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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chapter 20a:
From the unearthly darkness that surrounded Sessaru, a hand laid on Sessaru's shoulder and he was white as a ghost.

"Listen boy and listen well. Tell me what I want to know and you shall live." The woman's voice says and the glint of a razor sharp knife catches Sessaru's eye.

"(Who is that?)" Ashen asks.

"(That would be Kareen. Just stay calm.)" Sessaru replies.

"Tell me where Nara is." Kareen says.

"(Why does she want Nara?)" Ashen asks.

"(She is his vassal.)" Sessaru replies.

"(She seems rather pissed.)" Ashen says.

"(No shit. She hasn't seen or heard from Nara in 750 years.)" Sessaru says.

"Last chance human, before you meet your maker." Kareen says holding the knife to Sessaru's throat.

Sessaru smiles to himself and hands control over to Ashen.

"(What the hell are you doing?)" Ashen asks.

"(Relax. Just tell her what she wants to know and you'll be fine. Trust me.)" Sessaru says with a chuckle.

"He's on the couch." Ashen says in almost a whisper.

Kareen removes the knife from his throat and silently walks to the couch. She looks down at Nara who is sleeping peacefully.

"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..........." Nara says snoring in a deep relaxing sleep.

From out of nowhere, Kareen punches Nara in the stomach with so much force that the couch crumbles to small pieces and the windows shatter throughout the entire house. Underneath of what used to be the couch is a large crater in solid marble. It's about a five feet deep in the center and about three feet in circumference. The marble pillars around the room are also cracked.

Nara lays there holding his stomach groaning in pain.

"WHAT THE FU..... OH SHIT!!!" Nara says and bolts for the door.

Ta walks in the room and gets knocked down by Nara. Nara leaps out the window and runs full speed down the driveway.

Kareen walks calmly to the window and draws her bow. She aims and fires. Seconds later there is a loud crash and cars honking.

Nara is embedded in the side of a pickup truck and his legs are laying under the trailer tires of a semi. There is a single arrow through both of his knees pinning them together. The drivers of the cars are all pinned in their vehicles and a matter of seconds go by before the pickup truck explodes sending Nara flying. The explosion kills all the people in their cars and Nara lands at Kareen's feet.

"You done?" Kareen asks.

"(coughs up a large cloud of smoke) Yeah." Nara says and is dragged inside by his hair.

He is tossed into a chair and Kareen kneels before him.

"My lord it is good to see you alive and well." Kareen says.

Nara raises his eyebrow and looks at her.

Ta gets up and sees Kareen. He drops his sandwich and heads for the door.

He opens it and sees 3 women standing there.

"Oh shit." Ta says and slams the door shut.

"Lord Ta open the door." One woman says pounding on the door.

"Can't. It seems to be locked." Ta replies holding the door closed and locking it.

"Well unlock it my lord." The woman replies.

"Don't have the key." Ta says.

Suddenly a hand comes through the door and grabs him by the throat.

"Unlock this door now." The woman says through gritted teeth and glaring at him through the door.

Ta unlocks the door and is flung almost to the top of the stairs.

The women walk in and one kneels before Ta as he slides down the stairs.

"(Who is that?)" Ashen asks.

"(That would be Lust. Ta's vassal.)" Sessaru says.

"My lord it has been 750 years since we last saw each other. Why did you try and flee from me?" Kareen asks still kneeling.

"I wasn't fleeing. I just had the sudden urge to go for a run that's all." Nara says lying.

"Is that so." Kareen says and rips the arrow out.

Nara grits his teeth in pain and the two women kneel before him.

"Pardon me but where is Lord Sessaru?" One asks.

Sessaru glares at Nara who simply smiles.

"(Not good.)" Sessaru says.

Nara opens the window and grabs the caterpillar that was eating in the bush.

"Right here. His soul was transferred into this body." Nara says holding back the laughter and hands the confused caterpillar to the woman.

"And what of Lord Shin? Where is he at?" The fourth woman asks.

"That I do not know. Since I have been here I have not seen or felt his presence but that's normal for Shin. His presence is never felt till someone dies." Nara says and glances at the girl who put her hand through Sessaru's chest.

"(Why did Nara tell that woman you are in that caterpillar?)" Ashen asks.

"(Don't know. Nara does a lot of odd things though. He is a walking enigma.)" Sessaru replies walking back up to his room.

He grabs his sword and quickly makes it vanish.


At an undisclosed military base, soldiers and scientists stare at Sessaru's sword while alarms are going off.

"I thought you said it was gone?" One scientist says.

"It was." A soldier says.

"Alright its back now so no one breathes a word about this. It never happened." Another scientist says.


Once he returns back downstairs everyone is sitting down and talking.

"So little girl why are you here? Isn't it scary to be surrounded by these demons?" Kareen asks.

"Not really. They couldn't touch me if they tried." The girl replies.

Everyone but Nara looks at her shocked.

"How so?" Lust asks.

"They are in human bodies and don't have a tenth of their powers. Not to mention one is in a caterpillar's body." She says playing along with Nara's lie.

"She does have a point. They are really pathetic right now." Kareen says.

Ta lunges at her and she monkey flips him into the wall, cracking it. Ta lands on his head and stays like that for a second. He gets up and looks at the girl who motions for him to bring it. Ta gets pissed and rushes at her. She side steps him and trips him. He smashes his face right into the marble column.

"Had enough?" She says.

Ta gets up and stares at her. She vanishes and appears right in front of him with a broom. She drives the end of the broomstick right under his jaw and knocks him out.

"Any other takers?" She asks.

Lust stands and draws her sword.

"Your life is mine." She says and leaps over the chair.

The girl smiles and dodges the attack. Lust grows more enraged as the girl laughs while dodging the attacks. After several minutes of attacking Lust finally leaves an opening and the girl attacks. She drives her knee right under Lust's chin, knocking her out as well.

"Who's next?" The girl asks again.

"That's enough." Nara says shaking his head.

"(Ta is going to be even more pissed now that he lost to that little girl.)" Sessaru says.

"(Didn't you lose to her as well? I clearly remember her putting her hand through our chest.)" Ashen says.

"(Shutup!)" Sessaru snaps.

"Why don't we get some sleep. We can all catch up tomorrow." Nara says and hobbles up to his room.

Kareen looks at the other two women.

"Aurora. Silmeria. Keep an eye out. We may have company tonight." Kareen says and runs after Nara.

Silmeria pets the caterpillar and says, "Don't worry my Lord. I won't let anything happen to you."

Aurora rolls her eyes and sits down. She starts playing with her necklace and stares at the small crystal on it.

The young girl looks at and smiles.

"Its from the man that I love. Even though he doesn't love me I will still protect him with my life." Aurora says.

"He must be pretty special if you would die for him." The girl asks.

"That he is. I know nothing about him other then he is kind." Aurora replies.


Roswell stares at the books before him.

"I know the answers are here somewhere. They have to be. These books are the entire history starting from the Great War till today. Why is there nothing on the four of them. Nara's father was the greatest demon of all time and that's barely mentioned in these books. There is absolutely nothing about any of them. Why!?" Roswell says to himself.

"Just give it up. You have been staring at these books for a week now and have found nothing." Kogamaru says leaning in the doorway.

"I know there has to be something in there about them. How could the historians overlook something like that?" Roswell asks.

"Did it ever dawn on you that maybe Nara had something to do with it? Such as having the historians at the time not write down certain events." Kogamaru says.

"That could be. But why?" Roswell says.

"Its Nara. Who knows?" Kogamaru says with a laugh and leaves.

"What is it your hiding?" Roswell asks looking up at the ceiling.


The next morning Kareen, Aurora, Silmeria, and Lust stand in the kitchen and look around confused.

Ashen walks in yawning and stops in his tracks. He starts to leave when Kareen's hand lands on his shoulder.

"Human, where is the food?" Kareen asks.

"Ummm..... In the fridge." Ashen replies.

"What's a fridge?" Lust asks.

"Have you ever been in a kitchen before?" Ashen asks.

They shake their heads no.

"One second." Ashen says and makes a phone call.

Fifteen minutes later, Amelia arrives with Steven.

"Glad to see you are doing much better." Steven says.

"Yeah, how's the hole in your chest?" Amelia asks lifting his shirt up.

"Not now." Ashen whispers as Kareen and the other vassals walk over.

"Whoa." Steven says.

"When did they get here?" Amelia asks.

"Human. Who are these humans?" Kareen asks.

"These are my friends and quit calling me human. I have a name and its Ashen." Ashen says.


Everyone looks in the kitchen and sees Nara sitting down eating a bowl of Crunchberries.

"What?" He asks with a mouthful.

"Lord Nara when did you get up? Please forgive me for I do not have your morning meal prepared." Kareen says kneeling before him.

"Don't worry about it. And stop kneeling. If another demon saw that it would attract unwanted attention." Nara says and continues eating.

"Amelia could you help them figure out the kitchen?" Ashen asks.

That afternoon as everyone lounges around the house Nara pulls Kareen aside and starts talking with her. Suddenly she slaps him and walks off.

Nara sits down and looks at Ta who is also rubbing his cheek.

"I think the may be a little mad at us still." Ta says.

Silmeria and Aurora both get up and follow the other two, both of them slapping Nara and Ta as they walk by.

The four of them return moments later with evil smiles on their faces.

Ta looks at Nara and they both say, "Not good."

"You want information about what's going on in the demon realm, then you are going to have to earn it. Here is a starter list." Lust says and hands the list to Ta.

"Hop to it." Silmeria says still petting the caterpillar.

"Starter list?" Ta says unrolling a rather long scroll.

Nara just stands up and looks at the scroll. He tares it in half and reads it.

For three days Nara and Ta work day and night. Finally Ta has enough.

"Why is Sessaru not doing anything? He has been laughing at us for three days now." Ta says.

"Trust me. What goes around comes around. Just go along with this for a little longer." Nara says smiling.

Ta nods in agreement and gets back to work.


"Sir, none of the scouts have returned." A lieutenant says.

"Thanks. Have your men rest up for a few days. We will try again." Roswell says.

"Something wrong?" Shingi asks.

"No. Its just that I sent fifty scouts up and they all died. I don't know who is killing them so quickly. These weren't rookies either. These were seasoned veterans." Roswell replies.


The young girl sheathes her katana and walks out of the forest.


The following day Nara and Ta are giving Kareen and Lust a full body massage while Silmeria and Aurora relaxed in a mineral hot springs, which was dug out the day before by Nara and Ta.

Nara glances at Ta and Ta nods.

"Silmeria, your up." Ta says as Lust gets up completely nude and climbs into the springs. Silmeria drops her towel and Ta looks at her body.

Amelia walks in and stops in her tracks.

"Where did the hot springs come from?" She asks.

"Please join us. Nara and Ta dug this for us." Aurora says.

"You want a full body massage?" Lust asks.

"They are wonderful." Kareen says turning beet red.

Amelia strips and bends over to put her clothes in the basket when Ashen walks in.

"Hey...." He says before his mouth goes completely dry. His eyes bulge nearly out of his head and blood gushes from his nose.

Sessaru takes control and quickly gets out of the area before anyone saw him.

"(HEY! HEY! HEY! I will have none of those thoughts in here while I am sharing this body. I don't want to see how you plan on using them.)" Sessaru says and runs inside. He opens the freezer and dumps an entire ice cube tray into Ashen's pants.

"(Did you just....)" Sessaru says.

"(Yeah, three times.....make it four times. Damn, her ass and the way it cupped around................... Five times now. Sorry. I just never knew she looked that damn good completely naked and bent over in fron............. Ughhhh...... Six times.)" Ashen says before collapsing to the floor completely exhausted.

Sessaru tried to get up but couldn't.

"(Humans.)" Sessaru says.

For over an hour Ashen laid on the kitchen floor. When he finally did get up Sessaru slaps himself while Ashen was in control so Ashen felt the pain.

"Ohhhhhhhh.......Ta........... Your hands............... are amazing....... Mmmmmmmm........ughhhhh.......(whimper)...... Right there.... That's the spot..... Oh my god.... I think I could just....... I think I may of..." Amelia says panting.

Nara walks in the kitchen and sees Ashen.

"Ta is really giving it to Amelia out there. I think she may just leave Steven for him." Nara says and grabs a pop from the fridge.

"I'll kill him." Ashen says and runs out.

Nara smiles to himself and follows.

"Too easy." Nara says.

"Come on Sessaru, help me beat Ta's ass for touching Amelia like that." Ashen says out loud.

Everyone looks at him confused.

"What do you mean, "Come on Sessaru?"" Silmeria asks slowly holding the caterpillar.

"Ummmm." Ashen says.

"Nara you are a dead man." Sessaru says out loud.

Nara and Ta both laugh hysterically.

Sessaru lunges at Nara but is stopped by a devastating roundhouse. It was so powerful that all the water in the hot springs shot out.

Silmeria squishes the caterpillar and tosses it away like nothing while glaring at Sessaru. He tries to run but a sword goes through his calf and into a boulder.

"You two are free from work. Sessaru here shall finish the rest of the list." Silmeria says and Nara and Ta take off like shots before she can change her mind.

Everyone vacates the hot springs area and seeks shelter inside the house.

Inside, Amelia has gotten dressed and thinks about what Ashen had said. She turns red realizing what she had said during the massage.

"Could it be Ashen was jealous of Ta during the massage? Does he really like me that much?" Amelia says to herself.

All afternoon and into the early evening Sessaru could be heard yelling in pain. They finally come inside around ten p.m. and a battered and bruised Sessaru is about to head upstairs when Silmeria stops him.

"Where do you think you are going?" Silmeria asks.

"Too bed. I am exhausted." Sessaru replies.

"I think not. You have to fix all the marble in this room before you can go to bed. Once it is completed perfectly then you may go to bed. However you must be up to make myself, Kareen's, Aurora's, and Lust's morning meal. We expect a very large and extremely delicious meal." Silmeria says and heads upstairs.

"..................." Sessaru says and heads to the front room.

"Have fun." Ta says as he walks by.

"I'm really beat. Rubbing on them all day really wore me out. Night." Nara says and heads upstairs laughing.

"Assholes." Sessaru says.

"(Perhaps you should of just been honest with them in the first place and none of this would of happened.)" Ashen says.

"(Shut the hell up. I don't need any lip from you.)" Sessaru replies.

Sessaru finishes the front room and as he heads upstairs, he sees Silmeria coming down the stairs.

"Good your already awake. Shouldn't you be getting our meal prepared?" She says coldly.

Sessaru sighs and heads to the kitchen.

He makes a large meal and serves the women.

They look at the food and then at each other. Silmeria is the first to take a bite and nods in approval.

"You lucked out and won't have to make this over." Silmeria says.

Sessaru goes back to the kitchen and looks at Nara.

"You're welcome. Now go get some sleep." Nara says cleaning up the kitchen.

That afternoon as Nara, Kareen, Ta, Lust, Sessaru, Silmeria, Aurora, Amelia, and Steven sit around the newly redone marble front room, Amelia says, "So what's going to happen now?"

