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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hey everyone!
Ah, I have been SO busy! I thought I was gonna die. @_@
This week was a killer... so many tests to study and I had a project too, which we only had two days to work on. Horrible... it was so messy.

Well, I wanted to tell you guys a lot more stuff... but I guess thats not gonna happen, because it would be VERY LONG. So I am not even gonna try. Heh, thanks to the people who clicked the iPod button yesterday. The contest is all over now. xP
AND, yesterday almost everyone said that they hope for me to win the contest. Haha, one problem. I didn't enter in it... hahaha. It was for Chibi-san. You see... she entered that contest when she didn't have any site yet, well actually she deleted her old site... haha. And she need a URL site, so she added mine. Yeah I know her here and there, which is outside the internet world. xD
She told me yesterday that people told her on her site, "It's so nice of you to help her(me) [with the iPod contest]." Hah, that made her crack up. LOL.

Anyways, today, I'll be going to Region band tryouts for freshman. Yeah probably most of you guys have no idea what that is. Heh, but wish me luck anyways. Watch, I'll make last. xD I woudn't be surprised. Haha. And so I might or might not make it to your site. YUP.

Next week is exam week! AGH! I'm going to kill myself. Well, most of semester average for each class is either a 93 or 94... so I didn't know what to exempt. And I only get to exempt one subject too. Bleh.
But then I decided to exempt Biology, since I have it 4th period. And 4th period is the last exam you take on your exam days. So I get to go home at 9:30! w00t! So happy. Heh.

Well take care everyone. Later =]

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