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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chapter 4
The 7 foot tall demon stood in the doorway between the living room and kitchen. He slowly put down the milk and stared intensely at the three kids

"(Hey! Hey!! KID!!") Sessaru yelled but still couldn't get through to Ashen.

"Who the hell are you?" Steven said standing in front of Amelia.

The man remained silent


"Tell me! You talked to Lust? How is she?" Kareen asked holding on to the wall to support her.

"Yes as a matter of fact I did." Becky said as she got up and helped Kareen sit down.

"What did she say? How is she?" Kareen asked.

"Well..From what she said, the Southern Lands are in deep poverty. The Lord there has cranked up taxes and keeps the earnings to himself. There has been several revolts but have all ended in....." Becky started

"Ok. Anything else?" Kareen asked

"Silmeria, Mir and Misaka are helping citizens leave the Western Lands. Seems they too are being banned from communicating with other lands." Becky informed

"They're being......quite reckless but it’s for a good cause.." Kareen said holding her head.

"That's enough for today...lie down." Becky said.

Kareen took her advice and got up and limped to her bed in the next room. Kareen fell out on her large master bed.

"I'll be in the next room. If you need anything, just let me know." Becky said and closed the door.


The next day, Kareen went back to her job as Roswell's attendant. Her constant pursue of information on Nara continued. Throughout the day, Kareen had fed Roswell and also gave him a massage. Roswell's thick shoulders were hard to get through so she had to put a lot more strength and effort into it straining her hands in the process.

Roswell was called into his personal chambers to receive a call from someone and Kareen followed. Just as Roswell entered the chambers, Kareen was about to enter the room when suddenly she was kicked in the ribs and sent spiraling on the ground holding her ribs. Roswell turned to see what was wrong and Sephile stood there waving and smiling as the doors shut close.

After the door closed, Sephile turned to Kareen who had just gotten to her feet.

"I knew you were up to something you bitch." Sephile said

Kareen remained silent and held her ribs

"Tell me..Why are you sticking so close to Roswell? Could it be....because you love him?! (Kicks Karen in the leg causing her to fall) Could it be...that you're a spy?! (Slaps Karen across the face) Or maybe....you're looking for your old master. Nara..." Sephile said walking up to Karen standing on her hand. Karen looked up at Sephile without showing any pain. Giving her no satisfaction on letting her be seen hurt.

"You'll never find him. The bastard's dead and besides, look at you! You're a mess. A waste of a woman. No lord, ex-lord or no man is his right mind would want a no good, washed up bitch like you." Sephile said.

Kareen succumbed to anger and launched a punch at Sephile who easy dodged by moving her head to the side. Kareen was overcome with shock at the intense pain that shot through her side.

Sephile had stuck her finger into one of Kareen's open wounds. Sephile swirled and wiggled her finger inside the wound. Smiling.

"Fiesty. Aren't we?" Sephile said whispering in Kareen's ear sticking her finger in deeper. Kareen winced in pain. Sephile licked Kareen's cheek and just then, Roswell came from his chambers. Sephile turned to him taking her finger out the wound and smiling as if nothing went on.

"You may leave Kareen." Roswell said and Sephile walked over to Roswell and they both entered to chamber leaving Kareen feeling humiliated and defeated.

Kareen went back to her home, ignored Becky, closed her room door and laid down in her bed and wept silently....


In the castle of the Eastern Lands, Sephile and Roswell along with the guardsmen and a few others celebrated their victory over conquering their nuisance. They cheered and ate and drank til they literally passed out. Within hours, the guards were passed out on the floor and Sephile and Roswell were sitting in the master room.

"I must admit, your plans never cease to amaze me." Roswell said

Sephile smile and leaned on his shoulder.

"It was nothing. It was actually one of the easiest plans I came up with and our "powerful demon god" fell for it hook line and sinker. The fool..." Sephile said

"Hmph. I agree. Though....I don't see the point of tricking him with a false body." Roswell said

Sephile laughs to herself

"The technique is quite old. Its purpose is to make your tough opponent much easier. Originally, you wait until the target is fast asleep, you place the dummy body or the "Gourgi" is what its called beside the target. Say the spell and its spirit gets transferred the gourgi and the target doesn't even know what hit em." Sephile explained

Roswell shuddered at the thought.

"Not to mention that over a period of time, the gourgi will begin to tighten and eventually shutdown trapping the soul inside but....thanks to our men, that's no longer a problem." Sephile said

The two of them smiled and laughed together. Their laughter echoed throughout the castle walls til Sephile's communicator went off.(cell phone)

"Yes? What?....How many?....Damn.....And no leads? No. No. Its alright. Gather what remains of the Eye Team and met me at the Gate. I'm coming to check it myself." Sephile said and hung up.