"We are going to get our bodies back and then take back our rightful places in the Demon Realm." Ta says.

Sessaru looks down at his feet and doesn't say a word.

"Not yet. First we wait for Shin to show himself then we get our bodies back." Nara says.

"I understand that but what are you going to do till then? I mean Ashen, Steven, and I have school. We lucked out because of the renovations being done, but that will be done two days from now. What then?" Amelia says.

"Well Ta and Sessaru can continue going to school. That just leaves Nara. What can he do?" Steven says.

Everyone sits there and ponders it for awhile.

Amelia snaps her fingers and grabs Nara's arm.

"Come with me." She says and they leave together.

Chapter 20b:
"Roswell, why are you sending so many scouts up at once?" Kogamaru asks.

"I want to know what's going on up there. I do not like not knowing what Nara is up to. He is too damn smart for his own good." Roswell replies.

"I understand that but, two hundred scouts is too many. Remember we only have one portal to the Human Realm." Kogamaru says.

"He's right. If we lose that then we are screwed." Shear says.

"Would you three relax. There is nothing to worry about. I have taken the necessary precautions. In two days you will see what I mean. Until then quit sending the scouts out. They look like they may try and revolt if they get sent out again." Shingi says and leaves.

The three of them look at him confused.


Just after sunset, Nara and Amelia return. Nara is carrying dozens of bags and boxes.

"What the hell?" Ashen says.

Nara sets the bags down and plops onto a chair.

"We did a little shopping in Palmero." Amelia says smiling.

"A little? We went to every store in town. Even a lingery store. Where they had these little string clothes." Nara says and rummages through the bags.

He pulls out a tiny G-string and Amelia tackles him. Her face is red as a tomato.

Ashen's nose sprays blood and he falls backwards.

"They don't need to see that. And its not pronounced lingery. Its pronounced lingerie. That's not important. Go show them what you got." Amelia says still blushing.

Nara grabs several of the bags and heads upstairs. Amelia follows closely behind him.

He walks back down a few minutes later in an expensive looking suit. His white hair slicked back and his horns covered by a fedora hat. Amelia puts a long white scarf around his neck so it hangs down. Nara looks as if he stepped out of the 1920's Chicago Mob. He has everything from the hat to the shoes.

Kareen's jaw drops and her eyes nearly pop out of her head.

Nara gives her a sly grin and she starts drooling.

"For some reason he pulls this look off better then anyone I have ever seen. And the woman who helped him get dressed was rather speechless. All of the other women in the store flocked around his dressing room for some reason." Amelia says.

Nara raises his eyebrow and gives another sly grin and Kareen loses it. She leaps into Nara's arms and plants a big kiss on his lips. After about ten minutes she breaks the kiss and Nara sets her down. Her knees buckle and she falls to the floor. Lust helps her to the couch. Kareen is left panting and bright red.

"This works." Nara says and wipes the brim of the hat.

"Holy shit." Ta says.

Sessaru just nods.

"Well we have clothes for him but what about a job?" Steven says.

"All taken care of." Amelia says and gives a big grin.

The front door opens and the young girl walks in with a long narrow box.

"What's up?" Ashen says as Sessaru growls.

Ta and Lust glare at her.

"You have a lot of nerve showing up here again." Ta says.

"Well, you don't have what it takes to make me leave. And neither does your vassal. None of you have what it takes. Not even the unpredictable Nara. Even though he would be your best bet but he would fail as well." The girl says.

"Why you mouthy little bitch." Lust says and draws her sword.

The girl smashes her hand into the side of the box and motions for Lust to attack. Lust does so and Ta as well.

The girl breaks open the box and cuts through Lust's sword with ease.

Everyone but Nara stands there in shock.

The girl is standing there with an 8 ft katana.

"No way." Ta says holding his bleeding arm.

"Impossible." Lust says holding her dress together.

"LORD SHIN!!" Aurora says and runs over to him. She bows before the girl and stays like that to hide the tears of joy.

Sessaru bursts into laughter and stops suddenly feeling a sword tip under his chin.

"You want to keep your head attached?" Shin says.

They all sit down again and Nara says, "Now that we are all together again, Kareen you may now tell us what has been going on in our absence."

Kareen clears her throat and explains the basics to everyone. Roswell has claimed the East as his domain. Shingi has taken over the Western lands while Shear has taken the North for his. And Kogamaru seized the South.

Each of them listened intently as Kareen described what was going on. When she was done they sat there quietly and took everything in.

Ta was the first to say something.

"That settles it. We are getting our bodies back tonight!" He says clenching his fists.

"And how do you purpose we do that? We aren't equipped enough to take on the vast armies Roswell and those bastards have waiting for us." Nara says.

"Besides we don't even know where our bodies are. So let's just stay under their radar till we know something." Shin says.

Sessaru starts to say something but stops when Shin puts his hand on his katana.

"I realize the two of you are very anxious to get your bodies back, so am I, but we need to use our heads on this. We know those four are going to make a mistake and when they do.... Heh heh." Nara says laughing.

"Besides we have the element of surprise. (Everyone looks at him confused.) Long ago, Nara had us give our vassals half of our powers and now that they are here we can use very small amounts of it. These pathetic human bodies can't contain that much before completely bursting." Shin explains.

Everyone nods in agreement and Amelia stands up.

"If you'll excuse me, I am going home and going to bed." She says looking at Steven.

Steven jumps up and says, "I'll walk you home."

The two of them leave and everyone heads off to bed.

Ashen stares out the window and sees Amelia and Steven holding hands as they walk down the driveway.

Sessaru doesn't say a word and goes to sleep.


Shear is standing in the undisclosed military base with a scientist in his large hand.

"Tell me again, why you thought I should not of been informed about this sword's sudden disappearance?" Shear says in a deep growl.

The scientist struggles to breathe and says, "I didn't think it was that important. It came back so I gave the order to ignore it."

"You moron. You obviously don't know who this sword belongs to. This sword belongs to Sessaru and if it disappears then that means HE CAN SUMMON THE SWORD AT WILL!!!" Shear says and squeezes his hand tighter around the scientist's throat. The scientist struggles for a couple minutes before going limp.

"Alright you moronic humans. If ANYTHING happens here you are to inform us immediately. If you do not then you shall pay with your life." Shear says into the intercom.


"Hey, Ashen! I think these eggs are bad." Nara shouts from a closet.

"What eggs?" Ashen asks walking over.

"These." Nara says pulling out a golf ball.

"Those are golf balls for playing golf." Ashen says looking at the one Nara bit in half.

"Golf?" Nara replies.

Ashen leads him outside and puts a ball on the tee then hits one.

"Like that. My dad used to play." Ashen says.

Nara tries and crushes the ball. It screams through the air and hits a tree. The ball burrows through and the tree collapses. Nara smiles wickedly.

"Kareen!" Nara shouts.

Kareen appears in front of him.

"Yes my lord?" She says.

"Go grab more of these and meet me on the roof." Nara says and leaps onto the roof.

Kareen joins him moments later.

Nara puts his hand on the small of her back and pulls her close while staring into her eyes. She blushes as he pulls her closer. He kisses her deeply for a couple moments and when he breaks the kiss, Kareen is standing there panting and light headed.

"Thank you." Nara says and blinks several times.

"Did you just...?" Kareen asks.

"Just a little bit. Needed to be able to locate someone in town." Nara replies and sets up another ball.

"............." Kareen says.

"Who went shopping this morning?" Nara asks.

"Ta and Lust." Kareen answers.

"Perfect. Locate them but do not let them see you." Nara orders.

Kareen vanishes and Nara stares at the city. He spots Kareen and she points to Ta.

Nara lines up his shot and crushes the ball into town. It ricochets off a building and narrowly misses Ta. Ta looks around and doesn't see anyone. He scratches his head and shrugs.

Nara lines up again and fires. The ball ricochets off a building and nails Ta right in the thigh making him do a flip an land on his back. The ball rolls off the sidewalk into the sewers.

Ta gets up and is hit by another one. This time in the head.

Sessaru climbs up on the roof and sees Nara hitting the golf balls towards the town. He shrugs it off and heads back inside.

Later that afternoon, Ta and Lust return. Ta is covered in large ball shaped bruises. Nara and Kareen hold in their laughter and Sessaru shakes his head.

That night as Nara looks out the window Kareen walks up behind him and wraps her arms around him.

"If it is alright, my lord, may I stay like this for awhile?" She whispers.

Nara puts his hands on hers and continues peering out the window.

After awhile he turns around and lifts her chin to look at her. Something catches his eye on her cheek and he rubs it with his thumb. The makeup comes off revealing a perfect hand print.

"Who?" He says.

"Roswell." She whispers.

Suddenly all the glass for several miles shatters and the ground rumbles as if a major earthquake hit.


Roswell stands on the balcony looking out at the demons who are still partying.

An ill wind blows across the entire lands, blowing out every single fire in the Demon Realm.

Roswell looks around at the darkness and shivers.

He turns to go back inside and is blindsided by something. The blood drips from his mouth and nose. Roswell looks around and sees no one. A searing pain from his side drops him to his knees and the blood just flows from a large deep gash along his side. He tries to get it stop but something grabs his hand and rips three fingers off.

Roswell screams in pain and tries to get up but his knee buckles and then twists, before breaking. He collapses to the ground and his lower left leg slides across the floor.

"Who is here? Show yourself, you coward!" Roswell says sitting up.

Nara's severed arm crawls out from under a bench and Nara's voice fills the room.

"A coward? A worthless troll like you calls someone like me a coward? You are mistaken. It is you who is the coward." Nara's voice says.

Roswell sits there staring at the arm in amazement when suddenly it flies at him. The hand tears at the fat and flesh making Roswell scream in agonizing pain.

Outside his doors his two bodyguards lay on the floor with their heads ripped off.

The following morning Kogamaru, Shear, and Shinji walk into Roswell's room. Chunks of flesh are strewn about and blood is everywhere. In the middle of the room Roswell lays there clinging to life.

Two doctors rush in and start treating the wounds.

Several hours later one doctor meets with the other three leaders.

"Somehow he survived this. I am not sure how but it appears that whatever did this was highly skilled and didn't go for a killing blow. It must of been severe torture for him. If I may speak freely, whoever did this must of enjoyed watching him squirm." The doctor says and then leaves.

One of Roswell's sergeants approaches them and hands them a small wooden box.

"I found this grabbing his throat this morning." He says and walks off.

They open the box and see Nara's arm twitching there.

"Your judgment day is fast approaching. MUWHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Nara's voice says before the arm turns to dust.


Ta and Sessaru are dressed and ready for school when Amelia and Steven arrive at the house.

"Good to see you two are all ready for school today." Amelia says with a smile.

"Where's Nara?" Sessaru asks.

"He wasn't here when we got up." Ta asks.

"Sorry, guys. I used all my tricks to get information from her and got nothing." Steven says.

As they get to the school grounds, Ta over hears a couple school girls talking.

"Did you hear? That old teacher died a few days ago and they already found a replacement for him." One says.

"I know and I guess he's really hot." The second one says with a giggle.

"Humans." Ta mumbles and shakes his head.

The time comes for Mythology class and Ashen, Steven, Amelia, and Ta all walk into class.

The bell rings and the principal walks in.

"Students, I know you heard by now that the old Mythology teacher passed away last week. Allow me to introduce you to your new one. Please welcome, Mr. Onigumo." The principal says.

Nara walks in and sets his briefcase down. He is dressed up in his Chicago Mob clothes and all the girls in class just stare at him with heart shaped eyes.

"Afternoon class. I am Mr. Onigumo and will be taking over for your previous teacher." Nara says with a smile.

Ta looks at Ashen and they both just shake their heads. Amelia sits in her desk laughing silently to herself.

"I have read through these textbooks and they are filled with so many errors its ridiculous. With that in mind I would like you (points to Ta.) to collect all of them." Nara says.


That afternoon Shear summons Kogamaru and Shingi to his office.

"Since that idiot Roswell can't handle simple tasks I have taken over command of everything. As my first task I knew we needed to keep an eye on them so with that in mind I give you........... High school." Shear says and pulls a sheet off several monitors.

Each monitor shows a different part of the school. Every inch of the school is covered.

"Why?" Kogamaru asks.

"According to recent information we gathered they have been in human teenage bodies. After further research Ta and Sessaru have been seen in this particular high school." Shear says and taps one monitor.

"I don't believe it. That's Ta." Kogamaru says.

"Those two are of no concern. Its the other two that worry me. Where is Nara and Shin? I know Shin didn't die that day. It was too easy." Shingi says.

"Those two will show up soon enough I'm sure. For now just get the sergeants on the monitors and have them watch for Nara and Shin. Then have the lieutenants write down what Sessaru and Ta do." Kogamaru says.


"Thank God its Friday." Steven says walking to school with Nara, Amelia, Ashen, and Ta.

"Yeah. When did school get so boring?" Ta says.

"I could careless." Ashen says.

Amelia smacks him in the head and says," That's not the attitude to have. School is very important. If you want to get a good job then you need a good education."

"Whatever." Ashen says and is promptly hit again.

They arrive at school and Nara is immediately surrounded by schoolgirls. On a rooftop across the street Kareen watches silently.

Nara swings his briefcase up and then back down. He glances over his shoulder and looks straight at Kareen. She swallows hard and heads back to the house. Nara quickly removes the arrow from his briefcase. He throws it to the side and hits some kid in the throat.

"I thought he had trouble sensing others around him?" Ta says.

"So did I but, the kid he hit was a demon." Sessaru says.

"And he spotted Kareen on the roof across the street." Ta adds.

They shrug it off and head to class.

Mythology class comes and Ta, Ashen, Amelia and Steven file in.

Nara looks out over the class and grabs some papers off his desk.

"These are the quizzes from yesterday and almost all of you failed. How? Is beyond me. So today we will be retaking the quiz." Nara says and hands out the quizzes.

One student shoves the paper off his desk and mumbles something.

"That wasn't called for, Travis." Nara says as he writes something on the board.

"Fuck you!" Travis says.

Nara continues writing on the board.

"Didn't you hear me? I said Fuck you!" Travis says.

Nara turns around and looks at the class.

"Are those two words supposed to mean something to me?" Nara replies.

"Yeah it means go fuck yourself. I ain't taking your little bitch ass quiz." Travis says standing up.

"Really? Because according to your other teachers you are supposed to be some sort of trouble maker. Also you are dumber then a box of rocks." Nara says.

"I isn't dumb." Travis says and the class laughs.

"Point proven. Now sit your ass down." Nara says.

"No. Why don't I come up there and beat your ass." Travis says.

Ta and Sessaru both shake their heads.

"Moron." Sessaru says.

"He truly is stupid." Ta says.

"If you think you can beat my ass why don't you try." Nara says.

"Sir, I don't think that's a good idea. As class rep I believe he should be taken down to the principal and dealt with that way." The class rep says.

"Don't you have faith in me?" Nara asks.

Travis walks up to Nara and Nara sticks his chin out.

