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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hey everyone!
I'm updating today, for two reasons. ^^
Today is my sweet Vicky's birthday! You need to stop by her site and totally wish her a Happy Birthday. =) *huggles her* She has been not feeling too happy because of all the trouble she's been through, so PLEASE go to her site!!

And tomorrow is my loving, awesome twin sister, Tracy's one year anniversary on the Otaku! Please go to her site today and wish her an early anniversary! Or try to remember tomorrow and tell her a Happy One Year anniversary! ^^ *glomps her* She's the best. Haha.

Well, as for my week so far, I am completely wiped out. All the homework and all kinda made me frustrated at one point, but then the next I was pretty content. ^^
Heh, Tuesday, I got Soul Calibar II for GameCube for only $5.25!! hah, yeah it was really cheap. I actually got it from my friend's brother. He got it for a late birthdat present, but he already has one, so decided to sell it to someone. xD And then I bought it. Heh, its awesome. lol.
In English, we're reading Animal Farm. -_- What fun. xD Hah, its an okay book so far... but its stupid too. >_<

During Spanish, I thought it was pretty interesting, because before the bell rung, some group of people were kind of arguing about this one subdivision, or you call it neighborhood, if it was ghetto or not... xD Weird. And this guy was arguing with this other kid that Batman was better than the rest of the superheroes. 0_0 I found it strange to listen to all of it. xD

And I also submitted a new wallpaper, so please check it out. Comments are appreciated. ^^
Click >> Enchanted Flower

Well, one more thing before I go... don't forget to click the iPod button above my post for a friend of mine, since contest is about to end. xD Thanks a bunch! ^^
Take care everyone. Later... I have to go to bed now... hah school. @__@ Bleh school sucks.

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