store window cracking it and Kareen's skull.

Kareen spits in her face and Sephile slams her again against the window.

"Defiant old whore aren't you. It doesn't matter. Soon you will be Lord Roswell's personal property. Although, I should be the one pleasing him. What makes you so damn special that all he can think about is you. He won't even look at me twice if I stood before him completely nude." Sephile says angrily.

She ties Kareen up again and continues to limp towards Roswell.


Koji and Jade arrive at the roof over looking the Lords as they battle below.

Koji unties Jade and gives the weapons back.

"What's your deal?" Jade asks, "You kill Sicily and take me hostage only to release me. Why?"

"Killing you would of angered Lord Sessaru. You and him were once good friends. I don't want to be the one to get on his bad side. If you wish to battle me then first settle your score with him. Right now lets just watch the show." Koji says and looks over the edge.

Jade thinks for a moment and flicks his wrist sending a knife straight into Koji's thigh.

"Alright. We will put our battle on hold to I defeat Sessaru." Jade says, "That's for Sicily and to serve as a reminder."


Roswell is on the ground as Soneskin and Gok land devastating kicks and punches.

"What are you doing?" Roswell asks trying to get to his feet to retaliate.

"Nara offered us a better deal. So being a mercenary we took the better deal." Gok says.

"Each of us gets a third of the Eastern Lands." Soneskin says.

"I'll give you each half if you attack Nara." Roswell says.

Corr looks at Ta who simply stands before him.

"Why are you so calm? You just killed your friend." Corr asks.

"No. I killed you. If you would kindly look at the wall behind you." Ta says pointing to the wall.

Corr turns around and sees blood and organs all over the wall.

His entire back is hallow.

"How is that possible?" He asks as he falls to the side.

Sessaru stands up with blood all over his claws.

"That trick still works." He says high fiving Ta.

"Let me guess. He is giving you half of the Eastern Lands. No surprise. I'll give you (points at Soneskin) all of the Eastern Lands and you (points at Gok) all of the Western Lands." Nara says sitting on a bench.

Shear, Shingi, and Kogamaru all watch as the two walk back towards Roswell.

"What did he offer?" Roswell asks regenerating from the injuries.

"He is giving us each our own lands. Can you beat that?" Gok replies.

"Yes, what he offered plus half of the Northern Lands to each of you." Roswell says.

They turn back and head to Nara.

A familiar scent enters Nara's nose. He glances around and can't locate its origin so he shrugs it off.

"Alright, I'll give you each two lands, your choice plus Kareen, Lust, Aurora, and Silmeria." Nara says standing up.

"We have a winner!" Soneskin and Gok say together and extend their hands.

Nara shakes them and says, "You two can just relax on the bench."

Nara walks past them and straight for Roswell.

"Appears, Nara won." Shear says.

"Wonder what he offered them." Kogamaru says.


Aurora and Lust land behind Koji and Jade.

"Took you long enough." Koji says never taking his eyes off Nara.

"So what is going on?" Lust asks.

"Any sign of Lady Kareen?" Aurora asks.

"Nothing at the moment and no sign yet. Sephile made off with her but hasn't arrived yet." Jade says.

Lust looks at Koji and points to Jade.

"I'll explain later." Koji says.

Silmeria, Ashen, Becky, Steven, and Amelia climb up the fire escape.

"The whole gang is here." Lust says looking back.

"I'm only here to make sure no one kills Lord Sessaru till I have had time to get my questions answered." Silmeria says before anyone says anything to her.

All of them line up and watch below.


Shin, Sessaru, and Ta all disappear into an alley while everyone was distracted by the bidding wars.

"Damn! She's late. I need to stall till she gets here." Roswell says to himself and suddenly realizes there is a very large ogre-demon right in front of him.

"ATTACK!" Roswell shouts.

The ogre-demon smashes his fist onto Nara but the surrounding ground indents.

"So Roswell, what is it you are planning?................ Sorry. You are incapable of planning. I should of asked, what is your part in this scheme?" Nara asks as the ogre-demon continues to smash the barrier into the ground.

Roswell growls at Nara's words and has the ogre-demon smash even harder.

"That barrier can't hold out forever and once it fails you're dead." Roswell says.

"Tell you what, why don't you hold your breath on that." Nara says.

"He wouldn't?" Shear says.

Roswell inhales deeply.

"Dumbass." They say together just before Kogamaru is sucker punched in the jaw.