Travis punches as hard as he can and Nara doesn't move.

"That's it? That's sad. Go sit your ass down before you get hurt." Nara says.

Travis becomes even more irate and starts swinging at Nara. Nara easily dodges each punch and catches him in a full nelson. A second later Nara slams him through the spare teacher's desk.

"Anyone else want to start something they won't finish." Nara says then goes back to the board.

Sessaru is about to attack when a piece of chalk hits his desk and sticks into it.

He looks up at Nara and then sits back down.

That night after dinner Lust stands and grabs Ta's arm.

"Please follow me, my lord." Lust says.

Silmeria does the same thing with Sessaru. As well as Aurora with Shin.

Leaving Nara and Kareen alone.

"I must speak with you." Kareen says and leaves the room.

Nara follows her to their room and Kareen closes the door behind him.

"I already know what this is about. Its about me still having some of the power I took from you and you want it back." Nara says.

"That's part of it. The other part is about those girls that swarm around you everyday. Would you ever..... Ummm.......... You know." She says blushing.

"No. If I did they would be killed. Remember I am a demon and tend to be stronger then humans. Especially with girls that age. So would you like my powers back?" Nara replies.


"Sir!" A sergeant says pausing the video from that day.

Shear runs in and says, "What is it? Did you find them?"

"I think so. But he may of found us." The sergeant replies.

On the monitor, Nara is seen clearly smirking right at the camera. The other sergeants bring up other footage from that week and Shear notices that in every single one, Nara is looking right at the camera and smirking.

"Shit." Shear says.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chapter 18:

Music and alarms went off all through the demon realm. The citizens came out of their homes to see what was going on.

"Attention all! We hold this party parade for WE, the Lords of the Lands are in a good mood. All are invited. Feel free to party all night!!" Roswell announced over his palace loudspeaker

Roswell looked at the other lords with a cheesey smile on his face.

"Roswell you idiot! What are you up to??!" Shear said moving his hair from his face

"I am holding a parade! I....I..I!!!! ME!! DEFEATED NARA!!!" Roswell said

(all sighs)

"Can you even call that a victory? He was inside of a false body..." Kogamaru said

"SILENCE!! A WIN IS A WIN!!" Roswell yelled

"But seriously, any and all information about Nara and the rest is to stay between us and our Lieutenants. There are still those who support them although...as far as anyone knows, Ta, Sessaru, Shin, and Nara are dead. If anyone finds out the truth, they are to be killed immediately." Shear said

"O..Of course." Roswell said

"Now. I am returning to the Northern Lands. How is you experiments coming along?" Shear asked putting on his cloak

"Perfect. The Cell Extraction is proceeding nicely. So far they have been NO successful test subjects. Twenty minutes after the cells have been injected, the subjects spontaneously combust." Roswell explained

"Do hurry. After the eztraction, destroy those bodies. I have a bad feeling about this...." Shear said

"Oh? Is the Almighty Shear afraid??" Roswell said laughing

"You fool!! Do you know the situation we are in!!!! The four most powerful demons in demon history have awakened after a 750 year sleep. Trapped in human bodies and now thanks to your rash actions now know we are keeping their real bodies. Despite our strength now, we are still centuries from reaching 10% of their power." Shear said

Roswell punched the ground hard enou to send a shockwave through the ground that could be felt by the citizen OUTSIDE the castle

"Don't you EVER assume Nara is stronger than I am!! Nara is a cake walk for me! If any of the other want to challenge me let them feel free!" Roswell said

Shear laughs

"You fool. Whatever. Just be sure you don't fuck this up you troll. Not only is your hide on the line but ALL of ours is. After all...this WAS your idea." Shear said and vanished

Roswell growled

// Outside the door, a demon dressed in a black hear everything

"The mistresses will be pleased....I must report to her immediately!!" she said

"Who are you!!" someone said behind her

She quickly ran his way while he was in a state of shock, jumped on his head, twisted her legs breaking his neck in the process. The female demon quickly made her way out of the castle and into the many masses partying in the city

Kogamaru walked out of the room and saw the dead guard lying on the ground

"We......have a problem...." he said

In a house, a young female demon sat on her balcony watching the parade from afar. She drank on a blue drink of some sort

"You may speak." she said

Suddenly the female spy demon appeared

"My lady. I have urgent news!!" she said

"Go on. No need to be so formal here. Stand up." she said

She stands

"Miss Kareen. I know you said to stay away from the castle but I had to go, this parade suddenly? It was just too suspicious!" she said

"What! I have told you several times not to bother with that place! It is no longer the way it use to be...you fool!" she said

(Kareen sighs)

The demons walks off hurt

"So.....what exactly did you find out?" Kareen asked

"Nothing to important ma'am. Just that Nara, Ta, Shin, and Sessaru are alive." she said

Kareen dropped her drink shattering it on the ground

"Are you serious??!" She asked

"Yes...but if you are gonna go, you have to move now. I slipped up at the castle and I am sure that you will be the first one Lord Roswell comes to see since you are Nara's......" she started

"I know! I know....first....Millie...go round up Lust, Aurora, and Silmeria. Tell them the news and to meet me here a little after midnight. I will handle Roswell. Now go!!" Kareen said and immediately Millie left


Shortly after midnight, Millie returned with Lust, Aurora, and Silmeria

"Its been a while since we have all been together. Welcome you all." Kareen said

The three girls was shocked to see a large bruise on her cheek.

"Worry not. Its not as bad as it looks. Roswell just got a little frustrated with me." Kareen said spitting out blood

"So. They're really alive?" Why haven't they came back to contact us?" Silmeria asked

"They can't..after the lords found out they were back, they sealed this world off. They currently don't have the power to return." Kareen said


"Thats all gonna change...won't it girls? I assume that they gave you girls half their powers as well just in case things got tough." Kareen asked

"Yeah. Nara suggested that they did since they had more enemies than friends." Lust said

"Yeah. I remember him telling Sessaru, "Always plan ahead. Foes are always, ALWAYS thinking of ways to take you out. Here in this world, we are your only friends."

"Nara was indeed smart in coming up with the idea. But I always thought that they stored their powers with us because their powers were waying heavy on the entire demon realm." Aurora said

"Maybe..." Silmeria asked

"Is there anyway for us to get to the other side?" Kareen asked

"Yes. Roswell is sending more scouts out in a few hours. We tailgate them." Millie said

"Good....." Kareen said rubbing the bruise on her face


Nara, Ta, Amelia, Steven, and Ashen sat in Ashen's house quiet. It had been a week now since the defeat. No one had said a word.

"Oh cheer up you guys. Its just a loss" Amelia said

Ta smashed the table with his fist

"HEY!! MY TABLE!" Ashen said


"You guys are just out of practice." Ashen said

Ta got up ready to attack

"I..Its true! You guys have been asleep for 750 years! Things have changed. Its no wonder you all lost." Ashen said

"You piece of shit!!" Ta said before Nara stopped him

"He has a point. He seems to be very knowledgable....go on....." Nara said staring into Ashen's eyes.

Ashen began to feel uneasy. Here, history's most powerful demons are listening to him....complimenting him.

"Its like.......a RPG. You have to gain levels to become stronger!" Ashen said out of nervousness

(Amelia and Steven do a anime fall)

"Is he serious!!!" Steven asked

"A.......RPG?" Nara asked

"Yes. A video game. In these games, you fight stong foes like you guys just did but in order to become stonger, you fight stonger foes and gain experience." Ashen said

"They're gonna kill him...." Amelia said

"Hmm.....show me." Nara said

(Amelia and Steven do another anime fall)

Ashen shows Nara and Ta what he meant by putting in a video game. They seemed to get the message

"Not bad Ashen. This is very valuable information." Nara said

"(He complimented me...!)" Ashen said happily

"But who are we gonna gain experience from?" Ta asked

"Thats simple." Ashen said

"It is? Do tell Ashen!" Ta said eagerly

"(Ta...the powerhouse of the four.....at my very whim! This is too cool!)" Ashen said.

"Fight amongst yourselves. Just spar. You don't wanna hurt each other. Just keep your bodies toned for battle!" Ashen said

"You know Ashen. You're not too bad. I like this idea. Who will be first to spar Ashen?" Nara asked

"M...Me?" Ashen asked

"You came up with this idea. Have a little confidence in yourself. You kinda remind me of Sessaru when he was younger." Nara said

"You wanna repeat that?" Sessaru said

"Oh.....Sessaru....I forgot you were here." Nara said with a smile

"Me and you......" Sessaru said

"Oh? Very well....lets go." Nara said smiling

Ta, Amelia, Steven, Ashen and Nara walked to a empty playground.

"This is good enough. Lets go little Sessaru." Nara said

Sessaru walked up to Nara and backed off about 10 feet

"(Hey....you seem a little nervous)" Ashen said

"(A little...)" Sessaru said

"(Oh!! The mighty Sessaru nervous? Can't blame you. This is Nara we are talking about...)" Ashen said

"(That and.......I have NEVER fought or sparred with this guy.)" Sessaru said

"(WHAT!!!)" Ashen said

"Oh Sessaru....I do believe this is the first time we have fought.....Interesting......" Nara said as his demonic aura began to rise to such a level where the sky suddenly grew dark

"(H....H..He does know that you are a comrade right?! This is just practice!!! Not the final boss fight!!)" Ashen said frightened

Sessaru remained silent

"Hey......isn't Nara taking this too far!!" Amelia asked

She looked over at Ta and he was as stiff as stone from fear

("This isn't good.....Now that I think about it....I haven't fought him either..)" Ta said

"Feel free to help Ta." Nara said

"Don't even think about it! " Sessaru said

"This old fart just crossed the line!!"

"Old fart? Youngsters now these days...." Nara said and in a flash, he rushed at Sessaru and roundhouse kicked Sessaru in the face send him rolling on the ground

Amelia and Steven were still looking at where Nara WAS til Ta tapped them and pointed to where he was now.

"So fast..." Steven said

Sessaru hopped back to his feet.

"(Aren't you suppose to be the fastest of the four!! Hey!!)" Ashen yelled

"You son of a bitch......that hurt...." Sessaru said

"(Just a bit more.....If what Ashen said is true then according to that game.....this outta gimme TONS of experience!)" Nara said

"(HEY!!! SESSARU!)" Ashen yelled but then began to fell faint

"(Not again...Ses......saru......)" Ashen said

Thunder started and winds picked up.

"Nara....Prepare yourself!" Sessaru said as he looked at Nara with his blank eyes. The color of like misty blood.

"Yup...still a child." Nara said but looked up and Sessaru was coming down at him. Nara dodged out the way as Sessaru came down with his claws, slashing the ground on impact.

Nara returned with a mule kick. Sessaru caught his legs and flung him toward Ta. As he flew back, Nara threw a small blade of pure demonic energy at Sessaru. Sessaru caught the blade and threw it back. Nara simple flipped over it and landed to his feet.

"Not...." Nara said as he looked and noticed Sessaru there til suddenly a foot landed right across Nara face. Nara stumbled backwards and was greeted with a flying roundhouse kick that sent him into the swings.

"Whoa! This is awesome!!" Steven said getting into.

Ta and Amelia had a bad feeling

Nara sat it the swing letting the pain soak in.

"Sessaru...you're getting out of hand again..(looks at him) Where's the sword I gave you?" Nara asked

"(What? Nara gave Sessaru the Surtanryu?)" Nara asked


Nara laughs

"Seriously. Where is it? I gave it to you to avoid problems like this remember?"

"Nara? What do you mean?" Ta asked

"I gave the Surtanryu to Sessaru to keep this problem in check but it only works IF its with him. That way "that" oesn't happen again." Nara explained

"That? ........You mean......" Ta asked

"Yup. The Northern Massacre


Shear sat in his library in the Northern Lands looking up something....

"Eyes of misty blood.....where have i........" he said to himself til he found a picture.


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Monday, June 22, 2009

Chapter 17:

Roswell smiles at Nara as Nara pieces everything together.

"I must admit for a pathetic demon as you, who can barely figure out the simplest problems, this was well planned out. You sent that scientist to my body knowing full well I was nestled deep in his soul resting. Then to have it be a meager fake that was so well produced that it even fooled me. (claps lightly)" Nara says.

"To have the most famous demon applause me it is truly amazing.... Wait...." Roswell says thinking.

"Very good you figured out my belittling comment." Nara says and lunges forward. His foot catches just under Roswell's chin sending him into the trees behind him.


"Oooooooh! DAMN!!!" Kogamaru and Shear say together.


Sessaru slides on his back into a tree and a branch falls onto him.

"You have truly gone soft in that human body." Jade says, "I haven't even broke a sweat yet."

"Damn it! Ashen you need to quit interfering. I am sorry about the flashbacks but now is not the time to show compassion. If you keep it up then we both die." Sessaru scolds him.

"Sorry but those images of all those people..." Ashen replies.

"...." Sessaru says trying to hold back the images but fails. His eyes turn bright red and all the sound disappears.

"Commander, what's going on? The birds. They have stopped chirping." Emerald says.

Jade looks around and Sessaru takes advantage.

"Huh?" Emerald says and looks down at his chest.

"What's wrong? Having heart problems? Allow me to look and see what's wrong." Sessaru says pulling his heart out and showing it to him.

Emerald collapses and Jade glares at him.

"How could you? He was like a son to you. We all are and you killed him like he was nothing." Jade says angrily.

"Refresh my memory. You're mission is to kill me, right?" Sessaru asks menacingly.


Ta sits down on the back of one the dead spiders.

"Now that was a workout." He says panting and stretching. He looks around at the 46 dead spiders and 31 dead bats.

"Not to bad. You two had better return home. We'll take it from here." Ta says to Amelia and Steven.

The two of them run back to Ashen's house.


Roswell reattaches his jaw and glares at Nara.

"Still up to those dirty tricks. Such a terrible way to fight." Roswell says.

"Like you have room to talk look at what you did to me, dumbass." Nara snaps back and raises his arm up to show the flesh falling from the bone.

Roswell tackles Nara and bashes his head into the ground. Nara grabs Roswell's arm and crushes one of his bones before his own arm falls off.

"Damn." Nara says.

"Gotta keep it together if you want to win this." Roswell adds as he elbows Nara in the face.

"If this body takes too much more damage I won't survive." Nara says to himself.


"That's the way! Finish him, Roswell." Shear cheers.

"Damn it, Nara! Beat his ass! I don't wanna do that bastard's laundry!" Kogamaru shouts at the screen.


Jade and Sessaru exchange blow for blow while Diamon and Nomaid cheer from the sideline looking for an opening.

Diamon finds one and makes his move. Suddenly he is yanked to the ground by his collar. Nomaid tries to look but a shin connects with his neck snapping it like a twig. Ta stands there smiling.

"You two should be more aware of your surroundings." Ta says picking up Diamon by the head. He struggles trying to crush it.

"Damn human body." He says and gives up.

"SNAP!!" Diamon twitches once then goes limp.

"WHAT THE HELL? WHEN DID YOU GET HERE?" Jade shouts punching Sessaru into a car.

