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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hey everyone!
School is half over! YES! I am so happy. Haha. Well, finals... I did okay on them. I got low A's on most of them... kinda disappointed though. =/ But the worst was my Spanish III exam. It was a BAD grade! Man, that exam was so fvking hard. I just wanted to scream. lol. But yeah, I think a lot of people failed... I was just lucky to pass with a C. xD
On our english exam, we had to write two essays. One about Animal Farm and The Miracle Worker. Heh, and this one guy, on the essay that we were suppose to write about Animal Farm, he wrote about African Americans and homosexual. 0_0 Whoa weird. Haha, my english teacher told us that it made her day. LOL.

Ah well, after my last exam, I went home at 9:30. I went to buy Memoirs of a Geisha! YES! It's so good. After all the other stuff, came back to school to pick up my sis at 11:30 and all.
Heh, all I did yesterday was sleep. Just took a HUGE nap, which is very rare for me. When I woke up, I had to start packing. We're going on vacation soon and all. And so I'll keep an update on that if I'm able to.

Well, since I am on vacation, I'll be turning off my guestbook and all. And if I can't get the internet over there... I'll be trying to find a way to turn off my site. *shrugs* So don't be surprised.

Well this one person told me that my site was crowded... but is it that crowded? I mean she said she like simple sites... but even though mine isn't simple, it isn't crowded. >.< Kinda made me feel a bit down because I tried sp hard so my site wouldn't be crowded as it used to be. Agh, I guess it's still crowded. =\

Well, I am off to bed or wherever... Yay. And I need to give you guys your christmas card soon too! Later everyone! =D

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