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Friday, April 24, 2009

Chapter 9:

Sessaru closed in quick on the guy in front of him as he swung quickly with his right hand. Sessaru ducked under and counterattacked with a upper open palmed thrust to his chin. The student grunted in pain. Sessaru then grabbed the guy by the face, spun around and threw the guy into the other two behind him. The three of them fell to the ground hurt

"(Damn......this body is so stiff and...hard to move in....)" Sessaru said to himself

"(Well....SORRY if my body is stiff and hard to move in!)" Ashen said

"(You're forgiven.)" Sessaru said as he popped his knuckles and began advancing toward the downed opponents

"(I wasn't really apologizing....)" Ashen said

Sessaru slowly advanced toward the students as they slid back against the lockers.

"Ashen! Stop!" Amelia screamed but no reply

"Is that Ashen...? Its like he's......a totally different person..." Steven said as he went up to Ashen

"Hey Ashen! Stop this! Its done!" Steven said as he grabbed hold of Ashen's fist.

Sessaru glared at Steven with a glare scary enough to cause Steven to go into a paralyzed state. Sessaru then proceed to advance toward his prey


"(He stopped me from enjoying my fun. He's fine.)" Sessaru said

"(THAT'S NOT THE POINT! YOU DON'T HURT MY FRIENDS!!)" Ashen said as he began to struggle with Sessaru to take back control of his body.

"(What is with you? You cower in fear at these petty demons here but when it comes to your friends, you're willing to stand up to a demon like me...?)" Sessaru asked

"(Thats right! You've had your fun now back down!!)" Ashen said

In the midst of their argument, the three demons ran off and Amelia stood in front of the frozen Ashen

"Ashen! Whats gotten into you?! I thought you hated fighting....now why..?" Amelia asked

Seeing this, Sessaru let out a huge sigh and returned control over to Ashen

A little off balance at first but Ashen regained his form and told Amelia that he got a little out of hand and apologized

As Ashen, Steve, and Amelia walked back to class, Steven was telling and praising Ashen about how much he had grown and had become a real man. Ashen embarrassingly laughed it off and Amelia laughed at his shyness and something caught her eye as they walked toward the window to go to class. In the window, faintly, showed a reflection on Steven and herself and in the middle, should have been Ashen but what she saw, wasn't Ashen. It was...someone else and it shocked her.

"Hey hun! Come on." Steven said to her from the classroom. Amelia nodded in agreement and went to class

During class, they learned and talked more about the demons of old that protected humanity against their own kind and was given a pop quiz on what they knew.

(Ashen shivers)

"(Man.....it feels as if I'm being watched by someone...)" Ashen said to himself

"(You're JUST now noticing?)" Sessaru said

"(God dammit Sessaru! Can't I even think to myself!?)" Ashen complained

"(Unfortunately......no.)" Sessaru said


(Ashen shivers again)

Ashen began to look over his shoulder when suddenly....

"(No don't!") Sessaru yelled

"(Ouch!!! So loud.... What now?!)" Ashen asked

"(That one girl has been glaring at you for a while now...)"

(Who? Amelia?)"

"(Yeah. Her. I think she suspects something..)"

"You don't mean...."

"(TO YOURSELF YOU IDIOT! Do you WANT her to find out?" Sessaru scolded

Ashen pounded on the table and began talking to himself again

Amelia continued to watch Ashen as her curiosity grew and grew

Later, after the teacher had corrected their quizzes, Amelia decided to satisfy her curiosity once and for all and she voluntarily decided to pass out the quizzes. Amelia calmly passed out the quizzes in line from back to back. Row to row. When she got to Ashen's desk. She greeted him with a smile

"Here you are Ashen." she said with a smile as she handed him his paper glaring at the desk

Sessaru quickly took over and snatched the paper from her and leaned back away from the desk

"Thanks." Sessaru said

Amelia looked at Ashen for a while before walking off. Sessaru returned control to Ashen

"(She definitely suspects something.......damn....)" they said at once

"(We are gonna have to be extra careful. I know Amelia and she is not one to give up. Trust me.)" Ashen said

"(We could always just kill her.)" Sessaru said


"(It was a joke.)" Sessaru said


"(It wasn't funny.)" Ashen said

After class, the three of them began walking toward lunch and Amelia wanted to take a different way. She wanted to take the west wing stairway which ironically had the biggest and clearest window in the school.

Ashen refused but Amelia pushed him along

"(Not good..)" Sessaru said as they got closer and closer to he window

"(Forgive me Ashen..)" Sessaru said

"(Eh....?)" Ashen said as Sessaru took control and grabbed a handful of Amelia's breast

"Nice." Sessaru said

Shocked and angered, Amelia drew back her fist and punched Sessaru iin the face. Sessaru stumbled back and fell over the the third floor railing.

"(SESSARU!!!!!! YOU IDIOT!!!!!)" Ashen yelled as they fell hard to the stairs and rolled down the stairs shocking and scaring those in the way

"Ashen.....YOU ASSHOLE!!!" Steven said and hopped over the railing to give chase

"Damn it...." Sessaru said and got up and ran off.

"(Why did you do that!! Do you know what you have done?!")" Ashen whined

"(Did you WANT her to find out?! I was trying to save your sorry ass and besides....haven't you always wanted to feel em?)" Sessaru said

Ashen remained silent


Sessaru ran out the school building and around to the back and rested under a tree.

"All safe.......(breathes hard) I'm beat....." Sessaru said and returned control to Ashen

After Ashen took control, he could still feel Amelia's breast in his hand

"(..........?)" Sessaru thought

Suddenly, Ashen began to sniff his hand

"(OH YOU SICK SON OF A BITCH!!)" Sessaru snapped

"(LEAVE ME ALONE!!)" Ashen said blushing

"(Oh holy hell! You just....)" Sessaru started before he felt a evil glare upon his back

"(Some snuck up on me?! ME?!)" Sessaru said to himself

"Ashen....." the voice said

Ashen froze in fear for he knew who that voice belonged to

Ashen turned only to see Amelia sitting behind him

"A...A..Amelia....I am so sorry....." Ashen said

"My.....since when have you become so bold...?" she asked as she kicked Ashen right in the face causing Ashen to tumble in the grass

"To grab hold of my breast like that...I mean.....we're like brother and sister...right?" she asked as she continued to stomp on Ashen's chest til he tapped and said uncle

After 10 minutes of beating, Amelia stopped and dragged Ashen to his class, threw him in the room, and went to her own class. The students in the class laughed hysterically.

Wounded and beaten, Ashen walked over to his desk

For the rest of the day, Ashen and Sessaru avoided Amelia and Steven. Amelia attempted several more times to get Ashen's reflection but the two of them managed to foil her plans each time. After the last bell rang, Ashen rushed home to avoid confrontation

"Man.....what a day!!" Ashen said as he began to get out of his school clothes

"(I agree. It has been quite interesting.)" Sessaru said

"Yeah! No thanks to you!" Ashen said before his phone rang

"Hello?" Ashen said

"Hi Ashen."

"A..Amelia. Whats up?"

"Sorry about earlier. I did get a little out of hand. Are you ok?"

"Yeah. Yeah. I am fine. No biggie."

"I really do feel terrible about before. Wanna come over for a bit?"

"Su..Sure! I will be over shortly."

"See ya soon!"

Ashen smiled widely as he ran into his room and looked frantically for some clothes

"I can't believe she invited me over!" Ashen said

"(Ashen....)" Sessaru said

"Maybe....just maybe......" Ashen thought to himself as he struggled to put on some jeans over his current jeans

"(ASHEN!!)" Sessaru yelled

"WHAT!!" Ashen yelled back

"(Don't you think this is a little too suspicious?)" Sessaru asked

"What?" Ashen said

"(This makes no sense. Why would she invite you over after all this time! Have you even ever BEEN to her house? Think!)" Sessaru said

"Sessaru! I have told you before not to bad-mouth my friends and now you are accusing them of this?!" Ashen said

"Think about it Ashen! Why would she do this!! Its not as if she has feelings for you!!" Sessaru said

Ashen stopped in his tracks

"Sessaru. You are not to say a word or do anything while I am over there. Regardless of the circumstances. You got me!" Ashen said

Sessaru remained silent for a while before he agreed to Ashen's terms

Within the hour, Ashen was ringing Amelia's doorbell. He had washed up and put on some casual clothes. He didn't wanna seem to desperate.