Shin steps in front of Shingi and they bow to one another while Sessaru stands before Shear.

"Why are you after my head exactly?" Sessaru asks.

Shear looks at him in disbelief.

Kogamaru stumbles back holding his jaw while Ta pulls out his gauntlets.

He puts them on and immediately they began to change. They grow in length and turn white and hard like bone. Small knicks and cuts in them show that they have seen many battles. At halfway up the forearm it stops and ridges rise up from it a couple inches forming razor sharp edges.

"Taking credit for my work is one thing but trying to kill me is unforgivable." Ta says.

"Sensei, it is good to see that you are alive and well." Shingi says.

"Lord Shingi, it pleases me to see you still have that katana you stole from me." Shin replies.

"Of course. It has not left my side since that fateful day. I plan on relieving you of its twin and your life before we are through." Shingi says.

Shin simply smirks.


"This does not bode well." Becky says shuddering.

"I agree." Koji adds.

"The intensity burning in each of their eyes is absolutely amazing." Jade says awe struck.


"How can you not know? You killed my father and left me homeless and alone. I have spent every waking moment plotting my revenge against you." Shear says angrily and draws his sword.

"I'm guessing you were one of the few that survived that day." Sessaru says sighing.

Sephile lands behind Roswell and drops Kareen at his feet. Her hands and feet completely bound. Sephile kneels before Roswell and he smiles.

"I have done as you asked my Lord." Sephile says.

Nara looks at Kareen and then up at Roswell.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chapter 29:

Dark boiling thunderclouds formed over the city from the tremendous demonic aura coming from the south. Shortly after, it began to rain

"They couldn't have picked a better time..." Ta said sarcastically as he turned his attention back to Sessaru and Silmeria who still faced off with one another. Silmeria held Sessaru's sword tightly in her hand. So tight that her hand began to bleed

"Why...?! Why didn't you say anything....?" Silmeria asked over the pounding rain. Amelia and Steven went to tend to Ashen's wound.

"What was I suppose to say? Sorry?...Or....Hey...I completely lost control of my powers killing your friends, family, and everyone else you love. Sorry. Hope we can start over? Please forgive me?" Sessaru asked

"No..but.." Silmeria started

"71,450 were killed that day. Do you honestly think you are the only one still hurting from that day?" Sessaru asked as he snatched his sword away from her and walked toward Ashen who was just regaining consciousness. Sessaru took the bottom off the handle of his sword revealing a green gel. Sessaru then took some one his finger and rubbed it around the wound. Ashen grunted in pain and shortly after, the wound closed up.

"Hey! Thats...." Ta said

"Yeah. I still have some of it." Sessaru said

"What is it?" Steven asked

"Its some type of gel Ta made way back when that speeds up the regeneration process of a demon. I didn't know if it would work on this halfling but its seems to have worked just fine." Sessaru said as he rubbed the remains on his hand where Nara stabbed him with the fork.

"Why do you need it?" Amelia asked helping Ashen to his feet.

"I'm not perfect. I have a hard time regenerating so Ta made this gel for me." Sessaru said as he put the bottom back on the handle and gave the sword to Ashen.

"Hope you learned your lesson." Sessaru said

"Whatever. How was I suppose to defeat someone like YOU anyway!" Ashen snapped

"Someone like me...huh..?" Sessaru said as he turned back to Silmeria

"So...what are we gonna do about THAT over there...?" Shin asked pointing in the direction of the immense demonic aura. The sudden change in weather and the strengthening of the thunder was causing panic amongst the civilians. Everyone was running trying to find shelter and those more sensitive to the aura was already starting to spontaneously explode or they died of heart attacks.

"Well its clear to see that they are trying to get our attention." Nara said scratching his head.

"Think we outta answer?" Ta asked

"That goes without saying. If we don't, I don't think they're the type that'll just go away." Nara said

Ta, Shin, and Nara rallied up and started in that direction.

"Stop this you two! This is not the time or the place." Kareen said

"I have to agree. There's more pressing issues at this moment." Nara said

"Thanks but I think you've done enough Nara. You're the one who opened your mouth and decided to tell her so we can all get the air cleared between us....now she knows.....now you're saying its not the time or place?!" Sessaru said in a angry manner

"I was trying to help!" Nara said back

"WHO ASKED FOR IT!?!" Sessaru snapped back


"Get. I'll join you all shortly after I take care of this little matter." Sessaru said

Ta, Lust, Shin, Aurora, Nara and Kareen left to go deal with the problem


"Geez....what's with this weather...?" Jade said looking out the window of his home. Lightning lit up the sky. The wind churned and the clouds looked as if they were boiling. Jade looked out the window trying to remember what happened previously.

