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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chapter 1: Rebirth of Old
1500 years ago

"Will this really work...?" the head chief said with his head down and his rough hairy hands clinching hold of his hair tightly.

"It has to work. Its a forbidden technique so it has to work." the advisor said as he put his hand on the chief's back.

"But at the cost of 50 monks and priestesses.....its just too much...they're...they're helping us!" the chief said.

"But they're demons! They could turn on us at any moment! They can not be trusted!! Begin the ritual!!" the advisor commanded.

Outside on the top of a hill overlooking the temple, a bright light emerged. A six-point star formed surrounding the priestesses and monk who began chanting. About a mile east of the temple, four demons from the demon realm were battling other demons from their realm when suddenly they became paralyzed. The six-pointed star of light appeared under their feet. The monks and priestesses continued their chant. A few monks fell to their knees from the strain of the spell.

"To your feet!! Endure! Endure it just a little longer!" the head monk yelled. Those few monks got to their feet and resumed the spell.

"Damn......what is this.....?!" one of the demons asked falling to his knees.

"....looks like....we've been tricked.." another said.

"What?! But we're fighting to save THEM!!" one said.

"Please.....let our betrayal not be in vain...." the chief said with his hands in prayer as a bright light emerged from the top of the hill.

Minutes later, the head chief and his advisor along with the rest of the village and people of the temple, emerged from their homes and headed for the top of the hill. Once there, everyone was in awe as the 50 monks and priestesses had use all their life and spirit energy and turned to stone.

"Did it work!! Did the spell work!!" one of the male villagers asked.

Without delay, a handful of villagers, the chief and his advisor got on boats and headed over to the island. On the way there, the chief and everyone else swallowed hard and kept their fingers crossed. Once they got to the island, they looked around frantically until one villager called out saying he found something. Everyone rushed to the scene and found the four demons' bodies lying motionless on the cold ground.

"IT WORKED!!! IT REALLY WORKED!!!" a villager yelled causing all the the others to scream in joy. The head chief walked up to one of the bodies to get a feel and instantly took his hand back.

("The bodies...their still....") the village chief said to himself.

"Village chief! What's wrong?!" the advisor asked.

"Its...Its nothing..The demons are officially dead. It was....It was tragic that so many lives were lost to accomplish this task but....it was for the better good." the village chief said.

"What do we do with the bodies.......and these weapons....?" a villager said.

"Maybe we can break them down for materials. I've never seen this kind of metal...it kinda gives off a....eerie feeling...." another said.

"NO!! Don't touch the bodies nor their weapons!! These demons fought to protect us and yet we betrayed them and killed them." the chief said.

"What are you saying!!!? They were demons!! Enemies of humans!" the advisor said raising his voice.

The chief remained silent.

"CHIEF!!" a villager said raising his voice.

"ENOUGH!! This is what we shall do. We are gonna round up 4 rafts. We will then ship the bodies out to sea away from the village so no harm falls upon them. As for the weapons, I shall ask for assistance from our neighboring villagers to lend us their best priestesses and monk to purify these demonic weapons for I feel a evil aura radiating from these weapons that's sure to attract those with corrupt hearts such as bandits and thieves and possibly other demons." the chief explained.

The villages agreed and cheered in unison.

The villages from the island sent over 4 rafts about a half hour later after the advisor sent the word. The villagers tied the four bodies down onto the rafts and sent them out to sea. The chief said a small prayer to himself saying," Oh God up above. Please let no ill will fall upon us for our transgression against these noble being that defended us against their own kind. Let them find peace."

Suddenly, a cold, icy wind blew from out of nowhere.

Back at the village a few days later, the village chief along with his advisor and family sat at the temple and watch the priestesses and monk chant incantations upon the 3 katanas until the village chief gave the word that he no longer felt any demonic aura coming from them. Minutes later another handful of monks came to purify the gauntlets. After a whole 15 minutes of chanting, some the monks passed out but eventually the demonic weapon was silenced.

The village chief let our a huge sigh as the villages brought in the large encyclopedia-like book.

"Chief. That's the book that the tall horned demons carried with him right?" the advisor asked.

"Yes. The one that met with me and offered their helped. A kind. honorable man he was..." the chief said clinching his chest from nervousness.

"He was a demon. You had to uphold you responsibilities..." the advisor said to him to cheer him up.

"I know! I KNOW!! Still.....I have a bad feeling...." the chief said.

