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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chapter 6
"So where exactly are we going?" Lust asks as she, Aurora, Becky, Kareen, Silmeria, and Koji, all follow Nara.

Nara is stumbling and bumping into everything as he struggles to walk. He hasn't said a word since they left the small café. They get to the front gates of Ashen's house and Nara passes out, collapsing to the ground.

Ashen is franticly searching the entire house when he comes face to face with Koji in one of the bedrooms.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Ashen says jumping and backing away.

"You are the owner of this house, are you not?" Koji asks.

"Yes.... Why?" Ashen replies nervously.

"Good. I am here to inform you that we are taking over this house for a while. Understand?" Koji says holding a dagger to Ashen's throat.

Ashen nods.

"Good boy." Koji says and leaves.

Ashen sighs and puts his hand to his throat. He pulls it back and sees some blood. He runs straight out of the room and straight into Silmeria, and in the process grabs her breasts.

Before he can even react, she takes her staff and puts it in front of his legs, then flips him over the railing to the marble floor below.

Ashen lays on the ground motionless as blood leaks from his mouth, nose, and a large gash on his forehead.

Ta walk past several moments later and sees Ashen. He calmly walks upstairs to Lust. She smiles at him and he simply reaches into her ample cleavage.

"My aren't you a bold one." Lust says as Ta puts he sandwich into his mouth and squeezes her breast before retrieving a small vial.

He returns to Ashen's body and opens it. Ashen jumps up and cracks his neck.

"Thank you." Sessaru replies.

"That worked." Ta says and heads to the TV room.

Tied up above the front door against the wall, Steven and Amelia watch helplessly.


Another few days pass, and everything has quieted down.

"Alright, ninja boy. What exactly is going on here?" Steven asks.

"It's rather simple actually." Koji starts, "Upstairs, you have Lord Nara of the Eastern Lands and the true Demon King of the Demon Realm recovering from his recent ordeals. In the other room, you have Lady Kareen, Lord Nara's faithful familiar, recovering from her injuries." Koji explains.

"But why here? Why my house?" Ashen asks.

"That's something I am hoping to learn while I am here." Koji replies, "I can tell you that no one else will be entering this realm for awhile" Koji continues and draws a small dial from his pocket.

"What is that?" Aurora asks.

"This is the main control dial for the portal. I swiped it after Nara finished his business in the Demon Realm." Koji explains.

"About that. What the hell happened in that café?" Lust asks.

"That was one of Lord Nara's more powerful spells. Using it drained most of his energy, that's why he collapsed." Koji says, "What it does is, he temporarily switches bodies with me. He has a limited time when he does it otherwise it would kill both of us, but basically his soul enters my body and mine enters his. Our appearance changes and he did what he set out to." Koji continues.

"And what of our Lords?" Silmeria asks.

Koji smiles silently and looks right at Ashen and Ta.

"You're kidding?" Silmeria asks.

"No. Meet Lord Ta and Lord Sessaru, whom you nearly killed." Koji says.

Lust hugs Ta and holds him close. She whispers into Ta's ear and he blushes. Her hand reaches beneath the table and she smiles.

"I could get used to this." She says with a laugh as Ta starts breathing heavy with a relaxed look on his face.

Silmeria grabs Ashen by the face and looks him over like one would a cow before purchasing it.

"And what of Lord Shin? Where may he be?" Aurora asks with her eyes full of hope of seeing her beloved Lord again.

"He is proving to be rather difficult to locate. (The hope quickly flees from her eyes.) Not to worry, my men are everywhere. He won't stay hidden for long." Koji says trying to reassure her.

The young boy, who Sephile pushed down the stairs, enters with a juice box in his hands and a sucker in the other. He is about 10 and is wearing a pair of shorts that go to his mid thigh and socks that go to his knees with a bright blue back pack on his back.

