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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 08/18/05:

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Result Posted on 05/18/04:
o.0 really?!!! no way!!! i don't know anymore! why does all the quizes i take has something to do with stupid idiotic love?!!! i don't want any of it!

Love. You Truly Desire Love. You long for someone
to hold you and take the pain away. You haven't
been in much relationships or you need to work
on how to handle them. You always seem lost in
a daydream about the person you care about


What Do You Truly Desire? *PICS*
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Result Posted on 05/13/04:
this is sooooo true!!!!!!! hehehe! oh and tomboy is very very very different from lesbian!!! people keep on getting that wrong! it's so annoying!


What's your sexual appeal?
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Result Posted on 05/10/04:
hmm...well, i am kind of the person to fix stuff like machines and everything...so i guess this is right :)

My anime is...

What Anime is Right for You?
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Result Posted on 02/21/04:
Kenshin is the silent on the outside and wild on the inside kind of guy. he's not used to being around girls much though

Kenshin Himura, the deep eyed wanderer from Ruroni
Kenshin is your ideal man. He is very sensitive
and very kind. A fierce sense of protectiveness
and honor defines him, but at times his past
comes back to haunt him. Sadly our favorite
swordsman's eligibility is being threatened by
Karou, the assistant master of the Kame Kashjin
style of swordplay.

Aaah! Kawaii! Who is your ideal anime guy?
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