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Monday, March 1, 2010

Chapter 28:

Blood splashes to the floor and soon after, Kyo falls to the floor lifeless. In front of him, Shinji stands there. His right hand covered in Kyo's blood. Shinji's eyes were red with anger. Two lesser demons and a few human scientists stood there shaking in fear

"Who the hell gave you orders to move those bodies! Thanks to your foolish asinine actions, those for recovered their bodies!" Shinji scolded

"Can you imagine the terror and humiliation I suffered back at that beach!? CAN YOU??!!" Shinji snapped beheading one of the human scientists with his claws. The head flew through the air before hitting the far wall.

"W..We're so sorry Lord Shinji....but please...we still have some sample from them. We can make use of them. All is not lost!" the last remaining scientist said

Shinji's eyes reverted back to their emotionless blue color.

"Now that's good news." he said with a smile

Kogamaru entered his lab. Wiping the grease from his mouth from consuming some leftover food he brought back from the human realm. In his lab, many innocent demon were tied up and hooked up to machinery.

"Now...my little pets. I will have a little fun with you to relieve myself of some stress..." he said pressing a button sending volts of electricity shooting into their bodies. Their screams fell on deaf ears for no one could hear them.


In the Western Lands, Roswell's roar could be heard throughout the entire lands. In a heated rage, he punches holes in his palace walls and left fierce claws marks all throughout the castle

"Damn! Damn! DAMN!!! DAMN!!!! DAMN IT ALLL!!" Roswell shouted sitting into his seat. Memories of his embarrassing encounter filled his mind. Roswell bit into his lip hard enough to make himself bleed.

Suddenly there was a knock at his door.

"Come in!" he shouted

Sephile, his most trusted assistant entered

"Ah! Sephile. Its been a while. What is it?" he asked

"Well sir....I understand you're made but.....(opens the door wider and throughout the hall lays hundreds of slaughtered civilians and guards)

"I do apologize but......Sephile..the embarrassment HE put me through....."

"Perhaps we ought to strike back. You still have THEM." Sephile said

Roswell's eyes grew wide in shock

"And I see Koji finally showed his true colors. I always knew he was a traitor...(smiles) Mi'lord, may I suggest I fetch THEM for you?" Sephile

"I forgot about THEM. Yes...YES!!! Fetch them at once!" Roswell demanded.

"Yes mi'lord." Sephile said and vanished in a dark mist

Roswell laughed silently to himself


Shear strolled through the Northern Lands. The civilians backed and moved out his way as he passed. As he strolled, Shear found himself at the graveyard. In the very back laid his father's grave. Shear offered his respects to his father

"Father...Its been a while. Sorry but I have yet to take down the murderous bastard. I.....I suppose I let the goods and luxuries of the human realm get the best of me... I lost track of my true objective..but it won't happen again. Just wait a little longer dad. I'll have your revenge." Shear said clinching his fist and turning to head back. After he returned, he was instantly swarmed by his secretaries

"Anything you want to say can wait!" Shear said to them as he walked by. Shear sat down in a chair and glared into the hall.


"Hey Ashen! You got anything to help with Sessaru's burn!!?" Silmeria yelled from upstairs

"There's some in the cabinet in the bathroom!" Ashen yelled back

Ashen sat in a chair beside Nara who was reading through a newspaper. He sat there looking at his hands and smiling.

(With this....with this I can...)

Nara glanced over at Ashen then continued reading his newspaper.

"This house is awfully big. And you were living in it all by yourself?" Nara asked

"Yeah. 10 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. A basement and an attic and its not a house moron. Its a mansion." Ashen said

Kareen walked in during their conversation and handed them both some snacks and tea. Kareen then nodded, gave Nara a hug and headed off to her room

"Well excuse me. Anyway, nice mansion." Nara said as he stood up and stretched

"Heh...best watch out. In no time, I'll be just as strong as you guys. Just you watch!" Ashen said as he stood up

Nara looked carefully at Ashen

Upstairs, Silmeria walked into the room with some lotion and found Sessaru polishing his Surtanryu.

