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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chapter 5
In the Demon Realm, a scout sprints into the throne room and slides to a halt next to Roswell.

"Forgive this intrusion, milord. But I have urgent news. It seems that there has been a breach in the wall around the lands and hundreds of citizens have left." The scout reports.

"Where are they going?" Roswell asks.

"It appears that there is a large chain of islands southeast of here. They seem to be taking refuge there." The scout replies.

"Why am I just now hearing about these islands?" Roswell asks grabbing the scout by the throat. A snap is heard and the scout goes limp.

"It would appear that these are not under anyone's control. They are simply sitting there without a Lord." An advisor says smirking.


Sephile sits nervously next to Nara, she is fidgeting in her seat so much that it is annoying Nara. He stands and she jumps. He gives her a weird look as he sits down across from her.

"Shit! How did my intelligence network screw up so badly?" She asks herself.

A man sits down dressed in tan shorts and a tank top. He looks at Nara's tribal tattoos on his jaw and leans in for a closer look.

"Dude! Those are sweet! Where did you get them done?" He asks.

Nara puts his large hand on the guy's face and shoves him back in his seat.

"No need for the violence. Just askin a question." The man says. Nara glances back at him and the man winks. "So is he your husband?" The man asks Sephile.

"No." She replies.

The man smiles and sits back in his seat. An attendant leans down and hands a slip of paper to Nara.

"From the gentleman over there." She says pointing to a man reading the paper.

Nara gets up and sits down in front of the man reading. The man looks at Nara and slides him a piece of paper to look at.

"Wonder who that is?" Sephile asks herself.

Sitting next to Nara, out of view of Sephile, is another man in jeans and a T-shirt.

"Koji? I thought you were sitting over there." Nara says looking at the paper with gibberish written on it.

"No. That is one of my men. That woman sitting across from you is Sephile. She is Roswell's brains. Don't do anything to her. I want to see why she is here." Koji says.

"That's fine. I have other business to attend to. Seems they covered up that little train incident by saying it was a shoot out. Now I have to show them I am serious." Nara says before going back to his seat.


Kareen is sleeping peacefully when the bushes outside rustle. She sits up quickly then groans in pain. Becky enters with her chained scythe drawn.

"Lady Kareen, may I enter?" A man says from under the floor.

"Who are you and why are you under my floor?" Kareen replies.

"I am Mita and I serve Master Koji." Mita answers.

"Koji? He is still alive? Please come in." Kareen says.

A man in black outfit enters through a hidden door in the floor as another one enters from the front door.

They kneel before Kareen.

"Please come with us. Master Koji wishes to speak with you." Mita says.

Not knowing what to say, Kareen simply nods and they help her into the underground tunnel, along with Becky.

Outside in the bushes lays the body of one of Sephile's men sent to watch her. His throat has been slit from ear to ear.


Marching through a forest to the east of the castle Roswell leads nearly 22,000 troops towards the islands.

"These islands were never completely claimed by Lord Eiji and Lord Nara never even knew of their existence as far as I know." The advisor says as he rides next to Roswell.

"When I take these over I will surpass Eiji and be the greatest Lord of all time." Roswell says picturing it in his mind.


"What about Roswell? Or his scouts? They have the entire Eastern Lands sealed." Becky asks.

"Master Koji has already thought of that and a plan is in action. You have nothing to worry about. Everything will be fine. Just follow us." Mita says as he leads the way with Kareen behind him and Becky behind her followed by his partner.


Sephile is up and at the door as the train pulls into the sleepy town of Palatine. It is a fairly small town of only about 30,000 people and is home to the Channel 3 News station, the only news station for the surrounding area including Sierra.

Sephile sprints down the platform and into the streets of Palatine while Nara simply strolls off the train without a care in the world. He looks around and smiles to himself.

"This seems like the perfect place." Nara says, "Nice and quiet. For now anyway."


Roswell and his troops arrive at beach and watch the rough seas crash onto the beach.

"This is it? One single tiny island?" Roswell asks.

"Look that way." The advisor says and points to the southwest.