"(I...I remember meeting Ashen on the roof...then.......then......) (Beeping sound is heard) Jade rushes over to the desk and picks up his communicator

"Jade here."

"Commander Jade!? Commander Jade!? Is that you?!" a voice said

"Who else would it be?!" Jade snapped

"I've been trying to get a hold of you for days!! Where have you been!!?"

"Why??! What has happened?!"

"You mean you don't know!!?"


"Well....for starters....about one week ago at 2100 hours...ex-lords Nara, Shin, Ta, and Sessaru retrieved theirs bodies that were being transported via escort and train."

Jade's eyes widen at the news

"Then...about two to three days ago, Lords Roswell, Kogamaru, Shear and Shingi meet them face to face at a resort. I believe the beach is what humans call it."

"WHAT!!!? Is Lord Shear okay!!?" Jade asked

"Yes. They are fine. Though Lord Roswell did suffer a few minor injuries."

"(lets out a deep breathe) Holy hell..."

"Though..I'm surprised you're not with Lord Shear as we speak. I doubt if he'll need it but.."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well...Lord Fat....(clears throat) Lord Roswell has sent his elite merc squad over there to the human realm and..."

"AND??! AND WHAT??!"

"The other lords are there as well." Sicily informed

"(Thats the cause of this vicious storm....)" Jade said to himself

"Sicily. Bring my demon body over here! Mi'lords will need my help! ON THE DOUBLE!!!" Jade said

"Yes commander." Sicily said and the transmission ended

"Damn!" Jade said taking off his shirt


The rain and wind once again picked up due to the demonic power. Lightning stuck the land, and houses lifted from the tremendous gales of wind. Amelia held on to Steven and Ashen

"So...I don't have much time...Whatever it is you have to say...." Sessaru said

"Why....Did my.....hanging all over you....amuse you? Do you even feel bad for what you've done!?"

"When you became my familiar, I gave you half my power and told you to use it how you like, you didn't have to listen me and you don't have to follow orders. Those were my conditions. That was all I could do to make up for what I've done.."

Sessaru sighs

"But if you're looking for an apology, you won't get one here.." Sessaru said

"W...WHAT?!" Silmeria said angrily. Silmeria grabbed Sessaru by the throat and slammed him into the wall of Ashen's house. Ashen looked on in shock

"You said you won't apologize!!?" Silmeria asked

"That's right." Sessaru said

"Why!!" Silmeria said as her eyes began to glow red from anger

"(Smiles) There are those who are suffering even more than you after that incident. Don't think for a second that this is all about you.."



Nara and Kareen ran as fast as they could down the streets when suddenly Kareen stopped

"What's the matter?" Nara asked

"I'm worried...." she replied

"Don't. I'm sure they'll work it out." Nara said

"I'm gonna go check on them!" Kareen said and ran back

"No! Its too..." Nara started before a large object smashed into the ground just inches from his foot. Nara turned around to a very lager ogre-like demon holding a chain at the end of that ball.

"Well hello." Nara said just as Shin appeared at his side

The ogre pulled the massive ball back and caught it with only two fingers and his thumb. Behind him, Roswell slowly approached followed by Shear, Shingi, Kogamaru, and 7 other demons in their demon bodies

"My. You all certainly don't look too happy..." Nara said

"So..despite the fact that high level demons are forbidden to be on this side, you show up anyway.." ta said

"Why should we care? I mean...so what if a few thousand humans die. No biggie. This is personal! To be forced into a truce with the enemy. Its humiliating BEYOND words!!" Kogamaru said

"Hmm...? It appears that you're missing one." Shear said



Sessaru grabbed Silmeria's arm and slowly and forcefully pulled it away from his throat.

"Hey....did you know I had 4 sisters....I was the only male in the family...


"Thats right....3 younger sisters and an older sister. They were annoying.....but...they were alright..."