"Sephile is in the intensive care unit in Ivory. She's in a coma and the doctors aren't sure how she could of survived for so long with out medical care. Ivory is full of all kinds of her men. I suggest we all keep a very low profile and not do anything that will draw attention to us." The boy explains before sipping his juice box and then puts the sucker into his mouth.

"Who are you?" Koji asks.

Aurora's eyes turn to hearts and she is hugging the boy tightly with tears running down her cheeks.

"Lord Shin, you have returned." She says.

Shin lets her hold him for the rest of the morning.

Later that same afternoon.

"Look, for now, you three are to go to school and continue on as normal. You will not mention any of this to anyone. If you do, they will never find your bodies." Koji says sternly.

"I'm quite content with this situation." Lust says sitting on Ta's lap and burying his face into her chest.

"Me too." Aurora replies holding Shin still.

"Good, I will continue my job and will update you as needed." Koji says and leaves.


In the Demon Realm, Roswell is hooked up to dozens of machines to sustain his life.

Outside the hospital room, the other 3 Lords have a whispered conversation.

"I knew this day would come sooner or later but Nara is still stronger then us." Kogamaru says.

"That false body Sephile put him in is too damn good. If he can do this to Fatass in that, what could he do to us in his real one?" Shear asks.

"Not to worry. Plans are in place to assure that doesn't happen. Just run everything as normal for now." Kogamaru explains.

"Don't screw this up otherwise we could be like Roswell." Shingi says.


A full year has passed and Sephile is still in a coma. Miraculously she had pulled through all the surgeries and is back to normal, for the most part.

Roswell has almost fully pulled himself back together. He is off the machines for now and is doing most everything on his own. His arms and legs are still slowly reattaching themselves.

As for Nara and Kareen, Nara is still sleeping trying to recover as much strength has possible. However, in his false body it is much slower. Kareen is awake and fully recovered. Thanks to Lust, the scars have disappeared and she is back to normal.


In the Demon Real, Kogamaru has reconstructed the portal from the pieces he found in the rubble of Roswell's castle.

"There." He says putting on the final dials, "Now to test it." He adds before calling over one of his Hellspiders.

The Hellspider is about the size of a midsize car and others are the size of a semi truck. This particular one looks like a tarantula.

The portal opens and the spider enters. Suddenly the portal closes and the spider is cut in half.


Shingi sits in Roswell's hospital room.

"Still no word from Sephile. She has been out of communication for a year now. It would be safe to assume she is dead." Shingi says.

"No. I know she has to be alive otherwise everything has been for nothing." Roswell replies, "Any luck on the portal?"

"Kogamaru is working on that as we speak. When he gets it working, what do you want done?" Shingi asks.

"Gather these four and have them come here once the portal is completed." Roswell says handing a piece of paper to Shingi who reads it.

"These four?" He says reading it.

"Yes, they are my most loyalist men. They also hold enough power to successfully kill that bastard Nara." Roswell replies.


Another month has passed and Kogamaru has finally completed a successfully stable portal, for the most part.

Shingi and Shear stand back and watch.

"Okay, I think I got it this time." Kogamaru says.

A scout leaps into the portal and pops out right onto Nara, who is just waking up.

"What the hell?" Nara says.

"Close it!" Shingi shouts hearing Nara's voice.

As the portal closes, the scout flies through like a crumpled piece of paper.

"This one isn't entirely accurate but it works." Kogamaru says.


Kareen is sleeping in a chair next to Nara's bed and is awakened by the scout's screams for help.

"Lord Nara, you are awake." She says and gives him a hug.

"Is there any food?" Nara asks.

In the kitchen, Nara sits at the table while Kareen prepares him a meal.

By the time he is done eating there is no food anywhere in the house.

"That'll have to do." Nara says rubbing his stomach.

Ashen returns home and sets a bag of cat toys and food down.

"Have you seen a small gray cat roaming around?" Ashen asks.

"That's right. Humans keep those things around as pets and not emergency food." Nara says to himself, "Nope." Nara lies to Ashen as he opens the cans of cat food.