"Oh, sorry. Were these friends of yours?" Ta asks.

"You bastard. You will pay for that." Jade says walking over to Ta.

Ta is standing there panting as he Jade gets closer. His vision is getting blurry and his muscles are sore.

"Shit. This body is failing. At this rate I am going to lose consciousness." Ta says then completely blacks out. Just before he completely loses it a sharp searing pain rips through his body. Ta falls to the ground with a sword sticking out of his stomach.

"Now back to you." Jade says and roundhouse kicks Sessaru in the jaw.


Nara and Roswell are both standing there panting. Nara has lost his entire right arm and a lot of flesh has fallen off his chest, back and left arm. Even some of the flesh on his face has come off.

"Even in this state you still are having troubles. Do you see why I didn't pick you. I am literally falling to pieces and still beating you." Nara says laughing.

"How can this be? You are falling apart and haven't passed out from loss of blood." Roswell asks.

"Due to the simple fact that there is no blood. You plan has one simple flaw." Nara answers. He sees a shadow and looks up. The three bats are floating there holding the device.

"Enjoying the show? You will be next." Nara says and throws his right arm at the device.


"What the hell? How did he know we were watching?" Shear asks.

"It's Nara. Looks like the wager is over. Neither of us won." Kogamaru says.

"What?" Shear says confused.


Roswell tackles Nara and both of them crash through a wall and the building collapses onto them.


Amelia and Steven arrive at Ashen's house.

"What is wrong with you? Why didn't you try and save me?" Amelia asks in a very pissed tone.

"I tried to but my body wouldn't move." Steven replies.

A loud noise is heard upstairs making both of them jump.

Steven swallows hard and heads upstairs to check it out. He follows the sounds straight to Nara's room. He opens the door and it is pitch black. An eerie light is coming from under the bed.

Steven slowly makes his way to the bed and crouches down. He looks under and sees a book is the source of the light and sound.

"That's Nara's book. Why is it here? It should be with him." Amelia says and reaches for it. The book lunges at her hand and Steven pushes her away landing on top of her.

"I wouldn't touch it if I were you. There is something not right about that book." Steven says looking into her eyes.

She turns bright red and pushes him off of her. "He needs it though. If I remember right this is his weapon." Amelia replies looking away from him.

"I will admit I was surprised that you could actually summon your sword. It really came in handy." Jade says motioning towards Ta.

Sessaru's katana is sticking out of Ta's stomach.

"Damn. I knew this human body wouldn't be able to withstand it." Sessaru says looking down at his burned hand. Both, Jade and Sessaru are reaching their limits.

"Your pathetic life ends now!" Jade says and rushes over. He delivers a knee to gut and the wind is driven out of Sessaru's lungs. Sessaru falls to the ground motionless.

"Just as I thought. I was far superior to you. My abilities were far greater then yours ever were." Jade says standing over Sessaru's body.

Blood drips from Jade's nose and he puts his hand to his face. Suddenly he falls to his knees and pukes. He looks in a mirror and sees a deep cut that goes from his right temple diagonally to the left side of his chin. Other cuts appear on his body.

"Impossible." Jade says and vanishes.


Roswell emerges from the rubble first and is in bad shape. His left arm is completely broken and a couple ribs are sticking through his armor.

Nara slowly crawls out and gets to his feet. He stands there wobbling. More flesh has fallen off and most of his bones are broken.

"Why won't you stay down?" Roswell says breathing heavily.

"...." Nara replies as his bottom jaw falls off. He rolls his eyes and his left eye falls out.

Roswell picks up a downed telephone pole and smacks Nara with it. Nara hits the edge of the building and slides across the ground. Pieces of him are left behind where he slid across the ground.

"Finally. I have beaten the greatest demon of all time!" Roswell says and raises his arms up to the sky before disappearing.


Shin follows the horned demon to a large warehouse.

"You're telling me that "it's" here?" Shin says.

"Yes. This is a secret holding facility. Everything is stored below ground." The demon replies.

"If it is so secret, why is there no security?" Shino asks.

"They are all inside the warehouse. Now come on." The demon says leading Shin to a door.

The two of them head inside the dark warehouse. Suddenly the lights come on and hundreds of demons surround Shin. The demon that lead Shin there slips into the large crowd. Instinctively Shin takes his sword stance and reaches for his sword.

"Damn it." Shin says.

"I apologize for deceiving you like that Lord Shin but a better offer has arisen and I had to take it. Don't hold it against me." The demon guide says.

"I will see to it that you won't make it out of here alive you backstabbing bastard." Shin says and picks up a lead pipe that's about 2 feet long.


Shingi sat there in the darkness of his room and waited for the demon to check in.

"Milord, everything is going according to your plan. (in the background the sounds of demons dying can be heard. Also several demons flying through he air.) Within the hour The Great Shin shall fall." The demon says with a laugh.

"That is great news, Lieutenant Commander. Keep me posted." Shingi says.


The demons have circled around Shin and are attacking from all sides.

Shin sidesteps one and slices him with the pipe then in the same swing decapitates another one.

"How does it feel to die at the hands of a 7 year old?" Shin asks stabbing a demon through the chest. He makes to the demon guide and stands over him.

"Call your Lord." Shin says sternly.

The demon does as instructed and as soon as Shingi gets a picture on his screen. The pipe comes through the front of the demon's head. Splattering some blood on the screen.

After an hour of non-stop fighting Shin stands in a room of dead demon bodies and more demons have replaced the fallen ones.

Shin stands there panting, his pipe is bent and soaked in blood. All the demons attack at once and Shin takes out several before a large hand is sticking out the front of his chest with his own beating heart.

"See you all in hell." Shin says before his eyes go lifeless.

Shingi sits back in his chair staring at the image of Shin hanging there lifeless.

"How the mighty have fallen." Shingi says and walks away.


Jade returns first and limps into his room. He looks at himself in front of his mirror. He removes his broken armor and tattered shirt. On his stomach is a perfect imprint of Sessaru's fist.

"!!!!" Jade says.


Roswell returns and is greeted by Kogamaru and Shear.

"Well, it appears I won." Shear says.

Kogamaru hangs his head and shakes it in disappointment.

"Damn you Nara." He says.

As Roswell walks by, Kogamaru notices something sticking out of Roswell's back.

"How did it go?" Shear asks.

"Quite well. He was stubborn but he eventually crumbled under my superior might." Roswell replies before grunting in pain.

Kogamaru is standing there with Nara's right arm. The three of them stand there looking at the arm.

"That annoying prick!" Roswell says being the first to notice that Nara's hand is flipping them off.

Steven and Amelia arrive back at the fight only to find them everywhere.

"Ashen? Sessaru?" Amelia says looking around.

In a wagon being towed by Steven's bike, the book starts jumping around again. Steven rides it over in the direction its jumping towards and spots Nara's mutilated and mangled body.

"Oh God..." Steven says and pukes at the sight.

"Did you find one?" Amelia asks.

"Yeah, I think its Nara." Steven replies and unties the book carefully.

In a middle school across town a young girl is sitting in the nurse's room clutching her chest. Next to her is a long item wrapped up in a heavy cloth. The nurse hands her a cup of water and Shin's reflection shines back momentarily.

"Looks like the bait was taken." She says and drinks the water.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Chapter 16:

In a home in a suburban area, Shin sat in a room. The sky was unusually dark. The human parents that took care of Shin where in the front room leaving Shin unattended.

Shin sat on the bed looking out the window. The wind had picked up to unusually violet speeds.

"......" Shin thought

Suddenly, a noise was heard at Shin's feet.

"Well?" Shin said without turning to see

"It is as you have said Mi'lord. The big ones have made their move and also I have located "that" " a demon said appearing from a dark smoke by Shin's feet

"Hmmm.....I see..... Nara's little train incident has caused quite a few problems.....wait! WHAT!!!" Shin said

"Yes Lord Shin. I have located what you seek..though....even with your skill I doubt you will be able to get through." the demon said

"Show me!!" Shin said

Suddenly, the door opened and the human mother that was taking care of Shin appeared.

"Is everything okay dear?" she asked

"I'm ok. The wind scared me ma." Shin said

Underneath the bed, the demon hid. Snickering at the way Shin spoke to the human woman.

"Ok dear. Just close the window alright?" she said

"Yes mother." Shin said and the lady left the room

After she left the room, the demon squirmed from under the bed laughing uncontrollably.

"Shut up!!" Shin said

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Yes mother!!! HA HA HA HA HA!" he said

"I'm warning you...." Shin said

"Or what?! You'll get your mommy to get me?! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!" the demon said

Suddenly, Shin hand grabbed hold of the demons horn and lifted the demon off the ground. Shin then stared at him right in the eyes.

"In all my years have I never seen such a disrespectful demon....." Shin said

The demon squirmed to get loose and although Shin was in the body of a seven year old human, his grip was iron tight.

"Now...if it weren't for the simple fact that you have helped me on several occasions, I would kill you right now but I suppose you are of some use to me.......aren't you?" Shin asked with a demonic smile on his face.

The demon nodded in approval

"Good now if you would be so kind as to show me where "it" is." Shin asked. The demon obeyed and the two of them vanished into thin air


Steven and Amelia ran for their lives as they were being chased by 2 Hell Spiders. As they ran, Amelia tripped and fell over her own feet.
Steven stopped and looked at Amelia. He saw that the Hell Spider was closing in fast and was frozen with fear. Amelia screamed as the Hell Spider came down for the kill when suddenly, the Hell Spiders fangs went flying through the air. The giant spider rolled on the ground hissing in pain. Amelia looked up to see Ta standing there.

"T..Ta??" she asked

"Go. Now!" Ta said

Amelia got up and ran. As she ran past Steven, she gave him a dirty, unforgiving look and deep down inside, Steven knew he messed up.

The other Hell Spider stepped up and assessed the situation with the guy that stood before him.

"(Nara....never a dull moment when hes around...suits me just fine.....things were getting rather boring around here anyway!!!)" Ta thought to himself as he smiled slightly. The Hell Spider attacked.


"Has Roswell returned?" Shear asked as he sat in a chair playing with his hair.

"No Mi'lord. He has not." A lesser demon replied

"Damn that Roswell. Always Rash. Always doing as he pleases. Who the hell appointed him Lord of the East anyway!! When I find out who did I will personally......." Shear started

Just then, Kogamaru walked in through the door with a carefree look on his face

"Worried about Roswell?" he asked

"No. I just don't want that buffoon to ruin our plans. Thats all. He went out to speak with Nara personally. I am sure you are aware of Roswell's definition of "talk" " Shear said with a huge sigh.

"Hmm....I know your concern which is why......*snaps fingers*"

Suddenly, a holographic display of Roswell appeared

"What the hell is this?!" Shear said

"Humans call this thing a holograph. Combined with our superior power and intellect, we can see things on the other realm without actually 'being' there ourselves.." Kogamaru explained.

"Nice. I guess humans are worth using after all...." Shear said

"Wanna make a little wager?" Kogamaru asked

"Wager?" Shear said

"Yes....though Roswell is indeed powerful I am willing to bet you he screws it up somehow." Kogamaru said

"What?! No! I will admit that Roswell is without a doubt a moron but once he sets his mind on something, he gets it done. My bets on Roswell all the way!" Shear said

"Very well. Loser does the winners laundry for a week." Kogamaru said

"Good because I haven't done laundry in about a month." Shear said

"(And you're proud to admit that??)" Kogamaru said to himself


In front of Sessaru stood 4 demons in bone enforced armor with skulls on the shoulders

"Well...hi guys!! Its been a while!" Sessaru said with a smile approaching them when suddenly, one threw a blade so fast that Sessaru didn't pick up on it. The blade grazed his left cheek and hit a light pole behind him exploding on impact. The cut on his cheek began to bleed as Sessaru still stood there with a smile on his face

"Lord Sessaru....it has indeed been a while....though its no longer Lord Sessaru now is it..." one of them said

Sessaru looked over and one of them had stepped up. His armor was different from the others. It was lighter and not reinforced like the others.


"Do you remember me? Sessaru Shuiel? Or should I say Sessaru Sh...." He started

"Lets not get into that shall we." Sessaru said

The demon smiles

"Jade. I see you are now captain of this here outfit. Congrats." Sessaru said

"Yes. With you gone, it wasn't hard for the rest to notice and respect my skills. Some would even say that my skills FAR exceeded yours." Jade said

"Yeah? Nice. So.....lets cut to the chase here. The big wigs found out that we're alive, panic, and then send you guys to deal with me and send one of the bigger pawns to handle Nara...judging from the massive bloodlustrious aura I'm picking up, it must be a Lord himself." Sessaru said

"Not bad... They said that your detection abilities were the best in the realm. No one could ever sneak up on you." Jade said

"I wouldn't go that far...now....What business do you guys have with me BESIDES trying to kill me." Sessaru asked.

"Nothing. We are under orders to take you out by ANY means." Jade said

"(Hmm.....Strike Force...under orders.....Must be their new lord....) Under whose orders?" Sessaru asked

"Wouldn't you like to know.." Jade said

"I would advise you to tell me. Or.....I will have to make you boys do 50 laps." Sessaru said

"You think this is some game? We've studied all aspects of you. There is no way you are getting out of here alive." Jade said

The smile on Sessaru's face faded and his eyes seemed to dull and fade in color

"So...you believe that you can just analyze me? ME!!?? As if I were just some sort of data. Or experiment!" Sessaru snapped as he glared at them. His eyes were now the color of misty blood.

"(Those eyes!!) Sessaru....did you...." Jade started


In the sky were 3 Metalbacks. Massive bats. Twice the size of normal bats reinforces with steel spines. The three bats held a rather large device that was used to provide Shear and Kogamaru with their entertainment.

Roswell stood above the massive hole made by Nara's body. He smiled in satisfaction

"Come on out Nara! I know you're still alive!" Roswell yelled

"I thought I was done for....seriously...." a voice behind Roswell said

Roswell turned quickly only to meet a fist to his face. The impact sent him flying over the hole and toward a tree. Roswell caught himself and landed safely to the ground.

"Good..good." Roswell said with a smile.

"Who are you and why are you here?" Nara asked as he took off his hat slowly

"What!! You ask me who I am?!" Roswell said infuriated.

Blinded by anger, Roswell attacks. As he attacks, Nara releases his hat. The hat flies into Roswell's face blinding him. While he was blinded, Roswell kept running and Nara greeted him with a strong, stiff, aggressive clothesline causing Roswell to do a complete backflip landing on his head and sliding through the ground.

"Is this really all there is...?" Nara said wiggling his arm in pain

"(What?!)" Nara says to himself.

Roswell picks himself up. Laughing.

"So......How is that body?" Roswell asked

"!!!!!!!!" Nara said

"Did you really think you would get through and get your body back so easily? I saw through your every move before you even made them." Roswell said


"HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I told you!!" Shear said

Kogamaru was dumbfounded


"Now that I have your attention...I have a few questions I would like to ask of you....." Roswell said

Roswell's demonic aura began to affect the area. Grass began to die and the air became heavy and hot

Nara tried calling for his book but it would not materialize.