"WERE??? WAS???! What are you saying....." Silmeria asked

"You say I don't know how it feels....you're right...I have no clue.....but..(pushes her hand away) Tell me....how would you feel to know that out of the 71,000+ people you killed with your bare hands, 4 of which are your sisters." Sessaru asked

Silmeria's eyes widened after hearing the news

After I came back to, everything was covering in blood and flames. The first thing on my mind was,"Where are my sisters? Did they get away okay? Who did this? I'll get them for this!!" I search up and down everywhere but couldn't find them anywhere. That when Nara found me and informed told me that it was I who did it. The blood on my hands was evidence enough. So...soon after giving you my powers, I had Nara seal away some more of it to prevent something like that from happening again." Sessaru said as he straightened up his clothes.

"I'm sorry...I..I didn't"

"How could you have? Ta doesn't even know and he's my best friend. I'm outta time..Ashen..! How do you feel?"

"I'm fine. Why?" he asked

"I don't know whats gonna happen but you're in charge of protecting your friends. That goes without saying right?"

"Of course."

"Hmm...Becky..look after Ashen."

"And why should I take orders from you?" Becky said


"Will do." Koji said

"Thank you. At least someone has some respect around here." Sessaru said taunting Becky. He then turned to Silmeria.

"You can do as you like. I won't force you to stay nor will I take back my powers. You said you'd use them on your parents murderer, well....look no further but I can't die just yet. After I get back, you can have all the vengeance you want. Though I am sorry things turned out this way.." he said and ran off in the direction of Nara, Shin, and Ta.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Chapter 28:

Blood splashes to the floor and soon after, Kyo falls to the floor lifeless. In front of him, Shinji stands there. His right hand covered in Kyo's blood. Shinji's eyes were red with anger. Two lesser demons and a few human scientists stood there shaking in fear

"Who the hell gave you orders to move those bodies! Thanks to your foolish asinine actions, those for recovered their bodies!" Shinji scolded

"Can you imagine the terror and humiliation I suffered back at that beach!? CAN YOU??!!" Shinji snapped beheading one of the human scientists with his claws. The head flew through the air before hitting the far wall.

"W..We're so sorry Lord Shinji....but please...we still have some sample from them. We can make use of them. All is not lost!" the last remaining scientist said

Shinji's eyes reverted back to their emotionless blue color.

"Now that's good news." he said with a smile

Kogamaru entered his lab. Wiping the grease from his mouth from consuming some leftover food he brought back from the human realm. In his lab, many innocent demon were tied up and hooked up to machinery.

"Now...my little pets. I will have a little fun with you to relieve myself of some stress..." he said pressing a button sending volts of electricity shooting into their bodies. Their screams fell on deaf ears for no one could hear them.


In the Western Lands, Roswell's roar could be heard throughout the entire lands. In a heated rage, he punches holes in his palace walls and left fierce claws marks all throughout the castle

"Damn! Damn! DAMN!!! DAMN!!!! DAMN IT ALLL!!" Roswell shouted sitting into his seat. Memories of his embarrassing encounter filled his mind. Roswell bit into his lip hard enough to make himself bleed.

Suddenly there was a knock at his door.

"Come in!" he shouted

Sephile, his most trusted assistant entered

"Ah! Sephile. Its been a while. What is it?" he asked

"Well sir....I understand you're made but.....(opens the door wider and throughout the hall lays hundreds of slaughtered civilians and guards)

"I do apologize but......Sephile..the embarrassment HE put me through....."

"Perhaps we ought to strike back. You still have THEM." Sephile said

Roswell's eyes grew wide in shock

"And I see Koji finally showed his true colors. I always knew he was a traitor...(smiles) Mi'lord, may I suggest I fetch THEM for you?" Sephile

"I forgot about THEM. Yes...YES!!! Fetch them at once!" Roswell demanded.

"Yes mi'lord." Sephile said and vanished in a dark mist

Roswell laughed silently to himself


Shear strolled through the Northern Lands. The civilians backed and moved out his way as he passed. As he strolled, Shear found himself at the graveyard. In the very back laid his father's grave. Shear offered his respects to his father

"Father...Its been a while. Sorry but I have yet to take down the murderous bastard. I.....I suppose I let the goods and luxuries of the human realm get the best of me... I lost track of my true objective..but it won't happen again. Just wait a little longer dad. I'll have your revenge." Shear said clinching his fist and turning to head back. After he returned, he was instantly swarmed by his secretaries

"Anything you want to say can wait!" Shear said to them as he walked by. Shear sat down in a chair and glared into the hall.


