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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

   Yay coffeehouse!!! XD

OK, I'm so ready for this Friday! ^-^ Our youth group is having a coffeehouse, so I got invited to bring my art there! XD I'm so happy, I love coffeehouse. We all hang out and listen to our local band jamming, sipping coffee or apple cider and just having a good time, as well as browsing each others' art... ahhhhhhh... I'm so EXCITED!!! XD

Anyway, in Social Studies I'm still working on the manga about deforestation... fun...

In Art I finally finished my pottery project, the last part is now drying, and they get fired this weekend! Then I get to paint it and put hinges on (it's a suitcase! ^-^)

Uhm... in Science we just sat there and were bored, but during that period (the foods class before mine) one kid cut his finger open with a knife, so he was dripping blood all over the place, and the teacher said she almost barfed there was so much blood, anyway, he had to get stiches...

OK, after school my mom and I went the local new and used, and I finally got the last Matrix movie! *sign of victory* I now have the ENTIRE TRILOGY!!! As well as the Animatrix! XD It's so excited, I can't wait to watch it! XD

Anyway, I'd best get going!


1. Do you like coffee?

2. What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

3. What is your favorite movie out of the Matrix collection? (Animatrix included)

My Answers

1. Heck yes! But it has to be BLACK! No sugar and milk or I won't drink it!

2. Black!

3. The animatrix!

Queen of Sheba

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