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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chapter 2: Interracial Combination
"Who goes there!" Steven said stepping in front of Amelia.

Shortly after, a transparent ghost-like figure floated in their direction.

"Hi. Nice to...." it stared but before he could finish, blood curling screams filled the cave as Amelia, Ashen, and Steven screamed at the top of their lungs and ran full speed in the opposite direction. The ghost just floated there, quite shocked but the looked down at the keys by his feet.

"He'll be back." he said as he disappeared in the darkness of the cave

The three kids burst into their tent startling the other kids inside.

"What happened?!" one of the girls asked but they were too out of breath to respond


"This place gives me the creeps! What kind of order is "Take a trip to the Shuirel Mountains to the south." a teacher complained as he frustratedly swatted away mosquitoes.

"Principal's orders though I must admit. Coming out here serves no educational value whatsoever..." said the female teacher.

"I sorry but digging up old story about supposedly demons from 1500 years just isn't my thing. Even if they did exist, any proof is long since gone." another male teacher said.

Suddenly, another teacher with light red hair entered the tent with a hot cup of coffee.

"How can you drink something hot in this heat!!" a teacher said

"I agree. Even at night, it doesn't feel any cooler.." one said

"I quite enjoy the taste. Its.....new..to me." he said

"Hey. What do you think about this trip? The Shuirel Mountains. Supposedly home to corpses of 1,000 demons and resting place of one of the demon realms most "powerful" demons." a teacher said with a laugh.

"Whats funny?" The red headed teacher asked

"I mean come on!! Demons?! Don't tell me you think they exist." the teacher said turning on his portable fan.

"Maybe they do. Maybe they don't. Even if they did, would you be able to tell?" he said

"What?" the female teacher asked

"Certainly you don't believe that demons are what you see on television. Purple skin. Green eyes. Claws and fangs. No. They look just like you and I." he started

"Wait wait wait! What are you..." the male teacher with the fan said standing up in eagerly

"Let's just say that they do exist and that everything I said is true and that one....no! Two! People in this tent are demons. Would you be able to figure out who is human and who is demon?" the teacher asked getting up and leaving the tent leaving the other teachers speechless as they thought about what he said.

"BULLSHIT!" one teacher yelled as he picked up a shirt and threw it at the tent door.


"No way!! A ghost! Are you serious!!" one of the girls said eagerly

"Yeah. It was terrifying!" Amelia said fanning herself with her shirt.

"Well hell! I wanna see!" she said

"What?! No way! Its way too dangerous!" Amelia said

"How? Ghosts can't hurt you. Besides. Its probably just lonely and wants someone to talk to." the girl said


"I have to go back anyways...." Ashen said

"Why?" Amelia said

"Heh...heh.....I forgot my keys.." Ashen said

"You......what?! What a idiot..." one of the girls said

"Hey! Don't talk about Ashen that way!! He's not and idiot! Just....a little scatterbrained is all!" Amelia said in Ashen's defense.

"(And that's suppose to make me feel better..?") Ashen said to himself

Shortly after, the small band of children arrived at the mouth of the cave. They felt a gust of wind breeze by them and the sound of the wind brushing against the cave walls made it sound as if there was someone moaning inside. The girls began to second guess if they should have come or not. Amelia held on to Steven and Ashen's hand while the other girls hid behind Steven. One of the other girls' breast rubbed up against Steven's back and a creepy smile formed on his face. Amelia saw this and squeezed Steven's hand extra hard til blunt cracking was heard. Steven straightened up and they proceeded into the cave.


(Muffled screams)

(Blood splatters against a wall)

(A head rolls down a hallway)

(The top half of a body lay inside the ripped open belly of its lower counterpart)

(Bloody hand prints cake the wall)

(Something taps across the ground)

(A slender tank filled with green water containing a body with ghost white hair that lay shoulder length. The body itself was around 7 feet with 8 one inch long crimson red horns protruding from his head. Along the chest and arms was a Gothic black tribal tattoo. In front of the tank stood a man. Naked. Black hair. Deteriorating body. A smile formed on his face before the body fell limp. Shortly after, the body in the tank smile and the eyes opened revealing dark purple eyes just before the glass containing it shattered.




(crashes through door)

(hides around a corner)

(footsteps were heard followed by whistling)

(The man shivers but runs on into a room)

(Sees a ventilation shaft)

(Climbs in)

(Slithers around through the corridors.)