"Darling...whats wrong...?" the chief's wife said.

"Nothing dear." he said

The monks began their chants. Minutes go by and the chief feels no change in the demonic aura. About 10 minutes into the chanting, the book began to shake violently. The monks, who had their eyes closed from their chanting knew nothing of this. The village chief stood up quickly.

"What's wrong!!?" the advisor said

"The demonic pressure.....get them out of there!!!" the chief said and before the advisor could react, the book sprang up and clamped onto on of the monks head. The monk screamed in unbelievable pain and ran around the room slamming into walls and bashing the book against the wall to try and get it off but to avail. The monk fell to the ground headless as the book hopped off. The other monks got up and ran in fright. The book began to emit a powerful aura that generated a dark purple sphere around the temple trapping all inside. Shortly, the temple began to collapse in on itself and the sphere disappeared. The villagers headed to the temple to see what the commotion was and was shocked to see their once great temple reduced to rubble. Panic and fright began to take over their minds when suddenly movement and sound came from under the rubble. The villagers began to back away in fright but could not help but feel curious about what was to come.

From underneath the rubble, the chief's advisor appeared covered in bruises and blood.

"Chief Advisor!" one of the villagers said rushing over to aid the advisor when suddenly, a loud crunching sound was heard and the advisor was snatched back into the rubble followed by a long squirt of blood and guts. The villagers screamed in shock and then a burping sound was heard from underneath the rubble.

Once again, the land began to shake violently and a dark sphere appeared over the entire island. The sphere appeared as to eat the island when suddenly it exploded. Massive waves emerged crushing boats and sending aqua life flying into the air. All that remained was the altar which the 50 monks and priestesses gave their lives and turned to stone. It drifted aimlessly through the aggravated sea.......

1500 years later

"Ah..!" a boy said as he sat up quickly. Sweat ran down his face.

"Just another dream....." he said standing up stretching wiping the sweat from his face. The warm sun felt great on his face. After he was done stretching, he looked out at the town from the top of Sacred Hill.

A mansion-like home stood at the back of this very hill left to him by his mom after a tragic accident. Though he was wealthy, he never really dressed or acted it. He always wore the casual blue jeans and shirt.

Scared Hill looked over the town of Sierra. Known throughout as "The Town Hidden in Green" due to its mass variety and amount of trees.

"(Breathes in deeply) Ah......" the boy said with a smile.

"Ashen!!" A voice said from behind him. Ashen turned only to see his friend Amelia Burns running his way in her green and white tank top and matching skirt. As she ran, the gentle breeze blew the skirt up just enough for him to see her pure white panties underneath. Ashen quickly turned and began playing with his brown wavy hair.

"Ashen. We're all packed and ready to go. You?" she asked.

"Yeah. I packed last night." Ashen replied

"The Shuirel Mountains said to be home of the spirits of demons that were killed are suppose to be sealed there. I SO love these kind of things!!" Amelia said excitedly.

Ashen laughed to himself as he stared at his childhood friend whom he had known for 10 years.

"Hah...demons don't exist. You know that." Ashen said.

"You don't know that!! They might!!" Amelia said back.

"Having another fight are we?" a voice said from behind them. They turned and Ashen's heart sank as his other childhood friend Steven Mormos, star softball player at their school. Slim, stood at 6'1, perfect smile and to make matters worse, he was Amelia's boyfriend. The girl he liked.

"Oh Steven!" Amelia said rushing over to hug him.

"Hey hun. What's up Ashen?" Steven said turning to him.

"Hey....." Ashen replied.

"Got all your stuff packed?" Steven asked.

"What is with you two? I'm not a kid! I can take care of myself." Ashen said.

"Whoa! Calm down. We're just looking out for you ya know." Steven said.

"I know....I know...." Ashen said walking past them and into his home to double check to make sure he had everything for the trip.

When he got upstairs to his room, he glanced over at the picture of his mother by beside his king size bed on top of his jet black dresser a wave of depression came over him. He shook it off and grabbed his suitcase from on his bed and met his friends outside,

"Let's go!" he said.

The next day, a class of 54 students split into 2 school buses traveled down a highway only an hour away from the destination. The combination of the scorching heat and their homeroom teacher's endless lecture on the Shuirel Mountains put over half the students to sleep. Others either talked to one another or listened to their music players. After a few pit stops to get refreshments and bathroom breaks, close to 2 hours later, they arrived at the Shuirel Mountains. The students piled out of the 2 school buses and took in the scenery. The gray mountains seemed to stretch all the way to the sky and on for miles. The instructor informed the students that herself and the teachers would be setting up 6 large tents. 9 students per tent with one teacher to supervise per tent. The students determined who would stay together.