"Ah yes....Materialization. The forbidden art banned by your father..." Roswell explained

"Nara....oh dear..hmmm....It appears I have indeed slipped up. So....What do you plan on don't with me? Killing me?" Nara asked

"No....What I wanna know is.....why! Why didn't you choose me to be one of the Fours rulers of the lands??" Roswell asked


(Kogamaru and Shear do a anime fall)

"What!!! Thats why he doesn't like him??!!! Are you serious??!" Shear said as he picked himself back up

"What does it matter? Hes a Lord now." Kogamaru said


"Hmm......Yes. My dad did rule over the entire demon realm alone. After I killed him for succession to the throne, I felt that having to rule over everyone alone was too much for a single demon so I split it into 4 lands. North. South. East. West. Next, I had to choose demons worth ruling them. In the Western Lands, I heard of a great swordsman. A killer above killers. I was interested so I cloaked myself to hide my identity and challenged this killer. That is how I met Shin. After nearly killing him, I asked him," Would you like to ruler over this land. You have the power and skills. Put them to good use." He agreed

I then had to find one for the North and South. I happened to find Ta and Sessaru. From what I know about them, they had no family. Abandoned at birth. Survived on their own. They were friends but not friends. Staying out of each others way....I don't know anything else about them.....except....the look in theirs eyes that day......told me that they were perfect. And I was right. Although I picked them on a whim. Its not the way my old man would have done things but who cares. Those three, we may see things differently but I trust them with my life. As for you. Roswell. Why didn't I choose you you ask? Thats easy. You are a weak, no good animal. Always have been. Always will be." Nara said


Sessaru flipped out of the way of an incoming barrage of blades exploding on impact sending dirt and debris everywhere blinding Sessaru.

Sessaru could feel himself losing control.

He began to have flashbacks. Images of slashed bodies, blood, fire, and chaos began to fill his mind and Ashen's as well. Ashen was horrified by the images but keep quiet just as Sessaru had instructed.

"Whats wrong Sessaru? Has the past 750 years REALLY weakened you this much." Jade asked

Sessaru's mind went into a complete and total blank state as he held out his hand and a small whirlwind from in his hand followed by small sparks of lightning. The demonic energy began to burn his hand but Sessaru continued. Shortly after, A kitana materialized in his hand. The sheath was red and encrypted with weird designs.

"What....Materialization? How....." Jade asked.


In a dark room, Shingi sat in front of a projection screen speaking with someone

"Good job. He took the bait?" Shigi asked

"Yup. He is heading there now mi'lord." the guy asked

"Good. After this I will be sure to personally make you a lieutenant commander." Shingi said

"YES sir!!" the demon said as the projection faded

Shingi nodded as the image of Shin's loyal scout faded.

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Chapter 15:

Roswell sits in his throne chair in complete darkness laughing silently to himself. Just the simple thought of Nara being alive got his blood racing. He was so excited that he began to drool. Suddenly, a lesser demon opened the thick, iron barred throne doors.

"Mi'lord. I have rallied up the men you wanted." he said

The door opened up and several demons in skull enforced armor lined up in a single line side by side. The demons came in various sizes and was silhouetted in the darkness

"Good...good....." Roswell said standing up clapping his hands and the torches around the large throne room lit up. Standing in front of him were 10 demons standing there with their hands behind their backs standing at attention.

"My friends....my men. I have a important mission I need you to undertake." Roswell said

"Anything for you my leige..." one said

"You mission. As unbelievable as it sounds, is to bring me Nara. ALIVE may I add." Roswell said

"Nara??!! THE NARA sir?? As in Lord Kagushinki's son??" one said

"Yes. He is alive. So are Sessaru, Ta, and even Shin managed to make it." Roswell informed

The demons whispered to themselves.

"I heard that Nara killed Lord Kagushinki at the age of seven." one said

"No way!!" another said

"SILENCE!!" Roswell yelled. His voice echoed throughout the throne room violently shaking the room

The men grew silently

"You men are the most elite fighters in the whole Eastern lands. Show some backbone!!" Roswell scorned

"I'm sorry my lord!" they said as they bowed

"Now....." Roswell started but was interrupted when another demon came in.

"My lord...I have brought....." the demon started.

Roswell aggressively waved his hand toward the demon and first the demon stood there, shocked. Seconds later, he split in half. Blood sprayed everywhere as the two halves fell to the floor.


"You haven't changed one bit..." a voice said from the within the darkness of the room behind the doors

"I agree....what a grotesque sight I must say...." another said

Roswell looked as three men entered the room. The elite demons' jaws dropped at the sight of the three men

"Oh....I forgot I ordered him to fetch you three..." Roswell said

"Fetch? You think I'm some dog you filthy piece of..." one said

"Enough!! We didn't come here to fight. You summoned us because you said that you had some important news to share with us. Now.....explain." one said

Roswell smiled and hopped down from his throne.

"Gladly..." he said


Steven, Amelia, Ta, Nara, and Sessaru continued walking down the road. Sessaru walked in the back scowling and sulking about being chewed out by Amelia. Steven walked with his arm around Amelia and Amelia rested her head on his arm as they walked adding insult to injury to Ashen's feelings

Withing minutes, the group arrived at a large building

"We're here...!" Amelia said cheerfully

"And this is...." Sessaru said

"The library. I figured here we could talk and get to know each other better." Amelia said

"I'm outta here..." Ta said walking off

"What a waste..." Sessaru said walking off

"GET BACK HERE!!!" Amelia said

Sessaru and Ta continued to walk off leaving Steven and Amelia with Nara

"Well....shall we.....?" Nara said with a smile. A strong sting of nervousness enveloped the two


"Well now...Lord Kogamaru of the Southern Lands. Lord Shingi of the Western Lands and Lord Shear of the North. Its been a while since we've all been together like this." Roswell said

"Get to the point!" Lord Shingi said

Shingi. Lord of the Western Lands. Stood no taller than 5'11. Short black hair. Slash marks on his hands and down his left cheek. A fang always exposed from his mouth for it was longer than the rest. His eyes showed no emotion. Like that of a ghost

"Yes. I wanna hear this "important news" you speak of..." Lord Shear said taking a seat

Lord Shear. Ruler of the Northern Lands. Like Roswell, ruled with complete and total dominance. Stood at 6'6. Long fiery red hair down to the middle of his back. Clean unscratched skin and a very short temper

"I don't have time for this. Make it quick." Lord Kogamaru said leaning against the far wall

Lord Kogamaru. Lord of the Southern Lands. Stood at your average 5'5. A little on the plump side. Greedy. Very aggitated. Aggressive. Unclean. Bottom line. Savage

"The news I have for you all today is.....Nara, Ta, Sessaru, and Shin are alive." Roswell said

Everyone perked up

"You lie!" Kogamaru said

"Why would I lie about such a thing you fat bastard!" Roswell said

"What proof do you have!" Shingi said

"Not too long ago. A scout that I sent to confirm the matter came back to me. Shortly after his return, he exploded and Nara's voice echoed throughout the room with that sick, irritating laugh of his....." Roswell said


(Nara sneezes)


"Hmmm.....this is indeed important news." Shingi said

"Yes.....We assumed they were dead but now...four of the most powerful and ruthless demomns ever to live are alive again." Shear said

"Damn...our plans are complete yet! Wait...how can that be! We have their bodies don't we?" Kogamaru asked

"Yes. But apparently, the souls of three of them are currently inhabiting a human body. Nara was the only one who managed to get his body back.." Roswell informed

Whispers spread throughout the room

"I will send my Strike Force to handle Sessaru. It shouldn't be a problem for them." Shear says as he laughs. As he laughs, 4 shadows materialized into demons behind him.

"Go. You know the what to do." he said

Without a single word, they vanished

"Oh hoo...the Strike force eh....how cold of you Lord Shear." Kogamaru said

Shear smiles

"To think that he'll be defeated by the very squad he created...it out to be quite a show don't you think?" Shear asked

They all nod.

"Hmmm.....as for me, I plan on visiting Nara personally." Roswell said

"Are you mad?! You know demons of our calibur can't step foot on human turf!! Think of the damage it'll cause!! The plans would certainly...." Shingi said

"I don't care! I won't be long....I want to personally thank Nara for turning my scout into fertilizer...." Roswell said as he walked out the door. The 7 men were still lined up as he appeared.

"You guys. I want you to pay Ta a visit. make sure he's put down." Roswell said grabbing a brown trench coat

"I thought you wanted us to go after Nara!" one said

"I am taking care of him personally." Roswell said

"Mi'lord!!" one said but his voice fell on deaf ears as Roswell disappeared into thin air


"(Oh man.....this blows......)" Ashen said

"What now? You still depressed over that chick? Get over her! There's more women out here!" Sessaru said sitting on a swing in a nearby park

"(Yeah but....)" Ashen said


"Kogamaru!! Don't you dare!!" Shingi said

Kogamaru laughs as he opens a portal to the human realm releasing a horde of huge spiders and bats

"You are sending those things!!! The Metalbacks and Hell spiders!!! Why!!?" Shingi asked

"Those 4 must be eliminated at all costs! I don't think I have to tell you what would happen if they were to figure out our plans are return to their bodies now do I?" Kogamaru explained


Sessaru sits on the swing laughing o himself (Actually talking to Ashen) when suddenly a ill wind blew by. Sessaru stopped swinging a sat still.

"Oh dear.." Sessaru said as he bent down to "tie his shoe" when a blade flew over his head and into a tree in front. On impact, the tree exploded.

Sessaru sat back up and continued to swing softly

"(What the......!!!)" Ashen said

"(Kid......I need you to be VERY quiet for a while.....unlike the others, these demons are on a totally different level. This could get very ugly.)" Sessaru said

Sessaru then swung hard swinging into the air just as another blade flew under him. Once in the air, Sessaru jumped into the air. Once he did, blade after blade after blade flew at him. He spun, flipped and turned in midair to aviod them. On his last turn, a blade came at him from nowhere. Sessaru turned his he to dodge.

The demon smiles

Sessaru lands on the ground feet first with his head down. He then flicks his head up causing the blade to flip out of his hair and into his hand

"My my my...I see that once again Nara is causing me trouble. The higher ups must be quite nervous to send my Strike Force at me." Sessaru says as he throws the blade in a tree 20 feet away. The tree explodes and suddenly 3 demons appear from shadows

Sessaru laughs


Steven, Amelia and Nara are talking in the library. Nara is explaining a few things about the demon world when suddenly, he grew stiff as a person stood behind him

"Hi. How are you all today?" the man says with a smile

Amelia greeted the man warmly but Steven, seeing Nara's reaction knew that this was no ordinary man.

The man sat next to them and talked casually.

Nara hid his face behind his hat clinching his leg to avoid attacking when suddenly, a familiar feeling came over him

"(Damn.....they really went all out...surrounded...and not by demons.......Metalbacks.)" Nara said to himself

Nara stood up

"How may we help you sir?" he said signaling the two of them to leave with his eyes.

Steven caught the message and grabbed Amelia and headed for the door

"Now....to business...." Nara said glaring at the man in front of him

The man took off his coat and Roswell revealed himself

(Amelia screams)

Nara took his attention off Roswell to see Amelia and Roswell socked Nara in the face sending him flying through the library wall

Screams filled the library

As Nara flew out, he also saw a swarm of Hell Spiders

"Just great.." Nara said just as Roswell appeared above him delivering a powerful blow to his gut so strong, Nara flew through the ground 32 feet deep on impact.

Roswell licked his lips hungrily as he glared down at the huge hole from above.