"Expecting a fight?" she asked

"No. I plan on giving it to Ashen. As a way to thank him for letting me use his body. I....heard from Nara that thanks to that, he's become a half-demon...(sighs)"

"Feeling guilty?" Silmeria asked as she lifted his shirt over his head

"I feel guilty for alot of things...." Sessaru said pulling his hair forward so she could see his back clearly. Silmeria slowly rubbed the lotion on his back and on his shoulders.

"That tickles." Sessaru said grabbing her arm. Silmeria looked at the tattoos of the slash marks on his forearms that spiraled down the wrist ending at the pinky finger and the tribal one at the back of his neck. As Silmeria put a final layer on Sessaru's back, another tattoo appeared.

"Where'd this one come from?" she said touching it

"Oh....that one.."


"That one is......my punishment from long ago....."

"Punishment for what?"

Sessaru sheathed his sword, set it down , pulled the shirt back over his head and went to bed

"Punishment for what!?" Silmeria asked again as she turned out the light

"One day, you truly may come to hate me..."

"And why would I do that? What are you talking about?" she asked but fell on deaf ear for Sessaru was fast asleep.

The next morning, Ashen, Ta, Shin, and Nara were at the table as Kareen and Lust served breakfast. Sessaru walked into the kitchen suffering from a extreme case of bed hair.

"Sessaru.....why are you coming to the table like that?" Kareen scolded

"Sorry...sorry....Ashen! Here!" Sessaru said tossing Ashen his sword. Ashen looked at it in shock.

"Its yours. Its my way of saying thanks and also as an apology for....well....you know...." Sessaru said snatching a glass of orange from Nara that Kareen just poured from him.

"Hey..." Nara said

"Don't worry about it! I'm grateful. I finally have power!" Ashen said looking at his reflection in the blade

"You're gonna regret saying that." Sessaru said fixing his hair

"Why?" Ashen asked

"Someone like you isn't suited for our world." Nara said eating his toast.

"What? I've already taken out 19 demons! I'm undefeated!" Ashen said


Shortly, Silmeria walked in the kitchen. Her black hair covered her face. She dragged her feet in the kitchen in nothing but a a pair of pink laced panties and a white bra.


Sessaru sighs

"What did you two do?!" Ashen asked

"Huh? Nothing." he said

"Sure.." Kareen said

"No...its true. Nothing happened...(unfortunately)..." she said

"She's just not a morning person.." Sessaru said as he grabbed a piece of bread from Kareen who was about to make some toast

"Ugh..Silmeria..go get dressed! You know not to come down here like that!" Kareen said

"Yeah yeah," she said turning to head back upstairs when Becky emerged from the basement door.

"Good morning..." Becky said half asleep

"You're....Becky right? Good morning." Silmeria said

"Good morning Becky. Breakfast is ready." Kareen said

"Good morning." Becky said bowing to Kareen and sitting herself next to Ashen. Ashen looked at Becky. She was in some teddy bear pajamas.

"Where'd you get those......wait! Did you get those from the basement?!" Ashen asked

"Yes. Why?" Becky asked

"Those were Amelia's! If she sees you with them on..." Ashen said

Becky ignored him and continued eating

"Take them off." Ashen said


"I said take them off!!" Ashen snapped

Becky glared at Ashen

"Hey! Can we keep it down! Some of us are trying to eat!" Shin said

"Stay out of this!" Ashen said

Shin to glared at Ashen

"Look! Ashen! Sit down and shut up!" Nara demanded. Reluctantly, Ashen did as he was told

Shortly after, the group was meet up with Aurora and Koji who was staying in the attic. Everyone ate breakfast in the kitchen in silence. Amelia and Steven came as well for they were invited by Kareen to join.

"So.....these are you guys' real bodies...." Ashen said eyeing Ta, Shin, Nara, and Sessaru.