Before them, hundreds of islands dot the horizon. Roswell licks his lips in anticipation.

"Now which ones need to be taken over before they all become mine?" Roswell asks.

"Follow me." The advisor says and leads Roswell down the long beach to a large cliff and they climb up, "Can you see the ones with smoke coming off them? Those are cooking fires from the inhabitants of these islands. Since they are on the islands there is no army to speak of so all you have to do is get your army onto those individual islands and your new territory will be complete." The advisor explains.

"Sounds easy enough." Roswell says and looks down the beach a ways. He spots dozens of small boats.

"Good eye, milord. I had some villagers make those for your impending invasion. There should be enough for most of your army to advance to the first island to conquer." The advisor says.


In the tunnel, Mita leads everyone to a large cavern.

"We may rest here for awhile." Mita says as his partner turns to dust.

"What the...?" Becky says surprised.

"Nothing to worry about. It was simply a dirt clone. Our escort should be here momentarily." Mita says.

A minute later, another man dressed in all black enters followed by three women. Kareen and Becky hide behind a large rock and peek out.

"Mida." Mita says to the man in black.

"Mita." Mida replies removing his mouth covering.

"Twins?" Becky says.

Kareen stands there stunned, blood oozing from several of her wounds and cuts, and tears run down her cheeks.

"Lady Kareen?" Becky says rushing to her.

Kareen smiles weakly before she collapses.

"Mita!" Becky shouts.

"She'll be fine. She is just resting." A woman's voice says walking closer.

A woman kneels next to Kareen and examines her.

"Lady Aurora?" Becky says before turning around to see Lust and Silemria standing there.

Lust is a staggering 6 foot tall and a curvaceous body and large full breasts. She has a nice tan and lives up to her name. Her hair is long and is a beautiful deep crimson. Her bangs cover her left eye (which are a spectacular emerald color) as well as a tiny tiger paw tattoo near her eye.

Aurora is the shortest of the four women at a mere 5 foot tall. She is also the frailest and palest of the four as well. Her hair is long and black with a nice shine to it. In her kimono she is a traditional Japanese beauty with her large brown eyes. On the inside of her upper right arm is a small tattoo of a katana.

Silmeria is the outspoken one and stands about as tall as Kareen. She has more of an athletic look compared to the other three. Her black hair has dark blue highlights (that match her blue eyes) and is about shoulder length. Around her upper left arm is a dragon tattoo that goes around a couple times.

Kareen is the oldest one of the women and has taken on a role of a big sister with the others. Her long black hair ends at her curvaceous hips. Her normally lean and muscular body is covered in cuts, bruises, open wounds, and a few healing wounds. Over her right shoulder and across her back is a series of intricate black tribal tattoos that closely resemble Nara's. She is about 5 and a half feet tall.


"Tell me what happened." Sephile says entering an apartment building where her 10 Eye team members were last seen.

"This is our base of operations. We all live here and those ten went out one morning and never returned. We have been searching everywhere we can think of in town but still no one has seen anything." The Leader of the Eye team explains.

"How many people are currently under my command here, Zeke?" Sephile asks.

"In this particular apartment complex there is two hundred tenants and a hundred and eighty of them are under your command. In the entire city of Palatine there is two thousand six hundred and nineteen. (cell phone goes off) Speak.... Uh-huh. HOW MANY???? (hangs up and Sephile looks at him) It seems that forty three more Eye team members have vanished." Zeke explains.

Sephile backhands him and then kicks him in the ribs while he is on the ground out of frustration.

"What crew is in tact still?" Sephile asks.

"The news station is under your control. Everyone there is a member of the Eye team." Zeke says holding his ribs.

Sephile storms out of the room and knocks down a young boy, around 10 years old, down the stairs.

"What the hell is your problem!" The boy's mother snaps as she runs down the stairs to console the crying child.

"Keep that brat leashed and things like this wouldn't happen." Sephile says and storms off.

The boy grins as his mother consoles him.


At the news station, Nara looks up at the building. He doesn't say a word and vanishes.

Inside the studio, the news at noon has just started filming.