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"Just don't kill the kid alright." Ashen says. "Fine. I'll break every bone in his tiny body." Sessaru replies and lunges toward the kid. His claws graze the kid's left cheek. "That's quite impressive speed, demon." Shin says in a deep voice," However." Sessaru looks down and sees Shin's fist connect with a couple ribs. Sessaru tumbles to the ground as Shin lands lightly on the ground a few feet away. Sessaru scrambles back to his feet and sprints towards Shin. His fist lands on Shin's right cheek sending him flying into an oak tree. Just at that moment Amelia and crew walk out of the trees. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?" Amelia screams and rushes to Shin. Shin is laying on the ground not moving. Amelia picks him up and sets him in her lap and his head against her breasts. "So soft." Shin says to himself. "He's still breathing. (looks at Sessaru) Why did you do this? He is an innocent child." Amelia asks. "Innocent? My ass. Look at what he did to the trees." Sessaru replies and points to the downed trees. "Mommy..." Shin says rubbing his face against Amelia's breasts. Ashen and Steven glare at the kid. "Oh thank God you're alive." Amelia says hugging him tighter against her chest. "Damn, these are nice and squishy. Its been so long since I've been with a woman." Shin says to himself and hugs her back. "Hey. Where did Nara disappear to?" Steven asks looking around. Deep in the forest, Nara stands with one of the scouts pressed against the tree with his palm against the scouts chest. "Tell your master, That Nara has returned and will reclaim what is mine." Nara says and the sounds and smell of flesh burning fills the air. He drops the scout and a perfect handprint of Nara's hand is left on the tree. The scout runs off into the woods. Nara returns to the group holding the toy truck. Shin "wakes up" and looks around. "Huh.... Where am I? Who are you?" Shin says confused. "Lying little bastard!" Sessaru says clenching his fist. "Quiet you." Amelia says coldly. "I believe this is yours." Nara says handing the truck to him. "Thank you. I remember playing in the sandbox then this weird guy pops up from under the slide. Next thing I know I am sitting here." Shin says. "Well you have no broken bones amazingly. So do you want us to walk you home?" Amelia replies. Shin hugs her tightly and rubs his face against her chest again. "No, I don't live to far from here. I'll be fine. Thanks for the offer." Shin replies and runs off. Nara hides his smile and all of them head back home. As they leave the playground the wind blows and moves some sand revealing the bodies of the other scouts. __________________________________________________________ "Mi'lord! Mi'lord!" The scout shouts as he runs into the room. "Yes, what is it?" Roswell says. "It's.... It's...." The scout says before collapsing to the ground in seizures. Roswell gets off the throne and walks over. He sees the handprint and a smile creeps over his lips. "So it is true. Lord Nara has returned." Roswell says to himself. The scout stops seizing and stiffens up. "I don't know who is running things at the moment but rest assured that will all end soon enough. If you want me come and get me." Nara's voice echoes through the large room. The scout explodes covering every inch in blood and body parts. Roswell licks his lips and laughs.
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Chapter 13 In the demon realm. In the Eastern Lands. In a castle that stood behind a steep hill. Demons slaved away. Building things they didn't wanna build. Doing things they didn't wanna do "Mi'lord....your meal.." a servant said handing his master a plate that consisted of demons brains and the intestines of some unknown animal. "MMmmm...thank you." the master said as he began to chow down without restraint "Mi'lord.....if I may have a moment of your time, I have the report from your most recent trade deals.:" a female demon said as she came from the shadows. "Yes....thank you. Just hold off on that for a minute.." he said as he continued to stuff his face full of food "MI'LORD!!! MI'LORD!!!! BAD NEWS!!!!" someone said as they came running into the main room "Holy hell!!! Can't a guy finish eating his meal WITHOUT interruptions!!?" the lord of the castle said slamming his food to the ground in a rage "Forgive me lord Roswell but I have urgent news that just could not wait." the lesser demon said as he bowed to one knee "Report." Roswell said as he licked his fingers enjoying the sweet taste of his now ruined dinner Roswell stood as a towering 6'8 and was pure muscle. His thick pale blue skin looked as if nothing could penetrate it and to top it off, the horns that stood out of his head was like those of a bull's. All feared and respected him. Roswell stood there, glaring at his servant as he massaged his beard, pondering. "(How dare this....this unworthy piece of trash interrupt me...ME while I eat my dinner....I don't care WHAT the news is...he dead.....)" Roswell pondered as his raised his mighty hand for a killing blow "My lord, hes been spotted. Hes returned." the demon said "He?" Roswell repeated "Yes. Lord Nara. After 500 years..hes been found and thats not all...Lord Shin, Ta, and Sessaru have also been rumored to have returned as well." he informed "What! Hmm....is there any proof of this??" Roswell said as he sat back down forgetting all about the thought of killing this vermin "No but I have sent out 7 scouts to survey the area in which they have supposedly been spotted. My apologizes for doing this without your permission my lord." he said bowing further down "Its fine. Good work. Now Sephile...about your report." Roswell said turning to the young female demon who stood against the wall waiting patiently for permission to give her report "Yes mi'lord. (looks at paper) The current status of the humans to which you have to research the current "thing" you asked them to look into reports that they will need more money for the materials." she said Roswell yawns "Fine...be sure to ask those.....what are they called....government officials that I said to up the resource money to those scientists. Its important that they finish with that project. (she makes a note of it) "Hmmm.....Nara......(laughs to himself) I wonder.......have to really returned...." Roswell said as he crushed the armrest of the chair he sat in with little effort ______________________________________________________________ (Nara sneezes) "Thats disgusting!" Amelia said as her, Nara, Ta, Ashen and Steven walked down the street on a sunny Saturday afternoon. "Excuse me..hmm....its this air....I'm still not quite accustom to this....atmosphere....sort to say.." Nara said In the back of the group, Steven was dragging his feet. His life had took a complete and total turn. Flipped upside down. Inside out. Steven was down and depressed and he looked as if he were at the end of his rope. Amelia turned to him. "Hey....whats wrong Steven?" she asked "How! How can you be alright with this!!" Steven said "Alright with what?" she asked "Never....like Ashen, I never believed in all this talk about demons or what not.....in mythology, we started talking about these demons that came to our realm, saved us, and all that shit. You know...just bull.....and now....here in front of me..I have Nara..(points to Nara) Ta...(points to Ta) and inside my best friend is Sessaru...(Points to Ashen)! How can you just accept this! They are demons!! They could just kill us without a second thought!" Steven snapped "But they haven't now have they." Amelia said Steven grows quiet "Don't get me wrong, I am still scared to death about the whole thing but don't you think its best for us to be around them than some other demon?" Amelia said "You have a point..." Steven said "But....." he added ?????? "WHAT THE HELL IS HE WEARING??? Its the beginning of spring and this gut is wearing a trench coat and a wide brimmed fedora hat! Everyone is gonna think we are a suspicious bunch." Steven said Everyone turned to Nara. "Hmm.....I suppose I do look a little out of the ordinary for this sort of weather but......(opens his trench coat revealing tribal markings that were on his chest and up along the rib cage) I think this would be even more suspicious...." Nara said Steven and Amelia looked in awe. "Also.....(takes of his hat and revealed the small horns that were sticking out of his head) I don't think this look is "in"....do you..." Nara said as he put his hat back on and closed the trench coat "You have a point....but why show us this??" Amelia asked "You two....You in particular Ms. Amelia, have looked after my two subordinates here and kept their secrets to yourself and for that...I thank you..." Nara said kissing her hand. Amelia's face turned a deep red. "Who the hell are you calling a subordinate...." Ta and Sessaru said at once "Oh...guys....you heard that??" Nara said "You........you......you scum.....how dare you touch her...." Steven said "Oh my.....you too? I was just kidding..." Nara said Everyone attacks Nara "WELL IT WAS IN POOR TASTE!!" They said leaving Nara a broken heap parts on the ground After a couple of minutes, Nara got himself together from the attack. "What the hell is wrong with you all!! It was a joke!!" he said "......." Sessaru said "......lets keep walking." Ta said The group continued walking. Sessaru occassionally looked to his left and right then scratched his ear "I see....we're being followed....how many." Nara asked "7....no..6...no...what....!" Sessaru said "What is it?" Nara asked "Whoever is following us is being taken out one by one." Ta said "That must be...." Nara said "I'm going to check it out!" Sessaru said and rushed off. "I'll go too!" Ta said but Nara grabbed hold of him before he could "Leave him be." Nara said with a smile on his face Sessaru rushed through the bushes and leaped into the trees at blinding speeds "(Whats the problem?)" Ashen asked "(Like you heard, someone is killing off the ones following us and I wanna know who!)" Sessaru said Sessaru leaped far and as he was in the air, all he saw was a playground and a small child playing in the sandbox. Sessaru landed hard beside the sandbox, sliding a ways til he came to a stop. "(Hmmm.....your body seems to be adjusting just fine. Usually a leg would break from that height.)" Sessaru said Ashen laughed at the compliment Sessaru looked around and saw no signs of anyone following them "What in the hell?" Sessaru said Sessaru continue to look around and could sense nothing. Sessaru glanced at the kid in the sandbox. The boy was playing with a toy truck. Seemed to be having fun "Man.....this sucks..." Sessaru said bending down to look at the kid "You haven't seen any suspicious looking people around here have you?" Sessaru asked (Kid points to him) (Ashen laughs) Sessaru sighs "And how exactly do you find me suspicious?" "You came flying out of nowhere. and you landed without even breaking a leg." the kid said "I know.....wasn't I cool." Sessaru said "No. Not really." the kid said going back to playing with his toy (Ashen laughs harder) Sessaru gets up "Ah...what would a snot nose kid like you know anyway? Go back to your mom kid." Sessaru said as he walked off. As Sessaru walked off, something flew past him a high speeds knocking down 3 trees in front of him _____________________________________________________________ "What the??! What was that noise?" Ta said Nara laughs "Just let it be." Nara said _____________________________________________________________ "Oh my.....Now correct me if I'm wrong but.....the last time I checked, little boys don't throw things at their elders." Sessaru said as he turned around to see the little boy standing there "Damn it....I didn't mean to throw it that hard....." he said "Hmm....so you were one of the ones following us. Why?" Sessaru asked "(What?! He thinks I was one of the ones following them? Damn..)" He said to himself "I wasn't the one following you." he said "First you try to kill me. Now yopu lie to me.....man......I HATE kids......" Sessaru said as his demonic aura rises. "(Just great....first a bunch of scouts....now this...) Alright! I suppose I could play with you for a while but only for a little bit. I gotta get back to my mommy....remember?" the kid said with a smile Sessaru smiles maliciously "(Hey!! Don't you even think about it....thats just a kid!!" Ashen said "(If you interrupt me one more time, I will personally trash this body!! Don't you think for once that this is JUST a kid. Since when do kids knock down trees with ease?! None that I know of. Now shut up and let me work!!" Sessaru said
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Chapter 12 Amelia and Steven arrive at Ashen's house a few minutes later. They rush inside and Steven sets Ashen down on the couch. Then sets Ta down on the table. "Who is this kid and why was he after Ashen?" Steven asks. Amelia just shrugs and tends to Ashen. "What the hell?" Steven says looking at the mirror topped table. Instead of seeing the boy on the table it shows the reflection of Ta's true self. "So he is one as well..." Amelia says looking at Ta. She undoes Ashen's belt then kneels in front of Steven. "What do you think you are doing? We can't do that in front of Ashen. It wouldn't be right." Steven protests. Amelia removes his belt and then secures Ta's wrists to the table legs. After which she pulls out a small mirror and holds it next to Ashen. "Look a this. I noticed it awhile ago." She says pointing to Sessaru's reflection. Steven jumps back speechless. Hours later Ashen wakes up first. "Sessaru? You alright?" He says inside his head. "Yeah..... I don't know what hit me." Sessaru replies. "Neither do I." Ashen says aloud. "Huh?" Amelia says waking up. She was asleep on Steven's lap in the recliner. "What?" Ashen says back to her. A look of surprise then sadness takes over his face as he sees the two of them on the chair. ______________________________________________ "Milord is it alright to let those two go with them?" The Mythology teacher. "Yes, it's fine. That girl could be helpful later on. Besides, it is good to keep all of us together. All we need now is Nara. Who knows what kind of body he is in." Shin replies picking up a toy truck from the store shelf and handing it to the Mythology teacher. He buys the toy and they leave. __________________________________________________ On a speeding train through the mountains of Western Canada, a man in an expensive looking suit is reading a very large and ancient looking book. A young boy sitting next to him glances over and looks at the book. "There is no words on your book, Mister. How can you read it?" The boy says. The man smiles and replies, "With these special glasses." He removes his oddly shaped glasses that have nothing to hold them in place. "Really? What kind of book is it?" The boy says looking through the glasses. "A very scary one." The man says taking his glasses back. The mother of the boy is sleeping in the chair across from the man, wakes up. "Leave the nice man alone." She says politely. "It's alright. Tell you what why don't you and your mommy go and have a nice meal in the dining car. I have some business to attend to first and I will join you shortly." The man says handing the boy some money. "We couldn't." The mom says. "It's fine. You look like you could use a good meal." He says noticing her poor looking clothes. "Thank you." She says and the two of them walk to the dining car. Once they left the man removed his large brimmed hat and revealed his white hair that is drawn back into a pony tail. Sticking up an inch are 8 horns that formed a circle around his head like a crown. He wiped his jaw and removed the make up that covered blood red tattoos. In a matter of seconds there were dozens of soldiers surrounding him with guns drawn. "You are to return with us as per the agreement you yourself signed." The Commander shouts holding out a piece of paper. "Sorry, I am going to have to decline your offer." The man replies. "Then you are going against your word, Demon?" The Commander says raising his pistol. "You humans haven't changed at all during the entire time I was sealed away. Still stupid and hot headed creatures. If you knew anything then you would know that that contract means nothing." The demon says still sitting with his book in his lap. "Then enlighten us?" replies the Commander. "In order for that contract to carry any value I would of had to sign it while in my body and not in that Demon Expert's body. Why else do you think I agreed to it so quickly?" The Demon says. "If I were you I would come quietly." The Commander says sternly and puts his hand on the book. "Is that so and if I were you I would retreat now. Especially if you value your men's lives." The Demon says and stands up. The book slams shut, trapping the Commander's hand inside it. The Commander screams in pain as the book lands on the ground with his arm still stuck in the pages. His entire right arm has been ripped off from the shoulder. Blood pours from the wound as well as the torn limb. Seconds later a crunching sound is heard and all the soldiers look down at the book to see the arm being devoured. "Wh...Wh...What? How is this possible?" The Commander says before falling to the ground. He lands on the book and more crunching sounds are heard. "This is my final warning. Leave now or suffer unimaginable pain." The Demon says to the soldiers. They look at each other and then open fire on the Demon. Once the smoke clears, the Demon is nowhere to be seen. Bullet holes riddle the back of the train car. Before the soldiers can even celebrate their victory, the Demon emerges from behind the seats. His suit has been ripped to shreds. He tears the rest off and reveals a large tribal tattoo that covers his chest, back, and both arms. "The humans of the Human realm have declared war against the Ruler of the Eastern Lands. You have sealed your fates, I , Nara of the Banshi tribe will destroy everything and everyone you know and love." Nara says and all the seats vaporize. Several soldiers wet themselves from the sight of the 7 and a half foot tall demon glaring at them. _______________________________________________ "You are going to explain to us what is going on here." Amelia says to Ashen. "You haven't been yourself ever since we got back from the class trip." Steven adds. "What should I do here?" Ashen asks Sessaru. "Not sure." Sessaru replies. "Come on spit it out!" Amelia shouts. Ashen diverts his eyes from hers and stares down at the floor. Several minutes go by and Ashen still hasn't said a word. __________________________________________________________ The soldiers quickly try and reload their guns while Nara stands there surveying them. A soldier reloads and raises his gun up toward Nara. Nara ducks down and lunges forward. He grabs the gun barrel and bends it backwards with one hand and grabs the trigger hand with the other. The soldier screams in pain as the bones in his hand are being broken. "What the hell? How can he possibly move that fast?" One of the other soldier says as he finishes reloading. The soldier fires but fails to see that Nara has shoved the bent gun down the barrel of his gun. The bullets back up which causes the gun to burst. All of the soldiers are hit by the shrapnel and Nara is the only one standing. "You humans are easier then I thought. It's no wonder you are doing what you are doing with our bodies." Nara says looking around at them. A soldier carefully and quietly picks up his gun and opens fire at the back of Nara's calf. Once the clip is empty Nara is standing there looking down at the missing segment of his leg. "You aren't so tough. You're the one who is going to die here. Not us." The soldier says boastfully and reloads. All the soldiers open fire and blast Nara with round after round. Pieces of flesh and bone are flying all over. Once all the soldiers have ran out of ammo they look at the mutilated body. "Humans are far superior to you demon scum." Another soldier says and spits on Nara's body. Absolute silence overcomes the train car, then demonic laughter fills the car. "That's it? That's all you can muster? Allow me to show you how to properly kill an enemy." Nara says as his body pieces its self back together. __________________________________________________________ "Come on Ashen. You can tell us. We're your friends." Amelia says sitting down next to him and resting her head on his shoulder. She also grabs his hand and squeezes it. Ashen looks down at her and sees straight down her shirt. "DAMN!!!" Sessaru shouts in Ashen's mind. "Shut it." Ashen replies. "These thoughts you have going on here are very interesting. Like this one. (brings it to Ashen's attention.) Oh and this one is a lot better if you do it this way. Trust me she'll thank you later." Sessaru says fixing the images running through Ashen's mind. Ashen shakes his head to clear his thoughts and Steven sits down next to him. "Look. I know there is something else in your body as well as his. If you just tell us, we can work something out." Steven says. Ashen takes a deep breath and stands up. "Alright, but what I tell you must stay between only the four of us. Promise me you won't tell anyone." Ashen says while Sessaru keeps putting nude thoughts of Amelia in his mind. __________________________________________________________ The remaining 9 soldiers are frozen in fear as they watch Nara's body pull itself back together. "Shit! We the hell do we do now?" A soldier asks. "Run for it!" A soldier replies. They scramble to their feet and make a break for the door. Nara is just finishing pulling himself together. The soldier in the back feels a hand on his shoulder then "CRUNCH!!!" The soldier drops to the ground, screaming in pain as he can feel parts of his shoulder sticking through his skin. Nara grabs the first soldier in line by the head and lifts him up. The other soldiers look on in terror as Nara holds him up above his head. He smirks and slams him into the floor of the train car with so much force that the soldier's legs go through the floor. He too screams in pain as the wheels of the car cut his legs to ribbons. "Why won't this door open?" A soldier asks. Nara grabs another one by the shoulder and lifts him up. Then grabs his foot. With ease, he rips him in half. Blood covers Nara and he licks some off his cheek. Two of the soldiers head over to the windows only to have their heads bashed together. Brain matter, skull fragments, and blood cover the window. One soldier dives for the Commander's pistol, but misses and his hand lands on the book. His screams were so loud the Nara reaches down and shoves the soldier's own fist down his throat. "Then there were two." Nara says with blood glistening in the sun light. He grabs each of them by the throat and