He devours those and then heads to the shower.

Lust is laying in the bath, enjoying her nice soak when suddenly a scout falls into the bath.

"JACKPOT!!" The scout says and Kogamaru's head pops through the portal.

"Lust?" He says and suddenly his head is pulled out and replaced by Shear and Shingi both of which have a bloody nose.

Kogamaru yanks them back and sticks his head back in.

"Kogamaru." Lust says.

"I see you haven't changed." Kogamaru says, "I just have one question. Why?"

"Simple. You were too busy in your experiments to be with me. Every night you would be in your lab and I would be alone. I needed something and Ta was there with it. Actually, I didn't realize it was him at first. It could of been anyone as far as I was concerned." Lust replies.

"I see. Well, once I kill him then I will make things right." Kogamaru says as the bathroom door opens.

The portal closes just as Nara walks in. The scout looks around franticly and dives underwater. Lust looks at Nara and doesn't bother to cover up.

"Finally, ready for me?" Lust asks.

"No." Nara replies coldly and grabs the scout by the head.

Lust blows the scout a kiss and Nara carries him out the door. A loud splat is heard a second later followed by Amelia's scream.

"OH MY GOD!!" She shouts.

"WHAT THE HELL!!!" Ashen asks.

"SHUT UP!!" Nara shouts downstairs.

He enters the bathroom again and Lust is drying off.

"Remember my offer is still good." She says and wraps a towel around herself.

Laying next to the front door is the scout, his head has been split open like a watermelon and blood is oozing across the floor. One of his eyes is stuck to the wall along with some brain matter.

"It appears that Nara isn't his normal self as of late." Shin says sitting in Aurora's lap eating a sandwich with the crusts cut off.


In Kogamaru's castle, Shingi, Shear, and Kogamaru all sit around a table.

"What is our next plan? We have a working portal. A bit unpredictable on to where it's going to pop out at but at least its the right place." Kogamaru says.

"We need to know where the other three are." Shingi says.

"They can wait. We have more urgent business to attend to." Roswell declares as he storms in.

"And what is that?" Shear asks.

"We must destroy this dragon to the south." Roswell says.

"Dragon?" Shear repeats.

"You don't mean Ryuu?" Kogamaru asks.

"That's the one. He slaughtered twenty two thousand of my men and now he must pay the price for it." Roswell says slamming his fists down.

"You're joking? You attacked his islands?" Kogamaru asks panicky.

"Those islands need a Lord to run them and I am just the Lord to do just that." Roswell says causing Shear and Shingi to roll their eyes.

"You stupid fat piece of shit! Why! Those islands are protected by him and they run themselves just fine." Kogamaru says pacing back and forth franticly.

"Who is this Ryuu?" Shear asks.

"He is a dragon that has been protecting some islands to the south east for well over five thousand years. He is rumored to be the strongest dragon of all and can wipe out the entire Demon Realm without so much as waking up. Now shit for brains here has awoken him and pissed him off." Kogamaru says.

"Good, so give me a couple hundred thousand soldiers so that I can kill him." Roswell says.

"Not a freaking chance. This is your doing, you resolve it. Before you rush off to your death and make our lives much easier perhaps you should watch this." Kogamaru says and puts the dvd Nara gave him into the dvd player.

The video is of the beating Nara gave to Sephile and left her for dead.

Roswell watches intently and breaks the table when its over.

"Nara is a dead man." He says through gritted teeth.


Summer has arrived and school is out for summer vacation.

"Koji." Nara says sitting on the roof looking out over the town.

"Yes, milord." Koji says appearing from nowhere.

"What is their progress?" He asks.

"They have a working portal. Right now Roswell is having his few remaining men search for his four captains. He saw the video of what you did to Sephile. He wasn't happy." Koji says.

"That's good to hear. Speaking of that wench. What's her condition?" Nara replies.