"Hey Ashen! You got anything to help with Sessaru's burn!!?" Silmeria yelled from upstairs

"There's some in the cabinet in the bathroom!" Ashen yelled back

Ashen sat in a chair beside Nara who was reading through a newspaper. He sat there looking at his hands and smiling.

(With this....with this I can...)

Nara glanced over at Ashen then continued reading his newspaper.

"This house is awfully big. And you were living in it all by yourself?" Nara asked

"Yeah. 10 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. A basement and an attic and its not a house moron. Its a mansion." Ashen said

Kareen walked in during their conversation and handed them both some snacks and tea. Kareen then nodded, gave Nara a hug and headed off to her room

"Well excuse me. Anyway, nice mansion." Nara said as he stood up and stretched

"Heh...best watch out. In no time, I'll be just as strong as you guys. Just you watch!" Ashen said as he stood up

Nara looked carefully at Ashen

Upstairs, Silmeria walked into the room with some lotion and found Sessaru polishing his Surtanryu.

"Expecting a fight?" she asked

"No. I plan on giving it to Ashen. As a way to thank him for letting me use his body. I....heard from Nara that thanks to that, he's become a half-demon...(sighs)"

"Feeling guilty?" Silmeria asked as she lifted his shirt over his head

"I feel guilty for alot of things...." Sessaru said pulling his hair forward so she could see his back clearly. Silmeria slowly rubbed the lotion on his back and on his shoulders.

"That tickles." Sessaru said grabbing her arm. Silmeria looked at the tattoos of the slash marks on his forearms that spiraled down the wrist ending at the pinky finger and the tribal one at the back of his neck. As Silmeria put a final layer on Sessaru's back, another tattoo appeared.

"Where'd this one come from?" she said touching it

"Oh....that one.."


"That one is......my punishment from long ago....."

"Punishment for what?"

Sessaru sheathed his sword, set it down , pulled the shirt back over his head and went to bed

"Punishment for what!?" Silmeria asked again as she turned out the light

"One day, you truly may come to hate me..."

"And why would I do that? What are you talking about?" she asked but fell on deaf ear for Sessaru was fast asleep.

The next morning, Ashen, Ta, Shin, and Nara were at the table as Kareen and Lust served breakfast. Sessaru walked into the kitchen suffering from a extreme case of bed hair.

"Sessaru.....why are you coming to the table like that?" Kareen scolded

"Sorry...sorry....Ashen! Here!" Sessaru said tossing Ashen his sword. Ashen looked at it in shock.

"Its yours. Its my way of saying thanks and also as an apology for....well....you know...." Sessaru said snatching a glass of orange from Nara that Kareen just poured from him.

"Hey..." Nara said

"Don't worry about it! I'm grateful. I finally have power!" Ashen said looking at his reflection in the blade

"You're gonna regret saying that." Sessaru said fixing his hair

"Why?" Ashen asked

"Someone like you isn't suited for our world." Nara said eating his toast.

"What? I've already taken out 19 demons! I'm undefeated!" Ashen said


Shortly, Silmeria walked in the kitchen. Her black hair covered her face. She dragged her feet in the kitchen in nothing but a a pair of pink laced panties and a white bra.


Sessaru sighs

"What did you two do?!" Ashen asked

"Huh? Nothing." he said

"Sure.." Kareen said

"No...its true. Nothing happened...(unfortunately)..." she said

"She's just not a morning person.." Sessaru said as he grabbed a piece of bread from Kareen who was about to make some toast

"Ugh..Silmeria..go get dressed! You know not to come down here like that!" Kareen said

"Yeah yeah," she said turning to head back upstairs when Becky emerged from the basement door.

"Good morning..." Becky said half asleep

"You're....Becky right? Good morning." Silmeria said

"Good morning Becky. Breakfast is ready." Kareen said

"Good morning." Becky said bowing to Kareen and sitting herself next to Ashen. Ashen looked at Becky. She was in some teddy bear pajamas.

"Where'd you get those......wait! Did you get those from the basement?!" Ashen asked

"Yes. Why?" Becky asked

"Those were Amelia's! If she sees you with them on..." Ashen said

Becky ignored him and continued eating

"Take them off." Ashen said


"I said take them off!!" Ashen snapped

Becky glared at Ashen

"Hey! Can we keep it down! Some of us are trying to eat!" Shin said

"Stay out of this!" Ashen said

Shin to glared at Ashen

"Look! Ashen! Sit down and shut up!" Nara demanded. Reluctantly, Ashen did as he was told

Shortly after, the group was meet up with Aurora and Koji who was staying in the attic. Everyone ate breakfast in the kitchen in silence. Amelia and Steven came as well for they were invited by Kareen to join.