squeezes tightly. Their eyes start bulging and finally explode. Nara opens the door to the next train car and is greeted by a barrage of bullets. "You won't make it off this train alive." The Major shouts before throwing a grenade at him. Nara is pushed backwards by the bullets and catches the grenade in his hand. It explodes and blows out the remaining windows. Smoke billows out of the windows and the soldier's celebrate. The door suddenly disappears into the smoke filled car and Nara walks out of the smoke and leering at them. The entire right side of his body is charred and his right arm is on fire. Large chunks are missing and bones can be seen easily. The right side of his face is barely recognizable. Most of the flesh and tissue are missing. You can actually see part of his brain through several of the holes. "The weaponry has greatly improved from last time. However, your ability to recognize danger has declined." Nara says brushing the flames out. The Major swallows hard and shouts, "FIRE!!" __________________________________________________________ "That pretty much covers everything over the last few weeks." Ashen says sitting down. Steven and Amelia look at him dumbfounded. "So what you are saying is that you are housing the soul of the Great Demon, Sessaru and that guy there is the Legendary Demon, Ta." Steven says. Ashen nods. "Every word he said is the truth." The Mythology teacher says standing in the doorway. "If you value your lives then I highly suggest you untie me otherwise I can not be held accountable for what happens." Ta says laying there still tied to the table. Steven unties him and Ta jumps up. "There are two of us missing. Nara and Shin. I have reason to believe one of them is responsible for what happened earlier. It isn't easy to get the jump on me. I am always on alert. The fact that someone did can only mean it was one of those two. They have the ability to hide their demonic aura." Ta says jumping into a chair. "It would appear that you two are alive and doing just fine after this morning's little skirmish. I have a request for the two of you. Do not let your guard down. Demons are spilling over to this realm at an alarming rate. Try to keep a low profile." The Mythology teacher says and then leaves. Once outside he is met by Shin. "You pass on my message?" Shin asks. The teacher nods and they walk off. __________________________________________________________ Nara walks straight towards the Major and stops just at an arm's length away. "This is the part where you beg for your life." Nara says then jams a couple fingers in the Major's mouth. From under his chin something can be seen moving under the skin. Suddenly Nara's fingers burst through and then his thumb stabs upwards near his fingers. "Now, beg me not to kill you." Nara whispers to the Major just before ripping his jaw completely off. The other soldiers back away slowly towards the doors. Nara peels the flesh and muscle from the jaw. He tosses the chunks at the soldiers. Once it is cleaned off he inspects it and tosses it into the air a couple times. He catches it then throws it at the closest soldier. The jaw lands deep in the jugular vein severing it. Blood sprays out covering Nara. He removes the jaw and breaks it in half. The soldiers struggle with the door as Nara picks them off one by beating and stabbing them with the jaw bone. Once all of them were dead, Nara looks around for survivors. The sounds of footsteps on the roof catches his attention. He puts his hand through the roof and grabs the ankle of a soldier. "Huh?" The soldier says looking at the hand wrapped around his ankle. Without warning he is yanked through the hole. Blood rains down on Nara as he looks at the part of the soldier that made it through hole. "Damn, didn't get all of him." Nara says and tears a bigger hole in the roof. Several grenades fall through the opening and explode blowing the car to bits. Nara looks up at them and smirks as the train enters a tunnel. The soldiers are unaware of it and splatter against the wall. Nara retrieves his book and a suit case. "There you are Mister. We couldn't wait any longer so we already ordered." The young boy says waving to Nara who has changed into a new suit and hat. "Sorry, my meeting ran a bit longer then expected." Nara replies. __________________________________________________________ It has been almost two weeks since the Ta and Sessaru fight and everything has gone back to normal. As Amelia, Ashen, Steven, and Ta sit around Ashen's house watching TV Nara is making his way toward the house. "Jeez, could they at least try to hide their aura. This town is crawling with demons cause of it." Nara says walking past a park where Shin is playing with his truck. Nara stops and stares at the boy for a second before continuing on leaving a wooden box near the sandbox. "This should prove to be interesting." Shin says playing in the sandbox. Nara stands at the door of Ashen's house for a few minutes before kicking it off the hinges. Ta is the first one to respond, and Sessaru is right behind him. "YOU!!!" Ta shouts and lunges at Nara. "I'm glad you remember me after all these years." Nara replies and gives Ta a Powerslam on the marble floor. Sessaru slides to a halt and laughs. "It figures you would be the one to get his body back first." Sessaru says. Ta gets up slowly and backs away towards Sessaru. The two of them try to attack at the same time but fail horribly. "You don't stand a chance in this form." Nara says holding them by the throat and off the ground a couple feet. Amelia runs in with Steven right behind her. The two of them also try to attack but end up caught as well. Suddenly Nara's eyes glaze over and he falls over. His arms loosen just enough for Amelia and Steven to get free from the headlock. Ta and Sessaru however are still caught in his iron grip. Amelia starts panicking as Steven attempts to break the grip. "Its impossible. You have no need to worry. Those two will be just fine." The Mythology teacher says standing in the doorway, "He is just exhausted. Remember that horrible train incident last week? That was his handiwork. Just let him sleep awhile and everything will be fine. The next morning when Amelia and Steven wake up, Nara is missing and as well as Ashen. She starts to worry but stops when Ashen walks out of the kitchen eating a sandwich. "Where's that tall guy?" Steven asks. "Not sure. When I woke up he was gone." Sessaru replies then kicks Ta in the stomach. He gives possession back to Ashen. __________________________________________________________ Across town Nara is sitting in a park near a playground. The Mythology teacher approaches with Shin following behind him with the box in his arms. "Greetings Lord Nara." The teacher says with a slight bow. "Hisao." Nara says with a slight bow as well then looks at Shin and smiles. "What are you looking at?" Shin replies and steps behind Hisao. "Very good, Lord Shin of the Northern Lands." Nara says with a smile. "How could you tell? I thought I mastered this disguise." Shin replies and sits down next to Nara. "You have it mastered. It was this that gave you away. The entire trip it was silent till I walked by you yesterday. Then it started to shake. Don't worry I won't tell the other two." Nara says messing up Shin's hair. "Good. Now tell me what you found out." Shin replies. __________________________________________________________ That night Nara returns to Ashen's house and is attacked by Ta again. This time Nara chokeslams him into the ground with so much force that the ground shakes. "Enough. In that form you don't stand a chance." Nara says sternly. He walks into the front room where the others are watching TV "Who are you?" Amelia asks. "I am Nara of the Banshi Tribe from the Eastern Lands and I am here to watch out for those two. (Looks at Sessaru and Ta who is crawling back into the room) You two are to keep a low profile. Anything happens let me know and I will handle it. The good thing is you aren't completely useless in those bodies. Before you ask, I don't know where your bodies are. The humans have split us up. As well as our "toys"." Nara explains. "Damn it!" Sessaru says and slams his fist through the table. The house shakes and everyone looks back at Ta who has put his fist into a marble column. "How did you get your body back?" Sessaru asks. "I was fortunate enough to leave my body before that fateful day and entered a nearly dead soldier's body. Then when he died later on I jumped to another body till I jumped into a Researcher's body. Luckily, my body was discovered in the Bering Sea by some Crab Fishermen. The Researcher was assigned to it with my help. I told them I would help them if I got back in my body, I lied. Once I was back in my body, I took off to find you guys." Nara explains. "Glad one of us got our body back. Wait a sec. You were responsible for that train incident. Just going from those pictures they showed, you must of gotten it back. Didn't you?" Nara just smiles. "Huh?" Amelia and Steven says together. "Of course!" Ta says and punches the column again.
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Chapter 11: The bell for class rang. Ashen sat at his desk and stared out the window. "(What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?)" Ashen said to himself over and over again After she turned in her assignment, Amelia took her seat beside Ashen. Ashen looked at her for a moment, then looked away. "Why are you acting like a complete and total stranger?" she asked "Amelia...I..." Ashen started "I told you before. We'll talk about it after school. Til then, try to act normal." she said Ashen. Shocked at first, looked at her as she looked ahead in class listening to the teacher on their current assignment. Ashen sighed and also paid attention to class __________________________________________________________ "MMmMmm...Ugh.....huh?" Ta said as he rolled around in bed. He eventually managed to get out of bed. "Hey! Hey Sessaru! I'm hungry. Is there anything to eat in this place?" Ta asked as he came down the stairs. Ta looked around the house and could find no one. "Hmm...where the hell...." he said to himself "!!! He couldn't have.....!" he said Ta rushed to the door. "That no good rotten....he could have woke me up before he left but no...." he said as he opened the door. Ta caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and saw the bloody rags he had on from his killings of the scientists back at the lab he awoken from. "Hmm...can't go out in these....." he said as he went upstairs and eventually found Ashen's room. Ta began to go through Ashen's many assortment of clothes. "These are the clothings humans wear now these days?" he asked as he picked up a pair of jeans that were cut and tore at the knees. "What the hell...?" he asked as he picked up a pair of boxers. "...." Ta said as he picked up a red t-shirt the had the word "ME" written on it After several minutes of frustrated searching, Ta managed to pick out a plain white t-shirt and the pair of cut up jeans he found. Without a second thought, Ta left the house in search of Sessaru. As Ta walked down the street, many people began to look at him in a weird way and they also began to whisper amongst each other. Ta simply ignored them and walked on. Ta followed Sessaru's aura and it eventually lead him to Mihara High School. A smug smile appeared on his face as he walked into the school. As Ta entered the school, he stopped in his tracks as he could see all the demons that were there in disguise. Every other person seemed to be a demon. "Well now! Looks like I don't need HIS help after all...." Ta said with a smile as he approach the next person he saw "Excuse me......a moment of your time....." Ta said to the guy. The guy turned to see and began to shiver for he could feel Ta's evil intentions. _______________________________________________________ "And that concludes our lesson for today. Be sure to study what we talked about for it WILL be on the test next week. Dismissed." the teacher said as the bell rung. The students got up from their desks and headed out. It was now lunch time and Amelia and Ashen walked together down the hall. He wanted to say something to her but couldn't bring himself to. So much had happened. He didn't know where to start. As they walked down the hallway, Ashen glanced over at Amelia's chest as he could see her breasts bouncing and bouncing through her shirt. He was so mesmerized by them that he ran into a senior student. "Watch it dipshit!" he said "Sorry.." Ashen replied "Ashen. Watch where you're going. I swear..." Amelia said with a smile. Amelia walked on as Ashen got himself together. "(Those tits...I swear....(perverted smile) I just love em.....I bet they're about a D cup now....)" Ashen said to himself "(So you even know her chest size? You naughty naughty boy.)" Sessaru said "(Sessaru! When did you wake up?!)" Ashen asked "(Around the time so guy said..."Watch it dipshit!" I was calling your name but you were too infatuated with those breasts to notice!!)" Sessaru said Ashen blushes "(Ugh.....and now you blush too! Why oh WHY did I have to pick YOU of all people!!)" Sessaru complained Ashen caught up to Amelia and they walked down to the first floor "(So...explain to me WHY you haven't gotten together with this girl again?)" Sessaru asked "Darling!!" Amelia said as she ran and gave Steven a big hug "Yo pumpkin! Whats up!" Steven replied as he hugged her back A feeling of loneliness and depression came over Ashen "(I see......)" Sessaru said "HEY!! CHECK THIS OUT!! SOME GUY IS BEATING THE HELL OUT OF A BUNCH OF KIDS AND EVEN TEACHERS!!" Some student yelled and at the drop of a hat, everyone ran down the stairs and through the hallway to see what was happening. Ashen, Amelia, and Steven followed the crowd also. When everyone arrived at the scene, there were several students lying on the ground bleeding and unconscious. One students arm was broken and bent in a way that it shouldn't have been. Another student was on the ground unconscious and in front of him was a locker that had a imprint in it of where the body hit. Many teachers were hurt and one was holding his arm. with close inspection, you could see pieces of what appeared to be metal in the wound. "Answer me damn it!!" the kid said "I...I don't know!! Honest!!" the kid cried. "DAMN IT!!" he yelled and threw the kid through the front doors "(Hey....isn't that....)" Ashen said "(......)" Sessaru replied In the back of the crowd, Ashen's Mythology teacher and assistant teacher stood and watched the incident "(What!! Another one! Oh my......)" he said to himself "(Damn it. This ruins everything! I'm gonna have to report this...)" she said to herself The two teachers, being off in their own little world, bumped into each other "Oh! Sorry about that!" the mythology teacher said "Its alright. I..I wasn't paying attention." she said The two of them left. "Hey! You!!" Amelia yelled "(Oh shit.)" Sessaru and Ashen said at the same time Amelia confronted him "You were the one who broke into my house last night you son of a bitch!" Amelia said angrily "What!!" Steven said "This is gonna get messy....." Ashen said "(Your friends don't stand a chance against Ta. Not when he's THIS angry.)" Sessaru informed "(Then what are we gonna do!!)" Ashen asked "(I'm not gonna do anything.)" Sessaru said "(I won't let them get hurt!)" Ashen said and rushed out into the scene Amelia, without hesitation swung at Ta with all her might. Ta simply blocked it with a open palm. He closed in close to her face. "I would advise you NOT to try that again...." he said. Steven rushed in to help Amelia but was greeted by a quick backhand that knocked him to the ground "Steven!!" Amelia screamed "Ugh!!" Ta said Ta was getting ready to throw her aside when suddenly, Ashen grabbed hold of his arm. Stopping him "Thats enough!!" Ashen said Ta looked over and saw Ashen and seemed to get even madder "YOU!!" Ta said as he released Amelia and grabbed hold of Ashen "You said you had been collecting information but you haven't come up with nothing! Have you!!" Ta snapped "W...What...??!!" Ashen asked "(Oh boy...)" Sessaru said "Now you have the gaul to play dumb!!?" Ta said as he raised his fist and swung hard at Ashen. Ashen quickly spun out the way and behind Ta All Ta had left was some of Ashen's shirt "You need to calm down! You're making a scene!" Sessaru said "(I didn't give you permission to switch places!)" Ashen complained "(Be thankful that I did. If I didn't, you'd have a massive sized crater in the middle of your face.)" Sessaru explained "Calm down!! Look at me! How can I stay calm like this!!" Ta snapped "Oh! You changed clothes. Nice look." Sessaru said Ta growls "You just forgot one thing.....(points down to his feet) Ta looked down at his feet and indeed, he forgot shoes Infuriated, Ta attacked Sessaru. Ta swung hard. Sessaru dodged out the way and Ta's fist went right THROUGH the locker "Oh my..." Sessaru said Ta pulled his fist out of the locker. It was covered in blood "Careful now..." Sessaru said and just as he said that, Ta swung again, this time connecting right to the face. Stunned, Sessaru staggered back. Sessaru was met with blow after blow after blow to the body and face til he was backed against the locker. Sessaru spat out some blood and looked at Ta. "Why the hell are you fighting me? What the hell did I do to you!" Sessaru asked No response "(Oh man!! What is this guy's issue!!? Aren't you too like friends or something?!!)" Ashen asked in a panic "(Friends? We're demons. Thats about it. Friends don't exist in the demon realm...)" Ashen said as Ta rushed at him. Sessaru pulled a locked locker door open smashing Ta in the face. The students were amazed at what they were witnessing. Amelia helped Steven to his feet. "Where's Ashen..." he asked Amelia pointed over toward the door where Sessaru and Ta were still fighting and he too was amazed Sessaru leaped onto the wall when seconds later, Ta's foot came right at him. Sessaru leaped away but his foot gave way and slipped and fell. Ta instantly mounted him and began delivering blows to the face "(M...My face!!)" Ashen complained "(Shut up!! I can't concentrate with you screaming like that!!)" Sessaru said as he brought his feet up, flipping Ta over his head. Sessaru used all the strength the body possess to flip over, spin and kick Ta in the face in mid air. Ta flew into a locker. Stunned for a minute but he was back to his feet in no time. "Thats...Ashen?? OUR Ashen? No way....." Steven said "Yeah....at least I think its Ashen...." Amelia said "(Why!! Why is he back up!!?)" Ashen cried "(Holy hell! Shut up!! You're so damn annoying!!)" Sessaru said "(Don't tell me to shut up! Its my body you know!)" "(By all means, take it back.)" Sessaru said as he switched back with Ashen "Huh....What..?" Ashen said "(Face forward.)" Sessaru said Ashen looked in front and saw nothing but a fist coming in his direction. He just managed to duck just in time. The momentum of the blow caused Ta to trip over the ducked Ashen "(Nice one!)" Sessaru said "YOU JACKASS!!! WHY'D YOU DO THAT!!" Ashen snapped "(You're talking out loud again...)" Sessaru mentioned Ashen saw that Ta was getting up and ran for it. Ashen ran through the crowd of people, around the corner and down the hall and Ta gave chase "Dam this body....." he said as he gave chase "(Sessaru.....)" Ashen whined as he ran down the hall "(Yes?)" he said "(Take over! Take over!)" Ashen said "(Hmmm.....leading him away from that group was a pretty brillant idea. Way to go Ashen!!)" Sessaru said cheering him on "(Why is he fighting you anyway? I thought you guys were on the same side. I mean....if the story is true then you, him, Shin, and uh.....)" Ashen said as he ran out the front doors and eventually hid behind some big dumpsters "(Nara..)" Sessaru said "(Yeah him. You four fought together to save our world right?)" Ashen asked breathing hard "No....not really. You humans' perspective on the subject makes it seem more noble than it really is. The truth is that we hunting down some rebellious demons and ended up saving your sorry asses in the process.)" Sessaru explained "(You're right.... I like the story better.)" Ashen said "(I bet you do. Oh and hey...)" Sessaru said "(What is it?)" he said "(Behind you...)" Sessaru said Ashen looked behind him and Ta stood on the dumpster looking down at him. "Found you....." he said as he jumped down in front of him "Don't hurt me....." Ashen said "Whats with you? You may be in a human body but at least show some dignity as a demon" Ta said shaking his head "(I'll take over from here...)" Sessaru said as he switched places with Ashen. "Sorry about that. Anyway..." Sessaru said. Suddenly the dumpster behind Ashen crashes into the wall. Ta and Ashen look at the dumpster then turn only to see a dumpster smash into them. "You two should be playing nice." Someone says from the dust. The crowd of students rushes out and surrounds the area. Amelia and Steven push through the crowd. "ASHEN!!!" Amelia screams. Amelia covers her eyes as she sees blood flowing from under the dumpster. The crowd whispers amongst themselves saying things like "They are dead." "No way anyone could of survived that." Steven runs over and tries to lift the dumpster off Ashen but he can't. He looks down at it and notices that the dumpsters have been fused together. "You shouldn't worry. Those two are still alive. All that blood is from other students who were suffering in the hall." A young boy says standing next to Amelia. She jumps slightly and looks down at the boy, who is around 7 years old. "How do you know that?" She asks. "Because they were bad people and shouldn't be in this realm. I simply sent them back." The boy says with a smile. Sounds of metal bending fills the narrow ally as Ta breaks his way through the dumpster. "Where is that bastard!" Ta says angrily before passing out. Steven pulls Ta out then reaches in only to pull out mutilated bodies of fellow students. "Oh, dear God." He says before puking. The other students back away at the grotesque sight while some of the demons look on with curiosity. Finally, Steven pulls out Ashen who is unconscious. Amelia looks around and spots a shopping cart. "Let's go back to Ashen's house." Amelia says. The young boy smiles his work and the Teacher's Assistant walks over to him. "I realize you had to stop them but couldn't you of done it in a less violent way?" She asks. "Of course, but I would of given myself away to the other demons roaming the halls here. There are bigger and badder demons coming over to this realm as we speak." The boy replies. The Mythology teacher walks out of the school and greets them. "Lord Shin what a pleasant surprise. I didn't expect to find you here."
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Chapter 10:

"What...! What is going on here!!!": Amelia said as she slid down the wall in fear as she gazed upon the blood soaked intruder.

"What the hell?!" Ashen said backing away from the intruder

The intruder slowly walked toward Ashen

"Answer me!! Why!!? Why!!?" he asked.

"(Hey Sessaru! What the hell is going on here!!)" Ashen asked

"(No clue. This boy is obviously crazy.)" Sessaru said

"(He came here looking for you! He can't be that crazy! Don't go getting us involved in YOUR problems!!)" Ashen said

"(You became involved the instant you allowed me in this piss poor excuse of a body.)" Sessaru remarked

As the two argued, the intruder took advantage and attacked with the scalpel in hand. Ashen jumped away at the last second. The scalpel grazing his thigh. Ashen rolled on the ground grabbing his thigh

Ashen glanced at the intruder and shook in fright as he saw the massive demonic aura pouring off him.

"N...N..No..." Ashen said as he began to back away

Images of flames, screaming, and crying filled his mind making the fear even stronger

"(???) Sessaru said

"Sessaru!!" the intruder said when suddenly he was hit in the head by a frying pan. The boy looked over to see that it was Amelia who hit him.

"Stay out of this! I have no business with you!!" he said

"You break into MY house and say you have no business with me!! Get real!!" she said and attempted to hit him again but the intruder grabbed her wrist as she began to swing downwards.

In the midst of it all, Ashen ran off. He jumped out the window and ran and ran and ran.

"(Ashen....)" Sessaru said

"No! Not again! Not again!" Ashen said as he continued running

"(ASHEN!!)" Sessaru yelled

Ashen came to a stop as Sessaru's voice finally got through

"(Go back.)" Sessaru said

"No...No way. There is no way I stand a chance against that thing..That......that power....." he said

Sessaru laughs

"Whats so funny dammit!" Ashen snapped

"(Not only are you weak and pathetic. You're a coward to boot. Man......I picked the WRONG body to host. I should have picked her instead...)" Sessaru said

"What did you say!!" Ashen said

"(Your mother wasn't killed in a car accident....was she?)" Sessaru said


"(Those memories....unfortunately...both our souls are sharing this one body. Your thoughts flow into my mind and in vice versa. I don't mean to be rude but....she was killed by demons wasn't she..?)" Sessaru said


"(I figured as much. That would explained your fear for demons and the fact that you tell yourself they don't exist. Well....sorry. We're here. We have been for a while now. Some bad. Some good. Some just down right evil. Accept it and move on my friend.)" Sessaru said


"(You ran away.....leaving her to be fatally wounded by that demon. After that, a vehicle arrived to take her away to try and heal her...)" Sessaru said

"Its called a ambulance..." Ashen said through tears

"(Whatever! The humans couldn't do anything for her a you and those friends of your stood there as she died and the last things she told you were...)"

"Take care....." Ashen said as the tears began to fall

"(I understand but look.....)"

Ashen looks back toward the house and sees Amelia desperately fighting off the intruder. He isn't hurting her. He is fighting her off him as she jumps on his back attempting to take him down

"(That girlfriend of yours, has no idea who or what that is. In her eyes, its just some guy who broke in. In reality, he's one of the four demons who ruled over the demon realm just like me. If he wanted to, he could crush that girl without trying.)" Sessaru said

"WHAT!! Seriously?" Ashen said

"(Yup. Seriously. So tell me Ashen. Will you run away again and let that girl die? She doesn't seem like the type to just give up and eventually, he WILL get tired of her and kill her and it will be all your fault.)" Sessaru explained


"(Well...?)" Sessaru asked

Suddenly, the two of them switch places. Sessaru now had control

"(Understood.)" he said and ran back to help that girl

Amelia fell to the ground hitting her head on the bathtub.

"I am getting sick of you human. If you won't stay out of my way, I will have no choice but to...." he said

"Yo!!" Sessaru said

"You...." the guy said

Amelia glanced over and saw who she believed to be Ashen standing there. Amelia quietly called for him before she passed out

"Sessaru....tell me! Why would you do this to me!? he said

"Eh?" Sessaru said

"DON'T ACT AS IF YOU DON'T KNOW!!!" he yelled as a huge gust of demonic energy erupted from his body. As the gust blew by, the guy, quickly rushed up and kicked Sessaru in the stomach. Much stronger than he expected. The impact shocked Sessaru as he was sent flying toward a light pole. Sessaru quickly grabbed hold of the pole and flipped up the pole to the top. Just as he reached the top, Sessaru looked up and the guy was standing there with him

The young boy grabbed Sessaru by the throat and lifted him into the air single handedly.

"Sessaru. I will ask you again. Are you siding with these humans?! What would make you do this to me!! Trap me in this...this....this body!!" he said

Frustrated and struggling for air, Sessaru grabbed hold firmly to his arm and kicked him right under the chin causing him to release him.

Sessaru and the guy both fell from the light post to the ground below. Sessaru landed on his feet breaking his leg in the process

"(UGH!! This unless body!!") he said

"(Well sorry for being useless!!!)" Ashen said

The intruder, too, landing his feet breaking his leg. He walked slowly toward Sessaru on the broken leg and all. You could hear the sounds on the broken bones grinding and snapping against one another as he walked. He finally reached Sessaru and grabbed him with both hands.

"Sessaru......." He said


"What the hell is going on!!" He said as tears flowed down his face.

"Uh...." Sessaru said shocked

"I remember sleeping and when I woke up, I was in this disgusting body. I'm hearing voices in my head and...." he said as he continued to break down

In the background, sirens could be heard. Ashen informed Sessaru of what they were

"We can talk later. Can you walk?" Sessaru asked

"Who in the hell do you think I am? Of course I can walk!!" he said

"Then come on!" Sessaru said as they ran toward Ashen's house.

Within fifteen minutes of running in the shadows, avoiding detection from anyone and everyone. Once they got to the house, Sessaru asked for an explanation on what was going on

(Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Who the hell is he anyway!? You told me that he was one of the 4 demons that came here and halted the demonic invasion ages ago and then was back-stabbed by us humans and had your souls stripped away like what the legends say but you never told me which one it was.)" Ashen said

("Ah....so thats how the story goes....Oh! Thats Ta.)" Sessaru said

"But yeah. When I woke up, I was already in this body. I was in some dark room tied to this table. And before the room to the door was closed, I saw YOU leaving the room! What the hell is going on!" Ta asked

"Well obviously it WASN'T me if I too am stuck here in this body but unlike you, I.......sorta chose this body." Sessaru said

"You....chose that body..? Are you mad?" Ta said

"It was the only one available at the time! I went through alot of trouble to get someone to go into that cave! I had to stage a earthquake and everything!" Sessaru said


"(SHUT UP!!)" Sessaru said

"Hmm...you think humans are making clones of us?" Ta asked

"That appears to be the case....but why?" Sessaru asked

"Power. If they could successfully clone anyone of us, they could easily take control of humans and demons." Ta said

Speaking of the others, have you seen Shino and Nara?" Sessaru asked

"No. I can't sense them either." Ta said

"Is that how you found me?" Sessaru asked

"Yeah. Your aura is pouring off in waves. You were easy." he said


"Well its late and I am just exhausted. I'm gonna crash for the night. We can catch up in the morning." Sessaru said

"What? After everything I just told you, you wanna sleep?!" Ta said

"It can't be helped. This guy here (points to himself) has to go to school in the morning and even at his school, there are demons lurking around there. I'm pretty sure that even with this useless body, I'll be able to squeeze some information out of them." Sessaru said

"School....what is this school place like?" Ta asked

A wicked smile formed on Sessaru's face.

"You will see in the morning. For now get some rest. This place has PLENTY of rooms. Just pick one." Sessaru said

"(Not one. But two. TWO of the strongest demons of all time are gonna be attending Mihara High....god help us....)" Ashen said to himself

"(Sorry. Your god won't be able to help you.)" a voice said.

Sessaru looked over at Ta and he was staring back at him.

"(What??)" Ashen said

"(Thats one of Ta's many abilities. Just ignore him.)" Sessaru said

"(He can pry into other's minds?)" Ashen asked

"(Yup. Just as easily as you can open a door. Creepy huh?)" Sessaru said

"(Very")" Ashen said

Everyone went to bed.

In the morning, Ashen was awakened by the sound of his door ringing.

"COMING!!!" he yelled as he rushed down the stairs.

Ashen looked through the peephole and saw Amelia standing there

"(Oh great! I haven't even come up with an excuse to tell her!! Hey Sessaru! Help me out here!!)" Ashen said

No reply

"(Great......he must still be sleep as well...)"

Ashen opened the door and Amelia stood there with her school uniform asked

Amelia explained to him about last night and she said that the doctors told her she must have had a bad dream. Ashen agreed.

"It must have been a dream Amelia. Wait here while I go get ready." he said

Ashen headed up the stairs and hit his leg on the railing and remembered the broken leg he sustained last night and noticed that he was completely healed

Ashen hurried and got dressed and rushed to meet Amelia at the door. Once he opened the door, Amelia stood there with her backed turned, holding a mirror. In the mirror, it showed a image of Sessaru sleeping

Ashen was too shocked to react.

"A dream huh?" she said


"Let's go Ashen or we're gonna be late." Amelia said as she took his hand and they hurried on to school.

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