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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hey everyone!
Ah, where to start to...? Well, nothing big really happened and all. Heh. Went to region band on Saturday, didn't make it, but whatever. I could've gone home like at 4... but I decided to wait for all of my friends that were there. Most of them made it and all. Yay for them! w00t!

Wow, I got 30 comments... the most ever. Haha. And I barely got to anyone's sites!! I feel so guilty. >.< Ah, I will try to visit today... but exams are coming up, and yeah you get the deal. Heh. It sucks. xP

ANYWAYS... exams are coming up tomorrow! DARN. I'm gonna totally fail all of them. I have to get studying real soon. I have World Geography Honors and Spanish III Honors exams tomorrow. So those are the first two things I have to study. And then Thursday, I have Geometry Honors. My other exam on Thursday is band... but there's no need to say there is an exam, but I still have to be there. >.< Darn. And on Friday, I have English Honors and Biology Honors. And since I'm exempting Biology, I get to go home early! w00t! Hehe.

I've been trying to make Christmas cards for my pals here on the MyO. Ah, its gonna take forever. lol. Oh well, I have two weeks to finish them all. Well, take care everyone! I need to get to bed. Heh. Later everyone! =]

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