Amelia opened the door and greeted him with a smile and a warm hug. Once they were in, Amelia offered Ashen some snacks and they ate and talked with one another

Sessaru noticed that there were glass cups and other things he knew nothing about everywhere but as he agreed, he said not a word. Ashen had yet to notice, for he was too enticed by Amelia's smile and charm to notice.

As Amelia talked to Ashen, the reflection that the cups were giving off weren't good enough and she also noticed that Ashen wasn't as sharp and quick-witted as he was earlier. She decided to take a chance.

Amelia got up and asked Ashen to join her in the kitchen. Like the good little pup he was, he followed

Halfway to the kitchen, Amelia "accidentally tripped" and Ashen caught her. She stared into Ashen's eyes and Ashen once again became dulled by her charm

Suddenly, Sessaru felt a strong demonic aura and it was closing in at a creeping pace

"(Not good...)" Sessaru said to himself

Suddenly, Sessaru was interrupted by Amelia saying: "What the hell!?" Sessaru had brought his attention back and Ashen had been driven to a wall and right across from them was a mirror on Amelia's bedroom door which was closed exposing Sessaru's entire being. Not Ashen

Ashen was shocked then turned to Amelia who was backing away slowly

"(You fucking moron.. I told you this would happen!!") Sessaru said

Ashen tried to comfort her but she drew a knife from behind her and aimed it at Ashen.

"Who are you and where is Ashen?!!" she said


Suddenly, a boy broke through Amelia's kitchen window and landed in front of Amelia. The boy was covered in blood and held a scalpel in his hand.