"She regained consciousness this morning. She is supposed to be released in a few days." Koji answers.

"And our bodies?" Nara asks.

"Hidden deep beneath the southern castle." Koji replies.

"How deep?" Nara asks.

"Not to worry my lord. Preparations are already in order." Koji says.

"You are amazing, my friend." Nara says and leaps from the roof.


Roswell enters his lands with 50,000 soldiers and 1,000 scouts along with their families.

They stop to rest that night and Shingi shows up.

"What exactly are you planning?" He asks Roswell.

"Nothing drastic so relax." Roswell replies.

"You thinking scares me." Shingi replies.

"That's no way to talk to the greatest lord in the Demon Realm." A man says walking into the tent.

He stands at about 6 feet tall, slight muscular build with a tan complexion. He has gray hair that is short and hangs down. His attire is simple with dozens of pockets.

The next man to enter is nearly a foot taller, standing at 7 feet. He has black hair and a serious look on his face. His clothing is just basic peasant clothing.

The third man to enter also has black hair and is roughly 5 and a half feet tall. From his right temple across his eyes and left temple and over his left ear is one long scar. He is wearing basic samurai armor with a sword on his left hip.

The fourth and final man to enter has blonde curly hair and is wearing a white robe with a golden sash holding it in place. He looks like a Greek God.

"Allow me to introduce you to, Raijin, Lawrence, Squall, and Deity. The four best captains I got." Roswell says introducing them as they enter.

Shingi stands and steps in front of Squall. Shingi grabs his chin and examines the scar. Shingi laughs and Squall reaches for his sword. He stops and puts his hands up. Shingi has his sword drawn with the blade pressing into his throat.

"Continue if you wish to die." Shingi says.

"Where is that lovely little sister of yours? I want to make her scream sooooo badly that its all I can think about." Raijin says with a laugh.

Without warning, Raijin is knocked to the ground on his back and is staring at the tip of Shingi's sword. Shingi pushes the blade into Raijin's forehead a bit till he hits bone.

"That's enough." Roswell says.

Shingi removes his blade and slaps Raijin right across the cheek cracking his teeth in the process.

"Next time we meet, it'll end with you screaming." Shingi says to Raijin then looks back at Roswell, "Do as you wish. Just don't screw our plans up." Shingi says and leaves.

"How dare he not bow before me?" Deity says upset.


Several days have passed and Roswell's captains have made it into Sierra.

Raijin's portal ended up appearing right in the middle of the busiest highway in Sierra. All five of escorts were ran over or sent flying by the speeding vehicles.

Deity's portal appeared in a store called Athens which is geared towards Greek Gods and Goddesses, needless to say it boosted his ego even higher.

Lawrence's portal opens high above the center of town. His five escorts quickly plummeted to their deaths. He was fortunate enough to land in the trees and slow his decent.

And finally Squall's portal appeared directly in front of a jet engine at the airport. The five escorts were sprayed out of the exhaust causing the engine to malfunction and burst into flames before exploding along with the plane. Squall waited and had another portal made. This one appeared in a tank of a portable toilet after a major sporting event.


Amelia, Steven, Ashen, Lust, Nara, Ta, Shin, Silmeria, Aurora, Becky, and Kareen are all sitting in the living room watching the news.

"Don't you find these strange events weird?" Amelia asks.

"Like what?" Lust asks.

"The fact that people are falling from the sky, getting sucked into jet engines, or appearing from out of nowhere?" Amelia replies.

"Not really." Lust says.

Everyone but Ashen and Steven shake their heads no.

Amelia sits down and Nara turns the volume up.

"Good afternoon. Gene Stol here with the headlines. Still no word on the whereabouts of this man, (shows a security camera picture of Nara). He is wanted for questioning about the shootout on the train last year as well as the horrible plague that decimated the town of Palatine. Scientists are still baffled by it. Since that broadcast, anyone who has entered has died. As a result the National Guard has posted a safe perimeter around the entire town. We shall always remember those innocent people that died that day." Gene says.

