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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chapter 27a
Within the orb, its as if time has frozen. Not a thing moves except, Nara, Shin, Sessaru, and Ta. There is also no wind or sound from anything.

Nara closes his book and vanishes with the others to just outside of the orb.

"This should be interesting from here on out." Nara whispers as Ashen comes running out of the orb.

"Nice of you to join us." Sessaru says.

"What's going on?" Ashen asks.

"A specialty of Nara's. You have heard of the Lost City of Atlantis?" Shin replies.

"Yeah why?" Ashen says.

"Just watch." Ta says.

Without a sound the orb fades away and nothing is left but a large crater.

"Palatine was the size of two Chicagos and it's suburbs. Where did it go?" Ashen asks as he creeps towards the edge.

The crater is an abyss descending nearly 15 miles straight down.

"Nobody knows." Ta says.

Nara turns and walks away as the sound finally returns.

"Nara?" Shin says.

Nara ignores him and continues to walk at a brisk pace.

"This is not a good sign." Shin says.

From out of nowhere there is a thunderously loud roar and then an incredibly powerful blast of wind that sends, Ta, Sessaru, Ashen, and Shin twisting through the air.

Nara to is sent flying but is more riding the blast of wind on his book.

The wind dies down and Nara lands safely with book in hand and continues his brisk walk.

Sessaru lands in a tree. Ta smashes into the side of a bridge support. Ashen clips the bottom part of the bridge with his face and lands on the back of his neck. Shin crashes through the side of someone's brick house.

They all meet up and look at one another.

Nara arrives back at Ashen's house and is greeted by Koji.

"I apologize for the length of time it took to get what you requested. I did get it and it is set up in the backyard." Koji says.

"Good. Take some time off. You and your men did well. I'll contact you if I need anything." Nara says and sends Koji on his way.

The others catch up and look at Nara who is smiling.

"Oh.... Shit." Shin says.

"He has something up his sleeve." Ta says backing away.

"Relax. I'm perfectly fine. Let's greet our familiars shall we?" Nara says and kicks open the doors.

"My doors." Ashen says.

"Welcome home, Milord." Kareen, Aurora, Lust, and Silmeria say in unison.

After a brief reception, Nara excuses himself and heads to the basement.

Raijin looks at him.

"What do you want?" Raijin asks.

"I want to see what you can do when you're fully healed against against me." Nara says and opens his book.

He mutters something and Raijin's wounds heal completely.

"Amazing." Raijin says looking himself over.

"It is only a temporary heal. It only lasts about two to three days. By then you'll be dead so it won't matter." Nara says and leads him to the backyard.

"I doubt that. You are the same class of demon as I am. It's you who will be dead after this fight." Raijin says drawing his scalpels.

"It seems that you enjoy picking on the weak and torturing them without mercy. Like what you did to Jessica and what you were doing to Kareen. Both of which are well beneath you in rankings." Nara says.

"I find it exhilarating to hear a woman scream from the excruciating pain that I am causing her." Raijin says with a crazed look in his eyes.

Kareen looks out the back window and calls the others over.

All of them run out onto the back porch.

"Now that the audience is here we may begin." Nara says and snaps his fingers.

Koji appears next to Nara.

"Yes milord." Koji says and walks over to a curtain that blocks the hot spring from the rest of the world.

"Let's find out how well you fight while your little sister is being violated. The faster you beat me the faster you can save her." Nara says and the curtain drops revealing a beautiful young woman tied up to a table with a gag in her mouth.

"Sister!" Raijin shouts and takes a step towards her.

"You go towards her while I still draw breath and she dies before you can get to her." Nara says.

"That twisted bastard!" Ta says and is about to lunge at Nara.

"You can do what you want after this fight." Nara says shooting Ta a look.

"You will pay for this." Raijin growls.

"Heh heh heh. I doubt it. It does seem different now that a woman you care for is being made to scream by several large men." Nara says and puts his hands behind his back.

Raijin lunges forward with blinding speeds and nearly hits Nara.

"I forgot to mention this but..." Nara says then leans in and whispers, "I. Have. My. Body. Back."

Raijin's eyes widen and his pupils shrink to almost nothing. Nara removes his fist from Raijin's diaphragm and he drops to the ground coughing.

Suddenly the woman starts screaming "No!" as the sounds of cloth being torn fills Raijin's ears.

"This is sick. Nara has crossed the line." Ashen says.

Raijin rises with an uppercut and connects with Nara's jaw. Nara spits out a tooth and some blood.

"Better hurry. She is almost out of clothes." Nara says and ducks and dodges Raijin's flurry of punches and kicks.

"It has been so long since I have seen him this determined." Kareen says to herself.

"BROTHER!!! HELP ME!!! NO!!!! NOT THERE!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!" The woman screams as tears roll down her cheeks.

"Seems she got the gag out. Maybe they can gag her with something else." Nara says.

"You must be enjoying this. You're body is certainly reacting to it." One of the men says.

"You scum will pay for this as well." Raijin says glancing over at them and sees the fear in her eyes.

Nara delivers a brutal elbow to his jaw and dislocates it.

"Enough talk. Come at me. I may just have a turn with her myself." Nara says and hits him with a right hook.

The blows from these hits sound like large fireworks exploding.

Raijin reconnects his jaw and lunges once again at Nara. This time Nara monkey flips him and he lands near his sister. Anger and rage fills him as he sees what is happening to his little sister.

"Can't you smell her blood from here? (Sniffs.) She won't be able to walk for at least a month after this and here you are laying down when you should be protecting something that sweet." Nara says crouching down next to him.

"Perhaps you should check again?" Raijin says.

Nara looks and sees the three men drop, each with a scalpel in the head.

Raijin takes the opportunity and jams a half dozen scalpels into Nara's throat and slices forward out his chin.

Nara slumps over and Raijin stands up.

"Pathetic." Raijin says and turns towards his sister.

The air grows denser and Nara's hand grabs Raijin's shoulder. He squeezes and Raijin drops to his knees in pain.

"I still draw breath." Is all Nara says as his wounds heal and he flings Raijin across the yard and into a cement pillar.

Raijin stands and is met by a hand to the throat. He is slammed against the cement pillar before Nara drags him back to his sister who is once again being violated by even more men.

"Look at her. The pain on her face as she is ravaged by these men will be the last thing you will see." Nara says and releases Raijin.

Before Raijin can say anything, Nara violently grabs his face like a bowling ball. One finger in each eye and his thumb into his mouth and up through the roof of his mouth.

Raijin falls to his knees and Nara crouches down.

"Unlike you, I took no pleasure from this. I can make a woman scream without torturing them. Listen closely. Hear that dripping sound? That's your sister's womb being filled by these humans' seed." Nara says and Raijin attempts to attack but doesn't even come close.

Nara stands which makes Raijin stand.

"Look at your brother. This is what he was doing when he was gone." Nara says and rips Raijin's face and the front part of his skull right off. Blood splatters all over his sister, Koji, the men, and Nara.

Raijin's lifeless corpse falls to the ground and bleeds out as it convulses.

Ta is the first to rush over and attack Nara.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Doing that to a poor woman?" Ta says punching the hell out of Nara.

"I'm fine." The woman says.

"What the hell is going on?" Sessaru asks.

"Allow me to explain. I am Yuna. I am one of Koji's scouts and Raijin's sister. I have been trying to figure out a way to kill him for some time now. He did this sort of thing to our older sister and I swore revenge. Thanks to Lord Nara, I was able to avenge her." Yuna explains.

"What about all of these men?" Lust asks.

"They are just illusions. Shikigami." Yuna says and the men pop and small paper cut outs float down before vanishing.

"Nara. Was this your plan the entire time?" Kareen asks.

Nara simply smiles and says nothing.

"This has been fun and all but I am going to bed." Ashen says and goes back inside.

Soon everyone heads off to bed.


A few days pass and Ashen, Nara, Shin, Sessaru, and Ta are still sleeping.

Aurora and Lust are sitting in the living room looking at the newspaper when Amelia walks in with Steven.

"You have to see this." Amelia says turning on the TV.

"These are aerial shots above what used to be Palatine. Investigators are baffled as well as scientists, as to what happened to this thriving metropolis. We can confirm that it was not caused by any known bomb or weapon. Stay tuned, we will continue with this story after the break." The reporter says and Amelia turns towards Lust and Aurora.

"Care to explain?" Amelia asks.

"Don't look at us. We haven't left here for a few days now." Lust says looking at an ad.

"As far as we can tell so far this didn't happen last night. There is evidence that it happened within the last week." The scientist says on TV.

"There have been no reports of this city missing till this morning. Which raises the question, how could something like this go unnoticed for so long?" The reporter says.

"Check this out. This looks like fun." Aurora says and hands a flyer to Lust.

Lust looks it over and shoves it in Amelia's face.

"Explain." She says.

Amelia leans back so she can see the flyer.

"Its an ad for the new swim wear this company is selling." Amelia says.

"I see. So what are these people doing?" Lust asks.

"They are at a beach in the swim wear." Amelia says.

"Is this beach near by?" Lust asks.

"There is a very big one south of here. Its about the best one I can think of. Why?" Amelia says.

"Kareen. Silmeria. Come here." Aurora says.

The four of them huddle up and whisper to one another.

"Something has happened around here and I am going to get to the bottom of it." Amelia says.


Kogamaru walks across the beach with a contented smile on his face.

He sits down next to the others and sighs.

"Again? What is that? 5?" Shear asks.

"Actually 7. Her two friends joined in. I have to say these human women are remarkable. No wonder their species has exploded in numbers." Kogamaru says.

"I agree. If I was a human I would be dead from exhaustion right now." Shingi says.

"Yep." Shear says.

"Bastards." Roswell says with his face all swollen up.

"Cheer up. I'm sure those bee stings will go down soon." Kogamaru says trying to hold his laughter in.

"Mommy! Look at that poor whale. I think its dying." A little girl says as she points at Roswell.

The others can't hold it in and explode with laughter.


"Kyo, this is a major problem. When the Lords get back they will kill us." One lieutenant says.

"Well, they will kill those that haven't already taken their own lives." Kyo says.

"Goodbye cruel world." One lieutenant says and swan dives off the roof. He lands right on the other lieutenant next to Kyo.

"What have I done?" Kyo says.

The entire research area is trashed as well as the monitor room and pretty much everywhere.


Finally, Ashen is the first to wake.

"Damn, I have got to pee." He says and sprints to the bathroom.

As he is relieving himself, a strange sense overcomes him.

He turns his head back and sees Amelia sitting in the bath.

"Watch were you point that." She says and decks him.

He awakens several hours later with a broom and bucket next to him.

"You alive?" Steven asks helping him to his feet.

"Where am I?" Ashen asks.

"In the hallway outside the bathroom. Amelia told me what happened and has asked me to tell you that you are to scrub every square inch of the bathroom." Steven says.

Sessaru stumbles downstairs and and bumps into Amelia.

"Sorry." He says in a daze.

"Its alright. Just watch where you are going." Amelia says and heads for the living room.

Steven walks past Amelia who has a look of confusion on her face.

"I'll be back soon. Have to go get some more cleaning supplies." Steven says and Amelia nods.

She stops dead in her tracks and turns around.

"Sessaru?" She says.

"Yeah..." Sessaru says yawning.

"Then that means you are out of Ashen's body?" Amelia says.

Sessaru ignores her and continues to the kitchen.

Shin is the next to awaken and comes downstairs completely showered and dressed.

Ta stumbles downstairs right behind Shin and hits the wall.

"Perhaps you should open your eyes before coming downstairs." Shin says as Ta gets up.

"I would of except my eyes are glued shut." Ta says pointing to his eyes which are heavily caked with sleep.

Shin slices it with his katana and it comes off.

"Thanks. I thought I was blind for a minute there." Ta says wiping away the rest.


Downtown, Silmeria, Kareen, Lust, and Aurora reach the shopping center.

They find the store they are looking for and head inside.

"Think we should of brought Amelia with us?" Silmeria asks.

"Nope." Lust says, "We can figure this out on our own."

"How may I help you?" The sales lady asks.

"We are here for swim wear." Kareen says.

"I see. Right this way." The sales lady says and leads them to the large swim wear section.

"If you have any questions just ask." The sales lady says.

The four of them split up and tear through the swimsuits looking for that one special suit.

Steven walks past the store and sees several men pressed against the window with drool dripping from their mouths and blood gushing from their noses. He looks through the window and sees the four of them standing in their underwear. Blood shoots from his nose as he rushes inside.

"You can't change out here. You change in there." Steven says pointing to the changing rooms.

"Oh." Lust says.

"Since you're here you get to help us pick out our swimsuits." Silmeria says.

"Huh? Why not have your lords do that?" Steven says nervously.

"Cause they are still resting at home." Kareen says.

Steven takes a seat outside the dressing rooms and sighs.

"This is going to be bad." Steven says.


Later that night, they return with Steven who is very pale and shivering uncontrollably.

"Steven! What happened?" Amelia says rushing to his side.

"He helped us with our swimsuits." Lust says holding her bag up.

"What?" Amelia says coldly and drops Steven.

"We needed help and he happened to be passing by." Kareen explains.

Aurora sets down the bag of cleaning supplies and the four women head upstairs to their room.

"You all remember the plan?" Silmeria asks.

The other three nod and split up.

Steven passes out and Amelia gets an idea.


"You guys hear about that city just vanishing mysteriously like that a few days ago?" Kogamaru asks.

"I heard about. You think its something to do with them?" Shear asks.

"It couldn't be. We would of been notified." Shingi says.

They all sit back on their beach chairs and watch Roswell get turned down again.

"I never get tired of seeing him fail." Shingi says.

"Neither do I." Shear says sipping his fruity drink from a coconut.

The next morning as the lords make their way downstairs, they are greeted by their familiars.

"Good morning, milord." They say together.

"Morning." They reply and look at each other.

As Ta pours himself a bowl of cereal a flyer for the beach comes out.

"That's odd. Normally there is a small toy in here." He says and looks in the box. He pulls out the small toy car and hands it to Sessaru.

Shin picks up his bowl of miso and sees the same ad under his bowl. Then another in his rice and one last one under his cooked fish.

Sessaru opens his bread and pulls out nearly a dozen of the ads.

"I think they are telling us something." Sessaru says unwrapping the ad from each individual piece of bread.


Kareen heads upstairs to Nara's room and silently slips in.

She bites her lip as she glides across the dark room and stops next to Nara's bed where she takes a deep breath before climbing into Nara's bed.

The entire bed is empty and Kareen sits up.

"Where the hell is he sleeping now?" She asks.

A low growl is heard followed by the smacking of lips.

She follows the sound and finds a large pile of fur in the corner.

Kareen shakes her head and opens a window which slams shut.

"What do you want?" Nara says from deep underneath the fur.

"Milord, it is time to get up. The others have all awakened. We are just waiting for you." Kareen says kneeling next to the fur.

"That's nice. Just five more days." Nara says and rolls over.

"Milord, forgive me." Kareen says and leaves.

She returns a few minutes later with a large bucket.

"Last chance." Kareen says before ripping the fur back and finding nothing.

"Ice water? You would really dump that on your lord?" Nara says, " I may have to punish you for this." Nara whispers into her ear.

Kareen stiffens up as Nara places his hand on her stomach and ever so slowly moves it in a circle. As she is enjoying his touch, Nara drops a single ice cube down her back.

"COLD!!!" She shouts and drops the bucket.

Nara catches it and quickly leaves as Kareen tries to get the ice cube out.


"Nara's up." Shin says.


Amelia and Steven walk through the front door and Ashen just enters the kitchen.

"ASHEN!!" Amelia shouts.

"What?" He says from the kitchen.

"Good you are up." Amelia says.

"Why?" Ashen says drinking some milk.

"You are going with me to help pick out my swimsuit." Amelia says and Steven looks at her shocked.

"You helped them. So he is going to help me." Amelia says.

Ashen spits the milk out all over Ta.

"Excuse me?" Ashen says as Ta stands there dripping with milk.

"You heard me. Get ready. I want to go before all the good ones are gone." Amelia says.


Nara steps out of the bath and grabs his towel which crinkles like a newspaper.

He looks at it and sees his towel covered with beach ads. He raises an eyebrow and tears them off before finishing drying off.

As he walks out, Ashen sprints in and slams the door shut. Nara continues to walk not realizing that his towel has been caught in the door.

Amelia screams and buries her face into Steven's chest.

"What is your problem?" Nara asks making his way down the stairs.

"Perhaps you should get dressed." Steven says.

Nara looks down and nods. He heads back upstairs and returns wearing a pair of black hakama pants.

While he eats he feels something on his horns. Shin looks at him and grabs something off his horn.

"Its another beach ad." Shin says.

"I think they want to go to the beach." Sessaru says playing with the small toy Ta gave him.

"Steven. Where is this beach?" Nara asks.

"South of here. A few hours by car." Steven replies before the door slams shut.

"Kareen, please get the others and come here." Nara says.

They scramble into the kitchen.

"Yes?" They all say at once.

"Pack your bags we are going to this beach." Nara says tapping the flyer.

"Ready!" They say and each of them produces a bag.

"That was as if they have had this planned." Ta says.

Shin nods and pulls out another ad from his rice.


Ashen follows Amelia around with his stomach twisting inside him.

"(What should I say? This is our first date. Well, technically its not but who cares. I get to be the first to see her body in a swimsuit.)" Ashen says to himself.