"Yup." Sessaru said eyeing Nara's eggs

"You certainly don't look like S-Class demons to me." Ashen said

"Well looks can be deceiving.." Nara said as he jabbed his fork into Sessaru's hand and threw the table as Sessaru tried to take Nara's food. Sessaru winced in pain

"And these women are suppose to be your familiars? They're a joke!" Ashen said with a smile

"You son of a bitch!!" Becky said raising up but Kareen stopped her and shook her head

"Ashen! What's gotten into you?!" Amelia said worried

"My.....you've certainly gotten quite runny at the lip there...." Ta said slightly irritated

"Wanna make something of it?" Ashen said standing up

"Gladly!" Ta said standing up but Steven stopped them

"Steven...I don't need your help anymore. I'm not the same weak kid you once knew..(smiles) I'm strong now." Ashen said

"Ashen...but....against these guys....." Steven said


"Lord Roswell...I've brought them." Sephile said as the door opened and 6 shadows walked in

"Hello my loyal subjects....I believe you know as to why I summoned you..." Roswell said

"Yes." they said at once

"Then...get to it. Shear and the others would be against this but.....(smiles) use full force....wreck havoc.....kill...but bring Nara's head to......(smiles) No....I'll come with!" Roswell said

"No mi'lord! We are well more than capable of...." one said

"I won't interfere. I'm coming along to watch you boys work." Roswell said


"Sessaru!" Becky said

"Yes?" he said pulling the fork from his hand.

"Do something about this...this...." Becky said

"Its not my problem."

"You're the reason he's hyped up on this power trip!" Amelia said


"Sorry Sessaru but I have to agree with them." Kareen said

"So once again...I'm the cause of turmoil again...."

"You've said something like that before.....what do you mean?" Silmeria asked

"You mean you don't know?" Becky asked

"Know what?"

"He..." Becky started before Sessaru slammed his hand on the table grabbing everyone's attention

"Ashen. Come with me." Sessaru said

"Why?!" he said heated

"Just come with me..." he said walking past Ashen and out the back door. Ashen followed shortly.

Everyone let them be and continued eating

"Come to think of it, why ARE you with Sessaru anyway? You don't follow orders and you show no respect. Why would he keep you around?" Kareen asked

"Lord Kareen!" Becky said

"Its fine. Its true. I don't show respect like you all do but that's only because he told me I didn't have to." she said

"What? Why?" Becky asked

"I don't know.. I originally came to him for power...to avenge my parents....but..." Silmeria said as she played with her hair

Nara glanced over at her listening more intently on what she was saying

"Avenge your parents? Who killed them? It has been over 750 years so they're probably long dead by now." Ta said

"No!! There's no way that murderous bastard is dead....someone that...that powerful doesn't just die that easily....."

Nara closed his eyes

"You....were one of the victims in that massacre...weren't you?" Nara asked

Everyone gasped

"Yes...my family....my friends...everyone and everything I cared about died on that day."

"71,450 people were killed that day..." Nara said

"So I went to Sessaru for power...to avenge my parents....I needed that power...So when I heard Nara propose the idea of housing half of a Lords power in a single being, I begged for Sessaru to choose me.." Silmeria said

"And he did." Nara said

"Yes. Afterwards is when he told me..."I've given you over half my power. You can use it however you like. Unlike the others, you don't have to call me lord and you don't have to follow my orders. If you like, you may leave right now and keep those powers. Your choice"" she said

"(Because he felt responsible for killing her parents....)" Kareen said to herself

"Its been over 750 years..can't you just let it go?" Shin asked

"Let it go?! Would you be able to just let it go!!" she snapped


"And what will you do when you find him? Do you know what he looks like?" Nara said getting up and cleaning his plate

"All I remember are those blood red eyes and those claws soaked in my mother's blood. I'm sure that if I hang around long enough, I'll get my chance and when I do....." she said

Silence filled the room.

Shortly after, Sessaru walked back in with Ashen who held fast to the sword Sessaru gave him

"Calmed down now?" Amelia asked

"Whatever.." Ashen asked

Sessaru sighs

"We were just talking about how we meet." Silmeria said putting her arm around him.

Sessaru looks around at everyone

"I see..."