"You....its you isn't is.....Sessaru!" he said

"Sessaru?......" Amelia said as the three of them all looked at one another in a stand off.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Chapter 8 "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ashen yelled as he pulled at the long, thick, wild hair he had. Ashen looked at himself in the mirror in his bathroom staring back at him was his new "roommate" sorta. It was none other than Sessaru. The S-Class demon he learned about in mythology class. Ashen never did believe in demon or ghosts or any of that other supernatural stuff.......til now. Ashen was still trying to get use to the long hair that grew back whenever he cut it and the fact that whenever he looked at his reflection, a demon would stare right back at him and to make it even worse, it spoke. CONSTANTLY. "This hair!!!!! its driving me mad!!! ITS ANNOYING!!!!!!" he yelled "(Well sorry for having annoying hair!!)" Sessaru said "Shut up!! I thought I told you NO speaking!!!" Ashen said It had been 3 days since Ashen had returned from Shuiel Mountains with Sessaru. Over that time, Sessaru and Ashen had laid down a few "ground rules" about things. 1. No possessing without permission 2. No speaking without permission 3. No interfering in his life 4. No speaking Those were the ground rules Ashen had made. Did Sessaru obey these rules..... "(So....do have feelings for that girl out there..?)" Sessaru asked No. No he didn't "Ah..! Shut up!!" Ashen said out loud Amelia. Who was sitting in Ashen's living room with her boyfriend and his best friend Steven was watching television at the time and heard Ashen in the bathroom. "Hey Ashen! Who are you talking to?" she asked "N..No one!!" he replied "(Stop talking to me! They are gonna think I'm crazy!)" Ashen said to Sessaru in his mind (Silence) Ashen walked out of the bathroom and joined his friends in the living room. Once in there, Ashen say Steven's arm around Amelia's shoulders and a sudden sense of hate came over him. Ashen sat on Steven's left side to join them. Inside his head, Ashen could hear Sessaru laugh "(Whats so funny?!)" Ashen asked "(Its nothing.)" Sessaru replied The three friends watched a tv show together. Steven and Amelia looked over to Ashen sat with his arms crossed and was once again talking out loud "Hey...." Steven started before Amelia covered his mouth. "Ssshh....." she said as they slowly got off the couch and headed into the kitchen behind them. Once in the kitchen, they stared at Ashen who still didn't notice they were gone. "What the hell..." Steven said "He's been like this ever since we got back. Its kinda strange don't you think?" Amelia asked "Yeah...." Steven agreed After a few minutes, Ashen snapped into it a noticed that his friends weren't there. Steven and Amelia quickly acted as if they were looking for something "There you all are. What you looking for?" Ashen asked "Oh!.....Umm......salt? Got any salt?! Right Steve?" Amelia said "Yeah! Salt," Steven said Ashen looked at them funny as he told them where they could find the salt. The weekend passed and in the morning, Ashen got himself ready and headed to school. On his walk to school, students everywhere were hanging with their friends and couples were hanging all over one another walking to school making Ashen feel a little lonely. "(Ha ha ha ha..)" Sessaru laughs "(Shut up! I said no talking...)" Ashen said "(Yeah yeah........)" Sessaru said Just then, Sessaru felt a familiar presence "(Hey kid.....)" "(WHAT!!)" Ashen snapped "(Be careful. I've told you once before that there are demons lurking all around this place you call "school")" Sessaru warned "(So? What's that got to do with me?)" Ashen asked "(Demons can sense other demons.)" Sessaru said "(But I'm a human.)" Ashen replied "(I'm not...and what do you know....I'm using YOU as a vessel. Which means....)" Sessaru said "OH HELL NO!!! YOU MEAN I'M INVOLVED AS WELL!!!!!?" Ashen shouted outloud All the students around stared at Ashen for his loud and shocking response. Ashen, embarrassed, hurried on inside the school. "(What the hell Sessaru! If this is some kinda joke, its no funny!)" Ashen said "(This is no joke human. I don't like it either. I don't have my body and I can't use my full power in such a weak and untrained body.)" Sessaru said "(Well sorry for having such a weak and untrained body!)" Ashen replied Ashen hurried to the second floor to his locker to get his books for class. Once upon the second floor, right across the hall from his locker was a gang of students laughing and talking it up. Suddenly, Ashen got a bad feeling about that bunch. Ashen walked swiftly to his locker. He fumbled with the combination. He was so nervous, he couldn't concentrate. He could feel those guys' eyes watching him. Scanning him. Analyzing him. The pressure was suffocating him til...... "HEY!!!" one of the students said slamming his hand on a nearby locker scaring Ashen half to death. "Whats in the locker? Boy!?" another one said shoving Ashen to the ground. The boy opened up Ashen's locker and began going through his belongings. Throwing whatever he considered worthless, to the ground. Ashen sat there on the ground. Too scared to move "(Hey!! Get up! Do something about that!! You just gonna let them walk all over you!!)" Sessaru yelled Ashen just sat there, afraid. His body wouldn't move. "(Oh! For my sake.....)" Sessaru said as once again, he forcibly took over Ashen's body. Sessaru tightly clinched his teeth and was about to strike when.... "HEY!! You three!! What do you think you're doing!!" a voice said The three boys looked over at who it was and stopped. The assistant teacher of Ashen's Mythology class approached the boys in a calm manner "Are you boys being naughty again??" she asked "N..N..No ma'am. We were just...making sure he wasn't hiding any dangerous weapons! R..Right guys?!" one said "Y..Yes! We were only doing what any good, respectable, hard working students like ourselves would do!" another said The boys stood tall and manly to impress the female teacher. "Alright boys. Run along now.." she said The boys blushed at the sound of her voice and turned to walk away "Oh......and boys......" the teacher said The boys turned around slowly "GET YOUR ASSES TO CLASS!!" she said smacking them in the face with her mythology book. The boys hightailed it to their classes as fast as they could The assistant teacher sighed deeply before turning to help Ashen "Are you alright?" she asked "I'm fine." Sessaru said as he got up on his own "You have got to be more care...." the teacher started "Don't worry about it...I'll be fine and I didn't need your help. (picks up backpack) Luckily for them you arrived when you did because if you hadn't....." Sessaru said as he walked off and entered the classroom. "(Hey....ok. We can swap back now!!)" Ashen said "(Not a chance. The way you froze up back there was just plain disgusting and pathetic!)" Sessaru said "(But....)" Ashen said "(Just shut up and watch. If you got scared over those puny bastards back there, I don't know how you EVER managed to survive here..)" Sessaru said as he sat down in a desk "(What do you...)" Ashen started before that same feeling of fear took over him as students began walking through the door for class "(Ahhh...you see now?)" Sessaru said as he sat with his arms crossed staring at all the students talking and walking into class "(But why?! I never felt it before....so....those are demons..?)" Ashen asked "(Yeah. And lots of em. Many just wanna be here for a good time or to escape from the harsh environment of the demon world. But others....they lure humans by getting close to them. Dropping their guard, then they eat them or suck the soul right from their still living bodies. If the demon is powerful enough, he can do this and make it as if it never happened. No one will remember that person. Not their friends, not even their own family.)" Sessaru explained Ashen, who was still stunned at this news, looked around and could clearly see the demonic aura flowing off the demons as clear as day "(I...I never knew...)" Ashen said "(And you never would have known if I wasn't using you as a vessel. Apparently some of my power is being transferred over to you. Interesting....)" Sessaru said The bell for class started and the old teacher walked into the classroom. "Alright! We have alot to cover to so open those books." he said Sessaru sat and looked out the window when he was confronted by a girl "Umm...excuse me....you're sitting in my seat." she said "Sit elsewhere." Sessaru said "But...." She started Sessaru gave her a stare as cold as an iceberg in the south pole. The young girl, getting the message, walked away. Bumping into desks along the way due to her shock "(Hey....that was kinda cold....)" Ashen said "(Be quiet. All she had to do was go away when she was told and that would have never happened.)" Sessaru said "Now....as you all remember, we left off learning about the four demons who came to our world to rid us of their own kind. Do you all remember?" he asked The teachers story caught Sessaru's attention "Ummm...you. Ses...(clears throat) Ashen. Continue where we left off." the old man said Sessaru looked away in disgust "Ask someone else. I'm not reading." Sessaru said Gasps and whispers came from the students of the class. They couldn't believe Ashen's weird behavior "Ashen! Don't give me lip! Just read the damn chapter!" the old teacher shouted Sessaru glanced at the old man who had a small smile on his face. He knew who it was that he was speaking to and yet he still..... Sessaru got up and headed for the door "Where are you going?!" the old teacher asked "Out! Please. Continue on without me..." Sessaru said as he walked out the door and closed it leaving the entire class in awe "(HEY!! Sessaru!!! What did you go and do that for!!! You're making everyone think I'm some kind of delinquent!!!)" Ashen complained "(Shut up! What you NEED is some backbone! I am just helping out in that department.)" Sessaru said The two of them argued back and forth for a while til the three students that Ashen froze up on returned "(Inhales deeply) I smell bitch boys.." the leader said The others laughed as they circled around their target Sessaru could feel Ashen's fear deep inside him "(Relax kid..we are sharing this body so you emotions are gonna affect me as well..)" Sessaru said "(Bu....but they're demons.....)" Ashen said "(So am I! Come on!! Man up!! Relax and let me handle these lowlifes.)" Sessaru said "(Alright...I'll leave it to you..Sessaru..)" Ashen said as he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and relaxed The assistant teacher came out of the classroom to pursue Ashen when she saw the trouble he was in. She ran in and shouted,"Ashen! Ashen is in trouble again!" Everyone rushed to to the hall to see the senior students circled around Sessaru Steven saw this and was about to run in and save his friend when the teacher stuck his cane in his way "What gives!" he said "He'll be fine....don't worry." the teacher said "No he won't! Ashen is not a fighter! He'll get hurt!" Steven said The teacher smiled and shook his head That boy has something inside him that should really turn some heads...(silent laughter) Amelia and Steven looked on Sessaru smiled mischievously "Finally.....some fun...." Sessaru said and attacked.