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Saturday, December 3, 2005

Life's been a drag here and there. Meh. The December month is usually like the most stressed month for school for the semester. Because of all the exams and tests coming up.
This weekend, I'm pretty much packed with projects and homework. Gah, hate it. Haha, so I might be able to visit you guys. Most likely I will be able to visit most of you guys. xD

Well, lately I've been getting people who signs my guestbook and immeditely PMs me for HTML help, or they have never signed my guestbook and asked me for HTML help. OR, they ask to join my clubs and while they are at it, they ask me for fvking HTML help. Hahaha. You know what? I need to shorten my site rules or whatever. xD That way people doesn't have to kill themselves reading all that. Haha.

Well, I finally got to chat with Vicky again. I haven't spoken to her in the longest times. And I miss her a lot. She has been having lots of problems around school and so. >.< I was really glad to chat with her again. *hugs her*

Uhh, don't think I will be doing anything today. Nope. Nothing. Nada. xD Except homework and internet. What FUN.
Darn, I was just about to mention something, but now I forgot. But if I remember it, I'll mention on the next post.
Take care everyone. =]

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