"Of course it'll be us three." Amelia said hugging onto Ashen and Steven.

"I suppose. Will it be alright? You know....If you two wanna be alone. I don't mind." Ashen said.

"Thanks but no. You're like family to us. Besides. Your mom charged ME with taking care of you after she....you know.....passed away." Amelia said.

"He's not a child you know. He's old enough to take care of himself while we spend some alone time together." Steven said with a smile.

Ashen walked away to join the rest of the class as they looked around the area.

Amelia looked back at Steven with a very angry look and followed to chase Ashen. Steven rolled his eyes, scratched his head and followed after.

It took two and a half hours for the instructor and teachers to set up the large mini-homelike tents. The sun had began to set behind the mountains and the creatures of the night began to emerge and make their sounds.

"(Large sigh) Why are we out here in these creepy ass mountains again?" one teacher asked.

"Don't know. It was the Principal's idea. Said something about a legendary demon being buried here....HA! Legendary demon my ass!" one of the teachers said leaning back in his chair.

"Well...he is held bent on these four demons that...." a female teacher started but was interrupted.

"Ruled the demon realm 1500 years ago. Ta, Nara, Shin, and....Sessaru was it?" the male teacher said.

"That's how the story goes. Apparently, out of the millions of demons, those 4 were the strongest of them all and....." she started.

"And brought peace and prosperity to the demon realm for 150 years before crossing over to the human realm only to be killed by 50 monks and priestesses. Some all powerful demons they were. Huh?" the teacher said before a can of beer collided with his face causing him to hit the fall backward.

"Don't interrupt me when I'm talking!!" the female teacher snapped

Night had set in deep and the students had decided on who stayed where and settled into their tents. Amelia had changed into some pink pajamas with a bunny on it that was a bit too small. Ashen glanced at her as she walked into the tent.

"You STILL have those?" Ashen asked.

"Well....yeah...I like them.." she said blushing.

"I brought those for you like 3 years ago!" Ashen said

"AND!?" Amelia snapped

"Nothing." Ashen said

They settled down and opened some snacks and began telling stories about their childhood to the other kids in the tent. Just having a good time when suddenly a loud rustling was heard outside startling the girls. Silence took over and then shortly, the rustling sound was heard again, but this time, it was closer. Steven took it upon himself to stand up and check it out.

"Come on Ashen!" he said

"Why me?" Ashen replied

"Just come on!" Steven said grabbing Ashen and they both headed out the tent to see what was causing the noise. The two boys looked around the bushes for anything. Suddenly the girls' scream was heard. Ashen and Steven rushed back to the tent only to see a over sized raccoon digging through the bag. It innocently looked up only to have Ashen's house keys in its mouth.

"YOU!!!" Ashen said and dived at it. The raccoon quickly ran out the tent. Infuriated, Ashen ran after it as they headed toward the mountains. Steven followed afterward and Amelia grabbed a jacket and rushed after them.

The raccoon ran deep into the mountain. It began to get dark so Ashen halted his pursuit.

"Damn..." Ashen said.

Ashen could still hear his keys rattle deeper into the cave. He wanted to go further but he didn't. Amelia and Steven met up with him and told him not to pursue it. Suddenly a horrifying squeal was heard causing the group to jump.

"W....What was that...!?" Ashen asked

"I..I don't know...." Steven said

"They say that the bodies of demons are buried here and their souls haunt this mountain." Amelia said smiling.

"Y..You're actually enjoying this!?" Ashen asked

"Well yeah! Ghosts and demons don't exist. Keep that mind-state and you'll be less terrified." Amelia said.

"Yeah...but stilll....." Ashen said.

"I also overheard the teachers saying that a legendary demon from over 1500 years ago is here and that his souls haunts these very caves!" Amelia said running her fingers up Steven and Ashen's backs causing them to jump.

"Stop that!" Ashen said.

"Scared?" Amelia whispered in his ear.

Suddenly, Ashen's keys came flying from the darkness and landed at their feet.

"What the..." Steven said

"Man....I used the last of my energy to return your keys to you and not even a word of thanks." a voice said from the darkness.

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