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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chapter 29:

Dark boiling thunderclouds formed over the city from the tremendous demonic aura coming from the south. Shortly after, it began to rain

"They couldn't have picked a better time..." Ta said sarcastically as he turned his attention back to Sessaru and Silmeria who still faced off with one another. Silmeria held Sessaru's sword tightly in her hand. So tight that her hand began to bleed

"Why...?! Why didn't you say anything....?" Silmeria asked over the pounding rain. Amelia and Steven went to tend to Ashen's wound.

"What was I suppose to say? Sorry?...Or....Hey...I completely lost control of my powers killing your friends, family, and everyone else you love. Sorry. Hope we can start over? Please forgive me?" Sessaru asked

"No..but.." Silmeria started

"71,450 were killed that day. Do you honestly think you are the only one still hurting from that day?" Sessaru asked as he snatched his sword away from her and walked toward Ashen who was just regaining consciousness. Sessaru took the bottom off the handle of his sword revealing a green gel. Sessaru then took some one his finger and rubbed it around the wound. Ashen grunted in pain and shortly after, the wound closed up.

"Hey! Thats...." Ta said

"Yeah. I still have some of it." Sessaru said

"What is it?" Steven asked

"Its some type of gel Ta made way back when that speeds up the regeneration process of a demon. I didn't know if it would work on this halfling but its seems to have worked just fine." Sessaru said as he rubbed the remains on his hand where Nara stabbed him with the fork.

"Why do you need it?" Amelia asked helping Ashen to his feet.

"I'm not perfect. I have a hard time regenerating so Ta made this gel for me." Sessaru said as he put the bottom back on the handle and gave the sword to Ashen.

"Hope you learned your lesson." Sessaru said

"Whatever. How was I suppose to defeat someone like YOU anyway!" Ashen snapped

"Someone like me...huh..?" Sessaru said as he turned back to Silmeria

"So...what are we gonna do about THAT over there...?" Shin asked pointing in the direction of the immense demonic aura. The sudden change in weather and the strengthening of the thunder was causing panic amongst the civilians. Everyone was running trying to find shelter and those more sensitive to the aura was already starting to spontaneously explode or they died of heart attacks.

"Well its clear to see that they are trying to get our attention." Nara said scratching his head.

"Think we outta answer?" Ta asked

"That goes without saying. If we don't, I don't think they're the type that'll just go away." Nara said

Ta, Shin, and Nara rallied up and started in that direction.

"Stop this you two! This is not the time or the place." Kareen said

"I have to agree. There's more pressing issues at this moment." Nara said

"Thanks but I think you've done enough Nara. You're the one who opened your mouth and decided to tell her so we can all get the air cleared between us....now she knows.....now you're saying its not the time or place?!" Sessaru said in a angry manner

"I was trying to help!" Nara said back

"WHO ASKED FOR IT!?!" Sessaru snapped back


"Get. I'll join you all shortly after I take care of this little matter." Sessaru said

Ta, Lust, Shin, Aurora, Nara and Kareen left to go deal with the problem


"Geez....what's with this weather...?" Jade said looking out the window of his home. Lightning lit up the sky. The wind churned and the clouds looked as if they were boiling. Jade looked out the window trying to remember what happened previously.

"(I...I remember meeting Ashen on the roof...then.......then......) (Beeping sound is heard) Jade rushes over to the desk and picks up his communicator

"Jade here."

"Commander Jade!? Commander Jade!? Is that you?!" a voice said

"Who else would it be?!" Jade snapped

"I've been trying to get a hold of you for days!! Where have you been!!?"

"Why??! What has happened?!"

"You mean you don't know!!?"


"Well....for starters....about one week ago at 2100 hours...ex-lords Nara, Shin, Ta, and Sessaru retrieved theirs bodies that were being transported via escort and train."

Jade's eyes widen at the news

"Then...about two to three days ago, Lords Roswell, Kogamaru, Shear and Shingi meet them face to face at a resort. I believe the beach is what humans call it."

"WHAT!!!? Is Lord Shear okay!!?" Jade asked

"Yes. They are fine. Though Lord Roswell did suffer a few minor injuries."

"(lets out a deep breathe) Holy hell..."

"Though..I'm surprised you're not with Lord Shear as we speak. I doubt if he'll need it but.."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well...Lord Fat....(clears throat) Lord Roswell has sent his elite merc squad over there to the human realm and..."