"Let's check out the weather for the next couple days. Over to you Doug." The news anchor says.

"Thanks Chet. It looks like it is going to be absolutely gorgeous for the next couple days." Doug says stepping to the side of the green screen. He scratches his cheek and continues. His eyes widen and his pupils shrink to almost nothing. His mouth dries out and he can't speak. Fear has him frozen for a moment. A second later he backs up against the green screen and screams horribly. He twitches a few times as blood runs down the green screen. During all of this the camera man never stops filming.

"Let's stick with this." the station manager says.

Suddenly Doug explodes and through the blood mist Nara emerges in a pair of black hakama pants and geta sandals. After a quick survey of his surroundings he slams his book down on the metal desk in front of him so hard that there is a perfect indentation in it. A small shockwave goes out and Nara mouths something.

Everyone jumps and freezes.

"Now that I have everyone's attention in this pathetic little human town. I won't be ignored again or have my messages passed off as some gang shoot out." Nara says in a deep demonic voice.


"Ashen!" Amelia shouts as she is watching the news on the TV.

Ashen and Steven run into the living room and stare at Nara.

"(Shit! What is Nara doing now? This can't be a good sign.)" Sessaru says as he manages to see through Ashen's eyes.

"He's on every single channel including the pay per view channels." Amelia says channel surfing.


"So what exactly are we doing in this underground cavern?" Silmeria asks.

"Only Master Koji knows that. We were simply asked to escort you here." Mita replies.

"It seems that even with this realm in shambles you three are doing well." Koji says from a small cave in the ceiling of the large cavern.

"Who the hell are you?" Silmeria asks clutching her staff.

"My name is Koji. I am Lord Nara's personal scout, assassin, and messenger." Koji replies.

"What exactly do you want with us?" Lust asks.

"I am here to take you to the human realm to reunite with your Lords." Koji says and drops a rope down from the cave he is in.

"Lord Shin is alive?" Aurora says looking up at him.

"They all are. So if you would kindly climb on up, we can leave." Koji says.

Lust, Aurora, and Silmeria climb up as Koji jumps down. He and Becky carefully help Kareen up and put her on Becky's back. Then like a shot they climb the rope.


Amelia sits on the couch wide eyed and mouth open as she stares at what just happened to Doug the weatherman.

Steven gags and runs for the bathroom while Ashen runs for the other bathroom.


Roswell's army has advanced several islands towards the inhabited islands.

"At this rate we shall have these islands under my control by tomorrow night." Roswell says looking up at the sun above him.

The seas have calmed down a bit near the uninhabited islands but around the inhabited ones it has picked up a bit.

From out of nowhere an 80 foot rogue wave smashes the front boats into a large protruding rock, killing the soldiers instantly. A few other boats are tipped over and the soldiers drown due to their inability to swim. Suddenly the ocean recedes and the advisor slowly starts backing away while he stares out at sea.

Roswell turns and sees a 200 foot wall of water coming straight at him. He and the advisor both sprint to the cliff and start climbing.

The wave crashes into the beach and all of the rest of the soldiers are swept out to sea in the blink of an eye. Roswell and the advisor miraculously are pushed up the cliff and into the forest which saved their lives.

Roswell scrambles to the edge of the cliff and sees that the sea is as calm as can be. It's like a sheet of glass.

"What the hell just happened?" Roswell asks.

"I'm not sure." The advisor replies, "Look those islands appear to be moving."

The uninhabited islands move slowly out farther and then a deafening roar shakes the ground itself.


Nara's book opens and flips through the pages on its own till the spell it wants is found.

"What are you?" Chet finally asks after he is finally able to speak. Having been a military reporter for many years prior to moving to Palatine, the sight of a coworker dying next to him doesn't really affect him.

"I am known as the Demon King. Many centuries ago, you pathetic, scared little humans begged for my help. Against my better judgment, I agreed to help rid this realm of my kind. Then in typical human behavior you turned on me. Now is the day that," Nara says then in a deeper voice says, "I... WILL.... HAVE.... MY.... REVENGE!!! (the building shakes)"

Suddenly Chet digs his nails into his own arm and rips the flesh off his arm. The cameraman zooms in and then goes back to Nara.