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chapter 7: The Beginning of a End of a Beginning Deep within a research laboratory in the pitch of night was a hallway full of dead scientists that had been beheaded, skewered, or impaled. In the hallway lurked a teenage boy. His hair had been soaked in the blood of the scientists and doctors. The boy, about 5'9, made his way toward the exit of the lab where he chased down a injured scientist who already had a halfway dissected right arm and his left leg was broken beyond use. The boy held in his right hand, a sharp scalpel. All the scientist could do was slide his injured body away from the boy. The skin on his dissected right arm hung from the bone like a peeled banana peel. The scientist screamed in pain and pleaded with the boy. "Please!! Please no more... I beg you!!! I will never do it again!! Please!!" The boy looked upon the pleading scientist and smiled menacingly. Offering no explanation or mercy, the boy jabbed the scalpel into the scientists throat. Blood ruptured from the scientists mouth and the hole in his throat. The boy smiled at what he had done and left the lab and entered the world that waited outside the laboratory doors. _____________________________________________________________ "Old man....you have ten seconds to tell me who you are...." Sessaru said taking the defensive. "Whoa whoa whoa.....relax. I am not here to cause trouble." the teacher said "Well by knowing about me confirms that you're not human...." Sessaru said "Its true. I am not human but I am not here for trouble. I came here to simply learn about the human ways and now I teach them. Nothing more." the teacher explained. Sessaru relaxed and began to scratch his head. "Thats fine I suppose." he said "How is that boy's body?" the teacher asked "Its not very flexible and it gets injured so easily. I'm surprised he has managed to live as long as he has." Sessaru said "Yes. But....I am sure you are aware that this school.....no...even this class is full of demons. Demons that, no doubt, have eaten the human's soul and taken over that body for fun." the teacher informed. "I may have a human body but I'm not stupid. Of course I can tell!" Sessaru snapped Suddenly, Sessaru felt a disturbance inside him "Hey....Ashen here is coming to. Keep all this from him. Until I can get to know this one a little better and slowly introduce him to the dangers lurking around here, he doesn't need to know." Sessaru informed. "Yes mi'lord." the teacher said "Stop that.." Sessaru said before going completely limp leaning upon the school bus. Shortly after, Ashen came to. "Huh....what?! How did I end up here?" Ashen said "Ashen! There you are!" the teacher said "T..Teacher....I..." "The way you handled yourself back there was unbelievable!" the teacher said "What?! But I didn't......." Ashen said The teacher led Ashen back into the restaurant where he was greeted with a tremendously warm welcome. Everyone gathered around him and rubbed his hair and told him how awesome he was. They explained what he did to Bruce and Ashen just couldn't believe it. Ashen looked over at his reflection in a window where Sessaru gave him a big thumbs up. Ashen frowned as he put together what ACTUALLY happened. Ashen fought through the crowd and made his way back to Steven and Amelia. Steven had finally come to and Amelia was taking care of him "Steven! Are you okay?" Ashen asked "Yeah....bastard caught me off guard. Never mind that! Ashen....you actually beat Bruce?!" he asked "No...I....well you see...." Ashen started before but without his approval, Sessaru quickly took control "Yeah..it was easy. Nothing to it." Sessaru said "But Ashen..when did you learn to fight like that...?" Amelia asked "(HEY!! What the hell Sessaru!!!)" Ashen yelled inside Sessaru's head "(Be quiet! If I leave it up to you, you will end up spilling the goods and I can't have that!!)" Sessaru replied "(But they deserve to know!!)" Ashen said "(Yeah! Like they would believe that you're housing the soul of a demon! Please! They'd leave and abandon you quicker than you can say "see"!)" Sessaru said "Umm....Ashen..." Amelia said Sessaru quickly snapped back to it. "Yes?" Both Sessaru and Ashen said at once. Their voices mixing together The sudden accident caught them all off guard and Sessaru cleared his throat as he pinched his leg as hard as he could "(He...HEY!!!)" Ashen said Sessaru swapped places with Ashen and now Ashen was in control. "!! OUCH!!" Ashen yelled as he rubbed his leg where he had "pinched himself" "Ummm.....you ok?" Steven asked "Yeah.....I'm fine. (That rotten no-good bastard!)" Ashen said to himself "(I CAN hear you ya know...)" Sessaru said Ashen laughed softly to himself The students enjoyed their trip back to the school. Bruce sat in front by the teachers as they nursed his injured shoulder til they could get him to a doctor in town.
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Chapter 6: Getting along The exploration of the mountains was cancelled due to the sudden earthquake. Many students were disappointed so as an apology, the teacher treated everyone to breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a nice restaurant (using Ashen's money of course) a few towns over. At the restaurant, Ashen sat with his friends Amelia and Steven who were still flabbergasted at Ashen's sudden change. Most of the students had filled them in on what happened after the mountain collapsed from the earthquake but it was still hard for them to take in. Amelia and Steven watched Ashen as he chowed down on a T-Bone Steak, rice, mashed potatoes with gravy, and a soda as if he were eating for two. "What do you think Steven?" Amelia asked "I don't know.....its.....definitely Ashen..." he replied. After Ashen had finished his plate, he called the waiter over for seconds. It was his money they were eating off of anyway. After the second plate came in, Ashen was about to chow down when once again, Bruce, the classroom bully confronted him. Bruce sat down next to Ashen with a smile on his face. "Hey!!" Steven said as he was about to go to Ashen's aid but Amelia stopped him "What!?" he asked "Wait...let Ashen do this himself. We can't keep sticking up for him." Amelia said "No way!" Steven said slamming his hand on the table "Get lost!" Steven said "Steven!!" Amelia said Ashen could feel the fear take over his body as he tried to scoot away but Bruce held tight to his thigh "Where ya goin Ashen??" he said Ashen froze up and looked down to the table that was clean enough to see a reflection of Sessaru "(*Sighs* A friend of yours?)" he asked "(No! My worst nightmare..)" Ashen said to himself communicating with Sessaru through thought "Leave Ashen alone you asshole!!" Steven said. Bruce smile before delivering a wicked headbutt to Steven knocking him backwards. Amelia held onto him and glared at Bruce who laughed hysterically then placed his attention on Ashen who tried to get to his friend but was pushed back by Bruce's massive hand. As Bruce did this, no one cared to say a word or stop him. They just watched for they knew that Bruce could easily take them ALL out. With his massive, muscular body and huge size, its was easy for him to overpower almost anyone "You're gonna give me that plate of food..right?" he said "I'm paying for everything so just order another serving." Ashen said "I don't want another serving. I want YOUR plate." Bruce said taking a bite of the T-Bone steak on Ashen's plate. Full of rage, Ashen attacked only to recieve a massive backhand that knocked Ashen over the seat onto the ground behind hitting his head on the ground hard knocking him out. All the students gasped in shock and Bruce just laughed as he woofed down the food. "Ashen!!" Amelia said setting Steven down to check on her friend only to be stopped by Bruce "Don't worry about him.....how about sitting on my lap and telling me what you want for Christmas." Bruce said with a laugh as he grabbed hold of her arm. Amelia called for help but no one even tried. "Ugh.......(What a coward.....getting smacked around like that....hey....I'm in control! I guess if one gets knocked out, the other takes control. Lucky me.)" Sessaru said as he got up. "(Ugh.....*wipes blood from mouth* This actually hurts! This human body is so fragile....oh well....can't complain....)" Bruce laughed loudly as he rubbed Amelia's soft face when suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder "My my.....thats no way to treat a lady....." Sessaru said putting his close to Bruce's ear. "Y..You!" Bruce said "Let her go....." Sessaru said as he tightening his grip on Bruce's shoulder blade tight enough that the bone began to give way and crack. Bruce yelled in pain releasing Amelia in the process "Good boy....Now stand.." Sessaru whispered in Bruce's ear pulling back on the shoulder blade causing more damage to it. Bruce stood up hastily. Frantically trying to grab behind him to stop the pain but his effort were futile. Everyone watched in awe as Ashen (Sessaru) overpowered Bruce easily "Apologize.." Sessaru said in Bruce's ear "What!! Never!" Bruce said Sessaru kicked Bruce in the back of his right legs causing Bruce to fall to his knees then crushed Bruce's shoulder blade to the point where he couldn't even feel bone in his hand anymore. Bruce's painful howls rung through the air. They were almost deafening. "I'm sorry! I'M SORRY!!" Bruce yelled as he grabbed hold of Sessaru's arm pulling at it as hard as he could tearing the sleeve of his shirt off instead. Sessaru flung Bruce behind him as hard as he could smashing Bruce into the concrete wall. The impact shook the whole restaurant. "Trash..." Sessaru said as he put his hand in his pocket and went to see about Amelia and Steven. Amelia glared at him in shock as she held Steven's head in her lap "Are you okay?" Sessaru asked as he sat next to her "I'm fine...but..Ashen....when did you..." Amelia started before he stood back up again "HEY!!! YOU PEOPLE!!!" Sessaru shouted Everyone gasped and turned their attention to Sessaru "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??!! LETTING TRASH LIKE THIS DO WHATEVER IT PLEASES!" Sessaru said as he picked up the unconscious Bruce by the back of his shirt. "Well......" someone said "I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT!! YOU PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WAITING FOR SOMEONE....ANYONE TO COME TO YOUR RESCUE!!" Sessaru yelled as he punt kicked Bruce's body and it crashed into a few tables causing food and drink to go everywhere. The class was shocked and cussed him for what he did "I swear....you humans are worthless...." Sessaru said and walked out the door. "Humans..?" Amelia said to herself when suddenly, Steven came to. Sessaru walked around. The bright sun beamed down on his face and the air had a bad smell to it. "(So this is how it is on this side of the barrier.....)" Sessaru said to himself "(Hey! Hey! Wake up!)" Sessaru said to Ashen but no response. "He must still be unconscious....what a weakling..." Sessaru said when suddenly he was confronted by the teacher "What is it?" Sessaru asked "Jus coming to check up on you Ashen, or should I say...Sessaru Shuiel...." the teacher said Sessaru glared at the teacher looking at him closely. "Who are you...?" he asked.
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chapter 5: Two Souls. One Body All the students stared in awe as the guy walked through the dust of the collapsed mountain. He held both Amelia and Steven under his arms. He set them down gently and walked over toward the stunned group of people. As he walked closer, the assistant teacher stepped in front of him blocking his path. "Um....thank you for saving my students from that catastrophe." she said with a smile on her face. The guy walked by her without saying a word and entered one of the cabins ahead. "Who was that???" the students whispered amongst themselves. The assistant teacher stared off at the cabin the young boy entered and the old teacher stood in the back with a smile on his face "(Not bad......Ah!!...its good to be out of that damn mountain! I thought I was gonna rot away in there....)" Sessaru said to himself. Sessaru began looking all around the cabin. "(What interesting things humans have......)" he said as he examined all the things in the cabin he had never seen before such as the dresser, the shutters on the window and the alarm clock on someone's dresser. As Sessaru examined and toyed with the alarm clock, the alarm clock suddenly went off startling him causing Sessaru to throw it in the air smashing a hole in the ceiling. "(Oh boy.....)" Sessaru said to himself _______________________________________________________________ "So....Meg....." A guy standing outside with the class said as he put his arm around her shoulders "Ugh.....what do you want Mike?" she responded "How about me and you sneak off and......." he started just before a ringing alarm clock fell onto his head knocking him down to the ground. The whole class began to laugh hysterically. "Um....Sorry!! My mistake!!" Ashen yelled from the cabin window "(Ugh....! This voice is just.....terrible..)" Sessaru said Mike lay on the ground in a unconscious state on the ground Sessaru walked around examining his surroundings when he came across a mirror. He looked into the mirror and it wasn't his reflection that showed. It was Ashen. "(Hmm.....)" Sessaru said to himself In the mirror, it showed a image of Ashen with his eyes closed. As if he were sleeping. "Wake up kid!" Sessaru said Ashen stirred a little before waking up. "(Huh??!! What the...!!!)" he said panicking "(Relax. Is just me. As promised. I got you out of the cave with your friends. They are unconscious but unharmed.)" Sessaru said "(Huh? Wait? How are we talking to one another?? You are in my body and yet we can see one another and talk to each other.......how?)" Ashen asked "It seems as if this clear reflector has the power to do so.." Sessaru said "Clear reflector?.....