They go into a store and Ashen sits down while Amelia grabs a few suits and heads for the changing room.

"Which one do you think Steven would like better?" Amelia asks stepping out in a sunflower bikini.

Ashen turns red and sets her bag on his lap.

"Do you think it shows off my butt too much?" She asks turning around and bending a bit.

Ashen shakes his head violently. She goes back into the dressing room. Ashen's nose explodes with blood and the sales lady jams several cotton balls up his nose. A cleaning crew comes from the back and cleans everything up.

"This is a bit embarrassing so please don't laugh." Amelia says sheepishly and opens the curtain and before it can register in Ashen's mind she shuts it.

"Nevermind." She says and quickly changes back to her normal clothes.


Shingi walks by this time with a set of twins under his arms.

"Later." He says.

Roswell is about to say something but Shear pepper sprays him while reading a book.

"AHHHHH!!!!" Roswell screams and runs off.

"What you reading?" Kogamaru asks.

"The Kama Sutra." Shear replies.

"Good book. I am only a few positions away from completing all of them." Kogamaru says.

Roswell rinses the pepper spray out and sees another woman down the beach. He struts over and starts talking to her. To his surprise she talks back to him without screaming and running off.

After several moments, Koji walks up and smiles at her.

"Excuse me." Koji says.

"Isn't that..." Shear says looking up from his book.

"I believe it is." Kogamaru says.

"Bet you Roswell doesn't recognize him." Shear says.

"Loser has to spend all day tomorrow watching the stuff." Kogamaru says.

"Deal." Shear says.

"I couldn't help but noticing you were reading the same book as me." Koji says holding up the same book as the woman.

"Isn't it a great read. I love this book." The woman says holding up the book.

"It is a great read. I am only halfway through it." Koji replies.

She invites Koji to sit next to her and Roswell taps Koji on the shoulder.

"Pardon me. What do you think you are doing?" Roswell asks.

"Discussing this book with this charming young woman." Koji replies.

"I was here first." Roswell says.

"However, your intentions are not pure. You are only looking to sleep with her. I am not." Koji says.

Roswell stands there speechless as Koji and the woman walk off together.

"Damn." Kogamaru says.


On the train to the beach, Nara and everyone else sits and watches everything go by.

"Why couldn't we of just taken a car down there?" Sessaru asks.

"None of us can drive." Steven replies.

"Oh. This is soooo slow." Sessaru says.

That evening they finally arrive at the hotel.

Steven takes care of the check in while the others bring in the luggage. Steven leads the way to the rooms and gets everyone into their rooms. Its Nara and Kareen in one room, Sessaru and Silmeria in another, Ta and Lust, then Shin and Aurora, Ashen, and finally Steven and Amelia. Once they are situated, they all head down to the buffet.

"Tomorrow we will all be sunning ourselves on the beach. I can't wait." Lust says.

"What about school? Shouldn't we be calling in or something?" Amelia asks.

"Taken care of. The principal is a fellow demon and is fully aware of the situation. He has it all covered." Nara says biting into a crab.


As the sun rises, Amelia wakes up and nudges Steven.

"Time to get up." She says and kisses him.

In the room next to theirs, Ashen stares at the ceiling wide awake.

"I couldn't of gotten a different room? I can hear every sound they make." Ashen says.


"So this is the beach?" Lust says as they all walk they beach together to find a spot.

Each of the familiars is wearing a hotel bath robe. Ashen finds a spot and helps Steven set everything up.

"Now what?" Ta asks.

"Just relax. Swim. Play a game. Just have fun." Amelia explains.

Nara falls straight back and puts his arms behind his head as he lays in the sand.

"This is perfect." He says and is about to close his eyes.

Kareen and the other three stand before them and remove their robes.

Each of them is wearing a skimpy swimsuit that leaves very little to the imagination. Nara's eyes nearly bulge from his head as he looks Kareen over.

Kareen stands a mere two feet shorter then Nara at 5 and a half feet tall. She has long brown hair that stops at her curvacious hips. Her long lean legs match the rest of her lean muscular body. Over her right shoulder and across her back is a series of intricate tribal tattoos that closely resembles the ones Nara has all over his body.

Lust is the tallest of the four women at an even 6 foot. She has the largest breasts and best curves with a nicely tanned body. She definitely lives up to her name. Her hair is a beautiful deep crimson and just about as long as Kareen's, maybe a couple inches shorter. It is however styled differently and her bangs cover her left eye as well as a tiny tiger paw print tattoo near her eye.

Silmeria is the bolder and more outspoken of the group. She is about the same height as Kareen an her dark blue hair is in a long braid that comes down to the center of her butt. On her upper left arm is a dragon tattoo that goes around her entire upper arm a couple times.

Aurora is the smallest and frailest looking of the bunch. She is the same height as Shin and has long black straight hair. She looks like a traditional Japanese beauty. She also has small breasts and pale skin. On the inside of her upper right arm is a small tattoo of a katana.

Ta coughs and can't take his eyes off of Lust, who is living up to her name.

A small amount of blood runs from Sessaru's nose as Silmeria bends to put her robe down.

Shin is the only one who doesn't make an obvious reaction.

Even Ashen and Steven stare with blood pouring from their noses.

Amelia clenches her fist and storms off.

"This means war." She says and heads back to the hotel.

She returns in a robe and stands in front of Steven. She takes it off and is in a similar suit as they others just not as skimpy.

Ashen covers his lap with a towel before he slouches forward unconscious from loss of blood. Steven is at a loss for words at the sight of Amelia in her bikini.

"What do you think?" Kareen asks.

Nara lays there speechless and stares at her blankly. Ta and Sessaru give similar responses.

"That is a nice outfit." Shin says and lays down.

"Thank you milord." Aurora says kneeling and placing Shin's head across her lap.

"I take it you approve of these then?" Lust says.

Across the beach blood sprays high into the air.


"Something must be going on over there." Shingi says.

"Wonder what?" Shear replies.

"This sucks. I have to sit here all day with lard ass." Kogamaru complains.

"That's what you get for putting any faith into thinking he is capable of anything that requires thinking." Shear says.


"What should we do?" Kareen asks sitting next to Nara.

"ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz" Nara replies sound asleep.

Kareen hangs her head, "Should of known." She says.

Nara's hand grabs her side and pulls her closer so her head is laying on his chest.

"This will have to do for now." She says.

Ta and Sessaru are the first two into the ocean. Lust and Silmeria follow closely behind them.

The four of them play in the surf while Aurora brushes Shin's hair out. While she is doing so, a large muscled guy in a tiny Speedo approaches them and throws sand in Shin's face.

"Can I help you?" Shin asks wiping the sand out of his face.

"Yeah, you can get away from my future girlfriend. She is too hot for a shrimp like you." The guy says.

"Is that so?" Shin says still laying down.

"Yeah. Now leave or you will get hurt." He says and flexes.

"I think not. You couldn't land a punch on me. Your skills are far too low to even be classified as a potential rival or threat. I suggest you leave now or you will regret this decision." Shin says.

"What? Are you high or something? You couldn't hurt a fly." He replies.

"You have been warned." Shin says and gets to his feet.

The muscled guy takes a boxer's stance and Shin stands there.

The guy throws a punch and Shin tilts his head at the last possible second so the guy misses. Shin returns with two quick jabs to the guy's right side of his exposed ribs.

"That's it?" The guy says with a laugh.

"I suggest you try not to laugh. You have a punctured lung." Shin says and lays back down.

The guy starts to struggle with his breathing and runs off.


"Take good care of our stuff." Shingi says and walks off with a new girl. Shear follows close behind with a girl of his own.

"Bastards." Kogamaru says under his breath.


Ta is wrestling with Sessaru in the surf when a Frisbee sails by them.

They follow it and Sessaru grabs it.

"Over here." A guy on the beach shouts.

Sessaru sees someone else throw one and mimics him but it goes nowhere. Silmeria and Lust giggle. Sessaru picks it up and tries again. This time it flies perfectly straight to the guy.

"Nice one. Wanna play?" He asks.

Ta and Sessaru run over and join in the game while Silmeria and Lust watch.

Nara is still sound asleep with Kareen on his chest.

"Miss you should ditch this loser. Its obvious he doesn't appreciate you and only has you around for your looks. I would put you on a pedestal and worship you." A guy says crouching next to Kareen.

"That's sweet but I'm not interested." Kareen says.

"Guess I'll have to take out your boyfriend then." The guy says and kicks Nara in the ribs.

"If you would like to keep that leg attached to your body I suggest you don't do that again." Nara says with his eyes closed.

"Is that so? Why don't you be a man and defend your woman?" He says.

"Rank 4. Tell you what, you beat that comatose guy first then we'll talk." Nara says shutting his eyes.

"To scared to do it yourself?" The guy asks.

"Nope. A rank 4 should know better then to mess with a class A." Nara replies.

The guy looks at Nara surprised.

"Ashen! Amelia is in trouble." Nara says and Ashen shoots up like a bullet.

"What!" Ashen says.

"Fight this guy first and I'll tell you more." Nara says pointing to the guy.

Steven and Amelia swimming around in the ocean.

Ashen gets up and looks the guy over.

"This should be easy." The guy says, "Don't go anywhere."

Ashen leaps onto the guy and starts wailing on him with both fists.

"Now what about Amelia?" Ashen says standing up.

"Oh, she is having fun with Steven. Perhaps you should find some nice girl around here." Nara says.

Shin walks off and returns several minutes later with two ice cream cones. He glances at Nara who has a large lump on his forehead. Ashen is walking off the other way mumbling to himself.

"Say, sweet thing you here with anyone?" A guy says running his hand along Aurora's arm.

"Milord." Aurora says.

"I'll be your lord for as long as you want." The guy says.

Shin hands Aurora one of the ice cream cones and clears his throat.

"Oh, thank you. Now run along little man. I am busy here." The guy says taking the ice cream cone from Shin.

"It would be in your best interest to leave now." Shin says.

"And what is a runt like you going to do?" The guy says kicking Shin in the chest.

Shin catches the guy's ankle and puts him in a ankle lock.

The guy screams in pain as Shin applies more pressure.

"I give. I'll leave." The guy says and Shin lets go.

The guy crawls away and Shin gets another ice cream cone.

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Chapter 27b
Kogamaru lays in the sun and is enjoying himself when Roswell comes over.

"I can't believe it. Every woman I talk to some guy comes up and talks to her. I have yet to even try to work my magic." Roswell says flopping down on his towel.

"Point them out." Kogamaru says.

Roswell points to over a dozen guys and Kogamaru laughs to himself.

"Maybe you should just work your "magic" faster." Kogamaru says.

"(Dumbass, can't even recognize his own scouts. Wonder why they are here?)" Kogamaru says to himself and gets up.

He walks up to the bar and orders a drink.

"Lord Kogamaru." Koji says walking up to him.

Kogamaru pays him no attention till he stands next to him.

"Koji? What are you doing here?" Kogamaru asks.

"Lord Fatass sent us on another suicide mission. We had enough of his idiocy and quit." Koji says.

"I see. Let me guess he sent all of you to watch Nara. I can't blame you for quitting but that is punishable by death." Kogamaru says.

"I know. However he has yet to realize that we scouts are preventing him from getting laid." Koji says.

"If it wasn't him then I'd kill you where you stand but I am willing to overlook this entire incident. Take care of yourself." Kogamaru says and leaves with his drink.

"You too. I always respected you, Shear, and Shingi." Koji says.

"If you want you can become one of my scouts." Kogamaru says back to him.

"Sorry, I got a better offer." Koji says and leaves.

Kogamaru sits down and Roswell comes back with red eyes again and a slap mark on his face.

He laughs and leans back.


Steven and Amelia return and Amelia digs in her bag.

"Steven would you mind putting some more sun block on my back." Amelia says handing Steven the sun block.

Everyone but Ashen returns and watches with curiosity.

"What is that stuff?" Kareen asks.

Amelia explains it and Lust looks at all the possibilities.

"Milord would you put that stuff on me." Lust asks.

Ta shrugs and rubs some onto her back. Then her stomach, legs, and finally her chest. The other three watch with jealous eyes and turn to their respective lords and have them do it to them.

Little moans of pleasure escape from their lips as the lords rub the lotion in. One man watching has a heart attack and dies from the sight. While several guys with their girlfriends are slugged for staring.

The rest of the day is peaceful and uneventful.


"I ran into Koji yesterday." Kogamaru says.

"Roswell's Koji?" Shear asks.

"That would be him. I guess Roswell sent his entire scout division out on a suicide mission to watch Nara and they had enough and quit." Kogamaru says.

"Serves his fatass right." Shingi adds.

"Watch." Kogamaru says and points to Roswell who was on his way to another woman.

They start chatting and another scout comes in and ends up walking away with the woman to the bar.

"They have been sabotaging every chance for Roswell to have any fun. In return for this entertainment I let them all go. No point in wasting our men to round all his scouts up. Especially since he had the best scouts in our realm." Kogamaru says.

"That's fair. They deserve so much more then Roswell could offer." Shingi says and watches another scout steal another woman from Roswell.

"Poor bastard doesn't even realize what is going on. I almost feel for him." Shear says.


Sessaru and Silmeria are the first to arrive and get a spot close to the water. Ta and Lust arrive just a few minutes after them and grab a spot nearby. Some time later Shin and Aurora arrive with Steven, Amelia, Ashen, and Kareen.

"Where's Nara?" Sessaru asks.

"Sound asleep. As usual." Kareen says down heartedly.

"He sure hasn't changed. He would sleep for days on end back then as well." Ta says.

Nara wanders down to the beach late that afternoon and surprises Kareen.

"About time." Kareen says in a pissed tone.

"I needed to get caught up on sleep. I did use quite a bit of my power against Raijin and needed to fully recharge." Nara says sitting next to a depressed Ashen.

"Ever thought about giving up on her and moving on?" Nara asks watching Amelia play in the water with Steven and the others.

"Just mind your own business." Ashen says.

"She does seem very happy with him." Kareen says.

"I said stay out of my business." Ashen says and stands up.

He turns to leave but Amelia grabs his hand.

"You have been moping all day long. Come play with us." She says and tugs him towards the water.

He reluctantly follows her but never actually looks at her.


Kogamaru stands and stretches and looks out at the water.

"Doesn't he look familiar?" Shear asks pointing to Ta.

They all look and stare at him.

"He looks like Ta but that can't be. His body is sealed up in a research facility. It has to be someone else who just happens to look like him." Kogamaru says still looking.

"You're probably right. Well today was a good day. Lets try again tomorrow." Shear says.

They pack up and head for the same hotel as Ta and the others.


They all pack up and head back as well. Nara hangs back and looks around.

"Hmmm..." Nara says looking around.

"Nothing to worry about." Shin says.


That night a major storm hits and it rains all night and all day.

"I'm not going out in this." Lust says.

"Excuse me. We do have a very large recreation room downstairs for days just like this." A hotel employee says.

He leads all of them to the elevator and as they are stepping off Kogamaru, Shear, Shingi, and Roswell are getting on to the elevator across from them.

"Shin?" Shingi says to himself as the doors close.

"See something?" Shear asks.

"I thought I saw Shin just now." Shingi replies.

"Just your imagination." Kogamaru says.


"This hotel has everything you could want. There is a pool hall, ping pong tables, board games of all kinds, and over there is the spa and swimming pool. Enjoy." The employee says before getting back on the elevator.

"That looks fun." Lust says and walks over to the ping pong tables.

They watch a couple guys play for a few minutes before one says, "Wanna play?"

"Its easy. We'll teach you." The other says.

Shin wanders over to the pool hall and watches for several minutes.

"Go for it." Nara says handing him a pool cue.

Shin reads a sign on how to play and then gives it a shot. He pulls back and shoots.

"Try not to pierce the ball this time. You are trying to hit it. Not kill it." Nara says taking the cue stick with the cue ball still stuck on the end.

Shin tries again and hits it this time making the pool balls scatter.

"See much easier." Nara says and looks around.

"Bowling?" He says and walks over to the bowling alley.

Sessaru and Ta follow but are drawn into the arcade.

Steven and Amelia head to the swimming pool and Ashen stands there wondering why he even came with.

Kareen wraps her arm around his and leads him away. The two of them sit down and talk.

Aurora finds Shin and watches him while Silmeria looks in on the spa.

After awhile they all meet back up and head for the buffet.

The storm passes late that afternoon and the sun comes out.


The next day the sun is shining brightly and everyone hits the beach.

"Don't you think we should be heading back soon?" Amelia asks as Steven is putting lotion on her back.

"You can go whenever you want. As for me, this is a rare treat." Nara says.

"How so?" Amelia asks.

"Back when I was a ruler, I always had someone after my head. There was never time to just sit back and relax. So I am going to make the most of this." Nara says and is hit by a volleyball.

"Sorry. Can you throw it back?" A woman says.

Kareen tosses it back.

"We should give that a try." Silmeria says and grabs Aurora.

They watch and Kareen and Lust come over as well.

Lust runs back and grabs Amelia by the hair and drags her over.

"Explain." She says dropping Amelia.

Amelia rubs her head and explains the game of volleyball.

While they are watching the game several women walk over and start hitting on Nara and the others.

Kareen picks up a volleyball and serves it. The ball smashes into the side of the woman's head and knocks her out.

"I think we should play with them." Sessaru says as Silmeria stares him down.

"Yeah. That would be wise." Ta replies.