"No one is safe. This town shall become a sea of blood and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Send your military, you will just be sending them to their deaths." Nara says before the cameraman rips himself apart.

In the Northern Lands, Lord Shinji watches the news broadcast on his monitor with great interest.

In the Southern Lands, Lord Kogamaru watches as well. He smiles before returning to his experiments.

And in the Western Lands, Lord Shear watches with his men.


Nara mutters the spell the book has picked out and a shockwave radiates from the news station.

A few blocks away, Sephile is running towards the news station. Suddenly the people pour into the streets and she stops running.

Her phone goes off.

"What is it?" She asks.

"I have lost all communications with the rest of the entire Eye team. (in the background a door creaks open.) What are you doing here? (no response) Hey, put that down. Stay back. (thud) MY ARMMMMM!!!! (blood splattering against a wall followed by a thud)" The eye team leader says before dying mysteriously.

"Hello?... I know you can hear my voice. You are a dead man. There is no where you can... (click)" Sephile says before the line is cut off.


Koji and the women exit out of an abandoned warehouse just a block away from the news station.

"What's going on here?" Lust asks looking at all the people in the street.

"Lady Kareen," Koji says, "Lord Nara is in the news station just around the corner. Go to him."

Becky tries to help her but Koji holds her back.

"I must go with her." Becky says.

"This is something she has to do on her own and before any of you say that she doesn't want Lord Nara to see her like that, I know. That is why she must see him like that. It is all part of my plan. Hate me if you want but it is necessary." Koji explains and turns to leave.

"If you wish to see your Lords follow me." Koji adds and starts walking.


Inside the station it has turned into a blood bath. The rest of the station crew has began to rip their own flesh off. Their agonizing screams of horrific pain fill the building.

In the streets the same thing is occurring. Blood and flesh fill the streets.

Sephile looks on in absolute shock and confusion as the people around her tear themselves to pieces. She finally makes it to the news station and before she heads to the doors she sees Kareen stumbling towards the doors as well.

"What the hell is that bitch doing here?" She says and heads for Kareen.


5 massive dragons arise out of the ocean before Roswell and his advisor.

These dragons are nearly a half mile long and a 100 yards wide. There heads are absolutely huge and their large mouths are filled with long razor sharp teeth. The uninhabited islands make up most of their backs.

One lowers it head to Roswell and glares at him.

"As your advisor." The advisor says, "I advise you to..... RUN!!!!" He says before bolting into the forest.

With a flick of its tail the forest is wiped into the sea, leaving the advisor standing among tree stumps.

"A little blue troll is attacking my islands?" The dragon says in a booming voice.

"Bow before your new Lord." Roswell replies.

The dragon looks around and then back at Roswell.

"Who are you talking to? Certainly it isn't me." The dragon says, "I have no lord or master. I am above all that nonsense. Besides, why would I bow to someone who wet himself?"

A puddle of urine has soaked Roswell's pants and the ground around him.

"Perhaps this is less threatening." The dragon says before joining the other 4. A blinding light comes from them and when it is gone a man is standing in front of Roswell. He isn't even 5 foot 6 inches tall. He has long white hair and a white fu manchu mustache that goes down to the center of his chest. His white hair is pulled back into one long braid that is nearly an inch from the ground. His eyes are a deep black color.

"Tell me. Why would you attack my islands?" He asks.

"I am Lord Roswell. Those islands have no Lord so I will make them mine." Roswell replies.

"I see. If you are a Lord, then where is Lord Nara?" The man asks.

"He is dead. I have taken over his territories...." Roswell replies before being interrupted by the man's laughing.

"Am I to take it that you killed him?" The man asks.

"Of course. Nara was a joke." Roswell says and the man laughs even harder.

"What is so damn funny?" Roswell asks.

"You are for thinking that someone of your low intelligence could possibly kill a demon of Lord Nara's caliber." The man explains.

Roswell reaches for the sword on his hip.