*looks confused* Oh!! You mean mirrors?" Ashen asked. "I suppose so...." Sessaru said "*snickers* You don't know what a mirror is?" Ashen said "Hey! I am not from the human realm so of course I don't!!!" Sessaru said embarrassed Ashen laughed but it was cut short as the students entered the cabin. Sessaru quickly turned around and gazed at them as they gazed at him. "(Hey!!)" Ashen said inside Sessaru's head "(Be quiet!! I will give you control in a sec......)" Sessaru said to Ashen inside his head "(Whats wrong?!)" Ashen asked Sessaru remained silent as he glared at the curious kids "Umm......Ashen...? Is that you....?" one of them said "(Ashen???? Oh yeah....I'm him now..)" Sessaru said to himself "Yeah......who else would it be?" Sessaru said "Your.....hair.....what happened in there....?" the girl asked "Nothing. I was just relaxing when suddenly the whole mountain began to crumble. I was SO scared!" Sessaru said "But you didn't look like that before......I KNOW!!!!" a guy said "(Oh no....)" Sessaru said to himself "You were possessed by an ancient demon who was sealed away long ago!! Just like the teacher was tell us!" he said "Get serious! He was just trying to scare us.. There are no such things as demons, spirits, and ghosts!" another boy said "(heh heh.....if only they knew.....)" Ashen said from within "(I am giving you back control.....but be careful.....there are demons amongst these kids....)" Sessaru said "(What!!?)" Ashen said "(Yeah......I can see them as clear as day.....with my soul inside you, you should be able to see them too....") Sessaru said Sessaru relaxed and the souls switched places giving Ashen complete control over his body again. Ashen looked at his hands in shock. He then rushed over to a mirror and looked in shock as Sessaru stared back at him "Yo!" Sessaru said startling him "Hey....are you alright..?" a kid asked. "Yeah! Yeah! I am fine....." Ashen said. "(Don't let anyone see you in the mirror you idiot! If you can see me then I am pretty sure that others can as well....)" Sessaru said inside Ashen's head "(Gothcha!)" Ashen replied As Ashen looked around, he looked at everyone and they appeared normal, til he saw one kid who he didn't recognized. In Ashen's eyes, the kids horns were clear as day. Ashen looked in shocked ("This is gonna be interesting....)" Sessaru said to himself smiling mischievously.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chapter 4: Desperate Times. Desperate Choice. For hours on end, the scenery didn't change. Wheat fields here. Granaries there. Cows here and there and occasionally some sort of resemblance of human life form could be seen. Through the trip. Amelia and Ashen didn't say a word to one another. As Ashen's mind began to wander off, he felt a hand land on his shoulder. Shocked, Ashen looked back only to see that it was Steven smiling at him with his red and white football jersey on and teeth so white, it should be illegal. "Whats up man! Why so quiet?" Steven asked Ashen looked over at Amelia who had a very confused and sad look on her face. She looked over at Ashen and quickly turned away. "Nothing much. Just thinking about this stupid trip we're on ya know. I mean come on.. legendary demons.? This just seems like a bunch of bull to me ya know?" Ashen said "I don't know man....its possible. I mean we humans CAN'T but the only beings that exist." Steven said "What about you Amelia?" Steven said putting his arm around her. Amelia continued to look away "Amelia?" Steven repeated "Oh....I....I don't know.. The thought of demons is just kinda farfetched." she said "Ugh....What happened between you two?! You have been ignoring each other for the whole trip!!" Steven said The two of them remained silent "Wait! Don't tell me that you two......" Steven said before getting punched in the face my the both of them at once "Not a chance!" they said at once. The two of them looked at each other in disgusted then turned away from one another. After a few pit stops to resupply on food and to use the bathroom, the class finally reached Shuiel Mountains. Ashen hopped out the bus and stared at the scenery. It was quite creepy. As the sun set behind the endless mountains, the shadows of the mountains made it appear as if the ground had teeth and Ashen began to get a stuffy feeling in his throat. As he was taking in the scenery, a couple of kids bumped into him causing him to drop his backpack. The kids walked off laughing at him. Ashen gritted his teeth but simply bent down to pick them up but to his surprise, someone got to it before he did. Ashen looked up and Amelia stood there with a smile on her face. "Here you are." she said handing him his backpack back. "Thanks..." Ashen said "All right! Its a little too late for us to explore the caves so we will do it tomorrow. For tonight, everyone head down to the campsite. There will be enough cabins for everyone......I hope....If not........you will have to sleep outside." the assistant teacher annouced. With that, everyone heaed down the worn, steep hill. As Ashen and Amelia walked with one another, they walked in silence. Ashen, put his head down before apologizing to Amelia for how he acted "Its fine. Getting beat up would be hard on anyone." Amelia said "Rub it in why don't ya.." Ashen said depressed "Sorry! Sorry! Didn't mean to. I was just taking a guess to how it might feel. I've never had to deal with that.." she said "Thats because you've always had Steven by your side. He can take care of almost anyone for you...." Ashen said "Yeah. I suppose so." she said "Not everyone is as strong as Steven. People like me have to worry about getting picked on and bothered everywhere we go! Don't compare me with him!" Ashen said and walked off "No! People like you are just wimps who won't fight back because you're scared!" Amelia yelled "What did you say?" Ashen said as he stopped and turned to look at Amelia The ruckus the two were making caused quite a crowd as everyone crowded around to see what was going on "You're nothing but a coward. Afraid to fight back when picked on! Thats one trait I hate about you Ashen! Man up and stand up for yourself!!" Amelia said "What the hell do you know!! All you do is stand behind Steven and let him do all the fighting!! Whos the coward now!!!" Ashen snapped "Really...?" Amelia said as she took off her earring and placed them in her pocket. "Come at me Ashen. I'll show you that I am NO coward." Amelia said The crowd was pumped up urging for the two friends to fight. The teacher rushed over to tell them to stop but the students wouldn't let her through to stop it. "I will not fight you Amelia....you know that." Ashen said Then I will come at you!" she said as she ran at Ashen and delivered a punch right to Ashen's face before he had time to prepare. The blow knocked Ashen down to the ground. Ashen rubbed his cheek. "What was that for?" Ashen said just before Amelia lifted him by the hair and slugged him again. Ashen fell to the ground. Amelia mounted him and just hit him over and over again in his face time after time again. The crowd went crazy "Fight back Ashen! Fight back!" Amelia said as she continued to hit him Ashen laid there taking blow after blow. Amelia gave him a nosebleed and his lip was starting to swell and she kept hitting him as tears filled he eyes as Ashen laid there taking the blows til he eventually passed out. Steven eventually came and took her off him. The assistant teacher made her way to Ashen who laid there a bloody mess. She slowly picked him up and carried him to a nearby cabin. "What the hell is wrong with you attacking Ashen like that!!! Have you gone mad!!!" Steven yelled at Amelia after they got back to a cabin. "I was just trying to teach him to fight back!!" Amelia said "And you know he wouldn't fight back!! He wouldn't hurt a fly!!" Steven said "I know that!!" Amelia said "Then why!!" Steven said "He's our best friend! We grew up together!! To have his best friend beat him down like that is just cruel.." Steven said Amelia remained silent "I don't know if a simple apology is enough this time...." Steven said as he walked out the door. Amelia stood there with tears rolling down her face. A few hours later, night had fallen and everyone was getting ready for bed. Steven went over to the teachers cabin to see how Ashen was doing. "He's not here. After I patched him up, he just left without a word. Can't really blame him.....to get beat up by your friend is just......" the teacher said before Steven ran off in search of his friend. Steven searched each cabin in search of Ashen but he was no where to be found. The spooky sounds of birds chiping in the night and the wind causing the bushes to rustle was beginning to get to him but he pressed on. ____________________________________________________________ Ashen sat in the mouth of the cave staring off into space thinking about what just happened. In the distance, Ashen could hear Steven calling for him but he didn't respond. Ashen sighed "Your friend is looking for you." a voice said scaring the hell out of him. Ashen looked behind him and the imagine of a spirit sat there. He had long hair and unique patterns on his shoulders and one on his chest. He sat beside the frightened Ashen. "W...W....W...What the hell..!?" Ashen said "Relax kid. I couldn't hurt ya even if I tried." he said as he attempted to touch Ashen and his hand went straight through. "See.." he said Ashen loosened up a little "But seriously......to get beaten up by a girl.....thats just sad...." the ghost said Ashen fell down at the shock "Y...You saw!!?" he asked "Unfortunately. Although...that is the funniest thing I have seen in quite awhile!" he said "Hmph...glad I could humor you.." Ashen said taking a seat on the cold ground beside the ghost. Shortly after, it began to rain. "Get picked on alot?" the ghost asked "Yeah....too much" Ashen said "Why don't you fight back? The beatings won't stop until you take a stand." it said "Violence doesn't solve anything. Whats the point?" Ashen explained. The ghost exploded in laughter. He rolled around on the ground in laughter. _____________________________________________________________ After searching for nearly a half hour, Steven was soaking wet from the rain and still couldn't find Ashen and it was getting really late. Amelia ran out and met Steven. Steven informed Amelia that he couldn't find Ashen and she agreed to help him search. They searched high and low and no such luck and they were beginning to lose hope. Amelia began to feel bad and blame herself for acting how she did. _____________________________________________________________ The sounds of Amelia and Steven's voice calling his name filled his ears but he didn't respond "Why not call them over. They will probably get sick if they continue..." the ghost advised "Ha!! Why should I......" Ashen said "Just gonna run away again I see. Go for it." the ghost said "Shut up!" Ashen said swinging at the ghost but his fist went through him and smashed into the wall. Ashen yelled in pain ___________________________________________________________ "Did you hear that?!" Amelia said "Yeah it came over there by the mountain!" Steven said as they rushed that way. _____________________________________________________________ "Great job. Now they're heading this way." the ghost said Ashen held his fist in pain. Blood ran down his knuckles slowly "Its all your fault!! If you just hadn't...." Ashen started "Ashen!!" Steven said The two of them rushed into the mountain to greet him "We were so worried about you...we.." Amelia started but noticed that Ashen was backing away from them "What the..." Steven said "Stay away from me. The both of you! I don't want your help or your damn sympathy!!" Ashen snapped "Look Ashen....if its about...." Amelia started looking at his right hand and saw the blood dripping from it "I...Is that my fault.....?" Amelia said Ashen covered his hand and backed off "Leave..." Ashen said "Hey now buddy...." Steven said "LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ashen yelled Just as Ashen yelled, the entire mountain began to shake. The three shocked trio braced themselves as the ground began to split and they fell in. _____________________________________________________________ The tremor woke up the stuidents and teachers from their sleep. Everyone woke up in a panic ____________________________________________________________ As the three fell down the dark hole, they tried to grab onto whatever they could and Ashen and Amelia grabbed hold to one another and Steven grabbed hold of them and they braced themselves for the worse. Steven felt his head hit the rock hard and he went out like a light releasing the others and they too hit hard blacking out. It was several hours before Ashen woke up. He was very light-headed and he could taste the warm bitter taste of blood in his mouth and alot of it. He got to his feet and immediately checked up his friends. He called out to them and shook them to try and awaken them but nothing worked. Suddenly Ashen held a faint buzzing sound in his ear. "Whats that...." he said Ashen placed his friends safely near a wall and followed the sound. Ashen found himself walking deeper and deeper into the cave til he found himself in a opening. In this opening, there were torches light with a mysterious blue fire. In the center of this room was a pedestal with a kitana rested on it "N..No way.....was the old man really serious...?" Ashen said as he walked closer to the sword. He circled around the pedestal for a while making sure it was safe. "Its can't be.....is this thing really Surtanryu that he was blabbering about?" Ashen said as he reached for the sword. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." a voice said. Shocked, Ashen jumped back. He looked behind him and it was that ghost again. "Its you!" he said "Yo!" he said "What are you don't here?" Ashen asked "Well.....I....sorta guard this here sword." he said "You mean the Surtanryu?" Ashen asked "Oh! So you know about it? Then why would you wanna grab the sword that belongs to a demon?" he asked "BELONGED to a demon and I don't believe in demons." Ashen said Oh! Well.....pick it up then." the ghost said "Why? Don't you guard this thing?" he said "Well I believe you will see once you pick it up..." the ghost said Hesitant at first but Ashen picked up the kitana and inspected it. The sheath was very smooth and had very unique designs on it. Just like the ghosts. Ashen took out the blade and it was very clean. Just like it was brand new. The blade had a very strange feel to it. Just as Ashen put the blade back in its sheath, he glanced at the sheath one more time and saw the unique hyroglyphic-like patterns one it and remembered that the ghost who stood not even 10 feet behind him had the same designs on his shoulders and suddenly, Ashen grew pale "And the light comes on!" the ghost said Ashen slowly placed the sword down. "Who are you?!" Ashen asked as bravely as he could "Its really annoying when humans ask questions they already know....lets try this again shall we?" the ghost said "S....S....S....S...S...S...." Ashen studdered "Come on you coward. Man up for a change! I've already showed you that I can't harm you!" he said "(Oh! Thats right...)" Ashen said to himself "You're Sessaru Shuiel?" he asked "Congrats! Sessaru Shuiel here. Happy to meet you." he said "You don't seem like a demon....just a ghost." Ashen said putting his hand through Sessaru's body time and again making sure it was real "Enjoying yourself?" he asked "Very much so!" Ashen said "And I am not a ghost. More like.....a spirit without its body to return to." he said. Just as he said that, another earthquake hit but it was much bigger this time. The very cave itself began to cave in. Pieces of debris and stone fell everywhere blocking Ashen's way out of the room and to his friend's. Before Ashen could move, a rather large piece of stone fell on him pinning him down. Ashen struggled with all his might but couldn't get out. "Would you like me to help you?" Sessaru asked "How can you help me! You're a ghost remember!!" Ashen snapped "True..but there is a way to get out of here...that is....if you're willing to trust a demon." Sessaru said "Tell me!!" he said "Take me into your body. I'll use your body as a vessel for my soul and we will escape from here." Sessaru said "TAKE MY BODY??!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!?" Ashen said The ceiling itself began to fall in and Ashen got desperate "If I do this.....you will give me my body back....right......I mean.....you will save my friends too....you won't just take my body for good will you?" Ashen said "You have my word that I will give you control once we escape this place...WITH your friends of course." Sessaru said. "Then lets go!!" Ashen said and Sessaru soul entered Ashen body. Ashen felt warm through his entire body just before he blacked out ____________________________________________________________ The entire class stood in front of the mountain as it shook violently and shortly after it began to sink into the ground sending dust and dirt everywhere. Everyone covered their eyes as the entire mountain collapsed. After the dirt passed, everyone talked amongst themselves about what they just saw when suddenly, a figure came walking out of the cloud of dust that remained. The figure came out carring the unconscious bodies of Amelia and Steven. The guy had really long, black hair that could be seen dragging along the ground behind him and it extended in every direction. The assistant teacher looked at the guy closer then covered her mouth. "Ashen?!" she said The old teacher stood in the back with a smile on his face.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Chapter 3: Off to the Mountains The last bell signaling the end of school had rang. The students all rushed and pushed their way through the crowd to get out of the school as fast as they could. Ashen. Picked up his backpack and headed for his locker. As Ashen walked through the crowded hallways of his school, his noticed a few kids talking here and there and no one paid him any attention. They just bumped into him and nkept walking without a single word of apology. Ashen reached his locker shortly after to put his books in the locker. Just as Ashen was ready to walk off, out of nowhere, a hand slammed onto his shoulder. The sudden spark of pain shocked him causing him to jump. Ashen turned around and saw that it was Bruce. A large guy with red hair and was one of this schools MANY bullies. "What...." Ashen said "Ashen....buddy! Whats up?" he said (Ashen lets out a huge sigh and continues to walk off) "Hey! Did I say you can go anywhere?!" Bruce said with a raised and aggrivated voice. "Then what the hell do you want!!" Ashen said angrily. Before Ashen knew it, he was being pummeled and stomped behind the school near the football field. Every blow that landed from Bruce felt as if something was gonna explode from within. This boy was unusually strong. After 10 minutes, Bruce left him alone and walked off laughing. Ashen slowly picked himself up and slowly walked toward home. As Ashen made the 2 mile walk home, he dragged his backpack on the ground because his arms were too hurt to do anything and his legs felt like jelly. As Ashen approached the tall hill which his house stood upon, Ashen sighed as he fought and fought his way up the hill. The sun had began to set cloaking the sky in a deep orange color. After 20 minutes of struggling, Ashen made it to his large mansion-like house where he lived all by himself. Ashen slowly opened the door. "I'm home..." he said knowing that no one would answer Ashen put his things on the ground and went to one of his many bathrooms to bandage himself up after the beating he just took. Ashen's mom was died in the hospital after being hit by a car from some guy driving drunk. Amelia, Steven, and Ashen stood by his mother at the hospital as she died. Her last words to Amelia and Steven were,"Take care of Ashen for me." Her last words to him were," Take care of yourself." With that, Ashen was left with their mansion of a house and a savings of a quarter million dollars. Amelia had taken what his mom had said to her to heart and for the past year, Amelia had been stopping by everyday to take him to school and made sure he does his work.......just like a mother. Steven made sure no one picked on him or gave him a hard time. Ashen always felt different from others and others treated him differently. Steven would step up to his defense. Ashen walked into the bathroom and applied ointment and and bandages to the scars and bruises on his face and limbs. The swelling would have to go down on its own. If need be, he would come up with an excuse to ditch school. After a while, He came out the bathroom and suddenly, the doorbell rang. The sound echoed loudly throughout the house. Ashen instantly ran toward the door. He got halfway to the door before he stopped. It could have only been one person at that door.........Amelia. "(Oh man...if Amelia sees me like this....she'll worry...........damn.....)" Ashen said to himself. The doorbell rang again Ashen walked to the door. "Who is it." he said "You know who it is. Open the door." Amelia said "Um......no. I am a little busy right. Now. Come back later." Ashen said from behind the door. "Ashen..is everything okay?" she asked worriedly knocking on the door. "Everything is just fine Amelia. Call me later or something! Bye." Ashen said Ashen let out a sigh of relief and walked to the bathroom to check on his face. When he got there, he noticed that his right eye was beginning to turn black from bruising. Ashen pounded his fist on the sink as hard as he could. Cursing himself for his weakness. "(If only I were stronger....)" Ashen said to himself as he looked at himself in the mirror. Disgusted at the person that looked back at him. Suddenly, there was a loud thud that came from the hallway. Ashen rushed to the hall only to find Amelia for she had opened the hallway window from the outside and hopped in. "Amelia....!" Ashen said Amelia looked closely at Ashen and noticed the bruises and bandages on his face and quickly rushed to him. "Ashen!! What happened to you!!" she said Ashen quickly turned away. "Nothing." he said "Like hell this is nothing!! Who did this to you!!" she said as she inspected him Ashen angrily moved her hand away "Stop! I don't need your help!!" Ashen said "But Ashen...you're hurt..." she said "So??!! I can take care of myself!! I don't need you to take care of me and solve all my problems!!" Ashen yelled "But...." she said "You're not my mother!! Just leave!!" Ashen said "No..." Amelia said softly "JUST GO!!" Ashen yelled causing Amelia to leave in a panic. Slamming the door behind her. Ashen stood there for a while before heading to his room for bed. The next few days, Ashen was absent from school and Amelia and Ashen hadn't talked or seen each other since. Ashen sat at home watching television on his 61 inch sceen television eating popcorn. Suddenly, his cell phone rang. Ashen picked it up and it was Steven. He was tempted to pick it up but.........he didn't. Ashen let the phone ring and continued on watching tv. In a flash. The week had gone by and still no sign of Ashen. And the three still weren't speaking to one another. Before he knew it, the class trip to the mountains that the teacher suggested was here. Ashen packed some spare clothes and his hygiene stuff, some food and picked up a pure silver dog tag that had a picture of him and his mother on it. He wore it for good luck. Around noon, Ashen arrived at school with his things and several students had lined up to get on the bus. Before he had time to prepare himself, he was standing beside Amelia and Steven. Amelia took one glance at Ashen and turned away in disgust. Ashen sighed and got on the bus. Once one the bus, to his misfortune, Ashen ended up sitting next to Amelia and Steven sat behind them. The old man for a teacher silenced the class because he had something to say. "Class. Thanks to the kind contribution of our very own Ashen.....(class cheers) we are able to take this 15 hour long trip to the Shiuel Caves which houses the....." the teacher said but was interrupted "Wait a minute! A 15 hour long trip!! I was never informed!!" a student said "Silence boy!! (coughs)" "Anyway, we are on our way to the Shiuel Caves which houses the Surtanryu. The kitana of one of the legendary demons Sessaru Shuiel." the assistant said Ashen sighed and looked out the window as the bus began to roll.
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chapter 2: Myth or Reality