They eight of them play sand volleyball while Steven and Amelia watch from the sidelines.

Ashen sits back with the stuff and sulks.

Steven comes over after a few minutes and flops down.

"You should go watch. I'll watch the stuff." Steven says opening the cooler.


"There must be some game going on over there." Shear says pointing to the sand volleyball courts.

"Looks like it." Shingi says.

"Look there he goes again." Kogamaru says pointing at Roswell.

Roswell starts talking to another woman and another one of his former scouts steals her away.

The three of them laugh their asses off as Roswell walks back.

"I'll be back." Kogamaru says and heads to the bar.

While he is waiting for his drink Nara walks up to the bar as well. The two of them stand next to each other and Kogamaru stands there like a statue.

"Sir, your drink." The bartender says.

Nara nudges Kogamaru and he snaps out of it.

"Oh shit." Kogamaru says thinking Nara recognized him.

"Forgot your money? I'll get it for ya." Nara says and pays for Kogamaru's drink.

They head their separate ways and Kogamaru is white as a sheet when he gets back to the others.

"You alright?" Shear asks as Roswell runs off after another woman.

"Great. Guess who bought this for me?" Kogamaru says still surprised.

"Who? Some woman?" Shear says.

"Nope. Nara." Kogamaru replies.

"You're lying." Shingi says.

"I kid you not. Nara just bought this drink for me. I was at the bar and seeing him made me freeze with terror cause I thought he'd recognize me but these human bodies worked perfectly and he bought me this drink cause he thought I forgot my money." Kogamaru explains.

"I see him. He's playing volleyball with what looks like the other three." Shear says casually.

A couple minutes pass and reality sets in.

"They have their bodies back." The three say together.

"What's with you three?" Roswell asks sitting down.

"Nothing. We just found out that we all slept with the same woman." Shear lies.

"Doesn't that tall tattooed guy look like Nara?" Roswell asks pointing at Nara.

"Not really." Shingi says quickly.

"I'm going for a closer look." Roswell says.

"We're screwed." Shear says.


Silmeria spikes the ball and hits Ta in the face and scores.

"Game point!" The ref says.

Kareen sets up to serve and looks for a weak point.

"Nara!" Roswell shouts as he makes his way through the crowd.

He gets through and is immediately hit by the ball full force.

Kareen smiles to herself as she sees the blood run down from Roswell's nose.

"Time!" The ref says.

Roswell opens his eyes and sees Nara, Shin, Ta, Sessaru, Silmeria, Lust, Aurora, and Kareen standing over him.

"If it isn't the troll." Nara says.

Shear, Shingi, and Kogamaru watch nervously from within the crowd.

"The others wouldn't let you out on your own. Where are they?" Kareen says.

The other three step out.

"Seems we meet again." Nara says putting his hand on Kogamaru's shoulder.

"Now this is interesting." Shin says grinning.

"It is you! Time to die, Nara!" Roswell says and gets to his feet.

Everyone backs up and gives the two of them some room.

"Make your move." Nara says.

"He doesn't realize we have our bodies back does he?" Ta whispers to Kogamaru.

"No." Kogamaru replies.

"How did he become a Lord?" Ta asks.

"Long story." Kogamaru says.

Roswell rears back and decks Nara with all his might. Nara looks back at him and looks at him. Roswell tries a flurry of body strikes and Nara turns around.

"A little higher." Nara says enjoying the massage.

"He is truly stupid." Shin says to Shingi.

"You don't know the half of it." Shingi replies.

Nara has enough and puts him in a dragon sleeper.

"Listen up. I a not looking to fight you. Any of you. And from what I can tell you don't either. There is no reason as to why we can't enjoy this peace." Nara says.

The other three agree quickly.

"If we were looking to fight we could end this without breaking a sweat. Seeing as you are nothing but mere humans at this point." Nara continues.

"I agree. We are on vacation and it seems so are you." Shear says offering his hand to Sessaru.

Nara releases Roswell and Sessaru shakes Shear's hand.

The other's shake their rival's hand and Nara extends his to Roswell.

"I am going to kill you right now, you coward." Roswell says and leaps at Nara.

Nara lands a few punches and Roswell drops.

"You just don't get it. You are a mere human and I am back in my true body. This isn't a fake." Nara says and offers his hand again.

Roswell slaps it away and gets to his feet. Nara grabs some guy's soda and throws it in Roswell's face.

A bee lands on Roswell's cheek and he swats it causing it to sting him.

Angered, Roswell attacks again and Nara kicks his legs out from under him then with his leg still up in the air brings it back down, driving his heel into the back of Roswell's head.

Roswell faceplants straight into the sand and into an underground bee hive.

Nara grabs Roswell's hand and shakes it.

"There. Now we can go back to enjoying the beach." Nara says and shakes the other lords' hands.

"We are having a huge beach party tonight to kick off the festival tomorrow. You all should come." A guy says from the back of the crowd.


Kareen, Silmeria, Lust, and Aurora all sit together in the ocean.

"Alright, they have relaxed long enough. Time to put our plan into action." Lust says.

"I agree. It has been so long since the last time. They owe us." Silmeria says.

They all nod and head back.


That night under the full moon the beach is full of people partying next to a roaring campfire.

Aurora is the first to make a move and whispers something into Shin's ear. He is quiet for a moment and then leaves with her.

Silmeria smiles and finds Sessaru in the crowd of people.

She runs her hand up his back and he hollers in pain.

"What's wrong?" She asks concerned.

"Its called a sunburn." Steven says sitting next to him with Amelia on his lap.

"What?" Sessaru says.

"Means you were in the sun too long and the sun burned you. It's nothing to worry about. It should be gone in a few days." Steven explains.

"Days?" Silmeria says disappointed.

Kareen looks all around for Nara and finds him talking to a young woman.

She stands there as he puts his arm around her shoulders and leads he away.

"I am going to kill him." She says angrily.

She follows them and they walk to a dark section of the beach. Before she does anything she sees someone else back there.

"Who's that?" She asks herself trying to get a better view and feels a hand up her back.

"It's knight in shining armor." A man says and runs his hand down her back.

"I suggest you remove your hand before you lose it." Lust says.

Kareen spins around and drives her forearm straight into the guy's sternum, cracking it in half and rupturing one of his lungs.

The guy drops to the ground and convulses as he struggles to breathe.

"I warned you." Lust says and walks on looking for Ta.

Kareen turns back towards Nara and sees him walking back to her.

"Done with your whore already?" She asks crossing her arms across her chest.

"Her? She wasn't for me. She's for Ashen. That boy is hopeless." Nara says and puts his arm around her.

Kareen tries to stay mad but can't. Nara starts to walk and she follows.

Lust finds Ta surrounded by women.

She struts in and plants a big kiss on Ta's lips.

"What do you think you are doing, Bitch?" One woman says in a pissed tone.

Lust stands there and puts her foot between Ta's legs and gives him a lap dance, which infuriates the other women.

Shear taps Kogamaru and Shingi on the shoulders and points at Lust.

"Still has it. Damn!" Kogamaru says.

"Those poor women don't realize who they are messing with." Shear says watching the show.

"Why don't you do something? Instead of standing there." Lust says in a husky voice which causes several men and women to faint from pure pleasure.

"God, How I missed this seduction dance of hers." Kogamaru says biting his fist.

"What's wrong? To turned on to fight?" Lust asks and runs her hands up the woman's body then turns around and bends over pressing her ass up against the woman. She slides it down the woman's thighs and Ta tosses Lust over his shoulder and runs off.

"Still effective." Shear says falling forward.

"Very." Kogamaru says as his knees give out.

"Extremely." Shingi says passing out.


Roswell lays in his bed recovering from his multiple bee stings.


Later on, a dense fog rolls in followed by a huge warm wind gust hits the beach and the ocean recedes nearly a hundred feet.


The next morning the beach is littered with bodies. Nobody went home, they just slept where they fell.

Silmeria wakes next to Sessaru who is wincing in pain, while still sleeping, from his bad sunburn that has turned his entire back and shoulders into one giant blister.

She sighs as she sees Shin and Aurora come walking out of the hotel together. The huge smile on Aurora's face explains it all.

"Of course." Silmeria says and looks around.

Lust comes limping out from behind some rocks with the help of Ta who is covered in scratches.

"And one more..." Silmeria says looking around again.

Nara walks out from a small cove carrying a very contented Kareen in his arms.

"This trip sucks." Silmeria says and lays back.

Lust lays down on a towel and sighs a sigh of relief.

Aurora lays next to her and Nara sets Kareen down on the other side.


Later in the morning Roswell makes his way to the beach still swollen from the bee stings.

"Roswell, why are you here?" Shingi asks with a woman sleeping next to him.

"Just go back to the hotel and heal up." Shear says with four naked sleeping women.

"No! I have to get Nara back while he is still in that false body." Roswell says clenching his fist.

Kogamaru shakes his head and puts his hand up to silence the others.

"He's over there." Kogamaru says.

"No women last night?" Shear asks once Roswell leaves.

"Come on baby. You have to show my fraternity sisters some of those moves again." A college girl says wrapping her arms around Kogamaru's neck and kissing his cheek.

Shear and Shingi look behind her a see about a dozen women walking over.

"You are the King." Shear says mocking a bow.

Kogamaru gets up and follows the women.

"See you tomorrow." He says.

"Thank you milord. Last night was wonderful." Yuna says removing her disguise.

"Yuna?" Shingi says shocked.

Yuna gets up and puts her bikini back on and walks off.

"So much for the no sleeping with your co-workers policy." Shear says.


Nara is stretching when Roswell storms over.

"We have some unfinished business." Roswell says and throws a punch.

Nara moves out of the way and puts his hand on his shoulder.

"I can kill you in the blink of an eye. I understand that you are having trouble in the women department. I would like to help." Nara says and Roswell stops punching.

"Why?" Roswell asks.

"Just to get you off my back and leave me the hell alone." Nara replies.

"Now pay attention. Human women want a guy that is packing a big stick. Since that's not possible in your case the next best thing is to make them think you do. Shhhh. Just listen. Now these women look at a man's hands, feet, nose, and every other limb for some nonexistent sign that the guy has some serious stick. The easiest one to fake is the teeth. Here put these on. Good. Lay on your stomach with your back arched, yep like that. Now you are good to go." Nara says.

"I saw a nude beach just past those rocks over there." Ta adds.

"Isn't that?" Shin says.

"Yup." Ta says.

"There are hundreds of signs." Shin says.

"Yep. He won't see them." Nara adds.

"You guys are so wrong." Shin says.


"Here I come ladies." Roswell says running past Shear and Shingi.

They look at each other and quickly scramble to follow.

"Nara is so wrong for this." Shear says.

"You have to admit that the resemblance is remarkable. Not to mention it is working. Look, the females are responding to his calls." Shingi says.

"He can't be that stupid, could he?" Shear asks.

"He just might be. He did take his trunks off." Shingi says.

They wait and then Roswell catches on and walks back.

"Mommy look, that walrus is walking!" A young girl says pointing to Roswell.

"Not a word." Roswell says and heads back to the hotel.

Shear and Shingi head over to Nara.

"That was fantastic." Shear says shaking Nara's hand.

"So did he?" Ta asks.

"Just about. He was lining up and then realized it." Shingi says.

"Thanks for the greatest prank I have ever seen." Shear says.

The leave and Nara shakes his head.

"It's a shame that we have to kill them. I like them." Nara says.

Ta puts his hand on Shin's and Nara's shoulder.

"Before we leave you two are getting in that water." Ta says and shoves them towards the ocean.


Steven and Amelia wake up as the sounds of people is getting louder. They get dressed and head back to the others. On the way they pass Ta, Shin, and Nara.

"Where's Ashen?" Steven asks.

Nara points to some rocks before Ta shoves him forward again.

Amelia runs over and stops. She stands there in shock.

"Ashen, how could you?" She says and runs off with tears in her eyes.

Steven raises an eyebrow as he walks up and sees Ashen with a confused look on his face and a naked girl next to him with her arm draped across his stomach. Steven gives him the thumbs up before going after Amelia.

"What the hell is going on?" Ashen asks.


That afternoon as Shin rests next to Aurora, the muscled guy from earlier walks up.

"Hey, shrimp. I'm back to take her from you." He says and grabs Shin by his pony tail lifting him off the ground.

"He's a dead man." Sessaru says still wincing in pain.

"You will be carried off in a stretcher." The muscled guy says.

"You have a punctured lung and have the I.Q. of a dead insect combined with the fighting skills of a newborn child. It is you and your friends that will be leaving on stretchers if I am feeling generous." Shin says calmly.

"How can you still have energy for fighting after last night?" Aurora asks rolling over to see what's going on.

The guy pulls back his fist and swings at Shin who is still hanging in the air by his hair.

Shin catches his fist and twists. His wrist snaps and the guy drops to his knees in agonizing pain.

"Now then, I suggest you leave." Shin says as several other muscled guys surround him.

"You don't just want her do you?" Lust asks in a seductive voice.

One guy turns around and looks straight into Lust's chest. She squeezes them together and the guy starts to drool.

"Don't those look wonderful. They just scream squeeze me, pinch me, fondle me. Imagine them rubbing up and down certain parts of your body. They are so soft that its like two silken and fluffy pillows. And they are very sensitive as well." Ta says with his arm around the guy's shoulder.

The guy swallows hard.

"See how sensitive they are. Look at how quickly it responds to my touch" Ta says and squeezes one which makes her moan.

The guy reaches for them and Ta stops him.

Lust steps closer so that her chest is inches away from the guy. The guy's eyes cross and he falls backwards holding his crotch.

"That wasn't nice." Sessaru says.

"He wanted me to touch him there." Lust replies.

"With your chest not your foot." Sessaru replies.

"Aren't you always supposed to put your best foot forward?" Lust asks.

Sessaru remains silent and turns his back to them.

Ta turns around and the other guys are on the ground clutching their chests as Shin sits next to Aurora eating an ice cream cone.

"I found a better spot down the beach where we can get a better view of the festival." Nara says.

Everything is quickly packed and hauled off to another spot closer to the water and offers better protection from sneak attacks.

Nara heads back into the ocean and several minutes later yells for Ashen.

Ashen swims out and looks at Nara.

"What is it?" Ashen asks in the ten foot deep water.

"Is this edible?" Nara asks lifting a Great White shark over his head.

Ashen turns white and swims back to shore. Dozens of people scream and head for shore.

"Leave it to Nara to cause mass panic with his stomach." Shin says.

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Chapter 27c
"How was your day?" Kogamaru asks sitting down in his spot.

"Entertaining. Nara tricked Roswell into dressing like a walrus and he almost ended up screwing one." Shear says still laughing about it.

"It wasn't that funny." Roswell says sitting down, "This trip sucked. I never got any human woman to sleep with me but I get made a fool of on numerous occasions. At least my scouts will have some new information about Nara so I can kill him before he gets his body back." Roswell says.

A very large group of people walk by. Almost all of the men and a couple women bow slightly to Kogamaru, Shear, and Shingi. Then give Roswell the finger.

"He won't notice." Shear says.

Roswell looks at each of them and does notice.

"That was every woman I hit on. It's like a conspiracy against me." Roswell says.

Shear and Shingi look at one another in shock while Kogamaru shakes his head.

Koji walks up and bows properly before the three lords.

"Who are you?" Roswell asks.

"See?" Koji says to Kogamaru.

"Yeah. I completely understand." Kogamaru replies.

"I just came by to assure you that anything I know about your plans for the future shall remain secret. In my line of work, secrecy is the only policy." Koji says.

"Thank you and for that we will honor your agreement with Kogamaru." Shingi says.

"I hope you enjoy your employment with him." Shear says.

"A week on the job and already got a long vacation? What's not to love?" Koji says then turns to Roswell.

"You look familiar." Roswell says trying to figure out who he is.

"Before that tiny brain of yours explodes I will just tell you. My name is Koji and not to long ago I was your leader of your scouts." Koji says and points to the large group of people that just walked by.

"Then you have found Nara's weakness!" Roswell says excitedly.

"How in the hell did you become Lord?" Koji asks.

"Because of my superior intelligence and physical strength." Roswell says confidently.

The other scouts explode with laughter.

"I think not. Anyway, because you will never grasp this, I am just going to tell you. Those men there and several of the women as were all your scouts. When you sent us on that suicide mission we had enough and quit. Don't bother sending any of you troops after us they won't succeed because we can disappear into the human realm. That and your army has also transferred to Shear's, Shingi's, and Kogamaru's armies. Basically you have nothing." Koji explains.

"That's a lie. My army is loyal to me. I am the most loved lord ever." Roswell says.

"Not even close. Nara and his lords are followed by these three. You are worthless as a lord. However, we did get you a going away present." Koji says.

"Two actually." One scout shouts.

"Right. Forgot about that new one." Koji says and points to two large boxes.

Roswell runs over to the big one first and looks it over.

"Just report in when you find something." Roswell says.

Koji shakes his head and says, "For this gift you have to get into the box. We don't want others to see."

Roswell leaps in.

"This doesn't feel right." Shingi says.

"Here you are. Just press the button." Koji says handing a remote to Shear.

Shear laughs and presses the button multiple times.

The sides of the box drop and a clear Plexiglas box is standing there with Roswell inside. Suddenly the box on top opens and dozens of bee hives drop inside the box. Roswell screams as the bees sting him without mercy.

"Oh I like this." Shear says laughing.

"This absolves you from everything." Shingi says.