"Ha! Innocent my ass!" Nara says with a laugh.

"What did they ever do to you? Those were innocent people." Amelia says.

Lust, Aurora, Silmeria, Kareen, Ta, and Shin all look away.

Nara stands and stares at Amelia.

"Easy." Steven says standing in front of Amelia as Nara takes a few steps towards her. Nara shoves him aside and grabs her by the throat never once breaking eye contact with her.

"You blind little human. You think you humans run this world and are the greatest things. There is nothing that can stop your kind." Nara says pushing Amelia against the wall.

Ashen and Steven jump at Nara only to be blocked by Kareen and Becky.

"Most of those world leaders are demons like me. That particular town may not of done anything directly to me but they were sacrificed to prove a point. There are things that are above humans. Humans are nothing but lying, scared, back stabbing, pieces of shit! When I get my real body back, I may just wipe this realm clean of them." Nara says applying more pressure as he talked. Amelia's eyes have rolled back in her head and she has blacked out.

He releases her and she drops to the floor.

"What happened to make you hate humans so much?" Steven asks calmly as Kareen and Becky tend to Amelia.

"Fifteen hundred years ago, the four of us came to this realm. We came to capture the demons that had escaped our realm. As we were passing by one village, the village elder begged and pleaded on his hands and knees to help them. It turns out that some of the demons had been attacking the surrounding the villages. I agreed and we set forth to kill the demons. During our battle, the humans got the strongest monks, priests, and priestesses they could find and had them attack us. At the last second I managed to separate our souls from our bodies. That's why we are not in our real bodies at the moment." Nara explains.

Everyone is silent.

"I am to blame for what happened to my friends. I am the reason why they are not in their proper bodies and why Kareen was nearly beaten to death." Nara says before taking a deep breath and continuing, "That is why I am going to do everything in my power to get them back to normal before we lay waste to the ones who are running our lands."


Three days pass and Roswell's captains have integrated well into the human realm.

As Deity is walking through the streets and people would bow to him out of sarcasm. He took it as that they knew who he was and his ego reached even higher.

Ta and Shin come out of a store and walk past Deity without even acknowledging him.

"Excuse me, petty humans. You should bow before me." Deity says.

Ta looks back and then continues walking.

"You are not going anywhere before you bow and beg for my forgiveness." Deity says getting in front of them.

"And why the hell would I bow to a nut job like you? First of all this isn't Ancient Greece and these other saps that are bowing to you are mocking you. Secondly, I bow to no one." Ta says setting his bags down.

"You human scum!" Deity snaps, "How dare you speak to a living Deity in such a tone! Your blood shall stain these streets!"

"Deity? You?" Ta says with a laugh.

Deity blinks and Ta is gone. Deity looks around and only sees Shin standing there sucking on a sucker.

"He fled? Coward." Deity says.

Shin picks up the bags and walks on past. Deity turns and follows. Shin walks down a street where the branches from the trees are lower then the rest of the city. Suddenly Deity is snatched up into the branches.

"Now we can fight in my terrain to see if you really are a true Deity. If you aren't then I have killed another demon." Ta says leaping from branch to branch as he as practiced for the past year to get his skills back.

Deity stands on the branch and looks for Ta. From beneath him, Ta pops up and breaks Deity's ankle with a metal rod.

Shin looks up and a couple minutes go by and the leaves are stained red.

Ta lands next to Shin and grabs his bags before turning back around and head to the other side of town.

In the branches, Deity's broken and bloodied body is scattered throughout the branches. His bones hold him in place to the branches.


"Where is Deity?" Squall asks sitting in an apartment with Lawrence and Raijin.

"Who cares? That guy was a nut and didn't deserve that title anyway." Raijin says.

The door opens and Sephile is in the doorway, sitting in a wheelchair.

"I need you to fill me in on what has been going on back home." She says wheeling herself in.

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