"So.....these are you guys' real bodies...." Ashen said eyeing Ta, Shin, Nara, and Sessaru.

"Yup." Sessaru said eyeing Nara's eggs

"You certainly don't look like S-Class demons to me." Ashen said

"Well looks can be deceiving.." Nara said as he jabbed his fork into Sessaru's hand and threw the table as Sessaru tried to take Nara's food. Sessaru winced in pain

"And these women are suppose to be your familiars? They're a joke!" Ashen said with a smile

"You son of a bitch!!" Becky said raising up but Kareen stopped her and shook her head

"Ashen! What's gotten into you?!" Amelia said worried

"My.....you've certainly gotten quite runny at the lip there...." Ta said slightly irritated

"Wanna make something of it?" Ashen said standing up

"Gladly!" Ta said standing up but Steven stopped them

"Steven...I don't need your help anymore. I'm not the same weak kid you once knew..(smiles) I'm strong now." Ashen said

"Ashen...but....against these guys....." Steven said


"Lord Roswell...I've brought them." Sephile said as the door opened and 6 shadows walked in

"Hello my loyal subjects....I believe you know as to why I summoned you..." Roswell said

"Yes." they said at once

"Then...get to it. Shear and the others would be against this but.....(smiles) use full force....wreck havoc.....kill...but bring Nara's head to......(smiles) No....I'll come with!" Roswell said

"No mi'lord! We are well more than capable of...." one said

"I won't interfere. I'm coming along to watch you boys work." Roswell said


"Sessaru!" Becky said

"Yes?" he said pulling the fork from his hand.

"Do something about this...this...." Becky said

"Its not my problem."

"You're the reason he's hyped up on this power trip!" Amelia said


"Sorry Sessaru but I have to agree with them." Kareen said

"So once again...I'm the cause of turmoil again...."

"You've said something like that before.....what do you mean?" Silmeria asked

"You mean you don't know?" Becky asked

"Know what?"

"He..." Becky started before Sessaru slammed his hand on the table grabbing everyone's attention

"Ashen. Come with me." Sessaru said

"Why?!" he said heated

"Just come with me..." he said walking past Ashen and out the back door. Ashen followed shortly.

Everyone let them be and continued eating

"Come to think of it, why ARE you with Sessaru anyway? You don't follow orders and you show no respect. Why would he keep you around?" Kareen asked

"Lord Kareen!" Becky said

"Its fine. Its true. I don't show respect like you all do but that's only because he told me I didn't have to." she said

"What? Why?" Becky asked

"I don't know.. I originally came to him for power...to avenge my parents....but..." Silmeria said as she played with her hair

Nara glanced over at her listening more intently on what she was saying

"Avenge your parents? Who killed them? It has been over 750 years so they're probably long dead by now." Ta said

"No!! There's no way that murderous bastard is dead....someone that...that powerful doesn't just die that easily....."

Nara closed his eyes

"You....were one of the victims in that massacre...weren't you?" Nara asked

Everyone gasped

"Yes...my family....my friends...everyone and everything I cared about died on that day."

"71,450 people were killed that day..." Nara said

"So I went to Sessaru for power...to avenge my parents....I needed that power...So when I heard Nara propose the idea of housing half of a Lords power in a single being, I begged for Sessaru to choose me.." Silmeria said

"And he did." Nara said

"Yes. Afterwards is when he told me..."I've given you over half my power. You can use it however you like. Unlike the others, you don't have to call me lord and you don't have to follow my orders. If you like, you may leave right now and keep those powers. Your choice"" she said

"(Because he felt responsible for killing her parents....)" Kareen said to herself

"Its been over 750 years..can't you just let it go?" Shin asked

"Let it go?! Would you be able to just let it go!!" she snapped


"And what will you do when you find him? Do you know what he looks like?" Nara said getting up and cleaning his plate

"All I remember are those blood red eyes and those claws soaked in my mother's blood. I'm sure that if I hang around long enough, I'll get my chance and when I do....." she said

Silence filled the room.