"Two thousand years ago, in the demon realm, reigned four exceptionally powerful demons the reigned over the northern, southern, eastern, and western regions of the demon world to keep the order. (clears throat) These demons were only known as Shin, Nara, Sessaru, Ta. (shows a a old photo of for demons left to right. The first one was a tall, tough-looking demon with what appeared to be a halbred of some sort impaled into the ground. He held tight to the handle with his arm around the neck one's shoulder. This tall demons also had horns, braided, pale white hair that extended down to his mid back and strange markings on his arms. The next demon had no expression on his face and stood just as tall as the first one but appeared to be much more built. This next demon had short slick hair that only went down to the back of his neck. He stood there with his arms folded and towered over the other three. The first demon could barely get his arm over the guy. The next demon stood with his back to the second demon and was holding what appeared to be a kitana. His hair was long and black and hung down below his back. He was much slender than the others. Almost looked like a typical human. Finally, the last demon sat on the ground in front of them with his legs folded a had a smirk on his face. It was hard to get a description of him from that angle.)

(Ashen sighs)

"For hundreds of years, these four demons kept all demons of every shape, size, and race in order and didn't allow any to cross over into this realm. The human realm. At some time, food died out and the demons began to loose their mind and went against their leaders orders and secretly, found a way to cross over to the other side. There, the demons began to feed and feast off the humans in large quantities. The mass outbreak of demons popping up sent mass panic throughout the world. The more powerful demons could even mask themselves to appear as normal humans and decieve them and feast on them in the cover of night.

(gasps fill the classroom)

"These four rulers tried desperately to get their subordinates to stop but they refused to listen so these demons took up arms and took it upon themselves to put them in their place." the kid read

"Thank you very much. Lets see.....you there! (points to Ashen)"

"Who? Me?" he said

"Who else would I be talking to! Read the next section!" the teacher scolded

Ashen sighed but read.

"The four demons split up and crossed over into the human realm to fight back the demons that had made their unwelcomed home in the human realm. Shin, with his longsword, battled, killed, and halted many a demons in places such as Europe, Japan, France, Greece, and Rome. Ta, annihalated all that refused in the North American region and rumor has it that he himself created the Grand Canyon with his uncharted power. Nara, with his haelbred....("I knew that was a haelbred!" Ashen said to himself) took out demons in Australia, Alaska and joined with Ta in North America. Rumor also had it that Alaska was once part of the North American continent til Nara severed it off and that he also caused the massive crater where the water falls from the famous hot spot, Niagra Falls. Finally, Sessaru apparently took care all in the southern regions of the planet that tried to hide and or take refugee. There have also been rumors that he is the reason why the temperature has dropped to almost unsurvivable temperatures. After these demons save humanity from utter destruction, we human betrayed them. Hitting them with a unknown ray of light, rendering them motionless. This light, supposedly, separated their body and spirit. Highly classified agents took the bodies of these demons and "got rid of them" but no solid information has been given. As for the weapons, the very presence of these foriegn weapon gave everyone a bad feeling so they too were "taken care of". They were separated all over the world and hidden deep underground." Ashen said as he slammed his book closed

"Whats the matter?" the assistant teacher said

"Who would believe such a ridiculous story!! Demons?! Demonic weapons?! Come on!" Ashen said as he sat in his seat and laughed

The old teacher began to laugh and chuckle

"Whats funny old man!" Ashen said

"ASHEN!!!" Amelia said from the back of the classroom

"So...my boy...you think this story isn't real??" he said

"Hell no!!" Ashen replied

"Do many of you feel the same as this young man?" he asked

Many students raised their hands

"Well then. Next week....say...Wednesday. We will all take a nice LONG field trip to the mountains where Surtanryu, Sessaru's kitana sleeps. Then....when you feel its ominous power...maybe then you'll believe." The old man said.