(Sees a book)

(A look of overwhelming terror fills his face before the book attacked him mercilessly tearing flesh from bone. Bone from flesh. The commotion caused the bottom to give way and the book and the alive but mutilated man fell to the ground. The book hopped away and the man slowly tried to get away. The book stopped beside someone and the man looked up and only saw purple flames before he was finished off.)


The group entered the cave holding on tightly to one another. Shortly after entering the cave, Ashen spotted his keys and also...the ghost.

"You returned.." he said

The girls screamed bloody murder.

"Stop!! These mountains are old and your screeching might cause them to collapse!" he said

The girls covered their mouths.

Ashen inched closer and closer to his keys that were right by the ghosts foot. As he got closer...

"BOO!" the ghost yelled causing Ashen to jumped a mile bashing his head on the cave wall.

"ASHEN!!" Amelia and Steven yelled running to his aid. When they got to him, the cave began to rumble. The ground began to crack and cave in causing Steven, Amelia and the girls to fall. Steven held on to a narrow ledge and Amelia held on to him and the girls held onto Amelia. and they were slipping fast. Ashen drowsily tried to help but wasn't strong enough to pull them all up.

"That's......not good..." the ghost said

"Can't you help!!?" Ashen snapped holding onto Steven's arm

"Nope. I spent the last of my energy killing that animal to return your keys. Sorry pal..." it said.

Ashen pulled as hard as he could but no use. Tears filled his eyes and he kept trying. The ghost looked at Ashen and admired his determination as rocks from the crumbling wall hit Ashen but he never gave up

"Hey...kid....if there were a way to save these friends of yours, you'd be willing to take it....right?" he asked

"Of course!! Anything!!!" he said


The teachers and student ran out their tents from the severe rumbling. The teachers led the student away from the mountain to somewhere safe and a teacher noticed that Ashen, Amelia, Steven, and the two girls were missing. The red headed teacher sat in a tree watching the mountain begin to crumble. A smile appeared over his face as he pulled out what seemed to be a communicator. A man with jade green hair appeared on the screen. The teacher pointed the communicator toward the crumbling mountain so his superior could watch the show.


A demon burst through the large castle doors.

"Mi'lord. Sorry for my rudeness but I bring you urgent news!" he said

A silhouetted large demon being massage by two ladies. One with long silver hair and the other with long black hair.

"That's enough Kareen. Now go." the demon said slapping her ass as she walked by. The ladies walked out the doors and closed them. She glanced beside the castle walls. Felt an aura and smiled.

"If its about that body, I already know.
the demon said.

"But Lord Roswell. Forgive our mistake. It should not have happened!" the lesser demon said.

"No. You wouldn't have been able to prevent it. The silver haired lady said.

"Everything is going just as planned.."

"You may leave now." Roswell said and the lesser demon bowed and left.

"You got this all covered?" Roswell asked setting his hand on the silver haired girls leg.

"Yes. He is the only one left alive and now that he's picked up our little present, its only a matter of time before he too...perishes." she said.


The mountain had collapsed and all the students watched in awe. One of the teachers wept for she could not find the missing children anywhere. Suddenly, through the dust of the collapse mountain, Ashen walked out carrying Amelia, Steven, and the two girls. Amelia and Steven lay unconscious. One slumped over each shoulder and Ashen carried the two girls in his arms. He set them down slowly and passed out himself shortly after. The teachers and some students rushed to help them.

The red headed teacher stood in a tree shocked. He tried to get in touch with his superior but no answer. He returned the communicator to his pocket and vanished in a swirl of smoke.


At a train station, a man stood outside waiting for a train. Even though it was nearly 85 degrees, he wore an expensive looking gray pinstripe suit with a long white scarf and gray dress shoes. A matching fedora hat sits upon his head that covers his horns. In his right hand he held onto the spine of a large encyclopedia like book. It was larger then an encyclopedia by several inches and the cover looked like it was carved out of bone.

The train arrives and the man boards the last car. As he enters, a man looks up from his paper and looks the tall man over. He nods and goes back to the newspaper. The taller man looks down the aisle and spots several half demons looking around.

The tall man removes his hat and puts it on the man reading the paper's head.