Shortly after, Sessaru walked back in with Ashen who held fast to the sword Sessaru gave him

"Calmed down now?" Amelia asked

"Whatever.." Ashen asked

Sessaru sighs

"We were just talking about how we meet." Silmeria said putting her arm around him.

Sessaru looks around at everyone

"I see..."


Everyone looked over and once again Ashen and Becky were at it again

"Kareen...permission to rip this guy's throat out!" Becky said heated

"No..." Kareen said

"Granted." Sessaru said

"What?" Ta said

"Ashen..you wanna test your strength right?"

"Yes!? I'll prove it!" Ashen snapped

"Do you remember what Nara told you!? Becky is at least a B Rank. You haven't even gotten out the Level class yet!" Ta informed

"Ha! There's no way some bitch is gonna beat me!" Ashen said

"OH THAT'S IT!!!" Becky said

"I'll do it!" Sessaru said getting up

"There's no reason for Becky to fight and like they said, I gotta take responsibility since I am responsible for getting you involved so if you'd be so kind, Ashen, care to try your new found powers on me?" Sessaru asked

"Don't take me for a fool! There's no way I'm as powerful as a Lord! Not now anyway!" Ashen said

"Over half my power is with Silmeria and for my punishment, even more of my power is being restrained so to be completely honest, you're chances at beating me are a whole lot higher than you fighting anyone else in this room. Not to mention, you have my sword. My....the odds are certainly stacked against me. To think that a mere half-demon can best me..." Sessaru said

"Ok. Lets go! I won't go easy on you!" Ashen said

"Very well..." Sessaru said and follow Ashen to the back

"What a fool!" Silmeria said

"No...actually. He was telling the truth. You're holding over half his power and even more so thanks to that seal......Honestly, Ashen just may be able to pull off a victory here." Nara said

"Seal? You mean the one on his back?" Silmeria asked

"You saw it?" Nara asked

"Who put it there?!"

"I did."



"Tell me why!!"

"Its his punishment...for the hundreds of thousands of lives he took..." Nara explained

"The hundreds....of thousands....of...." Silmeria said in shock

"Nara!" Kareen said


"Ouch..." Sessaru said as blood leaked from his head

"Heh...You...a lord? Seriously!?" Ashen said

"(After I just told him my power was sealed too...)"

"Not bad Ashen.. care to play again?" Sessaru said moving some hair from his face

"I'll play with ya as long as you like." Ashen said drawing Surtanryu

"Good...." Sessaru said as his eyes turned red. Ashen backed off. Shocked


"Roswell! We're coming with! And we're bringing..gifts.." Shear said as the last members of the Strike Force stood with him.

"Yes...(Unsheaths a katana) the embarrassment I suffered...I won't let it slide...." Shinji said

"May I accompany you?" Sephile asked

"Sure...(smiles) Boys!! Lets go wild!!!" Kogamaru said as the large group of demons walked through the portal to the human realm


"If this is some kind of twisted joke Nara! I'm not laughing!!" Silmeria yelled


"You....and I'm guessing that you all knew! Didn't you..."


"If you want proof....go see for yourself...but....prepare yourself..." Nara said

Silmeria rushed to the back and saw Ashen leaning onto the sword barely conscious as blood poured from the hole in his chest. Silmeria looked across and saw Sessaru with his back toward her looking up at the sky

"Se..." She started

"Well....Ashen's calmed down now....." Sessaru said

"Sessaru...inside....they..." Silmeria said but her words kept getting stuck.

"750 years.....750 years of searching and never finding....only to find that the one you're searching for was right beside you......." Sessaru said turning to her glaring at her with his red eyes. His claws drenched in Ashen's blood. Memories of her parents death filled her mind as she looked at Sessaru in his current form. In a maddened rage, Silmeria grabbed Surtanryu from Ashen's unconscious body and attacked Sessaru. Sessaru stepped to the side and leaped away. Sessaru looked at Silmeria.

"All time time.....why....WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING!!!!!" she screamed


"Was this just fun for you? Laughing as I followed you around! Hung around you!? Answer me!!" she yelled

Just before Sessaru could answer, A huge demonic aura hit everyone like a mach truck. They looked to the east where what sounded like laughter could be heard and then a loud explosion was heard


6 cities east, the group of demons touched down. Roswell's mercenary group ravaged and killed anything that walked

"Oh Nara.....where are you......" Roswell said with a smile.

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