"I wouldn't do that. Do not let this appearance fool you. I am not an old man. I am only nine thousand years old. For my species that's not even middle aged. Besides that sword couldn't cut through my skin. I suggest you leave." The man replies no longer laughing.

"Just who the hell do you think you are? What gives you the right to talk to someone like me like that?" Roswell asks.

"Simple. I am above you. You are nothing but a blue troll. You are the lowest form of demon there is. Half demons are higher then you. If I so wish then you would be in a billion pieces right now. However, I choose not to destroy my coast line." The man says glaring at Roswell.

"Milord, perhaps we should leave while he is giving us this chance." The advisor says.

"I highly suggest you listen to him. It would be in your best interest." The man says.

"I am Roswell, Lord of the Eastern Lands and I will back down from nothing." Roswell declares drawing his sword, "And this is my coastline. Just like this is my land and those islands will be mine as well.

"So be it. Then as Ryuu, I accept your challenge." Ryuu says and transforms back into his dragon form.

The 5 dragons fly around in the sky.

"Make your move, troll." Ryuu taunts in a booming voice high above Roswell.


Right in front of the doors, Sephile is beating Kareen. Kareen is on her knees while Sephile holds her hair and punches her repeatedly in the face.

"Since Lord Roswell isn't here then you can die." Sephile says.

Kareen musters up some strength and spits a mouthful of blood into Sephile's face.

"Bitch!" Sephile says and wipes the blood from her eyes, "Before I kill you, I want you to know that that pathetic piece of shit Nara is dead. He was killed by those miserable little humans he so loved."

Kareen's eyes tear up and Sephile raises a dagger up. As she brings it down, the glass doors behind her shatter and several pieces cut her. She drops the dagger and turns around. A fist connects with her cheek and she is sent to the ground.

She looks up and stares straight into Nara's eyes. There is no emotion there. Just pure intensity and rage.

He stands over her for a second before picking her up by her hair roughly. He short arm clotheslines her, breaking most of her ribs and bruising her internal organs. She lays on the ground gasping for air and Nara picks her back up. She swings and Nara drops her. Then picks her up by both of her hands. They are tiny in Nara's massive hands. She screams in agony as her hands are broken by Nara's iron grip.

Sephile holds her hands close to her chest as she examines them. Several bones are sticking through her skin and blood is dripping from them.

"Please...... no more........ I..... beg.......... you........." Sephile begs.

Nara picks her up by the jaw so that she is staring straight into his emotionless eyes.

"Sephile, I must say that making this false body was very clever. It is flawless. And for that I shall let you live." Nara says and squeezes tightly. Sephile starts to scream but is forced to stop as her jaw shatters.

He releases her and she tries to run but trips and falls.

"Since this is your town, why not stay." Nara says as he approaches her. He grabs her ankles and breaks them both as well as dislocates both of her knees. Her feet now face the complete opposite direction and bones are sticking through the skin.


Roswell picks himself up and Ryuu bashes him back into the ground with his powerful tail.

"I would say that you had guts to stand up to me, but that's just not the case. You have to have brains to have guts." Ryuu says as he circles around Roswell.

Roswell slowly gets to his feet and Ryuu flies up into the sky.

"Well, troll. This has been a waste of time. Come back in a few thousand years and try again." Ryuu says and smacks Roswell with his tail once more. Roswell is sent flying. He finally crashes deep into the side of a mountain several miles from his castle.


Sephile lays there groaning in excruciating pain as Nara walks away with Kareen in his arms.

Kareen never looks at Nara in the eyes as he walks. They enter a small café and Koji greets them.

"Do what you can for her. I have one last stop to make." Nara says and sets Kareen on the counter.

He sets his book down on a smaller table and flips through the pages.


In a small town just north of Sierra, called Sage is a small hospital. In room 354, a young boy is being wheeled down to the elevators by two men in white scrubs.

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine." The doctor says.

The boy is around 15 years old and looks just like your everyday child but on the inside a battle rages. It is a battle to save the boy's soul from eternal darkness.


