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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


OK, nothing really amazingly good happened today... actually, some good things did! Let me start at the beginning and explain why I didn't post yesterday...

OK, so I woke up in the morning yesterday and I sick as a dog, so mom said I didn't have to go to school, BUT... I was not aloud to read, go on the internet, draw, or even leave the bedroom except to go to the bathroom! TT_TT Yah, my mom tends to take being sick very seriously!

OK, so that's why I didn't post, here's what happened today...

In Social Studies, we got this HUGE project! So for it, I'm gonna do a manga about deforestation! XD FUN!!! In Art, I'm making a clay suitcase, maybe about 12" long, and 5" wide, about 3" or 4" tall... so it's pretty big... Anyway, I bought hinges today so I can hook them up after I fire the project in the kiln! Oooookay... ummmm, in Science there happened to be a Physics test I had NO IDEA was coming, so I basically panicked at lunch time and still never got around to studying!!! XP Anyway, I think I did OK, but whatever. In foods, my teacher said I looked too sick to cook, so she sent me to the Library... ^^ That was just fine with me!

OK, so that was my day, so I guess I'm done my post- Oh wait, there is one other thing, my grandma and grandpa are inviting me and mom upstairs for Chinese food! XD *gets on knees and thanks God* THANK YOU!!! XD


1. What is your favorite Chinese food?

2. What is the color of the computer you're working on?

3. What is the manga you are currently reading?

My Answers

1. Either ginger beef or sweet n' sour pork! XD

2. black

3. Among many, I am currently opened to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind! XD Yay! I love Hayao Miyazaki's works! XD

Queen of Sheba

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