"Those aren't your standard bees. They are the highly aggressive Africanized bees. They will sting repeatedly." Koji says.

"Now that is just cruel." Kogamaru says, "Hilarious, but cruel."

"We thought about that, that's why we got the second gift." Koji explains and presses the other button.

Smoke fills the box and all the bees die. Roswell crawls out of the box and collapses on the ground.

"To help you heal up after this we got you this beautiful nurse." Koji says and opens the other present.

A female walrus in a nurses' outfit looks around.

"We saw how much Roswell took a liking to her." Koji says.

The other three lords fall to the ground laughing their asses off.

"I bid you farewell." Koji says and bows before leaving.

"You too." Kogamaru says before laughing again.


Nara and everyone else leaves the hotel and bump into Steven.

"I think she went home." Steven says.

"Well her loss." Nara says.

"I'm going home now as well to try and find her." Steven says and gets into the elevator.

They look at each other and continue to the festival. Ashen thinks for a moment and Kareen grabs the back of his shirt.

"Try to run and an arrow will go right through it." She says.

Ashen swallows hard and follows.

"Ashen, since you are flying solo tonight I have a job for you." Nara says.

"And would that be?" Ashen asks.

"Tonight you shall be the designated fighter." Nara says.

"You mean designated driver?" Ashen corrects him.

"What the hell do we need a driver for? We don't have a car. No, I meant designated fighter. Whenever somebody tries to start something with us it will be your job to beat them. Its simple. You lose and Amelia dies." Nara says.

"What!?" Ashen says.

"Relax. Just fight as if her life was on the line. Cause it is." Nara replies.

They all reach the festival and are surprised at what they see. Children running around playing. People shouting for food and games. The brightly colored lights.

After trying the food from every booth, they come to the games.

"Hey! Come and test your strength. Hit the bell three times and win something for the...." The guy says and trails off as he stares at Lust's chest.

Ta blocks his view and the guy looks up at him with a nervous smile.

"Sorry. They are so inviting. For that you get a free game." The guy says.

Ta picks up the sledgehammer and looks at the three different bells. Each one bigger then the last.

"Hit the top of the third one and win a thousand dollars plus any prize." The guy says.

Ta hits the first two bells fine then looks up at the towering 75 foot tall bell.

He smashes the sledgehammer down and sends the little weight flying high into the night sky along with the little bell at the top.

"Impossible." The guy says and hands Ta the cash.

"Which one you want?" Ta asks Lust.

She points to a stuffed cat and Ta hands it to her. She stiffens up and a young man runs off. Shin trips him and Nara motions to Ashen.

"Go on. As a demon you have to be prepared to defend your territory at a moments notice." Nara says.

Ashen runs over to the young man and starts wailing on him till he submits. Then Ashen returns to the group.

"Not bad." Sessaru says.

"Step on up. Test your sword skills." Another man shouts from his booth.

Shin's ears perk up and he walks over.

"Wanna give it a try? Easy to do. See how many hits you can land in 15 seconds." The man says and hands Shin the wooden sword as Shin hands him the money.

"Today's record is 14 and the all time record is 20." The man says and backs away.

Shin takes his stance and a buzzer sounds. 15 seconds later the buzzer sounds again and Shin hands the sword back.

"You didn't even move? I'll give you another one on the house." The man says confused.

The counter suddenly bursts with activity and finally stops at a 189 hits.

The man stands there speechless as the other three counters start counting as well. Each of them stopping at 189.

"Take anything you want." The man says.

"Your counters are off. I struck each target 200 times." Shin says and grabs a couple stuffed fish.

"Theres that bastard. Lets get'em." A guy says to his buddies.

"Go on Ashen." Sessaru says.

They 8 of them walk on down the midway while Ashen fights.

"Sir, I bet I can beat you in this IQ test." A man says to Nara.

"I'll take that bet. What are the stakes?" Nara asks following the man to his booth.

"I win, you get nothing. You win, you get any prize you want." The man says.

"Sounds good." Nara says.

They both sit down and start the test.

Ashen walks over with a black eye as Nara stands up.

"That was easy." Nara says as the guy still tries to finish.

When he does finish the guy shakes his head.

The computer scores the papers and spits out the results.

"How did you pull this off?" The man asks and hands him the results.

"They were easy questions." Nara replies picking up a large stuffed dragon.

Nara hands the dragon to Kareen and points to a group of guys eyeing them.

Ashen turns and sighs before heading towards the guys.

Silmeria looks at Kareen and Aurora as they hug onto their lords arms. She peeks back at Lust who is whispering into Ta's ear.

"(This really sucks. They each have accomplished their goal while I have yet to even get close to mine.)" She says to herself.

They come up to a soccer goalie game and Sessaru looks at it.

"Just stop the ball from going in." The guy says.

Sessaru gets into the goal and the guy sets up to kick. He does and Sessaru blocks it.

The guy hands him a large stuffed penguin which he hands to Silmeria.

"Thank you." She says.

"Who's hungry?" Nara says as they come back to the food stands.


Kogamaru, Shear, and Shingi are all sitting around a small campfire.

"I think its time we head back home. This vacation has done wonders for us." Shingi says.

"Yeah, we have gotten all the tension out of us." Shear says.

"Most of us anyways." Kogamaru says and looks over at Roswell who is swollen up from the thousands of bee stings.

"Guess we should have him healed up before we do anything." Shear says.


Nara walks into the ocean and dives while everyone else sits down around the small campfire.

Ashen collapses flat on his back with a black eye, swollen cheek, and some bruised ribs.

"Well you did quite well for yourself." Ta says.

"Yeah. Lets see eighteen guys and you beat them all. Guess Amelia's life will be spared." Sessaru says.

Nara returns with a box and a Great White shark on his shoulder.

"What's in the box?" Aurora asks.

Nara sets the shark down and opens the box.

"Lobsters and crabs?" Lust says looking in.

"As well as some oysters and shrimp." Nara says sitting down next to the shark.

As he is eating the shark he looks up and motions for the others to dig in.

"Think we will be heading back soon?" Shin asks grabbing a lobster.

"Tomorrow night." Nara replies eating the shark like a lion.

Fireworks go off over the city and they all watch in total amazement.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chapter 26a
Ta walks out of the school with a large bag of trash and heads for the dumpster. He opens the lid and Lawrence looks up at him, but Ta doesn't see him and tosses the trash away.

Lawrence grunts in pain and Ta looks in the dumpster.

"Hello... Why are you in here?" Ta asks pulling Lawrence out.

"I was thrown in there this morning." Lawrence replies.

"You are one of Deity's friends, right?" Ta asks.

"Yes. I'm Lawrence. Have you seen Deity around? I need to talk to him." Lawrence says.

"As a matter of fact I do. Follow me." Ta says with an evil grin.


Jade struggles to get his legs reattached as Sessaru is lost in thought for a second.

"See you in class." He says sarcastically.

He tries to move and his feet won't budge. He looks down and sees several pens that have been sliced in half sticking out of his feet.

"What the hell?" Sessaru says completely confused.

The distinct sound of a sword being drawn catches Sessaru's attention. He looks around and sees Shin standing there sheathing his katana.

Shin starts laughing like an innocent little girl as he steps closer to Sessaru.

"Don't even think about it?" Sessaru says.

"Think? It's already been done, amateur. It may take some time for that puny brain of yours to register what has transpired while you were distracted." Shin says smiling.

Without warning, hundreds of slits form all the way up Sessaru's pant legs and then an incredibly sharp pain is felt from his own nuts. Sessaru tries to fall but the way his legs are positioned, its impossible.

"You.... You... You're Shin..." Jade says in disbelief.

Shin turns towards him and smiles real big and flashes the peace sign like a typical anime girl character.

Jade looks at her confused.

She twirls and spins a couple times before rolling in mid air and drives her knee into the base of his skull, knocking him out cold.

"That should take care of that. As for you. (looks at Sessaru.) I no longer have a quarrel with you for tricking me or for throwing me off the roof." Shin says and leaves with katana in hand.

"One question. Where did you get your sword?" Sessaru asks still in severe pain.

"Nara handed it to me as he went by." Shin says and slams the door shut.

"Bastard." Sessaru says and continues to hold his nuts.

"(I think he broke them.)" Ashen says.

"(You deal with this. I'm taking a nap.)" Sessaru says and hands control over to Ashen once again.

Immediately, Ashen lets out an ear piercing scream of pain.


"Deity is right in here." Ta says opening the door to the small opened area where Deity's body is.

They walk in and Ta closes the door.

"Holy shit! What happened to him?" Lawrence asks.

Ta clenches his fist and the second Lawrence turns to look at him, Ta unleashes a jaw shattering punch that nearly sends his jaw flying off.
Lawrence hits the ground and lays there for a second stunned by the sudden turn of events.

Lawrence turns to get up and is immediately hit in the jaw again, this time from the other side. Lawrence hits the ground and his lower jaw lands several feet away.

"Nara is to kind for his own good. Allowing an enemy to simply be taken out with the trash. I, as you can tell, am not that kind. Now stand and fight back." Ta says motioning for him to get up.

The blood just pours from where the missing jaw was.

Lawrence puts up his fists and is rocked by a flurry of body shots and sent sprawling across the ground from an uppercut.

Dazed and confused, Lawrence lays there.

Ta walks over and picks him up by the hair. Lawrence stands there wobbly for a second and just before he falls forward, Ta clotheslines him with all his might. The back of Lawrence's head splits open and brain matter flies everywhere.

"Didn't realize there was that in here." Ta says kicking some plants aside to uncover a manhole cover.

He leaps up to the roof and looks back at the surprised look in Lawrence's eyes as his body lays in the cool grass and his head lays with oozing brain matter and blood onto the manhole cover. Ta shrugs and heads back to class.


Kareen and Raijin are both cut up and bleeding.

"I like you. You are putting up a fight." Raijin says as he dodges her kick.

The wind from it pushes him back nearly ten feet.

He throws a couple scalpels at her which she dodges gracefully, and he takes the sight of her lucious body covered and glistening with sweat from the sun.

"Such a lovely form. I see why Nara keeps you around but I bet I can make you scream more then he ever could." Raijin says and whips a scalpel at her. It barely slices her skin and sticks into the cement curb.

She screams in pain and he smiles as if to enjoy her pain.

"Simply wonderful." He says and dodges an arrow.

"Now where did you get that? Are we not alone here? Guess, I'll deal with them after I make you scream till you pass out." Raijin says and dodges a couple more arrows.

Kareen smiles and licks her lips at him, seductively.

"You couldn't last long enough for that to happen. Especially with broken equipment." She says in a sexy voice and a wink.

"Huh?" Raijin says confused.

He looks down and sees about a dozen small crossbow bolts sticking out of his "equipment."

"When did..." He says and dodges her kick again. This time slicing her well toned thigh near her skirt. He groans in pain and leaps back a few feet.

"(She only has her bow so where did these crossbow bolts come from? She isn't wearing enough clothes to conceal a crossbow. Someone else had to of fired these shots.)" Raijin says to himself and tries to carefully remove the bolts.

"Considering the size of the targets, I would say that I am still the best archer alive." Kareen boasts.

"You whore shall pay for this as you are gagging on it!" Raijin says and attacks with blinding speed.

Kareen dodges a few of the attacks but is hit by most of them. She holds in her screams as the razor sharp scalpels slice her and her clothes to bits.

She finds a small hole and soccer kicks Raijin right on the inside of the left knee and then kicks him square in the chest that sends him flying across the street straight into a pickup truck.

"(How did she see through my attack and find an opening? Its as if time slowed down for her.)" Raijin says to himself as he picks himself up.

Kareen drops to one knee and ties her shirt back into place as well as her skirt. Blood is flowing from the paper thin cuts, drenching her last remains of her clothes.

In the distance the sounds of police sirens is heard.

"Better finish this quickly before the cops arrive." Kareen says and stands up with her bow in hand.

She looks up and Raijin is nowhere to be seen.

Hiding on the roof of the building across the street, he peeks out.

"Where is the demon? There has to be another." Raijin says and carefully surveys the area.

Kareen takes the opportunity to look her bow over. Inside the bow itself is a small crossbow. She refills the bolts with the last few she has before looking around again for Raijin.

A loud scream shatters the silence.

"I would be more careful, especially if you want to try and make me "gag on it." Those bolts are barbed so the only way to pull them out is to push them through." Kareen shouts still looking around.

"That whore did this on purpose! For this she will be begging me to kill her." Raijin says and leaps high into the air.

At the last possible second, Kareen rolls to the right as Raijin crashes into the ground. He does manage to slice her foot badly through the shoe.

Kareen stands up and Raijin is right there with his scalpels drawn. He shreds her shirt, bra, and breasts with ease, causing her to muffle her scream and cover her chest.

"And now for that teasingly short skirt." He says and slices her, hips, skirt, and panties.

Kareen passes out from the overwhelming pain and Nara's power.

"I...... used.... too..... much.... Forgive me...." Kareen says as she blacks out.

Raijin spins around to see Kareen's incredible and bloody goods but instead locks eyes with Nara who stands there glaring down at him.

The air suddenly becomes real dense and thick. Raijin stands there paralyzed with terror as he looks deep into Nara's eyes.

There is a massive rush of air that sends Raijin tumbling across the ground and straight through the side of a semi trailer and into the the large plate glass window of a store.

The air returns to normal and Nara looks back at Kareen.

"Please forgive me for not helping out more." A young woman says kneeling next to Kareen's body.

Nara holds his hand up to her and she shuts her mouth.

"You did just fine. He is way out of your class so don't beat yourself up. I will handle this." Nara says and walks over with his aura just pouring off him.

Raijin gets up and staggers to the nearest wall to keep himself upright.

"What the hell hit me?" Raijin asks and looks himself over.

Nara's powerful arm comes through the brickwall and wraps around Raijin's throat, then pulls him through the wall. Nara slams him onto his back and a circle of blood forms above Nara's head.

The blood that drips off of it doesn't fall to the ground, it instead rises towards the ceiling. From with in it, Nara's book emerges slowly.

"Raijin. Wasn't it?" Nara says as the book carefully and slowly lowers itself onto Raijin's chest.

He nods and the book opens.

Nara reads it and an evil idea comes to his mind.

"I must say your work with these is very impressive. (picks up one of Raijin's scalpels.) Nothing but paper cuts that look life threatening but aren't. That shows a tremendous amount of skill and control. Tell me why her?" Nara says twirling the scalpel.

Raijin is silent and Nara looks at him with great curiosity.

Raijin's eyes grow wide and he inhales deeply.

"I guess I should mention that if you don't answer my questions quickly and truthfully then that wonderful little book there gains weight and will squish you like a bug. However you won't die from it. It will just be the most excruciating pain you have ever felt." Nara explains.

"I killed a scout this morning that wouldn't stop saying, "I must get to Lady Kareen."" Raijin says.

"I see." Nara says and paces back and forth slowly for several minutes.

Nara snaps his fingers and looks down at Raijin.

"Can't have you attacking people now can I?" Nara says and breaks both of Raijin's arms, which causes dozens of scalpels to fall out of his hands.

"Just kill me." Raijin says.

"Nope. Have a better idea. Something..... New. For me anyway." Nara says and laughs demonically.

"FREEZE!!!" A cop shouts from the doorway.

As the cop blinks, Nara slams his head into the exposed metal support beam.

"Bring him." Nara says and snaps his fingers.

Several of Kareen's scouts pick Raijin up and follow Nara who take's Kareen into his arms. They all head for home.


Jade finally comes around just before the final bell and looks around confused.

"What the hell am I doing up here?" He asks himself aloud then gets up.

Ashen is still trying to pull the pen halves out of his feet.

"Ashen? What happened?" Jade asks and makes his way over.

"Not sure." Ashen replies.

"(Sessaru. Wake up.)" Ashen says.

"(Yeah. What?)" Sessaru replies.

"(Jade. He is up and helping get the pens out. What should I do?)" Ashen asks.

"(Nothing. Just let him help. It appears that Shin erased his memory from today.)" Sessaru says.

"(Okay.)" Ashen says as Jade pulls out the last pen half.

Silmeria bursts through the door and sees Jade helping him.

"Huh?" She says totally confused.

"There. All done. Do try to be more careful." Jade says politely and leaves.

"What happened?" Silmeria asks looking Ashen's body over.

Ashen explains what happened before the two of them leave for home.


Sessaru takes over once they reach home and he storms straight up to Nara's room, kicking the door open in the process.

"What the hell is the big idea?" Sessaru says angrily before seeing Kareen laying all bandaged up in Nara's bed.

"I told you to keep it calm and not to go overboard. You were losing control when I went by so I simply had to draw your attention to something else." Nara says not looking at him.

Sessaru is quiet for a moment.

"Alright, I understand. But why fifty pens? That's a little excessive don't you think?" Sessaru says.

"It kept you busy and calm didn't it." Nara says and walks out with Sessaru.

Sessaru doesn't say a word.


Ta walks in the house and heads to the basement. He flips the light switch on and sees Raijin chained to the wall with his arms and legs spread wide.

Ta looks him over and sniffs the air.

"Oh you royally screwed up. I would feel bad for you but this should be entertaining to watch." Ta says with a laugh while grabbing a case of pop and then heads back upstairs.

"You didn't attack him?" Nara says surprised.

"Not when I can smell Kareen's blood on him and my sense of smell sucks in this body. So why are you keeping him alive?" Ta says.