Everyone looked over and once again Ashen and Becky were at it again

"Kareen...permission to rip this guy's throat out!" Becky said heated

"No..." Kareen said

"Granted." Sessaru said

"What?" Ta said

"Ashen..you wanna test your strength right?"

"Yes!? I'll prove it!" Ashen snapped

"Do you remember what Nara told you!? Becky is at least a B Rank. You haven't even gotten out the Level class yet!" Ta informed

"Ha! There's no way some bitch is gonna beat me!" Ashen said

"OH THAT'S IT!!!" Becky said

"I'll do it!" Sessaru said getting up

"There's no reason for Becky to fight and like they said, I gotta take responsibility since I am responsible for getting you involved so if you'd be so kind, Ashen, care to try your new found powers on me?" Sessaru asked

"Don't take me for a fool! There's no way I'm as powerful as a Lord! Not now anyway!" Ashen said

"Over half my power is with Silmeria and for my punishment, even more of my power is being restrained so to be completely honest, you're chances at beating me are a whole lot higher than you fighting anyone else in this room. Not to mention, you have my sword. My....the odds are certainly stacked against me. To think that a mere half-demon can best me..." Sessaru said

"Ok. Lets go! I won't go easy on you!" Ashen said

"Very well..." Sessaru said and follow Ashen to the back

"What a fool!" Silmeria said

"No...actually. He was telling the truth. You're holding over half his power and even more so thanks to that seal......Honestly, Ashen just may be able to pull off a victory here." Nara said

"Seal? You mean the one on his back?" Silmeria asked

"You saw it?" Nara asked

"Who put it there?!"

"I did."



"Tell me why!!"

"Its his punishment...for the hundreds of thousands of lives he took..." Nara explained

"The hundreds....of thousands....of...." Silmeria said in shock

"Nara!" Kareen said


"Ouch..." Sessaru said as blood leaked from his head

"Heh...You...a lord? Seriously!?" Ashen said

"(After I just told him my power was sealed too...)"

"Not bad Ashen.. care to play again?" Sessaru said moving some hair from his face

"I'll play with ya as long as you like." Ashen said drawing Surtanryu

"Good...." Sessaru said as his eyes turned red. Ashen backed off. Shocked


"Roswell! We're coming with! And we're bringing..gifts.." Shear said as the last members of the Strike Force stood with him.

"Yes...(Unsheaths a katana) the embarrassment I suffered...I won't let it slide...." Shinji said

"May I accompany you?" Sephile asked

"Sure...(smiles) Boys!! Lets go wild!!!" Kogamaru said as the large group of demons walked through the portal to the human realm


"If this is some kind of twisted joke Nara! I'm not laughing!!" Silmeria yelled


"You....and I'm guessing that you all knew! Didn't you..."


"If you want proof....go see for yourself...but....prepare yourself..." Nara said

Silmeria rushed to the back and saw Ashen leaning onto the sword barely conscious as blood poured from the hole in his chest. Silmeria looked across and saw Sessaru with his back toward her looking up at the sky

"Se..." She started

"Well....Ashen's calmed down now....." Sessaru said

"Sessaru...inside....they..." Silmeria said but her words kept getting stuck.

"750 years.....750 years of searching and never finding....only to find that the one you're searching for was right beside you......." Sessaru said turning to her glaring at her with his red eyes. His claws drenched in Ashen's blood. Memories of her parents death filled her mind as she looked at Sessaru in his current form. In a maddened rage, Silmeria grabbed Surtanryu from Ashen's unconscious body and attacked Sessaru. Sessaru stepped to the side and leaped away. Sessaru looked at Silmeria.

"All time time.....why....WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING!!!!!" she screamed


"Was this just fun for you? Laughing as I followed you around! Hung around you!? Answer me!!" she yelled

Just before Sessaru could answer, A huge demonic aura hit everyone like a mach truck. They looked to the east where what sounded like laughter could be heard and then a loud explosion was heard


6 cities east, the group of demons touched down. Roswell's mercenary group ravaged and killed anything that walked

"Oh Nara.....where are you......" Roswell said with a smile.

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