He walks down the aisle with a determined walk and bashes one of the half demons' head in. Blood and brain matter splatter everyone. He lifts the book and removes bits of skull fragments from the book cover. The other half demons are stunned and back away.

"Twenty four." He says and hits the one directly behind him in the chest with the book spine.


He removes the book and the half demon is attached to the wall by part of his own spine.

"Twenty three." He says.

One half demon gets the jump on him and sinks his razor sharp claws deep into the man's arm.

The people on the train look on in horror as they watch. To afraid to move from their seats they cower in fear. Husbands cover their wives ad children from the horrendous sights.

The man grabs the half demon by the throat and squeezes. The half demon removes his claws from the other arm and drive them into the arm holding him.

Two other half demons lunge toward him but one is super kicked in the chest with such force, it's own jaw punctures it's chest and crushes the heart while the rest of the organs liquefy. He hits the window and splatters like an egg. Blood and organs along with bits off flesh spray all over. Some hits the train platform and attracts the attention of a passing police officer. The police officer looks up at the window and sees that it is covered in something. He immediately radios for backup and draws his gun.

The other half demon that lunged is caught by another super kick to the side of his jaw and his head spins around twice before dropping and his head rolls down the aisle to the police officer's feet.

"FREEZE!" He shouts and the man looks at him still with the half demon struggling in his iron clad grasp.

"Put him down and put your hands up." The police officer says aiming his gun right at the man's head.

The train starts moving and the sudden jolt makes the police officer stumble and he drops his gun. It slides to the man's feet and the man looks down at it.

A distinct snap is heard and the half demon twitches once before going limp. The man drops him and picks the gun up. He looks it over and tosses it back to the police officer.

"Twenty." He says.

A half demon sneaks up behind and grabs a man from his wife and young son.

"Now what, Nara?" A half demon says putting a knife to the husband's throat.

"You came over here to protect these worthless creatures and look wher......." The half demon says before being cut off.

Nara stands there with his arm through the innocent husband's head as well as the half demon's head. Nara's other arm went through the husband's chest and through throat of the half demon hiding behind the half demon that took the man hostage. Blood flows everywhere and brain matter covers the husband's wife and young son.

The police officer turns and pukes from the sight. Nara spreads his arms and rips the body more and rips the heads clean off.

"Eighteen. This is all the Demon Realm has to offer in my absence? Truly pathetic." Nara says and tackles a half demon to the ground.

Nara beats him to a pulp in only a few hits and blood sprays all over.

"I thought you would be more vicious but your are like cattle led to the slaughter." Nara says looking the last seventeen over.

The half demons look at one another and move several seats back from Nara.

The police officer puts his gun to Nara's head and pulls the trigger. Nara's brains and skull fragments splatter on the already red walls.

His body drops to the ground and blood instantly pools around him.

A minute later the body stands up and the cheering and laughing half demons fall silent.

Before the police officer can fire another shot Nara's headless body attacks him and grabs both of his shoulders.

The police officer screams for help as Nara's head slowly regenerates. The screaming intensifies as tearing sounds fill the train car. The screams stop and Nara turns towards the other half demons with half of the police officer in each hand.

Due to the tight quarters of the train car the half demons are forced to fight one on one or two on one at most. Their numbers not a factor in this fight.

By now all of the blood on the ground has made the floor quite slippery. One half demon slips and falls face first. He never hits the floor. Nara drops the police officer on the ground and soccer kicks the half demon upwards and then back fists him through the window into the windshield of a passing train.

"Now what?" One half demon asks.

"We stop playing around." Another says and bears his fangs.

"Nine down and sixteen to go." Nara replies.

The half demon slashes Nara across the face and pieces of flesh hit the other window above a terrified young woman. Nara rips the rest of the loose flesh off and jams it down the half demon's throat. Within seconds the half demon backs away holding his throat and gagging. He falls backwards and his face has been melted off by something.

"Fifteen." Nara says.

A half demon draws a short sword and raises it up and slices at Nara. Nara hits the bottom of the sword upwards and it sticks into the ceiling. A second later blood drips from it.

"We are inside a demon?" The half demon asks turning around to the other half demons.

Nara slams his fist down squarely on the top of the half demon's head, collapsing his entire spinal column. The half demon's head is now down near his hips and blood flows down the still standing body.

Suddenly machine gun fire rains down through the roof and tears everyone to bits. Over 5,000 bullets shot through the roof and filled the place full of holes.