"There is something you should all know but it will have to wait till Kareen wakes." Nara says.

"What is it?" Sessaru asks.

"Is it about our bodies?" Ta asks excitedly.

"Not sure. All she said was she had something to tell me and then passed out again." Nara says.

That evening, Nara carries Kareen downstairs and sets her in a chair.

"Good. You are all here. I have some great news." Kareen says.

"What is it?" Ta asks.

"Your bodies are going to be shipped to a new facility. I am uncertain of where and when at this time but my scouts are working to find out as we speak." Kareen says.

Everyone is silent and just stares.


"Alright, listen up. We are going to be transferring the bodies to another research facility. This is going to be our chance to prove to our lords that we can do something useful while they are away." The Lieutenant says.

"Why, Kyo? What is wrong with the current research facility?" One lieutenant asks.

"Because this one has better equipment and is closer to a portal." Kyo says.

A messenger enters and hands a message to Roswell's scout leader.

The scout leader reads the note and crumples it up.

"Everything alright, Koji?" Kyo asks.

"Just fine. Do continue." Koji says.

"We will make use of the human's advanced transportation systems." Kyo continues as Koji leaves.

All of Roswell's scouts get together and look at Koji.

"Orders from Fat Ass. He wants all of us to go to the human world and watch Nara. He thinks Nara may be plotting something. Now I have come up with an idea." Koji says smiling.


The following day, Ta, Sessaru, Shin, and Nara all sit around the house in shock.

The young woman who helped Kareen enters.

"Milord. May I speak with you?" She asks kneeling before Nara.

Nara snaps back to reality.

"What is it?" Nara says.

"I am ready to accept my punishment for not joining into the fight yesterday." She says.

"It's Becky right?" Nara says.

"Correct milord." Becky says.

"Just forget about. You did what you thought was the right choice and it was. Kareen would of been more upset if she lost another friend. With your time control power you were able to help from the shadows. Now go and get something to eat and get some sleep." Nara says.

"Yes, Milord. Thank you." Becky says bowing as she leaves.

That afternoon there is a knock on the door and Nara answers it as he walks past with a sandwich.

"Milord. Forgive this intrusion but I need to speak with you and the other lords." Koji says bowing at the front door.

"Come on in." Nara says and shuts the door behind him.

"Thank you." Koji says.

"Who are you?" Sessaru asks.

"I am Koji, leader of Roswell's scouts. I have come here today to speak with you. My grandfather served you his entire life as well as my father till that day. All I ask is that you hear me out." Koji says.

"We're listening." Nara says sitting back down.

"I have information about your bodies." Koji starts.

"Koji?" Kareen says coming down the stairs with Silmeria, Lust, and Aurora.

They each give him a big hug and sit next to their lord.

"Mi'ladies. Pleasure to see you again." Koji says.

"Still with Roswell?" Lust asks.

"Not at the moment. In fact that's partly why I am here." Koji says.

"Koji is one of the best scouts for his age. He is the one that would send me word of Roswell's actions." Kareen explains.

"Yes. I may seem as an unfaithful scout however there are many factors behind it. The main one being that he doesn't respect us in any way. In fact our last orders we received from him was this." Koji says handing the piece of paper to Lust who reads it and passes it on.

"About our bodies?" Sessaru says.

"Yes. They are currently in transport at we speak. The day after tomorrow they will pass through here and arrive in Palatine, two hundred miles away. One is on a train and the other is going by semi truck. My men scouted the route and have come up with several different plans of attack for you." Koji says and spreads the map across the coffee table.

"So you think this will make me trust you? How do we know this isn't a trap set up by Roswell?" Ta says.

Koji starts laughing uncontrollably.

"Please forgive my outburst but Roswell is an idiot. He couldn't dig a hole without instructions and someone telling him constantly what to do." Koji says.

"Besides, Koji has helped us all out on several occasions." Aurora says.

"I understand your distrust but Lord Ta I have something that belongs to you and something for Lord Sessaru as well." Koji says and snaps his fingers.

Two scouts enter and set two wooden crates down.

Ta and Sessaru get up and examine the boxes. Ta is the first to open his and a wicked smile creeps across his lips. He pulls out two gauntlets and laughs demonically.

Sessaru opens his box and pulls out his Surtanryu.

The four lords sit there silently as all of this sinks in.

"Koji. I remember your grandfather. He was a great scout. And I can understand why you are betraying Roswell. However, since you are betraying your lord then there should be a punishment for your betrayal. Follow me." Nara says getting up.

They return a few minutes later and Koji leaves.

"What was that all about?" Kareen asks.

"He is running an errand for me as his punishment. Now onto more important things. Ashen, explain all this to us." Nara says.


Sitting on a bright and sunny beach, Kogamaru, Shingi, and Shear all let out a sigh of relief.

"Amazing." Shear says.

"Why didn't we do this years ago?" Shingi asks.

"No idea." Kogamaru replies.

Several college girls walk by and smile.

"Have to admit these humans sure look better then most of the demon women at home." Kogamaru says watching them walk by.

"A lot better." Shear says.

"What are you three doing? We are here to get some action and you three have done nothing but lay in the shade." Roswell says setting his stuff down.

"We are just enjoying the sights before we sample what this beach has to offer." Shingi says.

Roswell disrobes and stands before them completely nude.

"We should be out there scoring with every human woman we can get our hands on." Roswell says.

The three of them look at Roswell and shudder.

"Its not that kind of beach." Shear says.

Roswell turns his back to them and bends over to spread his towel out.

The three of them stare in disgust.

Roswell turns back towards them and says, "Why are you guys out there yet? More for me then."

He struts over towards a group of college girls.

"I have dissected things that weren't that gross looking." Kogamaru says.

Shear being the closest, sprints to the bathroom holding back his vomit.

"Afternoon ladies." Roswell says standing before them.

They look at him and are speechless.

"Like what you see? Its all for you." Roswell says trying to be suave.

The women all pull out pepper spray and spray him in the eyes as well as his crotch.

Roswell falls and writhes in pain for nearly an hour.

Kogamaru and Shingi explode with laughter.

"How did it go, fire crotch?" Kogamaru says laughing.

"Does it look damaged to you?" Roswell asks holding out for Kogamaru to look out.

Kogamaru and Shingi sprint to the bathroom as well.

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Chapter 26b
The next day, Nara and Ta sit in a truck weighstation just outside of Palatine.

"Was that really necessary?" Nara asks.

"Yes. You said we could do whatever t took to get our bodies back." Ta says.

"But killing them like that?" Nara says looking back at two unrecognizable corpses in the break room.

"All I did was hit them repeatedly with a steel fire door. They'll be fine." Ta says.

"I think not but whatever." Nara says adjusting his uniform.

A couple hours go by and Ta nudges Nara as a semi and a black SUV pull in.

"Driver please bring in your paperwork." Nara says into the microphone.

A couple minutes later the driver enters as Ta walks out.

Ta walks past the SUV and waves as he walks by.

The soldiers inside ignore him and watch the truck.

"He's been in there for too long." One soldier says and opens his door.

Ta comes running full speed and kicks the door shut which breaks the soldier's leg. The soldier's head also goes through the window and Ta grabs the soldier's gun.

"Weapons. Out the window now." Ta demands.

Nara walks out and picks up the guns on the driver's side.

"Alright, all of you are going to cooperate and not do anything stupid." Nara says.

"Just sit here in you car and chill." Ta says and Nara breaks the gun in half.

The soldiers stare in shock and terror as Nara and Ta make their way over to the truck.

Ta opens the back door and is greeted by a dozen heavily armored soldiers with shotguns.

"So much for just asking for our bodies back. Any ideas?" Ta asks hiding under the trailer with Nara.

"One." Nara says.

"Go for it." Ta replies.

The soldiers laugh to themselves as they think they have killed one.

One scientist points and says, "Isn't that truck coming to fast?"

"Yeah. Shoot the shit out of it, boys!" The commander says.

"Aye aye sir!" The others say before the semi rams the rear of the trailer sending everyone flying towards the front of the trailer.

A second later a second semi plows into the side of the trailer causing the bodies to fly.

"No one could of survived that." One soldier in the SUV says.

Nara and Ta both climb out of their wrecked semis with only minor injuries.

"Screw this. That don't pay me enough to handle that type of shit." The commander in the SUV says and floors the gas pedal.

Ta walks over to his body and smiles as tears fill his eyes.

"The great Ta with tears in his eyes?" Nara says walking past.

"Bite me. I am not totally emotionless. You tell anyone about this and you're dead." Ta says before a bright light absorbs him and his demon body.

Nara walks over to his body and the same thing happens.

The soldiers in the trailer slowly get to their feet and stumble out of the trailer.

Before they can even grasp what happened, Ta is all over them like a pirahanna with a blur of kicks and punches that land with so much force that their armor dents.

Ta stands at an even 6ft 6in with a slightly more muscular build then the Nara, Sessaru, or Shin. He has black and crimson hair that goes straight back in medium sized dreadlocks. The only article of clothing he is wearing is a pair of board shorts that go past his knees a couple inches.

Nara stands at a staggering 7 and a half feet tall. His white hair drawn back into a ponytail. The sides and back of his head is completely shaven and 8 1 inch horns protrude from the top of his head. They form a crown around his head and they are a beautiful crimson color. Covering his chest, arms, and back is a large black tribal tattoo. There are more tribal tattoos that cover his jaw and neck. These are a blood red color.

"Good to have it back." Nara says stretching and twisting.

Ta runs off and a couple minutes later an explosion is heard. Nara is still stretching and twisting when Ta returns.

"Couldn't just let them live could you?" Nara says.

A shotgun goes off and blows Nara's arm off completely.

"You bastard! And I was going to let you live." Nara says and puts his hand on heavily armored soldier's chest.

The soldier looks down and notices that Nara's hand is actually crushing the armor with ease.

"Be gone." Nara says throwing him into traffic.

The soldier nails the front quarter panel of a passing car, causing it to spin out of control and straight into a tanker truck that is hauling gasoline. In a matter seconds a dozen cars pile up and one car is on fire. The tanker stops rolling and explodes.


Several miles away, Shin and Sessaru see the smoke from the explosion.

"Guess they got their bodies back." Sessaru says.


"And you said I went over board." Ta says.

"It was an accident. I didn't see that road there." Nara replies as he reattaches his arm.

"Lying sack of shit." Ta replies and the two of them run off.


Sessaru and Shin stand on a bridge over a set of train tracks.

"What time is it?" Shin asks.

"Quarter after. Stop asking. There is a clock right over there." Sessaru says pointing to the clock.

Shin clears his throat and Sessaru looks at Shin. The railing Sessaru is leaning on is a couple inches above Shin's head so it blocks his sight.

"Well.... Grow faster." Sessaru says.

Shin looks at him and then kicks him in the shin.

About fifteen minutes later, Nara and Ta show up.

"Hey you. What are you doing to that little girl?" Ta shouts.

"So I am guessing that massive smoke column is your work?" Sessaru asks Ta.

Ta slaps Nara's back and shakes his head.

"That would be his work." Ta says.

In the distance, a train whistle blows and everyone looks.

"That would be the train." A man says as he walks by and smirks.

The train speeds by and the four of them hop on.

"What's the plan?" Shin asks.

"Plan?" Sessaru says extending his claws.

"Hang on. Let's find the bodies before you go slaughter happy." Nara says.

They all stand and the only one able to stay standing is Shin.

"Something wrong?" Shin asks looking back.

"How the hell are you staying up right?" Ta asks holding on to a bar.

Shin holds up his foot and shows a black sticky substance on the bottom.

"You didn't do any research about train walking?" Shin asks.

"Till yesterday I didn't know what a train was so.....No." Sessaru snaps.

"You guys haven't been here as long as I have so its no big deal. Just crawl on your stomachs. There is a passenger car just four cars up. I'm going to check it out." Shin says and walks easily up to the passenger car and slips in through the door between the cars.

The others make their way to the car as well and watch from the roof.

"Mommy? Are you here?" Shin says as a scared little girl.

At the rear door two soldiers dressed in civilian clothes guard the door.

"Sorry, sweetie. You aren't allowed past here." One says.

"But my mommy. Another man with a gun took her and went this way." Shin says and starts sniffling.

"Don't cry. Tell you what. We will go and look for her in the next car. Just wait right here." One guard says.

Shin looks up at them with big, sad, tear filled eyes.

"Thanks mister." Shin says in a sweet and innocent voice.

The guards open the door and exit the car but before they can even react, Shin slips through and does a jumping split kick that sends both of them flying off the train. One guard hits his face on a passing pole and decapitates himself.

"Tree." Sessaru says and he and Ta pull their heads in at the last second. Nara unfortunately doesn't and is knocked off the train.

(Just to remind everyone, Shin is in a young girl's body around 6 or so. It is very difficult to write his/her parts. Just bare with it a bit longer.)

Shin thinks for a moment and snaps his fingers when he thinks of something.

He tears his dress and ruffles his hair. He quickly opens the door and slams it behind him. Then leans against it with a terrified look on his face.

"What are you doing in her young lady?" The Commander asks walking over.

The car is filled with a dozen soldiers and a couple scientists.

"(Not here.)" Shin says to himself.

"There were two men who tried to touch my privates. They ripped my panties off and started to get naked. I tried to fight and ran from them." Shin says hugging the Commander.

"The two men watching the door?" The commander asks.

Shin nods with tears in his eyes. He also starts shaking.

"Those bastards!" One soldier says as all of them head for the door.

Shin grins and his katana is dropped into his hands from up above. In a flash all of them drop completely cut in half. Shin opens the door and Ta and Sessaru enter.

"Not here?" Sessaru asks.

"No. You try the last two cars. They should be filled with soldiers." Shin says.

"Empty." Sessaru says smiling and putting his sword away.

"Then we should check the front cars." Shin says.

Ta leaves and leaps up to the roof only to be bashed in the face by a passing railroad crossing light.

Without warning the entire train derails and plows through a residential neighborhood.

When the derailed train finally stops, two of them crawl out of the wreckage.

Shin looks at Sessaru and Sessaru looks back at Shin.

"What did you do?" Shin asks.

"Nothing. I cut the last car free from the car in front of it, then killed everyone, then cut it in half. I didn't do this." Sessaru says and then looks around, "Where did Ta go?"

Suddenly one passenger train car rips in half and Ta is standing there badly injured.

"How can the two of you screw things up this bad? I'm all for destruction and chaos but this?" Ta says.

They look back down to where the train first derailed and see nothing but carnage.

"Actually, this was my fault." Nara says sitting on some scientist.

"How did you..." Ta starts to say.

"Doesn't matter. This guy here is the only one that can open the chambers housing your bodies." Nara says smiling.

"Now we just have to find them." Sessaru says.

Nara points to the tree behind him and hands the scientist over.

Sessaru and Shin grab the scientist and force to open the chambers containing the bodies.

A blinding light envelopes the area and once it vanishes, Shin, Ashen, and Sessaru are standing there.

Sessaru stands at 5ft 7in tall and has an average build. He has long black hair that is down to the middle of his back and has dozens of blue streaks throughout it. He is wearing a dark blue ninja outfit and sandals.

Shin is the shortest member standing at a mere 5 foot even. He is also the scrawniest one. He is dressed in traditional Japanese clothing. His hair is done up into a high ponytail and his bangs cover his eyes which are closed. The rest of his hair stops at the base of his neck. Across his right eye is a scar that goes from the middle of his forehead to his cheekbone. He puts his sword on his left hip and cracks his neck.

"Koji said the research facility is somewhere here in Palatine." Nara says.

The others look at him and he sighs.

"Fine. I guess this can't be avoided." Nara says and Shin, Sessaru, and Ta all run off.

"What's going on?" Ashen asks confused.

"Look. Steal a car. Grow wings. I don't care how you do it. Just get the hell out of town." Nara explains and walks down the road whistling.

Ashen scratches his head and the tune Nara was whistling caught his attention.

"That's the funeral march." Ashen says and takes off running.


Sessaru is running down the street and is stopped by several gang members.

"Yo! What you doin here, bitch?" One of them says.

"It don't matter. Just give us your cash and valuables before we have to fuck up your pajamas." Another says.

"Is that so?" Sessaru says summoning Surtanryu.

The gang members try to draw their guns but are cut to ribbons.


Ta stands in the middle of a busy intersection rolling his shoulders and bobbing his head back and forth.

"You in the street. Come here." One officer says.

Ta doesn't say a word and continues to loosen up.

The cop reaches for him and is socked straight in the mouth. He quickly falls back and calls for back up.

Within 10 minutes the entire intersection is surrounded.

"Alright just lay down and you won't be harmed." The negotiator shouts.


In the exact center of town Nara leans against a building. Shin approaches him and leans against the building as well.

"Not going to have any fun?" Nra asks.

"All done." Shin says, "Just waiting for the show to start."

Sessaru walks up drenched in blood.

"Humans are amazing. That pack themselves into such dense areas that they are so easy to kill in large numbers. Oh, one of them had this on them." Sessaru says and hands Nara a Desert Eagle gun.


Ta grins briefly then punches the ground with all his might. The crater created by the punch is wider then all four lanes of traffic and is halfway down the block. Blood splatters line the buildings now and not a cop in sight.

"Pathetic." Ta says and heads back to Nara.


Nara is examining the gun when Ta shows up.

The gun goes off and Nara drops to the ground.

Shin, Sessaru, and Ta look at him in shock.

A few minutes go by and Nara sits up.