"AND??! AND WHAT??!"

"The other lords are there as well." Sicily informed

"(Thats the cause of this vicious storm....)" Jade said to himself

"Sicily. Bring my demon body over here! Mi'lords will need my help! ON THE DOUBLE!!!" Jade said

"Yes commander." Sicily said and the transmission ended

"Damn!" Jade said taking off his shirt


The rain and wind once again picked up due to the demonic power. Lightning stuck the land, and houses lifted from the tremendous gales of wind. Amelia held on to Steven and Ashen

"So...I don't have much time...Whatever it is you have to say...." Sessaru said

"Why....Did my.....hanging all over you....amuse you? Do you even feel bad for what you've done!?"

"When you became my familiar, I gave you half my power and told you to use it how you like, you didn't have to listen me and you don't have to follow orders. Those were my conditions. That was all I could do to make up for what I've done.."

Sessaru sighs

"But if you're looking for an apology, you won't get one here.." Sessaru said

"W...WHAT?!" Silmeria said angrily. Silmeria grabbed Sessaru by the throat and slammed him into the wall of Ashen's house. Ashen looked on in shock

"You said you won't apologize!!?" Silmeria asked

"That's right." Sessaru said

"Why!!" Silmeria said as her eyes began to glow red from anger

"(Smiles) There are those who are suffering even more than you after that incident. Don't think for a second that this is all about you.."



Nara and Kareen ran as fast as they could down the streets when suddenly Kareen stopped

"What's the matter?" Nara asked

"I'm worried...." she replied

"Don't. I'm sure they'll work it out." Nara said

"I'm gonna go check on them!" Kareen said and ran back

"No! Its too..." Nara started before a large object smashed into the ground just inches from his foot. Nara turned around to a very lager ogre-like demon holding a chain at the end of that ball.

"Well hello." Nara said just as Shin appeared at his side

The ogre pulled the massive ball back and caught it with only two fingers and his thumb. Behind him, Roswell slowly approached followed by Shear, Shingi, Kogamaru, and 7 other demons in their demon bodies

"My. You all certainly don't look too happy..." Nara said

"So..despite the fact that high level demons are forbidden to be on this side, you show up anyway.." ta said

"Why should we care? I mean...so what if a few thousand humans die. No biggie. This is personal! To be forced into a truce with the enemy. Its humiliating BEYOND words!!" Kogamaru said

"Hmm...? It appears that you're missing one." Shear said



Sessaru grabbed Silmeria's arm and slowly and forcefully pulled it away from his throat.

"Hey....did you know I had 4 sisters....I was the only male in the family...


"Thats right....3 younger sisters and an older sister. They were annoying.....but...they were alright..."

"WERE??? WAS???! What are you saying....." Silmeria asked

"You say I don't know how it feels....you're right...I have no clue.....but..(pushes her hand away) Tell me....how would you feel to know that out of the 71,000+ people you killed with your bare hands, 4 of which are your sisters." Sessaru asked

Silmeria's eyes widened after hearing the news

After I came back to, everything was covering in blood and flames. The first thing on my mind was,"Where are my sisters? Did they get away okay? Who did this? I'll get them for this!!" I search up and down everywhere but couldn't find them anywhere. That when Nara found me and informed told me that it was I who did it. The blood on my hands was evidence enough. So...soon after giving you my powers, I had Nara seal away some more of it to prevent something like that from happening again." Sessaru said as he straightened up his clothes.

"I'm sorry...I..I didn't"

"How could you have? Ta doesn't even know and he's my best friend. I'm outta time..Ashen..! How do you feel?"

"I'm fine. Why?" he asked

"I don't know whats gonna happen but you're in charge of protecting your friends. That goes without saying right?"

"Of course."

"Hmm...Becky..look after Ashen."

"And why should I take orders from you?" Becky said


"Will do." Koji said

"Thank you. At least someone has some respect around here." Sessaru said taunting Becky. He then turned to Silmeria.

"You can do as you like. I won't force you to stay nor will I take back my powers. You said you'd use them on your parents murderer, well....look no further but I can't die just yet. After I get back, you can have all the vengeance you want. Though I am sorry things turned out this way.." he said and ran off in the direction of Nara, Shin, and Ta.

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