Roswell wakes up with a jolt and looks around. He finally remembers what happened and looks to the top of the mountain he is on. He climbs up and looks out across the Demon Realm on a cloudless night. After a few hours he reaches the gates to the city and when he opens them he falls to his knees. The entire city is engulfed in flames. Bodies of the guards lay in pieces all over the place.

"What the hell happened here?" He asks himself.

He reaches the castle and to his horror finds it in a smoldering pile of rubble.

"Roswell, what did you do?" Shear asks riding up on horseback.

"Nothing. I just returned." Roswell replies, "Why are you three here?"

Shear, Shingi, and Kogamaru all jump down from their horses and stand before Roswell.

"We all felt a familiar presence. So we came to check it out." Shingi says.

A shadowy figure sprints between the buildings making the four of them on edge.

"Show yourself." Shingi shouts.

A surprised look comes over Roswell's face and he points his shaking hand behind the three other Lords.

They look back over their shoulders and back away immediately at the sight of Nara walking through the smoke.

"I trust you three won't interfere. I have business with Roswell and only Roswell at the moment." Nara says and walks past them. He tosses a dvd at Shear and continues towards Roswell.

Roswell returns to his senses and draws his sword.

"Time to prove that old crusty dragon that I am more then capable of killing your sorry ass." Roswell says. He brings the sword down and it shatters as Nara blocks it with his forearm.

Roswell looks at the sword and is punched hard in the throat. He drops to his knees and is instantly kneed in in the face. He falls backwards and Nara catches him by the throat. Flesh is torn and blood flows freely like a raging river.

A thick smoke cloud obstructs the view for Shingi, Kogamaru, and Shear for several minutes. Nara emerges from the smoke drenched in blood. He glances at them with an evil smirk and disappears amongst the flames.

The smoke clears and they gasp at the sight before them. Roswell has been torn to shreds, literally. His entire body has been reduced to tiny 2 inch chunks. His fingers and toes have been ripped off and his entire skeletal system has been completely deconstructed as well as shattered beyond recognition. The biggest piece in tact is Roswell's head. Although the bottom jaw has been removed, broken, and jabbed into both of Roswell's eyes.

"Holy shit." Shear says.

"Fortunately for him, he is a regenerate and won't die. But that pain must be unbearable." Shinji says.

"What the hell did you do?" Kogamaru asks as they start loading Roswell's pieces into a wagon.


In the hospital basement, bodies litter the ground and bloody handprints are everywhere. A trail of bloody footprints down the main hallway leads straight to the young boy. He turns around on the elevator and shakes his head.

"Fuckin' humans." He says with a smirk as the doors close.


At Ashen's house a few days later, Ashen, Steven, and Amelia are walking back from school when Sessaru senses something wrong.

"How are the arms?" Ashen asks.

Both Steven and Amelia have bandages wrapped around their forearms. They both were caught up in Nara's spell and lucky for them Ashen wasn't. Sessaru had taken over and broke the spell, ultimately saving their lives yet again.

"They're fine. Thanks." Amelia says and gives him a hug.

"Ashen?" Sessaru says still having trouble getting through to Ashen.

"ASHEN?" He tries again.

Ashen unlocks his door and the three enter. He turns to close the door and when he turns back around the other two are missing. Ashen looks around the house but can't find them.

"Where......" Ashen says before being grabbed from behind and a hand over his mouth.

"Sessaru? You in there?" The boy asks holding Ashen tightly.

"If you aren't then this boy is dead." The boy says.

Ashen doesn't move an inch.

"Sessaru! Help!" Ashen says inside his mind.

"Finally!" Sessaru replies and takes control of Ashen's body.

The boy is looking into Ashen's eyes and sees the switch take place. He releases him and backs up a bit.

"How did you know?" Sessaru asks.

"We have been best friends for far too long for me not to know." The boy says.

"Ta?" Sessaru says just before Ashen takes back over.

"Where are my friends?" Ashen asks.

"Bring Sessaru back." Ta says angrily.

"I can't at the moment. We haven't figured out how to do it on command." Ashen replies.

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