"Interesting weapons they have." Nara says and puts the gun in his pocket and walks into the street where he is nailed by a passing bus.

"DAMN!!!" The three say together.

Nara gets back up and everything falls silent.

"Oh....... Shit........." They says together.

Nara's book bursts through the center of the street and opens.

Nara starts to read and an orb forms by his feet. The orb grows steadily and quickly covers the entire city.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chapter 25:

Sessaru walked down the street with his hands in his pockets pondering all the things he wanted to do his old number one apprentice. Jade

"(Hey....um......)" Ashen said

"(What is it?)" Sessaru replied

"(Well...I wanna help too ya know... Seems like fun..)"

"(Well I suppose..actually......(evil laughter) Oh today is a GOOD day!! (laughs again)"

Sessaru continue to walk to school with a smile on his face when suddenly his smile turned into a frown when he looked to his side and saw a little girl walking beside him.

"Shin..." he said

"Sessaru." Shin replied

"What brings you out here today?"

"Nara asked me to keep an eye on you. To make sure you behave and don't give him too much trouble..." Shin explained

"Is that so......" Sessaru said

The two of them continued to walk on for a while til Sessaru suddenly stopped.

"What's that?" he asked pointing to the sky. Shin looked and saw nothing. Turned back to Sessaru and he was gone.

Anger filled Shin as he punched the ground

"Phew..." Sessaru said walking through a walkway through the trees. Within minutes, Sessaru had arrived at the front of the school and noticed that there was a huge crowd at the front gate. Sessaru walked on to see what was going on and was shocked to see that Lawrence was hanging at the top of the flagpole by his underwear. Lawrence's face was swollen and bloody but he was alive.

"(Oh my.....)" Ashen said

"(Lawrence here has had a rough night..)" Sessaru said

"Alright alright! Nothing to see here! Get to class everyone!!" Nara said as he walked in front of the crowd.

"But...there's a student up there. We should get him to a hospital. I mean...look at him!" a female student said

"I do believe you're right.." Nara said lowering the flag pulling Lawrence's battered body off.

"I'll take this student to the infirmary at once. You all get to class," Nara said

"Oh Ashen! Hi!" Amelia said coming over to see him. Ashen turned to face Amelia and Amelia glanced into cold silver eyes.

"You're....not Ashen....hello Sessaru." Amelia said forcing a smile on her face. Steven quickly stepped in front of her. Sessaru could feel Ashen become depressed.

"Well hello you two. Looking good as usual." Sessaru said

"(SESSARU!!)" Ashen yelled

"(Relax..)" he replied

"Thank you." Amelia said hugging Steven

"Where's Ashen?" she asked

"Where else? I'm a little busy. Excuse me." Sessaru said with a slight bow and walked into the school.

"(What's the big idea!!)" Ashen complained

"(Look. Just chill. She's been your friend since childhood right?)" Sessaru asked

"(Yeah..)" Ashen said

"(Maybe it should stay that way. I mean there's plenty of humans and or demons that you could get with.)"


Nara held Lawrence by the back of his tattered shirt dragging him to the back

"Y....You..." Lawrence muttered

Nara looked back at him and continued to drag him

"W..What...What are you...." Lawrence asked just before he was tossed into the dumpster. Nara dusted off his hands and proceeded to class

Sessaru walked to homeroom and saw Jade sitting in class talking to some students and smiled wickedly

"(Remember the plan?)" Sessaru asked

"(Yup)" Ashen replied

Sessaru walked into class strolling by Jade. Jade turned his attention to Ashen

"Good morning Ashen.." Jade said with a smile but that smile vanished quickly as he stared into not Ashen's soft brown eyes, but into cold silver eyes. Jade remained shocked as Ashen sat down in the seat next to him. Ashen then turned to Jade.

"Good morning." Ashen said

Jade looked at him funny then returned his good morning

"(What the hell?)" Jade said to himself

"Alright! Alright! Class is now in session." Nara said entering the class with his attendance book.

"(Umm....what is this? Court?)" Ashen said to himself

Just before Nara began to take attendance, a loud slam was heard. Nara looked up and saw that Ashen had put his desk right next to Jade. Nara rolled his eyes and began taking attendance

"Um...Ashen...What are you....." Jade started before once again staring into Sessaru's silver eyes.

Sessaru smiled as he glared at Jade.

"Y...YOU!!" Jade yelled getting up.

"Hey!! You're interrupting class!" Nara said

"S..Sorry.." Jade said sitting back down looked at Sessaru who's eyes had returned to Ashen's original brown.

"(Am...I.....seeing things?..)" Jade muttered to himself before he was brought back to reality by Nara's voice mentioning Raijin's name

"Hmmm...Raijin's not here? Jade. Have you seen him?" Nara asked

"The last time I checked, he said he had something to ask some chick he saw." Jade said with a slick smile

Jade turned his attention back to Ashen who was now facing Nara listening.

"Is that really Sessaru..? There's nothing written saying that two souls can share one body...its not possible....." Jade said staring at Ashen hard



"What is a little girl doing here......is she lost?" Someone asked


"(Damn it....Damn it....DAMN IT!!!! WHY IS SCHOOL SO DAMN BIG!!!!)" Shin said to himself


"(And what the hell is everyone whispering about.....and these damn panties feel weird..")


"(STOP LAUGHING YOU JACKASSES!!)" Shin snapped shocking everyone

"(Damn....that Sessaru....I'll kill him for such trickery back there.....)"


During the lecture, Ashen and Jade exchanged words and pleasantries. Jade began staring at Ashen more intensely to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Once again, Ashen had his brown eyes. Ashen then turned to face him and his left eye was silver. Not brown. Just before Jade could say something, a image popped into his head. An image of a blade piercing his throat. Jade then screamed aloud startling everyone in the class. Sessaru smiled to himself then suddenly a piece of chalk flew his way smashing against the desk. Sessaru looked at Nara who was now frustrated

"(What did you do?)" Ashen asked

"(Its nothing....just a trick.)" Sessaru said giving Ashen control while he rested


Kareen was walking toward the school enjoying the good weather smiling about the good news of her lord being able to regain his former body when suddenly a object came flying her way. Kareen sensed it just in time enough to jump back and avoid it.

"So....it WAS you after all...." a voice said

Kareen look over to a tree where Raijin stood

"Do I know you?" Kareen asked

"No....but I know you.....Kareen....." he said with a smile

"And how do you know me...."

"Oh....a certain lady kept screaming "I must get to lady Kareen. I must get to lady Kareen." as I sliced her up bit by bit." Raijin said

"It..it was you that did that to Jessica...!" Kareen said angered

"Yes....for a scout, she wasn't very good....I mean....she literally fell into my lap coming out of the portal and after just a little torture, she instantly squealed about who she was trying to get to. Pathetic.." Raijin explain

Kareen bit her lip concealing her anger

"(So she didn't give up the information she received...good work girl....but this guy.....he's a...Rank C....no....possibly a Rank B demon...not good..)" Kareen said to herself

"I see...so you're the one who took down Jessica..she was a fine scout..." Kareen said removing her hair from her face

"Too bad she couldn't deliver her message. Huh?" Raijin said hopping down from the tree pulling out more scalpel-like weapons

"Yeah...." Kareen said backing away

"(Can I...? Nara.....I may have to use your power without your consent....)" Kareen said to herself as Raijin attacked at blinding speeds


The bell rang for lunch and the class dispersed. Ashen headed up to the roof as planned by Sessaru before he went to rest. Ashen sat beside a air vent and waited.

"(Alright...now what?)" Ashen asked

"(I'll take over...") Sessaru said switching with Ashen

"(You're not gonna kill him....are you...)" Ashen asked

"(Not at all. He was my lieutenant after all....") Sessaru said

"(But...those thoughts....)" Ashen said just before the roof door opened. Sessaru turned expecting Jade but got Shin instead.

Sessaru sighs

"Expecting someone?" Shin asked

"Why? Its none of your concern." Sessaru said

"I'm not gonna repeat to you why I'm here." Shin said

"I know I know.... To keep me under control right?"


Sessaru smiles

"What?" Shin asked

"Time to do your job." Sessaru said as Jade opened the door to the roof

Sessaru picked up Shin and tossed him off the roof setting his attention on Jade

"Sessaru....it really is you inside there.." Jade said

"Nice to meet you too...nice body. Looking good." Sessaru said

"My lord wishes to see you." Jade said

"Oh? And is there a reason why he can't come get me himself?"

"Why come do it himself when he has loyal retainers such as myself to do that for him."

"And I'm guessing that this "loyal retainer" believes he can take me on all by his lonesome?" Sessaru said with a smile

"Wanna try me?" Jade said

"Oh my...." Sessaru said


Nara sat in the teacher's lounge with a cup of coffee staring up at the ceiling as he could feel the demonic aura begin to stir on the roof

"After I told him not to get out of hand..." Nara said picking up a pen


Just as Jade began lunge at Sessaru, he felt arms wrap around neck

"You should really calm down." Sessaru said

"(When did he...?)" Jade said to himself as a gust of wind blew by finally catching up to Sessaru's speed. Jade kneeled down and rolled away. Sessaru just stood there.

"You bastard!" Jade said through clinched teeth


Shin climbs his way back onto the roof just as Jade and Sessaru were exchanging blows. Shin attacked. Sessaru grabbed Jade and set him in the way of Shin attack getting hit in his balls. Jade let out a loud scream as Sessaru dropped him to the ground

"Nice shot." Sessaru said

"That was meant for you you asshole!" Shin snapped.


Sessaru and Shin argued back and forth long enough for the bell to ring signalling that lunch was over.

Jade slowly got to his feet and Sessaru headed toward the door promising that he would leave it as is

"Hey Jade...lets play a game....." Sessaru said

Jade got up slowly

"You know how Nara gets when students are late for class right? You sorta end up like our friend Lawrence...." Sessaru said and before Shin or Jade could move, Sessaru suddenly appeared a few feet behind Jade with his back to him and his Surtanryu drawn. A look of shock came over Jade's face as he fell to the ground completely disconnected from the knees down. Jade grunted in pain sliding over to retrieve his legs.

"You should be able to connect them back together in 15 minutes with that body of yours....right?" Sessaru asked as he walked by Shin and Jade. Sessaru's katana dematerialized and he laughed out loud just before a loud explosion was heard followed by a extreme blast of demonic aura strong enough for Sessaru and Shin to be shocked.

"This aura....its....Nara's.....but how the...." Shin said. From out of nowhere, Nara ran by and leaped of the roof heading full speed toward the direction of the explosion.


Kareen's demonic aura flared out of control. Blood flowed from her mouth. Her clothes were shredded from Raijin's attacks exposing lots of cleavage. Veins began to strain and could be seen clealy through Kareen's arms and face. Her once clear blue eyes were now black and yellow from the out of control aura

Raijin stood stiff but was being blown back slowly by just the very wind of the demonic aura

"Where did this power come from?!" Raijin asked to himself

"I will.....I will...." Kareen said straining herself as memories of her fallen comrades filled her mind. A few tears escaped her eyes before Kareen once again regained focus at the task at hand.

"FOR JESSICA!!!" Kareen yelled attacking Raijin at full force.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chapter 24:

"So what do we need to talk about?" Ashen asked plopping on a kitchen chair.

"Well...(scratches head)

"What?" Ashen asked

"Never had to explain things like this before...hmmmm...Well...for starters. I would like to apologize for getting you involved in this." Nara said pulling up a seat across from Ashen

"Its fine." Ashen said

"If Sessaru hadn't had used your body as a host, you wouldn't be in the situation you're in now." Nara said

"Oh. You mean about being a demon? I can't really tell the difference. Besides. Being a demon seems like fun. I mean you get to smash things! Have brute strength! Its should be fun!" Ashen said

Nara sighs

"Its not as fun as you think kid. There always. ALWAYS someone or people trying to kill you either because you're stronger, know someone stronger or because they just plain don't like you." Nara explained


"I'll explain it to you since you're already one of us. Listen well. What do you think of the new students in class?" Nara asked

"They seem like ok kids. Nothing special." Ashen said

"Wrong! In fact, they're demons sent here for our heads. Jade. The one that sits next to you..is after Sessaru. He also is a demon." Nara said pouring a glass of milk

"What?" Ashen said

"Yup. Didn't even realize it.. If Jade could confirm that Sessaru was ACTUALLY inside you, you would have been dead a LONG time ago my friend." Nara said sitting back down.

"But you guy are lords of the demon realm! Can't you do something?!" Ashen said

"WERE lords. Remember. Its been over 700 years since we've been there. Certainly you don't believe that the demons would wait for us." Nara said

"But if you knew, why didn't you take them out?" Ashen asked

Nara sighs and knocks Ashen upside the head.

"Ouch!" Ashen said

"Remember. This is not my real body. That dimwit Roswell got one over on me. I can use strength but every time I do. This body becomes tight. It'll start to shred if I use too much. Kinda like today..." Nara said

"Today?" Ashen asked

"Never mind that. Anyway, I can handle anything up to a class C demon with no problem. Anything above that and well...you get the picture." Nara explained

"C class? What's that?" Ashen asked

Nara sighs again.(For the love of...)

"All demons are categorized depending on their speed, power, skill, and intelligence in the demon realm." Ta said walking into the kitchen

"Petty demons and scouts usually rank anywhere between a level 5 being the weakest and a level 1." Ta explained snatching the milk out of Nara's hand taking a sip.

"What's after Level 1" Ashen asked

"Then start the ranks. In essence of speed, power, skill, etc. The gap between Level 1 and Rank D is quite noticeable. Ranks D and C are usually.....let's see...in your human terms, they would be the commanders of small platoons or armies." Ta explained dodging Nara's attempt to take back his milk.

"So they're lieutenants?" Ashen asked

"That's correct." Nara said kicking Ta in the stomach causing him to drop to the floor. Nara took his milk back and started explaining again

"Sometimes even a Rank B might even a lieutenants but they are usually a boss or and cheif or commander in your terms." Nara said

"So a B rank demon must be pretty powerful.." Ashen said discouraged

"Ranks D through B are almost the same except for maybe a difference in speed or power. It gets pretty terrifying at the A Rank though. A..no....even B Rank demons are or should I say WERE forbidden from ever stepping on human ground. They're aura alone could change weather conditions, killing living being and cause instant death like spontaneous combustion to any human not strong enough to handle it." Nara explain sitting down again. He could see the fear in Ashen's eyes.

"Man up! You're a demon now. I won't allow your cowardice any more. Understand?" Nara said

"Yes sir!" Ashen said sitting straight up

"Good." Nara said

"Is there anything after A Rank?" Ashen asked


"What?" Ashen asked


"Weren't you paying attention in Mythology?" Nara asked

"No because at the time, I didn't believe in demons..." Ashen said

"Right.... anyway...above A Rank is S. S Rank demons are far beyond any other Level or Rank and needless to say, they are either Lords or familiars for a lord. Before you ask, The gap between a Level 1 and Rank D is nothing compared to the gap between a Rank A and S Rank. To be honest, It would take......10 A Rank demons to subdue 1 S Rank demon and at least 2 other s Ranks to subdue just 1." Nara explained

"No way.....and you guys are S Rank right?" Ashen asked.

"So you were paying attention." Nara said.

"Yeah. I just wanted you to explain to me." Ashen said with a smile before he was hit with a carton of milk

"Damn brat..." Nara said

"Nara..." Ashen said in a serious tone


"How many demons are currently in the school?" Ashen asked

"More than half.."

"And how many want you guys dead...."

"About half of that half... Shin, Ta, and Sessaru....well...you are safe because they're in fake bodies. Me....this is and exact replica of my real body so everyone who's anyone knows who I am." Nara explained


"Don't worry. Most of the demons are this city just want peace. I respect that. The demon realm is full of nothing but scheming and backstabbing. At least here, there's SOME peace." Nara said

"Thanks for telling me." Nara said

"No prob. You're letting us live here so its the least I can do in return." Nara said

"You must have been a pretty good ruler Nara. I thought of demons as scary. You guys don't seem too bad." Ashen said

"Don't be fooled. ALL demons are scary. We're different because we personally don't want any trouble." Nara explained heading for bed.

"Wait! Nara! One last thing!" Ashen said.

"Now what!?" Nara said

"Could you possibly break this seal on Sessaru? I personally don't think its right for him to miss out on all this." Ashen said


"I mean...I know its to protect me from all those tragic memories but who know when you're gonna get your bodies back." Ashen said

"And whatif he decides to take over your body for good?" Nara asked

"Do you honestly think he'd do that?" Ashen asked

Nara smiles and laughs to himself

"I suppose not......(sighs) he won't be too happy.." Nara said

Ashen laughs

"You'll deal with it somehow."

Nara claps his hands together twice. A burning sensation overcame Ashen for a while then it stopped.

"Thanks." Ashen said

"Yup." Nara replied then headed for the steps til suddenly, Nara found himself pinned to the wall by an angry Sessaru

"Hi. What's up Sessaru?" Nara said with a smile

"Don't you "what's up" me! What the hell is wrong with you? Sealing me away like that?" Sessaru complained tightening his grip

"Did I do that? I don't remember..." Nara said losing breath.

Sessaru released Nara.

"Its fine." he said

"Huh? You're not mad?" Nara asked

"Nope. I completely understand." Sessaru said heading to bed.



"Well..that's everyone. Hey! We're leaving the bodies to you." Shingi said to the head scientist.

