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Saturday, January 12, 2008

   It's finally the weekend!!! XD

OK, here I am again. I'm so sorry to those of you whom I promised to comment on their posts yesterday... or was it the day before yesterday? Anyway, my mom was trying to download an antivirus, and something in the computer messed up, so we had to hand the computer over to a friend for a couple of days to fix it... so I never got to do anything. That's my excuse, but I'll do my best today.

OK, yesterday was youth group, so we went to the bowling alley and went glo-bowling! It was so much FUN!!! XD Then we went back to the church and had a meeting about further activities. So... around February I get to go to YC! I'm so excited, it's this huge concert thing that goes over a weekend where a whole bunch of Christian bands show up! I've heard you get such a music high! It's gonna be GREAT!!! XD

Also, after we had that meeting, we went into the gym at the church and played a bunch of games, like bucket ball and octopus tag. I fell down so much during octopus tag, but I must've scored about 10 points in bucket ball! XD It was so much fun! I love any game that is like basketball! However, I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my leg, so I was gimping around near the end of the game. Anyway, it still hurts, and now I think I'm getting a cold, but it was still fun! XD

After I got home, I finally got to watch my new movie that I purchased for $3 at our town's Liquidation World! Matrix Reloaded!!! WHOOOOOOT!!! XD It was kinda kinky in places, but had some great action sequences. I couldn't believe it when they put Neo in a coma and said "to be concluded" I think that should be illegal! I was so sure that was the last one! Who knows what the last one is called?


1. How many of the Matrix movies have you seen?

2. What is the last song you've listened to?

3. What is the last thing you've drunk?

My Answers

1. The Animatrix, The Matrix, and the Matrix Reloaded. (I own them all...)

2. "Hardcore Techno" by DJ Diggler

3. Some cranberry apple tea for my throat... *wheezes and coughs...*

Queen of Sheba

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