News about the field trip excited the kids

"And the money for the field trip will be pain by Ashen here! Your parents left us in charge of your money so you wouldn't spend it all on dumb things. I am sure they would agree if they were alive!" the assistant said

"WHAT!!! NO WAY!!!!" Ashen said

"Don't worry! The school will pay a for a third of it...." she said

Ashen growled as the teachers laughed to themselves and left the classroom.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Chapter 1: Ashen

"Ashen!! Ashen!!" a voice yelled from far away.

Ashen laid out on the roof of his school building starring at the blue sky watching the clouds blow by. He could hear the voice getting closer but ignored it.

"Ashen!!" the voice said

Ashen looked up only to see his childhood friend Amelia standing there with her hands on her hips breathing heavily from all her running.

"Oh...its only you..." he said turning over

"Well EXCUSE me for being ONLY me!! I've been looking all over for you!" she said

"Why bother? What are you? My mom? Scram." Ashen said

"Ugh.....the nerve......" Amelia said

"Get your ass up and go to class!!" she said

Ashen rolled back over to complain but as he did, the wind blew and Ashen got a nice view of Amelia's white panties.

"Uh....you know I can see them right...?" he said

In a fit of rage, Amelia stomped on Ashen's chest full force.

"Did you like the view!!?" she said

Ashen sat up holding his chest in pain

"Now I will say it again!! Get to class! Or do you want me to get Steven up here to bring you to class?" she said

Ashen coughed and coughed gripping his chest tighter

"I think you mighta broke something...." he cried

"If you woulda listened it wouldn't be broke now would it?" Amelia said helping Ashen to his feet

Ashen dusted off his navy blue jeans and straightened out his blue and white striped shirt his mom brought for him last christmas. He coughed a few more times before looking at Amelia in her red and white skirt and her "I'm a princess" shirt on which CLEARLY was a lie and shook his head.

"You have no style whatsoever..." he said before receiving a punch to the gut

"You say something!!?" she said

"No..." Ashen said

The two of them headed to the stairway and headed off to class.

"Why don't you like this class Ashen? You don't have a problem with any of your other classes. Just this one. Why?" Amelia asked

"Its none of your business." Ashen said

"It IS my business! Your mom left ME in charge of looking after you before she died and I take that job VERY seriously!!" Amelia said


"Ugh.....its just......the people in that class.....No.....not just that class......ALL my classes. They treat me as if I'm different....you know....I just don't like the way that feels......" Ashen said in a depressed tone.

On the way toward class, a student bumped into Ashen almost knocking him over

"Watch it chump!!" the guy said

Ashen looked at the guy who must have been at least a whole foot taller than he was and could have broken him in two with ease. Ashen brushed it off and walked on.

"HEY!!!! YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!!" Amelia shouted.

The guy turned to her with a smirk on his face

"What of it!" he said

"Apologize!" she said

"The guy laughed for a while pointing at Amelia for he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Ashen pulled on Amelia to get her to back down but Ashen could tell by the expression on her face that she was in no mood to back down.

After the kid had finished laughing he got serious and started to walk up to Amelia when suddenly, a hand landed on his shoulder. The guy turned around and saw a kid standing there about 6'6. Slick blonde hair and was wearing a matching navy blue outfit.

"I'll be glad to handle any problems you have with that girl.." he said

"Oh...that's...." Ashen said

"S--S-Steven....whats up man..?" the guy asked

"Nothing much. I was just walking by when I noticed you were having a argument so i came by to see what it was all about..." Steven said with a mischievous smile.

"Oh...its nothing..." the kid said glaring at Amelia and Ashen before walking away.

"Steven!!!" Amelia said as she ran up and gave him a huge hug

"Well hello to you too." Steven said

Steven. The all around perfect high school kid. Great grades. Great athlete. According to all the girls....great looking. Any NORMAL high school boy's GREATEST rival......But......unfortunately for Ashen.....Steven happens to be his.....

"What up best bud!" Steven said

"Please don't call me that......It brings unwanted attention....." Ashen said.

"Ah come on!! You, me, and my girl Amelia here grew up together!" Steven said

"Even still......" Ashen said

"I get it! You're jealous because Amelia is getting more love than you..Its okay...I love you t....." Steven started before Ashen rushed over at him full speed and punched him in the stomach. Steven fell like a ton of bricks.

"Steven!! Ashen!! That wasn't nice!! Apologize!!" Amelia said

"HA!!!" Ashen said and walked into his next class

The bell rung and everyone got into their assigned seats. Shortly after, the teacher walked in. He was a older guy with not much time left granted to him but somehow managed to teach. Behind him came in the assistant teacher who was....very pleasant to the eyes. She came in with a nice pink dress and had her hair down today. Any and all guys loved to look at her and didn't give her a hard time. A real beauty.....except......

"Alright you worms. Open your books to page 256. We are gonna be reading a realistic story on demons today." the assistant teacher said

Ashen sighed heavily before opening his book to the instructed page. The title was called, "Betrayal for a Cause"

Ashen checked to see how long the story was and to his surprise there were only 2.

"Now...who wants to do me a favor a read for me?" the assistant teacher said in a rather.....flirtatious manner

All the boys raised their hands at once.

"You in the very back. Go ahead." she said


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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Whats upWhats up

*Lightning strikes and I appear. Kneeled down on one knee. Electricity coursing around me. I get up and smile* Hey everyone! How has your week been? Mine has been good! Talking to all my friends and loved one really brighten up my day! I got my check from UPS! I got a raise! I know make $9.00 an hour and due for another one if i keep working hard! Alright! Life is great and all the ones who have been with me make it even better! Thank you everyone! For that, You all deserve refreshments! AYAME!!!!!!!!

Ayame: Coming mi'lord

Koga: Don't call him that! He's a no body!

Me: Hmmmm.......I guess if those jewel shards were to "accidentally" be torn from those skinny legs of yours, you'd still be talking smack?

Koga: ..........

Me: Good boy

(In the distance)

voice: mmmmmmmm.....inuyasha......mmmmmmmm

Me: 0__0 What the......


Me: Don't beep out my words! Who the ......

Ayame: Beep

Me: Do you think u.........never mind

voice: mmmmmmmmmmm

Me: *goes to the room and opens the door to see Kagome making out with a mirror*

Me: 0__0;;;;;;

Kagome: OH MY GOD!!! SESSY!!!

Me: *shakes head in disappointment and closes the door* *suddenly, Sango's boomerang comes flying down the hall* I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU NOT TO THROW THAT IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sango: Sorry!

My WeekendMy Weekend

Yo! I'm not quite sure what i'm gonna be doing for the weekend. I hope something exciting! I might treat myself to some pizza. *drools* Ppppppiiiiizzzzaaaaaaa.......0__0 *regains posture* Ummm.....yeah........Oh! I gotta pay my phone bill tomorrow......damn......Hmmm....my birthday is coming up.....so why not have a blast! I'm looking for a good time so you best believe I'll find it! I just won't do anything stupid like getting drunk, high, etc. I don't do either of those things. They do nothing but cause trouble.


I am sending this shout-out to Naraku19 and Mrs. Naraku190! You two are great!I wish you both the best and If there's anything I can help with, Let me know! And to InuyashaWindScar, Mr. Great Destroyer #2 stay strong and remember, us Great Destroyers are strong, evil, very powerful. Love ya too. ^^ Not the wrong way.

The Legendary Great DestroyerThe Legendary Great Destroyer
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