"If there's any changes or if you find a suitable subjmect, contact me via scout. Understood?" Shear warned

"YES SIR!!" the scientists said

"Come on Roswell!" Kogamaru yelled

Roswell came through the door looking good as new.

"Alright alright!" he said rubbing his arm making sure it healed right.

"We're heading for our vacation spot. A beach in the human realm. We're ditch leave our real bodies here and switch to a human body. We're there to relax. Not fight." Shear said as they switched over to their human, high school student looking bodies.

"Looking good there Shear!" Kogamaru said

"Not too bad yourself." Shear said

They all turned to Roswell who's appearence hadn't changed except for he looked more human and his trool horns were gone.

"No ass for you!" Shear said

They all laughed out loud

"Whatever! JMust shut up!" Roswell said

They all laughed and walked through a portal leading to the human realm

The scientist pulled out his cell phone and dailed a number

"Yes? Its me. Our opportunity has arrived. I need a.....yes.....YES!? Perfect! We'll send the bodies there! Azure City was it? The bodies will be there in two days." The scientist said and hung up

"Hmm?" he said checking just outside his door

"Though I heard someone..."

After the scientist closed the door, a young lady took off hear invicibility cloak.

"That was close.." she said

"Gotta tell Kareen..!" she said and ran like a bat out of hell toward the exit


The next morning, Kareen, Aurora, Lust, and Silmeria made breakfast for their lords. Shin came over just for a taste of Aurora's cooking.

"Its good to have you back mi'lord." Aurora said handing Shin his breakfast

"You too." Silmeria said handing Sessaru his.

"Thanks." he said

"You girls have gotten better at cooking human food." Nara said

"Amelia has been teaching us." Kareen said


(Sessaru laughs evilly to himself)

Ta cringes and Nara glances over at Sessaru

"(That's not good....)" Ta said to himself sipping his tea

"Sessaru....what are you thinking...." Nara said eating a bagel

(Smiles) Nothing." Sessaru said taking a sip of orange juice


"That runt....I'll teach him...(laughs evilly) I'll make him wish he'd never been born......(laughs again) Oh Jade.....you've got another things comin..(snickers)

Nara sighs

"Just don't do anything to attract too much attention." Nara said

"Hmph." Sessaru said as he gets up and walked out the door

"Silmeria..." Nara said

"Oh no! I'm not getting in the way when he's like that. Surely you KNOW how he gets when he's like that." Silmeria said washing the dish Sessaru left


"Sorry. But Shin..." Nara said

"Yes?" he said at attention

"Could you just keep an eye on him? He tends to get carried away an we can't afford to draw too much attention to ourselves at the current moment." Nara said

"Leave it to me." Shin said grabbing his katana

"I'll teach that disrespctful curr a lesson in manners."

"Oh! And Shin."

"Yes mi'lord?"

"That goes for you too."

Shin puts his sword down and walks out the door

"Will this really be alright?" Ta asked

(Sighs) "One can only hope." Nara said as they too left for school

A little after they left, Kareen sat on the couch when suddenly she heard a crash outside. Kareen rushed outside only to see her scout on the ground in a pool of her own blood

"JESSICA!!" Kareen yelled going to her aid

Kareen held her up but the blood wouldn't stop flowing.

"K...Kareen.....the bodies....The...lords...bodies....." she muttered

"Yes?" Kareen said in tears

"Azure.....City.......two.......days.." she said before dying.

Kareen gritted her teeth

Aurora had come up behind her to consule her

"She did well.." Aurora said

"That she did..." Kareen said with a smile

Aurora and Kareen buried the body out back.

"I'm going to give this info to Nara. Aurora. Watch the house. I suspect that things are gonna get a little interesting." Kareen said and left the house."

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chapter 23:

"You can't be serious?!" Amelia yelled but Steven held her back.

Silmeria remained silent as she watched Ashen get pummeled by the bigger guy.

"Are you trying to get Ashen hurt you bitch?" Amelia screamed as she finally broke from Steven's grip lunging at Silmeria throwing a punch at her with all she had. To her dismay, Silmeria caught her punch without so much as turning in her direction.

"If only that wimp there had your spunk." Silmeria said as Ashen got kicked down a flight and out the front door.

"ASHEN!!!" Amelia screamed trying to rush past Silmeria but was throw backwards toward Steven. Steven caught her.

"Amelia. You've got to calm down. She IS a demon after all......" Steven said glaring at her.

"Oh my... It is true that I'm a demon but more importantly, isn't it YOUR job to do the fighting? You ARE a man aren't you?" Silmeria said

Steven got up to confront Silmeria. As he did, his knees began to shake uncontrollably.

Silmeria sighs.

(Ashen gets kicked in the ribs)

"I'm not trying to hurt Ashen Amelia. I'm not. But you have to understand that inside that coward of a boy sleeps my lord. Sessaru. And it kills me to see him act that way!" Silmeria explained

"Ashen is no fighter! He's a kind, sweet boy who wouldn't hurt a fly! He doesn't need to get mixed up with you demons! It was you demons who killed his mother!" Amelia screamed but Steven held her back again.

(Ashen gets soccer kicked in the chest sending him rolling down along the floor)

A large crowd had then gathered around to watch the beating teasing Ashen the whole way.

"You talk about US demons but haven't you noticed?" Silmeria asked?

A look of confusion came over Amelia and Steven's faces.

"As much abuse as that boy has been receiving, there isn't as much as a single bruise or cut on his body. Isn't that a little strange?" Silmeria asked.

"He's body's just been toughen by constant abuse is all." Amelia explained.

"Don't make me laugh. That boy there kicking his ass is a demon." Silmeria said

Shock filled their faces

"Hey wait! Are you saying that Ashen is......" Steven started

"Congratulations but yes. Its slow but slowly and surely your friend Ashen is becoming a demon." Silmeria said.

Ashen looked at the guy and slowly got to his feet holding his chest when his noticed something.

"Hey... There's no pain. What is this?" Ashen asked himself as he got to his feet.

"Hey! This pussy can still stand! Not bad!" the guy said getting reassurance from the massive audience he had gathered

The boy walked up to Ashen in a cocky manner.

"Back to the ground." the boy said throwing a punch. Ashen caught the boy's hand with ease and pushed him away. The students went wild at the sudden turn of event.

Amelia and Steven were shocked themselves that their once powerless friend was now fighting back without their help.

"What?" Ashen said to himself

"Don't get too cocky!" the boy said rushing Ashen with a flurry of punches. Ashen dodged them with ease as if it were natural. A smile formed on Ashen's face as he spun around getting behind the boy stomping on the boy's ankle hard enough to bring him to his knees. Ashen then grabbed his hair pulling back hard enough so they were looking eye to eye.

"Don't worry. It'll be over in a minute." Ashen said with a twisted, demonic look in his eye. Ashen raised his fist to deliver the finishing blow when suddenly, Ashen's face hit the ground. The audience was in awe.

Silmeria sighs heavily and walks toward home.

"Goodness. Kids now these days....." a voice said

Ashen used all his strength to pull his head out the ground to see who it was. Ashen's vision began to recover from the extreme rush of blood to the head.

"N....Nara...?" Ashen muttered

"I'd appreciate it if you two would not fight on school ground." Nara said releasing them from his grasp.

The other boy glared at Nara and Ashen and went on about his business muttering and pushing his way through the crowd of students.

"Ashen!" Amelia yelled running to his side giving him a big hug. Steven looked on and felt a sense of abandonment watching Amelia baby Ashen like that.

Ashen assured Amelia that he was okay and turned his attention to Nara.

"What's the deal? Why did you stop me?" Ashen asked

"I have a few things I need to finish here. Go on home..." Nara said dusting off his pants leg

"Why? What's wrong?" Ashen asked

Nara looked at him and shook his head

"You've got a long way to go. I'll explain things later. Amelia. Take Ashen home will ya?" Nara asked

Amelia agreed and led Ashen home. Nara glanced over at Steven who was glaring at Ashen from behind with his fists clinched tightly.

"Nothing will happen if you don't say anything." Nara said.

Steven gave Nara a look of disgust.

"What do you know..? You're just a demon meddling in human affairs." Steven snapped then swiftly walking away. Within a blink of an eye, Nara was in front of him blocking his path with a smile on his face.

"What? W....What the hell do you want?" Steven said with shaky determination

"Its nothing. Go on." Nara said letting Steven pass.

After Steven had passed, Nara casually walked to the back of the school. As he walked to the back, Nara glanced over to the gate and saw some rustling going on in the bushes. Nara sighed heavily and went about his business

When Nara got to the back of the school, he once again began to dust off his pants leg.


Lawrence hid quietly in the bushes behind the school watching Nara as he was told to by Jade since he had his hands full with that one kid. Ashen was it?

Lawrence followed Nara to the back of the school when suddenly, he lost sight of him.

"What?" he said to himself

"You haven't been scouting for very long. Have you?" a voice said from behind. Lawrence quickly turned around only to see Nara standing there with his hands in his pocket. Lawrence jumped back a few feet and took a defensive stance

"Oh?" Nara said taking his hands out his pockets

"W...W..What do you want teach?" Lawrence asked as calm as he could bring himself to be.

"Nothing. I was just wondering why someone like you would be spying on someone like me. Doesn't your lord have anything else better to do than to send petty scouts after me?" Nara asked

"You watch your tongue. That's LORD Shear to you!" Lawrence said lunging at Nara. Nara moved to the side avoiding it.

"Whoa now.. Things like that could get you hurt if you're not careful." Nara said

Lawrence attacked again but with a flurry of punches and kicks. Nara dodged most of them but was kicked in the face by his last roundhouse kick sending Nara spiraling across the ground. Nara quickly regained himself as he slid across the ground quick enough to avoid Lawrence's flying kick from above. Lawrence's attack had so much force behind it, it left a crater size hole from where he hit.

Nara leaped on top of the school building and slowly after, Lawrence joined him

"So this is all there is to Nara of the Banshee Tribe eh?" Lawrence said with a cocky smile.

Nara clinched is fist tightly.

("Damn this body.....") Nara said to himself.

("The more power I use, the tighter and more difficult to use this wretched body becomes. And with Sir Boast-a lot there using that amount of power, it'll be difficult to settle this with normal means...")

"Well excuse me. Sorry to disappoint. Shall I.....live more up to your expectations?" Nara said with a smile

Surprised by Nara's comeback, Lawrence looked at the watch on his wrist and remembered what Shear told them.

("Do not release your powers on that side. The last thing we need is a catastrophe nor do we need THEM figuring out what we're doing. Use precaution. Don't try to be a hero. Your job is to scout. Not fight. Remember that.")

"Forgive me my lord but I can't let this opportunity pass! I WON'T!!" Lawrence said shattering the watch releasing his full demon aura. Wind began to pick up and the school ceiling began to shake. Nara sighed then smiled.

"Come." Nara said and without hesitation, Lawrence attacked with full force fueled on thoughts of glory and fame. Lawrence delivered multiple kicks and punches only to be blocked or dodged. Frustrated, Lawrence put more force and strength behind causing Nara to back up behind those blows. Lawrence followed through with another full power roundhouse kick. Nara ducked under with a spinning slide kick causing Lawrence to spin in the air from his own momentum. Nara then followed through with a spin kick to Lawrence's chest sending Lawrence flying inches above the school ceiling. Nara gave chase with the intent of ending this quickly. At the edge of ceiling was a small incline. Lawrence recovered just quick enough to use that incline as a lift to grab hold and spin himself around and use that momentum to deliver a quick high kick. Nara parried this blow and delivered a powerful elbow to Lawrence's midsection sending Lawrence flying to the ground. Once hitting the ground, the impact caused Lawrence to bounce and slide across the ground. After the bouncing finished, Lawrence held fast to his belly coughing and spitting up blood. The sight of his own blood signaled that he was in big trouble.

("Even in that body....against my full power....he still...") Lawrence said to himself struggling to his feet.

Lawrence aimed his attention toward the school rooftop but saw no one. At the very last moment, Lawrence felt a presence behind him.

"Too slow." Nara said behind him blasting Lawrence with a small proportion of his demonic power sending Lawrence flying across the field and into a car that happened to be driving by sending the car flipping and spinning out of control scaring the hell out of the woman and two children in the car.

After the car came to a stop, Lawrence laid there barely clinging to consciousness. His vision began fade as he saw Nara approaching him slowly before he finally passed out.

The woman and two children crawled out of the wrecked vehicle
completely unharmed but shaken up were greeted by Nara.

"I'm sorry. My friend here can be extremely reckless when he's playing. Please forgive him." Nara said as he grabbed the unconscious Lawrence by the hair and carried him away.

Nara took Lawrence's body back to the school grounds.

("Now.....what to do with this.....") he said to himself. Nara looked at the school flagpole and a smile formed on his face.


"You. Report." Shingi said taking a seat

"No changes yet sir. All test subjects last anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes before they are torn to shreds by the power alone." a demon said.

"You. Your report." Tinge said disappointed by the current news.

"Roswell's recovery is progressing smoothly. He should be released within a few days or so." another reported

Shingi sighs then yells from frustration.

"Relax Shingi. Your knack for wanting to know every detail is SO annoying..." Shear said lying out on the ground.

"Hmph. You're not progressing either! Do you know the situation we're in?! The four strongest demons ever to live who were assumed dead are alive and here we are running experiments and test after test after FUCKING test on their bodies which we STOLE by the way and are getting ABSOLUTELY nowhere because they're so powerful, no one we find can harvest their cells any longer than 5 minutes without either being torn to shreds or spontaneously combusting. Not to mention that our scouts never make it back!" Shingi snapped

"But right now those 4 are powerless to do anything. Let's just relax and deal with them later. I'm tired of worrying about them." Shear said


"Here's an idea. After our dim witted troll gets out of recovery, let's go to the beach over in the human realm. I hear that it quite the experience." Shear suggested

"We can even get a some human ass while we're at it." Kogamaru said walking into the room

"Any news?" Shear said

"No. But Roswell's recovery is coming along much faster than expected." Kogamaru said taking a seat with Shear.

"Well that and his shear strength IS what got him to be a lord in the first place." Shingi said

"But he's about as dumber than your average box of rocks." Shear said with a laugh

"We've got the brains. He's got power to spare. I mean he tricked Nara into a counterfeit body, snuck up on Nara AND put Nara through the ground WITH ease! That's enough to impress me." Shingi said

"But he got his ass torn to shreds by
The severed arm OF THAT counterfeit body. Talk about embarrassing...." Shear said

"Imagine what it could have done to us.." Kogamaru said.

Everyone shudders

"Come to think of it. We don't know much about Nara or the others beside the fact that Nara killed his father while he was two and single-handedly picked Ta, Shin, and Sessaru to be lords." Tinge said.

"Well Shin was quite a renowned swordsman before Nara found him. I've crossed swords with him quite a few times if I do say so myself." Shingi said boastfully.

"And the simple fact that Shin is still alive means that you lost quite a few times if I do say so myself." Kogamaru said with a smile angering Shingi.

"I didn't lose! It was a tie! Honest!" Shingi said

"Mhm. Sure." Shear said

"Well anyway, Ta was a street fighter back then. But afterwards settled down and that's when him and I met and got into science. Tab made lots of medicines for his people. Even made biological weapons." Kogamaru said

"Whoa! You personally knew him?" Shear asked

"Yeah...."Kogamaru said

"What happened...." Tinge asked

"If you must know, Ta took something from me...so I made him pay. I was the one who invented the device that separated their souls from their bodies." he said with a smile.


"Well...that just leaves....." Shingi started before Shear's hand hit the ground hard enough to make the windows shudder.

"That murderous bastard.." Shear said angrily

"Here we go...." Kogamaru said

"That fucking bastard is going to pay when I get my hands on him! I swear!" Shear snapped.

"That was over 750 years ago!" Tinge said

"He killed my father! Destroyed my home! My friends! EVERYONE!!!" Shear snapped.

"The Northern Lands Massacre. In less than 4 hours, Sessaru killed everyone in the Northern Lands single handedly. Now that's a feat." Shingi said.

"Don't praise he did something good! Surely he hurt someone close too!" Shear said

"Not me. I was in the Southern Lands at one of Nara's parties at the time." Shingi said

"Oh yeah? You too? Badass party!" Kogamaru said

Shear gets up

"Besides that. Do you know anything else about Sessaru?" Shingi asked

"Well..I do remember hearing that he was the youngest demon chosen to be a lord. Nara made him a lord at 8." Shear explained


"Sessaru is also the youngest amongst the three and from what Jade has told me, he's nowhere near as powerful and experienced as the others so maybe we should get rid of him first." Kogamaru said.

"Easier said than done. Jade had him but then said something about having the wrong guy." Shear said dropping his hands to his sides

"Enough about them. As soon as Roswell recovers, we're going to the human realm for some R&R. Agreed?" Shear said

Everyone agreed


A few hours later, Nara finally returned. Afterwards, everyone ate dinner, watched TV and went about their own thing.

Ashen was watching TV in his room when suddenly Nara patted him on the shoulder.

"We need to talk." Nara said

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chapter 22:

Class went on. Nara preached and teached about the times of old. Yawning and nodding off in the process. The students began talking amongst themselves when Nara finally fell asleep.

"Hi! The name's Jade. Pleased to meet ya." Jade said extending out his hand.

"Hi. I'm Ashen." Ashen replied.

"(Ashen...?)" Jade thought to himself.