Nara's body is ripped to shreds. A dozen Special Forces soldiers crash through the windows.

"Looks like we got everyone, Sir." One says as the Commander enters through the door.

One of the half demons moves and they unload into him.

"Guess that intel was correct. It's a bloodbath in here." The commander says examining Nara's tattered body.

"Check this funky looking book out." One soldier says and picks up Nara's book.

Without warning the book gains weight and slams into the ground with the soldiers arms still underneath it. The soldier stands there in shock as his mind tries to comprehend what just happened. Another soldier fires one shot and the armless soldier drops to the ground dead.

Flying above the train a winged half demon swoops down for a closer look.

"She'll be very pleased by this." He says to himself and flies off into the horizon.

The man reading the paper puts the paper down and stands up. He adjusts the hat and walks towards the soldiers.

"That was a very well executed attack. Some minor collateral damage but that can be blamed on the terrorists." He says surveying the damage.

"And you are?" The Commander asks while the soldiers aim at him.

"Koji." The man says.

"Koji? What are you doing here?" The Commander asks.

"That's above your pay grade." Koji replies and tosses the Commander a badge.

Koji picks up the book and tosses at Nara's feet.

"The Department of Intelligence and Advanced Weaponry?" The Commander reads the badge.

"Yes." Koji replies as a soldier crouches down and looks right into Nara's mutilated face.

Nara bites through the soldier's jaw and into the soft exposed flesh of his neck.

The other soldiers back away and get through the door to the next train car.

Nara gets to his feet with the soldier still in his mouth. He stands up and the soldier is lifted off the ground. Nara clamps down completely and the soldier drops to the ground, convulsing for a second before becoming still.

Blood flows down Nara's mouth and chest. The nice suit has been torn to shreds and he rips the top off.

Koji looks at the situation and goes back to his paper as he sits down in a seat.

One soldier throws a grenade and it blows up right next to Nara's head. Instantly half of his face is blown off but he is still standing.

The other soldiers all throw their grenades as well and the train car is blown to hell. Smoke billows out of the windows as the train speeds down the tracks.


The large heavy doors burst open and the flying half demon lands exhausted at the feet of the silver haired woman.

"He's dead. I saw it with my own eyes." He says.

"Really? And the other half demons?" She asks.

"He slaughtered them with ease." He replies.

"Then how did he die?" Roswell asks.

"The humans showed up and shot everyone. Human bystanders included." He answers.

"Very well. Go back to your post." The woman says.

"As you wish." The half demon says bowing and leaving.

"I want confirmation on this." She says to an awaiting demon.

"Of course. Sending the message now." The demon says.


"Is he dead?" A soldier asks just before the book flies out of the smoke and hits the Commander in the face.


The Commander's head bursts between the pages of the book.

The passengers in this car, scream and run for the front cars.

A slicing sound is heard then a metal creaking sound, followed by the smoke suddenly clearing to reveal half of the train car tumbling down the tracks and Nara releasing the other half.

He mutters something and a void appears in the middle of all the soldiers. Time seems to slow down as the soldiers are sucked partial into the void. In a split second the soldiers have all been ripped to shreds and their pieces lay strewn about the train car.

Koji emerges from the train car in front and applauds.

"Spectacular, Milord." He says and bows before Nara.

"I'm not done yet." Nara replies and opens the door behind Koji. Several people jump at the sudden noise.


The train pulls into the Sierra station and Koji steps off first, followed by the conductor.

Koji glances at the conductor and the conductor nods before walking off.

Nara steps off the train looking like a 1920's Chicago mobster in a black suit and white scarf that hung down. Not a speck of blood was on him anywhere. In his right hand is his book and in his left is a long narrow wooden box.

"Consider that you welcome home gift." Koji says motioning to the wooden box and then leaves.

Inside the train cars, blood drips from the ceilings and runs down the walls onto the floor that is already covered. Disemboweled people lay all over the place. Body parts litter the three remaining train cars.

Nara walks down the train platform and vanishes into the crowd of people.


"That information has been confirmed by six of our agents. He is dead." The demon says standing off to the side.

Roswell smiles and the silver haired woman grins.


Nara walks through the streets of Sierra taking in everything. He stops at the base of Sacred Hill and stares up at the large mansion. He smiles to himself and says, "It's time."

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