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Friday, May 28, 2010

Chapter 3
"Ugh...my head...." Ashen said as he began to stir awake.

"....shen!......Ash........Ashen!!" a voice said.

The voice was blurred and distorted.

"Amelia...I can hear you....you're so loud..." Ashen said as he opened his eyes and he wakes staring out a window watching the scenery go by.

"Huh?" Ashen said to himself as he tried to move his head but it would not budge.

"(So you're awake. Hello!)" a familiar voice said

"(Its you...that.. that ghost!!)" Ashen said

"(I have a name human. My name is Sessaru. Its Sessaru Shuirel. Use it.)" Sessaru said

"(Sessaru Shuirel!!? You mean one of those legendary demons that that teacher is always talking about?!)" Ashen said

"I'm impressed a human would know my name but yes. As you've heard, I'm that Sessaru Shuirel.)" he said

"(That was over 1500 years ago! How the hell can you possibly be alive?)" Ashen said

"(Enough about me. But.....)" Sessaru said glaring over at Amelia who was screaming Ashen's name.

"(What to do with her....") he said

"(No! Don't hurt her!!)" Ashen screamed

"(What to do then.)" Sessaru asked.

"(Well currently, you're me so.....)" Ashen started

"(Understood.)" Sessaru said and turned to Amelia

"I can hear you. What is it?" Sessaru said

"I've been calling your name for quite a while. Didn't you hear me?" she asked.

"Sorry. I just have a lot on my mind." Sessaru said.

"You been like that ever since we got on this bus. What happened back in that mountain?" she asked

"(Ugh. She asks so many questions....)" Sessaru said

(Ashen laughs)

"I....just had this strong desire to save you all. Thats all..." Sessaru said with a slanted smile


Kareen entered her small little villa on the outskirts of the Eastern Lands concealed behind some demonic plants know as Vidos. A tropical plant that camouflages with its surrounding and everthing it touches. Karren took off the red and black stripes skirt and tank top provided by Sephile and tossed it on her bed. She pulled out some lighter and more fitting clothes for her, put them on then fell out on her bed.

"Are you alright Lady Kareen?" a woman asked as she came in through the window

"Yes Becky. Just...tired." Kareen said.

Becky, who stood around Kareen's height. Long, brown, wavy hair dressed in a tight black stealth suit, sat next to Kareen and ran her hand through her hair.

"You have got to stop this. Its too dangerous for you. I fear for you everytime you enter that godforsaken castle!" Becky said

"I know but at the moment, Roswell is my only lead to Nara." she said

"TO HELL WITH THAT! Its been over 1500 years since anyone or anything has heard from him or any of the others! Look around you! The Eastern Lands has become a prison. You know the rules! No one leaves. No one enters. You leave without permission, you are killed. You disrespect Roswell, you're killed. Now that he has that snake of a woman Sephile at his side, you can't even take a piss without her knowing!" Becky snapped.

Kareen laughs

Becky calmed down a little then smiled

"Sephile's information network is....I've never seen anything like it. I have to be on edge whenever I talk to anyone because it might be leaked and regardless of my skill, Sephile, I can take but that monster Roswell....well..." she started

"I know. You tried once before. Took you an entire year to recover. Foolish girl." Kareen said.

"He slapped you! What was I suppose to do?" she asked

Kareen sighs and rolls over then groans in pain

Becky looked at her the rose up Kareen's shirt and saw a nasty bruise along her stomach. She rose the shirt up higher and saw scratches and gashes along her back and ribs.

"Roswell?" Becky asked putting down Kareen's shirt

"Sephile.. she hates when Roswell pays attention to me so when he's not around, I get punished. Its nothing too serious..." Kareen said

Although Becky wanted to hug her with all she had, she knew it would just make it worse.

"Do you honestly think he'll take you back looking like that ASSUMING he's still alive?" Becky said

The thought never crossed Kareen's mind and took her by surprise.

"Your body is in shambles and you can barely stay standing. No telling what else those two will do to you. Kareen...please...stop this...you don't even know he still lives...." Becky said.

"I do...(pulls down her shirt exposing her right shoulder which had a intricate series of tribal markings and tattoos on it) this seal...has been acting funny lately. Its as if its being drawn to something. Calling for something and that something can only be him. I'm his vassel. I should know. Me, along with the other 3 house 50% of our lords power within these seals so if this seal is calling for something...." Kareen started before yawning from exhaustion

"I do have some good news." Becky said

(rustling sounds were heard outside)

(Becky glanced to the window then glanced back)

"Today, I saw this lustriously gorgeous butterfly.. Becky said

"Ugh. What's so good about that? You see them all the time! If there's nothing else, please leave and let me sleep!" Kareen snapped

Becky slowly got up and left her room and closed the door.

The intruding aura vanished

"(What the hell...butterfly?! Seriously? She could have came up with something better that.....)" Kareen started

"(Today, I saw this lustriously gorgeous butterfly....)" the thought replayed in Kareen's mind.

She jumped out of her bed and ran out of her room like a bat out of hell and saw Becky sitting right beside the door.

"You saw Lust?!!" Kareen said and Becky smiled


Ashen, Amelia, and Steven approached the hill that lead to Ashen's house.

"Are you sure you're ok? I mean...you're not hurt or anything?" Amelia asked worried

"He's not a baby. If he says he's fine, he's fine." Steven said and Amelia backed off.

Sessaru had began to feel tired from controlling Ashen's body after from being a spirit for so long.

"(You ok?)" Ashen asked

"(Just tired..I'm not used to this body..nor walking. If you know what I mean.)" Sessaru said

"(Then let me take over.)" Ashen said

"(Hmph.)" Sessaru replied

"(I promise to let you come back out. After all, I was the one who agreed to your deal...)" Ashen said



"Hey...kid....if there were a way to save these friends of yours, you'd be willing to take it....right?" Sessaru asked

"Of course!! Anything!!!" Ashen said

"Then accept me into your body. By doing so, you will have enough strength to save these friends of yours and in return, I get to leave this place. What do you say?" Sessaru asked

"No way! Why would I....." Ashen started before then weight of the four friends hanging from his arm pulled his arm out of socket. Ashen screamed in pain but never let go

Sessaru remained quiet and watched Ashen struggle. His grip weakening.

"Ok. I agree to your terms, just please. Grant me the strength to save my friends. I don't care what happens to me. Just save them..!" Ashen yelled as he began to slip.

Sessaru smiled and entered Ashen's body


"(I'll hold you to that deal boy...)" Sessaru said tiredly as he put his hand on the doorknob. Just before the two switched, Sessaru felt a overwhelming presence.

"NO KID! DON'T OPEN THAT!!" Sessaru said but his words didn't reach Ashen as he opened the door. Amelia, Steven and Ashen entered the house and closed the door. They relaxed on the couch and jumped when they heard a sound come from the kitchen.

"What the hell was that!!" Steven said

"(Kid!! Get out of here!! This presence!!Hey!! Can you hear me!!!?)" Sessaru snapped but to deaf ears.

Suddenly, a tall, 7 foot man with horns and no shirt emerged from the kitchen drinking milk.

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