"Um...Mi'lo....I mean....Ashen. I need you to come here for a second." Silmeria said tugging him in her direction.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Wait a minute! I wasn't done talking to him!" Jade said as Ashen was taken away

"Simeria..... What is it?!" Ashen said

"I don't like that guy...." she said

"Why? He may be a little wierd but he's not all bad...." Ashen said

"Ugh... can't you sense it?" she asked

"Sense what?" Ashen asked

"Ugh!! Mi'lord....how am I suppose to protect this dimwit?" Silmeria whispered


"He's not answering." Ashen said

"God dammit!!" Silmeria yelled outloud when suddenly a piece of chalk came and planted itself through the desk. the whole class grew quiet.

"No talking please." Nara said with a smile on his face.

After class, the students poured out frantically.

Steve, Silmeria, Ashen, and Amelia got up ans left class together. Jade got up and followed as well.

"What do you want?" Silmeria asked in a rather harsh tone.

"No. I was just wondering if you all would be so kind as to show me around. It is my first day and all." Jade said bowing his head.

"No! Beat it!" Silmeria said as she grabbed the others and hurried downstairs.

"That was rather mean." Amelia said.

"Say what you want. There's something about that guy I just don't like." Silmeria said

On the way out the door, Silmeria bumped into a rather large guy.

"Hey! Don't you have any manners?" the guy yelled

Silmeria sighed heavily then came up with an idea.

"Ashen. You handle this for me will ya." Silmeria said with a sly smile.

"What?!" Ashen said.

"Oh really? This outta be fun." the guy said popping his knuckles.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chapter 21:

Ashen sighs heavily as he sits on his couch.

"What's wrong?" Steven asked playing Ashen's Nintendo Wii

"I've been really tired lately..." Ashen replied

"Tired....?" Amelia said


"Oh....if memory serves correctly, Silmeria stays in your room....have you two been....." Steven started

"What have you two been doing!!?" Amelia said grabbing Ashen by his shirt.

"Nothing nothing...I swear..." Ashen said.

"Now I know you're lying! Whenever you start to say, "I swear" then I know you're lying!" Amelia snapped.

"Hey.....why does it matter to you? Ashen is his own man now. Plus, he has Sessaru living inside him so he'll be fine." Steven said.

"No. His mother left me in charge of him when she died. Its my job to....." Amelia started before see was interrupted by a startling scene.

Coming down the stairs was Silmeria rubbing her eyes sleepily wearing nothing but her blue and black striped bra and panties. Ashen's eyes bulge at the sight and he turned a deep red seconds before blood bursts from his nose.

"No wonder you're tired. I would be too." Steven said admiring Silmeria's body.

Amelia glares at him, then punches him in the mouth.

"What was that?" Amelia said.

Steven lays on the ground with blood running from his mouth and nose.

"Silmeria go upstairs and put more clothes on. There are two perverts down here." Amelia shouts to Silmeria.

She stops and heads back upstairs.


Shingi, Kogamaru, and Shear all sit around the monitors. Each of which has a picture of Nara smirking at them.

"It appears that Nara is aware of your scheme, Shingi." Kogamaru says.

"Yes it does. However this does save us on training scouts since Roswell keeps wasting them." Shingi says.

"Speaking of the troll. The doctors say he should be up and moving again within a few days. He does have remarkable regenerating skills." Shear says.

"To bad he can't regenerate some intelligence." Shingi says.

"We need to get another plan in motion before he comes back and screws it all up." Kogamaru says.

"Forgive my intrusion but I may have an idea." Jade says.

And what may that be?" Kogamaru asks.

"From my understanding, someone is killing all the scouts that Roswell is sending up. And Nara is fully aware of the cameras throughout the school, correct? Well with my idea, you won't need to send any more scouts and the camera will be perfect to distract Nara." Jade says.

"Go on." Shear says.


Nara walks down the stairs and into the front room to see Ashen and Steven laying in pools of their own blood. He looks at them then back towards the stairs. Silmeria walks back downstairs in a button up shirt that isn't buttoned.

"Oh." Nara says and sits down.

Ashen finally comes to as well as Steven.

"Enjoy the view a little too much did you?" Nara asks.

"Yeah. Where is Amelia?" Steven asks.

Nara shrugs and grabs Ashen's jaw. He looks him deep in the eyes. Ashen's eyes grow real wide before he collapses.

"That should help." Nara says and turns on the TV.

"What did you do to him?" Amelia asks running in about an hour later.

"Saving his life." Nara replies channel surfing.


"That is an excellent plan. Go get ready." Shingi says.

"Thank you." Jade says bowing before he leaves.

Kogamaru snaps his fingers and six lieutenants run in.

"Sir!" They shout at once.

"You six will accompany Jade on his mission. We will provide you with the necessary gear to help you blend in." Kogamaru says.

A lowly servant walks in places six bags on the table.

"Inside these bags is the equipment. You will find a necklace that will change your appearance so you will blend in. Also, a communicator that will allow you to communicate with us. However it only works during rainy days." Shingi explains.

"Any questions?" Shear asks.

"No sir." The lieutenants say at once.

"Good. Move out." Kogamaru says.

The lieutenants leave and Jade enters.

"This bag should help you blend in. There is a communicator that will allow you to have direct contact with us at any time. We expect an update every day. Good luck." Shear says patting his shoulder.


Amelia is kneeling next to Ashen and shaking him while Nara watches TV.

"What did you do to him?" Amelia asks.

"I put them both into a deep sleep. Ashen was looking so tired so I gave him what he needed. Just relax he will be fine." Nara replies and continues to watch TV.

While Sessaru sleeps, his mind wanders through his suppressed memories.

Later that afternoon, Nara picks up Ashen and sets him on a table before strapping his arms and legs to the legs of the table.

"Now what are you doing?" Amelia asks.

Steven pauses his game to see what is going on.

"Sessaru has blocked out most of his memories and when I put them into this deep sleep that made him relive all those memories. Chances are Sessaru has taken control of this body. I don't want him to do something stupid." Nara replies and puts his book on Ashen's chest.

"What's going on?" Ta asks walking into the room.

"Not sure." Steven says.

Kareen and Silmeria return from shopping and Silmeria drops her bags.

"What is the meaning of this?" She asks reaching for the straps.

Nara grabs her wrists and squeezes. Silmeria drops to her knees and Nara releases her.

"I am trying to save both of their lives. Do not interfere." Nara says sternly.


Jade and the lieutenants arrive in the forest next to the playground where Shin is playing with some other children.

"Excuse me little girl. Could you tell me where this address is?" Jade asks.

Shin looks at the address and says, "Over that way mister."

"Thanks." Jade says and leads the lieutenants through the town to the safe house.

"You must be Jade." A man says opening the door.

"Yes and you are?" Jade asks.

"I'm Jake. I do all the electronics for your group. I also do documents for people. I am almost finished with yours actually." Jake says.

"Really. That's good." Jade replies.

"There are four rooms upstairs. The six of you will be in the three with the double beds and you shall have the master bedroom. Go ahead and get your stuff put away while I finish these up." Jake explains and heads back to the computer room.

They return moments later and Jake finishes up.

"Ok. I am going to assume this is your first time here so pay attention and this should go smoothly." Jake says.

"What should go smoothly?" Jade asks.

"Your human training. I have the rest of today and all weekend to train to act like humans so you aren't spotted by Nara and the rest of them. Now pay close attention." Jake explains.


"MAKE IT STOP!! MAKE IT STOP!! I don't want to relive all these memories." Sessaru screams as he struggles against the straps.

Silmeria sits on the couch crying with Kareen, who is trying to console her.

Nara puts his hand over Sessaru's eyes and Sessaru calms down.

"What happened? I was having the most horrific dreams." Ashen says.

Amelia looks up and is about to say something but Nara motions for her to keep quiet.

"Now that I have both of you out. We need to have a little talk. This is very important and I do not want to repeat myself." Nara says to Ashen and Sessaru.

Ashen's right side is normal but his left side looks like Sessaru.

"What the hell did you do?" Sessaru asks.

"I temporarily gave each of you control of Ashen's body. Something my father use to do as a punishment. Anyway, that's not the issue. I am going to make this brief. Because you two do share the same body this constantly switching back and forth is slowly eating away at Ashen's soul. Ashen, you are already feeling the physical effects from it by being constantly tired even though you sleep all night. Given the power given off by Sessaru's soul I would say that if you keep switching like this then your soul could die in as little as a month." Nara explains.

The room is so quiet that the electricity in the walls can be heard.

Ashen is quiet for several minutes thinking of what has taken place recently.

"Most of the hosts like this never get this choice. We usually just take over and kill our host quickly but for some reason your soul is much stronger." Nara says.

"I don't want to die just yet so what will I need to do?" Ashen asks.

"That's easy. You are going to have to learn to defend yourself and not rely on any of Sessaru's power." Nara replies.

"What does that mean for me?" Sessaru asks.

"Means you are going to have to learn how to deal with those memories. I realize you want your body back. We are working on that but for the mean time, my friend, you are going to be in a deep sleep." Nara says.

"And what if Ashen is about to die? Then what? I just sit back and wait for him to die?" Sessaru asks.

"No. I am going to lend him my book. If he is about to truly die then my book will act as a shield for Ashen's soul. It will also awaken you so that you may defend Ashen. However, the shield will only be temporary. If the battle drags on for too long then your soul will over take Ashen's and he will die. If you can't win the battle then retreat. Also, once my book has awakened you then I too will be aware of it ad will rush to help." Nara explains.

"I don't really have much of a choice." Sessaru says.

"I think I can handle this. Actually defending myself for a change will be unusual for me." Ashen says.

"Then its settled. If you can't win quickly then retreat, understand?" Nara says.

"Yes. About those memories?" Sessaru asks.

"I will do my best to suppress them for you but I cannot make any promises that they will be fully suppressed." Nara replies.

"That's fine. Ashen I am entrusting you with Silmeria. Take care of her and she is to do the same." Sessaru says.

"Yes milord." Silmeria says and bows.

"Alright. Sleep well." Nara says and lifts the book off of Ashen's chest and Ashen returns to normal.

Nara suddenly collapses to the ground unconscious.

"Nara!" Kareen says.

"He's fine. Just used to much of his power." Shin says walking in.

The weekend passes and Monday morning arrives. Jake drops Jade and the lieutenants off at school and they look around like frightened sheep.

Ashen, Ta, Amelia, Steven, Kareen, Silmeria, Aurora, and Lust all walk past them and straight into the school.

"That's them." One lieutenant says.

Nara approaches them and they take a defensive stance.

"You must be the new students. I am Mr. Onigumo." Nara says extending his hand.

The lieutenants shake his hand as well as Jade.

"Follow me." Nara says and heads back inside.

After Nara gives them the tour he leads them back to the Principal's office.

"The principal will be with you shortly." Nara says as Ta is lead in by two police officers.

He is sat down across from Jade and is shackled to the chair.

The lieutenants stare at him in amazement.

"Keep staring and I will be the last thing you see." Ta says in a pissed tone.

"Jade." The principal says opening the door.

"What did you do?" Nara asks.

Four paramedics rush two students into the nurses room across the hall.

Nara watches through the window.

"They slapped a girl so I slapped them back." Ta replies.

"We're losing this one!" One paramedic shouts and starts CPR on the young man.

Nara looks back at Ta and shakes his head.

"I only slapped them once." Ta says as two more officers walk in.

"This one again?" One officer says.

They put more handcuffs and shackles on him before standing him up.

"My fists will be seeing you shortly." Ta says to the lieutenants as he is lead outside.

The paramedics walk out pushing two stretchers out with sheets covering the students.

The lieutenants look on wide eyed.

"Two new slots just opened in my class. See you then." Nara says and leaves.


Ashen is sitting in class quietly minding his own business when Amelia sits down next to him with Steven.

"You alright?" Amelia asks.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Ashen replies and looks out the window.

"Don't worry man. I'll be there for you. So will the others." Steven says.

Ashen gets up and walks off.

"What have I gotten myself into? I have never had to defend myself for anything. Is this really worth it?" He asks himself as he walks through the halls.


That night Jade and the lieutenants sit around and go over the blue prints of the school with the help of Jake.

"Tomorrow we start gathering intel. Rest up." Jade orders.

"Yes sir." The lieutenants reply.


The following day everyone arrives at school and Ta smirks at the lieutenants. They jump and run inside.

"Cowards." Jade says and walks in as well.

Shin silently slips in behind Jade and disappears into a crowd of people.

Jade turns around and sees nothing.

"Huh. Could of sworn somebody was behind me." Jade says before noticing the blood running down his arm.

Shin watches from a classroom and sees Jade heal himself.

"Just as I thought. Let's see what they are up to." Shin says and heads to class.

Everyone files into class and Nara starts teaching when Travis walks in with his mother.

"Are you the one who put my son through a table?" She asks.

"Yes. However, he threw the first punch. I merely defended myself." Nara replies.

She turns to Travis and says, "You threw the first punch? You never said anything about that." She slaps him then turns back towards Nara.

"You will be hearing from my attorney about this." She says.

Nara walks up to her and talks quietly with her. Moments later she writes something down on a piece of paper and hands it to him.

The boys in the class start cheering and Kareen glares at him as he smiles.

"Alright, enough. Class we have a few new students. Please stand when your name is called. Squall. Raijin. Casey. Lawrence. Phil. Deity. And last but not least Jade. Ok sit back down and lets continue with the lesson." Nara says.

After lunch, Deity walks into the bathroom and Ta watches him from his table.

"Anyone get a weird feeling when Nara introduced the new students?" Lust asks.

"Yeah. There is something familiar about them." Aurora says.

"I'll be back." Ta says and gets up.

Deity leaves the bathroom and walks out a fire door into a small area. Raijin and Squall are already there.

"Any luck?" Squall asks.

"No. I even tried turning on the showers." Raijin says.

"Nothing. Perhaps Jade is having some better luck." Squall says.

Raijin looks at his watch and says, "Well, I gotta get to class. See you later."

Ta jumps down from the roof and startles Squall and Deity.

"Hello." Ta says blocking the only door out of there.

Squall and Deity take a defensive stance and Ta laughs.

"I told you yesterday that I was going to introduce you to my fists and I am a man of my word." Ta says clenching his fists.

Deity shoves Squall at him and Ta ducks. He delivers a devastating right hook to the inside of Squall's right knee. Squall side flips and hits the wall.

"So tell me. What kind of Deity are you? If you are even one. Let me guess, your mother thought that by giving you such a name as that that you would grow up to be something special. If only she could see you now." Ta says cracking his knuckles.


"COMMANDER!!!" A lowly demon says watching the monitors.

Shear, Kogamaru, and Shingi run into the room.

"What's going on?" Shear asks.

"It appears that Lieutenants Deity and Squall have been cornered by Ta." The demon says.

They watch on as the battle plays out.


"Stay back. I am warning you." Deity says backing up.

Ta smiles wickedly as he steps closer.

Squall gets to his feet and hobbles over to help.

Ta is hit in the back of the head and turns around.

"That it?" He asks.

Ta punches Squall in the gut with tremendous force that the sound of organs being crushed could be heard clearly.


"DAMN!!!" Shingi says holding his own stomach.


As Squall falls forward, Ta gives him a single uppercut which snaps his neck.

Deity watches on in horror as Squall falls to the ground and his organs leak out of his mouth.

"Your turn." Ta says and grabs him by the face. Deity struggles against Ta's iron grip unsuccessfully.

Ta shoves him against the wall and proceeds to unload a flurry of punches to Deity's chest and stomach. Deity tries to scream but Ta punches him in the throat making it impossible.

When Ta is finished, Deity's entire internal organs and bones have been reduced to nothing.

Ta looks back at his handiwork before leaving.


"I don't think Ta is aware of their true identities. So Jade is down to four back ups." Kogamaru says.

"Wonder what triggered that kind of brutality?" Shear asks.

"As far as we can tell. Nothing." Another lowly demon says.


That afternoon Ta returns to class completely exhausted and quickly falls asleep.

Lust shakes him several times but no response.

"Okay class. See you tomorrow." Nara says and everyone gathers their belongings. Everyone has left except Raijin who is still finishing his notes.

"What happened to Squall and Deity?" Nara asks.

"Not sure." Raijin answers finishing up his notes.

Silmeria and Lust enter with Ta who is still asleep.

Suddenly, the necklace breaks and Raijin's true self is revealed.

He looks around at Nara, Silmeria, Lust, and Ta. Ashen and Kareen enter and Kareen closes the door.

"Wait! I will tell you anything you want to...." Raijin says before being squashed by Nara's desk.

Silmeria glares at the desk and smashes Raijin again with it before finally leaving.

Nobody says a word and leaves.


"Sir, we just lost Raijin. Not sure how. Someone was blocking the camera." A demon reports to Shingi.

"Less then a week and three out of seven are dead." Shingi says.


That night everyone is quiet around the house and nobody says anything. Steven and Amelia don't even stop by.

Nara and Travis' mother stay out way to late and Kareen sits at home staring out the window with her bow drawn.

Nara returns and Kareen greets him at the door.

"Just what the hell have you been doing?" She asks.

"Trying to get her to pass out. Never seen a human drink so much." Nara replies as he slightly stumbles.


Jade reviews the footage from Squall's and Deity's death and shakes his head.

"What the hell is he? Even in a human body he can produce so much power." Jade says.


The next day Nara starts class and no one says a word about the missing students.

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