"Forgive me Milord but I have some urgent business to attend to in the human realm. Apparently, several of my Eye Team members have gone missing and no leads have been found. I'll be gone for a few days so don’t do anything drastic til I get back." Sephile said'

"Who are YOU to give ME orders?" Roswell said

"Just a suggestion." Sephile said as she walked out the door


I'll ask again. Who are you?" Steven asked again

The tall man smiled and put the milk down beside a vase sitting beside him

“(Hey boy!! Ashen can you hear me!!?)” Sessaru yelled and screamed inside.

Inside, Sessaru could hear Ashen begin to breathe hard from the fear. Sessaru sighed and continued his yelling trying to get Ashen’s attention.

(“Perhaps joining souls with THIS human wasn’t such a good idea…”) Sessaru said as he saw Nara looking at Ashen.

From inside, Sessaru could see Nara looking at them, his eyes portrayed no sign of care or forgiveness. It was like watching a movie from inside. From what Sessaru could tell, Nara had every intention on killing these kids if they didn’t do something and FAST!!

Steven had enough and ordered Nara to get out and just as the word “out” slipped out of Steven’s mouth, Nara already had Steven by the throat and lifted him into the air so that he was at eye level with him. Amelia yelled for Steven keeping her distance. Nara began to squeeze tighter. His fingers rubbed against the back of Steven’s spine. Steven’s eyes began to fill with blood and his eyes rolled in the back of his head. Amelia passed out from the shock of the turn of events. Enraged, Ashen had enough and lunged at the towering demon.

“(Kid don’t!!”) Sessaru yelled but his voice still could not reach Ashen. Ashen lunged at Nara with all he had but was swiftly kicked to the side. Ashen was sent smashing into the glass table. Dazed and confused, Ashen returned to his feet.

“Let him go!” Ashen demanded

Nara released the unconscious Steven by tossing him aside like a used towel

“(Great…..now you’ve got his attention on us!!!)” Sessaru said sarcastically

“Tell me…why are you doing this!!? What did we do to you?” Ashen asked

Nara examined the boy closely. Ashen began to feel nervous.

“What?” Ashen asked

“You have a….familiar feel to you..” Nara said examining the boy closer

In a panic, Ashen punched Nara in the face

Nara looked at Ashen a punched him in the gut and lifted him but the throat so they were at eye level

Ashen struggled and struggled but to no avail. I feeling of doom and helplessness began to come over Ashen for he just knew his time was coming to an end.
Suddenly, Nara set Ashen down. Confusion was all that filled Ashen

“Why?” Ashen asked

“You should be lucky human. I only spared your life because I felt something familiar about you. Come to see that an old friend of mine rests inside that fragile mass you call a body.” Nara said as he sat on the couch and turned on the television

“Old friend…..? Oh! You mean Sessaru?” Ashen asked

“Yes. If at all possible, may I speak with him. Its……urgent.” Nara asked

Ashen walked over to his friends and checked to make sure they were ok.

“They’re alive.” Nara said

Ashen picked Amelia up. Then Steven and set them to the side. Nara just watched

“It’s weird. I haven’t heard him in quite some time. Sorry…” Ashen said

Nara turned away and looked at the television for something had caught his eye

“Huh? Oh? What!? We’re live!!! Erhem….*straightens hair* My name is Lily Cassandra here with Channel 3 news bringing you your city’s top news. Approximately 2…..Wait…huh? *looks closer at the sign behind the cameraman* Excuse me, 3 days ago, a rail car rolled in full of holes believed to been in a major shootout. *shows footage* This man…*shows Nara tilting hit to the camera* is believed to be the prime suspect. Local police are offering a $2,000 reward for his whereabouts.” Lily Cassandra announced just before Nara turned off the television.

“Ashen..was it?” Nara asked

“Y..Yes?!” he replied

“The place where that information was broadcasted. Where can I find it?” he asked

“Its in the next town over. Why?” Ashen asked as Nara grabbed his coat and walked past him

Nara left Ashen’s mansion of a home and shut the door. Nara quickly made his way down the steep steps and through the town to the train station where he arrived from. Nara simply walked in without a ticket or anything. The ticketmaster at the booth was in awe at Nara’s height to care


Sephile sat down in a seat by the window on a train to go meet ne of her men that called to inform her that 10 of her men had gone missing. She wanted to see things for herself. Just as she relaxed to join the ride, someone sat besides her bumping into her a bit

“Hey! Do you mind!!” she snapped but was silence after she say WHO it was.

Nara sat turned to look at her. Sephile sat back and looked out the window
“(WHAT!!! ITS NOT POSSIBLE!!!! HE WAS REPORTED DEAD!!)” Sephile said to herself. She glanced back over and Nara was staring off into space

“(What else can possibly go wrong..)” Sephile asked to herself

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