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Friday, December 2, 2005

Hey everyone!
It's finally Friday! w00t!
WELL, my life's been fine I suppose. Haha. Been bored with my frikin homework and reading Animal Farm.
Hah, I really can't believe some people haven't heard of that book. xD Travis... Satoshi-chan.... its not a picture book! xD Wait, I'm lying. xD It has a few pictures in there. And some of them, you would want to stab that picture over and over. Why? No not because its ugly, but because of the characters that are drawn. Some of the animals in there makes me mad. xD
Hah, Sara, don't ever come near that book. >_< And same to those people who doesn't like to read about animals and Soviet communism. Heh.

I totally shorten my music list... too many songs. I had more than 20... now up to 15...? Heh, I took away mostly the Bleach songs. And I added in Eternal Snow from Full Moon wo Sagashite.

Thanks for the comments on my latest wallpaper. ^^ Hah, yeah you know where I got my brushes Sara. xP

I'll try to go and visit you guys. Heh, maybe will be able to, maybe not. I didn't get to everyone last time. >.<

Click iPod button and then you can leave. ^^ (sorry if its a bother to people)
Later =]

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